Whoathon - Dragonfire

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Written by Ian Briggs
3 episodes, broadcast 23 November - 7 December 1987
I'll be honest with you - I haven't had this much fun with a bad Doctor Who story since The Underwater Menace.
This is bad, don't get me wrong - but its enjoyably bad in a way the rest of this season definitely is not - the villains are memorably over the top, there are some hilarious scenes (my favourite being the scene where the Doctor starts talking about philosophy with a random guard) and Sylvester McCoy is finally beginning to settle into the role.
This isn't good - this is probably about as far from good as you can get - but I genuinely enjoyed watching a Seventh Doctor story for the first ever time (this being probably the only era in the show's history I haven't watched much of before starting Whoathon) and that has to be worth something.
Getting rid of Mel is also something in its favour. Getting rid of Colin Baker but keeping Bonnie Langford has to be the worst decision in history. And I'm not just talking about Doctor Who.
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