They Wrote What??? Bloomsday Edition--Part 2

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Let's find out why the greatest novel of the 20th century was banned in the U.S. for twelve years. In case you have no idea to what I'm referring, the novel Ulysses by James Joyce is considered a masterpiece of modernist literature. It follows the wanderings of Leopold Bloom over the course of June 16, 1904. The novel, written in 1922, would be banned in the United States on an obscenity charge until 1934 when a district court determined it not to be pornography.

Part 2:

Her lover:
"I could dream it when he made me spend the 2nd time tickling me behind with his finger I was coming for about 5 minutes with my legs round him I had to hug him after O Lord I wanted to shout out all sorts of things fuck or shit or anything [...]"

Later on she returns to Stephen Dedalus:
"[...] Ill put on my best shift and drawers let him have a good eyeful out of that to make his micky stand for him Ill let him know if thats what he wanted that his wife is fucked yes and damn well fucked too up to my neck nearly not by him 5 or 6 times handrunning theres the mark of his spunk on the clean sheet [...] if he wants to kiss my bottom Ill bulge it right out in his face as large as life he can stick his tongue 7 miles up my hole [...] Ill tighten my bottom well and let out a few smutty words smellrump or lick my shit or the first mad thing comes into my head [...]"
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