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  1. When you're done read, comment, spread the links, re-tweet and follow me on Twitter @OnDavidsBrain! and support me on Patreon.

    Now in probably the most unoriginal thing I can say about this game Fort Frolic is my most favorite part of the game and genuinely the most creepy. Besides who else could possibly forget such a memorable character like Sander Cohen? This character by far steals the game for me, he's creepy, insane, memorable and just entertaining as hell. While I am grateful that he never got too popular otherwise he'd just be another Pyramid Head, Wolverine, Deadpool, Batman or Den-o, over used past the point of popularity almost entirely divorced from how and why he became popular in the first place to the point where he's overexposed and annoying.

    Special thanks to my Patreon backer Jesse for his support.

    Bioshock is owned by 2K Boston, 2K Australia, Take-Two Interactive, Ken Levine, Alyssa Finley and 2K Games.
  2. When you're done read, comment, spread the links, re-tweet and follow me on Twitter @OnDavidsBrain! and support me on Patreon.

    What Shirakura keeps injecting between his toes to lead him to think why these movies are a good idea shall forever be a mystery.

    In case you somehow managed to miss the first two parts of this review, here's the links.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    There you go you're all caught up now to finish this sucker. Where we last left off Hiiro managed to get into the Game World via the Laptop Little Jobe left behind.

    I'm not quite sure Hiiro but I do know that this place has a refreshing mint flavor.

    After being reminded of the act would cost him his medical license in the sane and rational real world Data-Hiiro confronts him and the two transform to fight, True Brave kicking Brave's ass hard. Meanwhile Amu arrives at the skirmish and remembers "oh yeah I'm a Ranger I can fight too" so she morphs and joins Snipe and Paradox. Though she sucks in this movie and has to get back up from Data-Uutchy who also morphs and joins the fight, though without doing the Kyoryuger Dance that they always do when they morph which is a big old continuity foul and thus another sin. Even with Data-Uutchy's help Amu is about to be killed by the forces before getting back up from the rest of the Jyuoghers. Emu, Bootleg and Poppy are making their way to the Hospital/Castle when Emu is forced into another battle with the Data-Amazons Alpha, Omega and Neo.

    OK STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!! Amazons is supposed to take place in an alternate universe from the mainline Kamen Rider series so how the hell would Little Jobe even know about them much less be able to recreate them for Chou Super Hero Taisen?

    OH eat my ass with Chipotle Mayo Gosei! On top of the Amazons being narrative bullshit they have their own OP bullshit as apparently Ex-Aid only has 10 HP while the three Amazons have 10,000 each! But even with those bullshit handicaps Ex-Aid still manages to defeat the three Amazons with some helpful power ups but now has to deal with Data-Dark Kabuto, Dark Ghost and Dark Drive, oh Emperor damn it! Poppy and Bootleg finally manage to confront Little Jobe who explains that he was the one who created the bridge between the worlds so that Data-Shocker could destroy the real world.

    Bootleg then has his little back and forth with Little Jobe which goes on for what feels like a small eternity thanks to the movie editing the three fights into the conversation that ruins the flow of the scene (almost as if the movie thought that the kids would lose interest if there wasn't some action going on in between this conversation, basically the movie is jingling its keys) and yet the two characters in this movie that supposedly don't have emotions are still more emotive and convincing in their performances then Troy from Megaforce! But then again that's not saying much, hell Johnny from The Room is more of a convincing character then Troy.

    Hiiro finally manages to defeat Data-Hiiro but before Data-Hiiro fades away he gives his real self four things, an odd power up, the Galaxian Gashat, the deck full of Data Sentai and Rider cards and a request to save Little Jobe. So he pretty much ignores that by destroying the connection between the worlds despite Emu's objections. Well at least he was looking at the bigger picture in this case so I'll give him a pass, besides we really don't give a slimy sewer shit about Little Jobe so who cares? Besides all the buildings and people destroyed by Fred Fuchs are restored too which gets him pretty pissed off so he assumes his Monster form and then defeats Data-Uutchy. Emu, Hiiro, Bootleg and Josuk3po transform to help finish off the stragglers.

    Though Ex-Aid gets pined down by Fred Fuchs so Brave revives the rest of the GoRiders from their Clow Cards to back him up, for all the good it does as he just smacks them back into cards again in less then a minute making that scene completely pointless. So now it's time to crank up the bullshit to its highest level as Fred Fuchs calls out to Jark Matter (who he should have no knowledge of since he's only been in the game world) that gives him a giant mech which he of course knows how to pilot despite presumably just getting the thing now! This of course triggers the Shōji Yonemura slow mo explosions we've seen so many times even Michael Bay is sick to death of them. But not to worry they've got back up from the Kyuranger mechs which (thanks to the Gemini Kyuutama) can create two KyuuRen-Ohs to keep the Jark Matter mech at bay as well as Brave giving Ex-Aid the power up to make him grow to Giant Size (because of course Data-Hiiro saw that far ahead and this isn't just lazy writing no no no.) So Gaint Ex-Aid goes to his Super Form of Maximum Mighty X (thus drawing full comparisons to it and Gurren Laggan's design) to aid the two KyuuRen-Oh's fight Fred Fuchs and his Fuchazord.

    Brave uses some of the Hero Cards to back up Snipe and Paradox. One of them being Agito Burning Form, which has been bugging me since we saw him in GP, why is he always showing up in Burning Form? Ok when he showed up in GP he was fighting at night in a cave and it's established that Shining Form can only be called upon in the sunlight so Burning Form makes sense. But this fight is taking place in the daytime, with the sun out so what the hell? Did the Shining Form suit get too badly damaged or were they just being lazy; either way shows the people working on this just don't give a shit. Wrapping it up the heroes on the ground finish of the Data-Shocker solders and monsters while Ex-Aid and the Kyuurangers destroy the Fuchazord. In the after math Little Jobe is freed from the Game World because he wished for it really, really hard, yes seriously.

    So the Kyuurangers leave, Little Jobe goes back to his life and the CR doctors go back to their lives like none of this never happened. So that was Chou Super Hero Taisen and honestly I've seen worse from these movies. There was everything about Kamen Rider Taisen which you all should know about by now, the BS from Super Hero Taisen GP and how Shirakura clearly doesn't give a shit about Kamen Rider's history this is honestly pretty low on the totem pole of annoyance, pretty much about as watchable as Super Hero Taisen Z at best. But just like Super Hero Taisen GP this movie has a net based spinoff that tries to tie into the main series of Ex-Aid. It fails in this case but like the Kamen Rider Yongo net movies the Kamen Sentai Gorider Net movies are still better then the main movie itself, so when we come back we'll take a look at Chou Super Hero Taisen's DLC; Kamen Sentai GoRider and see where it stands in terms of DLC. Is it as good as Minerva's Den and Burial at Sea for BioShock 2 and Infinite or is it as bad as the True Ending of Asura's Wrath?

    Special thanks to my Patreon backer Jesse for his support.

    Kamen Rider is owned by Ishinomori Productions, Toei Productions, and Bandai.
    Super Sentai is owned by Ishinomori Productions, Toei Productions, and Bandai.
    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is owned by Orion Pictures, Stephen Herek, Interscope Communications and Nelson Entertainment.
    Power Rangers is owned by is owned by Saban Entertainment, Haim Saban, Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment, Toei Company, Ltd. and MMPR Productions, Inc.
    The Room is owned by Tommy Wiesau.
    Dragon Ball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT is owned by Funnimation, Toei animation, Fuji TV and Akira Toriyama.
    Dragon ball Z abridged is owned by Team Four Star.
  3. When you're done read, comment, spread the links, re-tweet and follow me on Twitter @OnDavidsBrain! and support me on Patreon.

    Well ok there's also the Smugglers Hideout as well but honestly that area was so small I bet nobody even cares to mention it. Though aside from that I do have to apologize for the amount of videos in this part. Some business kept popping up so I had no choice but to stop every so often thus the five videos here on top of what happened in the first video. As for the levels themselves I wonder why exactly they only used the Pigskin Splicers in the Farmers Market? I mean they're only in the Market and the final boss fight so what exactly was the point? But regardless Arcadia does provide some actual logic to the setting since as Atlas said "Bottom of the Ocean boy'o, no trees no Oxygen".

    Special thanks to my Patreon backer Jesse for his support.

    Bioshock is owned by 2K Boston, 2K Australia, Take-Two Interactive, Ken Levine, Alyssa Finley and 2K Games.
  4. When you're done read, comment, spread the links, re-tweet and follow me on Twitter @OnDavidsBrain! and support me on Patreon.

    Sorry about this again, the article is too long for this site so here's the link to the actual blogpost.

    Special thanks to my Patreon backer Jesse for his support.

    Kamen Rider is owned by Ishinomori Productions, Toei Productions, and Bandai.
    Super Sentai is owned by Ishinomori Productions, Toei Productions, and Bandai.
    Plan 9 from Outer Space is owned by Ed Wood.
    Patton is owned by Franklin J. Schaffner, 20th Century Fox and based on Patton: Ordeal and Triumph by Ladislas Farago and A Soldier's Story by Omar Bradley
    Futurama is owned by Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, 20th Century Fox Television and The Curiosity Company.
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    Once again sorry for this but the website is giving me issues so here's the link to part 2 of my Heisei Generations review.

    Sorry about this but I'll try to get an actual review on here next time.
  6. When you're done read, comment, spread the links, re-tweet and follow me on Twitter @OnDavidsBrain! and support me on Patreon.

    We finally escape the Medical Pavilion with our skin intact and head to honestly one of my least favorite areas in the game. No it's not because of the atmosphere or anything like that I don't really like this place since it gives us WAAAAAAAAAY too much ammo so early in the game that it mostly sucks most of the challenge out of the game for me. Also that means that there's ammo lying around on Splicer corpses which annoys me to absolutely no end. Now normally that would resort to me using Winter Blast or the Liquid Nitrogen mod of the Chemical Thrower but I'm too cheep for the Plasmid and since I know what's coming in Arcadia I'll just suck it up and blow my ammo on the Big Daddies.

    Bioshock is owned by 2K Boston, 2K Australia, Take-Two Interactive, Ken Levine, Alyssa Finley and 2K Games.
  7. When you're done read, comment, spread the links, re-tweet and follow me on Twitter @OnDavidsBrain! and support me on Patreon.

    We begin our true adventure into Rapture by escaping the forces of Andrew Ryan and fleeing into the Medical Pavilion. However we're stuck in the facility and the only way out is through the local Splicers and their leader Dr Steinman. Once he's dealt with however Jack is confronted by Dr Tennenbaum and is given a choice, though admittingly it's one of the most obvious Black and White choices ever in a video game, but for this game it gets the job done.

    Bioshock is owned by 2K Boston, 2K Australia, Take-Two Interactive, Ken Levine, Alyssa Finley and 2K Games.
  8. When you're done read, comment, spread the links, re-tweet and follow me on Twitter @OnDavidsBrain! and support me on Patreon.

    Since we've finally reached the 10th Anniversary of one of my absolute favorite Video Game Franchises of all time I will be doing a 100% Complete Lets Play/Walkthrough/Whatever of all 3 of the current BioShock games and most of their DLC. After a trip to a museum we begin with the game that started it all, with a man, a city and a lighthouse.

    Bioshock is owned by 2K Boston, 2K Australia, Take-Two Interactive, Ken Levine, Alyssa Finley and 2K Games.
  9. When you're done read, comment, spread the links, re-tweet and follow me on Twitter @OnDavidsBrain! and support me on Patreon.


    What is this folks? It looks like a Kamen Rider Crossover movie, but it's actually good, and in cannon with the currently running rider series? That can't be right who created this, who wrote this? Let me check this out, ah now it makes sense. This movie was actually directed by Koichi Sakamoto (who everyone who grew up watching Zordon and Saban Era Power Rangers should know by now) and written by Yuya Takahashi the writer of Ex-Aid. Oh my god they actually put people who knew what the hell they were doing in charge of this production it's about time!

    Well with that glowing sign of quality let's jump right in and see what enjoyment we can have making fun of this movie. Though for those who are watching Ex-Aid be warned this movie contains spoilers and takes place between episodes 10 and 11 so keep that in mind for those who need to catch up. We open on another bright sunny day at Genm Corperation. The birds are singing, the office workers are greeting the front desk staff, the really, really, really ridiculously good looking Evil GQ models in lab-coats are killing the guards, wait what? Oh trust me their boss makes this even weirder as he's, a guy with an evil Pac-Man helmet.

    Kuroto knows a bullshit storm when he hears it so he tries to flee with the Proto Gashats but Zoolander, Valentina and Mongo get to him and threaten to blow his head off if they don't get the Proto Gashats and Bug Visor. Apparently all this is about was them collecting on their backpay since they, you know were apparently killed 6 years ago and came back for the sake of finishing Dr Pac-Man's research. Outside the cops swarm the building ready to gun them down until Mongo breaks out the Gekitotsu Robots Proto Gashat.


    And that's when the cops realized that their guns were as useful


    as boobs on a bull.

    The Mongo Bugster then proceeds to wreck the cops' shit in record time. We then cut to some High School students playing this universes counterpart of Bejeweled called Hatesate Puzzle when one of the girls of the group tells the game's creator Tougo that his game just hit 20 Million downloads. But he's not really concerned with that, no he's got far bigger ambitions then that.

    But before his fangirls can register the Sploosh their academy is attacked by thousands of tiny Pac-Men, some of who start chowing down on Tougo. We then cut to the Seto University hospital where Emu is helping a patient with his recovery when Asuna tells him there's an epidemic on the rise. Elsewhere Takeru Aka Kamen Rider Ghost is catching up on his schoolwork when Onari and Akari burst into the classroom to tell him about the crisis.

    Both groups connive on a massive swarm of Pac-Men and Emu and Takeru recognize each other's drivers. OH MY GOD CONTINUITY HOW I LOVE THEEE!!! After the two get their "hi how've you been" stuff out of the way the Pac-Men swarm on Takeru after munching on Power Pellets/Power Cookies and eat his Ghost powers so he can't transform into Ghost. Leaving Emu the only one able to take a swing to them so he transforms into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and fights off the Pac-Men.

    After the title card Mongo's back at Dr Pac-Man's base who informs Zoolander and Valentina that they've found their target Tougo who luckily has been found by Takeru. Zoolander wastes no time and uses the Photo Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat to become a Bugster and attacks. Ex-Aid changes into his Level 2 form to give the others time to get Tougo to safety. Valentina isn't having it though and chases the group to a garage where she pulls out her own Jian sword and fights Takeru. Needless to say both heroes get their asses kicked and hard.

    Dr Pac-Man shows up to show that he's the one giving everyone a literal case of Pac-Man fever (no really I thought he was spreading the Dig-Dug virus.) He then gloats and walks off, yep some other villain who got their advice from Mr Freeze. Back at CR they confirm that Tougo is infected but with an unknown strain of the Bugster virus. Afterwords the two groups get brought up to speed on the situation and come up with a solution to stop the Pac-Man virus, Ghost. Since as we all know Pac-Man's enemies are the four Ghosts the powers of Kamen Rider Ghost are needed to stop it. However Ghost is out of commission thanks to the Pac-Men having a Power lunch on him earlier. Kuroto comes in with Taiga and tells the group about the Proto Gahsats that Dr Pac-Man and his crew stole and to get them back no matter what. When Emu asks who they are Kuroto says that he has no idea.

    Tougo wakes up and surprise, surprise he's an asshole and wants out even though he's infected and the GQ demons are after him. Kagami, being the detached asshole that he is says if the patient wants out then let him. Up on the helipad Emu and Takeru talk about how awesome the other is, Takeru even revealing he still has the Ex-Aid Eyecon from the end of his series. Kuroto interjects asking for Takeru's Ghost Eyecon so he can come up with a countermeasure for Pac-Man.

    As for why Kagami let Tougo off? To use him as bait for Dr Pac-Man, though he at least does bring up the good point that there's thousands of lives at stake unless they get the cure for the Pac-Man virus so they can't exactly take the moral high ground in this situation. We then cut to Takeru, Akira and Onari going to see Shinosuke AKA Kamen Rider Drive to see if the three GQ goons have a record and if so a possible identity for Dr Pac-Man. Shinnosuke reveals that they all worked for the Next Genome research institute and that place was known for some really shady shit going down. He also gives them a name for Dr Pac-Man, Zaizen Michihiko. However there's a problem, all four of them died 6 years ago and all of their data was erased, all the police could recover was one video showing the four dying.

    Back with Emu Dr Pac-Man catches up to them and calls Takeru for back up. Shinnouske offers to help but since he doesn't have Krim he can't become Drive anymore so he just tells Takeru to be careful. Dr Pac-Man and his two goons corner Tougo and Emu saying that the entire point of the Pac-Man virus was to find Tougo specifically since he installed a Virus detection program into Pac-Man. Which virus, the Bugster Virus what else? But since Emu and Asuna couldn't detect it in CR that can only mean one thing, Tougo has a brand new strain!


    Which culminated into the Hatena Bugster.

    Takeru and the others arrive and reveal Dr Pac-Man's identity so Zaizen finally takes off that weird helmet and begins going on about his evil plans. Long story short he and his cohorts were trying to create a new life form from the Bugster Virus, something went wrong, they went to the game world, they escaped to complete their plans and they need the Hatena Bugster for their plans to come to fruition. Hatena attacks causing blocks to fall and several explosions in very close proximity to our heroes.

    Yet most if not all of Toei's heroes survive explosions like this so go figure. The good news is that Makoto and Alan drive to back the group up, bad news Akari and Takeru get caught in the blast of some of Hatena's block bombs yet surprisingly only Akari's on deaths door after that instead of both, I guess given how many times Takeru died and just came back during his show I thought the writer would have that excuse to kill him again for shits and giggles. Though I might not be that far off as both Takeru and Akari are infected with Hatena's Virus strain and will both die unless Hatena is killed in 24 hours, because of course it's 24 hours and not instantly since we need to feed the Drama Llama somehow!

    Speaking of drama Makoto and Alan get their asses kicked by Valentina and Emu gets beaten like a drum by Zoolander who literally did it single handedly, ok now that's funny. Zaizen uses the Bugvisor to capture Tougo while his two goons to finish off the riders. Thankfully they get more back up from Kiriya, Taiga and Kagami who also gives Emu the new Gashat from Kurt, the Kaigan Ghost Legendary Rider Gashat, so now they have a counter measure against Pac-Man without Takeru. Good thing too since Zaizen summons a Giant Pac-Man to cover his and Hatena's escape.


    "Pac-Man's a bad guy?" There, that's as far as I will ever get to actually referencing that god awful piece of crap movie.

    Pac-Man then turns into a more monstrous form to chase down Takeru and Emu. Takeru has yet another inspirational courage boost which restores his Rider powers, because Pac-Man's yellow, the Heart of the Cards I don't know how folks either way this somehow helps Emu get over his own blue screen and uses the Kaigan Ghost Gashat to become Ghost Gamer Level 1. Back at Zaizen's base Mongo's finished creating the gene diagram needed for their goal, Zaizen has Hatena reconfigure his DNA to match the sequence. Both groups of secondary Riders force the goons to retreat but not without Makoto and Alan taking heavy damage. Back with the main riders Ghost uses the Ex-Aid Eyecon to gain the Ex-Aid Damashi and Ex-Aid levels up so the riders can double team Pac-Man and purify the virus, they succeeded and by defeating Pac-Man the Pac-Man fever epidemic is cured. So that's where we'll leave things for now check in next time for the defeat of Zaizen, the salvation of Akari and Takeru and some back up from some old friends.

    Kamen Rider is owned by Ishinomori Productions, Toei Productions, and Bandai.

    Archer is owned by Adam Reed, Floyd County Productions, Radical Axis and FX Productions.

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 is owned by Joel Hodgson, Best Brains, Syfy, Comedy Central and Shout Factory.

    The Other guys is owned by Paramount Pictures and Adam McKay.
  10. When you're done read, comment, spread the links, re-tweet and follow me on Twitter @OnDavidsBrain! and support me on Patreon.

    After last weeks review of the newest hotness Baby Driver we follow that up with the first MCU staring movie for everybody's favorite New York wall crawler Peter Parker aka the Spectacular Spider-Man. Which only came about after Sony finally realized that if they were going to get anymore money out of the license they should probably let the people who actually created the character take care of it since at least for their movie universe they seem to know what they're doing. Yes, after the poorly received and short lived mess that was the Amazing Spider-Man franchise wound up more dead then Uncle Ben Sony finally allowed Marvel to at least partially reclaim Spidey's movie rights to introduce him into the MCU, first in Captain America Civil War and now properly integrate him with a proper Homecoming.

    Now let me get this right out of the way Tom Holland (not that one who wrote the Tv miniseries version of The Langoliers) does a very good job as Peter Parker and Spider-Man managing to capture both the super intelligent budding science major and the annoying eager beaver teenager that manages to screw up just as much as he helps. Now initially this annoyed me as Peter tended to; as stated cause as much damage that he does manage to fix and him wanting to prove himself to Tony Stark was the main driving force of his impulsiveness but then again most teenagers like Peter do tend to do this so that makes this more tolerable. On top of that unlike characters like Wrong from Toqger, Leftovers from Ninninger or Dumbluck from Kyuuranger Peter actually acknowledges when he screws up, owns up to it and tries to fix his mistakes. Another point of hesitation for me is his modern day comic book incarnation where the writers want to keep writing him as a teenager even though he's been an adult for decades at this point!

    Though I may be talking out of my ass since I don't read comics I just see the movies and Linkara's show so I could very well be wrong in my statements and if so I apologize. Also yes Tom probably won't be replacing Toby McGuire in the popular consciousness anytime soon but I never completely liked Toby's portrayal (personally he does a better Peter Parker then Spider-Man) but hey whatever that's just me. Now enough of me blowing off steam let's discuss the movie itself and what I think this opens for the MCU.

    While it takes place in modern day (2017) we actually open right after the events of the first Avengers movie where a local salvage company and their leader Adrian Tombs played by Michael Keaton are in charge of clearing and excavating the debris from the Chitauri ships that were destroyed during the final fight. But they get kicked off the project by Tony Stark's and US Government backed Department of damage control so they start salvaging and reverse engineering the alien technology, re purposing it into weapons, thus becoming a group of high tech arms dealers, Tombs himself taking charge of his crew with a specially constructed flight apparatus that looks like a giant set of Vulture wings, what are the odds of that?

    Elsewhere after Civil War Peter is still hyped for his chance to play with the big boys but hears nothing from Tony so this mostly results to him pestering his handler Happy Hogan to surprisingly no results. All he hears from Tony is to just stay low and focus on local NYC stuff "you know, be your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" helping old ladies cross the street, stop bank robberies, car jackers that kind of thing. But when he eventually comes across Vulture he naturally tries to stop him but is of course waaaay over his head and gets his ass handed to him by Tombs and his right hand man. So with his best buddy Ned, Peter has to figure out the Vulture's identity, stop whatever he's up to and prove his worth to Tony (even though Tony pretty clearly does trust him) and still have time to woo his crush Liz and persuade her to go with him to Homecoming, eh see what they did there?

    Now I won't give away everything more that happens but I will give my two cents. Overall this movie is about the most "ok" and down to earth for lack of a better term of the MCU movies I've seen, not fantastic not horrible just you know ok. There's no hint of any of the infinity gems, well duh Peter's going up against a group of arms dealers who scavenged alien tech not Hydra or something so in the over all scheme of the MCU this is rather low key but that's just fine, not every part of the MCU has to be a piece of the big puzzle. I mean if anything all this movie will contribute is that since they introduced a bunch of Spidey's bad guys and that alien weapon dealers business I'm guessing all that will happen is that the Netflix shows and Agents of Shield might have some new plot points to play around with.

    I mean that tech is still out there and not all of Tombs' crew were captured as far as I know so this plot point could introduce other baddies aside from Spider-Mans. And when those villains that were caught get out of Ryker's they could be recruited by the Kingpin which could lead to the Sinister Six. Apparently the Netflix shows could use something like Shocker, Rhino or the Tinkerer since apparently The Hand (which have been the background bad-guys in the Netflix shows) haven't been setting the world on fire, again haven't seen the Netflix shows but I have heard that The Hand and Iron Fist have been pretty damn bad so there you go. Or at the very least this plot point could be used to set up Spidey's sequel. Though there are some plot points that I do want to talk about but I'll save them for my end of the year roundup. So all in all this was a pretty ok movie, not amazing, nor horrible just middle of the road with some interesting plot points for some smart writer to take advantage of latter. So when you get the chance catch up with the spectacular Spider-Man of the MCU.

    Spider-Man: Homecoming is owned by Sony Pictures Releasing, Marvel Studios, Pascal Pictures and Colombia Pictures
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    I honestly should have gotten into more of Edgar Wright's work before this. Actually that's not quite true I meant to say I should have payed more attention then before, I mean I've seen Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim but I never really revisited those movies more then I should have and after seeing Baby Driver I'll definitely give them a rewatch as well as see Worlds End rounding out the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. As for what I saw here's our premise. Our focus is on the titular Baby played by Ansel Elgort who's a getaway driver for Kevin Spacey's gang of pro bank robbers so he can pay off a debt he owes him for trying to jack his car. Now that the debt is squared away Doc's not done with Baby and has one last job for him; though that requires forcing him to work with the unstable Bats played by Jamie Foxx, Darling played by Eiza Gonzales and her boyfriend and fellow cokehead Buddy played by John Hamm. And in between this and caring for his deaf foster father Joseph played by CJ Jones Baby meets a waitress named Debora played by Lily James who may be his last real shot of living a normal life away from the life he's stuck in.

    Though the reason why Doc wants to keep Baby no matter what is due to his masterful driving skills which are accented thanks to Baby's condition. See Baby has tinnitus due him surviving a car crash when he was younger which killed his parents. So to drown out the ringing Baby is constantly listening to music on his various iPods which he times to his driving. As the music goes on Baby's movements are near perfectly coordinated with the music which makes him a demon behind the wheels and thus invaluable to Doc.

    Ok so for every other jack off they get a constant annoying ass ringing in their ears while this guys gets super badass driving powers? Only in freaking Hollywood people!

    Ok so who's supposed to be the one called Baby here? However this leads to one of the biggest strengths of the movie the music, stunt coordination and timing around the music is downright awesome. I honestly haven't seen such a brilliant execution of this combination since the original Blues Brothers. The music and the music synchronization is nearly pitch perfect, pun most certainly intended. The drums beat, the guns fire and the crescendo goes when everything roaring in flames you get the deal, also for those who are more musically inclined then I each of the songs chosen for the soundtrack and heist scenes could give more hindsight into Baby's views and personality if you were so inclined. I'm not however so if somebody could tell me the messages and themes of the songs on Baby's ears that could be really helpful.

    Though speaking of Baby let's discuss him since let's face it most of the other characters aside from him and Doc are best left alone. Baby seems to be one of those guys who knows more then what others see of him and thus only seems to talk to them either when he wants to or has to, otherwise he mostly just observes and analyzes. He's not a space cadet like most of the dumber characters tend to write him off as rather he prefers to remain detached and aloof from the job and crews and only opens up to his foster father and girlfriend since they seem to be the only people in Baby's life that he feels deserve it since they care for him and he in turn cares for them. Now I may be reading too much into this and seeing things that aren't there but I'm just saying what I feel is why Baby prefers to keep to himself, just a theory and nothing more.

    Other then that the movies characters tend to be more of "what you see is what you get" and that's ok for what the film is, though who the final opponent for Baby may not be exactly who you think it is. But don't worry, who you think are the primary bad guys do go out in a pretty satisfying way so don't feel cheated when those moments do happen. But aside from Baby, the music and excellently choreographed action there's not really a whole lot going on, the characters relations tend to be pretty straight forward like I said before what you see is what you get and some of the action scenes while awesome do tend to stretch the limits of believability just a tad, not too crazy but seem to rely quite a bit of luck and convenience. The best example is early in the movie Baby manages to hide between two other red cars while eluding a police chopper and swap spots when they go under a bridge so they can make a clean getaway.

    But to sum up Baby Driver is one of the best movies you can see in 2017. Sure this movie may have borrowed a bit too many notes from Guardians of the Galaxy, The Blues Brothers and obviously The Driver which Edgar stated was a major source of inspiration for the movie but hey the movie does show its own unique quirks and strengths to make it stand on its own and does more then pass. So when you get the chance to see this movie do so and bring your own crew and gal. Now on to my next major feature of summer 2017 where everyones favorite wall crawler gets a rather well deserved Homecoming and wow that joke was obvious as hell.

    Baby Driver is owned by Edgar Wright, Sony Pictures Releasing, Tristar Pictures, Working Title Films. Big Talk Productions and Media Rights Capital.

    Archer is owned by Adam Reed, Floyd County Productions, Radical Axis and FX Productions.
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    Wow-we is it time for another Planet of the Apes Movie? It seems like forever since the last movie and also seems forever since my text review of it. Wait how long was it again? Oh right three years, three whole years since my review of the second movie. Such memories, why don't we take a look at my review of the last one shall we?

    Yeah I was pretty crap wasn't I? Judging by my view count between then and now I might still be crap but at least I'm better smelling crap. Though speaking of crap this movie definitely didn't have me flinging mine at the screen mostly due to it being pretty good. Now for those who never saw the first two movies the third does give a very short and sweet text recap of what happened previously. Which is a good way to solve the "haven't seen the first two movies so I'm not sure if I should see the third one" problem. I perfectly understand that not everyone has a whole wealth of time to movies and not wanting to feel left out when the third and a beloved trilogy comes out.

    Moving on it's been a few years since the events of the last movie and Ceaser and his tribe are continuing their search for a permanent settlement away from the remaining humans who understandably are a little peeved that most of their species were killed by the Simian Virus and are a little trigger happy toward the new dominant species of the earth. Ceaser learns from his oldest Son that there is a place that could serve their needs beyond the boarder of California. But before Ceaser can act his wife and oldest son are killed by a Colonel played by Woody Harrelson so he and a small group of his most loyal apes decide to launch an attack on the Colonel and his unit as revenge. Along the way Ceaser is plagued by doubts set in from the last movie, primarily centered around the actions of Koba. I won't say how exactly but for those who played Arkham Knight (and not Blacklisted Warner Brothers games after playing the PC Version) they should have a pretty good idea how.

    The advertising for this one may be a little disingenuous about what the actual "war" in this movie is. No it's not the obvious Ape vs Human war but a more personal one for Ceaser, now I won't say what it is but those who've seen the last two movies and read what the driving motivation for him and the Arkham Knight reference can probably guess what the "war" is. Once again the special effects in this movie have gone up, still convincing me that I am indeed watching a group of super intelligent apes and not CGI puppets being moved by the brilliant motion capture work of Andy Serkis. What helps with this is in the characterization, you can truly see some great and captivating performances and emotions in the facial movements of Ceaser and the other apes. Though the human characters aren't slouches in this case either, especially Woody Harrelson's Colonel but I won't give away why since this is truly something you need to see for yourself.

    Now as of writing this I still haven't seen the original Planet of the Apes movies but I know enough to know what are the seeds for those movies that are planted in this movie. Now we can all just definitively agree that the Tim Burton remake never happened, right? Right good, moving on because seriously screw Tim Burtons remakes, we may like the guy or at least not have gotten sick of him but everyone can admit his adaptations and remakes are just; as the brits describe complete and utter pants. Again since I do want you all to see this I won't give them away but be on the lookout. But for now all I can say is get your tribe, get some popcorn and definitely be sure to swing on by and catch this when you legally can. Speaking of swinging when I come back to looking at movies either I'll be swinging to music or swinging around NYC, depends on which I get to first, either way I'll definitely be in for a good time so keep an eye out for that.

    Special thanks to my Patreon backer Jesse for his support.

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    Here's the link to the last review.

    From where we last left off the remaining Pleiades heed Kazumi's threat and head to the freezer where she erects (phrasing) a barrier to make sure they can't run off which doubles as a motion sensor so that if she senses magic other then her own she'll thaw out the girls they have on ice.
    Yeah folks this is the look of a person who is in precisely zero mood to listen to anyone's hogshit.

    She tells them she's read the diary and it's clear to her how much Michiru meant to all of them and how she cared for them in turn. So then comes the million dollar question. Why didn't they give her Michiru's memories? Saki says that every time they tried giving the clones some of the memories they went berserk. They took it as a sign of Michirus will and then decided to create one with a different personality, thus Kazumi. But this leads to the biggest problem with this plan, she's not Michiru!

    Kazumi hearing this declares that she refuses to accept the idea of Magical Girls being born from hope to end in despair and tells the others to never stop until Michiru and Satomi are brought back to life, they committed the ultimate Taboo so they have to take responsibility and finish what they've started. She also says they have one other job to do, kill her. Kazumi starts turning into her Amazon form and asks one last question.

    Thank you Kaoru, Keelah se'lai.

    She finishes transforming, swallows the two evil nuts to go completely berserk and screams at them to kill her. She then slams Kaoru with her tail knocking her into a wall. Niko asks Saki what her call is, Saki then swears that she'll kill Kazumi as many times as it takes until they truly revive Michiru and she'll bear the guilt each and every time. She and Mirai transform to take on Kazumi; who incapacitates Niko with an energy blast. During the fight Umika sees that Kaoru was paralyzed by a spell, she breaks it and Kaoru blocks one of Saki's attacks to tell her that Kazumi is still herself. She wants them to kill her thinking she went berserk and the reason why Kaoru was taken out first was because she swore to protect Kazumi. When Kazumi stumbles with Kaoru's accusation Saki collapses, her resolve to kill Kazumi shattered.

    But that's because she's sane, Mirai however cuts Kazumi in half with her buster sword without a second thought. But the Kazumi that was cut turned out to be a decoy as well as the Niko that was shot. The real Niko emerges from the shadows with Kazumi shrunken into her tube. As Mirai prepares to attack Niko for interfering she points out that she has a bigger problem on her hands and points to Saki, whose Soul Gem is turning into a Grief Seed. Chapter 17 ends with Niko then teleporting to Saki, creates an Evil Nut and inserts into her, wait what the HELL?!

    Chapter 18 continues with Niko reveling to everyone that; like Kazumi she's also an artificial magical girl. Saki keeps bringing down the thunder which according to Niko is her trying to not become a witch.

    Mirai dives into the electric column and refuses to leave Saki's side even when Juubey says that it's too late to purify her gem. The reason why Mirai is so obsessed with Saki is that when the two were starting to become friends Saki says that Mirai reminds her of how she used to be, this combined with Mirai's ostracization and how she selflessly protected Saki from the jellyfish witch lead to her developing feelings for Saki. So she won't leave Saki no matter what happens. Saki finally becomes a witch with Mirai's last words of her declaring her love for Saki, as her head gets bitten off by Saki's witch like a gram cracker!
    Time for a game of disappearing lives?

    That barely fixes her stoner munchies so the freshly backed witch goes after Kaoru and Umika but the fake Niko uses a spell to restrain the witch and tame it like a beast master. With Kaoru and Umika left to deal with Niko's revenge is almost complete, when Umika asks what revenge she's talking about she tosses her phone to her which is opened to a California newspaper article. Niko explains that after that tragedy; her original self Kanna Hijiri was consumed by guilt, day after day she blamed herself for killing her two friends and always wondered what her life would have been if not for that one bad day. She even created an imaginary her to live out that fantasy; there was her then the imaginary her, mixing the two created "Niko".
    Oh so she took on the responsibility of fighting witches to atone for her horribly consuming guilt while you lived the life she always wanted, boo fuckidy hoo here's the worlds smallest violin just for you you little Rule 63 Kratos.

    Though her anger is less from that but from the day she found Niko and the saints fighting a witch and of course is shocked to find someone who looked exactly like her. Normally she would've thought nothing of it but Juubey approaches her and spilled the beans about Niko creating her with her wish. After she discovered the article about the shooting she was understandably livid about her life being a lie. Though she asks Juubey why Niko didn't just wish those memories away he says that she didn't want to run from her guilt.

    Kanna is understandably disgusted with Niko's decision and wants revenge on her and her friends. So she makes her wish, for the power to sneak on people without being noticed so she can get a front row seat for the moment of Niko's death. From her observations she learned about Niko's suffering and the Saints' plans. When she found out that another artificial magical girl was created she was understandably over the moon, but at the same time the way the Saints were running rough shod over everyone pissed her off but good. Kaoru assumes that Kanna was the one manipulating everyone, however she admitted that all she did was create the evil nuts using Niko's reformation magic and Umika's Ex File.

    In truth all she had to do then was point Yuuri and the Souju's in the right direction and everything else was all them. All she needed was to get the girls to use up their magic thus corrupting their Soul Gems, her plan was going perfectly until Yuuri accidentally switched the suitcases with Tachibana. The volume then ends with Umika then asking what her end goal in all of this is now that she has Kazumi.

    New humanity with Kung-Fu grip!!

    "Screw humans I'll make my own species, with blackjack and hookers, in fact forget the new species!"

    Needless to say humanity and our three remaining protagonists are up shit creek without a boat much less a paddle, tune in to the coverage of the last Volume of Kazumi Magica to see the outcome of this story and afterwords my analysis of this entry in the Madoka franchise. Special thanks to my Patreon backer Jesse for his support.

    Kazumi Magica The Innocent Malice is owned by Masaki Hiramatsu, Takashi Tensugi, Magica Quartet and Yen Press.

    Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation is owned by LBS Communications, Nelvana Communications and Colombia Pictures.

    Attack on Titan is owned by Hajime Isayama and Kodansha.

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    The Spoony Experiment is owned by Noah Antwilder.
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    All they wanted was to bring back someone dear to them and would go to any lengths to do so, is that so wrong?

    Now it has been far, far too long since we've gone back to the world of Madoka Magica, particularly Kazumi and the Pleiades Saints. Long story short, real life got in the way and I needed some time to myself. Though I have been sporadically been releasing new reviews I will be back to a normal schedule from now on. Though I will be experimenting between once every Monday or Friday, I'll test this for a few weeks to see which day will generate more views but if you all have a suggestion be sure to let me know in the comments. Now as for Kazumi since it's been a few months since my last review there will be no doubt a few of you who have forgotten what's happened in this not so happy story so here are the links to my previous reviews so you can be caught up.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    Part 6

    Speaking of memory loss how was Kazumi since we last saw her?
    Oh right one of her friends going crazy, telling her she's a clone and sending the rest of the clones to kill her. Well she's had better days that's for certian.

    As if fighting against 12 of you wasn't bad enough Satomi decides to shake Kazumi even more by telling her what really happened when Michiru became a witch. It was a dark and stormy night, just like that night (no seriously) and Michiru was making her grandmas strawberry risotto to celebrate Umikas first book publishing under her real name. Everyone was happy and celebrating until everyone started thanking Michiru for helping them become magical girls, but as you can imagine she knew the truth at that point so she witches out over her tremendous guilt. Satomi says that Yuuri being when they found out was a lie that Umika used to soften the blow for the others. So on top of all their other horrible acts these girls have also been manipulating their own memories to hide the truth and have been committing the ultimate taboo at least 13 times to resurrect their dead friend.

    You think that only once would be enough to get the point across but noooooooo! Well brother I guess they're just the type of people who have to touch the stove twice before they realize "ow that's hot!" I mean we were just little kids when we tried that, what's their excuse?

    And just like with the Fullmetal Pipsqueak and his big little brother the Pleiades' attempts weren't exactly all that successful to say the least, but these clones at least look somewhat human. But close ain't good enough and with Kazumi starting to turn into a witch as well, they'll have to try again.

    Personally I would have maybe brought Kazumi a chair for her to sit down and take this all in or a "sorry you're not who you think you are" Card and a Gift Certificate to Amazon or something not just drop it on her and try to kill her in cold blood but then again I would't even be in this situation because I'm not that crazy yet! Also Niko what are you doing up there? You are not Batgirl!

    Satomi continues to pour Salt and Lemon juice on Kazumi's wound by telling her the reason why Saki couldn't go through with killing the failed prototypes, she was so in love with Michiru that she couldn't bear to kill something with her face; much to Mirai's ire as she was overhearing everything near by. So Satomi figures she'll kill two birds with one stone by using her Phantasmo Bisbiglo to take control of Kazumi, have her and the clones fight to the death and she'll finish off the winner, easy peasy.

    So Kazumi's forced to do battle with her clones and during the skirmish she discovers that since she was created using the magic of the others she in turn can use their abilities such as Umika's barriers, Kaoru's super hard skin, Mirai's Dragon Slayer and Saki's lightning speed. To add to the horror of finding out she's a Super Skrull; when she took excessive damage her body absorbed the dead clones nearby and regenerated. The chapter ends with the last clone begging Kazumi to kill her; she can't do it but Satomi is more then willing as she impales both Kazumi and the clone with her feral cat wand.

    Chapter 15 continues with Satomi chuckling to herself over her victory, but when she sees Kazumi regenerating from the last clone she finally snaps and becomes a witch. The beast tamer witch attacks Kazumi who in turn transforms into a pseudo witch form herself.

    Not exactly like that but close enough. Especially since this may be an amalgamation between Kazumi and what Michiru's Witch form may have looked like. The beast tamer witch then summons her familiars which swarm over The Witch Amazon; who then in turn uses Mirai's La Beastia spell to take control of the familiars which tear through the witches shell and exposes the core creature.

    Tell me about the Rabbits George. "Click" "VIOLENT CRUSH!"

    Saki regains consciousness at the worst time as she sees Kazumi smashing Satomi's lifeless head into the wall like a paintball pellet. Kazumi is of course horrified by what she did but Saki hugs her and tells her that it wasn't her fault.

    Well congratulations Saki you have said the absolute wrong thing to her and have just confirmed Satomi's stance that all Kazumi was is just a cheep replacement for Michiru.

    To confirm how completely she had fucked up Kazumi is of course furious of Saki only seeing Michiru and not her. She turns to Kaoru and Umika and begs them to answer if she's human, her memories are real and not all just a fabrication. When they don't respond she teleports away in tears. Back at base Niko can't track her since she's subconsciously hiding her energy. Saki apologizes for failing to destroy the clones but Mirai tries to assuage her guilt by saying that the group shouldn't have placed the burden on her since they knew how much Michiru meant to her, that even though they knew she couldn't kill them they just didn't want to face the truth.

    Niko has to be the buzzkill and brings up two major problems that need to be addressed; first what to do with Kazumi now that she's turning into a witch; second what to do about Satomi now that she's dead and all that's left is her corpse and grief seed. Saki says that they'll just keep reviving Michiru and Satomi till they finally get it right. Everyone agrees except for Kaoru who of course brings up the tiny little fact that Kazumi isn't just some mistake to sweep under the rug that she's you know, a sentient being and all. But she gets overruled by Saki with her asking if she's willing to let Michiru's diary just end with her descent into despair.

    Later on Saki and Mirai are out looking for Kazumi where Saki thanks Mirai for speaking up for her back at the meeting, Mirai bashfully blushes and says that she totally knows how Saki feels.

    So much so that she'll kill Kazumi nice and slow. Is there anyone on this team who isn't bat squeak loco?

    This chapter ends with Kazumi alone, depressed, miserable, broken, alone and in tears over how her whole existence is a lie, her friends only see her as a cheap replacement of Michiru and how she has no one else in the world she can turn to, until she's confronted by a familiar face.

    Chapter 16 shows who that familiar face is. It's the detective from the first chapter, however she's had her memories altered by Umika so that the bombing was placed on fake people; hers and Tachibana's involvement were changed and that her memories of being the Mantis Witch were removed. The detective offers to take her home and during the ride the conversation leads to the detective investigating the disappearances of young girls, one of whom was Airi. Several of the missing girls had a similar word pop up in their texting history before their disappearance, "Hyades" however the address that sent the texts wasn't in the phone company's records.

    The detective then asks if Kazumi recovered her memories, which causes Kazumi to start crying not just because of recent events but.
    Well at least she's not completely miserable, she might be a homunculus but hey a girl's gotta eat.

    They stop by Tachibana's bistro where Kazumi falls asleep and the two adults have a conversation about why the detective is so determined to solve the disappearance cases. Her friend from middle school also disappeared when the two moved up to their third year and her friends 3 year old sister told that she was a magical girl. Though of course nobody but the detective believed her. We cut to a week later where Kazumi was staying with Tachibana. He tells her that she was sent a diary, Michiru's to be exact.

    (Also apparently she knew Yuuri before she met the six and also encountered Kyoko, so great another cameo.) It tells how she figured out that Magical girls become witches and so to prolong her friends she always let them use their earned Grief Seeds first. The book also contained a letter from Kaoru warning her to skip town and that she'll do everything she can to protect her, that she's Kazumi and not Michiru and how she'll always be her friend. This was the motivation to give Kazumi a plan of action regarding the Pleiades, so she shares her recipe for Strawberry risotto with Tachibana and says her goodbyes to him. Our chapter ends with her telepathically contacting the girls and give them an ultimatum, either come to the freezer and face her all at one or else.


    Next Hunt: Witches Brew

    Special thanks to my Patreon backer Jesse for his support.

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    Yeah when you look at all the bodies you tend to start thinking along the lines of "God how did I become friends with these psychos?"

    As we delve back into the memory pool Juubey is approaching Kazumi with the wish offer. She accepts it without hesitation and wishes for her Grandma to be healthy but to die as she naturally would. Juubey asks why she wouldn't wish for her grandma's full health or even to extend her life but Kazumi doesn't want to go against her wishes and if that means she'll die as she would have so be it.

    Kazumi, only 16 years old and yet still a better person then Peter Parker.

    So with the last day with her grandmother Kazumi asks for her to teach her how to make her strawberry risotto so that she'll always have something to remember her by.
    Oh goody another genuinely heartwarming scene I can't snark at, poop.

    After the story Mirai asks if it's possible for her to become a magical girl. Juubey being the opportunistic hell beast that it is is all too willing to hear their wishes.

    "Kazumi" We can use the museum to store all our excess guns from the bi monthly run. "Satomi" That way they'll be so indebted to me they'll help me to conquer the world! Or at the very least help me do a less creepy version of Cats since, you know they'll actually be cats instead of freaking furries." "Juubey" "You want to grow what now? Ok but don't blame me if people think you're a demon or something." "Saki" "Let's face it with my sister dead I need my ganja fix somehow and I'm not buying from that old pervert with the turtle!" "Umika" "I know someone out there shares my love of covering the world of death rabbits!" "Kaoru" "Now when I go back I can beat the tar out of them myself for that girl nearly killing herself!"

    So the group became magical girls, Kazumi names the group The Pleiades Saints and everyone was having a good time.
    Damn it Mami even when you aren't aware of it your influence is everywhere

    We also saw that when Kazumi lost her grandmothers earrings Saki went out of her way to get new ones, clearly showing some level of attraction to Kazumi; much to Mirai's chagrin. But the fun times ended that fateful night at the Asunaro Dome. They were going to recruit Yuuri into the group until she became a witch. After the group put her down they confronted Juubey and he spilled the beans and how the answer was staring them right in the face.
    In fact using almost the exact words he used when Sayaka became a witch in the show.

    So Umika decided to head butt Juubey so damn hard she rewrote his memories.
    Ok this only makes their actions even dumber since according to Umika now that Juubey works exclusively for them that means that no other magical girls will be able to purify their gems thus more witches will pop up and kill more people! You know for people who say they want to stop the magical girl system they seem to only be focusing on the parts that are problematic for them and not, you know THE PEOPLE THAT'LL BE TORN TO PIECES BY THE WITCHES!! But then again as we saw with Kazumi saving them students do tend to take after their teachers.

    With the flashbacks finally over Kazumi's iris' briefly change into how they were when she had the evil nuts inserted into her, which doesn't escape Satomi's notice. We end this chapter with the group calling it a day save for Saki and Satomi, where Satomi makes a proposal to Saki.

    Now who can say no to such a rational and thought out argument like that with a face like this?

    Satomi has gone bye-bye Egon. My head cannon now dictates that this song will now be playing in her head for the rest of her days.

    Chapter 13 picks up immediately after this with Saki asking why since everything's going well this time. Wait, this time; what the hell? But Satomi starts chuckling to herself about how Saki can't kill her since she's clearly in love with Kazumi; she also mentions that she knows Saki's dirty little secret.

    I know you've been using the leftover pods to store your brownies, seriously Saki-chan you need an intervention. Remember what Mario-san said?

    Back at the ranch Kazumi's sleeping after the trauma of the day and Kaoru is asking Umika if things will work out this time with her thinking back to Kazumi's state under the evil nut. Saki then shows up and comes inside asking about Kazumi and if the evil nuts are behind what happened to her. Umika doesn't know but figures that the one who made them who was behind Yuuri and Souju would know for sure. Saki asks if it wasn't the nuts and that this was another failure. The duo disagree both thinking that things are going perfectly this time.

    Saki however brings up when Niko became a witch and that her soul gem wasn't cloudy at all when it happened. She then starts to freak out saying that even though they all care about "Kazumi-chan" if they keep using their magic the way they have then they'll end up as witches. Umika however knows that something's wrong; since the real Saki never said Kazumi's name with the suffix chan before. With the jig up Satomi has the mind controlled Saki attack.

    I'm sorry Kaoru-chan, Umika-Chan but you see; Cookies need love like everything does!

    She manages to incapacitate Kaoru by dropping a chandelier on her which frees her to rush into Kazumi's room and take a stab at killing her. However Saki manages to regain enough control to stab herself with the dagger instead. Satomi just changes her plans and has her bring Kazumi to her. Satomi then opens a secret room and tells several figures that it's their turn. Saki manages to bring Kazumi back to the museum and falls unconscious; Satomi shows up says that she's going to kill Kazumi.

    She also tells her that the group lied to her again. The truth is that they didn't find out the truth about Magical girls and witches when Yuuri turned, but it was when Kazumi's original self Michiru Kazusa became a witch. She turned but the six loved her so much that they tried to bring her back to life, so they stuffed the corpse with the witch's flesh to create a clone, like stuffing a teddy bear with cotton. Great so on top of mass kidnappings, they've also been experimenting with resurrecting the dead; HOW ARE THESE GIRLS NOT THE VILLAINS?! Kazumi is of course disbelieving but Satomi points out how her Soul Gem looks like a grief seed as proof that Kazumi is really a witch in human skin.
    Well to be fair that was kind of a tip off but hey look at the bright side at least it can't get worse!

    So the volume ends with things getting worse, since the incident with the evil nut Satomi thinks that Kazumi's another failure and since Saki can't get the job done she'll have to do it herself, and by that she'll send the previous 12 clones to kill Kazumi aka clone #13, and she won't even be buried with her trucker hat!

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