Davis "Des Shinta" *Last name redacted* is an Internet reviewer specializing in showcasing the Fields of Tokusatsu (Japanese Live-action special effect series), adaptations of Japanese media that take Live-action form, Roleplaying video games, and series that have had an impact on his life. To pay them the respect they are do (Or lack-there-of), he goes in-depth to their content, Analyzing and Critiquing the hell out of them to see if they're worth a watch to begin with, and try and find redeeming elements coming from genre's most people tune straight out of.
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  1. Kouga Saejima heads to another realm, in this post-makai senki movie chronicling his trials in a green-screened wonderland.
  2. I was not expecting anything THIS fast, nor for so many of my concerns to be blown up with it.
  3. The gospel incident concludes with Aerial terror attacks, weather machines, and cities consumed in radiation.
    And yet the most anger-inducing thing is the rationale’s of it’s endboss.
  4. .Hack may not be as dead as we have been lead to believe...

    The Siliconera articles:
  5. Gospel’s attacks escalate, as the core of Electopia’s network is assaulted, before their machinations go global.
  6. Style Change! The Hikari brothers return in the second mainline battle network outing, facing down a Net mafia on their school break!
  7. The most infamous arc in the franchise opens the door to the real way to play the game, the introduction of some of the strongest monsters in the game…and an Antagonist SEVERELY screwed over in import.
    Also: a god turned into an executive producer. What idiot Thought that was a good Idea?
  8. The long-awaited Finale to the Ruroken Movie reviews showscases what is ultimately the weakest of the three films…and sadly we get to them after funimation has made them widely available.
    Once again, Our timing is terrible.
  9. Shinta returns to Squares games and Kingdom hearts with an entry in the franchise most reviewers tend to straight-up skip over when covering the series. Why is that?
  10. Duelist kingdom wraps with many more context shifts for characters in their original version, and a lot of cards that were later expanded into their own really cool archetypes.
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  11. As another patreon request, Things ‘feel a little loopy’ in discussion of Tom Cruise being ‘anchored’ to the same day fighting shape-changing aliens, all adapted from a Japanese novel.
    …It’s not a “Tokusatsu in review” episode as it barely mimics it’s source material.
  12. Log on! Shinta plugs into the Battle network game that’s technically not a battle network game which tries mixing the classic game-series’ battle elements and the Late-X-series 3D platforming into the BN’s RPG stylization!
    Suffice to say, it goes badly.
  13. The yugioh reviews return with the first arc of the second anime series, the one most people have seen....and just a small snippet of how bad the dub actually is when one learns of what they changed.

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  14. The greatest thief in all of fiction has struck with an ultimatum: Remind the world that Lupin had a live-action theatrical feature in the 70’s!
    Meh, still better than that 2014 one.

  15. Persona ends with Revelations of the true Murder, and the Identity of the one behind Inaba’s Descent into the fog-drenched depths.
    …Which was kind of obvious if you know even the basics of Japanese mythology.