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  1. So I've been looking for a place to watch Dragon Ball Super since the series came out and I ended up binge watching it up until the most current episode (Episode 65) and figured I'd share my finding with the community here.

    Here's a synopsis of dragon ball super episode 66 -

    Son Goku will showcase his Kaioken technique again in episode 66 of Dragon Ball Super TV series, which will have a title, “Showdown: The Unyielding Warriors’ Miraculous Power, and which will air on November 13th. Its synopsis says, “After his ring of light is broken by Goku’s life-risking attack, something strange happens to Merged Zamasu,” according to spoiler reports.

    In the teaser trailer for episode 66, Vegito, the fused character of Vegeta and Son Goku will return and he will also be in his Super Saiyan color: Blue. The teaser trailer shows Vegito bringing the battle to Merged Zamasu, who in the same trailer, was already in his fused form.

    Speculations say that Zamasu’s fused and deformed form was the result of the “Time Ring,” which was damaged when Goku unleashed his Kamehameha wave in the previous episode. According to Inquisitr, the speculations may hold water as Son Goku made a declaration that he would erase “Zamasus’ light with his ultimate attack.”

    Moreover, the fused Merged Zamasu is speculatively impliedly an immortal villain and in the episode 66 teaser trailer, he was attempting to flee from Vegito. This can only mean, according to spoiler report, that Zamasu was already severely damaged, and the appearance of Vegito and Merged Zamasu in his deformed and damaged form, only suggests the ultimate end of the villain. But that will not happen until in episode 67 which will have a title, “A Visit From the Omni-King! Bye-Bye Zamasu! Episode 67 is scheduled to air on November 30.

    Meanwhile, a fresh saga of Dragon Ball Super will start in December in episode 68, featuring Zen-Oh. Toei Animation said, however, that there might be an episode or two as fillers before the fresh saga will start rolling in December. Reports say it will focus on the life of Zen-Oh.

    although, it's not going to be airing till Saturday or Sunday depending where you live, but here's the most current episode (which is dragon ball super episode 65 if you didn't know).