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  1. A winner is you!
  2. When childhood imagination becomes insanity.....
  3. The true ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion and..... Oh, boy!
  4. Could this movie be any better than the first movie?
  5. 3... 2... 1... Let's jam!
  6. Greatest love story ever told or...... maybe not.
  7. Swan Lake, now darker and edgier.
  8. Prepare yourselves for one Hell of a field trip! Note: This review contains graphic and violent images. Viewer discretion is advised.
  9. The American Anime Otaku plunges head first into the first Silent Hill movie. Can he escape?
  10. Is there a memory you don't want to forget? Well, what about the memories you do want to forget?
  11. Tolkien Month begins with a look at the dark fantasy epic, Claymore.
  12. And with that, we say farewell to Tolkien Month and Season 3 of The American Anime Otaku.
  13. Season 4 begins with a look at an anime that I hate yet everybody else seems to love. I don't know. This anime was way to vulgar for me. This is Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt.
  14. My thoughts on the newly released Dragonball Z film, Dragonball Z: Resurrection F a long with some site updates and announcements.
  15. The most disappointing anime adaptation ever for one of the best Super Nintendo games ever. Ugh, spare me!