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  1. *Nitsuj is at his desk snoring loudly while sleeping until he senses your presence*

    Wh-what! Holy crap the review! Uh hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Sorry about that, I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep these last few days. That or today’s anime was so boring it actually put me to sleep. Boring is a word I thought I would never associate with anime but sadly yes, there are some animes that are boring to watch. Whether this is the fault of the animators, VAs, directors, or the source material is anyone’s guess. From personal experience I usually find the ladder to be at fault most of the time, there are just some things out there that don’t translate well into anime like today’s anime Juuou Mujin no Fafnir. Also known as Unlimited Fafnir, the series is based off a light novel written by Tsukasa (he or she is too intense for last names) in 2013 and still continuing to this day. The best way to describe this series is imagine Infinite Stratos except instead of a futuristic setting filled with mechas we instead get a futuristic fantasy setting. The main difference being is that Infinite Stratos turned to be a somewhat decent anime, this series doesn’t show that. In 2015 the small studio Diomedéa (Campione, Akuma no Riddle, and Kantai Collection) decided to take the series and turn it into an anime making it one of the worst animes to come out in 2015. Not the worst but one of the worse. We’re going in bored folks. Let’s take a look at Unlimited Fafnir.

    Opening and Ending Theme

    The opening is "FLYING FAFNIR" by TRUSTRICK. Surprisingly I found myself liking the song. Probably because the beat reminds me of Dragon’s Dogma main theme if it was slower. Much slower. The singing is good, I like how it starts off slow and quiet but starts to pick up at the end as it feels like the singer and music are in a dogfight with each other. The ending is "Ray of bullet" by Rina Hidaka & Manami Numakura. Again, this was a surprisingly good song I found myself liking. This ending is surprisingly louder than the opening and have to admit Rina and Manami have good harmony with each other. Also, I think this song would have worked better as the opening.

    Episodes 1-4

    The anime opens up with them explaining how these creatures known as dragons (who look nothing like dragons mind you) invading the world and causing destruction. Okay you know what screw it, you’ve all seen harem/fantasy animes you know how the standard procedures go so let’s sum up the episode. Dragons are invading and only girls called D’s can stop them because they have the power to use dark matter but the main character who is a male has the power of D and is now the only male at a school full of girls (check). Fast forward where our main character Yuu voiced Yoshitsugu Matsuoka has arrived at Midgar a place that trains D’s to live in society, fight dragons, and protect them from dragons because apparently dragons seek the girl who has their crest to eat them and it’s said that when girls come into contact with the dragon that has their crest they in turn become dragons themselves (well that sucks. Check). The school is on a tropical island, Yuu runs into a naked girl who’s one of the main characters (check). Her name is Iris voiced by Rina Hidaka who sucks as a D but continues to do her best, will befriend Yuu, and develop obvious feelings for him (check). Yuu runs into his sister named Mitsuki who is cold and the student council president (check). Goes to class where he meets stuck up girl who’s not happy he’s here but will develop feelings for him (check). Checks out a training exercise where he finds out that the key to using his powers is to think outside the box and view his powers as magic (check). Iris fails in training but gets cheered up by Yuu and the episode ends with a dragon attacking the island and Iris’ chest beginning to glow (check).

    Picking up where episode 1 left off in episode 2 we find out that a white dragon known as the Leviathan will be arriving on the island in 33 hours (I guess he’s in no hurry) and guess who he’s coming for? As the girls prepare for combat Yuu receives a message from Loki his superior officer from NIFL (got fed up with the Marvel universe and decided to make it big in anime huh Loki?). Loki tells Yuu he knows about the girls turning into dragons and gives him orders to kill the girl the dragon is responding to. Yuu doesn’t like this but afraid that Loki might do something reckless agrees to go along with the plan however he’ll only kill as a last resort. Back on the island Yuu easily figures out that Iris is the one the Leviathan is looking for and finds her on top of the school building where she planned to commit suicide but was too afraid (you know, if it wasn’t for her cute personality and sexy body I would think this character was totally useless). Yuu manages to calm her down saying that he’ll protect her and if the time comes when she’s about to turn into a dragon he’ll be the one to kill her. She believes him and tells the school what’s going while Yuu tells Mitsuki what his superiors want him to do and she says that if the time comes she’ll be the one to kill Iris because she doesn’t want Yuu’s hands to be tainted like her hands (Seras: Oh, so killed someone? Tell me, what was the look in their eyes when you did the act? (Nitsuj): You are one messed up sexy AI girl. Don’t ever change). So they put Iris down in a bunker with Yuu as her bodyguard (yeah let’s leave the adolescent boy with the adolescent girl that usually works out well) where Iris is wearing a sexy nightgown and in her own innocent way drops hints that she wants Yuu’s D if you know what I mean (). After a few harem clichés the episode ends with the Leviathan reaching the island tearing through the front (someone’s got balls).

    The fight against Leviathan begins in episode 3 as he breaks through the first line of defense and the Ds are sent out to fight it (and guess how many they send out to fight? 5. 5 girls are sent out to fight this poorly done CGI dragon. Are you seriously telling me that this island this island filled with girls who are trained around the clock to fight these dragons only has 5 people who are ready for combat? That’s just stupid! IS did the same thing but with them it actually made sense. Ichika and the others are the only ones with a personal IS that they can call on at any time so it makes sense why they’re the ones always being called on to handle missions. Here, what makes these 5 girls so special? Is it because they’re in the same class as Yuu? Is it because they have personality from the other girls? Or is it because we’re too cheap and lazy to animate other characters so we’ll just use the 5 character models we already have? Look, if they lose to the dragon I’m okay with that but at least make it look like they had a chance at beating this thing. Don’t make the fight so one-sided from the get go). The girls lose to the dragon because it has an anti-gravity force field that deflects all attacks (well ain’t that convenient). NIFL infiltrates the island and tries to kill Iris but Yuu takes care of them all by himself with ease (glad to see he’s not a useless character). Mitsuki shows back up and is about to kill Iris saying there’s no other way to win (you only fought it for like 2 fucking minutes and you’re telling me you’re giving up because you can’t get pass its force field? Failures, all of you). They have a short yet cute fight where Yuu explains that the key to defeating Leviathan lays within Iris’s power (oh fuck me how cliché can they get?). When the Leviathan is within striking range Iris fires her exploding energy balls at it which temporarily destroys the shield allowing the others to attack it but despite their attacks the Leviathan still stands tall ready to fight and everything. Finally, Yuu unleashes his power where we see that his powers are different from the others. Yuu received his powers from the first dragon who wants to annihilate all dragons (why? Because potatoes) however using those powers come at a price. For every time he uses them he loses his memories. He uses his powers to summon a giant cannon (yes you like guns we get it) and combines his powers with Iris and Mitsuki and they destroy that thing once and for all saving Iris and the episode ends with Iris showing her gratitude by kissing Yuu on the beach in secret with no one around (one girl down 5 and more to go).

    Episode 4 starts us off by Yuu meeting the headmaster Charlotte for a physical exam. Charlotte is a blond loli who has no interest in guys, considers the girls on the island her harem, and is a straight up pervert (well she has my respect). She licks Yuu’s dragon crest (hey, sexual harassment) to see if there’s a reaction to it because a dragon has been on the move on the other side of the world and the academy is investigating everyone to see if there’s a reaction from them. Luckily, none of the girls are reacting to the dragon but two girls within the region of the dragon got a reaction and are sent to the academy for protection. One of them is Tear a young girl with dragon horns who is totally convinced that she’s a dragon (so she’s a furry? Man they’re getting younger these days). When Mitsuki says she’s human she doesn’t handle it well and unleashes her powers within the auditorium (she’s making a good first impression). When she sees Yuu her attitude changes and she proclaims that Yuu is her husband (call the cops). It turns out Yuu rescued Tear a long time ago from the mafia and she developed a crush on the guy. Before getting captured by the mafia we’re told that she belonged to this cult of dragon worshipers (these guys destroy your homes and families and you choose to worship them?) who totally convinced her that she was a dragon and nothing else (so the dragon cult is just one big furry gathering right?). Tear is placed under Yuu’s care and begins sticking closely to him pushing everyone away making Mitsuki and Iris jealous (you guys are getting jealous over an elementary school girl who you could out match. You do know that right?). Eventually Tear starts to interact with the rest of her class making friends but we take a huge step backwards when they’re teaching her how to use dark matter and her powers go berserk because she remembers her time with the dragon cult.

    Episodes 5-8

    We open where episode 4 left off in episode 5. Tear uses the dark matter to become an artificial dragon and is stopped by Lisa the girl who refuses to acknowledge Yuu but deep down has a crush but is too shy to admit it. She falls unconscious and gets taken to the infirmary where Yuu bumps into Honoka another transfer student (new harem member). They talk a little bit and develop a friendship where they’re on first name bases (oh yeah first name. That’s like halfway to first base). Yuu receives a call from Loki telling him that Kili the female leader of the dragon cult who also considers herself a dragon (you’re a fucking furry! Stop forcing your beliefs on the young) plans on attacking the island to get Tear back (wait, new transfer student, quick character development, befriends the main character, and really has no family? *Thinks about this for a mintute* No, they couldn’t be that stupid or cliché). After Tear wakes up Yuu talks to her on the beach where he tells her that she’s not a dragon (thank you. I know everybody has been telling her this but I think they haven’t been serious about) and that she has to accept the fact that she’s human otherwise they can’t be together (and you need at least 6 more years to sleep with him). After their talk Tear apologizes to everyone and they decide to go to the beach to relax (yeah let’s forget about the crazy furry who plans on attacking the academy at any time. Let’s just look at boobs). So we get our phone-in fanservice and we see that Lisa and Tear are developing a sister relationship with each other (okay I have to admit that is kind of nice and cute. This shows that Lisa really thinks of everyone on the island as a family member to her. Someone who can’t be replaced and who she loves dearly. This explains why she and Mitsuki don’t really get along that well. Oh she tolerates Mitsuki and fights beside her because she’s still family but at the same time she still has a hard time dealing with the fact that one of her family members could kill another member of the family so easily without hesitation). They finish up their fun with BBQ courtesy of the headmaster and return to the dorm where a dragon mysteriously pops up out of nowhere (starting to feel like Attack on Titan).

    So a dragon comes right the hell of nowhere and appears on the island in episode 6. Its target is Tear so non-combatants are told to head to shelter (what! No! Everybody on this island should be combat ready and able! This is why you are here so fight damn it) and Lisa is put in charge of protecting Tear while Yuu and the others (and by others I mean the only 5 FUCKING GIRLS WHO KNOW HOW TO FIGHT) are sent to monitor the dragon but they’re not to fight because it’s unbeatable, whatever you hit it with it just revives (). As the students are heading for shelter we do see that Honoka isn’t the dragon and isn’t Kili as she’s one of the students heading towards the shelter (oh thank God they’re not stupid). However, Kili does appear on the island and breaks into the underground shelter which has no alarms go off (does logic and common sense just leave everyone’s mind when they go to this island? That has to be the case because nothing on this fucking island makes sense). We see that Kili is OP as hell as she’s able to do heat conversions at will, block all attacks and do Mustang’s fire alchemy trick like nothing (this is ridiculous! At least give the main characters a fighting chance). She easily owns Lisa and captures Tear where Yuu comes in to stop her where not even he’s a match for Kili. Kili almost succeeds in getting Tear to rejoin her (good~. Let the furry flow through you) but Tear remembers all the fun times she had with everyone and finally accepts that she’s human (so be it. . .human). Yuu manages to get a hit on Kili (by pure luck) and the dragon begins attacking the island looking for Tear (great, we traded in one OP character for another OP character. Only difference is this one can’t be reasoned with).

    Not a whole lot happened in episode 7. Kili leaves for no reason and the group manages to defeat the dragon by blowing it away into the distance (so they defeated something that was said to be unbeatable. Way to lie to us anime?). Even though the dragon was defeated most of the dorms got destroyed (specifically Yuu and Mitsuki’s dorm) so they’re forced to live together in the commons where Mitsuki tries to ask Yuu about his powers but drops it because she doesn’t want to bring up her past (hey you’re brother has an amazing power that takes his memories away and you don’t wanna know about it. Smart).

    In episode 8 we find out another dragon is heading towards the island and this one can fire off beams which turns stuff into salt or ash (what the ass?). They believe it’s coming for Tear so they’ve partnered up with NIFL to lure the dragon to a deserted volcanic island and destroy it there (and Honoka is joining them). On the boat ride to the island Yuu interacts with Fyril a bookworm who has dreams of one day writing her own book and takes active interest in Yuu claiming she wants to study him for her book (is the book gonna be an h-manga or something because this series could use a good doujin right now?). We see Mitsuki and Lisa are at each other’s throats over Mitsuki killing another student (which we find out happened 2 years ago. You’ve been holding onto a grudge for 2 years? Get a life). Yuu decides to take it upon himself and help resolve this problem. He talks to Mitsuki and she tells him the story about her best friend Miyako. The two got along right away with Mitsuki even admitting that she fell in love with her (wow didn’t know she swung that way. All this time I thought she was a bro-con). When a dragon attacked the island (secured place my ass! My house safe is more secured than this place) Miyako willingly gives herself up to it becoming a dragon and it’s odd because a few seconds later Mitsuki kills the original dragon with just one arrow shot like it was nothing (why didn’t you do this sooner?). Also, when she has to kill Miyako she hesitates and refuses to kill her until finally her superiors and Miyako herself tells Mitsuki to kill her and she goes through with it (so if Lisa knows all of this why has she been holding a grudge these last 2 years?). After the story Yuu asks Mitsuki if she’s ever asked Lisa for forgiveness (knowing her personality I say no) to which she says no (knew it) so Yuu tells Mitsuki to ask Lisa for forgiveness and she does.

    Episodes 9-12

    In episode 9 the group arrives at the volcanic island which has hot springs. Fyril gives Yuu a coupon which allows him to enjoy the hot springs by himself in peace with no interruption from anyone (*laughs* oh please. As if a harem anime would allow the main character to enjoy the hot springs in peace. Go ahead anime you’ve done nothing but clichés all season let’s keep it going). Sure enough Fyril set him up and now he’s stuck in the hot springs with unsuspecting naked girls (there you go anime). Before the girls can find him they receive a message telling them that NIFL has a plan to destroy the dragon (if it involves an Italian plumber and a princess I am so calling Nintendo). NIFL’s plan is to drop a bomb on the dragon. The bomb is made entirely out of mithril (okay Tolkein is rolling in his grave) which will absorb the dragon’s salt beam and designed in the shape of Beyblade. They drop the bomb and at first it holds with the dragon unable to stop it but then out of nowhere the dragon shoots a beam from his back (I did not see that coming). The beam destroys the bomb and the dragon continues to move slowly towards Tear.

    Not much to say about episode 10. The whole group tries to destroy the dragon and they fail (big time).

    In episode 11 with the help of Yuu and Honoka the group escapes safely from the ugly and poorly constructed CGI dragon and arrives back on the ship. After doing a bit of research Yuu and Mitsuki develop a theory that the dragon might have a small window where it’s completely defenseless (and when I say small I mean like 5 seconds). They decide to combine their attacks with NIFL’s mithril bomb thinking that with their combine attacks the bomb will hold out long enough to reach the dragon and destroy it. Everyone seems to like the plan however someone needs to stay on the bomb and navigate it to the dragon directly. Mitsuki says she’ll do it but everyone else volunteers to do it with her (yep cliché to the very end. Like a couple of dumbasses). Yuu goes to check up on Tear only to discover she’s been kidnapped and the person that kidnaped her is Honoka who is actually Kili (is anything in this anime unpredictable?).

    At the start of the final episode Yuu takes on Kili all by himself where he picks up a shard of dark matter, charges at Kili dodging all of her attacks, pushes her to the ground, and puts the shard to her neck where he has the chance to finally kill her (do it man). After defeating her he lets her go (why!? She’s a wanted criminal who’s gonna keep coming to cause trouble. If you’re not gonna kill her at least lock her up or something) but before she leaves she kisses him on the cheek (enemies with benefits) and tells him that the dragon can predict the future (good. Than perhaps it can predict what I’m gonna give this anime on my final score). So Kili leaves and they stick with their original plan. They drop from the sky onto the dragon where it destroys the mithril bomb with a second attack from its third eye forcing the group to go to plan B which is just straight attacking the bastard now that it’s defenseless and killing it (indestructible my ass). With the dragon defeated Tear’s mark disappear and she’s safe. They all return safely to their not so safe island where Yuu tells Iris about his powers and how each time he uses them he loses his memories (well I think we know who his favorite girl is right now) where she tells him not to worry about it and that she’ll remember all of his precious memories because she’s going to be with him forever (was that a proposal?). The anime wraps up the only way it can by having everyone go to school and continue living out their normal lives.

    Final Thoughts

    Oh my God this was so boring. The anime isn’t awful or insulting it’s just bad and boring to watch. Everything that happens in it is predictable, nothing gets explained, the characters are generic and weak, the animation is poor, the CGI is crap, the action is bad, the music is forgettable, and everything that happens is cliché and stupid. There are a few cute and funny scenes but they easily get overshadowed by everything else that’s bad in the anime. This anime was so bad and boring that I actually fell asleep during one episode, re-watched it, and missed absolutely nothing. This whole anime is like a lesser version of IS. While IS went downhill after the first season it at least showed potential and has some enjoyable characters. This series however doesn’t have anything that makes it memorable or something worth checking out.

    Final Score

    The final score for Unlimited Fafnir is 2/10. The only thing stopping it from being a one is the fact that it’s not insulting, disgusting, or pisses me off greatly. It’s a bad and boring anime that I wouldn’t recommend watching. If you want to check out the light novel go ahead. Hopefully that’s more entertaining than the anime. I haven’t been this bored with an anime in a long time and that shouldn’t happen. I don’t want my anime to be boring, I want it to exciting, fun, enjoyable, and thought provoking. If anime can’t do any of these 4 things than this anime has failed big time. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go take a nap and dream up a better anime. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, clips, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved*

    Thanks for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or send your comments, feedback, or request to
  2. Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Last week, I took a look at some of the best trap characters in anime. This week we’re switching gears and taking a look at the best reverse trap characters. For those of you who don’t know what that is a reverse trap character holds the same concept as a trap character. Basically, it’s a character who looks like a male but an actuality is a female. Trap characters were meant to fool males and reverse trap characters were meant to fool females. While traps characters are becoming more common in today’s anime, reverse trap characters are a rarity and finding them is harder than finding a Cloud amiibo. You know it’s out there, but you can’t find it. In honor of these characters I’m here to name the top 11 reverse trap characters. Why top 11? Because just like someone else I too like to go one step beyond. Get ready to have your fantasies broken ladies. These are the top 11 reverse trap characters.

    #11. Haruka Tenou aka Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon

    We’ll start off with an easy one and you can’t get much easier than Haruka from Sailor Moon the first reverse trap character I saw in anime. To be fair Haruka has worn both male and female clothing but she was at her best when she wore male clothing. Her short hair, masculine voice, and sharp look made her capture the hearts of females everywhere. All of this, plus her smooth talk and charming personality, it was easy to forget that the person who made girls drop Tuxedo Mask was a woman all along.

    10. Haruhi from Ouran High Host Club

    Another easy one that a lot of people put high on their list. While it’s true Haruhi has you fooled into believing that she’s a male at first, as the episode progresses you slowly start to piece together that Haruhi is a girl and a rather cute one at that. Despite this however there’s no denying that Haruhi did look like a male and fooled the girls of Ouran into believing it as well as many boys. Haruhi didn’t really care about her appearance or the fact that people mistook her for a male. If anything she actually embraced her reverse trap persona while still remaining herself and capturing the hearts of everyone who watched her. What stops her from being put higher on the list is the fact that we know she’s a trap character while the other characters were a bit cleverer with their traps.

    9. Subaru from Mayo Chiki

    Now I know what you’re thinking, didn’t I say she was an obvious trap in my review? Yes, I did and stand by it but apparently a few of you have sent me emails saying that you honestly were fooled by her and thought she was a guy. Whether or not you guys are fooling with me, I decided to include her onto the list to make you happy. Due to family circumstances Subaru dresses up as a male in order to serve as a butler to her lady. I will give her credit and say she does a good job at keeping her secret from everyone. She never interacted with her classmates, always went to restrooms that were the least crowded, and always faked sickness on physical day. While she may have been an obvious trap to me you have to give her credit for going to great lengths to keep her secret a secret just to be beside and serve the person that was the most precious to her.

    8. Eve Boland from Spice and Wolf

    Here’s another character that a lot of people thought was a guy but I figured was a female right away. However, with this one I can understand why they thought she was a guy. Whenever we saw Eve she was usually in a cloak combined that with her short hair and personality and it’s easy to see why you could mistake her for a pretty boy and in a time period where women weren’t that well respected in trade ventures it’s understandable why she would choose to look this way. Her role may have been short in the anime but she left quite the impact on the audience.

    7. Nagi from Nyan Koi

    One of the most bizarre anime characters I have ever seen in my life, and that’s saying something. Nagi was a character who you really did believe was a guy. She was tall, flat-chested, wore guy clothing, and was even hinted to have a crush on Mizuho. But once her episode came around we were all shocked to find out that Nagi all this time was just an eccentric girl from the yakuza family who had this strange hobby of liking and admiring the beauty of things she desired. She’s a very bizarre trap but an entertaining one nonetheless.

    6. Otto from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

    This character makes the list because of her convincing boyish looks. She looks like a boy and giving her the name of one only convinces you that she’s a boy all the way. Another factor is that she was the silent type. She rarely talks and doesn’t change her expression all that much. She looked like a silent child soldier who had closed off her emotions in order to not feel pain again. The way she dressed also resembled that of a boy. Couldn’t we have given her a skirt, leggings, spats, or something? I don’t know, just something to convince me that she was a girl.

    5. Daichi Kaoru from Ladies vs Butlers

    Not one of the best animes and definitely an easy one to forget about but Daichi was in fact a girl forced to attend high school under the disguise of a male. From the beginning it was obvious that Daichi was a female pretending to be a guy. She always covered himself, kept his distance from the other guys, and always bathed alone instead of with the group. Even when her cover gets blown the MC still can’t piece together that his roommate all this time is a girl because of her flat chest and his clueless mind. A forgetful series but a series that had a good reverse trap character they never utilized.

    4. Yuu Kashima from Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun

    Sort of like a combination of Haruka and Nagi, Yuu displayed the qualities that all the girls look for in guys. She was tall, kind, charming, smooth talker, and had a prince-like personality that just drew you to her. Even though the girls in the anime are fully aware that Yuu is a girl they still can’t help but fall for her. She’s just too good and has all the qualities the girls want in a guy.

    3. Makoto from the Idolm@ster

    Often considered to be the best idol in the series, Makoto has been given the nickname the Prince Idol. Unlike the other characters on this list Makoto was raised by her father like a boy. She never got a chance to experience the childhood of a girl so as you can imagine she comes across as strange, understandably so. Desperate to be seen as a female and live out her dream of wearing cute and frilly clothing, Makoto became an idol only to get her dreams squashed by the agency who keeps giving her jobs where she has to dress as a man and is marketed as a princely idol for all the girls to love. It also doesn’t help that she thrusts herself into the princely role whenever it pops up. She once fought off guards of a royal prince single-handedly and even came to the rescue of a couple of girls being harassed by some thugs at an amusement park. Despite her male appearance, Makoto is a girl through in through. She likes reading shoujo manga, collecting stuff animals, afraid of mice and ghost stories, and dreams of one day meeting her prince. While she may not like her prince role she doesn’t hate it, and embraces it whole heartedly for her fans and being their prince. And that’s something you’ve got to respect.

    2. Kino from Kino’s Journey

    Throughout a majority of the anime we’re never told what Kino’s true gender is. All we have to go on is her appearance and mannerism which based of you come to the conclusion that Kino is a boy. A very stoic boy who may or may not be imagining a talking motorcycle. But our worlds get turned upside down when we find out that Kino is actually a girl. We see a flashback episode and everything which shows how she met Hermes, what got her into traveling, and where she comes from. Good God was my mind blown when I first saw this episode. I felt like Luke discovering that Darth Vader was his father. I couldn’t believe it. Everything about her just screams boy. Kino gets put high on list because despite knowing that she’s a reverse trap you still find it hard to believe she’s girl and ever harder to accept it.

    And the number one reverse trap character is. . .

    1. Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4 the Animation

    Whether it be in the games or in the anime Naoto is definitely the pinnacle of what it means to be a reverse trap. She contains all the qualities of every girl on this list but unlike the other girls on this who have their appearance due to genes or the way they were raised, they still have girly qualities that help you identify them as girls deep down and if they wanted to could change up their looks to appear more like a female. Naoto on the other hand doesn’t have a girly bone in her body and chooses to be a reverse trap unlike the other girls on this list. While other girls were reading romantic novels, Naoto was reading the latest mystery novel. While other girls played with dolls, Naoto was tinkering with machines. While other girls wanted to be actresses, models, or idols when they grew up, Naoto inspired to be a police officer or a detective. While other girls wanted nice dresses to look and feel like a princess, Naoto wanted suits and coats to help make her feel like a detective and while other girls dreamed of finding their prince, Naoto only dreamed of becoming a detective and cracking cases. Naoto was as far away from the average girl as you would expect and choose instead to go into a field where her gender would unfortunately hold her back which is a shame because she’s really good at what she does and deserves to be treated as an equal in law enforcement by her peers. It’s no wonder why she embraces her nature as a reverse trap character and does her best to hide it. It’s sadly the only way she’ll get anywhere in the field she’s so passionate about.

    And that’s my lists. Did I leave anyone out? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, clips, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved*

    Thanks for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or send your comments, feedback, or request to
  3. Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. As the year moves forward I take a look back at my top 11 hottest anime girl list and realize that there are a lot of girls that I didn’t name such as that darling blonde Hasuta from Haiyore. She was cute, kind, and. . .wait a minute she was a guy. What the hell am I thinking?! Okay well how about Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish? She was cute and her fashion sense was. . .no! No! That was a guy as well. Alright focus. How about Haku from Naru- goddamn it! What’s with all these trap characters?! Yeah today we’re talking about trap characters. What once started off as a simple joke has now become a part of the anime community. It’s gotten to the point where we not only want to see a trap character but we expect to see a trap character in our anime and can you really blame us? Trap characters are usually the best characters in the anime and the one characters we can always count on to like. That’s why today, in honor of the trap characters I’m going to name the top 11 best trap characters. Why top 11? Because just like someone else I too like to go one step beyond. Get ready to have your sexuality questioned, these are the top 11 trap characters.

    #11. Nagisa from Assassination Classroom

    An obvious trap character but still one that’s easy to fall into. We didn’t find out he was a guy until the end of the first episode and even then we still couldn’t believe that someone as cute as Nagisa was a guy. He had a very soft and feminine voice, his hair was in the style of a girl, and he had a figure that resembled that of a female. Even the class points out his feminine characteristics with some of them jokingly mistaking him for a girl. The fact that Nagisa only crossdressed twice in the course of the series and still managed to make you fall for him is a testament to how good of a trap character he was.

    #10. Nagihiko Fujisaki from Shugo Chara

    Between Ikuto and Tadase many people forget about Nagihiko as one of the pretty boys that captured a lot of girls’ hearts. Through the first part of the anime we’re led to believe that Nagihiko is actually a girl. He carried the title of queen, dressed like a girl and acted like one to all because of some family tradition. He has the audience fooled big time. I honestly did believe that he was a girl. Hell, Amu goes through the entire series believing that Nagihiko was the twin brother of her best friend Nadeshiko. He may have had a minor role in the series, but the fact that he had everyone believing that he was girl in the first part of the series is a testament to not only how good of an actor he is but how good of a trap he is.

    #9. Chihiro Fujisaki from Danganronpa

    We have a sleuth of odd characters in Danganronpa with one of these odd characters being Chihiro the computer wiz of the class as well as a trap character. Chihiro is a good trap character because right from the beginning you honestly do believe that he’s a girl. He’s quiet, shy, sympathetic, and just looks like someone you want to protect from the world but no, we find out that this was a defense mechanism he created as a way to run from his problems of getting stronger and facing others. When he finally decides to be true to himself and get stronger he meets his end at the hands of one his own classmates and the last we see him is as a trap character who captured our hearts because he was a trap character we never got a chance to fully embrace.

    #8. Honjō Kamatari from Rurouni Kenshin

    You never forget your first trap character and for me, my first trap character was Honjō from Rurouni Kenshin. Honjō was one of those characters who completely has you fooled into believing that he’s a girl and he fully embraces his trap character unlike the previous characters on this list. He flirts with guys, he talks in a feminine voice, and is very prideful about his skin being damaged. While the series goes on record that he’s transgender Honjō says that he was born a man so it’s fair to say that Honjō was born with the mind of a female but born with the body of a man.

    #7. Gasper from Highschool DxD

    Highschool DxD is home to one of the best harems in anime history so the last thing you would expect to see is a trap character and a vampire one at that. Despite being a boy Gasper is probably one of the most feminine looking vampires I’ve seen. He dresses like a girl at almost every chance he gets and his speech and mannerisms are like a shy girl you just wanna hug because he’s so adorable and cute. While he may not have a major role in the anime as of yet there’s no denying that seeing a vampire trap character holds your interest.

    #6. Hime Arikawa from Himegoto

    After getting his debt paid off by his school’s student council he agrees to join the student council and spend the rest his school life dressed as a girl. Despite his resentment at first Hime shows sign that he actually enjoys crossdressing. Not only that but he actually pulls off the look amazingly well. He has you completely fooled that he’s a girl and he fools a number of boys throughout the series because of it. This whole series is strange and the person who serves as the straight man to all this strangeness is Hime himself. He’s the best character in the series and hands down the best looking.

    #5. Saika Totsuka from Oregairu

    The true prince of tennis if you ask me. There was no doubt the highlight of this series with Saika a cute boy with the features of a female that made every guy fall for him. Even though we know he’s a guy very few of us can resist his charm. I mean just look at this guy, he has a smile that just makes you wanna protect him at all cost. When you’re shipping the main character with the trap character in a slice of life series you know you’ve stumbled across a great trap and you don’t care.

    #4. Mariya Shidou from Maria Holic

    Well this is a bizarre combination. Mariya is trap but at the time he’s a sadist who enjoys torturing the main character as well as others. Usually a trap character is quite docile, kind, submissive, shy, and peaceful but here it’s the exact opposite. He knows full well he’s a trap and using it as a means to an end to get what he wants and along the way torture a few innocent souls. You’re one messed up individual Mariya but damn it do I respect your work.

    #3. Tsukimiya Ringo from Uta no Prince-sama

    Getting one of the hottest VAs in Japan to voice a crossdressing idol is an idea that could have easily backfired but Yuuichi takes this role and makes it work. This guy just pulls the look off perfectly. For half the anime I was in denial that this character was a man because he just crossdresses so perfectly but when I finally saw that the VA for this character was none other than Yuuichi Nakamura the same guy who voiced some of the hottest male characters in anime I knew I had to face reality and admit that Tsukimiya was a boy a very feminine boy who might just be the perfect crossdresser.

    #2. Ruka Urushibara from Steins; Gate

    Well no surprise here. Ruka is a trap character who was cursed with the appearance of a cute feminine boy but his mind works like a girl. He’s fully aware of how much discomfort he causes himself and everyone around him. Hell, he’s been described as someone who’s more girly than any girl, and more feminine than any female out there and they’re right. Everything about this guy just screams female, he even has a crush on Rintarou. There’s no doubt in my mind that Ruka was meant to be female but due to some twist of fate he was born a very feminine guy. He even tries to fix this screw up by becoming a female in one of the world’s timelines but even when he becomes a female the curse of his trap aura still remains. If not for this next character Ruka would be the best trap character of all time in my opinion.

    And the number one trap character is. . .

    #1. Hideyoshi from Baka and Test

    That’s right, you knew this character was coming. Give yourself a round of applause. Hideyoshi is the ultimate trap because for starters you know he’s a trap yet you still fall for him. Usually when you find out a character is a trap you back off from them and just admire them but with Hideyoshi you fall for him and don’t back off. This character made everyone feel so awkward with their sexual preference that they had no choice but to give him his own gender just to make everyone feel normal. But it doesn’t matter. Even if you do give him his own gender we all know that deep down Hideyoshi is a trap character who always looks good in women’s clothing and is someone you want to take home and get inside his pants.

    Well that’s my list. Did you enjoy? Did I leave anyone out? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj where we take a look at reverse trap characters.

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  4. Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. It’s Animation Bang time. During the mid to late 90s and early 2000s channels went through what I like to call the teen drama phase. Basically, shows that centered around high school teens facing the day to day issues of life while dealing with the romance and personal drama of their lives. The whole idea was to put ourselves in their shoes and make us connect with them on a personal and emotional level. In some aspects these shows worked but on other aspects they failed and you couldn’t help but laugh at them. And one of the shows that pointed out the faults of these shows was Clone High. Coming from the creative and comedic minds of Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Bill Lawrence, Clone High was an adult animated show that came on MTV of all channels in 2002-2003. This came out around the time when MTV was trying to grow their audience and instead of focus on music which was the whole point of the channel, the channel tried to show more mature cartoons to reach teens and adults. Anyway, Clone High was definitely one of those shows that came on, made a huge impact, and then ended way before it’s time. Let’s see what this show had to offer. This is Clone High.

    The Plot

    So the plot of Clone High goes a little something like this: . That’s basically the setup for Clone High. Secret government employees dug up the bodies of history’s greatest figures, extracted their DNA and created clones of them. Why? To raise and train them to be assassins. In order to monitor and keep them safe until they’re ready they’re placed in a school designed for them where they act like normal students. Throughout the show we focus on a few of these clones as they deal with the drama of their lives and relationships with each other.

    The Main Characters

    Abe Lincoln voiced by Will Forte

    The main protagonist of the series. He has a great admiration of the original Abe Lincoln and tries very hard to be like him. Much like the original he’s a very tall man and believes in justice and fairness for all however he falls into the typical protagonist roll in dramas. He’s naïve, awkward, has a hopeless crush on the most popular girl in school, dense, and tries very hard to be accepted by everyone however he’ll always stay loyal to his friends.

    Joan of Arc voiced by Nicole Sullivan

    The best friend of Abe who secretly has a crush on him. She’s smart, cynical, and gothic. She’s pretty much a representation of the moody gothic high school girl who’s close to the main character but is too afraid to confess to him. However, she’ll be there for him no matter what.

    Gandhi voiced by Michael McDonald

    Abe’s other best friend who just like Abe struggles trying to live up to the original Gandhi. However, while Abe worries about this Gandhi doesn’t. He instead reinvents himself as a party boy. He’s always doing wild things to stand out and easily influenced by those around him. He’s a representation of that annoying party boy you either knew in high school or college.

    JFK voiced by Chris Miller

    The popular and cocky jock who is Abe’s on again off again rival. He’s a womanizer, arrogant, and has a desire to prove his masculinity because of his host parents being gay.

    Cleopatra voiced by Christa Miller

    The most popular girl in school who Abe wants. As with characters like her she’s vain, shallow, mean-spirited, selfish, and at times can be a total bitch. There will be times where she’ll do something nice but it’s never for long. As the series went on she and Abe do become a couple and even than her character doesn’t change and she and Joan eventually become roommates since their foster parents hook up in the show.

    Principal Scudworth voiced by Phil Lord

    A mad scientist and principal of Clone High. Hands down my favorite and funniest character in the show. His job is to monitor the clones and report on them but he secretly plans on stealing the clones and using them to open up his own amusement park called Cloney Island. This guy has some of the best lines in the show including my favorite quote from the show: . I have been waiting to use this quote in my life for a very long time. I haven’t had the chance to use it yet but when I do it’s going to be one of the best moments of my life.

    Mr. Butlertron voiced by Chris Miller

    Scudworth’s robotic companion and loyal friend who sticks by Scudworth through and through. While Scudworth takes little to no interest in the well-being of the clones Butlertron actually develops a relationship with them and even tries to help them out by giving them sage advice. One of his running gags is that he refers to everyone as “Wesley”.

    Minor Characters

    Outside of the main characters there really weren’t that many minor characters we focused on all that much. Most of them were the clones of other popular historical figures such as George Washington Carver, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Paul Revere, and all 3 incarnations of Elvis. The rest were either foster parents, authority figures, or guest stars.


    Clone High unfortunately only ran for one season and had 13 episodes total. Each episode would center around an issue you see in all those teen drama shows. Like one student has an illness and everyone blows it out of proportion. In one episode we find out that Gandhi has A.D.D and everyone is now afraid to be around him out of the fear that they’ll get A.D.D as well. In one of their more creative episodes they put on a rock opera while talking about drug awareness. In the episode, a rumor starts going around that you can get high by smoking raisins so the clones start smoking raisins becoming drugged out hippies and growing their hair long. While that’s going on Scudworth takes over the PTA and they wage war on the students. There’s also a subplot about Gandhi getting so high that he subconsciously goes on a quest to save a princess he believes will have sex with him. It’s a strange but fun musical that really shows off the creativity of the show and the talent of the voice actors. The show even made fun of the whole character death drama. Remember how drama shows used to advertise the death of one of its characters only to see that character survive or some side character we just met die and we’re supposed to be sad? Well that’s what they did in this one episode of Clone High. In the episode we meet JFK’s best friend Pibbs. This is the first time we’ve ever seen him and the first time the show has ever mentioned him but everybody in the show acts like he’s been around forever. Anyway, tragedy strikes when Pibbs dies from litter and the whole school is sad especially JFK since the last time they talked they had a fight with each other with JFK saying he hated him. If I had to name my favorite episode it would have to be episode 7. In this episode Abe and Cleopatra have just become a couple however their relationship might be ruined when Cleopatra gets picked to star in a Canadian spring break dance show hosted by Ashley Angel himself. But the real selling point of this episode are the two subplots. The first one revolves around Gandhi who after rhyming thinks he’s a rap star and decides to become one. With JFK as his manager he becomes an international sensation in Canada with the show’s most memorable song: , as much as this is controversial you can’t deny that that beat is awesome. The other subplot revolves around Scudworth and a skunk participating in Tom & Jerry like scenarios. The show finally came to end in the 2-part season finale. It’s prom season and everyone is getting ready for the prom. Abe is going with Cleopatra where the two will do it on prom night but Abe starts to have doubts about Cleopatra and when he sees Joan’s new look he starts to realize his true feelings. On the night of the prom when Abe and Cleopatra are making out and about to have sex Abe comes to realize that he’s in love with Joan and goes to find her only to find out that she just had sex with JFK who actually was comforting her after Abe choose Cleopatra over her. While this is all going on the secret government agents find out about Scudworth’s plan and are coming for the clones as well as to kill Scudworth. When they arrive Scudworth tricks everyone into the cooler and freezes them all ending the season on a cliffhanger with Abe trying to tell Joan he loves her.

    Themes and Controversy

    Many of the show’s themes all came from past teen drama shows. The show was a satire of those teen drama shows basically making fun of them and everything. I always loved how they promoted the next episode as the most dramatic and special episode in the season but it just turned out to be a regular episode with nothing major happening. They even made fun of the one character is going to die cliché by having the character who died just be a one-time character who we’ve never seen before until this episode. The creators of the show really did want to create a second season but after the first season was over MTV cancelled the show and the main reason for that was because of Gandhi. While the show only aired in America and Canada people in India were outraged by the show’s interpretation of Gandhi. A magazine did an article about the show talking about Gandhi’s character and when the people of India went online and read the article they were outraged. They were so outraged that they protested outside of MTV’s office in India with the president of Viacom trapped inside and even threatened to revoke MTV’s broadcasting license in the country if they didn’t cancel the show. As you would imagine MTV apologized for this and the show was cancelled after the season was over. According to the creators of the show the plan for season two was to write Gandhi out entirely or say he was the clone of someone else. They pitched this idea to Viacom but the idea was rejected and the show was cancelled.

    Does this count as Amerime

    No. Not in my eyes. It’s pretty westernized plus the animation really does remind me of the animation used in Danny Phantom.

    Does it deserve another season

    Yes! At the time many critics and fans didn’t really care for the show. They thought it was okay and compared it to South Park which wasn’t what the show was trying to go for. Years later, everyone now sees how great this show was and how clever and funny the concept was. Not to mention we all wanna know what happens next. Do Abe and Joan become a couple, does Scudworth build his amusement park, how will the show handle Gandhi’s character after the big controversy in India? All these questions we want answered but unfortunately will never get the chance to see. Viacom still owns the right to Clone High and they have no intention of reviving the show.

    Final Thoughts

    In the end Clone High was one of those very underrated shows in the early 2000s that many people overlooked and underestimated but now that we look back at it we see just how great it was. The show wasn’t trying to be a South Park rip-off it was being its own show a show that saw all the clichés of teen dramas, pointed them out, and made fun of them. The animation as I said before reminds of Danny Phantom’s animation in fact I think this style of animation inspired the animation for Danny Phantom and it was pretty good. The music was mostly rock music that was mostly done by underground bands at the time so it was nice to see a show support the indie scene before there was an indie scene. At the time I was a child when this show came out and I didn’t really get most of the jokes but now that I’m older I can see what they were aiming for and honestly say that this show just like the Critic was funny and ahead of its time. If I had to name my complains they would have to be the clones not really interacting with their world. We never get to see them interact with the outside world and I would have liked to see that. The other problem is we never see the clones do any combat training. We’re told these clones are supposed to be trained to be assassins but all they do is go to school like normal kids. Finally, the obvious complaint is the cliffhanger ending but I can’t complain about this too much as it was obvious the creators wanted to make a second season but got stop by the ones in charge.

    Final Score

    The final score for Clone High is a 7.5/10. It’s clever, funny, and a good gem from the early 2000s. Do yourself a favor and look this show up for a good laugh. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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  5. Hey guys, Justin here, and welcome to the Otaku Mind. Today I’m going to be giving my thoughts on the recent Ghost in the Shell movie. I know, I know, I’m late but I like to let my thoughts sit for a day and I was catching up with a friend this weekend. Now, before we get into the movie a little history about this series. Ghost in the Shell is one of the most recognizable anime/manga titles out there. The series was created by Masamune Shirow back in 1989 and takes place in the futuristic 21st century Japan where we follow the life of Motoko Kusanagi an agent of the government who works for Section 9 who deal with cyber-terrorism and cybercrimes. In the future, we see that technology has advanced to the point where humans can implant cybernetic parts within their body to enhance their everyday life as well as robotic servants. You can even possess cyber brains. Motoko stands out in this world because she’s a full cyborg. As a child, Motoko had a terrible accident which required her brain to be transferred to a full cybernetic body making her the first of her kind. This series really took off for its storytelling, good action, interesting characters, and a philosophical look on life and what makes us humans. This series is easily one of the best animse/mangas out there and if you haven’t checked it out yet I highly recommend it. As you can imagine, because of its popularity there have been games, animated movies, and multiple anime adaptations covering the series and now we have a live American version of the movie that came out not to long ago.

    So, what did I think of the movie. . .I liked it for the most part. Me and a good friend went to go see it Friday night and we thought it was good but there are definitely a few problems in the movie. Let’s start by looking at the positives first. Scarlett Johansson as Motoko, she was great. Just like I said in the previous Otaku Mind everybody was giving her a hard time because she was casts as Motoko and there was even a petition to get her replaced (which by the way, screw those guys who started that petition). People were talking about how this was a big mistake but it wasn’t, Scarlett did a great job as Motoko. She really bought this character to life with her inflections, speech, manners, and personality. Plus, she looked beautiful. I know some people wanted her to have the purple hair but no I don’t think she would have looked realistic and it would have been hard to take her seriously. The black hair was good and to be fair in the anime adaptions that I’ve seen her hair is black or a dark blackish purple. Anyway, Scarlett did a good job as Motoko so take that to all the haters out there. The visuals were amazing. That’s the one thing everybody has said they liked about this movie and yes visually this movie is amazing. Everything looks so futuristic but we still got that 21st century look and feel to it. During the day time the visuals don’t stand out as much as they should, they’re still impressive but it’s hard to appreciate them during the day. But at night, good God, they really stand out. They look fantastic, it really does feel like we’ve enter the future that’s not too far off from our world. It’s all believable stuff that I could see being done in the real world. The cybernetics were cool especially on Motoko’s body, you really do believe that that’s a cybernetic body disguised in human flesh. I enjoyed the action parts. Probably my favorite part of the movie was near the end when Motoko was fighting that tank and you could see her body being torn apart as she tries to dismantle it (which was also in the manga/animated film). I really think they nailed that scene perfectly. Now they did change the story around which I’m not surprise its Hollywood and it was obvious that they were trying to reach the mainstream audience instead of the actual fans of the series. Again, just from watching the trailers I knew that’s what they were doing and I understand why they did that. Keep in mind this is a pretty old series. It came out one year after I was born (I’m 28 right now) so that means the series is almost 30 years old which isn’t too old, that’s around the age a lot of anime fans are but the problem that comes in is how many of those fans have heard about or read Ghost in the Shell? If they were to follow everything from the manga they would have got the approval of the fans but the rest of the audience would have most likely been lost and couldn’t take everything in so they played it safe and decided to make a movie that would get the attention of the mainstream audience and make more money. Personally, I think they would have been better off following the manga more but I understand their mindset behind this decision and the story that they give us was alright, it was easy to follow although the reveal of who the real villain was is obvious, it fits within the Ghost in the Shell universe.

    Alright, now that I’ve covered the positives let’s focus on the movie’s negatives. For me, this movie had 2 major faults. The first one is not focusing on the rest of the members from Section 9. Aside from Motoko we really don’t get to know much about the other members of Section 9. Most of them only get a few lines of dialogues and we don’t get to spend nearly enough time with them to understand their role on the team. If anything, they come across as cameos. However, I will say I did like the one scene where Aramaki played by Takeshi Kitano took out the agents trying to kill him and said don’t send a hare to kill a fox, that was badass and the line of the movie for me. The only character that they do focus on aside from Motoko is Batou played by Pilou Asbæk who does a good job as Batou and serves as a good friend and colleague for Motoko to lean on and talk to. We see that he likes dogs feeding them whenever he gets the chance to and like I said previously he’s a good friend to Motoko as whenever she feels lost or unsure if she’s human he’s there to remind her that she’s human. It’s also nice to see a platonic relationship between the two. There’s no hint of affection between the two, it’s just respect for one another. But aside from him the rest of the characters barely get any screentime which is a letdown because everybody on the team is kickass and badass in their own way. The second problem I have with this movie and it’s the biggest one is they don’t talk about the philosophical aspects of what it means to be a human. This is the central on-going theme in the series. In a world where cybernetics has pretty much taken over the world one has to wonder what the definition of ‘human’ is in a society where the human brain can be copied and replaced with a cybernetic body, what exactly is the ghost in the cybernetic body, and where is the boundary between human and machine when their differences become more philosophical and less physical? These are questions that the movie never attempts to answer or present an idea for. There are a few scenes where it seems like they’re going to address these issues but they immediately get pushed to the side for an action scene or for the plot. It’s a huge letdown and disappointment for me that would have bought this movie to another level.

    Final Score

    Now after considering all this stuff and giving my thoughts what’s the final score for this movie? Well, I would give the movie a 6/10. It’s okay overall, it definitely got people interested in the series and I’m sure that people who have seen the movie or will see it are gonna go out to their bookstores and buy the manga to get a better understanding of the series or check out the anime adaptations which in my opinion were better than the movie. Is this a well-done anime adaption? No, but it’s passable and a step in the right direction when it comes to live-action anime movies. It’s better than the DBZ movie, we can all agree on that right? Rumor has it there’s going to be a second movie and yeah with the way it was done and how it ended there’s obviously going to be a second movie in the future and hopefully the second movie will focus on the rest of the members from Section 9 and get more into the philosophy of the series. Now that they’ve got everyone interested in the series they can now capitalize on this and show everyone what this series is all about, create an amazing sequel, and I’ll be there to comment and give my thoughts on it. Until then, thanks for reading, let me know what you thought about the movie, and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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  6. (Nitsuj): Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Me, Shizuku, and Seras aka The Legion of Insanity are back and we’re here to review the second half of Akame ga Kill. In the first half we saw the death of two of our main characters, one main character earn the affection of an insane general, and just a lot of uncensored gore and death and I’m pretty sure the second won’t back away from this. So let’s continue our review of Akame ga Kill.

    Opening and Ending Theme

    (Seras): The second opening is "LIAR MASK" by Rika Mayama and I have to admit it’s way better than the first opening. I like how it starts off like a music box being played but then accelerates into this full-blown rock opera of going to war and fighting for what you believe is right. The song even has moments where it slows down to let that sad atmosphere sink in as we remember that we’ve lost many comrades in this war and will lose more in the future but we must keep pressing forward and fight to honor them and to protect the people still alive.

    (Shizuku): The second ending is "Tsuki Akari" by Sora Amamiya and yeah this ending is way better than the first one. This ending maintains that sad tone from the first one but it focuses on the bond between Akame and her sister Kurome. It’s a sad song showing how the two sisters were so close to each other but their different views caused a rift between them and now they’ve become bitter enemies trying to kill each other. Sora sounds great here. This is the Sora I was looking for in the first opening.

    Episodes 13-17

    (Shizuku): In episode 13 strange human beasts have been attacking the capital and Jaeger has been assigned to finding and kill them as has Night Raid who also want to protect the innocent citizens from dying. Esdeath believes that the creatures were created by Dr. Stylish (even in death that man is stylin’) and someone might have released them on the city for some unknown reason (Seras: I know why, to piss people off). At night, Night Raid splits into teams of two to scout the area and keep an eye out for the beast. During this time Lubbock opens up to Tatsumi (Nitsuj: No Lubbock! That just raises the death flag higher on you) about how he comes from a wealthy family and had everything he ever wanted but was bored with life (and if you can believe it this is the sad part of his story) that is until he met Najenda who he fell madly in love with and joined the army just to be with her. Even when she left to form Night Raid, Lubbock followed after her, made it so he would appear dead in the records, and joined Night Raid to stay by her side (Seras: He turned the whole world against him just to be with the person he loved. (Nitsuj: Mad respect for Lubbock. (Shizuku): Yeah. Too bad he’s a pervert who constantly peeps on others. (Nitsuj): Well there’s a difference between loving someone and loving your desire to spy on cute girls. You can read about it in Miroku’s latest book: Love and Peeping. It’s an engaging read). Tatsumi scouts ahead and from the sky comes his sadistic lover Esdeath who’s so happy to see him that she slaughters a group of beast creatures in two seconds flat (don’t get between a girl and her boy toy).

    So in episode 14 Esdeath and Tatsumi are reunited (Nitsuj: And it feels so good. (Shizuku): For Esdeath I’m sure but for Tatsumi I’m sure it’s painful) where a hooded man comes out holding in Imperial Arm teleports them to some tropical deserted island in the southeast. While the two are there we learn a little more about Esdeath’s past. We find out that see was born in the north where her tribe fought against other tribes and dangerous beasts to survive the harsh climate. It was also here that she learned from her father the philosophy of the weak dying and the strong surviving. While out on a hunting mission their tribe was completely wiped out by another tribe and she went to the capital where she joined the army, drank the blood of an Imperial Arm that gave her the power of ice and ultimately made her the strongest warrior in the capital. Eventually they find a way back and Tatsumi uses this chance to escape Esdeath (Nitsuj: Give the guy credit he had so many opportunities to do stuff with her yet he fought against it. If I had been me I would have submitted to that forbidden fruit especially since she’s leaving herself wide open) and comes to the conclusion that Esdeath is a person who can’t be saved or convince because there’s nothing to save her from. This is who she is she is, a person who enjoys crushing those weaker than her, making others submit to her, and looking down on others (Seras: She is a product of the environment she was born in).

    Not a whole lot happens in episode 15. The Revolutionary Army is preparing to make their move on the capital by using a religious’ group insurrection as cover to move their troops into position for battle (thank you God) and they’ve sent Night Raid in to take care of the Jaegers. Following into Najenda’s trap, Esdeath splits her troops into 2 with one group going south in pursuit of Night Raid while the other group goes East in pursuit of Najenda. Esdeath, Seryu, and Ran head east while Wave, Kurome, and Bols head south to fight Night Raid where they run into Akame, Tatsumi, Leone, Mine, Susanoo, and Najenda (you dun fucked up Esdeath). They get rid of Wave quickly because their targets are Bols and Kurome (Nitsuj: Makes sense. Wave’s just a kid walking with the wrong crowd) and the two sisters finally meet where we see that Kurome’s sword Yatsufusa has the power to manipulate corpses (Seras: So Akame’s sword kills people while Kurome’s sword wakes the dead. (Nitsuj): Sounds pretty similar to Inuyasha and Sesshomaru).

    The battle between Night Raid, Kurome and Bols begins in episode 16 where Kurome’s army of the dead proves to be quite an opponent for the group since they can’t die and even when you cut off their heads they still continue to move (Nitsuj: Talk about desecrating the dead. This is worse than that ninja technique used in Naruto). Akame takes on Bols where Kurome’s dead soldier keeps getting in the way and Kurome actually chops off one of Leone’s arms (Seras: Oh that bitch you do not hurt my favorite character). But despite this setback the group manages to overcome the dead soldiers and force Kurome to fight them. On Akame’s side she and Leone manage to incapacitate Kurome’s dead soldier and Leone manages to destroy Bols Imperial Arm making it useless (they may be the strongest weapons in the world but they’re easily destroyed). Bols realizing he’s beaten decides that if he’s gonna die he’s gonna take them down with him so he launches his canister into the sky and sets off a massive explosion in the area to end the episode.

    In episode 17 the girls survive the explosion by hiding behind a riot shield (Nitsuj: Wow, durable. (Seras): I’ll say). Bols also survived the explosion somehow and got to a safe area only to be tricked by Chelsea and killed by her (and I gotta admit his death is pretty sad. Scene here: ). After killing Bols, Chelsea goes after Kurome alone who used the explosion to escape and recover from excessively using her powers (drugs tend to do that). During this time we see her past where she and Akame were taken from their village and put in a trial to find the perfect subjects for the ultimate assassin. Determined to live and keep the other alive they both passed the trial but were separated from each other where Kurome was taken to the capital and given a drug that enhanced her body but also took a heavy toll on her body so she has to keep eating these snacks in order to regain her health. Chelsea approaches her in the form of Bols where she waits for the right moment and uses her needles to strike Kurome’s vital point and kill her (2 for 2 Chelsea). As she’s walking away we see her backstory (Seras: White flag ahoy) into how she served under a corrupted viceroy but discovered her Imperial Arm and used it to kill him freeing the people and earning their praise. Just as she’s walking away Kurome gets back up with a black aura surrounding her body where she says that after Akame left they created a new more powerful drug that made her body indestructible with the only surefire way to kill her is either crushing her head or squashing her heart. Chelsea tries to escape but Kurome uses her powers to send her zombie soldiers after Chelsea where they destroy her Imperial Arm, kill her, and to add insult to injury they take her dead body back to the city cut her head off, and impale it in the city square for everyone to see (oh damnit I liked this character. Tag in I’m done).

    Episodes 18-20

    (Seras): In episode 18 the group arrives in Kyoroch to take out Borick, leader of the religious sect in the Empire and Honest’s most corrupt followers. If the group can defeat him than the Revolutionary Army will have a clear path to the capital (Nitsuj: This is sounding very Assassin’s Creed like) and since Honest knows this he’s sent the Jaegers to protect Borick who uses the religion to corrupt the minds of young maidens and turn them into sex slaves (well everyman dreams of having a harem). Borick says he’ll be alright because he’s being protected by the Four Koukenji Rakshasa Demons a group of assassins who are non-Imperial Arm users but have been genetically enhanced to fight against them and have even won a few fights against them (impressive. But it means nothing when you’re facing main characters). While the Jaegers are waiting for Night Raid to appear (Shizuku: And waiting for the Rakshasa Demons to die) we see that Wave is concerned about Kurome who is still feeling the effects of Chelsea’s attack and isn’t 100% (Shizuku: Good. She’ll die a lot easier now). Wave wants her to sit this mission out but she doesn’t want to out of the fear that she’ll be removed from the team and killed because she can’t perform. After that sweet moment between the two characters we get to see some action as one of the demons attacks Akame in the cemetery (Nitsuj: Oh good half the work is done. Now what do you want on your tombstone? Little shit killed by badass swordswoman?). She beats him with ease but Run sees the fight and escapes. But the real MVP of this episode is Lubbock who not only fights two of the demons but manages to save a spy from being killed and he killed both of the demons impressively all by himself (okay, I normally don’t say this but he deserves an award. Lubbock deserves to be kissed by Najenda or better yet have a bath with her. He earned it).

    Episode 19 is a personal favorite of mine (Shizuku: Same here. (Nitsuj): Why is that? (Seras): Oh you’ll see and I think you’ll love it). The time has come for the group to take down Borick and they plan on doing it on the anniversary of the religion (pray to whatever god you want. In the end we know you’re going to only one place). Tatsumi and Mine disguise themselves as decoys and get the attention of the guards where they escape to the outskirts of an abandoned temple where they get into a fight with Suzuka the last member of the demons and Seryu (Nitsuj: You bitch you killed my Sheele) and her dog Coro. Tatsumi takes on Suzuka where he tricks her into a temple and causes a rock to fall on her killing her (Nitsuj: It was a big rock). Mine and Seryu’s fight is where the real action is where we get an amazing gun fight between the two ladies with Seryu using all kinds of weapons and Mine even pulling out a gun module which turns her gun into a machine gun. Despite the two on one fight Mine does well fighting against the two and once her emotions are at an all-time high and she’s in a big pinch she supercharges her gun turning it into a lazer and slicing those two in half (Nitsuj: Yes! How do you like that bitch! Now this is the kind of justice I can agree with. I think I see why you girls like this episode so much). Despite being cut in half Seryu activates her last weapon which is a bomb hidden in her brain (what is with Jaeger and bomb suicide?) which will take out everything within the area (Shizuku: If I was you Mine I would RUN~). Mine tries to get away but is too weak to do so, the bomb goes off and she gets saved by Tatsumi. Back with the rest of Night Raid, they infiltrate the temple with Leone and Susano fighting against Kurome and Wave. Borick panics and uses a secret passage away to escape despite being told to stay in his room by Esdeath where he gets cornered by Akame and Lubbock and killed (Shizuku: May the saints have mercy on your soul, because I won’t).

    Episode 20 is where the anime messes up big time. They pull an FMA (Nitsuj: Oh that’s not so bad) season 1 (Nitsuj: Motherfuckers). Yep, the anime skips over some of the earlier events from the manga and instead gives us an alternate telling of the story. While I can understand why they’re doing this considering that around the time of this episode the manga was only at around chapter 53 where Tatsumi and Lubbock had been captured and tortured leading to one of the most tragic deaths in the series it’s still a pain to sit through and to see such an awesome series like this diverge from the manga give us its own story (Nitsuj: I hear what your saying but I’m gonna maintain my optimistic outlook on the series and hope that the anime’s ending isn’t all that bad). Okay, so in the episode the Revolutionary army has begun moving to the capital (Shizuku: Viva la revolution). Esdeath is called away from the capital to deal with fractions of the Revolutionary army and the remaining members of Jaeger are put on standby while Esdeath is away. Night Raid has begun infiltrating the castle where Tatsumi and Lubbock have snuck into the castle by an agent of the Revolutionary Army to take out soldiers from within. Little do they know that Honest has created a new elite force to protect the capital led by his son Shura a bastard son who just like his father looks down on everyone (like father like son) and treats them as his toys. He’s also the one responsible for releasing the danger beasts all those episodes ago and is the one who teleported Tatsumi and Esdeath to that tropical island (Shizuku: Well that was nice of him. (Nitsuj): Yeah too bad one of them was a sadistic psychopath who wants to make Tatsumi her slave). Shura takes out the insurgents in the capital and takes on Lubbock while Tatsumi takes on Budou commander-in chief of the capital’s army who has an Imperial Arm that gives him the power of lightning (that’s one dangerous person). Shura also has an Imperial Arm that gives him the power to teleport wherever he wants as long as he has marked the area he wants to teleport. Because of this Shura has the upper hand against Lubbock who has nowhere to run or hide and gets betrayed by one of the insurgents who out of desperation switches sides in the hopes that she can earn favor with Shura and save her parents (Shizuku: Traitorous bitch. I hope you die). Shura slashes her neck for getting in the way of his fun (Nitsuj: Oh big mistake buddy. Don’t attack women on Lubbock’s watch) and Lubbock gets pissed and uses his strings to cut Shura’s hand (Nitsuj: AH! That was my Friday night fun hand! Damn you Lubbock) that was holding his Imperial Arm. Thanks to all the running around Lubbock did he manage to surround the whole area in his string so now Shura has nowhere else to hide and the guards can’t make a move at the risk of getting killed (Nitsuj: What are you waiting for kill him now). Just when it looks like Lubbock has the advantage the insurgent gets back up and stabs Lubbock in the back (Shizuku: Oh my God you bitch! Read the situation he had this all under control) lowering his guard, allowing Shura to get his hand back and teleport Lubbock to an alternate dimension with no escape. But Lubbock refuses to go out alone. He uses his string to pull Shura into the dimension where he uses his string to destroy Shura’s heart (flawless victory *nothing happens*. Hey where’s the- (Nitsuj): It only works for me. Flawless victory, ) which kills him and they both appear in the sky with Shura dead and Lubbock falling to his death by getting impaled (Nitsuj: Damn it! I liked him too. (Seras): Oh you think this was bad, wait till you read the manga. You’ll be grabbing your family jewels and everything). Tatsumi gets captured and imprisoned where he’s handed over to Esdeath for torture (now tell me, who’s your waifu Tatsumi?) and will be executed tomorrow. As for Honest, he takes the death of son pretty bad (oh who am I kidding the bastard gets over it in like 5 seconds. Scene here: ).

    Episodes 21-24

    (Nitsuj): Episode 21 is a pretty sad episode (Shizuku: I’ll say, they’re fucking up the story). Esdeath tries one last time to convince Tatsumi to come to her side (join me Tatsumi. Become my pet and sex slave all in one) but Tatsumi says no leaving Esdeath no choice but to execute him out of love. The next day comes and as Tatsumi is about to be executed in front of a live arena audience, Night Raid shows up to save him (all the girls want Tatsumi). Najenda and Susanoo take on Esdeath while Leone and Mine take on Budou. As for Akame, she breaks into Esdeath’s office and retrieves Tatsumi’s Imperial Arm killing anyone who gets in her path (like a boss). Through a very intense fight Mine manages to defeat Budou but at the same time sustains a lot of serious injuries that are life threatening (Seras: Betrayal to the highest degree anime). Things go south for Najenda and Susanoo as well as Najenda is forced to use Susanoo’s last trump card and sacrifice himself in order for the others to escape. Things get even more sad when Tatsumi is carrying Mine back to the hideout only to have her die on the side of the road where she confesses her love for Tatsumi and gives him one final kiss before dying (scene here: . (Shizuku): YOU’RE KILLING ME ANIME).

    Episode 22 is another sad episode. Thanks to Chelsea’s attack on Kurome she doesn’t have much time to live so she wants to settle things with Akame in one last duel (couldn’t we just settle this in smash?) alone. No outside help, no interference, no Night Raid or Jaegers, just two sisters fighting it out to the death and seeing which one is worthy of the title of best assassin (Seras: That’s easy, Ezio. (Shizuku): What! You’re crazy! Everyone knows Altair is the best assassin). The two have their fight at a destroyed church building where the two were reunited after their years of training and where Akame betrayed Kurome and joined Night Raid (alright kind of mix bag of emotions here huh?). The two have their fight where they clash swords, summon the dead (Seras: Can we please stop desecrating the dead?), kill a giant danger beast, and the fight finally comes to an end with Akame winning and killing her own sister (scene here: , first she betrays her sister than she kills her. Akame just lives a cursed life).

    In episode 23 it’s the final battle where everything is on the line (and we finally see who’s gonna live and who’s gonna die). The Revolutionary army and Night Raid attack the palace while Tatsumi, Leone, and Akame sneak into the palace and try to kill Honset (Seras: Oh I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time). They find Honset and the emperor (which now that I think about it did they ever give us his name? (Shizuku): No. (Nitsuj): I didn’t think so) where the emperor activates the greatest treasure of the Empire, Shikoutazer said to be the strongest and most powerful of the Imperial Arms. Its powers are said to be that of a god and can only be controlled by the royal family of the Empire. The Emperor goes mad and begins attacking the city under the commands of Honset (Shizuku: Dance puppet. Dance for the glory that is Honset) all while fighting Tatsumi and Wave who has come to help Tatsumi after burying Kurome (Seras: Who Wave obviously liked and wanted to bang. (Nitsuj): Yeah I wonder how Akame would respond to that?). Tatsumi discovers the weakness of Shikoutazer and unleashes the full power of Incursio where he Falcon punches the damn thing stopping it and possibly killing the young emperor (a moment of silence for. . .God what was his name again?). As Shikoutazer is falling down (Seras and Shizuku: My fair troll~. (Nitsuj): Shut up) Tatsumi sees that it’s going to fall on a bunch of citizens and sacrifices his body to save them. The episode ends with Tatsumi a bloody mess and dying (scene here:, Esdeath is gonna kill everyone within her sight).

    In the final episode Esdeath and Akame have their fight and I have to admit this is the best fight in the entire anime. Two strong and beautiful women going at it with each anticipating the other one’s moves and both playing their trump cards but in the end its Akame who wins (scene here: After that battle we see Honset trying to escape but Leone finds him (oh no, you ain’t leaving this anime alive you fat piece of trash). Honset uses his Imperial Arm to destroy Leone’s Imperial Arm returning her to a normal woman and he shoots her a few times but that doesn’t stop Leone who punches him to the ground and pounds his face in killing him (thank you Leone). With Honset and Esdeath defeated and the Emperor captured and executed at the guillotines the revolution is a success and the new regime takes over the city and slowly begins rebuilding. Najenda stays in the city working to rebuild it, Leone unfortunately suffers from the multiple gun shots and dies in an alleyway (Nitsuj, Shizuku, and Seras: FUCK), and Akame takes on the crimes of Night Raid and goes on the run as a fugitive to end the series.

    Final Thoughts

    (Shizuku): So that was the anime version of Akame ga Kill. How could such a great series with so much potential fall so easily?

    (Seras): I don’t know I quite enjoyed the anime. While the ending is bad I don’t think that takes away from the overall enjoyment I got from watching the series. What do you think Nitsu?

    (Nitsuj): I’m down the middle. While I can understand why people don’t like this anime because of the way it ends, just like Seras said, it didn’t ruin my overall enjoyment for the series. The anime starts off on an amazing note with Tatsumi not being afraid to kill people he knows are evil and him slowly growing and changing over the course of the series. The second act where we have the fights between Night Raid and the Jeagers was great as we got a lot of great action scenes and got to see both sides suffer losses. It’s only until that third act where things start to go downhill but I really can’t get mad at White Fox for doing what they did. The manga wasn’t completed yet so they had no choice but to make up their own ending. Was it a good ending? No, and even when you compare it to the original ending there are a few events that play out just like the anime but the original ending in the manga is way better and more satisfying than the anime’s ending. So yeah, the anime’s ending is bad it didn’t completely destroy the series for me.

    (Shizuku): Okay. I can get behind that boss. But this anime still has a few problems with it. For starters, too much comedic moments if you ask me. While it’s true the manga had its funny moments they didn’t have as many as the anime puts in. I would have liked to see the anime be more dark and less funny especially as it progressed towards the end. The development and interactions of some characters could have been done better. Tatsumi goes through quite the change in the manga. While he develops a little in the anime it pales in comparison to his develop in the manga as he goes from being a kid who has doubts and worries about what he’s doing to a man dedicated to the cause and seeing it through the end no matter what. Also, they make him look kind of weak in the second half for some reason. I also would of liked to learn more about the other members of Jeager such as Run and his past, why Wave is so dedicated to the Empire even though he knows how corrupted and evil it is, and Seryu’s warped viewpoint of justice. It also would have been nice to see more interactions between the teammates of each team.

    (Seras): Those problems are big I admit but what the anime gets right it gets right big time. The fights are great. I like how they don’t censor the gore or blood for anyone or anything. The music was enjoyable, the animation is good as the characters really do look life-like and when the anime wants you to feel sad and disheartened about something they make you feel it. The anime may have problems but there’s no doubt that the people working on it liked the series and did their best to capture the spirit and atmosphere of the manga.

    Final Score

    (Nitsuj): Alright guys it’s time for final score. I’m giving the anime a 6/10. The first two acts were good and the third act sucked but it didn’t ruin the whole anime for me.

    (Shizuku): I’m giving the anime a 4.5/10. Terrible third act, bad handling of the characters, and a bit too much comedy at some points in the series drags the anime down for me.

    (Seras): I’m giving the anime a 7.5/10. I really did enjoyment up until the final act but I really can’t get too mad at it because they ran out of source material and this was probably the best they could do at the time.

    (Nitsuj): With these scattered scores that brings the final score to 18/30 and giving us a 6/10 as the final overall score for Akame ga Kill. The anime is good until those last episodes. It does capture the overall atmosphere of the original manga.

    (Shizuku): Which we highly recommend checking out. It just ended not too long ago and I say you skip episodes 20-24 and just pick up the manga. It leads to a better more satisfying ending.

    (Seras): Now with that all said and done let’s move on to our next debate, the best assassin in the Assassin’s Creed series.

    (Shizuku): We’re still having this debate? I keep telling you it’s Altair.

    *Seras and Shizuku begin to argue with each other as Nitsuj slowly gets up and leaves*

    (Nitsuj): Looks like this’ll take a while. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, clips, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved*

    Thanks for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or send your comments, feedback, or request to
  7. Hello everyone, Justin here and welcome to the Otaku Mind where we discuss anime/manga topics going on in the world today and today we’re talking about anime and Hollywood. With the Ghost in the Shell movie set to come out this Friday and Netflix announcing a live action adaptation of Death Note set to premiere this August it’s clear to me that Hollywood and filmmakers in general are taking an interest in anime and realizing there’s money to be made here. But at the same time this idea has a lot of people worried since Hollywood is notorious for taking things we love and ruining them. I mean, the last time an anime got a movie adaption done by Hollywood we got that horrible Dragonball Z movie which was an insult and a betrayal to the author and the fans of the series so you can understand why a lot of us are worried or concerned about this. Is Hollywood turning our favorite animes into movies a good thing or a bad thing? Let’s talk about this.

    Hollywood is notorious for taking things we love and ruining them but also bringing them to life

    As I said before Hollywood is known for taking things we love and ruining them. Such as Dragonball Z, Avatar, TMNT, The Mario Bros. and Transformers just to name a few but at the same time it also takes things we love and bring them to life. Take for example comic book movies. I remember as a kid, comic book movies were awful. They were seen as just for kids so they had to try harder to appeal to their audience. Thus, they were all dark, gritty, painful, repetitive, boring, and not fun to watch. That’s not to say this is bad in today’s world. The Dark Knight movies are very dark and I like them a lot but the difference is they were smart, clever, had excellent writing and characters that you got invested in and wanted to know what happened to them next. As time went on Hollywood started to see that if they took their audience seriously and instead focused on telling a good story with intriguing characters, and stayed true to the source material, they would start to get positive reviews and such. Sure enough it worked. It’s gotten to the point now where comic book movies are the best movies of the year and everyone loves them because of their good and clever writing, interesting characters, and fun stories. If comic book movies can go from being awful and being seen as a child’s movie to some of the most entertaining movies of the year than the same can be said for anime movies. I haven’t seen the Ghost in the Shell movie yet but just from the previews it looks good and just from seeing that Death Note teaser it looks good as well. Hell, when they announced the new Power Rangers movie I was afraid it was gonna suck but I liked it. I only had 2 complaints with the whole movie and one of them can be seen as a nitpick. My point is, is that while anime movies got off to a rough start there’s always a chance for people to see the mistakes they made and take the necessary steps to fix them in the next project which leads us to the next point, filmmakers and actors are fans too.

    Filmmakers and actors are fans too

    Despite what a lot of people may think filmmakers and actors are people too and just like us they have things that they like and dislike and a lot of famous actors like anime. Quentin Tarantino, big fan of Ghost in the Shell. Keenu Reeves, loves Cowboy Bebop and even tried to get a live adaption made with him as Spike. My man Samuel L. Jackson is a fan of Black Lagoon and even helped in the making of Afro Samurai. Zac Efron, loves Death Note and I’m sure he’s involved in the Netflix film. Robin Williams, one of the greatest comedians and actors of all time loved anime and was a fan of Ghost in the Shell and Evangelion. This is only just naming a few of the actors and filmmakers who love or are fans of anime. I like to think that filmmakers and actors are fans of whatever project they’re working on. Just like us they too grew up watching or reading whatever project they’re working on and just like us they too have a passion and love for it and want to make it a success. In the past I think why some adaptions don’t work out so well is because the actors or filmmakers working on the project just don’t understand the source material and because of that they took liberties with it and change a lot of stuff which winds up pissing people off. Sometimes these liberties are a necessity due to time and money and can’t be helped. I believe however that if you get an actor or filmmaker involved in a project that they really like they’ll give it their all.

    The adaptation won’t be better than the original

    Well that’s pretty much a given for just about anything you adapt. No matter how good an adaptation is chances are it won’t match up to the original which is understandable. Adaptations aren’t usually the work of the original writer but instead the work of a fan or someone interested in the work of the author. But even if it is someone taking the work of someone else that doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a way to the promote the original work. A lot of anime out there is used as a promotional tool to get people interested in the original work, that’s what happened to me. I started off watching One Piece, Naruto, FMA, and other animes first before I started reading the original mangas. But after watching the shows I got interested in the original work and wanted to see what would happen next. Sure enough, I found myself more interested in the mangas than I did the animes. If anything, the animes were just there to help me picture and hear their voices so that when I go to read the manga I could hear their voices in my head as I’m reading or just seen how a scene plays out when animated. I don’t know if the movie adaptations of Ghost in the Shell and Death Note are gonna be better than the manga. Maybe, who knows. But the one thing I’m sure of is that when people go to see them whether they’re a fan or just a casual movie goer who saw the trailer and thought it looked good, they’re going to walk away interested in the series and want to learn more about it. That means that they’re gonna go out, find the manga, and buy it and that’s gonna help the author out big time as well as show Hollywood that what they did worked and that anime isn’t something just for kids and otakus, it can be for everyone and when it’s done correctly and taken seriously it can make them profit and make us happy.

    Fear of whitewashing

    Please don’t do this, don’t give me that crap, I am so sick of people calling movies out on this. Look, I get it, casting choices are always questionable but come on folks. Just because something comes from Japan doesn’t mean we need a Japanese lead. Look at Dr. Strange. They casted Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One who in the comics was an old man. People were whitewashing on this movie yet when they went to go see the movie they admitted that Tilda did a good portrayal as The Ancient One and I thought she did good as well. I get that people want someone from a different race to represent a particular character but you’re missing the point of acting. The whole idea of acting is bringing a character to life. It shouldn’t matter what ethnicity they are. For me, all that matter is, is this actor gonna be a good fit for this role and I think Scarlett is a good fit for Motoko. Scarlett is a good actor. I liked her in Lucy and I love her as the Black Widow in the Marvel movies. Truth to be told, I’m hoping they make a movie starring her because I’ve never seen a good representation of a female superhero movie and I think with the way Marvel has handled the Black Widow character they can make a good movie focusing on just her and her character. Bottom line, as long as it’s a good actor I don’t care what race they are. Are there times when we should consider race for a role? Yes, but for something like this that’s trying to reach a wide audience and not just the fans of the series, I think we’ll be alright.

    So is Hollywood making movies of anime a bad thing or a good thing

    Personally, I think it’s a good thing. I admit that in the past Hollywood has taken a lot of the things we’ve treasured and ruined them but at the same time it’s given us things that we loved when we were younger or still love now and reminded us why we love them so much. Plus, the landscape of Hollywood has changed. Comic book movies are now being done seriously and manga is basically a Japanese comic book so who’s to say they won’t take this seriously as well? I know that for some of us out there we get panned for liking anime because people just don’t understand it and I think that’s why having movie adaptations are a good thing. It can serve as a way to get people interested in anime and help you shed light on why you like it so much. Is Hollywood gonna make mistakes on these adaptations and put stuff in we don’t agree with? Yes, it’s Hollywood it’s what they do! But that’s where we the fans come in. As fans, it’s our job and responsibility to be there and try to explain to them what they did right, what they did wrong, and explain to them why this was good or why this was bad. Thanks to social media we now have a way to get our thoughts out there and heard for everyone to see and I say we use that to our advantage and help other people understand and appreciate our joy for anime.

    That’s all I have to say. What do you guys think about the idea of Hollywood doing anime adaptations, good or bad? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, clips, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved*

    Thanks for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or send your comments, feedback, or request to
  8. Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Today I’m taking a look at one of my most requested animes to review Akame ga Kill. I’ve been waiting forever to review this anime and with the series ending this past month now’s as good as time as ever to review the anime.

    (Shizuku): And since me and Seras are big fans of the series it only makes sense for us to join you on this review.

    (Nitsuj): Oh great, the two most unstable women of my team are joining me for a review. This is both exciting and scary at the same time.

    (Seras): Indeed. It’s quite the rush. Before we get into the anime a little backstory about this series. Akame ga Kill got started all the way back in 2010 by a guy named Takahiro. A man too intense for last names. The whole series focuses on a group of assassins fighting to bring down their corrupted kingdom. What made this series stand out from others was how it wasn’t afraid to kill off its casts of main characters. By showing how the series wasn’t afraid to kill off its main characters it added a whole new layer of suspense, unpredictability to the story and you really caring about all the characters you came across.

    (Shizuku): Because of this unpredictability with its characters and dark atmosphere the series quickly became popular so in 2014 the anime studio White Fox (The Devil is a Part-Timer and Is the Order a Rabbit) turned the series into a 24-episode anime making it their biggest anime of the year.

    (Nitsuj): Well let’s not waste any more time. This is Akame ga Kill.

    Opening and Ending Theme

    (Shizuku): Our opening is "Skyreach" by Sora Amamiya. While the instrumental and the visuals are good the vocals are a letdown for me personally. I don’t know it just sounds like Sora isn’t really singing as good as she normally does. The guitar is very great in this song and I like how they show all the main characters as well as the different environments and walks of life they came from. It adds to their character dynamics.

    (Seras): The ending is "Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta" by Miku Sawai. This whole song is so sad and as the anime goes on you’ll see that the song fits perfectly with the anime as we’ll be seeing a lot of death. Both from the enemy side and the hero side. The ending gives off this feeling that one of our main characters has died and everyone is taking a minute to mourn the loss of a comrade but getting back up to continue the fight for what they believe is right.

    Episodes 1-4

    (Nitsuj): We begin our story in the countryside where some carriers get attacked by a monster known as an Earth Dragon (which looks nothing like a dragon at all, it looks more like the head of a cobra attached to a beetle). Luckily, the riders get saved by our male lead Tatsumi voiced by Sōma Saitō, a young swordsman from the country who has dreams of traveling to the imperial capital to earn money for his village. The carriers warn him that the capital is a dark place (Seras: Why, did they forget to pay the electric bill?) filled with corruption but Tatsumi doesn’t care and heads towards the capital. Once he reaches the capital he tries to join the military but when he tells them he wants to be a commanding officer (Shizuku: You have no background whatsoever and you think they’re gonna make you a commander) he gets thrown out into the street where he runs into a beautiful big-breasted blonde woman (well I see why the city is called the imperial capital now). The blonde beauty tells him that if he wants to get into the military he should give a high ranking officer money (seems legit) and since she knows someone in the military she says she’ll help him get in (). So like a trustworthy idiot (Seras: Hey she’s flashing the twin towers how could he not trust her) he gives her all his money and hours later he realizes that he’s been swindled. With no money he decides to sleep in the streets but another young beautiful rich blonde girl (wow the Imperial Capital has a lot of blondes) named Aria offers him a place to spend the night at her place (alright Tatsumi’s getting him some tonight) and he accepts (now normally I call the guy an idiot for trusting someone in this scum hole of a city but when a beautiful girl tells you something all your doubts and worries just fade away. (Seras: So is that how you feel about us? (Nitsuj): No with you guys I feel my doubts and worries escalate even higher). Once he reaches the house he tells Aria and her family that he comes from the countryside along with his two friends Sayo and Ieyasu but they got separated from each other (Seras: They’re most likely dead than). The family offers to help Tatsumi find his friends and the next day we learn a little more about the city and its current location. It turns out the capital is ruled by a young kid (who’s balls haven’t fallen yet) who is really just the puppet figure of the prime minister Honest who endorses unfair taxes on the people (here’s a lesson, get used to being screwed over by the government). We also learn that the capital is in between three other countries each plotting to attack the city (Shizuku: Man attacked from all sides. They must of did some serious shit to piss them off) and that there’s a group of assassins in the city called Night Raid which go around killing rich people. Their leader is a young woman with long black hair named Akame voiced by Sora Amamiya. That night, Night Raid shows up at Aria’s place and begin killing everyone. Akame tries to kill Aria but Tatsumi stops her (uh Tatsumi if I was you I would go with the cool beauty rather than the rich beauty. Those rich girls can be real bitches). The big-breasted blonde woman comes in and reveals to Tatsumi that this is a messed up family beyond reason. I mean seriously messed up. This family tricks travelers into coming to their house where they drug the travelers and torture them to death (holy shit these people are messed up big time). At first Aria denies doing anything to these people saying she knew nothing about this place but Tatsumi’s friend Ieyasu is there and tells him that Aria tortured and killed Sayo just because she had better hair than her (Shizuku: Okay wow. She is a bitch. (Seras): I seriously want to break every bone in her body and hear her scream from the pain. (Nitsuj): Like I said, rich girls can be real bitches). After seeing all of this Tatsumi takes out his sword and slices the bitch in two without hesitation (scene here: , nice work Tatsumi. At first I thought you were the holy hero type, but now I see I was wrong. You’ re a rogue hero). After that, Ieyasu dies from poison and Night Raid takes their leave where they force Tatsumi to join them (Seras: Wait! Take me with you).

    (Shizuku): In the first half of episode 2 we get introduced to the rest of the assassins and learn a little more about them as well as Night Raid. It turns out that far south of the city is the Revolutionary Army who are staging to overthrow Honest and restore peace to the kingdom. Night Raid is a small division of the army who are assigned with taking out major public figures and answer the cries of citizens being tortured by said figures (Nitsuj: I call Boondock Saints. (Seras): Assassin’s Creed. (Shizuku): Damn, those were my first and second choices. Uhh~, V for Vendetta). After Tatsumi gives his friends a proper burial, the big-breasted blonde girl who we find out is named Leone gives Tatsumi the grand tour of their base which is a building built within a mountain totally out in the open (the perfect hide away). Once inside we meet all the assassins. First up is Shelle a clumsy, shy, and ditzy girl on the surface but in reality is a very caring and sweet person. Next up is the resident tsundere of the show Mine, a self-proclaimed sniper genius (hmph, you know people who self- proclaim themselves to be something aren’t really all that good. (Seras): Said the woman who calls herself the bareknuckle champion. (Nitsuj): And a self-proclaimed badass as well. (Shizuku): Oh I’m sorry, who else is the heavy hitter on this team?). Bulat the muscle of the group who once used to be an imperial guard but after seeing the corruption of Honest sided with Night Raid (he’s also gay and open about it), Lubbock the pervert of the group (Seras: Making him the comic relief character as well. (Nitsuj): I think that position is already filled by Tatsumi but yes you are correct), and finally Najenda the leader of Night Raid who has a mechanical arm (Nitsuj: Akame’s not the leader? (Seras): No. It’s someone entirely new and interesting). After getting a tour of the place and meeting everyone Tatsumi decides to join them in their quest for revenge against Honest and is put under the care of Akame much to his displeasure (Nitsuj: Oh come on man, sure she tried to kill you twice already but look at me, I’m living with 4 AI girls who tried to kill me and we get along just fine. (Shizuku): Except for when you try to peep on us or piss us off. Than the urge to kill you comes rushing back to us). After being placed under the care of Akame, Tatsumi is assigned kitchen duty and we learn a little more about Akame such as she was raised in the wild, likes to eat a lot, and pretty blunt with her words and actions rarely losing composure (Seras: Sounds like me. (Nitsuj): Only in your dreams or if I’m drunk. (Seras): Oh look, that the urge to kill you is coming back again). Also, she was trained since childhood by the imperial army to be the perfect assassin until Najenda convinced her to join Night Raid. In the second half Night Raid is asked by a woman to kill the oil merchant Gamal and imperial guard Ogre who framed her fiancé and got him killed. Seeing this as a chance to gain the respect of Akame and the others Tatsumi says he’ll take care of Ogre while Akame and Leone take care of Gamal. Akame and Leone easily kill Gamal who was lounging around in a sex parlor (well at least he’s gonna die with a raging boner) and Tatsumi has a short but good sword fight with Ogre killing him and leaving his dead body in the street (scene here: . (Nitsuj): Make sure you put nickels over his eyes. (Seras): And search his body for loot). Tatsumi returns giving a report on his mission and finally earning the respect of Akame who all this time has been hard on him because she doesn’t want him to die and lose another friend (Shizuku and Seras: Aww). We end the episode with Tatsumi now being assigned with Mine.

    (Seras): At the start of episode 3 a group of assassins hired by the capital have found Night Raid’s hideout (Nitsuj: What! Impossible! (Shizuku): Their base was hidden so well) but before they can report their discovery the assassins are taken out by the members of Night Raid. After that we focus on Tatsumi and Mine who don’t get started on the right foot on account of Tatsumi walking in on her changing (scene here: , does the term knock before entering mean anything in anime? (Nitsuj): Uh no). The two then go into town where we see just how the relationship between the two works out. Mine is on top while Tatsumi is on the bottom (Nitsuj: I’m cool with that. (Shizuku): Really? We’re on top and you’re on the bottom? So that’s the kind of thing that floats your boat boss? (Nitsuj): Oh, it floats the whole fleet I’ll say that much. (Seras): I get the feeling we’re missing something here. (Nitsuj): Let it sit for a while, it’ll come to you). We also finally get to meet Honest, a fat fuck who looks like a mix between Santa and Jabba the Hut who has a noble killed just so he could have fun with his wife. Later on, Night Raid receives a new mission to assassinate Lokal a distant relative of Honest who gets his kicks off of beating other women to death (just give me 2 minutes and I’ll have that man begging me to kill him). The whole group of Night Raid is sent out on the mission with Mine sniping Lokal easily killing him and Tatsumi being her escort to safety while the rest of the group covers them and kills the guards. Along the way to the rendezvous point Mine opens up to Tatsumi about her childhood. It turns out she was a foreigner from the west, when she came to the capital she was discriminated against harshly and she’s fighting to make sure that no one else goes through the same amount of pain she went through (that and get rich and live a life of luxury). They make it to the rendezvous point where one guard has sneaked pass Akame’s group and attacks Tatsumi and Mine. The guard takes out Tatsumi from behind and goes for Mine but Tatsumi gets back up, grabs the guard, and tells Mine to take the shot (Nitsuj: Dragonball Z logic) where she blows a hole in his chest killing the guy. We end the episode back in the capital with a mysterious person walking through town looking for people to kill.

    (Nitsuj): In episode 4 we find out that the person going around killing people is Zank the Executioner, the executioner of the city’s largest prison where he beheaded many people until he became obsessed with it and began killing people at random (what a disturbing hobby). He’s now returned to behead more people and to make matters worse he has these weapons know as Imperial Arms.

    (Shizuku): We’re gonna pause this review right now to explain what Imperial Arms are.

    (Seras): Imperial Arms are basically these powerful weapons created by the Imperial City’s first king who wanted to protect the city long after he had died. He sent his forces out into the world to slay powerful rare beasts and used their powers to craft 48 Imperial Arms. Each one destructive and holding a different power.

    (Nitsuj): Interesting, so can anyone use these arms?

    (Shizuku): Not quite. We’ll find out later that these arms are like the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. They don’t work for anyone, are picky, and work on a capability bases so basically if the damn things feel your unworthy they won’t work for you.

    (Nitsuj): I see, so basically this is the series’ version of the Devil Fruits from One Piece.

    (Shizuku): That’s a good way to compare them. Any more questions?

    (Nitsuj): Do the assassins have any of these Imperial Arms?

    (Seras): As a matter of fact, they do. Akame has a curse sword that instantly kills anyone she slices. Leone has a belt that turns her into a lion girl increasing her strength and heightening her senses. Mine’s sniper rifle is one as well. The more she’s in danger the power of her rifle increases. Bulat has armor that increases his physical strength, allows him to blend into his surrounds, and is pretty much indestructible. Lubbock has gloves that spring out strings that can detect traps and trap his opponents and Sheele has scissors that can cut through anything.

    (Nitsuj): Okay these are some pretty cool weapons, now let’s get back to the anime. Night Raid is called in to take out this headhunter so they all go out at night where Zank leads Tatsumi away from Akame and fights him. We see that Zank has an Imperial Arm on his head which allows him to read the minds of his opponents so he can predict whatever Tatsumi is going to do next (the Millennium Eye from Yu-Gi-Oh). Despite Tatsumi’s mind being read he holds his own against Zank and manages to live long enough for Akame to arrive where they fight and she manages to kill him (scene here: ).

    Episodes 5-8

    Episode 5 is kind of a slow episode. Tatsumi is given to Sheele the easy-going member of the team. We find out that before joining Night Raid she lived in the slums with her parents where she always made mistakes because of her clumsiness (I like to call it the moe trait). Everybody said she had a screw loose except her good friend (Shizuku: Whose name we never here) who never laughed at her or mistreated her. One night when her friend’s ex-boyfriend shows up high off of drugs and trying to kill her. Sheele grabs a knife and slices his neck killing him. It was then that she discovered that when it came to killing her mind was at peace (Seras: In other words, she liked it). After that her best friend disappeared and she became a freelance assassin in the city eventually joining Night Raid (well that was one…interesting life story). Despite her airheaded personality, she does have a caring heart and when Tatsumi is finally force to face the fact that his friends are dead and can’t be resurrected (this ain’t no RPG kid, this is life and in life you get 1 life and no continues) she comforts him (not sexually but like a big sister). After that Tatsumi goes to the slums with Leone where they get separated and he runs into Seryu who has an Imperial Arm in the form of a cartoon dog (Seras: Too lenient. Try newspaper comic dog) that can detect evil (and yet it’s in a city where just about everyone is evil. What good are you?) and was actually a student of Ogre who seeks revenge against Night Raid for killing her master (so I guess she won’t be joining the harem).

    Episode 6 starts us off in the red light district of the city (looks like the fleet has caught its second wind. (Seras): Okay, what does that mean? (Nitsuj): Give it time, it’ll come to you) where Leone and Tatsumi take out drug dealers using whores to get money and brainwashing them with drugs (scene here: and Leone marking Tatsumi (scene here: After that we cut to Mine and Sheele who are fighting against Seryu and her cartoon dog who can transform into a monster dog with regenerating powers (Shizuku: Looks can be so deceiving). We get a pretty awesome fight between the four characters where unfortunately Sheele gets shot protecting Mine and gets broken in half by the dog (Sheele, nooooo~! We just spent like half an episode getting to know you). Sheele uses the last of her powers to make a bright light allowing Mine to escape (scene here: and report back to the others where Mine vows to end Seryu’s life with her own hands (and if she should fail, I shall avenge you. I shall avenge you~. Alright you guys take over I need a minute).

    (Shizuku): In episode 7 we meet Esdeath a high ranking officer of the empire who is said to be the strongest soldier in the empire and an extreme sadist who enjoys torturing others (Seras: I have a feeling she and I would get along). After conquering the North region she’s been called back to the capital to take out Night Raid and in return be allowed to marry the person of her choosing (I pray for the poor bastard who marries her). In order to get Night Raid to come out of hiding she has her most trusted guards the Three Beast go and kill politics who spoke out against Honest and make it look like Night Raid did it (Nitsuj: Oh sure let’s all blame the assassins). Najenda sends Tatsumi and Bulat in secret to guard a politician who speaks out against Honest onboard his giant Chinese inspired ship (man this ship just screams Hong Kong). While on the ship Bulat opens up to Tatsumi and talks about his past in the military. When he was a younger soldier, his general was arrested for not taking bribes from Honest and thrown in jail. After seeing this injustice Bulat left the military and joined Night Raid (Nitsuj: So one can say he switched teams both literally and figuratively). As the ship sails out to sea hosting a party one of the Three Beast members named Nyau a young boy who takes pleasure in tearing off the faces of his victims (Nitsuj: What did your mother do to you you sick fuck?) uses his Imperial Arm flute to put everyone on the ship to sleep except for Tatsuya who managed to fight off the effects of the flute (Seras: One of the advantages of being the main character). He makes it out on deck (why, when he knows the flute is coming from outside) and runs into Daidara the muscle of the group who enjoys fighting and killing to gain experience (Seras: What is he an RPG character or something? Every time he kills someone he gains experience and hears the FF victory theme play?). Tatsumi tries to fight him and his double axe boomerangs but Bulat comes in to fight Daidara in Tatsumi’s place where he takes on all three members of the Three Beast at the same time, knocks out two of them, and kills Daidara all at the same time (Nitsuj: And it was at this moment that I discovered that Bulat is badass). The third member an old man by the name of Liver gets back up and it gets revealed that Liver is Bulat’s former general thrown in jail (scene here:

    Episode 8 starts off with Liver unleashing his Imperial Arm Black Marlin which gives him the power to control any liquid around him (Nitsuj: I imagine this is a useful weapon for when he goes to use the restroom what with his age and everything). Liver uses the water around him to his advantage to attack Bulat and hurt him but Bulat manages to take all the hits and survive (he is a man! (Nitsuj and Seras): A real man). While that’s going on Tatsumi takes on Nyau where he loses to him (Nitsuj: You’ve been sucking pretty hard these last two episodes Tatsumi. (Seras): Give it time, he’ll make you like him again). Liver and Bulat exhaust all of their energy using their Imperial Arms and are force to fight the old fashion way with swords and steroid injections. They fight with swords with Bulat winning in the end but Liver uses his own blood which contained incurable poison to attack Bulat before dying. It now comes down to Tatsumi and Nyau who used his flute to give himself a steroid injection (does fairness mean anything to these guys?) so Bulat realizing he’s dying gives Incursio to Tatsumi trusting him to have it. Incursio accepts Tatsumi as its new master (he sensed the main character genes) and Tatsumi Falcon punches the bastard child killing him instantly. He then rushes over to the dying Bulat to cry over the loss of his mentor (Nitsuj: Man, this is like Kamina’s death in Gurren Lagann. Too soon and unexpected. (Shizuku): You guys take over I need a minute *Shizuku gets up and walks away*).

    Episodes 9-12

    (Seras): Anyway, in episode 9 Esdeath has created a new team called The Jaegers (Nitsuj: Are they the prey? (Seras): No, they are the hunters) a group composed entirely of Imperial Arm users who were handpicked by Esdeath to join her team. The first member is Wave a young man from a small fishing village who is the most normal out of all the members (he’s the Tatsumi of the group). The crazy obsess girl of justice Seryu along with her dog Koro are the next members (Nitsuj: Please say she dies? (Seras): I give no spoilers. (Nitsuj): And yet you’re doing this review. (Seras): Run, the personal adviser of Esdeath with a gentle personality (he’s out of place in this anime). Bols, the oldest member of the team who wears a mask and has an intimidating figure but in truth is actually a gentle person. Dr. Stylish a man who enjoys experimenting with dead bodies and himself (he might also be gay). Finally, Kurome a girl who looks like another familiar character in this anime (Nitsuj: Geez, I wonder if Kurome and this other character have some kind of relation to each other?). After Esdeath plays with them a little to test their skills the group go to a dinner party where Esdeath decides to hold a martial arts tournament in the hopes of finding someone who can control Sheele’s scissors). While that’s going on the young emperor and Honest are eating dinner wondering where they’re going to find a man who matches Esdeath’s description of the perfect guy for her (Nitsuj: What’s she looking for? (Seras): She seeks a guy who has a great future, someone who’s fearless, raised outside the city, someone younger than her since she’ll be controlling them, and he must have a pure innocent smile. (Nitsuj): Well all those qualifications describe me perfectly. However, I have no intention of being controlled by anyone so sorry Essy). Tatsumi hears about the martial arts tournament and decides to enter it to get money for his village and get an idea of what Esdeath is like (Nitsuj: She’s a sadistic bitch who enjoys war, carnage, and gets off controlling people. (Seras): You talking about me?). He fights and wins the tournament impressing Esdeath and making her fall for him (great future? Tick. Fearless? Tick. Raised outside the corrupt city? Tick. Young? Tick. Pure and innocent with a smile that matches him? Tick. We have us a winner. (Nitsuj): Or poor bastard in this case). She approaches him, puts a collar around his neck, knocks him out, and drags him back to her room (Nitsuj: Well he’s dead. At least he’ll go out like a man). Lubbock and Leone see this and report this back to Akame who’s in charge while Najenda is away at the Revolution army’s headquarters returning captured Imperial Arms and hoping to find new recruits. Akame makes the decision to move the base up the mountains in the fear that Esdeath might discover he’s a member of Night Raid and says they’ll think up a plan to save Tatsumi (that boy is long pass the point of saving).

    In episode 10 a few days have gone by and Tatsumi is Esdeath’s love toy (or boytoy if you will) but Tatsumi still hasn’t been broken by her. Esdeath is completely infatuated with Tatsumi (Nitsuj: I am so jealous and sad for him at the same time) and determined to turn Tatsumi into her ideal man. That night before the two are about to sleep together Tatsumi tries desperately to get Esdeath to join Night Raid’s side and fight the empire but she refuses saying that those who are weak are killed while the strong survive (and the sadist shall turn the weak boy into her plaything). They go to sleep with Esdeath using Tatsumi as a human pillow wearing nothing but a shirt and pressing her big chest up against Tatsumi’s back (Nitsuj: Okay, I’m just gonna say it. Tatsumi, have sex with her. I know she’s the enemy but she’s still a woman and she’s in love with you. Just give her a taste of your manhood and she’ll completely submit to you. (Seras): Oh, that’s ridiculous. (Nitsuj): Hey, it’s how I got you on my side. (Seras): *Blushes* Different). The next day Tatsumi goes out on a mission with Jaeger where he’s put with Wave where the two develop somewhat of a friendship seeing as how they’re the most normal people of their group and get attacked by tree monsters (fight forest fight). Tatsumi uses this chance to escape using Incursio but Wave takes out his Imperial Arm called Grand Chariot which is said to be an upgraded version of Incursio and he unknowingly tracks down Tatsumi in Incursio who he believes to be a member of Night Raid and fights him. Tatsumi doesn’t fight back but manages to escape Wave injured and runs into another wild beast who’s about to kill him but he gets saved by Akame who’s been watching him from the shadows. They return to base where Tatsumi tells them that the members of Jaeger are all Imperial Arm users and that they’re just as strong as them (Nitsuj: Alright, good rivals. Pick a partner and dance). Wave is punished for losing Tatsumi accordingly and while Esdeath is sad she has faith she’ll see him again (yes, on opposite sides of the battlefield). The episode ends with Dr. Stylish finding Night Raid’s hideout using enhanced soldiers that he created while tracking down Tatsumi. Also, Kurome is Akame’s little sister (Nitsuj: No shock there).

    Episode 11 is full of action. Dr. Stylish sends his human test subjects to attack Night Raid’s hideout. Luckily, Night Raid is able to hold their own against the modified soldiers and they even get back Sheele’s Imperial Arm from some guy named Kakusan (badass points for Mine for turning that guy into smoke). After they all join together Stylish unleashes a poison on them which paralyzes everyone except Tatsumi thanks to Incursio leaving him the only one able to fight against Stylist’s army but luckily Najenda shows up with two new recruits for Night Raid (Nitsuj: Alright somebody ordered the deus ex badass). One of the new members is Susanoo a human Imperial Arm user who can recover from any attack thrown at him ( He takes out all the soldiers single-handedly and makes his way to Stylish where Stylish injects himself with a drug that turns him into a titan (I like to call it the Abomination Titan). Through the power of teamwork they manage to bring Stylish to his knees where Tatsumi carries Akame to the head of Stylish and Akame slices him in two killing him (Nitsuj: Oh this is simply is stylish. (Seras): One hunter down).

    In episode 12 the group retreats higher into the mountains to set up a new base and train for the coming battles. It’s here that we get a formal introduction to our two new assassins. Susanoo is not only a great fighter but he’s also a convenient guy to have around the house as he can cook, clean, and even build you your dream home in a matter of minutes (Nitsuj: All right Susanoo is wife material). The other member is Chelsea an assassin just like Akame who’s Imperial Arm allows her to disguise herself as anyone or anything she wants (Mystique from the X-Men). For the rest of the episode we see the group fight beast in the area to level up and take control of the area (survival of the fittest) while also welcoming the newest members. Susanoo seems to fit right in but Chelsea seems to be getting on Mine’s nerves as she’s always poking fun at her and telling the group that even though they’re strong they’re all pretty naïve (Nitsuj: And crazy). Mine has enough of her criticism and has Lubbock and Tatsumi team up with her to teach her a lesson. While Mine plans her own thing Lubbock tricks Tatsumi into sneaking into her bath and drop a bucket on her head to scare her. Tatsumi uses Incursio to sneak up on her but she senses his presence thwarting his plans. She opens up to him about how her previous team died on her because of their naivety and how she doesn’t want to same thing to happen to her new team and friends. She also tells Tatsumi that if he ever tries to peep on her again she’ll cut it off (scene here: (Nitsuj): She’s bluffing! You’re the only decent guy around here so if she wants to play Wild West she’s gonna keep your little friend around). Back in the city Esdeath (still sad that Tatsumi is gone) can sense danger is on the horizon and it’s close.

    (Nitsuj): The fleet is in danger of sinking after Chelsea’s threat.

    (Seras): Okay seriously! What is this whole fleet business and why won’t you-Oh God you’re a pervert!

    *Seras gets up blushing after realizing what Nitsuj was talking about all this time and walks away*

    (Nitsuj): Still got the sex jokes. Let’s take a little break right here. We’ll continue this anime next week. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, pictures, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respected owners. All rights reserved.*

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  9. Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Let’s talk about Mamoru Hosoda. As much I praise Miyazaki on this show I also have to give Hosoda credit as well. He’s made a lot of great films these last few years that have been creative, touching, and a joy to watch. Such as his latest film The Boy and The Beast. Coming out in 2015 and under the production of Studio Chizu, The Boy and The Beast can be seen as Japan’s answer to The Jungle Book as it centers around a boy who goes to live with talking animals. The film received a lot of praise both in Japan and outside of Japan and arguing being one if not the best film to come from Japan in 2015 and today we’re gonna look at it. And since it’s been a while we’re looking at the dub version today. Let’s take a look at The Boy and The Beast.

    The movie begins with a narration about the Beast Kingdom (home of the furries). The lord of the kingdom has announced his retirement in order to be reincarnated as a god (instead of having people bow down to me as a king they will bow down to me as a god) and names two successors to be the next Beast King. The first is Iozen voiced by Sean Hennigan (Gol D. Roger from One Piece) a very popular beast among beast with two sons and the other is Kumatetsu voiced by John Swasey (Shinigami from Soul Eater) who was considered an amazing fighter whose skills rival that of Iozen but was a rather gruff and tough individual who often kept to himself and didn’t have any apprentices. We then cut to the human world and meet our other main character Ren voiced by Luci Christian (Nami from One Piece. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say they got the cast of One Piece to voice all these characters. Not that I’m complaining because they’re all pretty good voice actors) a boy who has run away to Shibuya. His mom died in a traffic accident and his dad is nowhere to be found since the parents got divorced. Not wanting to move in with his relatives he choose to run away and live on his own (yeah living out in the streets is much better than living in a house full of food, electric, water, indoor plumbing, and a bed. Seriously kid, you be better off staying at a Motel 6. That is how bad your situation is). As he sits down in the streets complaining about how much he hates everyone (a little goth I see) Kumatetsu and his friend a shapeshifter named Tatara voiced by Ian Sinclair (Brook from One Piece) see Ren and Tatara jokingly makes the suggestion that Kumatetsu should make him his apprentice which Kumatetsu takes seriously and offers to train the boy (who surprisingly isn’t all that shocked to see a talking bear in front of him. I be scared out of my freakin’ mind but then again Japan is used to strange anomalies so I’m sure something like this is normal to them). At first Ren opposes this and just wants to left alone (kid, a talking bear is offering to train you, take it) but curiosity gets the best of him and he follows Kumatetsu back to the Beast Kingdom (it’s a lot like the Spirit World from Spirited Away only more rural. Sort of like Eurasia) leaving behind his darkness as well (which I’m sure won’t come back to harm him). He tries to get back to Shibuya but finds that he can’t leave and starts to panic (scene here: ) where he gets caught by some wolves but gets rescued by a pig monk in training named Hyakushubo who tries to take him back to the human world but gets stopped by Kumatetsu who takes Ren in as his apprentice and gives him the name Kyuta since he refuses to tell Kumatetsu his name (your name is Tobi *whips*).

    As you would imagine the two don’t get along all that well. One is a stubborn bear (he’s stubborn than the average bear) and the other is a stubborn child (they’re perfect for each other). Kyuta runs away (might be time to invest in a tracking device for that kid. Just saying) but gets caught by one of Iozen’s men where Iozen is quite shocked to see a human child in their world and tells Kumatetsu to send him back since bringing him here could put everyone in danger because of his darkness (have you seen Norm of the North? That could be us next). This leads to a fist fight between the two since the king forbids the usage of swords (than why carry them around?) where Kumatetsu loses in an embarrassing fashion (scene here: , too much showing off not enough fighting). The fight continues where they expand their muscles using the kaioken from DBZ (hey another disciple of King Kai) where it seems like Kumatetsu has the upper hand but the crowd begins to cheer for Iozen (geez this guy is more over than Danial Bryan and CM Punk after his infamous pipebomb) and he manages to turn the tide back in his favor. Kumatetsu gets back up and continues to fight where Kyuta begins to cheer for him (fight Kuma fight! Fight Kuma fight) and this is enough to distract Kumatetsu and put him down for the count. The lord of the beast comes in (who is a rabbit) to stop the fight saying this will not count as the fight for succession because he hasn’t decided what god he wants to be yet and allows Kumatetsu to keep Kyuta (now if you’ll excuse me, I have a tea party to get to and a bald hunter to annoy with a duck). After the fight Kyuta recognizes Kumatetsu’s strength and agrees to become his apprentice, so the next day they begin training with Kyuta not really understanding Kumatetsu’s methods (scene here: ).

    Kumatetsu disappears for a few days after the first training session so Kyuta does what any apprentice should do in the absence of their master, clean the house, do the laundry, and cook meals (Yume: I see you eying us over there. You want to say something come over and say it). We also see him get picked on by the other kids (no shock there) but he also sees how Iozen takes his job seriously while Kumatetsu doesn’t and Kyuta makes this known to him personally (you’re a bad teach and you should feel bad). Seeing how their training isn’t going so well the lord of beasts comes in and gives Kumatetsu letters allowing him to meet the lords of every land and he wants him to take Kyuta on a journey of knowledge with him. They go to see all the lords asking the question what is true strength (what is love?)? After meeting all of them Kumatetsu learns nothing while Kyuta found everything they said interesting and came to the conclusion that true strength can be multiple things (who’s the master and student again?). After their journey of knowledge Kyuta takes advice from his deceased mom (he’s lost it) and decides to start mimicking Kumatetsu in order to learn (scene here: ). The training works as Kyuta keeps this up for days until it finally gets to the point that he’s been mimicking Kumatetsu so much he can predict his movements (and flow with them like water). He finally puts his skills to the test and actually best Kumatetsu in a match where this leads to them working out a deal where Kyuta will teach Kumatetsu how to predict his opponent’s moves and in return Kumatetsu teaches him how to use a sword and throw a punch and kick (left hook).

    Years go by and Kyuta has gotten bigger, stronger, faster and now has the voice of Eric Vale (Sanji from One Piece). Pretty soon Kumatetsu has people lining up to be his disciple and now that Kyuta is an adult he wants to go off and train on his own which is something Kumatetsu won’t allow. This leads to a fight between the two where Kyuta somehow returns to the human world (you’ve missed a lot kid. People use Twitter on a daily basis, people argue about pointless things over the internet, Pokémon got turned into a controversial app, and we got these people in the world called bronies who for reasons beyond my understanding are obsessed with ponies). He meets a girl named Kaede voiced by Bryn Apprill who he saves from some bullies and she offers to teach him how to read since he has trouble reading the kanji. The two develop a friendship with Kyuta leaving and going to the human world on a regular basis (and nobody questioning this) and Kaede convinces him to take entrance exams for college which they’ll allow however he’ll need his parent’s permission and thanks to the educational system he knows where his dad is. He goes to his place but he’s not there but they meet on the street and embrace in a loving hug (wow, he’s not an asshole. That’s new). After Kumatetsu finds one of his books he demands an explanation so Kyuta tells him he’s going to human school and going to live with his actual father (geez Kyuta I didn’t know you were a bear hunter cause you just shot Kumatetsu). He returns to the human world but becomes unsure of what he wants to do and during this time he reunites with his darkness (, I have been waiting for months to use this). He now wonders what he is (the next beast kid? I’d watched it) but he gets calmed down by Kaede and returns to the Beast Kingdom where he finds out the date has been set for Kumatetsu and Iozen’s fight to decide the next lord of beast where he decides he’s going to be reincarnated as the god of decisiveness (get it?). Kyuta and Jiromaru (one of Iozen’s kids) decide to go together and cheer on each other’s masters and Ichirohiko (Iozen’s other child who’s the nonaggressive type) assaults Kyuta as he leaves the mansion (woah the nonaggressive one attacks Kyuta. Very unexpected) and we see he too has the darkness inside of him (I’ve got a bad feeling about this).

    The day of the match arrives where Kumatetsu still sad about Kyuta leaving (still recovery from those rifle rounds) can’t concentrate on the fight and goes down for the 10 count (and stays down for about 32 seconds. I swear, I counted. He stayed down for 32 seconds he should have lost this match) until Kyuta makes his way to the front of the stands where the two argue with each other and Kumatetsu gets back up and fights where master and apprentice fight together (mentally) and Kumatetsu does the thunderous Kuma Punch (next to the One Punch and the Falcon Punch the deadliest punch ever) and puts Iozen down for the 10 count. Just as Kumatetsu celebrates his victory he gets stabbed in the stomach by Ichirohiko whose gone mad and won’t stand for Kumatetsu winning (someone’s trying to compensate for something). It turns out Ichirohiko is human just like Kyuta. Years ago, Iozen went to the human world, found Ichirohiko abandoned as a baby and adopted him as his own raising him to believe he was a beast (ha! Not in the least). Because of this, Ichirohiko kept growing up with doubts in his mind on who he truly was and his doubts finally manifested into the darkness which has consumed him. Kyuta almost gives into the darkness and tries to kill Ichirohiko but stops himself allowing Ichirohiko to escape. Kumatetsu is still alive but barely and Kyuta decides to go off and face Ichirohiko himself not out of a revenge (yeah that’s more of an Afro Samurai thing and you guys are a long ways from there) but instead to save him. He heads back to Shibuya (a showdown in Shibuya. Booyah) where he meets up with Kaede (why would you endanger her life?) and gets attacked by Ichirohiko in broad nighttime. The two fight but Ichirohiko is too OP and Kyuta retreats with Kaede (leave woman. I know you love him but leave). Ichirohiko changes into a whale and begins hunting him down (get it? Because Kaede was teaching Kyuta how to read Moby Dick during one of their study sessions and Ichirohiko saw the book they dropped). Kyuta decides the only way to defeat him is to absorb him into his body and then kill himself along with him (we could do that or do the sensible thing and wait for a deus ex machina). Just as Kyuta is absorbing Ichirohiko, Kumatetsu arrives in the form of a sword (what the fuck?). Since he became lord of the beast he has the right to reincarnate himself so he chose to reincarnate himself as a sword to help Kyuta win and become the light that outshines his darkness. They fuse together and slay the darkness within Ichirohiko saving his life. After that things wrap up nicely. Kyuta decides to return to the human world, live with his dad and attend college (and do a few Kaedes. I can get behind that).

    Final Thoughts

    And that was The Boy and The Beast. Overall, it’s a very good film. I like the relationship between Kyuta and Kumatetsu. It’s a stereotypical relationship but it’s done in a good way. I like how when you really get down to it they’re both two lonely guys afraid to open themselves up to other people but through their interactions with each other they develop a bond with each other that you can’t help but love seeing. I also like that they didn’t make Kyuta’s dad an asshole like they always do with divorced parents. Usually the dad is a deadbeat alcoholic who cares nothing for their child but here, the dad is actually a good person who cares about Kyuta and was worried about him for years. The relationship between Kyuta and Kaede was also good. I like how it’s just a boy and girl being good friends with each other and nothing else. The animation is good. The backgrounds especially are amazing to look at just for how realistic they are however there isn’t much detail on a lot of background characters and the music is amazing and matches up perfectly with what’s going in the film.

    If I had to name the faults of this film it comes down to two things. The first one is we never really get a chance to explore the Beast Kingdom. We don’t know how it came to be, how it works, or even what their relationship is with the human world. It’s clear they don’t like humans but why? What happened in the past to cause a rift between them and humans? The final fault is the story. Probably Hosoda’s biggest weakness is writing the story. He writes good characters and settings but his stories usually fall apart at the end and that’s what happens here. The first and second act are good but the third act with Ichirohiko is where the film falls apart for me. The stuff with Ichirohiko really comes out of left field. We really didn’t spend that much time with him so we never got the chance to know him all that much making his outburst and sudden reveal shocking yes but underwhelming as well. Another nitpick I have with the film is that they never go much in depth about the darkness. Like, why did Kyuta’s darkness leave him when he went to the Beast Kingdom? We never get an explanation for this it just happens. Also, what’s up with Kyuta seeing his dead mom? Does the Beast Kingdom give you the powers to see the spirits of those they really love or is Kyuta just crazy and imagining all of this to cope with the death of his mom?

    Final Score

    The Boy and The Beast earns a well-deserved final score of 7.5/10. Besides the few faults and nitpicks I mentioned earlier the film is still good and one that I really enjoyed. Some have called this film Hosoda’s weakest film to date but no I think his weakest film has been the Digimon movies. You can sense a lot of passion and creativity with this film more so than the Digimon movies. This film won’t give you the feels like Wolf Children or The Girl Who Leapt Through Time but you’ll still find it enjoyable to watch for its two main characters and their relationship. Hosoda has been a little quiet as of a lately so here’s hoping he’s going to announce a new project sometime this year as I really wanna see what he does next. Until then, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, pictures, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respected owners. All rights reserved.*

    Thanks for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment, feedback, or request down belong or send to
  10. (Yume): Hello everyone out there and welcome to Project Nitsuj. I’m Yume.

    (Yin-Yang): And I’m Yin-Yang. Nitsuj is taking a vacation this week so he asked us to handle this week’s review and we’ve got a good one for you this week.

    (Yume): Indeed. In today’s world, the internet has been used for a number of somethings. Some good some bad.

    (Yin-Yang): One of the ways it’s been used for good is by helping people form relationships with each other that wind up lasting a lifetime. Whether it be meeting someone who becomes a good friend or that special someone. It just goes to show that love can appear in the most unique places out there.

    (Yume): Much like today’s anime “Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko Janai to Omotta”. When translated it means “And you thought there is never a girl online”. It’s comedy series based off the light novel under the same name written by Shibai Kineko with a manga adaption to go along with it. The series got started in 2013 and is still ongoing to this day.

    (Yin-Yang): The main plot is about a boy who has an online relationship with this girl and tries to have an offline relationship with her as well. In 2016 the anime studio Project No.9 (Momo Kyun Sword) took the series and turned it into an anime for the viewing public. Is this anime a better outing than their last work? We’ll be the judges of that. Let’s begin.

    Opening and Ending Theme

    (Yume): The opening is "1st Love Story" by Luce Twinkle Wink☆. I rather enjoyed this opening. It’s catchy, upbeat, cute, and sounds like something out of a fantasy romance sim game. It’s a good song to listen to, to put you in a good mood.

    (Yin-Yang): The ending is "Zero Ichi Kiseki" by Yoshino Nanjo. When I first heard this opening I didn’t really care for it but after listening to it a few more times it grew on me a little. Not really that bad of a song but it’s not a song I would see myself coming back and listening to it like the opening.

    Episodes 1-4

    (Yin-Yang): The anime starts off with a group of characters playing a free to play online game (Yume: It’s not free if they keep advertising offers that cause 5 to 200 dollars. Greedy bastards). The characters are a part of the four men guild known as Alley Cats. We have our main character Hideki aka Rusian voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Mihaya from Akagami no Shirayuki) a tank player and everyday otaku in real life and at school, the attacker Schwein voiced by Inori Minase (Hestia from DanMachi), the healer Ako voiced by Rina Hidaka (Nemesis from To Love-Ru Darkness), and their leader, mage, and premium player (you are part of the problem) Apricot voiced by M.A.O. We see that Hideki and Ako are in an online relationship much to Hideki’s resentment because in the past he tried this with another player only to find out that that person was a middle-aged man in real life (don’t you just hate that? (Yume): Yes. It’s down right. . .awful. (Yin-Yang):. . .How many times have you done this?). But after Ako wouldn’t leave him alone he decided to make her his waifu but only in the game. Apricot decides that they should get together offline since they all live so close to each other and when they get together we find out that Hideki is in a guild full of girls and not just any girls but girls from his actual school (wow! That is crazy. (Yume): And two of them play as males). We see that Schwein is Akane a girl in Hideki’s class who constantly insults him and calls him disgusting (wow she’s a bitch), Apricot is the student council president Kyo, and Ako is Ako a quiet girl who mostly keeps to herself at school (okay sweetie rule one in online games. Don’t use your real name).

    Episode 2 picks up where episode 1 left off. They’re all still in the café chatting with each other and having a good time. Now this event can either be good or bad. Now that they know each other in real life their performance in the game will either increase or they’ll let their real world relationship with each other get in the way (Yume: In the end it all comes down to whether or not they can differentiate reality from the game and it’s not as easy as you would think). Luckily for them their real world relationships don’t seem to get in the way of their teamwork in the game. The only thing that has changed is that Hideki starts to see all his party members as girls in the game (you keep doing that, I’ll keep imagining them as hot and handsome guys. (Yume): As will I). They decide not to use each other’s online names in real life and limit their interactions with each other at school as to not put the spotlight on them. The next day at school they all do this except for Ako who goes to Hideki and Akane’s class almost blowing their cover and creating a situation between her and Hideki that many people can easily misunderstand (scenes here: and ). Hideki and Akane manage to move this conversation into the hallways as to avoid more suspicion where they discover that Ako can’t differentiate between reality and the game, she sees everything as the game and refuses to step into reality (this happens more often than you think. And with the introduction of virtual gaming this anime might be a caution tale). They go to Kyo hoping she can talk some sense into Ako but has no luck as Ako still believes that reality is the game and her proof is Hideki who is the same in the game as he is in real life (Yume: Not bad proof. However, some people can pretend to be nice on the web and in real life be a real asshole or vice-versa). Hideki decides to prove her wrong by showing her that in real-life he’s a pathetic jerk (good outlook on your life) and Kyo helps him out by creating the cyber net club for them to play the game that way Ako can get a front row seat into Hideki’s true nature (scene here: ). The episode ends with Hideki at home playing the game and running into first love the catgirl Nekohime who turned out to be a middle-aged man in real life.

    At the start of episode 3 Hideki talks to Nekohime for a few seconds where everything seems to be cool between them. After that the episode is just the group doing what they normally do. Play online and dungeon crawling only at school where they actually help make Ako a better player (well at least it’s not a total waste). But Kyo says they don’t have much time to be goofing around because they don’t have a club advisor thus they’re not an official club recognized by the school and will be forced to shut down soon (Yume: I’m sure my friend Jefferson can persuade you differently). Seeking help in dealing with Ako, Hideki goes to Nekohime for advice on how to change her. Hideki tries to use Nekohime’s advice and talk to Ako again about the differences between the real world and online but Ako sees through it and goes yandere on us when she finds out he got advice from Nekohime (scenes here: and , if it’s any consolation she’s a middle-aged man in real life). Ako plans an offline meeting with Nekohime in secret and seems to start seeing the difference between reality and the game (I don’t trust her. It was too easy). Hideki is obviously worried about her but feels that he has no right to stop her or get in her way (Yume: Just because you’re married in the game doesn’t mean you can’t care for each other in real life). After Kyo and Akane get Hideki to admit he has slight feelings for the real Ako he rushes off to the meeting between Ako and Nekohime who is really Saito, Hideki’s homeroom teacher and female who lied in order not to make things complicated (oh you bitch! Do you have any idea the amount of drama you put this boy through?). Ako tries to attack her out of vengeance for toying with Hideki’s heart and pulls a wand only to get clothesline by Saito (scene here: (Yume): It was much better in the manga. In the manga Ako pulls out a knife. A fake one of course but it fits her character. Hideki was also funnier in this scene as he freaked out and started calling his teacher a pedophile and everything). After this event Kyo forces Saito to be their club advisor otherwise she’ll tell everyone she plays online games and assaulted a student (Yume: And also flirted with a student online).

    Nothing much to say about episode 4. We get a good laugh when Akane’s friend Nanako finds out she plays online games and now Akane is afraid her school life is over (scene here:, what’s the big deal? So you play online games, that doesn’t make you a freak. (Yume): You forget Yin-Yang this is Japan. In their country games are considered for young children and adults. Dedicating your adult life to playing them makes you an otaku which is looked down upon in their country). After that the episode pretty much goes dead until the end where Hideki and Ako go on a date (in the game obviously) where they curiously go into an inn and Ako wonders if it’s possible for them to have sex in this world since they’re married (Yume: That is a very good question. Scene here: Later, they run into a new player named Sette who is new to the game and isn’t quite familiar with the mechanics (Yume: That’s the one downfall with mmo games. They never give you a tutorial, they just throw you into the game and expect you to figure everything out on your own). Since Hideki and her share the same class he decides to give her a few tips and pointers where Ako steadily gets jealous (scene here: Why you do that, you know the girl is yandere? A cute girl but still a yandere). The next day Akane rejoins the game where we find out Nanako will keep her secret and Sette runs to Hideki wrapping her arms around his and clinging to him (Ako’s gonna choke a bitch).

    Episodes 5-8

    In episode 5 rather than get this anime’s version of Yandere Stimulator (Yume: A personal favorite of Seras mind you) we instead take a trip on the Feels Train (it’s the feeeeeeeeeels~ train). We find out that Sette is actually Nanako who decided to join the game after seeing how much fun Akane was having but she makes it very clear she has no feelings whatsoever for Hideki. Too bad Ako didn’t get the memo as she’s finally decided to give up on life and dedicate it entirely to the game where she plans to max out her character and reincarnate it because apparently in this game if you max out your character you can reincarnate them with all the stats from their previous life. She locks herself in her room, doesn’t talk to the others, and stops coming to school entirely until Hideki decides it’s time to end this. He goes to Ako’s house (if you hear screaming in the basement don’t worry that’s totally normal) and meets Ako’s mom who knows who he is and actually approves of him (Yume: Someone’s desperate for grandkids). She leaves for work and gives Hideki the keys to Ako’s room where he walks in on her in her underwear and then again naked (scene here:, so far the funniest scene in the anime). Once inside the room (Yume: And everyone wearing clothes) Hideki decides to help her max out her character instead of trying to stop her. In fact, we find out he skipped school just to go see her (now that’s a no no). They play the whole day where Hideki drops the bomb saying he’s going to drop out of school and play with Ako which she says no. With this, Hideki finally has an opening to talk to her. He figures out that Ako just couldn’t handle the stress of the real world. She doesn’t stand out all that much in school, doesn’t seem to have friends, has no fun at school besides the club, and now she has to deal with the stress of some girl trying to steal his virtual husband (Yume: It’s enough to drive any girl off the brink of sanity). Hideki opens up to Ako admitting that he too once thought at a time as long as he had the game that be more than enough for him but thanks to his interactions with everyone he’s come to realize that life is surprisingly fun (hard and unfair but fun at times). The talk seems to work as she’s settled down and decides to go to school again only this time she tries opening up to her classmates a little (Yume: We’re making progress).

    At the start of episode 6 the group helps Nanako get her class skill as a summoner and she summons a baby wolf (scene here: Your name is Mu-tan. For now, you are a pup but when I’m through with you, you will be a fierce wolf the likes as much none have seen). After that they enter study mode for exam (a very rare and treacherous event in real life) and shut the club down for the time being. Ako of course being a resident of the 2-D world is nowhere near ready for exams so Hideki takes it upon himself to tutor her and gets the others to help by logging into the game, trapping her in a room and tutoring (Yume: This is actually quite effective). Thanks to their tutoring (Yume: I believe the correct term is forced studying) Ako passes her exams and Hideki decides he wants to confess his love to Ako in real life (a wife in the game and a girlfriend in real life. Quite the combination right there). He confesses to her in the park and she turns him down not because she doesn’t want to be his girlfriend but because she considers herself already married to Hideki (scenes here: and Remember, Ako believes that the real world and the virtual world are both one in the same. Because she’s married to Hideki in the game she believes that she’s married to Hideki in real life and considers being a girlfriend a step down from wife.

    (Yume): In episode 7 it’s the beach episode and the anime blinds sides you by not doing any clichés. The group goes on q summer camp trip where they don’t play online during the camp (what is this the 90s?). During the camp, we get no clichés at all. Hideki doesn’t grope any of the girls by accident and he doesn’t walk in on the girls bathing (Yin-Yang: Although Ako walked in on Hideki bathing but that’s her being normal). Later that night Hideki confesses to Ako once again believing that now that she’s spent a whole day living the life of a normie she’ll understand what Hideki wants. Instead she doesn’t and still considers herself married to Hideki in real life (my advice, just row with it. I’m sure it’ll become real in no time). After their camp is over the next day they go to a hotel where the real summer camp begins. The hotel that they’re staying at is doing a cross promotion event with the game meaning certain items they buy in the hotel can be used as power-ups in the game (Yin-Yang: So the hotel gets money hosting the event while also earning profits at their restaurant and gift shop. Sneaky sons of bitches). As the episode draws to a close Hideki hangs out in Ako’s room (in the game not in real life) where he logs out for a split second and returns (Yin-Yang: Holy shit his account got hacked).

    Sure enough in episode 8 Hideki’s account has been hacked (Yin-Yang: This is why you don’t use public computers). Luckily, Ako catches on to the fake Rusian and stops chatting with him before he can get information out of her (that’s pretty impressive). Hideki informs the administrators about the problem and they reset his password allowing him to log back in where his character has been deleted (congratulations Ako, you’re a widow now) and his items stolen and sold (Yin-Yang: Okay, this is the night fuckers die). Hideki logs back in using a sub-character he created a long time ago and with the help of his friends he manages to find about 20% of his stolen items and they find out that the hacker likes to brag about his exploits on a forum however administrators can’t take action against him because he’s using a different IP address so unless they can verify who he really is they can’t take any action. Since the law ( can’t do anything Hideki and the others decide to take matters into their own hands. They create a fake forum to trick the hacker into believing he can trade in game items for real world cash (which is highly illegal in the game) and he takes the bait where the administers catch the hacker and Hideki’s character is revived (Yin-Yang: I didn’t know this game had dragonballs) where he remarries Ako.

    Episodes 9-12

    Nothing much to say about episode 9. It’s still summer vacation and the girls have a sleepover at Kyo’s mansion to do their summer homework and deepen their friendship. There is really nothing to comment on except for Ako’s mindset on how she justifies her relationship with Hideki in the real world and the game. She uses the example of a married couple who decide to play the game and get married in it. Why do you think that is?

    (Yin-Yang): Because if they married someone else it would be like cheating and since they’re already married in real life there’s no reason why they shouldn’t get. . .married in the oh my God!

    (Yume): Exactly. In Ako’s mind since they’re married in the game it only makes sense for them to get married in real life because it would just feel like cheating if they married someone else.

    (Yin-Yang): That’s crazy but it makes sense. I mean, Kirito and Asuna got married in the game and became a couple in real life where it’s obvious they’re making plans to marry each other and I’m sure a situation similar to this and SAO has happened in real life.

    In episode 10 school has resumed and everyone is getting ready for the culture festival with the online net club not having an exhibit to show to anyone. But Kyo has an idea to show at the festival. Her plan is to raise the school flag on one of the castles in the game. The game is currently doing a siege event where pvp try to capture a castle and once the castle is captured their flag gets raised for everyone to see and proof that the castle is their property. A good idea except for one problem, they’re not remotely equipped for pvp battles and they’re a small guild of 4 people (7, if you count their teacher, friend, and her pet. (Yin-Yang): In other words, they’re in way over their heads). Despite all these weaknesses they try anyway and fail (Yin-Yang: In hilarious fashion. Scene here: At the end of the episode they’re still determined to conquer a castle only this time instead of going for the big ones they decide to attack a smaller one and have employed the help of a mercenary group called Wallenstein (in games money solves everything).

    So in episode 11 the Alley Cats (and friends) along with Wallenstein form an alliance and raid the small castle easily claiming it (well that was easy. (Yin-Yang): Yes. But the way they did it was sickening. Alley Cats didn’t do a thing. It was all Wallenstein. How can anyone call this a victory to be proud of?). However, Wallenstein breaks off their alliance and takes out Alley Cats claiming the castle for themselves (they tricked them. (Yin-Yang): Like a fox with magic eyes. (Yume): Oh ha ha, very funny). Rather than get pissed off and yell at their defeat they leave quietly (Yin-Yang: As they should. They know how this game works. You were too trusting and it came back to bite you). But despite this setback the group is still determined to conquer a castle and have one more week to do it. They decide to attack Wallenstein and this time they ask for the help of Nekohime’s fan club and form an alliance with a powerful hardcore guild who Hideki is friends with not to have them fight beside them but just as an insurance policy to scare the other guilds away (why the hell didn’t you go to these guys first? Seriously, I have seen wild animals with more sense than these characters. Why trust a guild you just met and know nothing about instead of your close allies who you can trust and who you know will have your back?).

    In the final episode the group attacks the castle but another guild beats them to it. Wallenstein gives up the castle without a fight because for them it’s all about the pleasures of taking down your opponents and proving you’re better than them ( thus Alley Cats and Nekohime’s fan club fight against the new guild and manage to win bringing the castle under their control with only 10 minutes left before the siege ends. Wallenstein shows up (Yin-Yang: It begins) where despite their best efforts to stop Wallenstein they still make it to the throne room taking out everyone along the way however the Alley Cats alliance did manage to take out three of them. In the end only Kyo, Hideki, and Ako are left to fight (this is like the worst combination in the history of combinations) where Hideki takes on their tank (tank vs tank. (Yin-Yang): How boring) leaving Kyo open to their attacker. But despite the attacker’s assault Kyo doesn’t die because she keeps spamming potions to keep her health (this is cheap but do what you got to do to win). The Wallenstein tanker tries to stun her but Ako takes the hit for her and time finally runs out with the castle still in the hands of the Alley Cats alliance. Wallenstein accept their defeat on a good note and leave. With this they present their victory at the school festival (there you see, our club isn’t a waste of time) and we get a few moments and screenshots of everyone having fun at the festival. We then end the series on a bad note with Ako and Hideki about to kiss but everyone walking in to ruin the moment (Yin-Yang: RAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! *Yin-Yang flips the table and leaves the room to flip the table in the living room and in the kitchen where Nitsuj just placed his lunch down* (Nitsuj): My table! My lunch! *Yin-Yang than flips Nitsuj* (Nitsuj): My spine! *Yin-Yang returns upstairs still pissed about what she just saw and sits down next to Yume breathing heavily* (Yume): Ditto).

    Final Thoughts

    (Yume): So that was Netoge no Yome. It’s filled with an abundant amount of tropes you expect to see in a school-based anime mixed together with fantasy. But there are three main questions we must ask? First off, do Hideki and Ako make a good couple?

    (Yin-Yang): Oh hell no! Hideki is your typical nice guy you see in these romantic comedies so there’s nothing new about him while Ako is this girly yandere that refuses to change for anyone. Which is the main fault with her character. Ako refuses to meet Hideki and the others down the middle. While there are times where she’ll face reality and interact with it, for the most part she rather bring everyone over to her side and not change her lifestyle which is wrong. If something bad happened to her in the past I would totally understand her refusal to interact with the real world but it’s clear that nothing bad happened to her in the past and she’s just being stubborn. It also seems like Hideki and the others aren’t too concerned about her problem. If they were serious they would have made her stop playing the game all together and got her real help like taking her therapy but instead they kind of feed her ego and let her keep playing the game. I feel bad for Hideki, he’s fallen in love with a crazy yandere girl who can’t separate reality from fiction. In all honesty they’re probably one of the worst anime couples I’ve seen.

    (Yume): Yes. Very good points Yin-Yang. On the surface they look like a cute couple but they really don’t have much chemistry with each other at all. Hideki doesn’t even give a reason as to why he’s fallen for her, he just says he is and that’s not good for me. So the couple is bad but the anime is still salvageable by answering the next question. Is this anime funny?

    (Yin-Yang): Oh hell yeah! The anime really does have its funny and clever moments that are enjoyable and fun to watch. Ako’s yandere moments are funny as it’s cute seeing this character go from being adorable to borderline psycho at the drop of a hat, the character interactions and reactions are a joy to watch, and the tropes they use are good as well. Each character seems to have a role they play on the show. Akane is kind of like that friend who keeps telling Ako to be herself and be Hideki’s support. Kyo is like the big sister of the group and Nanako is just the noob who’s new to this whole MMORPG thing and just enjoying the ride.

    (Yume): The animation is nothing amazing but it looks very good. I like the different color palettes they use for the real world and online world to help differentiate the two apart, it really makes the characters come to life. The quality of the designs and characters never falter so you can tell the artists were passionate about what they were doing. The soundtrack is good, I liked the battle theme in the game and the rest of the music coveys that comedic atmosphere the anime is aiming for. The game that they play is pretty basic. It pretty much reminds me of Log Horizon but they get all the concepts and ideas of an MMORPG right which is good as it shows the author has experience dealing with this kind of thing. Now one more question. Is the anime enjoyable?

    (Yin-Yang): Ehhhhhhh. . .somewhat.

    (Yume): I enjoyed it. While not the best it could have been and even though the couple of Hideki and Ako aren’t all that good there’s denying that the anime had some funny and enjoyable moments that make you laugh and relate to. It’s plagued by a lot of the problems you see in this type of genre but it’s still a tolerable watch that you can still like despite its flaws.

    Final Score

    (Yin-Yang): I’m giving this anime a 4.5/10.

    (Yume): I’m giving it a 6.5/10 which averages out the final score to be a 5.5/10.

    (Yin-Yang): This anime has a certain charm to it that makes you like it despite knowing all of its flaws and mistakes. I guess it’s because the comedy is good and Ako is such an adorable character that you can’t help enjoy watching it. Will this anime get a second season?

    (Yume): I doubt it, but if it does I’m open to it. Not every anime has to be a perfect 10, it just has to be enjoyable to watch. Until then, thanks for reading.

    (Yin-Yang): And we’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, clips, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved*

    Thanks for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or send your comments, feedback, or request to
  11. Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Hey, did you hear Samurai Jack is coming back! YEAAAAAAAHHHHH! Samurai Jack is hands down the best show to ever appear on Cartoon Network. While Ed, Edd, n Eddy may be my favorite show from the channel there’s no denying that Samurai Jack was Cartoon Network’s best show. It was amazing, it was unlike any show at the time and a show that helped get me interested in anime. After years of waiting the show is finally coming back and we couldn’t be any more hyped. So, in order to celebrate the return of Jack I’m going to name my top 11 favorite Jack episodes. Why top 11? Because I wanted to do a top 50 list but if I did we’d be here all day. As always you’re free to disagree but do it in a nice way and this blog will contain spoilers so read at your own discretion. Let’s rock with Jack, these are the top 11 Samurai Jack episodes.

    #11. Jack and The Hunters

    An overlooked episode but one that I really did enjoy watching. Aku hires these skilled lion men to capture Jack. They find Jack in the city and what happens next is one of the greatest chase scenes of all time. This episode was the first time we’ve ever seen Jack go completely on defense. Up until this point Jack has always been the one attacking but here, he has no choice but to outrun and out think his pursuers and one of the few times we’ve seen Jack have trouble fighting his opponents. In the end the lion men do capture him and instead of presenting him to Aku they let him go out of respect for Jack’s skills, quick thinking, and clever wits. An underrated episode but still one I consider to be the best as it shows off Jack’s intelligence and skills.

    #10. Jack and the Lava Monster

    This one is a real tearjerker. In this episode Jack gets lured into a trap set up by a lava monster who wants to fight strong opponents. Jack refuses to fight the monster because there’s no honor in this fight until the monster reveals his origin story. It turns out the monster used to be a human who was a king and had a family. That is until Aku came around. He captures the king and rather than kill him, Aku decides to make him suffer. The king is forced to watch Aku destroy his kingdom and family and then Aku plunges the king into the depths of the Earth to suffer and not be reunited with his people. He now fights hoping to die in an honorable fight against a skilled warrior and be reunited with his people. After hearing his story, Jack gives him the fight he desires going all out with Jack winning and the angels coming to take the king to Valhalla. It’s a tear jerking episode with a beautiful end for a proud man (fight here: ).

    #9. Jack vs Mad Jack

    Here’s another episode that always makes it on everyone’s list. A wise man once told me there is no greater enemy than thyself. Those words couldn’t be more true and this episode is a prime example of that. In the episode, Jack is constantly being attacked by bounty hunters which annoy him to no end and make him angry. Aku sees this and uses Jack’s anger to create an evil version of himself to fight. We get another intense fight scene between the two Jacks where the forest catches on fire symbolizing Jack’s inner rage. It’s only until Jack sees a reflection of himself does he finally realize the key to defeating Mad Jack. Peace and acceptance. Mad Jack was born from Jack’s rage and the key to defeating rage isn’t more rage it’s peace. Why fight fire with fire, you’ll only make it bigger and destroy everything. Fight fire with water. I love the philosophical aspect of this episode, it reminds of the Persona series. Good fighting and good philosophy. Jack shows us that even the most annoying tricks won’t stop him in his journey.

    #8. Aku’s Fairy Tales

    Aku is hands down one of the best villains in animated history. He’s a disruptive being who can go from being pure evil and downright sadistic in one scene to silly and over the top in the next scene. This episode is a prime example of Aku’s comedic side. Serving as the final episode of season 1, tales of Jack begin to spread around the world and the youth are eating it up. Worried that Jack’s influence will cause a rebellion in the youth, Aku gathers all the children of the world and tells them fairy tales inserting himself as the main hero in each story. The tales are all classic fairy tales with Aku changing them up to make it look like he’s the good guy but the youth of the world are smart and aren’t falling for it. He then tries to make Jack look like the villain but once again the youth of the world aren’t falling for it. Aku finally gets frustrated and tells his end of the epic final battle between him and Jack where he defeats Jack and leaves. Once he’s gone the kids make up their own ending of the epic battle between Jack and Aku where it’s both funny, epic, and creative. This is such a fun episode. Usually, the villain doesn’t care about their public image, they’re usually content with being seen as the bad guy. But here, Aku literally goes out of his way to make himself look like the good guy and get their approval. He could have easily destroyed them but he instead tries to make them like him how many villains do you see do that? It’s a funny episode and shows us why we like Aku so much. Go back and give it a watch when you have the chance.

    #7. Jack and The Haunted House/ Jack and the Zombies

    I decided to put these two episodes together since they’re both horror related and are good ones at that. Starting off with Jack and The Hunted House, Jack comes across a girl in the forest who runs away from him. The girl drops a stuffed animal so Jack chases after her to return it. His chase leads him to an old mansion which plays with Jack’s mind as he begins to see images of what happened in the past and him trying to figure out what’s real and not. The atmosphere of this episode is amazing. It keeps building and building and letting the mood set in, bringing you into the atmosphere of the episode and even making you question what’s real. The episode also incorporates a minimalistic style of animation during the flashbacks. When you use minimal animation it’s usually done because of the budget or because the animators are lazy. Here, it’s used to scare you and give you clues into what the hell is going on and it works to great effects. This was an episode that understood horror and it still gets a good scare out of me to this day.

    Jack and the Zombies was also another frightening episode. While not as frightening as The Haunted House it was an episode that gave you a rush. Jack is passing through a graveyard when all of a sudden he gets attacked by zombies and has to fight them all off. Keep in mind, this episode came out before the zombie craze so this episode had a big mountain to climb. Throughout the episode Jack is constantly being attacked by zombies and it only gets worse when Aku shows up, takes Jack’s sword (you know, the only sword in existence that can harm Aku), and tries to kill Jack with it (why he didn’t destroy it in the first place is beyond me) so now Jack not only has to contend with zombies he has to deal with Aku without his sword. It’s one of the worst situations Jack has found himself in, yet despite all the odds Jack manages to survive the night and see the sunrise coming out victorious. The whole episode is so intense as you’re on the edge of your seat wondering how Jack is going to get out of this alive. When it’s all done you feel as if you need take a rest from everything that’s happened. These two episodes were both scary in their own ways and pulled us in with their atmosphere that we won’t be forgetting any time soon.

    #6. Jack vs Aku

    With a title like this you think this is it, this is the epic final battle between Jack and Aku but no it’s a regular episode and a damn good one. After Jack gets done defeating another one of Aku’s bounty hunters, Aku approaches Jack and offers to settle their differences once and for all in one fight however Jack isn’t allowed to use his sword. Jack agrees to Aku’s condition but he also has a few conditions as well for Aku. He can’t use his supernatural powers to make himself strong, no minions, no shapeshifting, and he has to fight in human form. Aku begrudgingly agrees to Jack’s conditions and I have to say this interaction is one of the funniest moments in the show as you can tell the two don’t trust one another at all and are being so casual with each other (scene here: ). The next day Aku and Jack fight where at first it seems like Aku is following the rules like he said he would but when he starts to lose he begins to cheat and it becomes more blatant and obvious as the fight goes on. Jack finally has enough and decides that if Aku won’t play fair than neither will he and the scenario that Aku described earlier in the episode happens. Jack swings his sword, Aku flies away saying he’ll return, and they’ll meet again next week to continue and do the same thing all over again. I love how casual Jack and Aku are in this episode. This is one of the few episodes where we see them interact with each other so much and it’s hilarious. Again, I love how Aku just goes from being this evil all-powerful being to an immature brat who refuses to accept defeat. The fight is funny, the interactions are funny, it’s just a funny episode with two characters who work off each other so well (fight here: , , and ).

    #5. Jack and the Scotsman

    Always a fan favorite and for a good reason. Outside of Jack and Aku the series never really had that many reoccurring characters. Most characters were only used for one episode and never made a return. That is, except for the Scotsman who was easily one of the most popular characters in the show. While crossing a bridge, Jack runs into the Scotsman who’s in a similar situation like Jack. Neither one wants to move to let the other one through so they end up fighting each other on the bridge where they’re evenly matched. Their fight gets interrupted by bounty hunters and when the two get handcuffed to each other they have to learn to work through their differences in order to survive and defeat their pursuers. What makes this episode great is the amazing chemistry between Jack and the Scotsman (obviously because the VAs worked on Futurama together). Jack is quiet, respectful and patient while the Scotsman is loud, reckless, and impatient yet it’s their differences that make them work off each other so well. Just watch the episode and you’ll see what I mean.

    #4. Jack vs. Demongo, the Soul Collector

    Despite the fact that a majority of the characters were only used one time they had a lot of character and were memorable. Case in point Demongo, the Soul Collector. In the episode Demongo offers to eliminate Jack and we discover that he has the power to bring back the souls of slain fighters and control them. He uses that power to overwhelm Jack and summon an army of skilled fighters to take on Jack. Once again Jack is pushed to his limits as he has to fight against the odds and find a way to win which he does in a very clever way. Demongo was also a cool character. He had a great design, a cool power, and that chilling voice. Plus, his defeat leads to one of Aku’s best moments (scene here:

    #3. Jack and The Spartans

    How do make Frank Miller’s 300 even more epic? You add in a samurai and have the Spartans fight against robots and that’s exactly what they did with this episode. In the episode Jack comes across the Spartans fighting against an army of robots. Their fight has been going on for years and the Spartans fear they can’t keep up the fight for long. The only way the Spartans can win is by destroying the factory where the robots come from but a mountain blocks their path and they can’t risk leaving their home unprotected for long. Jack tells them of a small passage way that goes through the mountain and the king along with Jack and a few other Spartans use that passage way to reach the factory of the robots and take it down. This episode gives us some of the best fighting the series has to offer, an amazing soundtrack to go along with it and it ends on a high note. Truth be told, I wish this episode was made into a movie rather than the other 300 movies (scenes here:,,,, and

    #2. Jack and The Three Monks

    If the Spartans episode showed us Jack’s physical fortitude than this episode definitely shows us Jack’s mental fortitude. It starts off with Jack fighting a horde of robots in order to reach a time portal only to have it get destroyed before he can use it. Jack screams out in rage saying it is impossible before walking off where he comes across some monks who are on a journey to reach the summit of a mountain which holds a great power. Intrigued by this, Jack joins the monks on their climb which proves to be quite the difficult climb. Not only does Jack have to contend with frigid temperatures but he has to fight goat-men, rock monsters, and a sasquatch. Tired and weary Jack lays in the snow admitting defeat until one of the monks reminds Jack of why he continues to fight. This gives Jack the strength to get back up and reach the summit of the mountain where the great power he finds is the power of will. Many people forget that Jack is human, just like us he has his limits and doubts and this episode shows that. Jack has come close so many times only to have it snatched away from him yet despite this he still presses on refusing to give up. This mountain is basically a representation of Jack’s journey. It seems impossible and almost pointless that it’s understandable why he would want to give up but he won’t because there’s too much at stake here. This episode shows us that no matter how impossible or long the journey is, Jack will never give up and that’s truly inspirational (scene here:

    Honorable Mentions

    Before naming the number one episode. Here are a few honorable mentions.

    Samurai vs Ninja: A simplistic episode where Jack fights against the warrior of darkness using light. It’s a well-choreographed fight.

    Tale of X9: A robot with emotions is blackmailed to kill Jack. The episode captures that Cowboy Bebop atmosphere where you feel sad for just about everyone.

    The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful: It’s a fun train fight between Jack and a bickering married couple.

    Jack and the Labyrinth: Jack and Jigen from Lupin the Third race to see who can reach an enchanted diamond in a labyrinth.

    The Princess and the Bounty Hunters: The whole episode gives off that Hateful 8 vibe as a group of bounty hunters are sitting around talking about their plan to kill Jack and one of them is a princess who wants to kill Jack as leverage to save her kingdom. The outcome is awesome and sad at the same time.

    The Four Seasons of Death: 4 great tales of Jack’s adventures in each of the seasons.

    Jack and the Scotsman pt. 2: The Scotsman returns and needs Jack’s help to save his wife. The wife is funny as all hell.

    The Scotsman saves Jack: A 2 part episode where Jack loses his memory and the Scotsman must remind him who he is.

    The Premiere movie: Starting at the beginning of a series is always a good way to get into the series and this three part premiere showed us what we were getting ourselves into and why we were going to enjoy it.

    The Birth of Evil: Like I said before, starting at the beginning is always a good way to get into a series and this award winning 2 part episode shows us how Aku was born, his relationship with Jack’s dad, and where the mythical sword that Jack wields comes from.

    And the number one Samurai Jack episode is. . .

    #1. Jack Remembers the Past

    I talked about this episode briefly in my Cartoon Cartoon-cember special and called it my favorite episode but let’s talk about it some more. In the episode Jack comes across the remains of his homeland where he begins to reminisce about the past and his life as a child. We see his first kiss, who inspired him to become a samurai, and learn an important life lesson from his dad. The flashbacks are very touching as it’s nice to see that before all this Aku mess happened Jack lived a very happy and peaceful life. Another positive thing about this episode is there’s almost no dialogue at all. One of the great things about this series is its ability to tell a story without dialogue. You could honestly mute an episode and quickly piece together what’s going on, what this character is feeling, what this character is up to, and so on. That’s a sign of good storytelling. In this episode, there is barely any dialogue. All we have to do is just watch what’s happening and we can easily figure out what’s happening and why. It’s a beautiful episode and it ends with a robot asking Jack for help and him running off to fight as we hold on an image of his parents watching across time and seeing the wonderful and brave person their son has become.

    And those were my top 11 Samurai Jack episodes. I hoped you enjoyed, let me know what your favorite Samurai Jack episode is in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, clips, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved*

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  12. Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well guys, we’re entering the final week of February and since I’ve been reviewing romcoms all month we don’t we finish up with the classic romcom Mayo Chiki. Mayo Chiki is a light novel written by Hajime Asano from 2009-2012 with a manga adaption from 2010-2013. The series is as classic a romcom as you can get. Boy meets girl, they both have problems, they help each other out, they develop feelings for each other, a few other girls fall for the boy, and we have a couple of romantic scenes with some laughs thrown in there. It’s as classic and basic you can get. In 2011 the studio Feel (KissxSis and Outbreak Company) turned the series into an anime getting a lot of people interested in the series as well as giving them a good laugh. Let’s end February on a peaceful and calm note. This is Mayo Chiki.

    Opening and Ending Theme

    The opening is "Be Starters!" by Eri Kitamura. It’s a lighthearted song that’s simple but one that I enjoy very much. I don’t I just find Eri’s voice to be very soothing throughout the song. I don’t get to hear her sing that much that I forget that Eri is a good singer. The ending is "Kimi ni Gohoushi" by Yuka Iguchi, Mariya Ise and Eri Kitamura. Another lighthearted song that’s soothing to the ears yet surprisingly I didn’t really care for it all that much. All the singes are good and harmonize with each other well but I just never found myself really getting into the song that much.

    Episodes 1-4

    We start the anime with our main character Kinjiro voiced by Satoshi Hino (Sho from Rail Wars) being rudely awakened by his sister Kureha who begins locking him in submission moves as well as perform wrestling moves on him (where’s JR when you need him?). After that horrible experience he goes to school where he sees Kanade voiced by Eri Kitamura (Cana from Fairy Tail) daughter of the school’s principal entering the school with her butler Subaru voiced by Yuka Iguchi (Mea from To Love Ru Darkness) the school idol who all the girls love (okay, is everyone in this anime blind, because that’s obviously a girl crossdressing. Like seriously, it’s as clear as day that Subaru is a girl). We see that Subaru is pretty much good at everything and as Kinjiro talks about how amazing he is his friend starts to wonder if he’s gay since he doesn’t talk to girls, show an interest in them, and is fascinated by Subaru (maybe he’s bi-curious). Kinjiro of course denies these claims and goes to the bathroom where he accidently opens a stall up and discovers Subaru’s secret, he is a girl (again, pretty obvious). This leads to a chase scene where Subaru tries to catch Kinjiro and make him forget what he saw where they get into a fight in the biology room where Kinjiro saves Subaru from a jar of frogs (who keeps frogs in a far, they’re not butterflies) and once he feels up her chest where he finally discovers that Subaru is a girl and gets knocked out. He wakes up in the nurse’s office one-handed chain to the bed post (been there. That was one fun night in Texas) and Kanade by his side where we see she’s quite the sadist as she enjoys teasing and tormenting him (story of my life right now) and even figures his nickname being chicken which he really hates (for those of you confused allow me to explain. Kinjiro’s last name is Sakamachi and since the Japanese put the family name before your given name Kinjiro’s full name creates a pun on the English word chicken. “Chi” from Sakamachi and “Kin” Kinjiro). As she continues teasing him using her body he gets a nosebleed and discovers that he has a slight fear of women. After the teasing she explains to Kinjiro that Subaru’s family has served her family for generations (it was either that or work in the whore house) with butlers always serving the next heir to the family. Since Subaru is a girl she can’t be a butler which meant she couldn’t serve as Kanade’s butler (you can serve as a maid). But, Subaru wanted to be a butler so they worked out a deal that Subaru can be a butler and serve by Kanade’s side as long as she crossdresses as a boy for the remainder of her school life (uh why? Why not just be a maid or what’s the big deal if she wants to be a butler? This whole thing feels unnecessarily complicated and stupid). Kanade makes Kinjiro promise not to tell anyone which he’s more than happy to do and as a thank you she agrees to help cure Kinjiro of his fear of women.

    In episode 2 news spreads fast about Kinjiro and Subaru being friends and hanging out together. This causes a rumor to start where everyone believes Kinjiro and Subaru are gay and in a relationship with each other (how did they come to this conclusion? So what, two guys can’t hangout and be friends?). This pisses off the Shooting Star Subaru-Sama (S4) club members of Subaru’s fan club who tries to kill Kinjiro off but their attempts get stopped by the Serve Subaru Observational Committee (SSOC) another fan club of Subaru who support Subaru’s relationship with Kinjiro (man it’s a reflection of the Republic and Democratic party). After school Kanade takes the first step to helping cure Kinjiro’s fear of women, going on a date with Kanade (that’ll work). She changes into a school girl outfit and they head to the arcade where Kinjiro wins a stuffed animal sheep for Subaru (which I believe was the prototype for the stuffed animals in Kampfer cause this thing is pretty disturbing). They then head to a park where Kinjiro says he doesn’t necessarily have a fear of women (of course not, he’s hanging out with a girl) his body just reacts that way to women in general thanks to his mom and sister. We find out that Kinjiro’s mom is actually a world-class wrestler and when he was little his mother would practice wrestling moves on him (okay I’m pretty sure that’s child abuse. Also, what happened to the don’t try this at home ads you guys have been forcing down our throats for years?). Kureha soon started to mimic her mom and soon Kinjiro became their punching bag with them only stopping when he started to bleed so while mentally he’s okay with women his body isn’t and is afraid that women will hurt him if they get too close. After this talk Kanade calls and tells Kinjiro to use the butler voucher he received earlier in the episode as a reward for not getting a nosebleed on their date. This voucher forces Subaru to do one wish whatever the person having the voucher orders her to do no matter what. Kinjiro’s request is for her to baa like a sheep (clearly this is your first time holding power. Scene here: ). After this Kureha comes charging in where she reveals she’s been spying on them all day and believes Subaru has corrupted Kinjiro into becoming gay (do you really think a guy would look good in that uniform?). She attacks Subaru but gets easily beaten and runs away crying (she can throw punches but she can’t take them. Sounds like people on Youtube). The next day at school it’s physical examination and Kanade has given Kinjiro and Subaru the challenge of keeping her true gender a secret from the rest of the boys. So throughout the examination Kinjiro keeps asking the doctor to do Subaru’s measurements where the two experience great embarrassment and add fuel to that little rumor going around (well now that little rumor has become a forest fire spreading across the school and burning everyone and everything down). They manage to make it through the examination with Subaru’s secret not being exposed and she passes out from exhaustion while they have lunch together. Kanade comes in where she tells Kinjiro that growing up Subaru never really had friends but now she can rest easy because Kinjiro has become her friend. The episode ends with Kinjiro returning home and Kureha telling him that she’s fallen in love with Subaru (so the little sister is unknowingly going lesbian. Sure, go ahead and experiment).

    In episode 3 Kanade sets up a double date between her, Kinjiro, Subaru, and Kureha where Kanade being the mischievous girl that she (and just enjoys torturing Kinjiro) convinces Kureha that she and Kinjiro are going out and despite not seeing them together at all, having heard her brother not talk about her, and not acting at all like a couple she believes her. While at the pool Subaru becomes uncomfortable and overly protective with Kanade because when the two were little they were both kidnapped at the pool however they were quickly rescued after their kidnapping. While Kanade has recovered from the experience and moved on with her life Subaru is still traumatized by the experience and blames herself for not being strong enough to protect Kanade back then and soon developed a fear of sharp objects from the experience. After Kinjiro and Subaru save a kid from drowning they return to find out that Kanade and Kureha have been kidnapped by a guy wearing a wolf mask who claims to be one of the kidnappers from back then and now wants revenge. Subaru is frozen with fear so Kinjiro knocks her out and goes to face the kidnapper himself (oh sure, take out the butler who’s obviously stronger and more skilled in combat than you Mr. Masochist. What are you gonna do, ask be balled and gagged?). He goes to face the kidnapper where he gets the crap beat out of him until Subaru shows up, conquers her fears, and defeats the kidnapper herself (now let’s sees who behind all of this). They unmask the kidnapper to reveal that it’s old man Jenkins from Scooby-Doo (of course! I should have known it was him from the obvious clue). No, it’s actually Subaru’s father overly affectionate dad Nagare (he and Spirit from Soul Eater would get along) who was told to do this at the request of Kanade in order to help make Subaru stronger and get over her fears. Right away you can tell he doesn’t like Kinjiro being around his daughter (get used to it. . .dad) and later on Subaru and Kinjiro have a moment at Kanade’s mansion which gets interrupted by Kureha who reveals that their trip to the pool was supposed to be a date between Kanade and Kinjiro. This of course upsets Subaru and she chases after Kinjiro along with Kureha.

    In the fourth episode it’s Golden Week (so enjoy, relax, take a seat, say hi to Christopher Walken, ) and Kinjiro has the whole house to himself as Kureha has gone on a camping trip with her club. However, his relaxing holiday weekend gets interrupted with the arrival of Subaru who needs a place to crash after getting into a fight with Nagare (was it about the crossdressing?) about Kinjiro. Kinjiro lets her in and she decides to earn her keep by being his personal butler during her stay. Kureha returns home early with a broken arm after getting into a fight with a bear (what kind of club are you in?) and soon Kanade comes over saying she won’t leave until Subaru comes home and she decides to become Kinjiro’s maid while she stays over (make her wash your back). This leads to a brief competition to see who can serve the best with Kanade winning each round and Kinjiro passing out from a cold where Kureha begins to panic because in the past their father died from an illness when they were both young and now she’s afraid her brother will die on her too. Subaru takes care of him using several questionable cures (scene here: ) where Kanade reveals that Subaru’s mother also died from an illness when Subaru was a child and just like Kureha is afraid she’ll lose him just like she lost her mother. Fearful for his life Kinjiro tries to patch things up between Subaru and Nagare so Kanade takes him to Nagare where we see he also got kicked out of the mansion for his family dispute and is now living by the beach (which I’m sure is against the law). Subaru refuses to return to the mansion because she wants to take care of Kinjiro (you being near him is putting his life in danger) where an argument erupts between her and Nagare where she says she hates him which doesn’t sit well with Kinjiro and he tells her to make up with her dad where he gets lightheaded and passes out shortly. But he gets back up still lightheaded, tells Kanade to get out of the way (balls on that boy) and tells Subaru to stop worrying about him, trust him, and head home. She listens, makes up with her dad, and returns to the mansion. At the end of Golden Week we see Kinjiro is all well and Subaru thanks him for everything he’s done for her which shocks Kanade since she never says thank you to anyone but her and she kisses Kinjiro for finally being a man (scene here: ).

    Episodes 5-9

    Nothing much to say about episode 5. We get introduced to a new character named Masamune voiced by Mariya Ise (Levi from Fairy Tail) a member of S4 as well as a member of Kureha’s club who has photos of Kinjiro and Subaru’s date and uses this to blackmail Subaru into being her boyfriend for the festival in order to undermine the SSOC for the upcoming club war set to take place during the festival. Once Subaru finds out about Masamune and Kinjiro going out she’s pissed, punches him in the stomach and refuses to talk to him (she may be dressed as a boy but she displays the jealousy of a girl anyday of the week).

    The story of Masamune continues in episode 6 were she goes on her fake date with Kinjiro where she tells him to leave knowing he’s not having fun. This leads to Kinjiro getting approached by Nakuru an underclassman who is also a part of Kureha’s club as well as the leader of the SSOC who enjoys drawing BL doujins (the girl is a freak. A very hot freak) and has a glass-fetish. She’s voiced by Kana Asumi (Ene from Mekakucity Actors) and probably the most attractive girl in this anime in my eyes. She’s energetic, dark-skinned, and busty for a first year. She reveals that she knows about Masamune’s plan to undermine the SSOC and that Masamune has no plans to protect him from the S4 at all (obviously, the girl is a straight up liar). Subaru comes in where Kinjiro tells him about the potential war about to occur between her fan clubs so she agrees to help Kinjiro and team up with the SSOC to take down S4 in a quiz show about Subaru. They go to the venue of the showdown where we see Kanade is representing the S4 (you bitch) and in the end Kinjiro wins after answering the last question on who Subaru gave her first kiss to (the answer is Kinjiro, at the pool, where he almost drowned and she gave him mouth to mouth). After the show Kanade reveals that Masamune resigned from S4 and is on the school roof alone (where in the manga it was hinted she was going to commit suicide because of her loneliness). Kinjiro goes to confront her on the roof where she reveals that she really doesn’t have any friends just like Subaru at the beginning of the series and thought that if she hanged out with Kinjiro she would be able to become bright and cheerful just like Subaru but failed. Kinjiro than opens up to her revealing his fear of women and says he’ll be her friend and introduces her to Subaru and Kanade who quickly become her friends as well. The next day Masamune vows to help cure Kinjiro and go on a first name basis with each other (well it looks like the anime is turning into a harem anime).

    Nothing much to say about episode 7. After getting drugged by Subaru, Kinjiro finds himself at a hotsprings resort courtesy of Kanade (scene here: ). Kanade explains that she ran away from the mansion since her parents are traveling for the summer and has made up the lie to the innkeeper that she and Kinjiro are eloping together (this girl just enjoys causing trouble for everyone and everything around her) where in fact they went on this trip to help Kinjiro get more accustomed to girls. While at the beach he runs into Kureha, Masamune, and Nakura who are working at the beach after getting separated from their club. In order to keep Subaru’s identity a secret Kanade makes up the lie that Subaru is actually Punyuru the cousin of Subaru. Masamune shows off her jealousy by wanting to know why he’s here with Kanade (because the plot demands it). We also get to see Subaru jealous once she finds out Kinjiro went over to Masamune’s house where she misunderstands the situation (trust me, you’re still the number 1 girl. Behind Nakura of course). Nagare eventually shows up and tries to get Kanade to come back home but they threaten to call the police on him because he’s trying to take “Punyuru” away against her will (and that, is an act of kidnapping).

    Episode 8 starts off with a laugh when Kinjiro goes to relax in the men’s bath where he walks in on Subaru also bathing on the men’s side (look I know you desire to be a butler but let’s not forget you’re a woman alright?). Nagare comes in as well and shenanigans ensue (scene here: She then knocks out Kinjiro out of embarrassment because he saw her naked (yet you have no problem seeing him naked). The next day during a festival Subaru takes Kinjiro to the grave of her mother (hey mom, meet my boyfriend and future husband). The next day we have a paintball tournament where the winner gets a kiss from Subaru since she won the beauty pageant. Nakura goes on a rampage after drinking soda and starts removing the underwear of women until she finally gets taken down by Kanade who then takes out Kinjiro and wins the tournament. Kinjiro and Subaru watch the fireworks together and Subaru tells Kinjiro she wants to be more than just friends.

    In episode 9 Kinjiro copies Masamune’s homework and in order to repay her he agrees to work part-time in a maid café she works in. While working in the café the manager teases him and Masamune about them being a couple (it’s not too far off from the trouble. She’s in the harem so why not). Kureha and Nakura come to help her and then Kanade shows up to cause trouble where she tells the manager that Subaru has a maid-fetish (I think all guys have a maid-fetish. It’s in our DNA) and convinces Masamune to show her garterbelt to test the theory (and while you’re at, why don’t you let him eat a piece of cake off your ass or chest). Eventually Subaru shows up who all this time has been working part-time in a butler café across the street after being mistaken as a worker (and women have a butler-fetish. Again, it’s in their DNA) and takes Kanade home (okay new rule, Kanade is not allowed to go off on her own). Kinjiro finishes up the work day where he’s welcomed to comeback and work anytime and we see Masamune gave him a special ringtone for her cellphone.

    Episodes 10-13

    We get a Kureha episode in episode 10. It’s her 16th birthday (yeah~ party~! She’s old enough to get married) and celebrates the day with her friends. She starts off at Kureha’s which is haunted by ghosts (I’m not kidding it’s actually haunted by ghosts. We see them and everything) where she receives a pair of glasses from Nakura, a poster of Subaru from Masamune, and a steaming playing of Kinjiro and Subaru’s BL performed by Nakura and Masamune (scene here: They then go to the café where she receives a cake, they sing a very cute rendition of the birthday song (scene here:, she receives one of those disturbing lambs from Subaru (seriously, I question the mindset of the people who made these things), and she plays an obvious Street Fighter rip off game with Kanade where they’re the characters. How’d she make this game? Going to the computer club at her school and acting tsundere around them (scene here: As they’re playing Kureha recounts all of the birthdays she shared with Kinjiro over the years such as when he bought her a teddy bear for her 8th birthday, played with her all day on another one, lit up sparklers on another one, and took her to a dairy ranch on another. However, last year, he screwed up big time by forgetting her birthday and going to a concert upsetting her greatly that she literally attacked him with tears in her eyes. As she recounts all of these events she starts to think that now that she’s getting older she shouldn’t cling so much to him anymore and start to become more independent. At the end of the day she returns home where Kinjiro is there waiting for her and presents her with a white teddy bear. We see that he really did feel bad about forgetting Kureha’s birthday last year and wanted to make up for it this year swearing not to make her cry that way ever again (aww~).

    In episode 11 the new semester begins. Subaru still has Kinjiro on her mind (just kiss already) and while eating lunch together Subaru gets a little drunk off of the white wine in the food and has to be taken to the infirmary (lightweight). Later on Kinjiro takes Kanade to the infirmary when she begins to experience the hiccups which is bad because the hiccups are her one weakness (oh~ so the devil has a weakness). Kanade’s hiccups are so gosh-darn cute that people can’t control themselves around her and want to keep her to themselves no matter what. Kanade tells Subaru to fetch the tools needed to deal with these hiccups and while she’s doing that Kanade decides to play around with Kinjiro (scene here: Kinjiro manages to push her off and get away from her where he runs into Subaru in the hallway just as Kanade’s hiccups stopped (what a coincidence). As the three walk down the hallway Kanade accidently falls down a flight of stairs and injuries her ankle having to be rushed to the hospital (aren’t we over reacting here a little?). Subaru blames herself for this saying she failed in her duty as a butler. Nagare comes in and tells her she’s been relieved of her duty as butler much to the protest of Kanade who won’t stand for this (without those crutches you wouldn’t be standing at all). Subaru runs away feeling guilty with Kinjiro following her to an overpass where she kisses him causing him to pass out with a nosebleed (was all that training for nothing?).

    Moving on to episode 12 Kinjiro gets woken up by Masamune who gives Kinjiro a ride on her scooter to the inn at the hotsprings resort figuring out that’s the most likely place Subaru would go to. Sure enough he’s right and the two spend the night together sleeping in the same room and futon together (and that’s all they did. If this had been a hentai the story would of probably been different). The next morning Kanade comes to pick them up (you two didn’t do anything fun without her now did you?). When Kinjiro goes to school he gets told that Subaru has transferred out from Kanade (lies) however Punyuru transfers in (you such a troll Kanade). Once Subaru (I’m sorry, Punyuru) expresses how much she enjoyed being a butler Kinjiro decides to make things right the only way he knows how. He goes to enlist the help of S4 (I’m surprised they didn’t burn the school down after finding out Subaru left) and starts a petition to get Subaru to come back. This works as Subaru not only returns as a butler but to the school as well. That night Subaru calls Kinjiro to the park where she thanks him for everything he’s done and kisses him on the lips (scene here:

    The final episode can be considered an OVA and really doesn’t add much to the plot of the sorry. It’s a Nakura episode where we see she’s feeling down about herself. Worried about her, Kureha and Masamune follow her to her yaoi event dressed as Aria from Hidan no Aria and Natsuru from Kampfer (why? No idea, I’m just going to assume the authors are good friends or something) where she sells all of her doujins (impressive) but still shows signs of being down. After their cover gets blown Nakura asks them what they think about her breast (Baron: Well they’re nice, big, and I would like to motorboat them). Of course the two flat-chested girls in this series take offence to that question and instead have her go on a date with Kinjiro where she reveals she has a complex about her breast. In the past a boy asked to be her boyfriend for no apparent reason. Nakura turned him down and assumed the reason he took an interest in her is because of her breast (well he is a high school boy so yeah it wouldn’t surprise me). Kinjiro wanting to help her get over this complex unwillingly agrees to do bodily contact with her as she rubs her breast against him to prove that he’s attractive to her not because of her body. Kinjiro manages to endue this PDA and accidently knocks off her glasses where we see she’s quite the beauty (you know how someone always wears glasses but when they take them off they’re like 10 times hotter for some unknown reason? Well that’s what we got here. Nakura, a very pretty girl with glasses but without them she’s even hotter). Even Kinjiro is stunned by how pretty she is and comes to the conclusion that the guy wasn’t in her because of her breast (although I’m sure it did play a part. Those things are hard to miss folks) but rather he was attractive to her beauty. After she puts her glasses back on she feels better and starts to see Kinjiro in a new light where she begins to develop feelings for him (and the harem continues to grow).

    Final Thoughts

    And that was Mayo Chiki. There’s really not that much to say about it. Like I said before it’s your basic and classic romcom. Everything you expect to happen happens from the story, to the characters, to their actions, and to their setups. Yes, I have to admit it can be predictable with it’s up and along with not adding anything new or inventive to the genre it is a forgettable series. The characters are your basic characters you see in a romcom. Kinjiro the nice guy who always helps out people in need, Subaru the girl with troubles and just looking for a friend, Kureha the adorable sister, and Masamune the second love interest whose tsundere. The only characters that seemed to stick out to me the most was Kanade because of her playful sadistic nature which always kept advancing the plot and helping the ship sail and Nakura for being a BL enthusiast who is my favorite girl out of the group. There’s nothing really outstanding about the animation but the character designs are good, the soundtrack is decent, the fanservice was enjoyable and didn’t go overboard, and of course the comedy is spot on. Every episode will manage to get a good laugh out of you because of the scenarios and character interactions

    Final Score

    The final score for Mayo Chiki is a 5.5/10. Is this an anime I would recommend to people? No, I think you be better off checking out the manga or light novel as they go more in-depth with the characters and the story but if you wanted to check this anime out for a good laugh and a few interesting characters I say go ahead and watch it. It’s relaxing and a good romcom to make you laugh. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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  13. Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well this is coming out a day late but better late than never so let’s get right in to it and keep the tradition alive. These are the top 11 hottest anime girls 2017 edition.

    #11. Blair from Soul Eater

    In an anime about weapons, witches, and the embodiment of death itself. The last thing you would expect to see is a hot catgirl and that’s what we get with Blair. Serving as pretty much the fanservice in this series Blair seemed to be the one character who enjoyed herself the most in the show. Flirting with Soul as almost every chance she got, knowing she’s sexy and not afraid to use it to her advantage Blair always bought a sense of fun whenever she appeared. While she may have only had a few scenes within the anime whenever she was on screen she always reminded us that she was sexy, she knows it, and we should take notice of it.

    #10. Hestia from DanMachi

    What’s better than a loli you ask? How about a loli with big breast and is totally legal for you bang? Much like Blair Hestia is fully aware of her sexy body and uses it to get the attention of the man she likes but at the same time her character is a bit more developed. Despite the object of her affection having feelings for another girl Hestia gives her full support in helping him get noticed by her fulfilling her role as a goddess and watching over her one and only follower like a loving mother. On top of that Hestia quite funny and wise given her character as well as cute. If the world of DanMachi was real I’d gladly join Hestia’s familia in a heartbeat because with her not only am I getting a very attracted woman by side I’m getting a goddess who I know will protect and support me no matter what.

    #9. Darkness from Konosuba

    Out of all the female leads there’s no denying that Darkness is the most attractive and there’s no denying that she’s also the craziest of the group. Being a natural born masochist Darkness enjoys pain, torment, and embarrassment but at the same time she has a good and loyal heart that attracts you to her. Despite her crazy personality that contradicts her title as knight, Darkness is still a very attractive lady that anyone would be lucky to have around and torment.

    #8. Mira from Dimension W

    Yes, I know she’s an android and I said I wouldn’t put robots on the list but we’re making an exception for this entry because I love Mira so much. She is adorable. Despite being an android she thinks and acts like a young girl and she looks cute while she does it. Just seeing her smile warms you up and even though she’s new at her job and a little oblivious to the world around her, she’s someone you would find yourself enjoy talking to her and opening up to her.

    #7. Zest from Shinmai Maou no Testament

    Loyalty. That’s the first word that comes to mind when you of Zest. Demon girl within amazing body at first seems cold and distant but in truth is quite meek and desires to serve only the person she deems to be her master. She’s beautiful, loyal, strong, cute and meek. What’s not to love about her?

    #6. Frolaytia from Heavy Object

    It’s hard to believe someone this young is so beautiful and smart. Frolaytia is her own woman who does what she wants to do and not be tied down by her family. She can be strict but at the same time caring of her subordinates. She’s very attracted having an amazing body and personality to go along with it. She’s honestly one of the main reasons I got interested in this series and she’s one of the reasons I stuck around. If you need an excuse to watch this series than look no further than Frolaytia.

    #5. Mikado from To Love Ru

    Oh yeah, if we’re talking about sexy anime characters we’ve got to include Mikado. The school nurse has always been seen in anime as the fanservice character for all the boys to look at and Mikado not only lives up to this claim but she actually embraces it. She comes across as a forbidden fruit to the boys in the show and for good reason. She’s irresistible. Being an alien she has an amazing body that defies our comprehension and she is a major flirt. She knows that guys desire her and she’s not afraid to flirt with guys just to tease them or get them to do what she wants. On top of that she has no problem being seen naked by others as if to say she knows she’s sexy and she’s not ashamed to hide her beautiful body because in the end she knows she’s in control.

    #4. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

    Possibly the strongest female in the series as well as one of the most badass females in anime history. Not only is Erza beautiful to look at but she’s strong. Considered to be the prettiest girl in the series as well and for good reason. The red hair. Like I’ve said before in the past, if your female and you have red hair you are instantly beautiful and strong and that’s exactly what Erza is. While her common sense may be a little out there at times when she gets serious and her friends are on the line she’s unstoppable and she’ll look good while being unstoppable.

    #3. Rem from Re:Zero

    The popularity for this character is unbelievable. Within a few months Rem became one of the most liked female characters in anime history. Why you ask? Well for starters she has one of the most adorable smiles. She’s cute no matter what she’s doing. Even when she’s killing and going a rampage she looks cute. Every time you see her you just wanna pat her on the head and watch her smile. Seriously, I want to protect that smile no matter what. While it’s true Ram and Rem are twins Rem is obviously the cuter of the two because of her personality, character, and smile. She’s the best girl from 2016 and the best girl in Re:Zero. You’re a damn fool Subaru.

    #2. Noire from Hyperdimension Neptunia

    Hands down the best character in the series. And no, I’m not saying that because she represents the PS3 and I’m a fan of Sony, I’m saying it because it’s true. Out of all the goddesses she’s the one who takes her job seriously and always strives to better herself in whatever she does. She’s the best looking out of all the goddesses and she likes to cosplay where she looks even cuter than normal. No matter what, my loyalty will always belong to Noire the best goddess out there and don’t you forget it.

    And the hottest anime girl in the 2017 edition is. . .

    #1. Pyrrha from RWBY

    It was a tough choice deciding which girl from RWBY to put on the list. It came down to Yang, Blake, and Pyrrha. Pyrrha stood out for me the most because of just who she was and what she did. Despite being the strongest student in school she was humble, she didn’t brag about her abilities, show off, or even belittle anyone around her. She was respectful and kind to everyone she met and despite being put on pedestal for everyone to see she was quite the shy girl and that shyness added a layer of cuteness to her. She’s beautiful. As if an angel descended from Heaven and took up human form to live among us. But the one thing that makes her win my heart is how supported she it to others. Pyrrha’s relationship with Jaune was one of the highlights of the show for me. She didn’t have to train Jaune but she did anyway because she cared for him and admired his spirit and hard work. She was the first to see his potential and encouraged him not to give up and to keep moving forward. Even when the object of her affection has eyes for someone else she still supports him choosing to lock her feelings up and hope that person finds happiness. Pyrrha is just a beautiful girl who is kind, respectful, supportive, and taken from us way too soon. My only hope is that a girl like Pyrrha does exist in the world because if she does I would want that girl to my girlfriend and potential wife.

    And that’s list, I hoped you enjoyed. I’m sure I left a lot of people out so let me know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, clips, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved*

    Thanks for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or send your comments, feedback, or request to