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  1. *Nitsuj and the group has been captured and are now strapped to chairs where they stand before Hogan Dessian, Cole, weeaboos and guards*

    (Hogan): Well, well, well, well. Well, well, well, well. Well, well, well, well. Well, well, well-

    (Ashlyn): Oh for God’s sake get on with it!

    (Hogan): Do not interrupt. I have one more series of wells left in me. *Clears throat* Well, well, well, well. It appears we have an infestation of rats within the building.

    (Nitsuj): The only rat I see here is you. I can’t believe you’ve been the mastermind this whole time. And to think I thought your stupid son was behind this. No offence.

    (Hogan): Non-taken. He’s an idiot. Why do you think I have writers write his scripts? But at the same time, he’s the perfect idiot to manipulate the masses to help me achieve my goal.

    (Mira): And what would that be?

    (Shizuku): Does it have anything to do with all that licensed merchandise down below?

    (Hogan): Ahh~ you saw that? Well then, allow me to elaborate on my ingenious plan. As you all know anime merchandise is highly valued here in the west. My company creates this merchandise and sells it but the main problem is all my merchandise is non-licensed anime. As in it’s anime that either nobody is all that interested or cares about. Meanwhile Funimation and Cruchyroll are killing it on the market.

    (Nitsuj): Is their new partnership really hurting you that bad?

    (Hogan): Very! Ever since their little partnership, Funimation has been claiming the licensing rights on some of the best anime of the season and turning them into dubs. If it’s a licensed anime I can’t make money off that anime unless I own the rights.

    (Nitsuj): Now I get what your goal is. The subliminal messaging, the booths, I get it now. You’re trying to take over the anime western market.

    (Hogan): Yes. But as long as dub companies like Funimation exists and there are companies like Cruchyroll and Rightstuf who help deliver anime and its merchandise to the west my dream will never come true. I was all but prepared to accept this fact until my spies told me about the reboot dub of Utena. It was at that moment that I began my insidious plan. However, doing it alone would be impossible so I acquired some help in the weeaboos and elitists.

    (Ashlyn): Okay, so what do you guys get out of this? Last I checked you guys hated each other for the most part.

    (Cole): We do. But Dessian’s plan benefits both of our parties greatly. For starters, we get to save Utena.

    (Brian): Is the dub really that bad?

    (Cole): Hell no! It’s a good dub. The voices match up perfectly with the characters and everything. It’s honestly one of the best dubs today. And that is why it must not be seen by peons who will mock it because of their stupidity. By helping out Dessian we will keep the dub for ourselves and guard it like a treasure. Keeping it safe from the world that doesn’t deserve to see its beauty. All the world cares about is tits and asses and action. They all pale in comparison to Utena.

    (Nitsuj): That’s because they’re not trying to be Utena. Every author out there is trying to tell their own story. While FMA: Brotherhood may be my favorite anime I don’t expect every anime to be like it. That’d be crazy and unreasonable. Sort of like what you’re doing right now.

    (Yume): Elitism aside, what do you weeaboos gain from this?

    (Weeaboo): We, are going to witness the end of dubbing.

    (Brian): Impossible. Dubbing is stronger now than ever. Funimation’s been dishing out good dub after dub these last few years.

    (Hogan): True, but all it takes is one bad dub to bring the house down. I’m sure you’ve seen how my subliminal messaging can affect the minds of people into buying my stuff. That was on a small scale. Imagine what would happen if it were to happen on a larger scale. Say, San Francisco’s Anime Expo Exclusive?

    (Nitsuj): What are you planning?

    (Hogan): Funimation is now in position of our dub of Utena. With its subliminal messaging everybody watching it will hate dub animes. People will rally in the streets boycotting dubs causing Funimation to go out of business. With it’s market value dropping I shall buy it up and gain control of all of their licensing rights. I’ll eliminate the dubs and focus all of our attention on making merchandise. With Funimation under my control the other companies in the west will fall with it and I will buy them up. Soon, I will have a monopoly on the anime market in the west. You won’t be able to buy anime merchandise here without it coming from me.

    (Nitsuj): So that’s your plan huh? Complete control of the market? Not gonna lie, you’ve turned into a big time villain here Dessian and you’re pulling it off very well.

    (Hogan): I try.

    (Nitsuj): You on the other hand Cole. You disgust me. You being an elitist, I’m okay with that. But turning your back on your friends and everyone who appreciates anime all for your own selfish wishes. I find it unforgivable.

    (Cole): Oh don’t give me that crap. As far as I’m concerned everyone betrayed me first and took what should have been mine in the first place.

    (Nitsuj): I don’t remember taking anything from you. If anything I’ve treated you like my own brother since we met.

    (Cole): You used me to reach the top of the Dark Syndicate. Oh yeah, on paper Kenji left you and I in charge but in truth he put you in charge. I was Kenji’s student way longer than you and yet he still chose you over me. Everybody always saw you as the leader of the Syndicate and I was just the right-hand man there to back you up. Even when you left and I became the official leader all anyone could talk about was you. How Nitsuj did this, how amazing Nitsuj was, or Nitsuj would have done this. It was clear as day that everyone valued you more than me.

    (Nitsuj): Is that really what this is all about Cole? Proving your better than me?

    (Cole): I’m not trying to prove anything. I know I’m better than you. I’m stronger than you. I trained more than you. It’s time the world saw that. But most importantly, I got the girl.

    (Ashlyn): So I’m just your trophy wife. You’re marrying me just to hurt Nitsuj?

    (Cole): No of course not. Ashlyn, I really do love you and want to spend my life with you. I’m sorry you had to find out this way but know that my feelings for you are pure. Come on Ashlyn, join me and let’s spend the rest of our lives together.

    (Ashlyn): No. You’re not the Cole I fell in love with. The Cole that I love would never betray his best friend like this.

    (Cole): I was never his friend.

    *Everyone, except for Nitsuj gets a shocked look on his face*

    (Nitsuj): Wow. Just when you think you know a guy he goes off and reveals his true colors. Take note guys, this is the sight of a bitter man with an inferiority complex.

    *Cole attacks Nitsuj but the guards pull him away*

    (Cole): I’m the best! I’m the best! I have always been the best and will always be better than you! I’m sick and tired of everyone saying how goddamn good you are and patronizing me!

    (Hogan): Calm yourself Cole. We have them captured and there’s no one that save them.

    *All of a sudden the door behind them gets sliced open and in walks Isis*

    (AI girls): ISIS!

    (Hogan): That door was open you know?

    (Isis): I know. I just wanted to try it out. I’ve got to say, it was a lot of fun.

    (Cole): What is the meaning of-

    (Isis): Shut up. I didn’t come here for you guys. I came for him.

    *Isis points to Nitsuj and walks up to him as everyone gets out of her way*

    (Nitsuj): Hey Isis, what’s up?

    (Isis): I’m about to ask you some serious questions and I want you to be completely and totally honest with me.

    (Nitsuj): Of course, like I told you I’ve always been a straight shooter.

    (Isis): First question, do you still have feelings for Ashlyn?

    (Nitsuj): Yes.

    (Isis): Did her getting engaged to Cole piss you off?

    (Nitsuj): Yes. I know I said I was okay with it but in truth I wasn’t. That’s honestly the reason I decided to take the summer off. I wanted to cope with this engagement and bring myself to be happy for them.

    (Isis): Next question, do you love me?

    (Nitsuj): Yes, but only as a friend.

    (Isis): Last question, when you created me was I just a replacement for Ashlyn?

    (Nitsuj): No. Look I admit it. When Cole and Ashlyn started dating each other I was jealous and it got distracting for me so I decided to take on a new assignment so I would stop myself from doing something I would regret. I know half of your DNA comes from her but I created you to be your own person. When I look at you I don’t see Ashlyn, all I see is Isis that same girl who’s been with me from the beginning. That same AI girl who loves yaoi novels, has a good shot, and the person I can always count on to have my back no matter what. My blue-haired ace. Yes, the guys in the lab gave me the option of making you completely obedient but I said no. I wanted you to have a will of your own. I wanted our relationship to be a real one and you would like me for who I was and not because someone programmed it into you. You’ve always been your own person Isis and I’ve always treated and respected you as one as well. Ashlyn can’t and won’t ever replace you and I’m sorry for any stress I might have put on you because of this whole experience and will do anything in my power to make it right.

    (Isis): You really want to make it up to me? Fine, when this is all done, you’re taking me shopping. Just you and me. No one else. You and I haven’t really had alone time in a long time. Also, on my birthday, you’re doing a review with me no matter what and doing a make up a review with me as well.

    (Nitsuj): Okay. It’s a date.

    (Isis): Alright. One more thing. A hug.

    *Isis hugs Nitsuj as tears flow from her eyes. Everyone awws at the touching moment*

    (Guard): Man, I wish I had that kind of relationship with my girlfriend.

    (Guard 2): Yeah.

    (Guard): I’m gonna go call her up right now and tell her how I feel.

    (Cole): Would you get off your emotional high. We’ve got work to do. Sorry, but none of you will be escaping this-

    *Cole notices that Isis cut the chains restraining Yume and keeping her powers in check. Yume gets up from the chair with an evil smile on her face*

    (Cole): Oh hell!

    *Yume’s eyes glow green and traps everyone in an illusion except for Cole who stabs himself in the hand to escape the illusion. Isis frees everyone and as Nitsuj is free he grabs Cole and slams him into the wall while Ashlyn recovers the flash drive containing the original dub of Utena from Hogan*

    (Ashlyn): Got the drive!

    (Nitsuj): Time to go!

    *Nitsuj and the others run out of the room as Cole gets back up trying to snap everyone out of the illusion*

    (Cole): Snap out of it! Come on! Put this whole building on lock down! Don’t let them escape! Shoot them if you must!

    (Weeaboo): Wait, you’re actually telling us to kill them?

    (Cole): Don’t let them, escape!

    *Cole runs down the hall trying to catch them*

    To be continued
  2. *In the AIA base in Las Vegas, Isis is doing shooting practice when Danny comes in*

    (Isis): 7 out of 10.

    (Danny): Not bad. Mind if I take a shot?

    (Isis): Free country.

    *Danny takes a gun and fires hitting all 10 of his targets. Isis stands there amazed*

    (Danny): My dad was a sniper in the army. Taught me how to shoot a gun and everything.

    (Isis): That firing style. That’s my style.

    (Danny): Correction, that’s my style. You learned it from me.

    (Isis): Wait, does that mean-

    (Danny): You really thought your DNA came from just Ashlyn? She couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. Your marksmanship came from me. When Nitsuj first told me about his AI project I thought he was crazy and gave him some of my DNA just so he would leave me alone. I still can’t believe it actually worked. So, I guess you can say I’m your father and it’s time for me to perform my duties as one. Don’t you think it’s time for you to forgive Nitsuj?

    (Isis): Don’t do this, don’t give me that crap. I don’t want to talk to that guy ever again. He lied to me.

    (Danny): About what? Tell me, when you confronted Nitsuj about Cole’s comments did you give him a chance to explain or did you just run out without hearing an explanation from him?

    *Isis just stands there silent*

    (Danny): I figured as much. You were stubborn and walked out on him without hearing his side of the story. You truly are my daughter.

    (Isis): So what if I walked out on him? What could he have possibly said that could make me feel better?

    (Danny): So you’re choosing to believe your enemy over the person you’ve spent 5 years with? We can talk all day but in the end you know that you’ve dug your own hole and you’re the one at fault here. You let your emotions get the better of you and chose to believe your enemy over your friend. We call that a rookie mistake.

    (Isis): This is unbelievable. Why is everyone siding with Nitsuj on this? Especially you! I thought you hated Nitsuj.

    (Danny): I never said I hated him. While it’s true I don’t agree with his methods of conducting missions I cannot deny that he is good at what he does and the person you can count on to get the job done. I guess what I’m saying is despite our differences I respect him. I don’t know what Nitsuj programmed into you but I know this, he has always been a straight shooter and deserves to be allowed to tell his side of the story. You can stay down here and feel sad and angry or you can go get the answers your looking for. The choice is yours.

    (Isis): Even if I wanted to talk to him, I don’t know where he is.

    (Danny): You’ve been around him for 5 years now. You should know him by now.

    *Danny leaves leaving Isis alone in her thoughts. We then cut back to Yin-Yang and Miguel’s fight. The two clash swords with each other and exchange sword slashes with each blocking each other’s attack. They parry each other and both of their swords go flying in the air. Despite this they both continue to fight each other throwing punches and kicks all while dodging. When their swords come back down they both catch their respective swords and put some distance between each other*

    (Miguel): Impressionante. Your skills have improved. But I doubt this is all you can do.

    (Yin-Yang): You’re damn right. Lightning phantom!

    *Within an instant Yin-Yang appears within striking distance of Miguel. He just barely gets his sword up to defend Yin-Yang’s attack. He gets his sword knocked away and Yin-Yang hits him with a punch and a spinning heel kick which sends him to the ground. He quickly gets back up and sees that Yin-Yang is standing between him and his sword*

    (Miguel): Show me a good time.

    *Yin-Yang charges at Miguel trying to slice him but he manages to dodge her attacks. He even catches her sword at one point and uses this to get past her. But Yin-Yang was ready for this. She takes out a chain and throws it around Miguel’s leg. She pulls on it and he falls to the ground just short of his sword. He tries to crawl to it but Yin-Yang pulls him back and puts her sword through one of the loops keeping the chain in place. Yin-Yang takes out a kunai and lunges toward Miguel who rolls out of the way. He does a sweeping kick which makes her fall on her back and tries to kick her with his loose leg but it gets blocked. Yin-Yang also tries to kick him but he blocks the kick as well. Miguel and Yin-Yang roll away from each other with Yin-Yang getting back to her feet while Miguel rolls to her sword. He manages to kick the sword out of the loop and loosen his foot out of the chain. He gets to his feet and grabs the chain trying to whip Yin-Yang but she dodges the attack. Yin-Yang manages to grab the chain and wrap it around her hand as does Miguel. Miguel pulls on the chain dragging Yin-Yang to him and he punches her in the chest. He follows it up with a small jumping kick to the knee but Yin-Yang recovers from it quickly. She grabs his free arm and does a 180-spin driving her elbow into Miguel’s stomach. She takes advantage of this by taking out one of her electric kunais and driving it into Miguel’s shoulder shocking him. He screams out in pain but endures it to keep on fighting. He throws a punch at Yin-Yang who catches the punch and wraps her body around it while wrapping her legs around his neck locking him into a flying triangle choke hold. Yin-Yang tries to bring him all to the ground but she only manages to get him to drop to one knee. He manages to get back to his feet lifting Yin-Yang up and throwing punches at her trying to her to break her grip but she stays hanging on. She pulls back and again manages to bring him to a knee before he uses his strength to pull himself and her back up where he slams Yin-Yang to the ground. Yin-Yang loses her grip and Miguel goes to pick up his sword but gets stopped by Yin-Yang trying to get her sword. It’s become a game of tug o’ war to see who can pick up their sword first with both wolves struggling to reach their swords only mere centimeters away. They each manage to grab their sword and cut the chain holding them together. Once free from the chain they both activate their lightning modes and disappear in flash*

    (Chibi Isis): Huh? Where’d they go?

    (Seras): They’re still here but they’re moving so fast we can’t see them. Looks like the fight is going to come down to who’s the fastest. Whatever you do, don’t move. There’s a good chance we could get caught in their attacks and sliced up.

    *Yellow and red sparks flash past Seras and Chibi Isis indicating that the swords of Yin-Yang and Miguel were clashing with each other. They throw a few kunai and knives at other but they keep blocking them*

    (Yin-Yang): It’s almost time. When will my moment arrive?

    *As Yin-Yang talks to herself Miguel manages to hit her with an upward slash attack which sends her into the air. Miguel jumps up hoping to deliver the final blow but Yin-Yang counters his attack and slams him to the ground where he recovers quickly and prepares for his quick draw attack. With a quick lunge he reaches Yin-Yang within a second where she ducks underneath the attack much to Miguel’s surprise*

    (Yin-Yang): I see it. Now it’s my turn!

    *Yin-Yang gathers a large amount of lightening around her and drives by Miguel sending him into that alternate dimension Yin-Yang sent Nitsuj into before*

    (Miguel): Where am I? What is this place?

    (Yin-Yang): You’re in the Lightning Zone. It’s like the Speed Force only except with lightning. Here, I am lightning incarnate and the controller of speed.

    *Yin-Yang soon unleashes a flurry of attacks on Miguel at a speed so fast that Miguel can’t even see them. Yin-Yang finishes up her furious attack by driving her sword through Miguel’s chest. The two both exit the Lightning Zone with Yin-Yang’s sword still inside Miguel. She finally pulls it out as AI blood begins to flow from his chest as well as his mouth. Yin-Yang puts her sword away and sits down as Miguel smiles*

    (Miguel): It’s over. I’ve lost. And yet, I feel no sympathy. I truly was defeated by a great wolf ninja. Please, accept this defeated wolf’s pride and honor.

    *Miguel sheathes his sword and hands it to Yin-Yang*

    (Yin-Yang): I accept this sword. Know that even though your body is dying, your spirit shall live on forever with this sword that I shall call Akai Kaminari (Red Thunder). You truly were a skilled warrior. It was an honor to fight you.

    (Miguel): The honor was all mine filhote. Despedida.

    *Miguel walks over to the side of the roof and falls off. As he falls he vanishes with a smile on his face knowing that he was defeated by a skilled warrior who he respected*

    (Yin-Yang): Well, what are you guys waiting for? Destroy the central hub.

    (Seras): Oh, right.

    *Chibi Isis and Seras find the central hub and destroy it*

    (Chibi Isis): The hub has been destroyed Nii-chan. You’re good to go.

    (Nitsuj): That’s my girls. Mira, do your thing.

    (Mira): With pleasure. Get ready to bow to your mistress.

    *Mira hacks the door with ease granting everyone access to the 15th floor. Nitsuj, Yume and Mira go to Dessian’s office while Ashlyn and Brian stay on look out. Nitsuj turns on the computer and Mira begins hacking into it. While that’s going on the Jack Bros. and Shizuku use the vents reach the basement and see all the licensed product being made*

    (Corbin): Wow, look at all the products. They’ve got Attack on Titan, Hellsing Ultimate, Lucky Star the list goes on.

    (Shizuku): Yeah but something’s not right here. These are all animes licensed by Funimation. Dessian doesn’t have the rights to sell this merchandise.

    *As Shizuku talks the vents give weight and Shizuku falls through the vent and lands in a pile of Keijo merchandise in front of everyone*

    (Shizuku): Thank you fanservice.

    *The guards surround Shizuku who puts her hands in the air*

    (Corbin): Ahh~! Make way for Corbin!

    *Corbin lands on an employee*

    (Baron): Make way for Baron!

    *Baron lands on nothing and hits the floor hard*

    (Baron): I said make way for Baron ya idiots!

    *The guards apprehend the Jack Bros. as well and soon the alarm goes off through the building*

    (Nitsuj): Oh no. Mira! You better hurry with finding that data.

    (Mira): I’m looking! I’m looking! I found it!

    (Nitsuj): Great! Copy it to this flash drive!

    (Mira): Done!

    (Nitsuj): Good! We’re out of here.

    (Mira): Wait Nitsuj. There’s another file on here titled faked Utena.

    *Mira clicks on the file and plays it. What they see is a terrible dub of Utena with subliminal messaging*

    (Yume): It’s another video with subliminal messaging. This one’s worse than the others.

    (Nitsuj): We’re worry about that later. Let’s get out of here.

    *Once Nitsuj, Yume, and Mira leave the room Yume and Mira get caught in a cyber net which nullifies their powers*

    (Cole): Don’t move Nitsuj!

    *Cole shows up with some guards and once Nitsuj looks further down the hall to see Ashlyn and Brian have been captured as he gives up. Back on the roof Yin-Yang, Seras, and Chibi Isis also get captured. Seras and Chibi Isis put up a good fight but the numbers were too much for them and with Yin-Yang exhausted and depleted from her fight with Miguel she was easily captured. As the group gets captured back in town on a hotel computer Isis jumps out shocking everyone*

    (Isis): Darn. I tried emailing myself to Nitsuj but his phone got turned off. Excuse me, which way is it to Dessian Enterprises?

    (Hotel attendant): About 7 miles east of here.

    (Isis): Thank you.

    *Isis leaves the hotel and begins running east to Dessian Enterprises*

    To be continued
  3. *After a night of driving Nitsuj and the others are in Los Angeles. It’s the morning and the group is eating breakfast at an IHOP while discussing their plans to infiltrate Dessian Enterprise*

    (Corbin): Boy that sure was a good ride.

    (Baron): And we got here quick.

    (Ashlyn): It would have been quicker if somebody didn’t get all those speeding tickets seeing how fast the car can go.

    (Brian): Totally worth it.

    (Seras): You know I’m surprised. After everything that’s happened what with you finding out your husband to be is working with the enemy and Nitsuj going through all this Isis stuff you two seem to be fine.

    (Ashlyn): Who says we are fine? This whole thing has really thrown me for a loop. I have so many questions I want to ask but the only person who has the answers for them can’t be found but I know that I have to stay focused on the mission. As far as Nitsuj goes, his situation is worse than mine. His best friend has betrayed him, his loyalist AI girl doesn’t trust him, and he’s dealing with the stress of trying to save a con. Knowing him, there’s no doubt he would love to call it quits. Go home, click on a good anime and watch it but he can’t or rather he won’t. He loves the anime industry and respects everyone in it so much. If he were to give up right now and not do anything knowing that he could have made a difference, he’d never forgive himself.

    (Yume): Last night as we were driving, I actually managed to take a peek into Nitsuj’s dream. He was dreaming about Isis. He was chasing after her but couldn’t catch up to her at all. No matter how much he called out to her she wouldn’t respond.

    (Shizuku): Damn. That’s sad.

    (Brian): Has this ever happened before?

    (Mira): Nothing like this. The two have had their argues a few times but they’re usually quick to make up and it’s usually over pointless stuff. But last night was different. I wish you guys could have seen it. Out of all of us Isis was the last one I thought would act out against Nitsuj like that.

    (Yin-Yang): Yeah, I always thought it would be Seras to act out first. No offence.

    (Seras): None taken, even I would have taken that bet against me.

    (Chibi Isis): Nee-chan must feel so alone in the world right now. She’s confused on what she is and who she is. She’s questioning everything she’s ever done and unsure of what to do about it.

    (Baron): Oh shoot, Nitsuj’s coming back. Act cool.

    *Nitsuj returns and sits back down*

    (Nitsuj): Hey guys, what were you talking about?

    (Shizuku): Fighting.

    (Mira): Yaoi novels.

    (Chibi Isis): Anime.

    (Corbin): Hentai.

    (Nitsuj): Alright, all good conversations except for the yaoi one. Now, let’s get down to business. The con is tomorrow and Funimation’s panel starts at 1pm. That gives us only 27 hours to find what we’re looking for and save the con. With that said, our plan is to infiltrate Dessian Enterprises, find the flash drive and escape.

    (Brian): Assuming it’s there.

    (Nitsuj): It’s there. I’m sure of it. Now the flash drive is most likely in Hogan’s office which is on the top floor. He’s the only one who has access to his room but there is a way to get inside and that is by hacking the door panels. Mira, you be able to do that easily. The only problem is the door panels have a security system so anything irregular such as hacking or unauthorized use will be immediately detected and alert everyone in the building.

    (Mira): So the central hub must be taken down before we can act.

    (Nitsuj): Correct.

    *Nitsuj takes out his phone and shows everyone a virtual map of Dessian Enterprise*

    (Nitsuj): The central hub is located outside on the roof of the building. Once we’re inside the building one team will have to work their way to the roof and destroy the central hub. I’m sure Les Renegades will be there to guard the place. Are you ready to face them again Yin-Yang?

    (Yin-Yang): I’m ready. I won’t lose to him again.

    (Nitsuj): Alright. Now there are a few other things we need to prepare for.

    *Nitsuj begins explaining everything in detail to everyone. Once everyone knows what they’re doing and go over the plan one more time they all decide to get some rest and prepare for their operation in the evening. 6:00pm comes around and the group arrives outside of Dessian Enterprises*

    (Nitsuj): It’s go time everyone. Jack Bros., you guys are up first.

    (Corbin): Right. Operation distract bodyguard and replace camera footage with our footage is ago.

    *The Jack Bros. get out of the car and go to the side of the front door remaining out of the sight of the security guard. As they do that Brian drives the group to the parking garage where they’ll enter through the employee side*

    (Seras): Now why aren’t we entering the building with the Jacks again?

    (Mira): Too many bodies for this part. Once the Jacks are in, they’ll open up the doors for us.

    (Shizuku): Say boss, question.

    (Nitsuj): What’s up?

    (Shizuku): What’s that building off to the side over there?

    (Nitsuj): Oh that Dessian’s car museum. He’s created a museum housing some of the greatest cars ever put into anime. It’s the quite the site. If we had time I would have loved to check it out.

    *Corbin picks up a rock and throws it through a glass window getting the attention of the guard. He gets up from his seat and goes to check it out. The Jack Bros. take this chance to get inside, go behind the security counter and switch out the camera footage with yesterday’s camera footage*

    (Baron): Phase 1 complete. Moving on to phase 2.

    *The Jack Bros. begin making their way down to the employee parking lot entrance. Nitsuj and the others have arrived outside of the parking garage. They hide their car in the bushes and enter the garage where they see some employees leaving and talking. They hide and listen to employees talk and Nitsuj takes out his camera to record them*

    (Employee 1): Man what a day. Feel like getting a beer?

    (Employee 2): Oh God yes. What’s with Dessian and these licensed products being made? We don’t even own the rights to these products.

    (Employee 1): Yeah we’ll rumor has it that by the end of the week we will. I don’t know the full details but apparently after tomorrow’s con the anime market will belong to Dessian and no one else. Funimation and all those other guys will be dead which means more money for us.

    (Employee 2): I also heard he’s planning on taking out this anime agency.

    (Employee 1): Haven’t heard anything about that.

    (Employee 2): Apparently Dessian is working with this agency that’s going through hard times and asked him for money. He’s just using them to further his own goals. I heard when this is all done he’s going to disband that agency once and for all.

    (Employee 1): That’s cold. This is why I wouldn’t wanna be on Dessian’s bad side.

    *The employees get in their car and drive off*

    (Ashlyn): So all this time he never intended to help us.

    (Brian): That bastard! He’s been using us as his puppets.

    (Nitsuj): Yep, played like a game. But not anymore.

    *Nitsuj sends the video to Danny with a message attached to it*

    (Baron): Hey guys, this way.

    *Baron let’s everyone into the building*

    (Nitsuj): Alright guys let’s get started. Yin-Yang, Seras, and Chibi. You guys work your way to the roof. The east staircase should take you all the way there. Don’t use the elevator the guards use it to check floors. Baron, Corbin, and Shizuku. I need you guys to check out the basement. I wanna know what Dessian is up to down there. Everyone else, we’re going to Dessian’s office. The west stair case will take us to floor 8. From there we’ll switch over to another staircase on the east side which will take us to the 15th floor which is Dessian’s floor. Once there, we wait for Yin-Yang and the others to take out the central hub. Let’s do it guys.

    *Yin-Yang’s group makes their way over to the east staircase while Nitsuj’s group takes the nearby staircase leaving Yume’s group behind*

    (Shizuku): So, any ideas on how to get down into the basement without being noticed?

    *Shizuku and the Jack Bros. look at the vents and smile*

    (Shizuku): Hello darkness my old friend.

    *While that’s going on Nitsuj’s group takes the stairs and arrive at the 8th floor a little out of breath. They open the doors and start making their way over to the other side when all of a sudden the elevator dings and a security guard comes out. Luckily the group scatters and hides to avoid being seen except for Yume who stands there and uses her eyes to send the guard into an illusion. The guard gets back into the elevator and proceeds to head down to floor 7*

    (Mira): Good work Yume.

    (Yume): It’s a talent. Now let’s go.

    *Nitsuj’s group enters the staircase and arrive just outside the door leading to floor*

    (Brian): Alright, now we play the waiting game.

    *As they wait Yin-Yang’s team finally reaches the top of the stairs and out of breath*

    (Seras): Beat you.

    (Yin-Yang): I’m carrying a damn arsenal of weapons.

    (Seras): Still beat you.

    (Yin-Yang): Okay, I guess we’ll just call you the stair master.

    *Chibi Isis opens the door and the guys go out onto the roof. As they take in the nice view and enjoy the summer night breeze they hear a guitar being played. Using their ears they detect the music coming from the direction of the central hub and run towards it. Yin-Yang prepares herself because she knows what’s to come. They finally see that the source of the music is coming from Miguel playing the guitar and is standing between them and the central hub. He finishes playing his song and puts the guitar away*

    (Miguel): Boa noite (Good evening). I assume you are here for this?

    *Miguel points to the central hub*

    (Yin-Yang): I would ask you to move but I know you won’t.

    (Miguel): And I would ask you to leave but I know you won’t. Which leads to only one option.

    *Miguel draws his katana as does Yin-Yang*

    (Yin-Yang): Guys, stay out of this.

    (Chibi Isis): Must you do this on your own?

    (Yin-Yang): Yes.

    (Seras): Take back your lightning Yin-Yang.

    *Miguel and Yin-Yang begin to circle each other before finally running towards each other and beginning their fight. While this is all happening Danny receives the recording from Nitsuj and plays it*

    (Danny): Damn it.

    *Danny also reads the message that came with the recording which reads: I told you so! Now do me a favor and go talk to Isis*

    (Danny): Goddamn it!

    To be continued
  4. *As Nitsuj and the others rush to the Mirage, Brian’s plan to infiltrate the VIP room was being set in motion*

    (Announcer): And now ladies and gentlemen, welcome tonight’s entertainment the handsome and magnificent Majikku the magic player.

    *Brian walks out on stage wearing sunglasses and looking at himself in his cellphone using his selfie stick to fix his hair. As he fixes his hair he pulls the queen of hearts card and tosses it behind him. It explodes into a puff of smoke and Ashlyn appears out of nowhere wearing a red bunny outfit. The the crowd begins to cheer and whistle as Ashlyn begins to blush. Brian then pulls out two more cards. One is the queen of spades and the other the ace of hearts. Brian tosses the ace of hearts card across the stage and it explodes into a puff of smoke just like the other card. Chibi Isis appears wearing a red bunny outfit and smiling happily as the cheers and calls her cute. Ashlyn and Chibi Isis pull out a chamber and open it to show that nobody is inside. Brian puts in a black rabbit doll along with the queen of spades card. Ashlyn closes the door and Chibi Isis spins the chamber around three times. Brian knocks on the door, opens it, and out comes Isis wearing a black bunny outfit. Once again the crowd cheers in amazement*

    (Brian): Thank you. Now for the next act I’ll need a volunteer. You gentleman over there.

    *Brian points to the weeaboo*

    (Brian): Yes, you, come on up. Don’t be shy.

    *The weeaboo tries to refuse but Isis and Ashlyn grab him pressing their breast against his arms which makes him submit to their will. He gets dragged on stage where he gets locked into the chamber and disappears*

    (Brian): Don’t worry folks. He’s exploring the cosmos of space right now. We’ll bring him back later.

    *Isis and Ashlyn quietly walk off the stage as Brian and Chibi Isis continue to entertain the audience. Ashlyn and Isis go to recover the weeaboo who in truth had fallen down a trap door and was now under the stage*

    (Ashlyn): Hello.

    *Ashlyn holds out her rapier to the weeaboo and he slowly starts to get up*

    (Isis): Don’t even think about running away.

    *Isis pulls out her pistol and weeaboo puts his hands in the air*

    (Weeaboo): Okay, what do you guys want?

    (Ashlyn): AIA. You’re under arrest for illegal dealings.

    (Weeaboo): Please! Don’t lock me up! I don’t know anything!

    (Ashlyn): You’re lying before I even asked you a question. Now, what are the weeaboos planning in San Francisco?

    (Weeaboo): I don’t know! I was just told to pass on a message to another agent. That’s it.

    (Isis): You must know something.

    *All of a sudden the weeaboo gets hit with a tranquillizer dart and falls unconscious. The girls turn around to see that shot came from Silver Knight*

    (Silver Knight): Ahh~ the old magic trick routine. A classic.

    *Isis takes a shot at his face which hits but doesn’t even put a dent in his mask*

    (Silver Knight): Reinforced metal plating. But if it’s any consolation, that did hurt a little.

    *Silver Knight takes out his phone and out pops virus ninjas*

    (Silver Knight): Attack.

    *A fight begins to erupt between Isis, Ashlyn, and the viruses. Isis takes on the viruses while Ashlyn takes on Silver Knight. Back on stage Brian and Chibi Isis are killing it with their magic act*

    (Brian): Now for my next act-

    *All of a sudden Isis slides across the stage and takes out her sabers to fight against the virus ninjas who have appeared on the stage. Ashlyn appears on stage fighting Silver Knight*

    (Brian): I will proceed to open up a can of whoop ass on these guys.

    *Brian grabs one of the viruses and punches it. Chibi Isis calls Nitsuj to tell them they need backup and takes out her twin swords to fight. The fight between Ashlyn and Silver Knight spills into the audience and eventually back out onto the main gambling area*

    (Ashlyn): You certainly are strong I’ll give you that.

    (Silver Knight): Thanks. You’re not bad yourself. So what’s your plan, last until the Dark Samurai arrives and take me down like last time?

    (Ashlyn): No. I’ll take you down before he even arrives. Elegant sword style: Tempo step!

    *Ashlyn lunges at Silver Knight unleashing a barrage of attacks on him. Some of her strikes land but they do little damage. Silver Knight manages to break through her attack makes a run for the exit with Ashlyn right behind him. Isis, Chibi Isis, and Brian make it out into the gambling area where they continue to fight the ninjas*

    (Brian): Guys, go back up Ashlyn. I’ll take care of the viruses.

    (Isis): Are you sure?

    (Brian): I’ll end it in one punch. . .man.

    (Chibi Isis): Wow.

    (Isis): . . .Don’t ever do that again.

    (Brian): Yeah I agree that was terrible. I’m sorry.

    (Chibi Isis): You just embarrassed everyone in the room with that line.

    (Brian): Just go!

    *Isis and Chibi Isis walk off embarrassed at what they just witnessed*

    (Brian): Embarrassing puns aside, I to intend to end this in one punch so come at me.

    *the viruses rush towards Brian*

    (Brian): Iron Fist style: Rushing Storm!

    *Brian begins to throw a series of punches so fast and powerful that they look like illusions and send the viruses flying throughout the area. One crashes into the slot machine and makes it hit the jackpot*

    (Brian): I won. And they said the odds were stacked against me.

    (Old lady): Getting better.

    (Brian): Thank you ma’am.

    *Outside Ashlyn was still fighting against Silver Knight who keeps blocking her attacks. Isis and Chibi Isis join the fight where Silver Knight is still able to hold his own against all three of them as they fight near the Bellagio fountain*

    (Isis): What’s with this guy? It’s like he knows all of our moves before we make them.

    (Silver Knight): I’m very familiar with your attack style.

    (Nitsuj): I would think so.

    *Nitsuj appears after passing through the crowd*

    (Nitsuj): You’ve been watching her style for a very long time now.

    (Chibi Isis): Nii-chan!

    (Silver Knight): So you’ve finally arrived Dark Samurai. Ready for the next round?

    (Nitsuj): Enough games. I know who you are now. I just can’t believe I didn’t notice it sooner.

    (Ashlyn): Nitsuj, what are you talking about?

    (Nitsuj): Ever since we fought in Miami I’ve been sensing something familiar about him. Like I’ve fought him a number of times in the past. You really did a good job changing up your style there Silver Knight. Or should I say Cole?

    *The Silver Knight chuckles and takes off his mask to reveal his true face. Ashlyn’s eyes widen as she sees that man she’s been fighting this whole time is Cole her future husband*

    (Ashlyn): No. It can’t be. I saw you fight the Silver Knight before in the past a number of times.

    (Cole): A stand in. I had to throw off the trail of people leading it back to me. It’s good to see you again Nitsuj. It’s been a while.

    (Nitsuj): Yeah. I just wish we didn’t have to meet under these circumstances.

    (Cole): So how did you know it was me?

    (Nitsuj): That sword of yours is custom made. Enzio did a little investigating with other sellers and found out only three people have your sword. An old British soldier whose retired, a modern day samurai serving the yakuza in Japan, and finally you. I was really hoping it was that yakuza guy but he’s in Japan and got locked up not too long ago which leaves only you.

    (Cole): Nice work. You’ve certainly been a busy body.

    (Nitsuj): Not as busy as you.

    (Cole): True. I faked my own disappearance in order to resume my role as the Silver Knight. My goal was quite simple, make sure the AIA didn’t interfere with our plan.

    (Ashlyn): But why? Why would you help the weeaboos? You’re nothing like them!

    (Nitsuj): Because he’s an elitist.

    (Chibi Isis): Elitist?

    (Nitsuj): They’re people who think a particular anime is the greatest anime of all time and anyone who doesn’t agree with them is an idiot. It’s funny, I never pegged you as a Revolutionary Girl Utena fan Cole.

    (Cole): IT IS A MASTERPIECE! A masterpiece of animation and storytelling that was poisoned by the dub and western media. It is unforgivable. We won’t let it happen again! I won’t let it happen again!

    (Nitsuj): Cole, you have no right to deny people the right to dub and see an anime. It’s not your place to do that. I’m taking you in Cole. You can come along peacefully and tell me who’s behind all of this.

    *Nitsuj takes out his swords*

    (Nitsuj): Or I take you down ruthlessly and beat you within an inch of your life.

    (Cole): It doesn’t matter. We’ve already won. There’s nothing you can do to stop us Nitsuj. Within a few days the anime business of the west will change dramatically.

    *Cole prepares to attack Nitsuj until Isis points her gun at Cole*

    (Isis): Try and move one step and I’ll shoot you in the knees.

    (Cole): Ah~, so you’re Isis. I’ve heard a lot about you. Tell me, how does it feel being Ashlyn’s replacement?

    (Isis): What are you talking about?

    (Cole): Oh, you mean you don’t know? I can’t believe Nitsuj never told you.

    (Isis): If it’s about my DNA coming from Ashlyn I already know that.

    (Cole): Oh but there’s much more to it than that. Your whole program was created to suit Nitsuj’s taste. Nitsuj was broken up about me and Ashlyn becoming a couple so he left and decided to create his own version of Ashlyn. AKA you. In the end everything that you do is in the will of Nitsuj. You don’t have a will of your own. You are nothing more than his love puppet that-

    *Nitsuj attacks Cole who blocks Nitsuj’s attack*

    (Nitsuj): I’m about to snap you like the piece of trash you are.

    (Cole): Tempting, but no.

    *Cole takes out a smoke bomb and throws it to the ground. Smoke covers the area and Cole uses this to escape without a trace. After taking everything in Nitsuj and the others return to the hotel and Nitsuj and Ashlyn meet with Danny to tell him everything that’s happened*

    (Danny): So you mean to tell me Cole is a traitor, working with the weeaboos, and you guys caused a disturbance in the middle of Las Vegas and destroyed property in the Mirage?

    (Nitsuj): Yes, yes, and yes. Although that last one you’ll be happy to know wasn’t my fault. But besides the point, I know who’s behind all of this. Nate Dessian is our guy.

    (Ashlyn): What. Nate, but why?

    (Nitsuj): All his videos contain subliminal messaging. He bashes licensed animes and creates videos to get people to buy his family’s product.

    (Danny): And what does that have to do with the weeaboos and elitists?

    (Nitsuj): I’m still trying to figure that out but I have a hunch that if I go to Dessian Enterprises everything will come together. The con is only a few days away. I want to go to Los Angeles right now and investigate their company.

    (Ashlyn): Danny, I think Nitsuj might be on to something. Maybe we should investigate Dessian Enterprises and make sure they aren’t hiding anything.

    (Danny): We will do no such thing. You want to investigate them on what, a hunch that they could be the culprit? No! I asked you to do one thing on this mission. Don’t do anything to jeopardize our deal with them. Besides, I just got off the phone with Mr. Dessian. He and Funimation have put together another dub of Revolutionary Girl Utena. It’s shorter than the original one but it’s the best they could do on such short notice. As of right now the clip is safely in the hands of Dessian and will be in his hands until the con. With that said, this case is now over.

    (Nitsuj): Danny come on! Don’t you find this whole thing suspicious? I’m telling you, something is-

    (Danny): The mission is over. Normally, I would have you sent back to Cincinnati but you are still a part of the tour and I can’t have you dropping out now but rest assured you are going to be under tight surveillance starting now. You won’t be able to take a piss without us knowing and you won’t be going anywhere without an escort from us. Now, you’ve had a rough night. Get some rest.

    *Guards come in and take Nitsuj to his room where the AI girls and the Jack Bros. are waiting for him*

    (Nitsuj): Alright guys, Danny won’t listen to me. Which means we’ll have to take matters into our own hands so here’s what-

    (Isis): Hold it! Tell me it’s not true! Tell me I’m not just a replacement for Ashlyn.

    (Nitsuj): Isis I seriously don’t have for this. Can’t it wait?

    (Isis): No! I want answers and I want them now! Or is it all true. I’m not my own person and I’m just a copy of Ashlyn made to fulfill your sexual fantasy like the perverted bastard you are.

    *Nitsuj is shocked by what Isis just said*

    (Yume): Okay, Isis that was uncalled for.

    *Yume tries to grab Isis but Isis pulls out her gun and takes a shot at Yume which brushes pass her face*

    (Seras): What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to kill her?

    (Isis): Stay out of this! All of you! I’ll ask again. Was I created in Ashlyn’s image?

    (Nitsuj): *Sigh* Yes, you were created in Ashlyn’s image.

    *As soon as Nitsuj said that tears begin to fall from Isis’s face*

    (Isis): I see. So that’s how it is. Move.

    (Nitsuj): Isis it’s not like that.

    (Isis): Move!

    (Nitsuj): There’s more to this than you think.

    (Isis): Move!

    (Nitsuj): Just sit down and let me explain.

    (Isis): I said move!

    *Isis shoots Nitsuj in the chest and he falls to the ground writhing in pain*

    (Isis): I don’t want nothing to do with you ever again.

    *Isis walks out of the room. Nitsuj slowly gets back up and sits on the bed where he gets inspected by the girls to make sure he’s okay*

    (Nitsuj): It’s alright guys. I’m fine.

    (Chibi Isis): I’ve never seen Nee-chan that mad before.

    (Shizuku): Yeah me neither. Let’s go after her.

    (Nitsuj): No. Let her be.

    (Shizuku): But boss she-

    (Nitsuj): She’s just mad and confused right now. The best thing we can do is give her some space to cool down. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to wait for her to cool down and talk. The con in San Francisco is only about 2 days away and this whole Dessian thing is suspicious. We have to investigate. We’re going to Los Angeles tonight. So here’s what we’re doing.

    *Nitsuj tells everyone his plan. After a few minutes go by some agents from the AIA sent by Danny come to take Nitsuj to a different room where he’ll be monitored 24/7 until the con*

    (Agent): Mr. Nitsuj. We’re here to take you to a different room.

    *The door opens and the agents are treated to a surprise of seeing a wet Yume wearing nothing but a towel*

    (Yume): Oh hello boys. I was just grabbing a quick shower before the move.

    *The agents blush heavily as Yume lets the guards into the room*

    (Nitsuj): Evening gentlemen. Just using the restroom. Be out shortly.

    *As the agents wait, Yume dries herself off in front of the guards. She puts her underwear on while still wearing the towel. Once her panties are on she drops the towel in front of them and puts her bra on while winking at the agents. The agents are mesmerized by Yume’s alluring body*

    (Yume): Excuse me, could you pass me that kimono on the bed. I would really appreciate it.

    *Both agents scramble for the kimono. As soon as they turn around to hand the kimono to Yume she’s right in front of them and uses her eyes to show them illusions*

    (Nitsuj): Good work Yume.

    (Baron): That was hot. Like, hentai hot.

    *Yume puts her kimono on as everyone else comes out of hiding*

    (Yume): This illusion should buy us plenty of time to make our escape. I suggest we use it wisely.

    *Nitsuj and the others grab their stuff and exit the hotel secretly without being caught by any agents from the AIA*

    (Nitsuj): Okay. Now all we just need is a car and we’re on our way.

    (Ashlyn): On your way where?

    (Nitsuj): Ashlyn. Let me guess, you’re here to stop me aren’t you?

    (Ashlyn): Stop you! I’ve been waiting for you. What took you guys so long? I’ve got a car and everything waiting for us. Besides, I want to find Cole, get answers, and slap him in the face for everything he’s done.

    (Nitsuj): Alright. Let’s go. We’re gonna need something fast to get to Los Angeles though.

    (Ashlyn): I think I’ve got it covered.

    *Ashlyn shows Nitsuj and the others a Ford Mustang V6 Convertible. Everybody stares in amazement as Brian comes out of the car*

    (Brian): Hey, where to strangers?

    (Corbin): Damn! Where’d you get this car?

    (Brian): I won it at the casino.

    (Nitsuj): You sure you wanna do this? It could get you into some serious trouble.

    (Brian): For my friends, it’s worth it. Plus, someone I looked up to once told me that if I wanna be a good agent I better be prepared to piss a lot of people off.

    (Ashlyn): I wonder who told him that?

    (Nitsuj): *Smiles* You’re a good man Brian. Let’s do this.

    *The AI girls get into Nitsuj’s phone. Nitsuj, Ashlyn, the Jack Bros. and Brian enter the car*

    (Chibi Isis): Nii-chan? Are you sure you want to leave Nee-chan behind?

    (Nitsuj): Don’t worry Chibi. We’ll see her down the road.

    (Brian): Everybody buckle up. It’s gonna be a good ride.

    *Brian drives off at top speed*

    To be continued
  5. (Reaper): Hello! I’m back! So let’s finish this.

    *Reaper plays project*

    (Nitsuj): Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well guys this is it, we’re in the final part of Kuroko’s Basketball. Let’s see what happens.

    Opening and Ending Theme

    Now for the second part of the anime we actually get two openings. The first opening is “Zero” by Kensho Ono which covers the Teikou arc. The song is alright. Nothing special but at the same time nothing that I would consider bad. I do however wish Kensho was sing a little louder. I’ll just chalk it up to him staying in character. The second opening is “Memories” by Granrodeo (you know, with all the openings these guys did for the anime, I’m surprise they weren’t official characters). Once again the song gets me hyped but at the same time there’s a bit of sadness in it as we know we’re about to reach the end of the series. We’re excited but at the same time sad and this song captures that incredibly well. We get 2 endings this time as well. The first is “Ambivalence” by Screen Mode and out of all the endings this was by far my favorite. The song is beautiful, that’s the only word I can use to describe it. It’s peaceful and sad at the same time. I’m so used to hearing Screen Mode’s fast-paced songs that I forgot they can play slow songs as well. The final ending is “Lantana” by Oldcodex. Out of all the endings this is probably the most slow-paced of the bunch. It doesn’t carry the hype over from the episode it’s very relaxed and soothing. The game is over, the final buzzer has gone off and it’s time to line up and shake the other team’s hand thanking them for a great game (or bow to each other if you’re in Japan).

    Episodes 13-17

    The story of Kuroko’s past with the Generation of Miracles begins in episode 13 and goes to episode 16. Kuroko got in to basketball when he was in 5th grade after watching it on TV. Since there were no basketball clubs where he lived he had to learn the game on his own. Luckily, he met his friend Shige who also liked basketball and taught Kuroko how to play. At the end of 5th grade Shige moved away but they both made a promise to join their middle school basketball team and face off against each other. Spring came around and Kuroko went to Teiko middle school where he joined the team but only as a third string while the Generation of Miracles (minus Kise because he didn’t join the team yet) were first strings. The team managed to win nationals where Akashi says they had one too many close calls (which is unacceptable for him, ). He says they need a strong sixth man, someone who can change the momentum of the game (a guy who can turn into a ghost and make incredible passes). Kuroko and Aomine become friends and practice with each other where Akashi takes an interest in Kuroko and helps him develop his phantom-like style of play (scene here: , and thus the shadow was born). Three months pass and Kuroko displays his skills in a scrimmage totally mastering his phantom like play. Because of this he got moved up to the first strings and gets his chance to start in a game where it could have gone better (scene here: ). He does get a chance to go back into the game but because he’s so nervous his passes are off and he keeps turning the ball over. He gets another chance in an afternoon game where thanks to some advice from Akashi he corrects his style and it works out for him (scene here: ). He officially becomes the sixth man of the first strings and Kise joins the team where he replaces Shogo during their second year. As the team starts to come together Aomine slowly begins waking up to his true potential (which leads to the whole I’m bored because I have no one who can beat me mess). Teiko goes to nationals where they win and unfortunately Shige didn’t get a chance to play against Kuroko because his team lost. After nationals the team began to rapidly grow strength and ability wise (they’re awakening to their true form) and the coach reluctantly allows Aomine to skip practice as long as he comes to the games which he agrees to do making him fall further into despair and question his love for basketball (give it two years man, you’ll find a worthy opponent). Kuroko tries to bring him back but has no luck (scene here: ). Once Atsushi finds out about Aomine’s situation he demands the same thing and openly defines Akashi calling him weak (oh you dun messed up now Atsushi. Get ready to be humbled). Akashi challenges Atsushi to a game where if Atsushi wins he’ll be allowed to skip practice. At first Atsushi dominates Akashi shocking everyone in the process. With his defeat eminent and not wanting to accept it, Akashi awakens to his emperor eye as well as his second personality (who is straight up crazy). Akashi dominates Atsushi and wins the game however he allows Atsushi to skip practice, in fact, he allows everyone from the Generation of Miracles to skip practice as long as they win (so Atsushi was the cause for Teiko’s selfish basketball) meaning they’re sacrificing team play for the sake of winning (scene here: At this point the coach had lost full control of the team and was basically just Akashi’s puppet (or bitch. Not much of a difference really). Teiko continued to dominate and win all their games never letting anyone come close to beating them but the team didn’t feel like a team (they may be wearing the same jerseys but in the end it’s just 5 really great players playing selfish basketball). Teiko’s next game is against Shige’s school which has Kuroko excited but before the game he gets a serious head injury and can’t play so he begs Akashi to have the team play their best (and you just sealed Shige’s fate Kuroko). Teiko goes out there and not only dominates Shige’s team but they literally toy with them. Throughout the whole game Shige’s team only scored 9 points and got two extra points thanks to Atsushi who tipped the ball back in on the wrong basket. The final score was 111-11 Teiko (good God, that is just domination). Once Kuroko sees this he is devastated at what his team has become (monsters with no souls) and decides to quit basketball. When he goes to visit Shige’s school he finds out from one of Shige’s friends that he transferred and is quitting basketball as well. Shige’s friend encourages Kuroko not to quit either saying that Shige believes Kuroko can save the Generation of Miracles and remind them what basketball is all about. At their graduation ceremony they all agreed to become rivals with each other and face off in high school to decide which of them was the best (when the game becomes too easy it’s best to make it hard yourself).

    Episode 17 serves as the set up for the final game between Seirin and Rakuzen (there can only be one. And they got a little carried away with this final game. They actually gave them their own opening and a new ending. Was this final game really deserving of its own opening and ending. I mean, there’s no doubt it’s going to be great but don’t you think this was a little bit. . .excessive?). Before the game we get to see all the teammates of Seirin have some touching moments with each other and their families who are all coming to cheer for them (actually yeah that’s another thing I’ve been wondering, why haven’t their parents or anybody from the school come to cheer for them? I mean they’ve literally beaten four of the best teams in the country who were the favorites to win and are now playing in the finals to decide the best team in the country and nobody from their school or family came to cheer them on until now? Thanks for the faith everyone). We also get to see almost all the characters in the manga appear who are all coming out to watch the big game. Before the big game we get the bronze medal game between Kaijo and Shutoku where Kise doesn’t play because of overexerting himself in the Seirin game so this game is Shutoku’s win (which is a real shame because I would have loved to see Kise go up against Midorima. Actually, there are a lot of match-ups I would have loved to see). The game begins where Taiga starts off on all cylinders by doing a meteor jam on Akashi (bet you didn’t see this coming?) and entering the Zone.

    Episodes 18-25 and OVA

    It’s the final game for the last episodes (and it is a game for the ages). Riko makes a smart move and subs Kuroko out so Taiga can focus on offence while the others focus on defense. Taiga goes on an unstoppable rampage getting Seirin up by 9 points (he’s being reckless going into the Zone this early in the game but against a team like this it’s totally worth it). Akashi steps up to face him (under normal circumstances Akashi would have gotten crushed by Taiga. You have a point guard guarding a power forward. Now Akashi may be an amazing player but even a novice would call this set up stupid) where Taiga defines the emperor eye and passes Akashi but misses his shot which Akashi said he predicted he would missed and allowed him to get by (bullshit. I saw that look, you totally got lucky. Scene here: They manage to stop Rakuzen at the other end and Taiga comes out of the Zone willingly realizing he doesn’t have to do it all alone. Kuroko comes back in but something is seriously off, everyone from the audience to the players feel his presence. Because of Kuroko learning how to shoot, drive by people, and score a game winning buzzer beater his lack of presence has disappeared. Everyone sees him now and can’t ignore him (he’s slowly been destroying his one major trump card. The shadow has taken on a life of its own and has stepped into the light). At the end of the first quarter the score is tied 21-21 and Kuroko comes out of the game until they can figure out how to resurge him. The second quarter starts with Akashi releasing the new phantom sixth man. Just like Kuroko this guy can use misdirection and he’s like a ghost (scene here:, this scenario can be interrupted in 1 of 3 ways. One, Akashi is being an asshole and saying that he could have replaced Kuroko with anyone. Two, Akashi found the phantom sixth man so valuable and important that he knew he had to create another one in high school in order to throw everyone off. Three, he knew in his heart that somewhere down the road he would be playing against Kuroko and decided to create counter measures to ensure his victory over him). During the second quarter things look bad for Seirin. Rakuzen players overwhelm them and win all their battles against Seirin players. The highlights of this quarter is seeing the 1st years get a chance to play but they lose stamina playing in that intense atmosphere and we get to see Akashi dunk (which is pretty impressive for a guy his height). At the end of the second quarter it’s 62-37 Rakuzen. Despite the rough second quarter, Seirin still has spirit (don’t quit, don’t quit) and Akashi is determined to destroy it by taking out Hyuga and Taiga. The pretty boy shooting guard of Rakuzen named Reo manages to get Hyuga his third foul and after arguing with the ref he picks up his fourth foul and he’s forced to sit down. Just when everyone becomes disheartened Kuroko stands up and shouts saying he wants to win (yeah me too! Don’t let these guys come in and crush you) and he re-enters the game where he allows Mayuzumi to get a few shots in and drive pass him which works in Kuroko’s favor as he regains his lack of presence again and makes plays for Taiga and Kiyoshi. Not wanting to let his efforts go to waste Taiga re-enters the Zone and keeps Akashi at bay and Kuroko puts Mayzumi in his place by showing him who the real shadow is (you may be a phantom Mayuzumi, but you’re not even close to becoming a shadow like Kuroko). After screwing up Mayuzumi expects to be taken out but Akashi decides to keep him in to gather everyone’s line of sight and distract them (in other words, Akashi is just using him as a tool to get passes through and doesn’t expect anything from Mayuzumi). We get a showdown between Izuki and Hayama an expert at dribbling and has a fanged tooth (so naturally he has animal instincts. Thems the rules of anime). It takes him a few times but Izuki manages to stop Hayama by leading him into a trap and even forces Hayama to turn the ball over bringing Seirin within 16 points (Akashi’s face is priceless in this scene. He’s like “Imma kill this fucker”). Hayama saves himself by standing down and retaliating (smart move, because I’m sure Akashi was about to grab him by the neck and choke him out in front of everyone). We also get a showdown between Koganei and Reo where even though Koganei doesn’t stop him he manages to throw Reo off his game because he can’t read him and this in turn helps out Hyuga who figures out how to beat Reo’s shooting (scene here: With the start of the fourth quarter Seirin is still down by double digits and Hyuga has rejoined the game (this is a risky move) and stops Reo. Reo’s shots have no difference in form until right before he jumps but their center of gravity is different. For heaven he fades away, he jumps forward on earth, and for void he just jumps straight-up (just see through the jump and you can stop him). Hyuga stops Reo twice and scores a three on the second time down (get some Hyuga). Akashi also has problems with Taiga who extends his area of defense while in Zone mode and won’t let Akashi get pass him. Akashi finally has enough and decides to stop relying on his teammates and abandons them allowing him to enter the Zone (and if you thought Akashi was dangerous before, you ain’t seen nothing yet). Once Akashi enters the Zone he doesn’t just break ankles he makes the players kneel before him (scene here:, holy hell! Get the stretcher out there right now). Seirin decides to put their faith in Taiga to stop Akashi but according to Aomine in order for him to beat Akashi he needs to open the second door of the Zone (basically super saiyan 2) but it’s guarded by a gatekeeper (no maggots allowed you maggot). With Akashi in the Zone he is pretty much unstoppable that not even Taiga can stop him but when Kuroko joins the fray the tide turns in Seirin’s favor and Taiga dunks over Akashi (scene here:, kneel bitch). With this big play Akashi falls out of the Zone and his heart is in disarray because for the first time in his life he senses that there’s a possibility that he can lose (and that scares him). Akashi continues to make turnover after turnover and Seirin cuts their lead into a one possession game with about 5 minutes to go. Akashi argues with his other half in his mind where the other half says to give up and with the way he’s playing it’s looking that way. The coach of Rakuzen calls a time out and is about to sub out Akashi (you have other players?) until Mayuzami gets in his face and asks him who he is? This leads to a trip down memory lane where we find out that Akashi got into basketball thanks to his mom and from a young age he was taught to win always. Even after his mom passed away (from the plot-device flu. It’s a real thing) Akashi continued to play basketball in honor of her and his dad allowed it as long as he won. While he didn’t show it Akashi really did value his time at Teiko and enjoyed playing basketball with Kuroko and the others. But once the mindset of the team became winning is everything and everyone started waking up to their true potential, Akashi was afraid that they would all leave him behind. Not wanting this he chose to awaken to his other side and make them all subservient to him so they could win and stay together. This resulted in the other Akashi being born (the one who throws scissors and makes people kneel before him) but even he eventually started playing just for victory and nothing else. After this trip down memory lane the two Akashis merge together (or switch spots I’m not entirely sure myself) and he returns to his true self. With the old Akashi back Rakuzen begins playing as a team (Akashi asking for help? Is the world ending?). Akashi re-enters the Zone but only for support which allows his teammates to enter the Zone as well (well technically not. It’s an imperfect zone but because all the players were very talented players from middle school second to the Generation of Miracles, they’re able to enter this imitation of the Zone). With them all in the Zone the only one who can take them on is Taiga but not even he can take on 5 people and he’s reached his limits in the Zone. With the members of Seirin reaching their limits and the score 103-96 with only 2 minutes remaining it seems like Rakuzen has all but won the game until Shige shows up and cheers for Kuroko which inspires everyone in the audience to cheer for Seirin (scene here: With this Seirin gets back in the game and Taiga finally unlocks the gate to the true Zone which all this time was being guarded by Kuroko and what’s on the other side you ask, Seirin’s basketball team (meh, it’s better than No Man’s Sky ending. Scene here: With only 40 seconds left to play Taiga scores a three (who knew he had it in him) and Seirin manages to get a steal and Hyuga gets fouled while shooting a 3-pointer and the basket counts making the score 105-104 Rakuzen with only 4 seconds left (scene here: Hyuga misses the foul shot on purpose, Kiyoshi gets the rebound (vice claaaaaaaaaw~), and passes it to Kuroko. Akashi thinks Kuroko is going to score but he’s actually passing it to Taiga who slams that ball in giving Seirin the win (scene here: A few days after the championship victory and Kiyoshi gets set to leave for America where he’ll get surgery done on his knee. The 2nd years see him off while the first years don’t because Kiyoshi didn’t ask for a send off (but if you know life. No means yes and yes means maybe). We get to see all major teams begin practicing for next year and we end with a shot of Kuroko’s locker where he has a picture of Seirin’s team and a picture with the members of the Generation of Miracles.

    Now I was going to talk about the OVAs and specials as there’s a lot of them but there’s really not that much talk about. Most of them are just fillers, a few extra scenes with the characters, and recaps of the past seasons so there’s really not that much to talk about. However, the last OVA is worth watching and talking about because of how enjoyable it is. The OVA takes place after the last episode. It’s Kuroko’s birthday (the only time of the year when all eyes are on him) and everyone goes out of their way to give Kuroko the best birthday possible. Momoi arranges for the Generation of Miracles to get together and play some streetball where she knitted him a scarf and receives a key chain for Midorima since it’s his lucky item of the day. They all play a few games of streetball where even Momoi gets a chance to play with them (which I liked. Just like Kuroko, she also suffered in middle school. She watched all friends drift apart and couldn’t do anything but watch from the sidelines. She didn’t care about winning, she just wanted to support her friends to the best of her abilities and when they went their separate ways instead of going with the boy she liked, she instead chose to go with Aomine because without her she knew he would completely fall apart. She sacrificed being with the boy she liked in order to help out her best friend. That’s, very noble and something I think a lot of people wouldn’t do). After the streetball the group heads over to Taiga’s house where the Seiren team and a few others are there to eat and celebrate Kuroko’s birthday. It’s a very touching OVA as it’s great to see the Generation of Miracles moving on from what happened in middle school and become friends again while still being rivals and Kuroko gets to enjoy his birthday with his friends from the past and his current friends.

    *Project ends*

    Final Thoughts

    (Reaper): What, that’s it? Where’s the final thoughts? I guess he didn’t get that far yet. Well if I had to give my final thoughts I would say this was a spectacular anime. Even though I don’t play basketball I really did enjoy watching every minute of this anime. It was exciting, emotional, and fun. I love how each team had their own playing style. When you think one team has the advantage, the other team shows up with a different style of play and new moves that catch you complete off guard and provides you with great match-ups the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

    As far as characters go, they’re all great as well. While the character development is lacking I really didn’t mind because they were all already great characters, they just forgot what they liked about basketball and needed someone to remind them what basketball was all about. I like the dynamic between Kuroko and Taiga and how much they trust and respect each other. Let’s be honest, when separate these two aren’t that good but when they’re together they form an amazing duo that I doubt anyone can hope to top. I also like how the other Generation of Miracles aren’t what they seem like. For example, Kise comes off as a guy who doesn’t take things seriously but really, he’s the most serious player of the bunch. Aomine comes across as someone who’s indifferent to everyone around him but he’s the guy who’s always looking out for others and cares about them deeply. Midorima acts distant but in truth he trusts his teammates more than anything. Atsuhsi says he hates basketball but he probably loves it more than anyone from the Generation of Miracles and Akashi acts like a guy who uses people for his own benefits when really he’s the nicest one of the bunch. The other character all have their personalities as well and each one is different from the other with their interactions off each other being great and enjoyable.

    As far as the basketball games go, you’re not gonna find any basketball games more exciting than these. Each game was a joy to watch. I love how we don’t have any dumb fouls and it’s easy to follow for guys who aren’t familiar with basketball. While a lot of people were complaining about the skills of the players being supernatural. Keep in mind it’s not supernatural, it’s just enhanced skills and abilities. All the stuff they do can be done in real life just not to the extent as displayed in the show.

    If I had to name my complaints it all comes down to the fact that there are a lot of match ups we wanted to see but unfortunately will never get a chance to see them. There was also that questionable relationship with Hyuga and Riko. It’s obvious that Hyuga likes Riko and was planning on confessing to her after the game. I wanted to know what becomes of that. Do they get together or does Hyuga get turned down? To be fair this wasn’t a main focus of the show but still I would of liked to see how that story ends.

    The animation is nice. When it wants to be silly it can look silly and when it’s time for the basketball games the animation doesn’t disappoint. It looks great and everything moves fluently. You feel like the games are unfolding before your eyes and the camera work is great. Music is enjoyable all the way through. It keeps the hype going and gives you that feeling of suspense and uncertainty when it needs to be.

    Final Score

    It was to give a final score to Kuroko’s Basketball it would be a 9/10 with a must watch stamp of approval. If you’re a fan of basketball or know someone who loves basketball show them this anime and if you’re new to basketball or just looking for a good sports anime to watch than also think this anime is worth checking out. I now see why my master highly recommends this anime. It’s great and was definitely one of Shonen Jump’s best series. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, clips, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved*

    Thanks for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or send your comments, feedback, or request to
  6. *A few days have gone by and the group is now in Las Vegas. There’s no con here, it’s just a rest stop before the tours final stop in San Francisco and is a chance for everybody on the tour to relax and have fun. That is unless you’re Nitsuj and the others who are busy racking their brains out. It turns out the flash drive wasn’t the drive they were looking for. While it contained weeaboo dealings there was no data of the Utena dub on the drive and after intense questioning McGuiness said he knows nothing about the Utena dub. So once again Nitsuj and the others are back to square one on who has the data*

    (Nitsuj): There must be something we are missing. Some kind of clue or motive we overlooked. Something. . .bluh. Think! Somebody is working with the weeaboos! Somebody who benefits from all of this!

    (Shizuku): But who? Who could possibly benefit from this?

    *The Jack Bros. come in with drinks*

    (Corbin): We got some cola. How goes the investigation.

    (Mira): Uh~ Baron. Corbin. What are you guys wearing?

    *Everyone stares at the Jack Bros. who are wearing t-shirts from the series Chaos Dragon*

    (Baron): Oh this? It was on sell at stand and we bought because the anime was good.

    *Seras punches Baron in the chest*

    (Seras): Are you guys drinking the piss? That was hands down the worst anime of 2015 and you actually liked it? Tell me what you liked about it.

    (Baron): Well the characters were. . .the action was. . .and the story. . .oh my God, this anime does suck!

    (Corbin): What have we done?

    (Yume): What possessed you guys to buy those shirts in the first place?

    (Corbin): Well, we were getting drinks. As we were coming up we saw a kid watching one of Nate Dessian’s videos. He was talking about Chaos Dragon and how good it was and then we just found ourselves going to a vendor outside and buying the stuff.

    (Yin-Yang): That doesn’t make any sense.

    (Nitsuj): Or does it? Guys, leave the room. We’re going to do an experiment. When I leave this room I want you guys to follow me and stop me from doing anything I might do out of ordinary.

    (Seras): That could pretty much be anything.

    (Nitsuj): Just watch me closely and stop me if I do anything crazy.

    *Eveyone leaves the room and Nitsuj grabs his laptop. He goes to sit on his bed and goes to Nate Dessian’s site.

    (Nitsuj): Alright you dumbass, let’s see what you have to say about anime.

    *Nitsuj begins watching Dessian’s reviews. While that’s going on Ashlyn, Brian, Isis, and Chibi Isis were staking out a weeaboo dealing about to happen at the Mirage hotel*

    (Isis): *Sigh*

    (Brian): Patience Isis. It’s one of the key virtues of a stake out.

    (Isis): I know, I’m just thinking.

    (Ashlyn): About Nitsuj and the others? Yeah, I’m worried too. This whole case seems to have thrown us all in a loop. Just when you think we’ve figured everything out we find out it was all a lie. Even Nitsuj is taken aback by this. I can’t help but wonder what he’s doing now.

    (Chibi Isis): Knowing Nii-chan he’s hard at work trying to figure everything out. He keeps saying that there has to be a conductor. Someone who’s running things behind the scenes and benefits the most from this.

    (Brian): I’ve been thinking along those same lines but every time I do I come up with nothing. I honestly can’t think of anyone who would benefit from this act except for weeaboos. I wonder if-

    (Ashlyn): Oh oh, there’s our guy.

    *Ashlyn points to a man walking through the lobby. Everyone gets up from their table and follows him doing their best not to be noticed. The man stops at the front office where the attendant hands him a briefcase and he walks off. As he walks off everyone spots Silver Knight who goes to shake the man’s hand and leads him to the VIP area*

    (Ashlyn): That was Silver Knight! Chibi, call for backup. Isis. You, me, and Brain have to find a way to get into that room.

    *Brian notices a bunch of girls exiting a dressing room*

    (Brian): What’s your take on bunny girls?

    (Isis and Ashlyn): Oh no.

    *As all of this was going on Nitsuj had emerged from his room after watching an hour of Dessian’s videos and feeling normal*

    (Nitsuj): Man that guy has some lousy reviews. Everything feels forced and scripted. Feeling a little lightheaded. Let’s get some fresh air.

    *Nitsuj takes the elevator downstairs and heads outside where after taking a deep breath he feels better. He spots an anime store across the street and out of curiosity decides to go and check it out. He walks into the store and is immediately drawn to the School Days merchandise despite seeing One Piece merchandise. Nitsuj picks up character figurines, posters, and shirts of the series and heads to check out ready to purchase them. Before he can reach the counter he gets speared by Shizuku as the others rush in as well*

    (Nitsuj): Ohh~. What the hell are you doing?

    (Shizuku): What the hell are you doing? Snap out of it!

    *Shizuku slaps Nitsuj*

    (Nitsuj): Huh? Where am I? Why do I have this crap in my hands?

    (Mira): You were about to buy all that stuff.

    (Nitsuj): What! That’s crazy, I would never buy School Days stuff.

    (Seras): Well you sure were about to. What were you thinking?

    (Nitsuj): I don’t know. I just felt compelled to buy School Days merchandise right after I watched Dessian’s crappy review of the series and he praised it.

    *Nitsuj takes out his phone and plays the video*

    (Nitsuj): Yume! Is anything off in this video?

    *Yume watches the video*

    (Yume): Wow, that’s some good subliminal messaging in there.

    (Nitsuj): What about this video?

    *Nitsuj shows Yume another video*

    (Yume): Even more subliminal messaging.

    (Nitsuj): Just like I thought. Nate is using subliminal messaging in his reviews.

    (Yin-Yang): Oh that’s low.

    (Corbin): But why, what’s he getting out of this.

    (Nitsuj): Hey you, who makes this merchandise?

    (Store clerk): Oh that would be Dessian Enterprises all the merchandise in this store comes from them.

    (Nitsuj): Mira, who runs the merchandise stands at the cons?

    (Mira): That would be Dessian Enterprises.

    (Nitsuj): And the animes they have merchandise for?

    *Mira pulls up a list*

    (Mira): All the animes they have merchandise for are animes not licensed by Funimation.

    (Baron): What about Chaos Dragon? That’s licensed by Funimation.

    (Mira): True. But they don’t own the merchandising rights to the show.

    (Nitsuj): And all the reviews Nate does he talks positive about animes not licensed by Funimation even when they’re obviously bad and talks negative about licensed animes even when they’re good.

    *Nitsuj thinks this over for a few second*

    (Nitsuj): Dessian is the culprit! It all adds up!

    (Seras): It seems that way but why would he do it?

    (Nitsuj): I don’t know, but he’s definitely the prime suspect in this case. We have to confront him.

    *Nitsuj’s phone rings*

    (Nitsuj): Nii-chan! Come quick! We saw Silver Knight and we’re engaging him and the weeaboos in battle. We’re at the Mirage and-

    (Nitsuj): Chibi! Chibi come in! Guys, we’re going to the Mirage pronto!

    *Nitsuj and the others leave the store and run to the Mirage. As Nitsuj runs he receives a text message from Enzio and reads it*

    (Nitsuj): I have the identity of Silver Knight.

    *Nitsuj strolls down and sees the name of Silver Knight’s true identity. Nitsuj’s eyes widen and he begins to speed up leaving the others behind. Yin-Yang manages to catch up to him*

    (Yin-Yang): Nitsuj, what’s wrong?

    (Nitsuj): We have to hurry! Isis the others are all in danger.

    (Yin-Yang): Why?

    (Nitsuj): Enzio just texted me the real identity of Silver Knight. If he’s right, then everyone’s life is in danger.

    To be continued
  7. *Back in the conference center as everyone was starting to return to their senses, Nitsuj’s team continues to search for McGuinness where they close in on him*

    (Yin-Yang): Everyone seems to be calming down now. Even I’m starting to feel good.

    (Ashlyn): Which means Chibi and the others pulled through.

    (Brian): And it looks like an hour has passed which means the others managed to stop the bombs.

    (Nitsuj): Alright, the others did their job, which means we’ve gotta do our part and not make their effort be in vain.

    *Nitsuj goes to check a room and sees McGuinness. He motions to the others and together they charge in*

    (Nitsuj): Hold it right there you British weeaboo! Grab him guys!

    *McGuinness tries to make a run for it but Yin-Yang manages to pull him to the ground. He fights to get away as Ashlyn and Brian try to restrain him while Nitsuj grabs a plant and begins to beat him with it*

    (Nitsuj): I’m about to get your ass! Hitting people with plants and shit! Turn him around guys!

    *Nitsuj accidently whacks the others along with McGuinness who falls to the ground*

    (Nitsuj): Cheerio, motherfucker!

    *Nitsuj continues to beat up McGuiness with the plant until he manages to get on his knees and pushes Nitsuj into the wall where his head bounces off it. McGuinness uses this chance to escape out of the room with the others right behind him. As McGuinness runs through the hallway, Brian stops and goes down a separate hallway while Ashlyn and Yin-Yang still pursue McGuinness. Nitsuj catches up with them where they see the hotel is coming out of lockdown mode and McGuinness is making a break for the doors*

    (Ashlyn): This is bad. If he gets outside there’s no way we’ll catch him.

    (Yin-Yang): Don’t worry, I’m kicking it up a notch.

    (Nitsuj): No! We’ve got him. Do you ladies know what time it is?

    (Yin-Yang and Ashlyn): Huh?

    (Nitsuj): Hey McGuinness! Do you know what time it is?

    (McGuinness): What? No I-

    *All of sudden Brian comes out of nowhere and clotheslines the hell out of McGuinness knocking him out instantly*

    (Brain): It’s Brian-o’clock motherfucker!

    *With McGuiness, out cold, Nitsuj grabs his room key and heads up to his room with Yin-Yang while Brian and Ashlyn arrest him. Once Nitsuj reaches the room of McGuiness he knocks the door down with a series of kicks and enters the room*

    (Yin-Yang): You had the key.

    (Nitsuj): What part of I enjoy doing that are you guys not getting?

    *Nitsuj quickly rummages through McGuiness’s bag and finds a flash drive*

    (Nitsuj): And I think we’ve found what we’re looking for.

    *Nitsuj returns to the lobby area where everyone is there waiting for him. He shows them the flash drive and everyone starts celebrating knowing that they had accomplished their mission*

    To be continued
  8. Hey guys, Justin here and welcome to the Otaku Mind. Well seeing as how the last month or so I’ve been reviewing Kuroko’s Basketball it only seems fitting that I do an Otaku Mind on it. Kuroko’s Basketball is very popular in Japan and during the original run of the series it was everywhere. Posters, key chains, figurines, jerseys, towels, and doujins were in rolls of anime merchandise stores and fans bought it like no tomorrow. A few months ago Kuroko’s Basketball released a movie based off the second manga and in helping to promote the movie the series partnered up with the NBA itself. While this is cool I have to ask why wasn’t this done during the original run of the series? This would have been a great opportunity for the NBA to enter the Japanese market and the series would have gained more recognition in the west. Hell, Fujimaki even admits that he’s a big fan of the NBA and goes on record saying that his favorite team is the L.A Clippers and his favorite player is Chris Paul. Anyway, in order to help promote the movie, the NBA had the Generation of Miracles along with Kuroko and Taiga join an NBA team that matched their skill set. Some of them are good while others not so much and leave you scratching your head wondering why this team. So for this Otaku Mind I’m going to take a look at which team the characters joined, see if it’s the right team, and then see which player matches their play style. Let’s get started.

    Okay, now for this first section I’m going to look at the characters and compare them to current players. As in players who are still actively playing in the NBA and on an official NBA team. In the next section I’ll compare the characters with players from the past.


    Let’s start with the easiest one, Aomine, who joined the Cleveland Cavaliers. Obviously because he’s like Lebron James. Both are considered the aces of their team, are known for their speed and ability to shoot from anywhere on the court, and are considered the best player.


    Next up is Akashi who was drafted to the L.A Lakers. Now this is one of the picks I don’t agree with. If it was my choice, I would put him with the OKC Thunder because he’s like Russell Westbrook. Both of them are point guards, good ball handling skills, can score in the paint or outside the paint, and kind of do all the work for their team. Both guys can be selfish and take control of the game not relying on their teammates because they don’t have much faith in them and only trust themselves to get the job done. Another team he could be put on is the Houston Rockets because of James Harden and Chris Paul. While these two are a little less selfish than Westbrook they still have been known to take control of the team and try to do everything themselves.


    Midorima was drafted to the Boston Celtics and this is another one I don’t agree with. I know why he’s on this team but I’ll get to that in the next section. Personally, I think he belongs with the Golden State Warriors and the reason for that is because of Steph Curry. While some will argue that Klay Thompson is the better shooter of the two, there’s no one who hits them as consistently in deep territory and makes it look easy like Curry.


    Next up is my favorite character in the series Kise who joined the Golden State Warriors. Yeah, that sounds right. Kise reminds me of Kevin Durant, he’s an all-around player who can do it all on offense. You would think a man his size would only be good in the post but no, Kise has proven that he can score from the outside as well and with his athletic abilities he’s a threat on defense as well.


    Coming up next is Atsushi who joins the Phoenix Suns. This is the one I had the most trouble with. He’s obviously on the Suns as a reference to Tyson Chandler but I think we can do better than him. Another thing that makes Atsushi so hard to place is you really don’t see players like him today. Players who are big, powerful, and have excellent defense as opposed to big men who are only good on offense and tend to act lazy on defense. It took me a while but I think the player that matches Atsushi well is Dwight Howard the man who was recently traded to the Charlotte Hornets. Why Howard? Because both men are incredibly big, strong, and intimidate the offense when they’re on defense. As far as offense goes, when these two go into attack mode there’s nobody strong enough or big enough to stop them.


    Taiga gets drafted to the Chicago Bulls. I have an idea why he’s there but we’ll save that for the next section. Here’s another choice I don’t agree with. Taiga obviously belongs in one of two teams. The first is the LA Clippers and that’s because of Blake Griffin. Both are known for their intense dunking and offense capabilities. The other team would be the New Orleans Pelicans because of Damarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis. Both these guys are monsters on offense and have that passion that won’t allow them to give up or quit. And when both men are in the zone nothing can stop them.


    And finally we have our boy Kuroko who joins my favorite team the San Antonio Spurs and this is perfect. Like I said in my review Kuroko’s misdirection reminds of Manu Ginobli who is a master at misdirection and as the series goes on it starts to become a style similar to that of Tony Parker who uses his incredible speed and agility to get to the basket each time. On top of that this is the team that Kuroko can use his abilities to the fullest. The Spurs are all about team play and for a guy like Kuroko who values team basketball above everything else, he couldn’t ask for a better team to be on.

    Alright, that takes care of the first section so let’s move on to the second section. In this section, I’m going to compare the characters with past basketball players. Players who used to play in the NBA but have retired.


    Let’s start off with the easiest one again. For Atsushi he would be on the L.A Lakers because he’s like Shaq (back in his prime) or if you want to go even further back, Wilt Chamberlin. Both of these men are considered the strongest big men to ever play in the NBA and the fact that they both played for the L.A Lakers it only makes sense to have the strongest center in the series play for the Lakers.


    Now this one might shock people but I would say Aomine resembles Tracy McGrady. Now I know what you’re thinking, why not Kobe Bryant? Well because I think someone else resembles Kobe better. Tracy, in my opinion is a perfect match for Aomine. Tracy, just like Lebron had the amazing ability and agility to score anywhere on the court. If you ask me, I think Tracy was the better scorer of the two. There was even a time when Tracy was considered to be in the same league as Kobe as the two could go stats for stats with each other but as time went on Tracy’s body gave out on him and he soon fade away becoming one of the most tragic and forgotten basketball players of all time.


    Kise is definitely Kobe and would be on the L.A Lakers. Why is he Kobe and not Aomine? The answer, his copy ability. Kobe was known to copy Michael Jordan’s moves early on in his career and was the best player in one on one situations as nobody could beat him in one on one situations. Kise can copy the moves of anybody on the court and when it came to one on one situations nobody could beat him except for Aomine who as I mentioned before is Tracy McGrady who Kobe admits gave him the most trouble in real life.


    For Akashi I have two players for him. The first is Allen Iversion. Again, a selfish player on paper and in games but there’s no denying that he was good at what he did and was one of the reasons why the 76ers were able to have a possible championship run back in the day. The other player is Jason Williams for the Sacramento Kings. As I mention in my review Akashi’s play style is like Jason Williams who was hands down one of the best point guards of all time and definitely the flashiest player in the NBA. Just look up some of his highlights and you’ll see why these two are so similar to each other.


    For Midorima he does belong on the Boston Celtics because of their great shooters. Midorima is obviously Ray Allen and Larry Bird hands down two of the best shooters in the NBA and who both played from the Celtics.


    As I said before I know why Taiga is on the Chicago Bulls. It’s because his jumping ability is like that of Michael Jordan but his play style is anything but Michael Jordan. In my honest opinion, the one player who matches Taiga perfectly is the Human Highlight Reel himself, Dominique Wilkins. While his jumps weren’t as amazing as Jordan’s his dunks are spectacular. Seriously, Dominique Wilkins was one of the best dunkers in the NBA. His dunks were masterpieces thanks to his athleticism and good jumping abilities. Taiga’s best moments in the series is when he dunks and Dominique’s best moments in the NBA is when he dunks. You make the comparison.


    And we finish up with Kuroko again and there’s only one player in NBA history that matches Kuroko perfectly, John Stockton. Now I know what thinking, who in the world is John Stockton? If you don’t know who he is it’s understandable cause even people from his generation don’t know who he is. John Stockton was a man who played for the Utah Jazz during the 80s and 90s and was a real life phantom player. He was known primarily for his incredible passing skills the likes of which no one could do at the time and even now nobody can pass as good as him. He was a man who was so forgettable and never stood out from his teammates at all. Even when he got drafted to Utah nobody knew who he was and even when he was even on the Olympic dream team back in day nobody paid attention to him, but it didn’t matter. Once that man stepped on the court and the ball was in his hands you knew magic was about to happen. He had amazing passing skills and no presence at all. If there was ever a real life phantom player it would be none other than this guy and it’s because of this I say Stockton is the perfect player who represents Kuroko.

    And that’s my take on Kuroko and the others in the NBA. Do you agree with this? Let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, clips, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved*

    Thanks for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or send your comments, feedback, or request to
  9. *While Seras was in the middle of fighting Arthur, Nitsuj’s team was on the hunt for Russel McGuinness*

    (Nitsuj): McGuinness has to be around here somewhere.

    (Yin-Yang): If I had something that belonged to him I could catch his scent easily. Otakus incoming.

    *Otakus show up and attack Nitsuj and the others. They take out the otakus quickly*

    (Brian): This is becoming dangerous by the minute. How is she even controlling everyone?

    (Nitsuj): My guess is magic. Given her abilities and character, magic is the most likely answer which is one of the reasons I think Arthur let her live.

    (Ashlyn): And given that we are in the windy city I’m sure her skills would be enhanced greatly from it.

    (Nitsuj): Good thinking. I’m sure Chibi and the others have figured that out by now as well.

    (Yin-Yang): I do hope they’ll be alright.

    (Nitsuj): Don’t worry, Chibi’s also a wind user and just like Juliette can use the wind to her advantage. The best thing we can do is trust them and focus on our mission.

    *Everyone nods at Nitsuj and Yin-Yang’s ears twitch at the sound of something*

    (Yin-Yang): Someone’s watching us.

    (Brian): Another otaku?

    (Yin-Yang): No. This one’s different from the others, this one is hesitant to attack.

    *Yin-Yang scans the room in order to sense the presence. She takes out a kunai and throws at a merchandising table where McGuinness jumps out and runs away. Nitsuj and the others go after him where Ashlyn, Brian, and Yin-Yang get stopped by otakus leaving only Nitsuj to chase after him. Nitsuj manages to catch up to McGuinness and tackle him to the ground. Nitsuj begins to rain down forearms on McGuinness but he manages to kick Nitsuj in the balls to escape his grasp. He grabs a potted plant, lifts it up and proceeds to hit Nitsuj with it multiple times*

    (Russel): Cheerio, motherfucker!

    *McGuinness drops the plant and runs off leaving Nitsuj to lay there in pain. While this was going on, Chibi Isis’s team had managed to make it to the roof using the air ducts*

    (Baron): Ah~ fresh air. Well as fresh as you can get in this city.

    *Everyone exits the ducts and looks around where they see the huge magic circle sucking in all the wind in the city and ventilating it throughout the building with Juliette’s spell. The Jack Bros. go to inspect the circle*

    (Corbin): Woah! This is one serious magic circle. It’s gonna take us a few minutes to rewrite this.

    *Baron goes on the opposite side of the circle and he and Corbin begin rewriting it as Chibi Isis and Shizuku stand back and watch when all of a sudden Juliette appears before them*

    (Baron): Juliette my love, so good to see-

    *Juliette does a wind slice which hits Baron and decapitates him. Despite getting decapitated he’s still alive and goes to pick up his head and reattach it*

    (Baron): Okay, I guess you’re still a little sore about our last date. I’m sorry but I can’t have you going around and killing my friends. Perhaps another date is in order?

    (Juliette): Silence! It’s payback time for humiliating me and taking away my precious sister Julietta!

    *Juliette takes out her Julietta doll and shows it to everyone*

    (Juliette): Look at her. Ever since that accident in San Antonio she hasn’t spoken a word to me. She is traumatized and you are the ones who must pay.

    *Juliette prepares for another attack*

    (Corbin): You guys have to protect us until we finish the circle. One disruption and the whole roof could come crashing down on everyone.

    (Shizuku): Alright, guess it’s my turn to fight.

    *Shizuku steps forward to fight but once she does a regular sized magic circle appears beneath her and she goes flying into the sky and out of sight due to a gust of strong wind*

    (Shizuku): AHHHHHHHHHHHHH~!

    (Chibi Isis): I guess it’s up to me now.

    *A magic circle appears beneath Chibi Isis but she cancels it out with her own magic as her hair turns green*

    (Chibi Isis): You and the Jack Bros. aren’t the only ones who can use magic. Cyber wind slice!

    *Chibi Isis fires three wind slices at Juliette who takes the hits but feels no pain*

    (Juliette): Foolish child. Wind magic is my main weapon, did you really think I wouldn’t have created a way to counter it? My body can absorb all wind magic.

    (Chibi Isis): I see, so none of my attacks will affect you at all.

    *Chibi Isis puts away her staff*

    (Juliette): Oh what? Giving up already?

    (Chibi Isis): No, I never give up. Besides, this is a great opportunity for me to test out my new power.

    *Chibi Isis takes out a tome*

    (Juliette): Wait! That tome! It belonged to Lucio.

    (Chibi Isis): He gave it to Yume who gave it to the Jack Bros. who gave it to me. I reprogrammed the tome, formed a pact with the tarot cards within it, and made it my own.

    (Juliette): Impossible! How can a little child use such complicated magic like that and succeed?

    (Baron): Our magic lessons aren’t for the faint of the heart. You wanna learn magic you learn magic.

    (Chibi Isis): Everyone else has been getting stronger over the years. I won’t be left behind. AI Tome: Chapter of the Magician! Pyro wind!

    *A tower of wind appears from a magic circle above Juliette and strikes her. While it contains wind magic it also contains fire magic which harms Juliette*

    (Juliette): Ahhhhhh~!

    *As Juliette falls to the ground in pain, Chibi Isis keeps up the attack*

    (Chibi Isis): AI Tome: Chapter of the Emperor. Hammer of the wind!

    *A cyclone of wind in the shape of a hammer appears and it’s mixed with lightning magic as well. The hammer slams down and flattens Juliette who screams out in pain once again*

    (Chibi Isis): AI Tome: Chapter of the Empress. Wind Shower!

    *Wind slices begin to rain down from the sky mixed with ice magic. Unfortunately, Juliette gets up in time to dodge the attack in time. She fires a counter spell at Chibi Isis*

    (Juliette): Wind whip!

    *A whip-like attack heads for Chibi Isis*

    (Chibi Isis): AI Tome: Chapter of the Chariot. Wind dash!

    *Chibi Isis dodges the attack and disappears like a gust of wind. She appears right behind Juliette*

    (Chibi Isis): AI Tome: Chapter of the Star. Wind wave!

    *Chibi Isis strikes the back of Juliette with two palm strikes hitting her with Chibi’s own magic wavelength which disrupts Juliette’s wavelength and hurts her greatly. She goes flying down the building but catches herself on the ledge and pulls herself up. As she pulls herself up Chibi Isis falls to one knee while breathing heavily*

    (Chibi Isis): *Breathing heavily* This is bad, the tomes use up a lot of magic. I can’t maintain this state for much longer. I’ve only got two more rounds in me. I have to make them count.

    *Juliette takes out her Julietta doll*

    (Juliette): AI summon! Julietta giant!

    *The doll soon grows into a giant and begins to fly. Chibi Isis pulls herself up and takes out a talisman*

    (Chibi Isis): AI summon! Cyber dragon!

    *A cyber dragon which resembles Rayquaza from Pokémon except blue appears. Chibi Isis rides the dragon into the sky and goes to fight Juliette above the clouds. While Juliette’s doll had the size advantage, Chibi’s dragon was quicker and more agile. Using the dragon’s speed, the dragon manages to strike the doll with a few slashes with its claws but it doesn’t do much damage. The dragon fires a wind beam at the doll but the doll absorbs the blast and transfers the wind magic to Juliette which restores her body and health. The doll soon grabs the dragon*

    (Juliette): Wind leech.

    *The doll begins absorbing the magic from the dragon and Chibi and transfers it to Juliette making her stronger. The dragon manages to escape the grasp of the doll but the damage has been done and slowly begins to descend from the sky. The dragon puts Chibi in his claws to protect her from the impact of the fall and once they hit the roof of the hotel the dragon disappears. Juliette also lands and the doll returns to normal size. She begins to walk over to Chibi where she’s overflowing with magic that it’s practically seething from her body. Chibi takes out her tome but doesn’t use it*

    (Juliette): It looks like you’ve run out of magic.

    *Juliette forms a sphere of wind in hand getting ready to strike Chibi but she can’t move it*

    (Juliette): What’s happening? I can’t move my body.

    (Chibi Isis): Total success.

    (Juliette): What did you do to me?

    (Chibi Isis): Nothing. You did this to yourself. Allow me to show you my trump card. AI Tome: Chapter of the Devil. Wind possession. With this attack I can control my wind magic no matter where it goes and since your body is overflowing with my wind magic I now have complete control over you.

    (Juliette): You. You planned this all along didn’t you?

    (Chibi Isis): I easily could have kept dodging you in the sky. But I knew that wouldn’t be enough to defeat you. I knew I had to defeat you with one shot and make my last spells count so I figured I’d let you absorb all my wind magic and take control of your body leaving you helpless.

    (Juliette): So now what? We just sit here and stare each other down hoping your magic will hold until those freaks can rewrite my circle and finish me off?

    (Chibi Isis): No that sounds annoying. I’ll just finish you off myself by taking back all the magic you stole from me. AI Tome: Chapter of the Sun. Wind burst!

    *All of Chibi’s magic comes bursting out of Juliette’s stomach and back to her. Juliette’s body gets torn in half. Having only a few seconds left to live, Juliette grabs her doll of Julietta and hugs it tightly*

    (Juliette): I will see you soon my sister.

    *Juliette closes her eyes as tears run down her face and she disappears*

    (Baron): And done. Woah, that was a workout.

    (Corbin): Chibi, come here and pour your magic into the circle. Your pure feelings should reverse the spell and make everyone normal again.

    (Chibi Isis): AI Tome: Chapter of the Moon. Wind Serenade.

    *Chibi’s spell flows through the circle and into the hotel where it washes over everybody returning them back to normal. As Chibi and the Jack Bros. take a rest, Shizuku comes crashing back down to the roof. She gets back up, brushes herself off and gives everyone the thumbs up to let her know she’s okay*

    (Shizuku): Hey guys, what I’d miss?

    (Chibi Isis): A lot. How high did you go?

    (Shizuku): I don’t know. How high do you have to be in order to see the next city from the sky?

    *Everyone’s eyes get big at Shizuku’s comment and they all burst out laughing*

    (Shizuku): *Chuckles* No serious guys, how high was I?

    To be continued
  10. *In another part of the hotel, the Jack Bros., Chibi Isis, and Shizuku were making their way through the air ducts*

    (Shizuku): So, where exactly is this magic circle?

    (Corbin): Well, a magic spell like this usually requires a big circle therefore a lot of room is needed to make that circle.

    (Chibi Isis): If that’s the case than it can’t be in the hotel. The only big open area would be the lobby and as we’ve seen it’s not down there. The only other spot I can think of would be the roof.

    *Baron’s eyes light up*

    (Baron): You’re a genius Chibi!

    (Corbin): That’s our student!

    (Shizuku): Non-magic user here. Please explain.

    (Baron): Chicago is known as the Windy City. Juliette’s powers are wind based.

    (Shizuku): So?

    (Baron): So, don’t you think it’s a little odd how Juliette could create such a powerful wind spell with her power alone?

    (Chibi Isis): Actually yeah. Given her power level, she should have only been able to control at most 50 people, not the whole building.

    (Corbin): Exactly. Juliette is using the wind from the city to strengthen her magic. She gathers the wind from the city with her magic and passes it through her circle which leaks into the building thus creating an infinite spell where she controls people.

    (Shizuku): Okay, if you guys can figure all of this out why are you such perverts?

    (Baron): Because this is important.

    (Corbin): And being a pervert is a personal passion of ours. Point being, we need to get to the roof asap.

    *Corbin falls down a vent and crashes through the ceiling of a room*

    (Shizuku): You alright there Corbin?

    (Corbin): Yeah. Hey, I think I landed in Luci Christian’s room.

    (Shizuku): If you take anything I’ll crash you through another ceiling.

    *As Shizuku’s team figure out their destination, Seras has her big fight against Arthur down in the lobby area. The two clash weapons as Arthur seems to have a speed advantage but in terms of skills and strength Seras has the advantage*

    (Arthur): Why are you fighting? You’re just as twisted and messed up as me so why fight? Wouldn’t it make more sense to join us?

    *Arthur lets his guard down and Seras strikes him with a palm strike which sends him flying into the fountain*

    (Seras): Me, join you? Don’t give me that crap.

    *A possessed mob tries to attack Seras but she fights them off without harming them too seriously. While distracted with the mob, Arthur manages to slash the back of Seras and she takes a knee before slowly getting back up and clenching her fist*

    (Seras): Big mistake.

    *Seras rushes Arthur as they fight along the fountain where Seras begins to overwhelm him with her attacks. Seras manages to kick him in the stomach and as he falls backwards Seras grabs him by the collar and headbutts him right on the nose which gives him a nosebleed. As blood drips from his nose, Arthur smiles and licks the blood before going on the attack but his attacks just can’t penetrate Seras’s defense. As they fight Seras receives a call from Mira*

    (Mira): Seras where are you? Have you found the bomb yet?

    (Seras): I’m a little busy right now. Can you or one of the others take care of it?

    (Mira): I wish. Isis disarmed her bomb but now she’s busy battling a mob while stuck in a room. Yume disarmed her bomb which was a vending machine and is now hiding in a storage closet for safety. As for me, I’m in the middle of disarming my bomb while holding off a mob. I don’t know what it is you’re doing but you need to get to that bomb. You only have 7 minutes.

    (Seras): Shit, that’s all I got? Alright, I’ll take care of it.

    *Seras hangs up and re-focuses her attention on Arthur. Upon seeing an opening, she rolls past Arthur and makes it to the pool but he chases after her and begins attacking her by throwing multiple hatchets at her. Seras manages to dodge them and reaches the door to the pool which requires a key in order to open it. Seras tries to open it, Arthur leaps into the air trying to attack her from behind but Seras senses his attack and moves out of the way. Arthur’s hatchet gets stuck in the door and he tries to pull it out but has no luck. Seras uses this chance to attack Arthur and strike him with her punches and kicks. She then grabs him and slams his head into the glass door trying to break the glass. She slams his head into the glass 4 times until she does an overhead suplex which sends him through the glass and lays by the pool with glass stuck to his skin and blood coming out of his arms and legs as well as from his head to the point where he looks like he’s wearing a red mask. As Arthur lies there in pain, Seras enters the pool and makes her way towards the restrooms realizing she’s only got less than a minute to disarm the bomb. She frantically searches the pool until she finds the bomb in the supply closet. Realizing she won’t have time to disarm the bomb she opens up the nearby towel chute and throws the bomb in. She closes the chute and gets down for cover. The bomb goes off and the chute absorbs the blast. Seras takes a sigh of relief that nothing bad happened and they’re still in one piece*

    (Mira): Seras, are you there?

    (Seras): Yeah.

    (Mira): You made it in time I see.

    (Seras): No. I just threw it down a towel chute.

    (Mira): Smart move. Those chutes were designed to contain a 7.0 earthquake.

    (Seras): Huh? Who makes chutes like that?

    (Mira): The owner of this hotel was in an earthquake.

    (Seras): Oh. Hang on, I’ll call you back. I’ve got some unfinished business to take care of.

    *Seras hangs up and gets off the floor as she prepares to finish her fight with Arthur who has somehow made it back to his feet despite the amount of blood he’s lost. He still has a sadistic smile on his face while breathing heavily and is holding a big double-sided hatchet in one hand*

    (Arthur): You. . .ruined. . .my fun.

    (Seras): Let’s stop this now kid. Walk away right now and I’ll let you live.

    *Arthur gathers up all his strength to prepare for one final attack*

    (Seras): Before we do this, allow me to answer your question from earlier. You asked me to join you guys and I said no. Do you know why? Because I don’t share your interest. Yes, it’s true, I can be quite twisted but the difference between you and me is that I can control it. You desire to harm everyone around you for no reason. Me, I only wanted to hurt the person who wronged me. I’m not some sociopathic crybaby looking for attention, I just wanted to get revenge on the man I thought took everything away from me but instead gave me everything I wanted and needed.

    *Arthur hears enough and rushes at Seras while screaming his head off without realizing Seras’s scythe was inches away from his neck and about to cut through him*

    (Seras): AI arts: Red Eclipse Execution.

    *Seras cuts through the neck of Arthur and decapitates him. His body falls to the ground as his head lands and rolls around a little before disappearing into dust along with his body*

    (Seras): Farewell kid, I hope you find peace in the next life.

    To be continued
  11. Here's a link to part 5 of Kuroko's Basketball. If this internal error crap keeps happening we might be making the complete move sooner than I expected.
    Review here:
  12. *It’s a sunny day in Chicago. Nitsuj and the gang are at the con where Chibi Isis is excited because she’ll get to sing for everyone during Nitsuj’s panel which he’ll be hosting with Seras and Shizuku. While everyone is excited about this the group can’t help but wonder what the weeaboos and Les Renegades are up to*

    (Nitsuj): Sure is a calm windy day here in Chicago. And yet I feel uneasy about today.

    (Ashlyn): I still can’t believe those AIs escaped while we were out.

    (Brian): Well only one of them escaped. The other was killed off.

    (Mira): That’s even more disturbing. Why would they kill off one of their own?

    (Yin-Yang): Hey Seras, you’re an expert on sociopathic behavior, any ideas on what’s going on?

    *Seras thinks for a few seconds*

    (Seras): He’s a sick bastard. Judging from the video we saw he had no remorse for his actions. He wanted to drive Juliette into despair knowing how much her bond with Julietta meant to her. I’m willing to bet he lied to her about Julietta’s death and said we killed her in order to make Juliette more dangerous and unpredictable.

    (Isis): But why, what does he have planned?

    (Seras): I don’t know. But one thing’s for sure, something is going to happen today. Something bad. What should we do Nitsuj?

    (Nitsuj): We shall be patient. We’ll let them make the first move and go from there.

    *Meanwhile in an undisclosed location on the internet*

    (Juliette): You must try these cookies Julietta, they’re simply marvelous.

    *Juliette is having snacks while talking to a doll of Julietta*

    (Juliette): What’s the matter dear sister? Is the tea not to your liking? Arthur was nice enough to bring it to us so it only seemed right to give a try. I see you’re still giving me the silent treatment. Doesn’t matter, I’m just glad to be having tea with you

    *Arthur, Else, and Miguel come in*

    (Juliette): Ah sister, we have guests. Please, won’t you all join us for tea?

    (Miguel): Eh~, no thanks, not really my thing.

    (Else): I don’t handle hot beverages well.

    (Arthur): I would love some. By the way Juliette, you and I have a big mission today. Today, we make the people who have hurt you and your sister pay dearly for what they’ve done.

    *Juliette gets a serious look in her eye*

    (Juliette): That’s right. Today will be a day that I shall never forget. Is it alright if I bring Julietta with us? She tends to get lonely without me.

    (Arthur): Of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    *Juliette heads off to get ready with the Julietta doll. As she does Miguel and Elsa look at Arthur with disgust*

    (Arthur): If you guys have something to say please don’t hold back.

    (Miguel): Fine, I find this whole thing disgusting. I knew you were a messed-up kid but this is just wrong even for you. Just what the hell were you hoping to accomplish with this little stunt?

    (Arthur): Julietta was holding Juliette back. Juliette has the potential to be great and strong but her concern for Julietta was stopping her from going all out. So I figured I’d eliminate the block myself.

    (Elsa): And in the process broke the mind of Juliette. In her unstable condition there’s no telling what she’ll do.

    (Arthur): Her unstable condition only serves to make her more beautiful and strong. Besides, are you really one to judge me Miguel? I’ve noticed your interest in the wolf ninja?

    *Miguel smacks the cup of tea out of Arthur’s hand*

    (Arthur): I was drinking that.

    (Miguel): Watch your mouth. . .boy. At least my interest in her didn’t get one of our teammates killed.

    (Arthur): All that matters is that we complete our mission and I intend to do that today by eliminating Nitsuj and his team. Something that you and the others so far have failed to do.

    *Arthur walks off leaving only Miguel and Elsa*

    (Miguel): Some team huh El?

    (Else): It’s just like he said, all that matters is completing the mission. As long as the mission is accomplished I don’t care what methods are used to get it done.

    *Elsa walks off*

    (Miguel): *Sighs* Is this really what a team is supposed to be like?

    *Back with Nitsuj and the others. Nitsuj’s panel is just about to begin. His pre-show panel is Chibi Isis singing. Chibi Isis walks up on the stage as everyone cheers for her*

    (Chibi Isis): Hello.

    (Crowd): Hello!

    (Chibi Isis): My name is Chibi Isis. Nice to meet you.

    *Crowd cheers*

    (Chibi Isis): Nii-chan is running a little late today so he’s sent me to cover for him. Now what should I do?

    (Crowd): Sing! Sing! Sing!

    (Chibi Isis): Sing? Do you guys want me to sing?

    (Crowd): Yes!

    (Chibi Isis): Okay.

    *Chibi Isis begins to sing Lucid Dreaming from the Vocaloid series to the crowd’s enjoyment*

    (Shizuku): Chibi is tearing it up!

    (Nitsuj): She’s been looking forward to this for weeks. By the way, what’s the situation on our target, Russel McGuiness?

    (Brain): Ashlyn and Isis are watching over him.

    (Nitsuj): Those two are on a mission together. When did they become good friends?

    (Mira): A lot of stuff happened on the mission in San Antonio and they became friends.

    (Nitsuj): Good. I knew they would make an excellent team.

    *As Chibi Isis finishes up her song and everyone applauds her the PA system within the building gets hijacked by Les Renegades*

    (Juliette): Pointless. Simply and utterly pointless. Those are the words my sister would speak if she could talk. As I stand here and watch you all converse among yourselves at this con all I see is nothing.

    (Nitsuj): Mira, what’s going on?

    (Mira): She jacked the PA system. I can’t even get in.

    (Juliette): To the people who have harmed my sister, know that today is the day you will pay for your sins. Within this con a bomb has been planted and within the next hour will go off. You’re probably asking yourself, why get everyone else involved, it’s me you want. Because that would ruin the game. I want you to see the faces of your fans as they perish and blame you for what has happened to them. Oh, and don’t bother escaping, this whole building has been put on lockdown. All exits have been locked but I shall make a deal with everyone in this building. All I ask is that you capture the people I am about to show you *A screen pops up showing Nitsuj, the AI girls, Ashlyn, Brian, and the Jack Bros*. Find them, torture them, and kill them. You’re all probably against the idea of harming others but I shall fix that for you. Simply listen to the sound of my wind.

    *A gust of wind spreads over the entire building. Everyone’s eyes become filled with malice as they talk amongst themselves about how this is Nitsuj’s fault and that he should be the one to pay instead of them*

    (Baron): This is bad. She enchanted her wind and put everyone in a spell.

    (Yume): Is that bad?

    (Corbin): On a scale of 1 to 10 we’re fucked. Basically, everyone here is a lifeless body who wants to kill us.

    *The crowd in Nitsuj’s room rushes toward Chibi Isis who is too afraid to act and fight so Nitsuj jumps onto the stage to defend her. The others jump in as well with their weapons out and ready to go*

    (Nitsuj): No weapons!

    *After hearing Nitsuj, Yume and Mira back down and put their weapons away while Shizuku, Yin-Yang, Seras attack the crowd with their fists knocking them out. The group leaves the room and meets back up with Ashlyn and Isis who are running away from a mob. Yin-Yang rushes toward the mob like a bolt of lightning and takes them out in a flash using just her fists. She beat them so fast that nobody saw her hit anyone. Once Ashlyn and Isis are reunited the group goes to hide in an empty room from the mob. They barricade the door to hold the mob back*

    (Nitsuj): Great, it’s like Dead Rising out there.

    (Ashlyn): That’s a pleasing image.

    (Brian): Where’s McGuiness?

    (Isis): He got away. As soon as the crowd started attacking he ran away quickly.

    (Nitsuj): Which means the spell didn’t work on him. McGuinness is our guy!

    (Ashlyn): We’ve got to catch him.

    (Shizuku): In case you forgot, we’re stuck in a building with otakus trying to kill us and in less than an hour a bomb is going to go off killing us all. I think McGuinness is the last thing on our mind.

    (Nitsuj): No. Ashlyn is right. If we let him get away right now the weeaboos will win. We have to catch him now. Now work with me people, what can we do to save the con and catch the bad guy all while looking cool doing it?

    (Baron): I suppose we could counter Juliette’s spell with our spell. A spell like this requires a powerful magical circle. We find it, rewrite it, and that should take out the mob problem.

    (Mira): I’m up for tracking the bomb. If we can find it, I can disarm it.

    (Nitsuj): Now that’s more like it. Alright, we’ll split into teams of 4. Me, Ashlyn, Brian, and Yin-Yang will go after McGuiness. Isis, Mira, Seras, and Yume. You guys find the bomb and stop it. Jack Bros. and Chibi will find that magic circle and rewrite it. Shizuku, go with them for protection.

    (Shizuku): Got it.

    (Nitsuj): We’ve come this far together. Now let’s finish it.

    *After a few minutes the barricade falls apart and the mob rushes in looking for Nitsuj and the others only to see that the room is empty. Nitsuj and the others used the air ducts to escape and each team went their separate ways to do their mission. Isis’s team exits the air ducts on the second floor of the hotel*

    (Isis): All clear.

    *Isis, Mira, Seras, and Yume exit the air ducts*

    (Isis): Alright Mira. Where do we go from here.

    (Mira): According to these readings, there are four bombs within the hotel. One is on this floor, one on floor 5, another on floor 8, and the final one is in the pool area.

    (Seras): The pool area is sure to have a lot of people around. I’ll handle that area, I’m the only one among us who’s good at hand to hand combat.

    (Yume): That sounds good. I’ll head up to the 8th floor.

    (Mira): Leave this floor to me.

    (Isis): I guess that leaves only the 5th floor. Alright. Let’s go.

    *As everyone heads off, Seras jumps from the railings of the second floor and lands on someone. After landing she takes out anyone that gets in her way until she gets stopped by someone throwing a hatchet at her. She looks up to see that the person who threw it was none other than Arthur*

    (Seras): Oh good the son of Johan Libert shows up. Go home kid I don’t have time for you.

    (Arthur): That’s a shame. I wanted to play a game with you. It’s called, kill the AI. It’s a lot of fun and I never lose.

    (Seras): *Chuckles* You know, I’ve played that game before and I’ve never lost either. I guess I could give you a quick game.

    *Seras takes her scythe and prepares to fight as Arthur goes to grab his hatchet*

    (Arthur): The devil is speaking to me. He tells me it’s time to kill.

    (Seras): You’ve certainly got a lot of issues kid. Unfortunately for you. . .I was born with the devil’s voice in my head.

    To be continued
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  14. *It’s the early afternoon of the same day. Nitsuj has just finished doing his panel*

    (Nitsuj): Man was that a fun panel.

    *As Nitsuj walks out into the hallway he spots a few people buying some Seisen Cerberus merchandise at a booth*

    (Nitsuj): Oh hell no! Hey, excuse me. Why are you buying merchandise of the worst anime to come out of 2016?

    (Con lady): Was it really that awful? I thought it was good. Especially the main character.

    (Nitsuj): That guy was the worst main character ever. He never won a single fight and had to be rescued by everyone all the time. It was ridiculous. Not only that but the story was uninteresting, come on you have to remember it being bad.

    (Con man): Hmm~, yeah I do remember it being bad but for some reason I heard Nate Dessian talk about it at his panel and he just made it sound so good and enjoyable that I can’t help but have a new opinion of it and want to buy merchandise of it.

    *The con man and lady walk away after spending a large sum of money on merchandise*

    (Nitsuj): Is the whole world going crazy, or is it just me?

    (Anime fanboy): Hey guys, Nate is getting ready to talk about Kimi no Na wa.

    *A crowd quickly gathers in a room and Nitsuj decides to stick close by the door and watch from afar*

    (Nate): Hey guys, thanks for coming to the second portion of the panel. Now I know what you’re thinking, Kimi no Na wa was a fantastic movie. I movie worthy of surpassing the work of Hayao Miyazaki. But don’t be fooled for friends for Kimi no Na wa is actually a pretty bad movie.

    *Upon hearing this Nitsuj got a killing intent in his eyes and begins to walk in until he gets pulled away by Brian and Danny*

    (Danny): Nitsuj, that man is not to be touched remember?

    (Nitsuj): No! Just one punch! Please! Just let me get one punch!

    (Brian): If we let you get one punch in you’ll keep going until his face is black and purple.

    (Nitsuj): It’ll be worth it, come on!

    *Danny and Brian continue to hold Nitsuj back and have him sit down where Yume makes eye contact with him and shows him a relaxing illusion which seems to calm Nitsuj down*

    (Ashlyn): I think keeping Nitsuj here would be a bad idea.

    (Danny): I agree. Take him somewhere else to cool his head.

    *Danny’s phone rings*

    (Danny): This is Danny. Go ahead. Alright, I’ll be there shortly.

    *Ends call*

    (Danny): We seem to have a few cosplay groups about to go at it.

    (Ashlyn): You go ahead and handle that. We’ll take care of this. Come on Nitsuj, let’s go someplace more relaxing.

    *The Jack Bros. help Nitsuj up and the group walks out of the building and gets in a taxi. After a short drive they arrive at the famous River Walk where they’re about to begin a barrel race*

    (Nitsuj): Who has the balls to say one of the greatest anime movies to come out in recent years was bad?

    (Ashlyn): We know. We know. He’s full of crap, but you have to remember no touching him.

    (Nitsuj): Just so you know, when all of this is cleared up and you guys have a steady flow of cash coming in I will confront him and when I do, it’s gonna make Attack on Titan look like a bedtime story for kids.

    (Isis): Boy I can’t wait to see that. In the meantime, could you give us some money to buy some ice cream?

    *Nitsuj gets out his wallet and gives money to Isis. Isis, Yume, Chibi Isis, and the Jack Bros. go off to buy ice cream with Brian going with them. This leaves Nitsuj and Ashlyn alone where the two decide to walk over to a bridge and watch the barrel race*

    (Ashlyn): I really did enjoy your panel today. It was really great.

    (Nitsuj): You don’t need to tell me, I was there.

    (Ashlyn): *Chuckles* You’ve really become great at reviewing anime. When you first started doing it I was a little worried about you.

    (Nitsuj): You weren’t the only one, I was scared out of my mind.

    (Ashlyn): Would you say you were more scared than the time you had to parachute out of that plane that caught fire when we were trying to retrieve that stolen manga?

    (Nitsuj): *Chuckles* Oh man that, that was one of the scariest moments in my life. But it’s nothing compared to you having to go on America’s Got Talent and sing the opening theme of Evangelion while undercover.

    (Ashlyn): Oh don’t remind me of that event. I was so embarrassed.

    (Nitsuj): You should have kept going, you might have won.

    (Ashlyn): Not in a million years.

    *Both Nitsuj and Ashlyn laugh as they reminiscent about the past*

    (Ashlyn): You and Cole always did love to hear me sing.

    (Nitsuj): Can you blame us? You were good.

    (Ashlyn): Speaking of Cole, did you get his letter about the wedding?

    (Nitsuj): Yeah, I got it. Congratulations.

    (Ashlyn): Thank you. So, does this mean you’ll be the best man? We’ve been waiting for your response since we sent the letter.

    (Nitsuj): Oh, uh, I’m still thinking about it. You know, with everything that’s happened I haven’t had much time to really think about it.

    (Ashlyn): Don’t tell me you’re still thinking about the little fight you guys had a while back before you left?

    (Nitsuj): Oh that, no we’re cool. We chatted over skype and got it all straightened out. It’s just that given the situation we were in I just wonder if I have a right to be the best man.

    (Ashlyn): You mean your feelings for me? I know that you and Cole were fighting over me before you left and I didn’t say anything to you about it. I’m sorry.

    (Nitsuj): No, if anyone should be sorry it’s me. I knew you chose Cole over me but I just couldn’t let it go and kept trying to butt in. I was acting selfish and bitter and I wish I could take it all back.

    (Ashlyn): I also share a little bit of the blame as well. I knew about your feelings for me and I never gave you a solid answer or reasoning why I chose Cole.

    (Nitsuj): Now’s a good time to tell. I’ll start you off. Nitsuj, you’re a great guy, you finish the rest.

    (Ashlyn): *Chuckles* You really are a great guy. Any girl would be lucky to have a guy like you as their boyfriend or husband. You’re kind, caring, funny, cool, optimistic-

    (Nitsuj): And I have good fashion and music sense.

    (Ashlyn): Yeah that too. You’re a guy who I could see wandering a country for months and be okay without worrying anyone because of how independent and resourceful you are.

    (Yume): *Chuckles* Funny she should mention that.

    (Isis): Shh. They’ll hear us.

    (Ashlyn): But with Cole, I don’t see that. You and Cole are similar in so many ways but your co-dependence on others is what separates you from each other. You’re a lone wolf who can survive on his own yet you run with the pack because you like it but when you feel the need to go off and do your own thing you do and you’ll be fine. But with Cole he needs that pack otherwise he’ll be lost and fall apart. I love you both in your own ways and if I could I would be with both of you but Cole needs me more than you. I know I’m hurting you and I can’t stand hurting one of the people I care for so much but that’s where I stand.

    *After hearing, all of this, Nitsuj takes a deep breath and pats Ashlyn on the back*

    (Nitsuj): You’ve really thought about this a lot haven’t you? I’m betting it must have been the toughest decision you’ve made in your life?

    (Ashlyn): I don’t like it but at the same time I don’t hate it. I just wish there was a way we could all walk away from this happy.

    (Nitsuj): We will. Thanks for being honest with me. If that’s how you really feel, I’ll accept it. I’ll be the best man and wish you guys nothing but the best.

    (Ashlyn): Oh Nitsuj. *Kisses Nitsuj on the cheek* Thank you! I know Cole will be thrilled to hear this. . . when. . .we find him.

    *Ashlyn face begins to go pale*

    (Nitsuj): Don’t worry. I’m sure he’s fine out there. We’ll find him for sure.

    (Ashlyn): Do you really think he’s okay?

    (Nitsuj): If there’s one man on this planet whose skills can stand up to my own its Cole and anyone who can stand up to my skills won’t go down so easily.

    *Nitsuj and Ashlyn hear someone clapping slowly behind them and they turn around to see it’s the Silver Knight*

    (Silver Knight): Nice performance there Nitsuj. Your best friend is out of the picture and you put on the lame act of caring just to make the girl lower her defense and then take her for yourself. That’s dirty. . .and I like it.

    (Nitsuj): I’m not as cold-hearted or fake as you.

    (Silver Knight): Oh I seriously doubt that. By the way, do you really have time to be flirting? We’ve only got about two more stops until San Francisco and you’re not even close to finding the transporter.

    (Nitsuj): I will.

    (Ashlyn): What are you even doing here? Don’t tell me you’re so alone that the only people you can socialize with are the ones that despise you?

    (Sliver Knight): Feisty. I can see why you like her so much. I’ll cut right to the chase, my clients want their AIs back.

    (Ashlyn): Go to hell!

    (Nitsuj): What she said.

    (Silver Knight): I’m not asking for them without a price. How’s about I give you hint about the transporter your looking for? They’ll be at a special con tonight.

    (Nitsuj): A special con?

    (Ashlyn): I know what con you’re talking about. NML.

    (Nitsuj): NML is happening here? Tonight?

    (Ashlyn): Yep, and no, you’re not invited.

    (Nitsuj): Like I would want to go to that con.

    (Silver Knight): So, what do you say now.

    (Ashlyn): I say the joke’s on you, we already knew about this clue. Unless you can tell us who the transporter is I we have nothing more to talk about.

    (Silver Knight): Okay, good cop over. Bad cop time. Hand over the AIs or the River Walk will become your watery grave.

    *Naruto Cosplayers who are actually weeaboo ninjas in disguise come out and surround Nitsuj and Ashlyn*

    (Nitsuj): I knew there was something off about these Naruto cosplayers. So, you’re looking for a street fight huh?

    *Just as Nitsuj finishes his sentence Isis shoots two of the weeaboos and Brian hits one of them with a flying forearm while Isis, Yume, and Chibi Isis hand Nitsuj and Ashlyn their swords. Nitsuj charges at the Silver Knight and their swords clash while the others take on the weeaboos. Nitsuj and the Silver Knight are evenly matched as sparks fly between their swords. Both of them jump off the bridge they’re on and land on the passing barrels floating down the river. After regaining their balance, they continue to fight each other while innocent bystanders watch in amazement at their show. Back on the bridge, Yume manages to fight through the weeaboos and chases after them on land. As she runs after them she sees that on the other side the weeaboos are preparing to launch an attack on Nitsuj so she takes out her spear and uses that as a catapult to make it to the other side where she takes out her sword and begins fighting them herself. Nitsuj and the Silver Knight make it on solid land where they fight near a restaurant. Their fight spills inside the restaurant where Silver Knight kicks a chair towards Nitsuj who slices it up but this allows Silver Knight to get the jump on Nitsuj where he kicks him on the buffet table and slides him across the table onto the floor face first. Nitsuj manages to get to his knees and headbutts Silver Knight in the stomach stunning him for few seconds and Nitsuj uses this opportunity to grab a flat pan and hit Silver Knight upside the head with the flat pan. Thanks to his mask the hit had little effect on him but it still hurt him*

    (Nitsuj): Dark twin sword style: Shadow Cross!

    *Nitsuj swings his swords horizontally and diagonally creating the illusion of a cross and striking Silver Knight in the back which sends him flying out of the restaurant. He soon gets back on his feet and hops back on the passing barrels to get away from Nitsuj. As he’s on the barrels, Isis fires at the barrel he’s on with her sniper rifle and he jumps onto another one to avoid sinking. Isis fires another one but he jumps again to avoid sinking. He jumps up onto a bridge overhead where Isis catches up to him. She takes out her pistols and tries to shoot him but he dodges all of her attacks. Yume comes from behind trying to strike but she misses. However, she does make eye contact with him and sends him into an illusion*

    (Silver Knight): It’s not real! It’s not real!

    *Silver Knight stabs his hand with a hidden knife which seems to snap him out of the illusion but has hurt him greatly*

    (Yume): Inflicting pain on yourself to get out of my illusion. Not many people are crazy enough to do that.

    (Silver Knight): Those people aren’t crazy enough for victory then.

    *Isis and Yume try to attack him together but he takes out a flash grenade which blinds Yume and Isis and he tosses them into the water. Back with Nitsuj he fights through the weeaboo ninjas until he comes across a big one wielding a giant mallet*

    (Nitsuj): Brian! Tag in!

    (Brian): Buster Wolf!

    *Brian at lightning quick speed punches the giant weeaboo ninja in the stomach which pushes him back a little but the ninja grabs Brian and is about to throw him until Nitsuj jumps off the back of Brian and hits the ninja with a high knee to the jaw which knocks a tooth out. After Nitsuj lands he and Brian prepare for a double punch*

    (Nitsuj): Warlock Punch!

    (Brian): Falcon Punch!

    *Both Brian and Nitsuj strike the ninja and knock him out. As they marvel at their feat, Silver Knight comes in to attack them both. He kicks Nitsuj into a wall while Brian managed to dodge his attack. Brian tries to use his rapid punches to take out Silver Knight but he dodges all of his attacks. Silver Knight tries to hit Brian with a sword slash but Brian dodges and hits him with an uppercut which puts a crack in Silver Knight’s mask. Silver Knight gets a worried look on his face and begins to run away. Nitsuj and Brian go after him but get stopped by some more weeaboos. Luckily, Isis begins sniping them off with her sniper rifle on a bridge*

    (Nitsuj): That’s my Isis.

    *Nitsuj and Brian continue to move forward with Isis providing cover fire for them. Yume also provides cover fire by rolling down the river on a barrel and takes shots at Silver Knight. Her shooting leads him up to a bridge where he tries to reach the other side but standing in his way is Ashlyn. He tries to retreat backwards but the Jack Bros. set up a barrier cutting off his escape route and Chibi Isis sets up another barrier behind Ashlyn*

    (Ashlyn): There’s no escape now Silver Knight. Now reveal your true self!

    *Ashlyn lunges at Silver Knight who takes out his sword to defend himself. Ashlyn’s quick and fluent slashes seem to push Silver Knight to his limits as he can barely keep up with her. Ashlyn finally manages to knock away his sword leaving him defenseless*

    (Ashlyn): Give up?

    *Silver Knight pulls out a gun and points it at Ashlyn*

    (Silver Knight): Not by a long shot.

    *Yume fires her arrow and knocks the gun away while Isis takes a shot at Silver Knight which managed to hit him right in the face destroying a part of his mask. Not wanting his face to be seen, he covers it up with his hand. He presses a button on his wristwatch and a drone comes flying in fast taking shots at the group. Silver Knight grabs onto the drone and flies away.

    (Brian): Damn! He got away.

    (Nitsuj): It’s not all bad. We got his sword. You alright there Ashlyn?

    (Ashlyn): I’m fine. But why did he run away and why was he so concerned with hiding his face?

    (Corbin): Maybe he’s ugly and he knows it. I’m just saying the guy wears a mask, so he’s got to be aware of it.

    (Nitsuj): It because he’s someone we know.

    (Brian): A former member of the AIA perhaps?

    (Nitsuj): Maybe. He was very familiar with my move set. Not many people are that well prepared against my dark arts.

    *As Nitsuj and the other ponder this, Mira, Shizuku, Yin-Yang, and Seras pop out of a laptop owned by a woman eating outside of a restaurant and fall on the ground*

    (Isis): Look what popped out.

    (Shizuku): Hey there guys.

    (Yin-Yang): Fancy meeting you here.

    *As they get up the detonator falls out of Shizuku’s pocket and hits the ground. All of a sudden a loud explosion goes off in the distance as the explosion can be seen from the River Walk for everyone to see. As everyone watches it in silence Shizuku quickly turns to the group*

    (Shizuku): Tell me that didn’t look awesome?

    To be continued
  15. *A few days have gone by and the group is in San Antonio. Nitsuj is preparing for his panel in his room with the AI girls while going over their plan to attack the weeaboo base*

    (Danny): Alright. Here’s what we know, the weeaboos have a based located beneath the city of San Antonio. After interrogating those AI sisters last night we confirmed that the base is in fact beneath the city just a few miles from the AT & T center. Normally, I would send a squad in to seize it and take control of it but we need to keep an eye on the con so I’m leaving it in your hands. Have you decided on the team who will be infiltrating the base?

    (Nitsuj): That would be the team of Yin-Yang, Shizuku, Seras and Mira. I would have joined them but I’ve got a panel to go to this morning and the person we’re investigating can only be investigated by Ashlyn and the girls.

    (Danny): Why?

    (Ashlyn): She’s doing a panel in No Man’s Land.

    *Danny blushes slightly and coughs a little*

    (Danny): I. . .I see. This is definitely a task best suited for Ashlyn and the others. *Clears throat* Anyway, the best way to enter their base is to sneak into AT & T center. Head down into the basement and look for a trap door down there. It’ll lead you to their base and from there you know what to do. Hack their files and see if you can find who has the flash drive or any valuable information you can think of. As for the base itself, make it unusable for them.

    (Seras): Okay. Leave it to us.

    (Nitsuj): There’s sure to be a counter-attack and possibly an AI guard waiting there for you so be careful.

    (Yin-Yang): That’s what I’m hoping for.

    (Isis): Just don’t do anything rash Yin-Yang.

    (Yin-Yang): I won’t. Complete the mission and then I’ll have my vengeance.

    (Shizuku): Alright. Let’s get a move on.

    *Shizuku, Seras, Yin-Yang, and Mira get their gear and head out to do their mission. They arrive shortly at the AT & T center where they easily infiltrate the building*

    (Shizuku): Man, so much prestige. To think this is where one of the greatest NBA teams of all time plays.

    (Seras): I wonder if they’re on the court practicing right now. Let’s go see.

    (Yin-Yang): Wait!

    *Yin-Yang’s ears tingle a little bit*

    (Yin-Yang): Someone’s coming. Hide.

    *The AI girls quickly hide as security guards walk by doing their daily walkthrough. Once the coast is clear the girls come out of hiding*

    (Mira): Well one thing’s for sure, this place is well guarded. Let’s make our way down into the basement.

    *Everyone nods and follows Mira who leads them down to the basement door. The door has a security lock on it and requires a code in order for it to be opened*

    (Seras): No problem *takes out scythe*. I’ll slice it open.

    (Mira): No! It’ll make too much noise. Let’s try a more tactful approach. Shizuku, if you would.

    *Shizuku walks up to the door, takes a deep breath, and punches the door down with ease*

    (Seras): And you think my way wasn’t tactful?

    (Mira): Alright Yin-Yang, use that nose of yours to find the entrance.

    (Yin-Yang): So you assume that just because I’m an animal I can track their scent back to the entrance? That’s a little racist.

    (Shizuku): Well if you can’t do it we’ll-

    (Yin-Yang): Damn straight I can do it! It’s underneath that bin of souvenir balls.

    *Shizuku and Seras remove the bin and see the entrance. Mira opens it and the girls head down into the passage way. After walking for about a minute they come to a steel door and a security lock*

    (Shizuku): Want me to punch it down again?

    (Seras): This door might be a bit too much for your fist and I doubt my scythe could cut it.

    (Mira): Step aside, this is where I come in.

    *Mira begins to hack into the security lock*

    (Mira): Impressive. Whoever designed this security system does good work. But it’s nothing I can’t handle.

    *After fiddling around for a bit, Mira manages to hack the lock and opens the door for everyone to enter. Once inside the base Yin-Yang takes out a weeaboo by walking on the ceiling and dropping down on the weeaboo slamming his head into the ground. Shizuku also takes out a weeaboo by leg sweeping him off the ground and into the air where she punches him and knocks him out. Both Yin-Yang and Shizuku steal their security cards and give them to Mira*

    (Mira): Alright, I’m going to hack into their servers using the laptop the weeaboo dropped. Have fun wreaking havoc in the base.

    (Seras): Oh you know we will.

    *Mira logs into the laptop*

    (Mira): Oh God, why does he have furry porn sites under his bookmark tab?

    *Mira ignores what she sees and continues into the server of the weeaboo base*

    (Seras): Well ladies, we have a rare opportunity to go berserk on stuff. Let’s make the most of it.

    (Yin-Yang): Hey guys, check it out.

    *Yin-Yang points to a door and Shizuku and Seras go to check it out where they see bombs and a detonator. Their eyes widen*

    (Shizuku): I’ve always wanted to blow something up.

    (Seras): You’re not the only one.

    (Yin-Yang): Find a body and move it up top.

    *Seras, Shizuku, and Yin-Yang quickly get to work taking out all the weeaboos in the base. Thanks to Nitsuj’s programing they can’t kill them however they can hurt them to the point that they pass out. Despite the weeaboos attempt to fight back, they’re no match for the trained expertise of the AI girls. After an hour of fighting, The AI girls manage to round up all the weeaboos, tie them up and put them in carts. They then load the weeaboos up into the elevator and send them up top for AIA agents to come and pick them up. Once the last load of weeaboos has been sent up Mira comes out of main computer in the headquarters and is reunited with the others*

    (Yin-Yang): Hi Mira, how’d it go in there?

    (Mira): Rough. Whoever designed the security system for this base did a good job. It took me quite a bit to crack all of the firewalls but I succeeded.

    (Yin-Yang): Great, did you find anything of value in there?

    (Mira): Well the bad news is I didn’t find any information on who our transporter is but the good news is I did find something of value for this case. The weeaboos are working with someone.

    (Seras): Say what now?

    (Mira): Check out this recording.

    *Mira plays the recording for Yin-Yang and Seras*

    (Weeaboo): Me and my associates still say you should have let us destroy the flash drive. Anime dubbing has become great this past year. If this keeps up dubbing will have a strong foothold in the western market. This dub needs to be destroyed.

    (???): No! Destroying the dub won’t do. We need to nip this problem on the bud and what better place to do it than on a grand stage such as a con. Rest assured, we will destroy the art of dubbing here in the west and through it we will make certain that it is us that benefit the most from this change. As for the flash drive, my associates were very peculiar on keeping it safe no matter what. Once the flash drive is in their hands so too will your dreams be realized. You have my word.

    (Weeaboo): Very well. Me and the other weeaboos will continue to watch over your transporter and help them reach the final destination. You just better keep your end of the bargain.

    (???): I always do. With my newest discovery and the grand stage we’ve setup, dubbing will be no more. Soon, the anime market of the west will be within our grasp.

    *Recording ends*

    (Yin-Yang): Woah, that’s some heavy stuff.

    (Seras): They’re joking, right? They can’t just destroy dubbing.

    (Mira): I don’t know what they have planned but they sound very confident in their plan. We have to tell Nitsuj and the others.

    (Seras): Alright, but let’s make sure this base becomes obsolete.

    (Mira): Do you have a plan for that?

    *Shizuku comes in with a box of explosives*

    (Shizuku): Okay, who’s ready to blow shit up?

    (Mira): This is your plan, blowing up the base?

    (Yin-Yang): It sounded good in our heads.

    (Mira): Brilliant! Let’s get started.

    *Everyone takes a handful of the explosives and heads out to plant them throughout the base. But as they head out they run into a huge bull-like figure*

    (Shizuku): Woah! Big!

    (Sebastian): Boa tarde.

    *Sebastian grabs Shizuku and pushes her back into the room with the others*

    (Sebastian): Well this is a surprise. I came here because I was told they had a mission for me. But when I arrive nobody was here to greet me and now I see why. A couple of ratos snuck in and cleared the place out.

    (Seras): An AI from Les Renegades.

    (Yin-Yang): You’re that Sebastian guy. Where’s Miguel?

    (Sebastian): Ah~, you must be the cachorro he’s been talking about. Sorry but I don’t know where the hell he is. If we wait around long he might show up. Unfortunately, you guys don’t have long to live.

    (Seras): The same can be said for you.

    *Seras takes out her scythe, leaps into the and tries to slash Sebastian but he just stands there with his mouth open and catches the blade of the scythe with his teeth. He then bites down and completely crushes the blade like nothing as Seras lands on the ground*

    (Seras): Damn.

    (Sebastian): Thank you, I needed my recommended dose of iron. You will not find me as easy to defeat like the others you’ve come across so far.

    *Sebastian knees Seras in the chest and hits her in the back of the head with a chop which sends falling to ground with force*

    (Shizuku): Woah! He just took out Seras in two moves.

    (Sebastian): Now, who’s next?

    *Just as he finished his sentence Seras sprung back and wrapped her legs around his neck*

    (Seras): Who says we’re done? Skull hurricanrana!

    *Seras does a hurricanrana which sends Sebastian flying and crashing through a table but Sebastian gets back up like nothing happened*

    (Sebastian): Well that was unexpected.

    (Mira): Nothing seems to hurt this guy.

    (Shizuku): I’ll handle this. You guys plant the explosives.

    (Seras): You can’t be serious about taking this guy on yourself. Let me help.

    (Shizuku): You’ll only just hold me back. Trust me, I got this.

    *Shizuku activates Amazon Rage and steps right in front of Sebastian looking up into his eyes where she smiles and throws a punch at his face which connects. Sebastian retaliates by throwing a punch as well which connects and the two begin trading rapid punches with each other. As they do this the others head out and begin planting the bombs throughout the base. After trading enough punches Shizuku takes out her hammer and hits Sebastian with it. He falls back a little bit but regains his footing and spears Shizuku through the wall*

    (Mira): This is the first time I’ve seen someone last this long against Shizuku’s strikes. Will she be alright?

    (Yin-Yang): Don’t worry, with the training she’s been doing that bull doesn’t stand a chance against her.

    (Seras): What training?

    (Yin-Yang): Let’s just say Shizuku hasn’t been helping me with just my training to increase my speed. That training was also used to help her out as well.

    *As Yin-Yang and the others talk, Shizuku continues to fight against Sebastian. Both have been beaten up pretty badly but despite the pain neither one is letting up*

    (Shizuku): Hammer drop!

    *Shizuku leaps into the air while doing a flip to gain more force with her hit. But Sebastian blocks the attack and begins to glow green*

    (Sebastian): Time to end this. Bull rush!

    *With one mighty roar, Sebastian blows away Shizuku’s hammer and begins unloading a series of strong punches on Shizuku who is unable to block them. After punching her many times Sebastain grabs her from behind and begins suplexing her. He does 10 German suplexes and then finishes up with a rolling German suplex. He lets go of Shizuku where she lays motionless*

    (Sebastian): Ultra combo! All done? Good talk. You put up a pretty good fight there. Hopefully your friends can provide me with more entertainment.

    (Shizuku): I doubt it.

    *Shizuku sits back up with a smile on her face*

    (Shizuku): Nice series of suplexes. Good thing I tucked my neck or that would have been bad.

    (Sebastian): Que diabos!? You should not be standing right now. You-

    *Shizuku runs up to Sebastian and punches him in the stomach where he falls to his knees writhing in pain*

    (Shizuku): Now I know what you’re thinking, how is she standing, I just hit her with everything I had, and did her punches get stronger? Well to answer the second question first, yes, my punches did get stronger. As for the first question, the answer is endurance. You see a while ago my boss told me the secret to using Amazon’s Rage full power.


    (Nitsuj): You’ve really adjusted well to using Amazon’s Rage but you have yet to unlock the true power of Amazon’s Rage.

    (Shizuku): True power?

    (Nitsuj): Thanks to Amazon’s Rage for each hit you take you get stronger. However, this only applies when you’re still conscious. If somebody were to knock you out you’d be at their mercy.

    (Shizuku): So what do you suggest I do?

    (Nitsuj): You need to increase your endurance. Take all the hits possible and still stay conscious so that you can unleash your rage on your opponent.

    *Flashback ends*

    (Shizuku): Ever since he told me that, for last 5 months all I’ve been doing is endurance training. I’ve been training my body to endure just about anything. It was hard. I mean extremely hard but in the end I became stronger and was finally able to bring out the full power of Amazon’s Rage. And what we have here is a rare opportunity for me to finally cut loose and test out the ultimate power of Amazon’s Rage. Allow me to show you what a real ultra combo feels like.

    *Without warning Shizuku punches Sebastian in the face and he goes flying through two rooms. Shizuku walks through the rooms with a red aura completely covering her body*

    (Shizuku): Burning Tiger.

    *Shizuku begins unloading punches and kicks on Sebastian landing 350 hits rendering him unconscious on his feet as he refuses to fall to Shizuku. Shizuku than takes her claymore and slashes through Sebastian like a piece of paper and dissolves into thin air*

    (Shizuku): Now that, is what you call an ultra combo.

    *Shizuku sits down as the other AI girls show up to check on her*

    (Mira): Impressive Shizuku. I didn’t think you were one for strategy.

    (Shizuku): Yeah I figured I’d give it a try and see what happens. I’m going back to the old ways.

    (Seras): I guess some things never change.

    (Yin-Yang): I planted the last of the bombs, let’s get out of here.

    (Shizuku): Hey wait. Let’s set them off now while we run away from the explosion. It’ll be awesome.

    (Mira): No it won’t. Besides there’s no one around to see us do it.

    (Shizuku): We’ll know how cool we were.

    *Shizuku grabs the detonator and presses the button starting the timer on the bombs*

    (Seras): Oh shit!

    *The AI girls help Shizuku up and rush to the nearest computer where they log into the system*

    (Yin-Yang): Are you insane!?

    (Shizuku): Is that a rhetorical question?

    (Seras): Mira, find us a safe area before we get destroyed with their system.

    (Mira): I’m searching! I’m searching! There! A restaurant down by the River Walk. Let’s go.

    *Everyone jumps into the wormhole and as they do they look back to see that the bombs have reached zero but haven’t gone off*

    (Shizuku): Where the kaboom?

    (Seras): Must have been defective bombs.

    (Shizuku): Ohhhhh~.

    *The AI girls continue down the wormhole to reach their destination on the River Walk*

    To be continued