The ending to Titanic explained!

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Alright, we all have seen the famous epic romantic disaster movie, Titanic. People filled the theaters just to see this movie and all came out with tears in their eyes, including men, ever since its release date on December 19, 1997. It even broke a world record of being number one in theaters for fifteen straight weeks and also became the largest grossing movie of its time. And then there are the reviews of this movie... Yeah, I know. Lots of people, including critics, have given their thoughts on this movie and all came up with one of two conclusions. They either love it or they hate it. The argument has been going on to this very day (even though it has died down).

As for me, I like this movie. I think the visuals are amazing. I think the cast and characters are great. I think the design and structure of the Titanic itself are beyond legendary. I think the emotion and the romance in this film are done in a great way. And let’s not forget the music. My God, I just love the music! This movie has everything to make me sit back and just enjoy it.

But I'm here for one reason and one reason only. What was the ending to Titanic all about? Yes, people have come begging for answers to this type of question. In fact, there were tons of questions as to what people were trying to understand. Like for example, "Why did Rose throw the diamond (the Heart of the Ocean) into the sea?" or "Why did she even keep the diamond in the first place?" or even "Why did Jack have to die?" But I think the biggest question everyone asked was this, "Was Rose dreaming at the very end of the movie or did she die?" Well.... I will admit that I was faced with these questions too. Okay, when I first watched the movie I wasn't bothered by these questions. But as I re-watched this movie over and over again I began to wonder and start asking these questions, just like everyone else. They are good questions and they make me interested into finding out more. But it was then that I realized that the "answers" all lay within the movie itself. Yes, you heard me right people! All the answers are in the movie! As I watched this movie more times than I can count, I began to understand a lot of things that I hadn't before. And as I did, I also began to realize a few things about this movie that really captured my attention.

We all know what the movie is about. A high-class girl (aka Rose) and a low-class guy (aka Jack) happen to run into each other on the Titanic and fall in love. Yeah, I know, it sounds like your usual typical love story that Walt Disney always does. Except that James Cameron (the famous director of this movie) does the love story in a clever way. Well, for one, both Jack and Rose have to build up their relationship. They meet when Rose tries to kill herself, which Jack saves her from doing (a strange way to start out a love story). And from that moment on, both our "lovebirds" learn more about each other and end up forming a friendship. There isn’t any of that "love-at-first-sight" stuff we’ve seen a billion times before, and I really like that. One thing I came to realize about Rose was that she never once smiled at the beginning of this movie. Not once. The only times we ever see Rose smile is when she is with Jack. It was then that it hit me that Jack was actually teaching her how to break free of those who try to control her, and that Rose was falling for him because he was everything that didn't have to do with the life she lives. Jack is this guy who lives life as it comes along and isn't afraid to do what he believes is right. He is the one who shows Rose that she has the strength to break free and that she has the power to create a new life for herself. I have to admit, this is a pretty clever way to tell a romance story (even if it is old fashion).

The romantic parts of the movie don't show up till the end of the middle. Rose decides to be with Jack, which leads to standing at the nose of the ship with him and sharing their first kiss, along with a certain scene which Rose is drawn by Jack (you know what scene I mean), and also making love after being chased by Billy Zane's henchman. Yeah, the usual as ever. Well.... almost. Then tragedy hits! The Titanic happens to hit an iceberg and our two lovebirds as faced with terrible danger as the ship begins to sink. The moments when Jack and Rose are trying to survive the sinking are actually suspenseful and fun to watch. It never gets old. In fact, it feels like our two lovebirds just might make it out of this and live happily ever after. But, unfortunately, Jack dies from hypothermia, but not before making Rose promise to live a long, happy life. I know, it's sad and everyone cried at this moment. I sure did!

But, for some reason, Jack's death serves as a big part of the movie. It isn't just set up to kill him off and make us sad for no reason. Think about "Romeo and Juliet". Remember when both of the characters die at the end? Well, people actually cared about that. It was the thought of knowing that they wouldn't spend the rest of their lives together that made the story so emotional and romantic (shockingly). It's the same thing in this moment. The movie is about the Titanic and it is filled with death, because all of that really happened. Jack may be a fictional character, but his death fits so well with the plot. It was sad, but it worked and that was what James Cameron intended. Besides, the whole idea was to feel the devastation, to feel the sadness, and to feel the element of human loss. The romance was built up for Jack and Rose so that we can care about them. We see them survive against the odds and that makes it all suspenseful. And, in the end, it’s all set up so perfectly, that we can feel the death of a beloved character and so that we can feel what Rose feels (in a way).

We all know about the diamond that, apparently, Rose has kept over the years since the Titanic. It serves as a big part of the story. There are treasure hunters who are looking for it and are willing to travel back down to where the ship rests and end up discovering the nude drawling of Rose, which sparks the elderly Rose to tell her story to them. Now, people have always wondered, why did Rose keep the diamond in the first place? And most of all, why did she throw it into the ocean? I had a hard time trying to figure that one out. My best guess was that she believed that the diamond didn't need to be another treasure find for those who were looking for it and that the attention should be on the Titanic alone. We see Rose's story teach these people an important lesson behind the story of the Titanic. But it still didn't answer the question of why Rose kept it the entire time, and I could tell that there was way more to it than I thought. As I watched the movie more and more I began to realize something that I hadn't before. The diamond was a reminder of Jack to her. Remember that scene when Jack drew her nude? Of course you do! Well, it was the only thing that Rose was wearing and it was the only thing that was evidence of that important moment in her life. She had nothing of him when was about to dock in New York. But when she found the diamond in the pocket of her coat, she found something to remember him by. But that wasn't the only reason. Before Jack died, he made her promise to live her life to the fullest. The diamond was a way of reminding her of that very promise, because it was with her the entire time. And this is where the answer to the question of why she threw the diamond back into the sea comes in. The reason she did that was because she had come back to where her new life started. It was there that she made that promise and now she had fulfilled it. She has lived her life to the fullest and created a family of her own. She threw it back into the ocean because it was her way of saying "I've held up my end of the bargain". She no longer had any need of it.

Now we come to the final question that everyone has been asking, "Was Rose dreaming or did she die at the end of Titanic"? Well, to tell you the truth, that is a question that everyone gets to decide for themselves. James Cameron was the one who decided that the end should be decided by the audience. So, everyone can either say that she was dreaming or she died. As for me, I believe that she died. Why? Well, there is tons of evidence that point in that direction. Jack himself told Rose that she "was going to die warm in her bed". That would evidence of "foreshadowing" how this movie will end. But there is more to it than that. The final moments of the movie has her throwing the diamond into the ocean (already explained that) and then cuts to pictures of Roses throughout her life, living every minute to the fullest like she promised Jack she would. It is right in this moment that we see that she fulfilled her promise and that she is happy with her life. Also, Rose's new life began at sea (or rather on the Titanic) and it seems fitting that it ends at sea too. In fact, I think that another reason she threw the diamond into the ocean was because she knew that her time was coming. But one of the best moments was when Rose reunites with Jack, along with others who we have seen during the movie, on the Titanic (which I believe is her own heaven). If you do think about it, Titanic "is" her Heaven. Okay, it sounds a little strange, but really think about it. It was on the Titanic that she learned how to break free from those who were controlling her. It was on the Titanic that she found true love and learned the true meaning of living. She learned to be free and to be herself on the Titanic. But most of all, Titanic holds all the important memories of Jack. It is the one true home that she can always find comfort in, all because of Jack.

And that is all I have. I know that a lot of them are just what I believe, but until someone tells me otherwise, I will stand by what I believe. Titanic is still in my mind a good movie. It was done so well that I just can't get enough of it. I want more of Jack and Rose. I want more Titanic. A movie that has me wanting more is definitely doing something right in my book.
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