Davis "Des Shinta" *Last name redacted* is an Internet reviewer specializing in showcasing the Fields of Tokusatsu (Japanese Live-action special effect series), adaptations of Japanese media that take Live-action form, Roleplaying video games, and series that have had an impact on his life. To pay them the respect they are do (Or lack-there-of), he goes in-depth to their content, Analyzing and Critiquing the hell out of them to see if they're worth a watch to begin with, and try and find redeeming elements coming from genre's most people tune straight out of.
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  1. The Kyoryuger-thon comes to it's ultimate conclusions...with a character-assassinating crossover that shows just how bad Yasuko Kobayashi is at teamup movies.
    it comes from her doing absolutely no research into the material she is writing about.
    Considering her recent work, this isn't that far from par for the course.

  2. The KyouRyuger-thon concludes the Riku Sanjou-penned material with a trip to the future and the state of the next official successors to the beast batteries!
    ...eh, still better than the Korean Team.
  3. Kyoruyuger concluded it's main series with Many individual character arcs being concluded, a surprising plot twist, and Both sides reaching their respective win condition; making it a race for who's melody can be unleashed first.
  4. A Massive Teamup of an unprecedented (Outside of Gokaiger) number of Sentai Members!
    It's too bad they gave this to the guy who freely admits to sucking at managing larger casts.
    Still better than ANYONE bar Naruhisa Arakawa would've done with this, but you can see the executive mandates as plain as day. And yet people still ask why it didn't get adapted.

  5. Kyoryuger shines Silver, with the storyarc elevating a castmember into the final Teammate slot, amidst the awakening of the final Zyudenryu.
  6. Zuon-on-ON! kyoryuger Garners it's Ninth member (though not who you'd expect), The series' super form gets introduced, and Torin's secrets are made public to all!
  7. Game Developer Cyberconnect2 has released a remaster of their greatest original work. How does it stack up? Here's franchise fan Des Shinta with a spoiler-light review of the story, it's improvements, and additions!

  8. Kyouryuger's half-hour cinema event brings us the showcasing of a trope started in Prior Dinosaur Sentai, and for the first time actually plays it straight!
  9. Part three has Utchi properly join the samba, character exploratory episodes critics of this entry say don't exist, and the 8th man to the band coming in to encourage the next stage of their growth.
  10. Kyouryuger continues with the continued gathering of the Team, one of whom the cast has already met as an enemy!
    …Come on, it’s a Dinosaur sentai, you think they weren’t going to pull this?
  11. Vamola! Des Shinta dives into the last widely popular and yet mixedly-received modern sentai series!
    Maybe that mixed reception has to do with it being the third show based around Dinosaurs when there are other themes they've yet done.

  12. Lupin returns to the show with the 2014 movie everybody hates despite its cast being awesome.
    Can you believe the writer of this thing is actually pretty popular?

    And starting next week...
  13. Yamo Wo Terasu Mono Ends with the Madou horrors Exterminated, The Garo armor restored to it’s golden shine, and a Sealed evil unleashed upon the world!
    …come on, would you expect a Garo entry to end any other way?

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  14. With Ryuga on the run from the world, the Makai Knight struggle to gain an Advantage over the Madou Horrors; with the true mastermind being revealed in their midst!
    Eh, still makes more sense of a plot-twist than Sigma Fudou’s.
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  15. the Horror Hunts in Vol City continue, with Ryuga outing his identity?
    …He’s not very good at this, is he?

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