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  1. Signore Pórcile and Signora Maccaroni are like two peas in a pod when it comes to their great skills as organists.
  2. My afternoon was made splendid in courtesy of three platinum-voiced, gallant, and noble Bel Canto tenors.
  3. One versatile dramatic baritone. One veteran pianist. Three young and talented sopranos. How did they all fare?
  4. Il Viaggio a Reims strikes again and this time it's with a stirring siren of a lyric coloratura soprano and a dashing cavalier of a lyric baritone.
  5. A lilting late afternoon of melodies all in courtesy of one dashing Bel Canto specialist of a bass-baritone.
  6. Small in the plot, but magnificent in musical prowess, especially evidenced by such astounding young artists.
  7. An epic story of faith and fate weaved not only by Rossini's great music but also La Fura dels Baus fascinating choreography.
  8. Another rare Rossini opera and this time it's about a noble young man on a mission to rescue his darling wife.
  9. It was a fabulous, fan service-filled, fun, and fresh time at Count Asdrubale's crib in this rare Rossini opera.
  10. How about a little mad scene before we all dramatically fall down?
  11. The passion and the elegance of Bel Canto have found their way to someone as fine as Signora Diana Damrau.
  12. What better way to kick off this Bel Canto journey in Pesaro than with a review of Pretty Yende's brilliant debut album.
  13. In honor of Signora Aleksandra Kurzak, who celebrated her birthday three days ago, here is my two-part album review marathon dedicated to her. Yes, I would have also wanted to review her holiday album, Hej Kolęda, but I decided to save that album review for my Red Ribbon Reviewers 2017 contribution. So, for now, I hope you enjoy this little marathon of Signora Kurzak's two opera aria albums. This was certainly one fine way of wrapping up my stay here in Florence and for that, I am forever grateful for this city.

    Part 1: Aleksandra Kurzak Gioia released on August 1, 2011

    Part 2: Aleksandra Kurzak Bel Raggio Rossini Arias released on April 2, 2013
  14. Here a Bel Canto. There a Bel Canto. Everywhere a Bel Canto. And it's going to be blooming awesome!
  15. Jessica Pratt's solo album is a treasure chest of precious melodies wrapped up in a lovely hot pink bow.