The 13th Doctor Reveal - a few pre-event musings

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1. Whoever it is, it will be a bland, uninspired choice that will do absolutely nothing to save the show from its current decline. Sorry, but that's the truth.
2. Whoever it is, a large part of the fanbase will become very pissed off, and it will make the whole thing divided and bitter.
3. I could not care less about point 2, because I don't care about the new series and I certainly don't care about the Doctor Who fanbase.
4. Nothing is going to improve when Moffat leaves. It's Chris bloody Chinball. He wrote Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. He is not going to save Doctor Who. He could cast Timothy Dalton or he could cast Tommy Wiseau - it won't change a damn thing because he's demonstrated in his previous writing for the show that he doesn't get Doctor Who. Neither did Moffat and Davies did only to a certain extent.
5. I think the show might be in serious trouble if this pick will be as uninspired and dull as I think it will be. And I mean, 'cancellation' trouble. Because lets be honest, say what you want about the Seventh Doctor's era, it put up a bloody fight. It was a fight it lost - but it fought. If Doctor Who goes because of the last few years, it will be going out with a whimper.
6. If the show is cancelled, it will be the best thing to happen to Doctor Who since it came back in 2005. It needs something to shake up, so something new can happen. Because maybe the show's format simply can't last nearly 54 years without significant change. Maybe something needs to give.

Either way the whole thing is fucked and has been for a while. So don't get your hopes up no matter who is cast.

In other news, I watched The Space Museum again today. Not as bad as I remember it being.
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