Davis "Des Shinta" *Last name redacted* is an Internet reviewer specializing in showcasing the Fields of Tokusatsu (Japanese Live-action special effect series), adaptations of Japanese media that take Live-action form, Roleplaying video games, and series that have had an impact on his life. To pay them the respect they are do (Or lack-there-of), he goes in-depth to their content, Analyzing and Critiquing the hell out of them to see if they're worth a watch to begin with, and try and find redeeming elements coming from genre's most people tune straight out of.
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  1. TRIAL! Keiichi hasegawa Gives the Terui’s a final focused story…that’s pretty superfluous considering they already completed their character arcs.

    ETERNAL! Riku sanjou Concludes all of the Video W content with Exploring Katsumi Daidou’s backstory…and in doing so harms the view-ability of one of the best Kamen Rider movies made.
    Toei does not learn.

    In addition, an update video on Real life issues and the future of the show:
  2. SKULL! We Dive into W’s Post-series stories with Akiko gaining a look back on her father’s origins as a Rider on her wedding day…while Toshiki Inoue takes the characters of Kamen Rider OOO for a ride that Doesn’t make much Sense, even if you know Nobunaga Oda.
    Poor Eiji Hino, he’s barely relevant to his own damn Crossover film.
  3. JOKER! W Ends with the Series’ final revelations, Ryu Finding true closure and Love, and the machination of the world’s end Challenged by the Final Trump.

    EXTREME! Fuuto comes under attack by Dangerous zombies and new gaia memories, as the series secret antagonists’ other machinations clash catastrophically with the plot of a madman out for revenge.
  4. TRIGGER! Ryu reaches the next level of speed in his final confrontation with Weather, as Museum restructures itself amidst increased pressure from it’s investors.
  5. METAL! Shotaro and Phillip’s partnership is driven to the Test amidst the introduction of Ryu’s mysterious benefactor and her ever-present hatred.
  6. ACCEL! Story shifts Drive a new character into the cast, as a new long-running case takes form.
  7. FANG! W dives back to the event that set off their adventures amidst a case of the sudden resurrections.
    And actually pulls such a plot off unlike Kamen Rider Taisen which ripped this movie off.

  8. LUNA! W continues it’s early arc with further establishment of the city, mistaken identities, and Akiko taking some responsibility for herself.
  9. CYCLONE! The Rider reviews jump ahead to the 2-in-1 Rider Popularly considered one of the best Entry’s in the Franchise!

    HEAT! W Begins with a Windy city set on Fire with the Burning blood of it’s criminal element.
  10. Battle city continues with a lot of people getting mindscrewed! As the Original take on things makes villain motivations FAR more clear.

    And next week...
  11. Kouga Saejima heads to another realm, in this post-makai senki movie chronicling his trials in a green-screened wonderland.
  12. I was not expecting anything THIS fast, nor for so many of my concerns to be blown up with it.
  13. The gospel incident concludes with Aerial terror attacks, weather machines, and cities consumed in radiation.
    And yet the most anger-inducing thing is the rationale’s of it’s endboss.
  14. .Hack may not be as dead as we have been lead to believe...

    The Siliconera articles:
  15. Gospel’s attacks escalate, as the core of Electopia’s network is assaulted, before their machinations go global.