'Twice Upon a Time' Review

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Spoilers. You've been warned.
I should begin with the preface that I'm about as sick of writing negative reviews of Doctor Who episodes as you are of reading them. But, here we are. Again.

I should begin by saying Twice Upon a Time is not an unmitigated disaster. There are good scenes - the return of Mark Gatiss to the battlefield and the subsequent reveal was quite a touching scene, and the idea itself was a decent, if rather boring and unexplained one. David Bradley was also quite good although he never really came close to emulating Hartnell's performance, although you could legitimately argue that wasn't really the point.

Unfortunately, the stupid Moffatisms we've come to expect tore the episode apart - the 'twists' were lame and predictable, moments that had potential to be thoughtful ones turned out to be sappy and overlong, and Jenna fucking Coleman turning up infuriated me to no end, while the main plot just sort of fizzled out halfway through without any real explanation to how any of this actually happened.

In reality, it was Steven Moffat doing what Steven Moffat does best - writing stories with a few promising ideas and moments being sandwiched between the stupid, the sappy and the completely batshit insane. Thank fuck he's gone.

I'm sadder Capaldi has gone, but it was clear he had stopped caring - while he's a professional actor who maintained his performances, I think the rather poor quality of the writing in his run sapped the energy and enthusiasm out of him. I most definitely do not blame him.

I have little to say about the final scene - getting anything of Whittaker's performance from the minute or so she was on screen would be folly, and given Chibnall only wrote two words we can't deduce much from that either.

He did, however, write Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, which should tell us all we need to know.

Anyway, TL;DR I didn't like the episode, and I'm glad the Moffat era is over.
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