Tangled the Series - Episode 5: Challenge of the Brave

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Challenge of the Brave

This one is probably my favorite episode yet.
A tournament called the Challenge of the Brave is starting, and Cassandra wants to enter so that she can prove that she's more than Rapunzel's handmaiden. However, Rapunzel decides to enter the contest too, and quickly wins over the crowd, much to Cassandra's dismay.
So, this episode was pretty awesome! There is just so much going on in this episode for me to love, and I was smiling all the way through. The tournament setting first off is a really great idea for a story, mostly because tournament stories in general are awesome, I love seeing the competition unfolding, all of the different challenges, competitors, it's all really great to take in.
Also, this is a Cassandra based episode, and it was great seeing her getting a story like this. We see that the kingdom doesn't have the same appreciation for her as the audience, and she just wants to be noticed. We see that her job isn't all fun with Rapunzel all the time, she has to do some lesser tasks mostly, and she does deserve the recognition.
I also really like how hard she works to be able to compete in this tournament, her training exercises and such, and she is also pretty brutal to the scarecrow. I don't blame her, scarecrows are creepy and try to personify my fears.
Rapunzel is especially great in this episode. She's just so warm and lovable, and when she's in the scene with these big, scary thugs competing in the tournament, she manages to get them to open up with just how kind she is. Rapunzel's freaking adorable, and hot!
I also really love seeing Rapunzel compete in all of these really tough challenges and using her own strengths to get through them. It's very clear that she's having a lot of fun even though to everyone else this is some hard work.
Another fun aspect about this episode is seeing what happens to Eugene and Pascal. They're both really excited about the tournament, and throughout the episode they keep getting moved because they are so loud. That was kind of funny and confusing at the same time, because now I have to wonder how loud they could've been to get kicked out.

So this episode really did a great job for me. It had some really great moments, I love seeing more expanding on these characters, the tournament was just awesome. I didn't really find a dull moment to be found in this one.
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