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  1. Time to take on the Masters of the Universe.

  2. Did you hate it? good.

  3. Low budget, but very interesting takes on character in Star Trek, as we wind up Star Trek month for Fan Film Friday with the Minard Saga. I was pretty ill when making this, hence the glasses were needed or I would have had bigger migraines.

  4. And what a glorious mess it is.

  5. Star Trek Continues continues to push the bar for Star Trek fan productions and The Original Series itself.

  6. A review of the most popular Star Trek Fan Film to date, Star Trek Horizon. And it's pretty awesome.

  7. It's not looking great for Seth MacFarlane's bid to take on the disgruntled Star Trek Discovery haters.
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  8. For those of you hoping The Orville will be the new Star Trek. God I hope not. I hope it's just a new Show called, The Orville.

  9. The Paul Lang interview. In which we talk about the film, a bit about him and how we should really stop with the in fighting over fandom and fan films.

  10. So here it is, for better or worse. The review to Prelude to Axanar. May god have mercy on my soul.

  11. In December 2015, Paramount and CBS filed a lawsuit against Axanar productions. But what is was the real reason behind it? Was CBS and Paramount being the bully or was there something more going on the producers of Axanar aren't telling us? We find out more with this interview with Carlos Pedraza.
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  12. So yeah I was asked for my real two cents on the Elephant in the room, and boy.... is it a mess out there. Once again, the fandom is at war over the new Doctor and this time... it's taken on a whole new outrage,

  13. So imagine my outrage....

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  15. Looking back at the first series of Quatermass, lost to history but defining in it's legacy to British Sci-Fi history.

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