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  1. Beginning a short series (how many times have I said that now?) leading up to my Emerald City Comicon coverage, I'd like to share what I have learned about the public transit that quite a few people take to get to the convention center. As the admittedly speedy narration crawl says, I'm looking to share tools I've learned to deal with my Asperger's Syndrome. So to start of explaining the usefulness of THIS tool (meaning the transit and not myself) I thought I'd start with Metro Customer Service. Point out what's near to it, the way the nearest stop is significant, and the easy access to Chinatown for other events in town.
  2. I'm looking for a new video editor on the cheap. And while I have located 11, I don't know a reliable place to rate and compare them. Any suggestions?

    #1. YouTube Video Editor
    #2. WeVideo
    #3. PowToon
    #4. Wideo
    #5. ClipChamp
    #6. Online Video Cutter:
    #7. Kizoa:
    #8. Creaza:
    #9. Video Toolbox
    #10. Magisto

    And then there’s Filmora:

    I covered the surrounding area a day early to make navigation and the surrounding area easier to understand. Yes, there are other Korean BBQ joints in the area, but I thought I'd focus on the one across the street. Naruto Cosplayers, when you're gathering in Town Square Park (seen in the beginning) you can hit that up for lunch. Afterwards you can raise some prop money at CSL plasma, and get some comics and trading cards at West Coast Sports Cards, and vintage games at Al's Music Games & Video just across the street! So come on down, see a show, get a meal, seal a deal. We're waiting for you. ​
  4. New snack cashes in on the Mummy spearheading the Dark Universe. Naturally given my channel, It's more a vehicle to to promote the mummy from my favorite cult classic, Vampire by Capcom, but it still shouts out to the new Mummy Movie.
  5. The preview image is my little experiment to combine the dregs of all 4. More on that in the article.
  6. in this I am covering ways to support your local public schools when you're broke. For the dinner and a show portion, I'm critiquing a cake I won at the Cake Walk of my old Elementary's Spring Fair. I'd been making so many of these donations, that my latest non-cash contribution got me a stash of tickets. I only had to blow some of my limited cash on hand on buying dinner. Mmmm, Chili-cheese dogwith two thich layers of minced onions and topped with crushed Doritos.
  7. I'm not trying to plug myself here, but I've noticed I fall behind posting my blog updates on this site. is intended to be my primary account, with every other site linking back to there somehow. So to anyone following me or curious about my work, you'll find more of it there. Most recently I've covered the grand opening of ThinkGeek in the Tacoma Mall Food Court. I hope you like whatever you see there that you've missed here.
  8. [​IMG]
    Today alone, OtakuLand, Cosplay-World, and Final-Fantasy-Land on deviantart asked for this one. One of my first, one of my best.
  9. I'm sorry I'm a little under the wire, but if I meet my goal I will sample cat treats on May 6th, the day of the Lung Force walk at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. In front of a big cat cage. I'm also thinking of lowering my goal back down from $300. And there's roughly another month to donate to that link before all fundraising ends altogether. Any Requests? Any creatures you want me to keep an out for?

  10. YouTube is pulling the rug out from under independent creators, so I’m looking for other sites to endorse. So, we can break up the existing monopoly and continue to have a sustainable presence online. We are not going away.

    Though likely you are on YouTube instead. If that’s the only venue you’re going to watch this on, the least you could do is subscribe. As this is a cancer research fundraising video on top of a product sample, I invite you to share this as far and wide as you can. All it takes is $300 to reach my fundraising goal. As for what I’ll do if I hit that $300, you’ll just have to watch the whole 7-minute vid. () If you want to donate, please click here:

    And if you’re interested in the Unicorn Frap, check out it’s official page, and if you want to get one still, check out a Starbucks stand within a larger store, like a Safeway:ème
  11. I still keep forgetting to share to this site. Please like, share, offer constructive criticism, and most of all, SUBSCRIBE. YouTube's algorythyms are wrecked, and almost no one that I personally know follows me anyhow.
  12. April 30th is May Day, also known as Walpurgisnacht. It has appeared in H. P. Lovecraft works, and was the name of the unbeatable final witch in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. But sorry fans, I don't have a tribute in mind, I have too many other project in mind. I'll be sharing over the coming month my favorite articles about Walpurgisnacht. And a couple pastries. Not traditional May Day cakes, but timely and touching on subjects I consider to be important.

    I'll also be focusing on experimental recipes based on things I'm a fan of, typically just writing the recipes down, but I will have videos testing some of them. While the overdue Pizza project will be up soon, I'll be focusing on the Darkstalkers-centric recipes, to focus on the "Second Halloween" Status of Walpurgisnaught. When I started the "FandomFoodie" brand, my basic idea was making and baking new culinary inventions based on obscure franchises that I was a fan of and wanted to draw more attention to. So I've been generating a LOT of those recipes over the past year. You'll get to see them now, and you'll get to see me test some of them, but there's definitely too many to try in one month. But I will have a special beverage I show in homage to Tassa, Capcom's signature Witch.

    I'll be doing a spoiler-free critique of Samurai Jack Season 5.

    My Aspie blend perspective on Emerald City Comicon.

    Sakuracon coverage. Live on each day of the weekend, and covering my own Pizza-themed cosplay event on Saturday morning.

    My attendance of a Salmon Safe Gelato charity event.

    Testing methods of Scanning comic book back issues so that I can start reviews of those later.
  13. I've been focusing on Emerald City Comicon 2017 and searching for a job lately, but I was surprised when I logged onto my Dailymotion account and saw that my last video was a month ago. This compounded the fact that I lost just yesterday all the work I'd saved (thanks, Windows) from what was supposed to be my next video.

    But more on that here: and here:

    If you're wondering why I'm posting multiple video links it's to draw attention to the video sites I contribute to, to better highlite the places to find my works (I frequently forget to copy them onto ChannelAwesome). I typically prefer to share my Dailymotion links to draw attention to a revenue-sharing video platform that could use so much loving. And doesn't give quite the same crap as YouTube does.
    • I post my written pieces (sans pictures) and photography on Deviantart.
    • Written Articles WITH pictures go on Wordpress.
    • Articles and videos are on Facebook.
    • Written reviews and stray photos of dining are on TripAdvisor.
    • I'm looking into what I can contribute to
    • And I forward my YouTube Submissions to Twitter and Google Plus.

      So with all that in mind, my next slice of fun should be upon you in the next couple of days or so. Stay tuned, and have a great day.

  14. Here's another new bottled drink. Does anyone else think that 500% daily recommended amount of any nutrient sounds excessive? We're getting that in the Vitamin C count on this thing. What does excess Vitamin C even do to the body? According to… you can get Diarrhea; Nausea; Vomiting; Heartburn; Abdominal bloating and cramps; Headache; Insomnia; and Kidney stones. Oh boy.

    If you like this video, please share it on your page. If you have any criticism, I invite you to leave it in the comments section below. Though I pledge to react only to the constructive criticism.

  15. Still no idea what I want to do for Valentine's Day. Maybe reviewing a dinner for two, but I doubt it. Any particular Valentine's Day specials or episodes you would like me to critique?