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  1. Game of Thrones fever is still high as we approuch the last episode of Season Seven of the TV show and I'm excited to see how it ends. This game was a nice detour from the current affairs of the show and added a lot of depth to the events prior to the first series even it took 85GB of storage to capture everything XD

  2. The Batman Arkham games are undoubtedly my favourite franchise in the Super Hero genre and the game that started it all is very close to my heart.

    Plus it was fun wearing a Batman costume for the video XD

  3. I'd heard from many people that one of the best Super Hero games they'd ever played was Spiderman 2 for the PS2/Xbox. Making the video was a lot of fun, but to be honest wearing the Spiderman Mask made it very difficult to read my script/speak properly XD

  4. With only a week before my new month's content shift I only had six days to get this video done in time. Luckily with a lot of hard work and capture software I managed to create a new video utilising more new art assets!

  5. Braid was an interesting game to tackle for me. It needed a bit more research than usual and I found there was a lot of interesting stuff to talk about. This video also features some of the new art assets I got from Nico (Whaddup Nico) and was a good opportunity to try and smarten some features up.

  6. For this video I tried a 'new' game with a new artstyle for the series! Tried a fair bit of slapstick in this video, turned out pretty good =]

  7. For this special edition video of the Grizzly Gems I debut a new artstyle to the thumbnails, a new haircut and a few small changes here and there. It's also meant 2x Gems in a row to be in line with the event, but I think it turned out really well =]

  8. This video is the last of me in my long hair look! Really enjoyable video to make with a bit of silly humour and and got some of my pals on board to help with a comedy skit =]

  9. I'd wanted to play this game for over a decade since I got a demo of it when I used to read Xbox Magazine. Had a lot of fun playing this and was so glad I got around to playing it =D

  10. This game was quite a simple one to make. It only took about 2 hours to complete and most of my commentary was very to the point without adding too much filler. This made for a streamlined, simple and concise retrospective =D

  11. I've wanted to try out Blinx The Timesweeper for a few years now but this month I finally got around to trying it out. I must say I had a lot of fun with it despite it's mostly negative commentary online. Still it just goes to show how popular opinion may not correlate with what you find enjoyable.

  12. This video took a while to make. Originally I wanted to get this done on the week of release of the Bioshock Collection but that fell through when other commitments got in the way. Still with a lot of the work already done I revisited the footage/script/ideas and came up with this video which I think is one of my best =]

  13. I've been very busy recently. I started doing weekly streams, working on highlight videos, normal projects and moving the last few bits in the new flat. Still I managed to get a video done in time for the regular spot of the Grizzly Gauntlets. Just need to catch a few Winks before the next ;-]

  14. Managed to finish this one just in time for Christmas Day, lot of fun to make it and a great way to end the year =]

  15. Although I managed to sprain my ankle pretty bad this month I still kept my videos on-track. This one was a lot of fun to make but a challenge due to the fact that I wasn't as mobile as usual. Overall though I'm really happy with the result!