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  1. Movie Length: 2 hrs, 37 sec

    Susie Salmon: 41 min, 11 sec (34%)

    George Harvey: 24 min, 3 sec (20%)

    Jack Salmon: 22 min, 53 sec (19%)

    Lindsey Salmon: 13 min, 27 sec (11%)

    Abigail Salmon: 12 min, 1 sec (10%)

    Ray Singh: 6 min, 58 sec (6%)

    Grandma Lynn: 5 min, 57 sec (5%)

    Len Fenerman: 5 min, 25 sec (4%)

    Ruth Connors: 5 min, 1 sec (4%)

    Buckley Salmon: 4 min, 42 sec (4%)

    Holly: 4 min, 27 sec (4%)

    Some notes about this:

    These numbers might not be 100% accurate, it's just what I can do with a DVD and a stopwatch.

    This project is visual-only, so if someone is heard and not seen, it doesn't count.

    Photos don't count.

    The "Movie Length" count doesn't include the production company logos and first few credits before the first image in the movie, the end credits after the last image of the movie, or the second(s) when the movie blacks out here and there throughout.

    When Susie briefly possesses Ruth's body, the screen time goes to whichever actress we are seeing at the moment. When we see Carolyn Dando, the screen time goes to Ruth. When we see Saoirse Ronan, the screen time goes to Susie.