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  1. *While Nitsuj and Ashlyn are getting set to go and interrogate Malcom at the party, Isis was getting ready for a confrontation of her own against Alicia. After making her way over to a secluded balcony overlooking the city she gets approached by Alicia*

    (Alicia): Bonjour. Comment allez-vous ce soir?

    (Isis): Uh yes.

    (Alicia): Je suis désolé. You don’t speak France.

    (Isis): No. I speak a little. I surrender. How was that?

    (Alicia): Chienne!

    (Isis): Now that was an insult. I may not understand a lot of France but I know when I’m being insulted.

    (Alicia): I’ll make it clear for you, American winch. I know that you have been sent here to stop the weeaboos and I am here to make sure everything goes according to plan-

    *Isis walks up to Alicia and slaps her across the face*

    (Isis): And I’ll make it clear to you, French winch. Over the last 24 hours I have watched my home burn down, found out who my mother was, saw one of my friends lose an arm to one of you guys, watch my mother flirt around with my master the last 2 hours, and to top it all off some pretentious French winch calls me out hoping to kill me. I am not in the mood for any of your crap right now so just take out your swords and let’s do this.

    *After Isis’s rant Alicia takes out a tiny mirror to inspect her face and sees that Isis’s slap left a scratch mark on it*

    (Alicia): Salope!

    *Begins to curse at Isis in French*

    (Isis): Keep talking like that and I’ll smack the other side.

    (Alicia): I’m saying you fucked up! Do you have any ideas how much this face this worth?!

    (Isis): I say about the price of a musketeer bar. Actually no I just damaged it. How much would you say the price for the wrapper of a musketeer bar is?

    *Finally past her breaking point, Alicia pulls out two of her swords and attacks Isis but she blocks with her rapier*

    (Isis): Congratulations. You opened Pandora’s Box.

    *The two AIs clash swords with each other. When they finally get some separation between each other Alicia pulls out her remaining four swords and Isis pulls out a second rapier. They begin to circle around each other looking for an opening*

    (Alicia): I must give you credit. You’re the first person in a long time that’s forced me to pull out all 6 of my swords. How is it that despite are stats you’re able to fight for this long?

    (Isis): The answer is experience. Have you ever fought to the point of exhaustion? Have you ever felt your own blood pour down your face and taste it? I have. My specs may only be security work but I’ve been through hellish battles and have become stronger from them. You, what have you ever done? From the looks of it you’ve never had a real challenge or met anyone who’s push you to your limits. *Isis stops moving* Can someone like that truly be called a mercenary?

    *Alicia uses this chance to attack but Isis pulls out a handgun and stops her*

    (Isis): Diving in head first without reading the situation. You really do lack experience.

    *Isis fires off her handgun which blows one of Alicia’s hands off. Despite getting her hand blown off Alicia still tries to attack Isis but Isis pulls out her Chinese saber sword and dodges her attack. She then catches one of Alicia’s hands and cuts it off. As they continue to fight the riot begins to start up and someone throws a flaming couch towards the balcony. This distraction allows Alicia to come down from her adrenaline and realize the pain she’s in. She decides to regroup herself back inside the hotel’s system but Isis follows her in there. Getting at a high enough spot, Isis takes out her sniper rifle and tries to snipe Alicia but she senses the shot and deflects it away. Alicia begins charging at Isis as she deflects all of Isis’s shots at her. Alicia reaches Isis and destroys her gun. Isis rolls out of the way and pulls out an Uzi to fire at Alicia but she just deflects the bullets away with two of her swords. As she’s deflecting all of the bullets she uses this chance to regrow the two arms that she lost*

    (Isis): So you can regrow your arms. That’s just great.

    (Alicia): Let’s see if yours will grow back.

    *Alicia begins to attack Isis with a series of sword slashes. Isis manages to block a majority of the attacks with her sabers but a few attacks do manage to hit her and cut her clothes. Alicia manages to kick Isis and she returns to the real world where she appears in the elevator being ridden by Nitsuj and the others*

    (Nitsuj): Isis? What’s going on?

    (Isis): Oh nothing just a little fight. Hey Corbin, where did you say that liquid nitrogen tank was?

    (Corbin): Around back.

    (Isis): Good. Meet me in the back of the hotel.

    *Isis dives back into the system of the hotel and manages to tackle Alicia and begins slapping her face*

    (Alicia): Salope!

    *Alicia returns the favor and begins slapping Isis. It soon becomes a straight up catfight between the two AIs until they leave the system and appear in the backlot of the hotel where the liquid nitrogen tanks are located. Once out of the system Alicia pushes Isis off her and once they both get to their feet Isis opens up her hand to reveal a lock of Alicia’s hair. Alicia’s eye widen and she screams at the top of her lungs in rage at what Isis did to her. Filled with rage Alicia takes out all of her swords and tries to pierce Isis with all six of them. Isis jumps into the air to dodge the attack and Alicia gets her swords stuck in the liquid nitrogen tank. She tries to pull them out but has no luck. Meanwhile, Isis still in the air cuts a hole into the tank and the liquid nitrogen comes pouring out washing all over Alicia and freezing her entire body. As Isis begins to descend from her jump she takes out her sabers and slices the body up. Once she lands the body instantly explodes and Alicia’s head goes flying into the air. Isis takes out her gun*

    (Isis): And headshot.

    *Isis fires at Alicia’s head and it explodes just as Nitsuj and the others arrive onto the scene*

    (Nitsuj): Alright Isis, you the girl.

    *Nitsuj goes to fist bump Isis*

    (Ashlyn): Amazing, she actually won.

    (Corbin): Was there any doubt?

    (Baron): Isis does this all the time back at home. I’m amazed that AI lasted longer than she did against her. Gotta give her props.

    (Nitsuj): Are you alright there Isis?

    (Isis): Yes. Although, I am a little cold.

    *Isis shivers a little and Nitsuj takes off his jacket and gives it to her*

    (Isis): Thank you. By the way, who’s the unconscious man you’re carrying.

    (Nitsuj): A party souvenir. Let’s head back to base.

    *The group heads back to their base as the police show up to stop the riot*

    To be continued
  2. (Reaper): Hello, and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Thank you for joining me on this day as we continue to take a look at my master’s review of Kuroko’s Basketball. Let’s see what happens in the second half of this great series.

    *Project Starts*

    (Nitsuj): Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Last week I began taking a look at Kuroko’s Basketball and today I’m here to look at the second half of season 1 so let’s not waste anytime and get started.

    Opening and Ending Theme

    (Nitsuj): The second opening is “Rimfire” by Granrodeo. I have to admit the start of this song turned me off but as soon as the guitars came in I knew I was gonna like this song and like it I did. This song much like the first one just gets you so hyped and excited for the anime. The only downside I have with this opening is that near the end I can’t make out what the singer is saying because he’s getting drowned out by the music. In the end I prefer the first opening over this one. The second ending is “Catal Rhythm” by OldCodex. It’s a lowkey rock song. While not a bad song I still prefer the first ending over this one. The singer for this song sounds good but he sings too quietly. He lacks energy and excitement. Come on man, get hyped!

    Episodes 14-18

    In episode 14 after finding the strength to move Seirin goes out to eat at a restaurant where Kise and his friend are dining and Midorima and Takao come in and join them (not by choice mind you). They chat a little bit (trying not to kill each other) and then take their leave. As Seirin heads out, Kuroko finds an abandoned puppy (who is so cute) and adopts him where the team names the dog Tetsuya 2 because he looks just like Kuroko. We also see that Taiga has a fear of dogs (scene here: ). Taiga sits out practice in order to heal his legs and while the group is doing pool exercises they get a visit from a lovely young girl named Momoi voiced by the lovely Fumiko Orikasa (Rukia from Bleach) who was the team manager of Teika back in middle school and considers herself be Kuroko’s girlfriend (woah, Kuroko’s been holding out on us. Scene here: , man, I didn’t think Kuroko was such a player). We get to see Momoi display her special skills which is information gathering recognizing all of Seirin’s players and naming their specialty (impressive but I think I like Riko’s ability more). We find out that she goes to the same school as Aomine and the team manager which means they’ll be going up against her and Aomine in the championship game. Out of all the Generation of Miracle players Aomine was considered the strongest of the group and his style of play is like that of Taiga only better. He and Kuroko were the best of buds off the court and even practiced together before Kuroko became a regular on the team. On the court these two were said to have the best chemistry because Aomine was so strong and the stronger the light the darker shadow meaning Kuroko was at his full potential whenever he played with Aomine. As Kuroko and Momoi talk about the old days, Taiga sneaks away and tries to play some basketball where he gets approached by Aomine voiced by Junichi Suwabe (Dandy from Space Dandy) who wants to play him one on one (don’t do it man you’re injured). Aomine gives him no choice and he’s forced to play where Aomine just blows right pass him because of his injuries and tells him he’s not fit to be Kuroko’s light because he is weak.

    In episode 15 Seirin finds out their opponent in the championship tournament is Touou which is the school Aomine plays for. With the help of Tetsuya 2 (who actually gets his own team jersey. That is adorable) Riko finds out about Taiga playing basketball when he should have been resting and she scolds him by suspending him from practice until their first tournament game. As Taiga walks to the nurse’s office to get the heating pad Kuroko walks with him wanting to know what happen since he’s not the kind of guy who would do something so stupid and reckless (this is true. He’s stupid and reckless but not even he would do something this reckless to hurt the team). He tells Kuroko about his run in with Aomine and wants to know about his past. Kuroko explains that in the past Aomine was a huge basketball junkie who loved the game more than anyone. He was the first to unlock his true potential in middle school but that turned out to be his downfall. He was good, like amazing good that nobody could beat him. He crushed everyone and scored more points than anyone on the team crushing the will of everyone who faced him. Because of this Aomine started to hate basketball because he had nobody to be his rival and eventually stopped showing up to practice because he felt he was so good that if he got anymore good the gap would increase (no challenge, no goal, nobody to push him to his limits and back. What’s the joy of playing something if there’s no challenge?). Aomine still has this mindset in high school and is still sad that he can’t find a rival to match him (sounds more like confidence and arrogance in one’s ability. Now don’t get me wrong I can understand being bored because of no challenge but what he’s doing is being arrogant and overestimating his abilities). Taiga and Kuroko vow to take Aomine down and the day of the game arrives where Amoine oversleeps and says he’ll miss the first half but he’ll be there for the second half (honestly, cut this guy from the team. I don’t care how good he is anybody that arrogant has no place on a team).

    Episodes 16-18 is the game between Seirin and Touou where even without Aomine, Touou is still a strong team. For starters, their captain has the voice of Zoro from One Piece (so that automatically makes you a badass. This has nothing to do basketball I’m just making a declaration), a good shooter who’s suicidal, a strong big man who can pass and rebound, and thanks to Momoi they can predict what Seirin is gonna do and everything which shuts their offense down. It’s clear that these guys are in offensive team however their style of play is one on one. There’s no coordination or team play involved, just get the ball to one of them and let them do all the work while everyone else watches. The only person who manages to score for Seirin is Taiga thanks to Kuroko’s passing and the fact that Momoi can’t get a good read on him (he’s like a stray animal you have no idea what they’re gonna do when you see them) thus she can’t calculate what he’ll do next (he’s the one variable she can’t figure out. And that’s why she wants him. Curiosity, she wants to know why she can’t figure him out, and when she finds it, she’ll never want to let him go). Just when Seirin starts to get on a row Riko subs Taiga out because she notices that he still hasn’t recovered from the Shutoku game and his legs are still injured (honestly speaking you probably should have wrapped ice bags around his legs. I’ve never had to do this personally but I’ve heard a lot of players do this and it works). Riko tapes him up and sends him back out just as the final minutes of the second quarter are approaching and Aomine has shown up with Seirin already down by 10 points. He briefly plays in the second quarter where Taiga manages to block him but Aomine returns the favor and blocks Taiga to bring the quarter to a close. At half time both teams eat honey soaked lemons to replenish their energies (too bad both teams have ladies who don’t know how to cut lemons. Scene here: . How hard is it to cut lemons? Even the AI girls can do it. Watch *cut to the kitchen where each of the AI girls has a lemon or multiple lemons. Isis cuts her lemon using her sword, Mira chops up three of them using her blades while reading a book, Chibi Isis cuts them up using her magic, Seras uses her scythe, Yin-Yang tosses a few lemons in the air and cuts them all in quick succession, Yume cuts her lemon like a normal person, and Shizuku tosses a bunch a lemons and honey into a blender*. (Shizuku): This technically counts as cutting them up right?). At the start of the second half Kuroko sits out in order to rest despite the fact that he wanted to stay. Seirin switches to isolation defense where we get Taiga and Aomine. Despite Taiga’s best efforts he's just no much for Aomine’s agility and ball control (he has excellent agility and handles for a forward. He almost reminds me of Lebron James with the shooting abilities of a younger Kobe Bryant. That’s a very dangerous combination) and it gets even worst when he applies streetball to his repertoire and actually breaks Taiga’s ankles (for those of you unfamiliar with basketball that’s when you cause a defender to fall). He even gets pass 3 guys who contest his shot and makes a shot from behind the rim. As the game goes on Aomine completely nullifies Kuroko’s passing making him useless on the court and the point deficient continues to increase to the point where it’s obvious Seirin is going to lose. Riko notices Taiga’s injured leg and forces him to sub out. Despite knowing they’re going to lose Kuroko’s words encourage everyone to play to the final buzzer (don’t give them the satisfaction of breaking you). In the end Touou wins 112-55 with no one on the Seirin team shedding a single tear despite being destroyed.

    Episodes 19-22

    Things get worst for Seirin in episode 19. After the loss to Touou Taiga has to sit out the next two days in order to heal in fact we find out later he has to sit out for 2 weeks. With Taiga gone the team now has to rely heavily on Kuroko’s passing and he’s in a funk as well. After Aomine shuts down Kuroko’s passing Kuroko falls into a slump and his passes are way off. In the end Seirin loses their next two games and don’t make it to the inter-high league but they still have hope and that’s the Winter Cup but with Kuroko in a slump and Taiga deciding that working together isn’t working anymore and reverting back to his old ways causing a rift between him and Kuroko, their chances of winning aren’t good. Luckily, they get some good news and that’s the return of Kiyoshi the team’s original ace and founder of Seirin’s basketball team (the founding father returns to reclaim his glory). He’s been out injured but is now returning to the team, while he’s a good guy who’s tall and loves basketball he is a very strange man (well he’ll fit right in with this team). He’s also known as an Uncrown King. Just like the Generation of Miracles these guys were a group of skilled players who were one year older than the Generation of Miracles but went unrecognized because everyone was talking about the Generation of Miracles. The only difference is they all went to different middle schools but their skills are said to be on par with the members of the Generation of Miracles. On the day he returns to practice so too does Taiga where like I said he reverts back to his old style of playing and Kiyoshi challenges him for the starting person.

    At the start of episode 20 Taiga and Kiyoshi have their one on one game where Taiga beats him but Kiyoshi is not done with him or Kuroko for that matter. In order to prepare for the Winter Cup Riko books three practice games to get a good read on the players so she can give them a training regimen for the summer (no rest for those thriving to be great). In the first practice game Kiyoshi convinces Riko to let the first years play where Taiga tells Kuroko not to pass to him. Seirin wins with Taiga pretty much beating the other team himself (he’s a one man army that Taiga) and find out that the reason Kiyoshi did all of this was because he wanted Kuroko to see his limits. Taiga isn’t returning to his old style of basketball he’s trying to get stronger by himself. He realized that in the past he was relying too much on Kuroko and now he wants to change that and get stronger. Kuroko also needs to get stronger. While his passing is amazing and he’s a specialist he needs to come up with a new style of play that doesn’t rely on everyone around him. After a talk with Hyuga, Kuroko finally realizes this and goes off to talk with Taiga where he confesses that he was just using him to be acknowledged by his past teammates since in the past they kinda stopped trusting him (well maybe if you stopped scaring them all the time they would trust you more) and Taiga said he already knew that (it was kinda obvious Kuroko). The two get back on the same page and vow to get stronger by the Winter Cup.

    In episode 21 Seirin goes to the beach for their first summer training from hell. But before the trip they have to handle the problem of Riko and her cooking. They have a taste testing where in her first meal which is curry she does a bad job by not cooking the meat (which is already dangerous) nor the vegetables. Despite this massacre of food and in order to spare her feelings Hyuga gulps it down like a man (he liiiiiikes~ her) and Kiyoshi comes in with the assist and says that they can taste her love and tells her to give it another try. This time Taiga teaches her how to make the curry and it turns out to be a success. Until she decides to put protein and vitamin C powder into the rice (scene here: ). After this they arrive at the beach where they practice in the sand to improve their movement and build up their leg strength. In the afternoon when they go on the court they definitely feel the improvement but Kiyoshi says they’re missing a spark to help get them started. Enter Shutoku who are also there for training and both schools decide to practice together. They have a scrimmage where Riko makes Taiga not play by having him run to the convenience store which is 500 meters away. During the game, Kuroko tries to work on developing his new style and Midorima recognizes this but is skeptical about it. While in the baths with Takao he explains to him that the reason Kuroko doesn’t hold the ball for too long and focuses solely on passing is because he can’t misdirect people from the ball (which makes sense. The ball is the most important thing on the court so you need to be aware of where it is at all time. Even if Kuroko does have little presence, the moment he catches that ball all eyes are on him and nothing else). Takao makes the suggestion of using his misdirection while making a break to the basket (an invisible dribble if you will) which he says would be deadly. Taiga finally comes back where he not only got drinks for Seirin but he got some for Shutoku as well meaning he ran a grand total of 2000 meters (that’s about 1.24 miles and he did it on a beach so that just makes it all the harder on his legs).

    The training camp comes to an end in episode 22 as the group finish up practice with Shutoku where they lost to them again in a scrimmage but only by 9 points and they didn’t have Taiga there since Riko has been making him run all this time. That night, we see the results of his training on the beach as he’s able to jump higher than before (especially on his right leg which is his strong leg). As Taiga feels good about this believing that he can match Aomine in aerial combat, Midorima comes in to bring him back to reality (why you gotta hate Midorima?). The two go one on one where Midorima just destroys Taiga by not letting him score a single basket. While it’s true Taiga can jump higher than him Midorima knows that every time Taiga goes up he's gonna finish with one move, a dunk (in other words, Taiga is a predictable player. Scene here: ). While running on the beach with Kuroko, Taiga admits that Midorima was right about him. Taiga’s strong side is his right side. When he goes up with his right hand he can change in mid-air. His left hand, all he can do is just dunk and he even admits his ball handling isn’t all that good either. The next day comes and the group leaves the inn they were staying at and go to watch the inter-high tournament where Touou is playing Kaijo meaning we’re gonna see Kise vs Aomine which Aomine is excited about as Kise seems to be the only guy he can go all out against (get ready everyone, we’re in for a wild game).

    Episodes 23-25

    The last episodes of season one is the match between Kaijo and Touou. We start with a flashback into Kise getting into basketball thanks to Aomine. Kise was a natural athlete, he liked sports but he always mastered them so quickly that he got bored with them. Kise longed for a challenge, a wall that would appear impossible to climb but would one day overcome it and stand victorious (sort of like the walls in Attack on Titan). Kise’s wish finally came true when he saw Aomine practicing and it was then that Kise said he would play with that man and someday beat him. The game quickly starts off with Kise getting pass Aomine but the ball gets knocked away from him. Touou scores the first basket but Kaijo doesn’t back down and scores with Kise even getting a stop on Aomine. The first quarter ends 18-13 with Kaijo in the lead but Aomine is just getting started and he’s one of these guys who gets better as the game goes on (he’s a Saiyan player). In the second quarter Kise busts out his secret weapon which is copying Aomine’s style. It takes Kise a full quarter to do this and Touou retakes the lead 34-43. After halftime Kise completes his copy of Aomine’s style and passes his defense forcing him to get into foul trouble (you know I just realized something. This is the first game where fouls have played a factor. It’s kind of weird). Despite completely copying Aomine’s style Kaijo is still down by 10 points and despite Touou worried about Aomine’s foul trouble he stays in the game (gutsy move) and manages to block Kise at the end of the third quarter. In the final quarter, it becomes a battle between Kise and Aomine as they alternate scoring but Kise starts to get tired and fatigue takes hold of him. With one minute remaining and the score 98-106 Touou, Kaijo has one last attempt to stay in the game (I don’t know, down by 8 points and only a minute left to play. These aren’t the most favorable odds for a turn around. If it was two baskets maybe but 3 baskets might be too much) and Kise tries to get a pass off to the team’s captain but Aomine anticipated his pass and deflects the ball out of bounds. Touou manage to get the ball and score two more shots with the last one being Aomine dunking over Kise (well that’s a shot for the front page and yearbook) ending the game 98-110 (scenes here: and After watching this game Taiga and Kuroko are more determined than ever to face Aomine again and beat him.

    *Project Ends*

    (Reaper): And with that we end the first quarter of Kuroko’s Basketball. But don’t worry, we’ll be starting the second quarter next week. Until then, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, clips, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved*

    Thanks for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or send your comments, feedback, or request to
  3. *It’s night time and Nitsuj is outside the hotel waiting for Ashlyn and Isis. He is wearing a platted black and white shirt, with black pants, and a black jacket*

    (Nitsuj): *Sigh* Where are they?

    (Isis): Sorry for wait.

    (Nitsuj): There you are. What took you so-

    *As Nitsuj turns around to see Isis he stops mid-sentence stunned to see Isis wearing a platted black and white skirt with black leggings, a black short sleeved shirt with the sleeves white, a white cap, and black boots*

    (Isis): Well, say something.

    (Nitsuj): I’m sorry it’s just. . .wow. You look beautiful tonight Isis. You are like the hottest AI girl right now.

    (Isis): *Blushes* Aww, thank you.

    (Ashlyn): Yes. She certainly has good fashion sense. But then again anyone hanging around you would.

    *Nitsuj and Isis look up to see Ashlyn coming towards them. She is wearing white denim jeans, a no sleeve black shirt and a white jacket. She also has her hair in a ponytail, and she’s wearing glasses. Once again Nitsuj is stunned by how pretty she looks*

    (Ashlyn): You sure clean up nicely.

    (Nitsuj): I could say the same for you.

    *Nitsuj offers his arm to Ashlyn*

    (Nitsuj): Shall we?

    (Ashlyn): Yes we saw.

    *Ashlyn hooks her arm with Nitsuj*

    (Isis): Yes we shall indeed.

    *Isis hooks Nitsuj’s other arm with hers and locks eyes on Ashlyn*

    (Ashlyn): That’s a very nice outfit Isis. With the way your dress it definitely looks like you’re trying to get attention from someone.

    (Isis): Oh no, not at all. By the way would you like a bottle of water? You look very thirsty right now.

    *Ashlyn laughs at Isis’s joke. As she laughs she hints to Isis that she’s carrying her rapier on her side and as Isis smiles back at her as she hints that she has her hand pistol tucked away nicely under her skirt*

    *Inner Monologue*

    (Nitsuj): I know these two are inches away from killing each other and I should probably say something but like my grandpa always taught me, when two women are at odds with each other you just fang ignorance and hope for a cat fight unless you want a black eye.

    *End inner monologue*

    *The three walk down the street for a good five minutes. They come to a crosswalk and cross to the other side where they walk for about three minutes and arrive Ritzy hotel where the party is being held. They walk into the hotel and go up to the front desk*

    (Nitsuj): Excuse me, we’re looking for I.C Wiener.

    (Clerk): Ah yes, he’s in the top floor. Please enjoy.

    *The clerk hands Nitsuj a card key and Nitsuj walks towards the elevator with Isis and Ashlyn. He inserts the key into the elevator and pulls it out. The elevator takes them all the way to the roof of the hotel where there’s a penthouse, a pool, a dance floor, and tons of people having fun with music playing*

    (Ashlyn): Wow, gotta give Malcom credit, he knows how to throw a party.

    (Nitsuj): Alright ladies. Headpieces in and be on the lookout for Malcom and anyone you think might be suspicious.

    (Isis): Roger.

    *Nitsuj walks away and begins to make his way over to the drink stand*

    (Ashlyn): Isis wait! There’s someone suspicious watching you.

    (Isis): What where? I don’t see them.

    (Ashlyn): Don’t panic, just stay calm and slowly turn to your right to see them.

    *Isis does what Ashlyn tells her to do and once she turns all she sees is herself reflected in a mirror*

    (Ashlyn): That girl is definitely suspicious. Keep an eye on her for me okay?

    *Ashlyn walks away and begins to mingle with a nearby crowd*

    (Isis): When you least expect it Ashlyn. When you least expect it.

    *Isis makes her to the penthouse to mingle with people inside*

    (Nitsuj): Yo bartender. What you got?

    (Bartender): Snow cones. Lots and lots of snow cones.

    *Nitsuj is shocked to see that the bartender is Corbin*

    (Nitsuj): Corbin? What are you doing here?

    (Corbin): Shh. I’m undercover. Baron is posing as the DJ and I’m working as the bartender. While at the con me and Baron ran into Malcom, we got to chatting, became swell friends, and he invited us to his party and we figured you could use a little back up.

    (Nitsuj): Not bad. You guys have been busy. So what do you know?

    (Corbin): A few guys came by here earlier to chat with him. They were talking strange. Like weeaboo strange.

    (Nitsuj): What were they talking about?

    (Corbin): I don’t know, but he’s definitely up to something.

    (Nitsuj): Than I need to get a one on one conversation with him. Any ideas how I might be able to get close to him?

    (Corbin): Yes. Keep your ears open and you’ll know when to act. Until then, snow cone?

    (Nitsuj): Sure. Lemon lime please.

    *Corbin scopes up some snow, sprays it with lemon lime liquid, and coats it with liquid nitrogen*

    (Corbin): Careful, it’s colder than the arctic ice cap.

    (Nitsuj): Liquid nitrogen? These guys really hooked you up.

    (Corbin): Yeah they got a tank in the back of the hotel and everything. This place really does earn the title of ritzy.

    *As Nitsuj and Corbin chat while Nitsuj enjoys his snow cone, Isis goes into the penthouse where she plays some people in smash bros. and owns them with Zelda*

    (Isis): 7 victories in a row. Pay up trolls.

    (Party boy): Damn you’re good. You’re reaction time is almost inhuman.

    *Isis takes their money and gets up and leaves. As she looks up she sees Malcom lounging in a chair*

    (Isis): Nitsuj. I spotted Malcom. Should I strike him?

    (Nitsuj): Hold off on that. The last thing we want to do is make a scene. The Jack Bros. have a plan so let’s try that first.

    (Isis): They’re here? Oh well this night can only end in disaster.

    (Nitsuj): Let’s give them a chance. Meet back up with me and Ashlyn by the dance floor

    *As Nitsuj talks to Isis, Isis takes notice of Malcom talking to Alicia of Le Renegades who is wearing a one-piece red dress. Alicia shakes hands with Malcom and she turns her head to wink at Isis who dashes to hide behind a pole and runs out of the penthouse where she goes to reunite with Nitsuj and Ashlyn and is shaking a little*

    (Ashlyn): Isis, you alright? You look spooked.

    (Isis): Yeah. I just dodged a bullet. Alicia is here.

    (Nitsuj): That’s not good. This only makes Malcom all the more suspicious.

    (Baron): Alright everybody. Time to hit the dance floor and show me your moves. Dancer with the best moves gets a prize courtesy of Malcom Salcone himself.

    *Baron begins to play 24K Magic*

    (Nitsuj): So that was his plan. Isis, you up for this?

    (Isis): Are you kidding? This is my jam.

    *Isis grabs Nitsuj and drags him onto the dancefloor where they begin to dance together in perfect rhythm with each other. When the second part comes in Ashlyn cuts in and begins to dance with Nitsuj. When the third part comes Isis jumps in and begins to dance with Nitsuj once again. Nitsuj seemed to be enjoying himself and the audience was amazed at how he was able to maintain a rhythm despite having two different dance partners. In the final part both ladies join Nitsuj where they perform a three way dance matching up perfectly with each other. At the end of the song everyone cheers for them*

    (Baron): Very smooth. Very very sexy. I think we have a winner.

    *The crowd cheers in agreement and as Nitsuj, Isis, and Ashlyn take a bow Isis notices Alicia in the crowd who mouths something to Isis and she walks away*

    (Baron): Congratulations to our winning couple. You’ve earned the right to enter Salcone’s V.I.P lounge.

    (Nitsuj): Alright, let’s go meet Mr. Salcone.

    (Isis): You guys go ahead. Apparently, someone wants to have a dance with me.

    (Nitsuj): I see. Be careful.

    (Isis): I will. And you try to keep him out of trouble.

    *Isis walks off to go and face Alicia while Nitsuj and Ashlyn make their way into the penthouse and get access to the V.I.P lounge where Malcom is there to greet them*

    (Malcom): Welcome to the V.I.P- Nitsuj! Is that you? Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes. I heard you retired from spy work.

    (Nitsuj): Semi-retired. I heard you also left the underground scene.

    (Malcom): It started getting a little too dicey for me.

    (Nitsuj): And yet you don’t mind meeting with weeaboos.

    (Malcom): I don’t know what your talking about. Boys. Escort them out.

    *One of the bodyguards goes to grab Ashlyn but she grabs his arm, twists it, and judo flips him. One guard tries to grab her from behind but Nitsuj takes him down with a kick, and sprays the green mist in the eyes of another bodyguard. Ashlyn quick draws her rapier*

    (Ashlyn): Elegant Sword style: Elegant step.

    *Like a bolt of lightning Ashlyn takes out the remaining bodyguards knocking them unconscious and leaving only Malcom. Malcom tries to run away but Nitsuj grabs him and throws him back into a chair while pointing a spirit gun at him*

    (Malcom): Okay that was stupid of me I admit, but can me-

    (Nitsuj): Let me ask you something Malcom. Do I look like a bitch?

    (Malcom): What?

    *Nitsuj fires the spirit gun into Malcom’s leg*

    (Malcom): Ohhhhhhh~.

    *Malcom screams out in pain*

    (Nitsuj): Do. I. Look. Like. A bitch?

    (Malcom): Nooooo~.

    (Nitsuj): Than why you try to play me like one? The weeaboos are up to something big and if anybody knows anything about it I’m sure it’s you.

    (Malcom): You gotta believe me I don’t know anything.

    (Nitsuj): That’s funny you said the same thing in New Jersey and you were lying than.

    *Nitsuj begins putting pressure on the leg he shot causing Malcom to scream out in pain some more*

    (Malcom): No! Stop it! Stop it! I’ll talk damn it! Yes, I was asked to come here by my dad to negotiate with the weeaboos about the operation they had going on here. I know they got their hands on the new dub of Revolutionary Girl Utena and we were hoping they give the copy to us so that we could dub over it and make some money off of it. But the deal didn’t fall through and they instead tried to bring me in on their operation. The operation sounded way too crazy for me and I backed out, telling them I wanted nothing to do with it.

    (Nitsuj): What are the weeaboos planning?

    (Malcom): I can’t tell you that, if I do I’m a dead man.

    (Nitsuj): You’re a dead man if you don’t tell me. Now talk!

    (Malcom): All I know is this. Whatever it is they’re planning isn’t good for anybody here in the west. If this plan goes through all dubbing as we know will-

    *Malcom gets hit with a tranquillizer dart and passes put right in front of Nitsuj. Nitsuj and Ashlyn look to see who fired the shot from the window. When they look out the window they see the Silver Knight holding a tranquillizer rifle. He gives them a wave and runs off*

    (Nitsuj): Sneaky bastard.

    *Ashlyn goes to check on Malcom*

    (Ashlyn): He’s out cold. He won’t be awake for a couple of hours.

    (Nitsuj): And unfortunately, we don’t have hours. Look.

    *Nitsuj points to a large group of weeaboos heading their way*

    (Ashlyn): There’s too many of them to take out by ourselves. Even with the Jack Bros.

    (Nitsuj): Than I believe it’s time for us to retire for the evening.

    *Nitsuj picks up Malcom*

    (Nitsuj): Any ideas for a diversion?

    (Ashlyn): I’ve got one.

    *Ashlyn grabs a mic*

    (Ashlyn): Sentai Filmworks just bought the dubbing rights to The King's Avatar (aka Quan Zhi Gao Shou)!

    *Everybody stops what they’re doing and goes silent. Somebody tips over a trash can and soon a chair flies through the air*

    (Party guy): It’s riot time!

    *Everybody starts rioting and damaging the property. Nitsuj and Ashlyn slowly make their way through the chaos to the elevator. As they make their way there, they come across the Jack Bros. ducking behind a table for safety*

    (Nitsuj): Time to go guys.

    *The Jack Bros. get up and follow them with Corbin holding his tip jar. They managed to reach the elevator safely without trouble. As the door closes the last thing they see is a bunch of partiers flipping the pool literally*

    (Nitsuj): Oh my God they actually did it. Dreams do come true.

    To be continued
  4. *It’s the day of the con and the placed is pack with anime fans and otakus. Nitsuj is checking out all the festivities of the con with Brian, Seras and Yume before his panel later on that day*

    (Yume): Wow, so this is a con. I can see why you’ve always wanted to go to one so once now Nitsuj. It’s so much fun.

    (Nitsuj): I know right?

    (Brian): Do try to stay focus on the task at hand.

    (Nitsuj): No worries Brian. I’m investigating. In fact, I’m going to check out my very first suspect, Lil Lupe.

    (Brian): The Hispanic anime reviewer? She’s only 14 years old and yet she’s already got a following on Youtube in the Hispanic circle.

    (Nitsuj): Yep. And with two Hispanic AIs working for the weeaboos I think it’s a fair assumption she might have a hand in this.

    (Brian): By the way, I’m curious as to where the rest of your team is.

    (Seras): Yin-Yang is resting back at the room. She trained all night until she finally collapsed from exhaustion. We have Shizuku watching over her just in case. As for Isis she’s on standby with Mira in the base down below. Mira is using her network to see if she can find out anything about Le Renegades and the Silver Knight. As for Chibi and the Jack Bros. they’re taking in the con and gathering information first hand.

    (Brian): You sure it’s wise to let those two walk around. I mean a talking pumpkin and snowman is sure to attract attention.

    (Baron): I wouldn’t worry about that B-man.

    *A human-sized man with tanned skin, orange-eyes, black hair, and wearing an orange shirt with black pants approaches the group*

    (Brian): Who are you?

    (Baron): It’s me, Baron. I casted a spell to appear more human. Same with Corbin.

    *Baron points to Corbin who is mingling with some cosplayers along with Chibi Isis. Corbin has transformed into a human where his skin is white, he has blue eyes, blonde hair, and is wearing a white shirt with blue pants*

    (Baron): We’ve got things covered. Also, Nitsuj. There’s talk of a party going down tonight. Might be something to look into.

    (Nitsuj): A party huh? See what else you can find out about this party.

    (Baron): Roger.

    (Brian): Man, that magic is something.

    (Seras): Unfortunately, that there’s only major strength. If not for that they just be useless perverts.

    *As they talk Nitsuj spots Lupe eating at a table*

    (Nitsuj): There she is. You guys stay here and be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

    *Everyone nods and goes their separate way while Nitsuj goes to see Lupe. Upon closer inspection Nitsuj notices that Lupe is reviewing some notes*

    (Nitsuj): Getting ready for the panel I see.

    *Lupe gets startled by Nitsuj and smiles once she sees him*

    (Lupe): Yeah. This is the first time I’ve been on a panel at a con so I’m quite nervous.

    (Nitsuj): Same here. But all we can do is just go up there and be ourselves. I’m just glad I won’t be doing it alone.

    (Lupe): Me too. I was worried I would slow you down. When I heard I was going to be sharing a panel with you I got really nervous.

    (Nitsuj): Really? Am I that intimidating?

    (Lupe): No not at all! It’s just that you’ve been doing this a little longer than I have and whenever I see you everything you do just comes out naturally. It’s like you’re never nervous.

    (Nitsuj): *Chuckles* Sorry to burst that bubble but truth be told I’m always nervous whenever I’m about to speak in front of a large group. I just keep telling myself don’t screw up, don’t screw up. But like I said all we can do is just be ourselves and do what we always do. Take you for example, everybody really likes your feisty attitude. I know I always get a kick out of them. So how about this.

    *Nitsuj explains a sketch that he and Lupe could do before they start the panel to get a laugh out of everyone and calm their nerves. This manages to get a laugh out of her as she likes the idea and she begins contributing with him on what they should do as well as ask him his opinions on topics and practice her response to questions*

    (Lupe): So what about this question. A good shounen anime that isn’t too mainstream but is easy to get into.

    (Nitsuj): Oh that’s an easy one. Hunter x Hunter. Pure, simple, great action, great story, and great characters. Well look at the time it’s almost time for our panel.

    (Lupe): You’re right. We better get into position.

    (Nitsuj): You go ahead, I’m gonna use the restroom first.

    *Nitsuj gets up and walks towards the restroom where it is surprisingly empty. After using the restroom he goes to wash his hands*

    (Nitsuj): Alright. You can come out now.

    *One of the stall doors open and out pops Miguel*

    (Nitsuj): You’ve been watching me all this time. Did you really think I wouldn’t sense you?

    (Miguel): Pretty impressive senses. Yet despite sensing me you didn’t take action against me.

    (Nitsuj): I wanted to see what you would do first. I take it your one of the AIs from Les Renegades?

    (Miguel): I am Miguel, at your service.

    *Miguel bows his head*

    (Miguel): And you must be the Dark Samurai. I’ve heard stories about you and how you destroyed our operation in Japan.

    (Nitsuj): To be fair that was just chance that I happened to walk in on one of your operations. Also, you’re the guy who hurt my wolf ninja. You’re lucky I don’t kick your ass right here and now for you did to her.

    (Miguel): You’re welcome to try. I would think any man would want to come to the aid of his woman.

    (Nitsuj): My relationship with Yin-Yang is nothing like that. She’s someone I really do respect and out of respect for her I’m going to give you a pass on the beating I would give you for harming her.

    (Miguel): Com licença?

    (Nitsuj): What, you don’t get it? Let me spell it out for you. As far as I’m concern the thing between you and Yin-Yang is your own little story and I’m just a side character in it. I’m just watching from the sides. Also, I should be thanking you. For a while now Yin-Yang has hit a wall in her training and thanks to you she now has a desire to break pass that wall to defeat you and trust me, once she gets pass that wall she will beat you.

    (Miguel): *Chuckles* You certainly do have of faith in her.

    (Nitsuj): Obviously. My girls are no pushovers. Just know this, no matter how that story ends. You’re not walking away without a few scratches and bruises on you. Look forward to that.

    *Nitsuj washes his hands and dries them*

    (Nitsuj): Well see ya. Gotta go do my panel.

    *Nitsuj leaves the restroom but comes back in say one last thing*

    (Nitsuj): Oh and screw you, the weeaboos, and that Silver Knight guy. Have a nice day.

    *After saying that Nitsuj leaves the restroom and meets back up with Seras, Yume, and Brian*

    (Brian): Are you okay Nitsuj? Seras felt someone dangerous was in there with you.

    (Nitsuj): I’m fine. It was nothing dangerous. Just letting our friend from yesterday know we’re coming for him. Let’s get going.

    *As Nitsuj and the others head for his panel they see Nate finishing up his panel. Curious, Nitsuj decides to take a peek inside where he sees he’s talking about the Negima animes and saying how great they were. Everybody applauds him as he gets up and leaves the stage and heads to the back where Nitsuj is pissed at what just happened*

    (Nitsuj): Hey what the hell was that?

    (Nate): What was what?

    (Nitsuj): That banter on stage, last night you said that you thought the Negima animes were crap and now you’re praising them. What’s going on here?

    (Nate): Oh that. Yeah I still do think the animes suck but my sponsors said to praise the anime and diss the manga.

    (Nitsuj): You mean to tell me you listen to what people tell you to say instead of what you want to say? Dude that’s not reviewing that’s selling out.

    (Nate): I think you mean selling in and getting paid handsomely. Good luck out there Nitsuj.

    *Nate walks away not really caring about what Nitsuj said to him*

    (Nitsuj): Why that no good corporate kiss ass.

    (Seras): Just say the word and I’ll snap his back.

    (Brian): Easy guys I know how you feel. But don’t forget what Danny asked you to do. I know you and Danny have never really seen eye to eye but I don’t think even he would forgive you if you did anything that would affect our relationship with Dessian Enterprises.

    (Nitsuj): Fine. I’ll let it go. This time at least.

    (Announcer): And now continually on with our next panelist we have Nitsuj from Project Nitsuj and Lil Lupe from Lil Lupe’s Corner.

    *The crowd applauds for Nitsuj and Lupe as they go on stage, greet each other and then greet each other by doing a fun and inventive handshake with each other which gets a good laugh out of the audience. They then sit down and do their panel where they both do a great job. Later on we cut to Isis training in the A.R.T room when Ashlyn walks in on other*

    (Ashlyn): Hi there.

    (Isis): Hello.

    (Ashlyn): Look, I know this whole experience must be awkward for you but you can’t keep ignoring me. What say we spar a little bit to clear up the air between us. I’m curious to see just how strong you are.

    (Isis): A lot stronger than you I’m sure.

    *Isis tries to walk away but Ashlyn stops her*

    (Ashlyn): Oh~ confident. You’ve definitely got my personality within you.

    *Isis takes out her rapier and prepares to fight*

    (Isis): I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that.

    (Ashlyn): Why, it’s the truth.

    *Isis lunges toward Ashlyn with her rapier aimed at her. Ashlyn pulls out her weapon which is also a rapier and uses it to block Isis’s attack shocking her*

    (Ashlyn): Oh what. You thought you were the only one who uses a rapier in battle? Where do think your original fighting style came from? Also, I’m the Elegant Dancer.

    *The ladies begin to spar with each other where Ashlyn is able to keep up with Isis’s attacks making Isis angrier. As their sparring continues, it comes to a stop when Nitsuj enters the room by knocking the door down*

    (Ashlyn): Nitsuj, the door was open.

    (Isis): Trust me, he knows. He’s just doing that to make a point.

    (Nitsuj): Right you are Isis. I’m glad to see you two getting along so well because tonight you two will be joining me as we go to get a potential perp.

    (Ashlyn): You really think Lupe is working for the weeaboos?

    (Nitsuj): No, Lupe is clean. Sweet girl. You guys should really think about bringing her onto the team. While Lupe is innocent her cousin is the one I don’t trust, Malcom Salcone of the Salcone family.

    (Ashlyn): Salcone? That’s a pretty good guess.

    (Isis): Why?

    (Ashlyn): The Salcone operate like a mob family in the anime underground. They own a large share of Sentai Filmworks and Malcolm has appeared on our radar a number of times in the past for illegal activity.

    (Nitsuj): Plus, since his family owns a part of Sentai Filmworks it would make sense for them to screw over Funimation plus I saw him socializing with a few weeaboos earlier today. According to the Jacks he’s hosting a party tonight to close out the Miami con at his hotel.

    (Isis): Sounds like fun. Count me in.

    (Ashlyn): And me as well.

    (Isis): Oh no, me and Nitsuj totally have this covered. You can just stay here and relax.

    (Ashlyn): No I insist, I think this mission would give us a good chance to bond with each other.

    *Isis and Ashlyn chuckle at each other while showing a fake smile to each other*

    (Nitsuj): I knew you two would get along just fine.

    To be continued
  5. *At Nitsuj’s burnt down home the Reaper is hard at work moving Nitsuj’s projects over to the Jack’s Bros. home*

    (Reaper): *Sigh* When I was told I was a highly advanced security system, moving projects over to different locations wasn’t in the job description.

    *As The Reaper continues to carry over projects one of them falls out of the container he’s carrying*

    (Reaper): Hello, what’s this? Hmm~, top secret. Well, it is wrong to look into the work of others without permission.

    *The Reaper bashes open the case*

    (Reaper): Whoops. The case has been busted. Let’s see what’s inside. All three seasons of Kuroko’s Basketball. I suppose the master wouldn’t mind me watching it and sharing it with our viewers at home. Let’s enjoy this.

    *The Reaper plays the project*

    Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while you’ve noticed that I don’t review a lot of sports anime and the reason for that is because I really don’t see a need or reason to review them. That’s not to say they’re bad it’s just you can go outside and play these sports any time whereas with fantasy animes you know they’re not going to happen to you or would like to see them happen to you. They send you into a world of new possibilities and help broaden your mind. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t see the appeal of sport animes. Seeing players overcome the odds, grow as individuals, and win the big match is exciting and motivating and one of the animes that exemplifies how good a sport anime can be is Kuroko’s Basketball. Also called The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays, Kuroko’s Basketball is an anime that a lot of people have requested me to review. No doubt it’s because I put it on my Top 11 Animes I Recommend list which is true, I do recommend this anime to anyone interested in sports particularly basketball. Kuroko’s Basketball is based off a manga written by Tadatoshi Fujimaki who unlike a majority of shonen writers out there who were inspired by DBZ, Fujimaki was instead inspired by Slam Dunk another basketball manga that was popular back in the day. The series was featured in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2008-2014 where the series ended. While the series didn’t reach the level of popularity as One Piece or Naruto during its run, the series did gained quite a following in Japan and when the anime started airing in 2012 under the Production of I.G (Ghost in the Shell and Joker Game) the popularity of the series took off big time to the point that someone actually threaten Fujimaki’s life back in 2013 just because they were jealous of his success. In fact, Fujimaki showed everyone not to mess him when he ignored the threats and continued to write the series. So let’s celebrate this series and take a look at Kuroko’s Basketball.

    Opening and Ending Theme

    Our opening for the first half of the anime is “Can Do” by Granrodeo. At first I didn’t really care for this song but after listening to it multiple it grew on me. The song is basically the starting line for this anime. The new school year is about to start and the players are stepping on the court for the first time. This song is encouraging them to chase their dreams and play hard to achieve them. The guitar is great in this song and I like the level of energy the singer has as the song progresses. The ending is “Start it Right Away” by Hyadain. Unlike the opening I instantly liked this ending especially the rap part within the song. How can they speak so fast yet still sound incredibly awesome while doing it? Anyway, I do like the overall fell of this song. It almost sounds as if the singer lost the game and instead of feeling down and sad he instead decides to learn from this lost and rise back up to face them again. To quote one of my favorite characters from the series: “There's no shame in falling down. True shame is to not stand up again.”

    Episodes 1-4

    So our story begins in Seirin Private High School where it’s club day and the all the students are eager to join a club (probably the only day in Japan where your senpai will notice you. That, or beg you to join their club so they don’t lose their funds). We focus on the basketball club looking for members when one student a first year named Taiga voiced by Yūki Ono a tall motherfucker who played basketball in America (he started off at The Cage and finished at Rucker Park) signs up to join the club saying he has no particular reason for doing it (other than to dominate the court with his size) and another first year named Kuroko voiced by Kenshō Ono (and no, Yuki and Kensho are not related to each other. They’re not siblings or cousins, they just have the same family name which I’ve heard is a common occurrence in Japan) who is small and has no presence whatsoever signs up as well. The captain and coach of the team take an immediate interest in him because he went to Teiko Middle School which was responsible for creating the Generation of Miracles. Basically, they were 5 prodigy players who were said to be the best of the best and once middle school was over they went to separate high schools (and the fact that one of their players is joining your team means you struck gold). We cut to the tryouts where the team’s coach Riko voiced by Chiwa Saitō (Aoi from Danganronpa) tells the boys to take their shirts off (Pervert! (Isis): I like the way this girl thinks). The reason for this is because she comes from a family of sports trainers and ever since she was young she’s had the ability to scan and evaluate the physical capabilities of a player at first glance (so she’s a fighter from DBZ? Cool). At first the new players don’t believe her but when she starts evaluating it’s clear that she’s the real deal as the stuff she says is accurate. Once she reaches Taiga (like what you see?) her mind is blown away at how high his stats are (, I couldn’t resist. Scene here: , he’s like a ghost. In fact, I think he’s just a figment of their imagination). She then evaluates Kuroko where she’s shocked to see that his numbers are low and wonders if this guy was really a regular at Teiko (like my grandpa always said, a ferrous beast will hide its aura before attacking. Why scare the prey away?). After the tryouts we see Taiga practicing on a public court when Kuroko shows up wanting to see Taiga’s skills so the two have a scrimmage where Taiga destroys Kuroko and isn’t the least bit impressed with Kuroko’s skills as they seem to be below average. He tells Kuroko to quit because he’s weak and basketball is all about raw talent (halfway true) but he refuses saying he loves basketball and his philosophy vastly differs from his. The next day the first years play against their senpais in a game of basketball. The first years start off strong with Taiga taking control and dunking on people (feed the machine more) but the second years start to get serious and shut Taiga down (the machine has been put on standby). With Taiga shut down the second years take the lead and Kuroko decides to start showing off his specialty, passing. While Kuroko is weak he has amazing passing skills and because his presence is like that of a ghost nobody pays any attention to him and loses track of the ball allowing him to make opportunities for his teammates to score with his misdirection passing (a common move perform by a lot of guards in the NBA. The one person who excelled at this the most was Manu Ginobli. Watch some of his highlights and you’ll see how amazing his passes were). With Kuroko’s passing the first years make a comeback (don’t call it a comeback, they’ve been doing this years) and are down by one point with only a few seconds left to go. Kuroko makes a steal and goes to the other end where he misses the shot (clean up in the paint) but Taiga is there to finish it (scene here: ). After the game Taiga goes to eat where he’s joined by Kuroko (or rather he joins Kuroko) and they talk about the Generation of Miracles and how great they were. Taiga decides that he’s going to beat them and become the best player in Japan (okay but just because you beat them in an actual game doesn’t mean you can beat them one on one. Just saying). Kuroko says that alone he’ll fail so he decides to become Taiga’s shadow and help him take down the Generation of Miracles (guys, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship).

    In episode 2 Taiga and Kuroko want to become official members of the basketball club asap but Riko says they have one more trial to undergo before joining the club (you must act out one of your doujins). They must go on the school roof during morning assembly and shout their commitment to win the national championship. All the first years do this except for Kuroko because the teacher came in to stop them (yeah I was wondering what the teachers thought of this) so he instead writes his commitment in the school yard using chalk for everyone to see. Later on, Taiga asks Kuroko why he didn’t choose to go to a bigger school like his other teammates to which he replied he didn’t agree with the team’s model and mindset. You see on the surface the Generation of Miracles was a solid team but behind the scenes their model was winning is everything (laughing is winning and winning is being right) and they never really played like a team. Kuroko didn’t like nor agree with this style of basketball so he vowed that he would beat them his own way (he’ll haunt them in their sleep. He totally has the power to do this). At practice Riko announces that they’ll have a practice game against Kaijou a school with a very strong basketball club and one of the members was a member of the Generation of Miracles. As everyone talks about this the member of the Generation of Miracles shows up (woah, he’s some kind of ninja). His name is Kise and he works part-time as a model. He’s voiced by Ryōhei Kimura. He considers himself to be Kuroko’s friend and the weakest of the Miracles (quite the reserved fellow). Taiga challenges him in a one on one match where Kise manages to beat him using Taiga’s own move against him. It’s here that Kise reveals his special skill, copying the moves of others and making them his own (you are a ninja. Scene here: ). After besting Taiga he wants Kuroko to come join his school saying that Seirin is no good for him but Kuroko says no saying he’s going to beat him and Taiga says the same thing.

    In episode 3 we get the big game between Seirin and Kaijou (and I have to say this is where the anime outshines the manga. While it’s cool reading and seeing the games in the manga they’re just images. To actually see them and feel the emotion and energy in the animation, that’s where the anime outshines the manga). Upon arrival, we see the coach of Kaijou (who is a fat pig) not take Seirin seriously as instead of playing full court they instead play half court and he has Kise sit out (well if that’s not a slap in the face than I don’t know what is). As soon as they begin Taiga and Kuroko send a message to the opposing team via breaking the rim (scene here: , now that, is how you respond to a slap in the face). So this forces the game to be played on the full court and Kise joins the game where it is some of the best basketball I’ve ever seen animated. The game is so fast-paced and exciting to watch as each team is doing their best to guard the opposing team but offense for each team is just so good that the defense just can’t stop them (it’s like using a shield to defend yourself from a sword. The shield is strong but the sword is made of a stronger metal so it’s gonna beat the shield). The game is pretty close with Seirin down by one point after a time out but Kuroko is reaching his limits and Kise knows this. Kise explains to his team that Kuroko’s lack of presence isn’t magic (or that of the supernatural) he’s just directing their attention elsewhere and using his observational skills to do this on a continuous basis creating the illusion that he disappeared thus giving him the ability to create effective passing (again, a very common skill among guards particularly point guards but I doubt any of them can get it up to the level of Kuroko). The main drawback with this skill however is that the more Kuroko uses it the more everyone gets used to it and the more his presence starts to become recognizable (and that is when you bust that ghost). After the time out the game resumes where Seirin switches to a zone defense (the lazy man’s defense as I like to call it. Effective and good for slowing down the game but still lazy) but that doesn’t faze Kaijou as they go on a short run and increase the gap. Kise tells Taiga to give up saying that he’ll never catch up to him or the other members from the Generation of Miracles but Taiga just laughs saying he’s heard it all before and says Kuroko is Kise’s weakness because no matter how hard he tries he’ll never be able to erase his presence like Kuroko.

    The game continues in episode 4 with the first quarter coming to an end and the score 27-35 Kaijou (we can come back. I’ve seen worse. Also, first quarter!? Jesus, that was some intense playing and we got 3 more quarters to go! Man, this is gonna be an awesome game). In order to close the gap and stop the bleeding, Taiga and Kuroko start doing coordinating passes and defense where they get steals and start scoring (scene here:, that’s some good coordination and teamwork right there). Everything seems to be going well until Kise accidently hits Kuroko and opens him up (never underestimate the power of the pimp slap). Because of this Kuroko has to sit out and Seirin switches up their gameplay by having Taiga focus on defense and try to stop Kise while the second years focus on offense and yes they do deliver on the offense (glad to see the author didn’t forget to establish the rest of the team). Around the 4th quarter Kuroko returns to the game and Seirin manages to tie it up. But Kise’s competitive nature (and upbringing) won’t allow him to lose so he steps up his game and becomes more intense but so too does Taiga and Kuroko. In the last seconds of the game it’s tied and Seirin knows that if they go into overtime they’ll lose (coaches teach their players to play 4 quarters, but they never teach them how to play 5). Taiga manages to get a block and Kuroko recovers the ball with Taiga right behind him and on defense is none other than Kise (2 on 1, they got this). With a quick alley-oop pass from Kuroko, Taiga slams the ball in (yesssssssssssssss~) and wins the game for Seirin.

    Episodes 5-8

    Episode 5 serves as the aftermath of the game. Kise gets approached by Midorima who was the Generation of Miracles’ number one shooter (the Steph Curry of the group) who is quite the superstitious fellow always reading horoscopes and carrying around his lucky item of the day. He’s also voiced by the VA heartthrob Daisuke Ono (Sinbad from Magi. Again, no relation to Yuki or Kensho). He mocks Kise for losing saying his attempt at revenge will be meaningless because he’s going to beat Seirin (looks like Seirin just put a target on their back and now everybody’s coming for them). While that’s going on Seirin goes out to celebrate their victory but they have no money until Riko sees a truck advertising free steak however they have to eat the thing in 30 minutes or pay 10,000 yen (scene here:, he ate all their steaks? How are you still alive man?). After the food, Kuroko gets approached by Kise where they go off to talk alone and the team searches for him because he left without a word (or was he even there to begin with?). Once there alone Kise asks Kuroko why he quit basketball after the championship game to which he replies he hated basketball (given the environment you were in that’s understandable). However, Taiga revived his love for basketball but Kise says in time Taiga will unlock his hidden abilities and separate from the team leaving everyone behind including Kuroko. Before Kuroko can retort this Taiga shows up and they see some bullies causing trouble in a street game so they join in to teach them a lesson (scene here: After the game Kise takes his leave and Taiga tells Kuroko he’ll need him to achieve his goal (I’m starting to see why people make doujins of these two). Riko shows up and locks Kuroko in the Boston Crab for worrying everyone (scene here:, good Boston Crab).

    In the first half of episode 6 the first years are given a test to get the second years this rare bread on sale. They go to the bread stand but the place is packed with students and there’s no way pass them. They try everything; rushing the mob, pushing through the mob, and even crowd surfing but come up short each time (guys, I think you’re missing the obvious solution to this problem). Kuroko comes through for them however and gets the bread because of his ghost-like presence (that man could be naked in the street and nobody would notice him). In the second half of the episode the group gets the brackets for the inter high tournament where they see that if they make it all the way to the finals they’ll face Shutoku that has Midorima on their team but first they have get pass Shinkyo Academy who have a foreign player named Papa Mbaye Siki who is 2 meters tall (he’s like a mixture between Yao Ming and Shaq). In order to prepare for the game Taiga gets trained how to defend big men and make them miss without blocking them (bringing them out of their comfort zone. I used to drive everyone crazy with this tactic. One guy actually took a swing at me in a game because of it) and Kuroko goes through endurance training so he won’t lose effect in the game. The day of the game rolls around where Papa (seriously, who names their kid that?) seriously underestimates Seirin and calls Kuroko a child (oh no he didn’t). The game begins where at first Papa dominates because of his size (I just hope he doesn’t fall and lands on someone) but Taiga begins to bring him out of his comfort zone and he starts missing his shots allowing Seirin to stay in the game and we end the episode with Taiga vowing to block Papa before the game is over.

    The match between Seirin and Shinkyo continues in episode 7 where at the end of the first quarter it’s 23-8 Seirin (damn, that’s a whoopin’. Good start). Kuroko comes out to preserve his energy and from there the highlight of the game comes from Taiga taking on Papa (he loves it when you call him big papa) where Taiga is gradually jumping higher than Papa to the point that Papa has no choice but to pass it back out in order to avoid getting blocked (and to preserve what little pride he has left). It’s clear that Shinkyo relies too heavily on Papa in their offense which is bad because Taiga has pretty much shut him down and now that he’s down the offense is down as well. I’ve often been asked as a coach that if I had a choice of a team would I want a team of all average players or a team with one star player and below average players. My answer, give me the team with all average players any day of the week. Nobody stands out thus on any given night one if not two (possibly three of them) can go off and deliver. You have to focus on all the players because either one of them can do something great that night. Meanwhile, on the team with the star player all I have to do is take him out of the game and the rest of the team will fall with him as you’re seeing now. While it’s true Seirin has Taiga and Kuroko who are stand out players and obviously have star player potential the rest of the team is no slouch as we saw in the last game, the second years have good skills as well they just don’t stand out as much as Taiga and Kuroko. Anyway, we fast forward to the final quarter with Seirin still in the lead. Kuroko comes back in to put the final nail in the coffin and Taiga manages to block Papa. Seirin wins 79-67. After this Seirin goes on to dominate in the next few games and their confidence is building however the second years tell the first years not to get too overconfident because there’s a good chance they’ll be playing against the three king schools who are all very good. To stretch this fact, they watch the Shutoku game which is the team Midorima plays for and they’re good (I mean really good even for a high school team). They have excellent fundamental skills, a strong big man who can score easily, and with Midorima they have an outside game that can’t be beaten (great outside shooter, strong big man, know and can apply the fundamentals in a game, it’s every coach’s wet dream). Speaking of Midorima I’ve got to talk about his shot. The arc on his shot is unbelievable that if done in real life a person would more than likely miss (it’s like a rainbow except instead of finding a pot of gold at the end you find the net and nothing else). Not only that but it’s daunting. The arc is so high that it almost feels like you’re watching the shot in slow motion when it comes down and that plays with the mind of the players (scene here: In the end Shutoku wins 153-21 and Midorima didn’t miss a single shot (I don’t know how many shots but knowing him I’m sure it was a lot). After the game Seirin finds out that the fourth and fifth game will be played on the same day meaning they’ll be facing two of the three king schools on the same day with Seiho in the semis and if they manage to beat them they’ll most likely face Shutoku in the finals (two tough opponents back to back. It’s enough to get anybody excited).

    Episodes 8-13

    In episode 8 Seirin faces off against Seiho who really aren’t a threat offense wise but they destroy their opponents on defense. Kuroko and Taiga are determined to win this game for their seniors because last year Seiho beat these guys so bad that they almost quit basketball all together (good defense will do that to a man). In the game Taiga is going up against Tsugawa a first year like him who Kuroko said shut down Kise back in middle school (and he is a straight up sadist). Taiga quickly gets frustrated and picks up 2 fouls right away and Seirin fall behind big time in the first quarter. After the first quarter Riko figures out that Seiho is employing old martial art movements into to their defense which not only makes them move more effectively but also causes less strain on their body when they guard and play. After hearing this Taiga says the key to beating their defense is to be faster than them and at the start of the second quarter Taiga manages to get pass Tsugawa to put Seirin on the board.

    In episode 9 and the first half of episode 10 the game with Seiho continues where Taiga picks up his fourth foul in the second quarter (man it’s only the second quarter. The way these games are played it feels like a whole game went by when really it’s only just the first quarter) and he has to sit. They also take Kuroko out in an effort to conserve these two for the game to come. So the second years take to the court and they came to play. In the second quarter, it’s pretty even but in the second half things start going Seirin’s way. The second years have been studying video after video of these guys playing and have become familiar with their habits that they’re able to predict what Seiho will do next. Thanks to this the gap closes quickly and after one of Seirin’s gets knocked out saving a loose ball Kuroko rejoins and avenges Taiga. With Kuroko on the court Seirin manages to take the lead by one point and only a few seconds left in the game and Taiga is amazed by Kuroko as this is the first time he’s seen him play and he’s stun by it (now you know how we feel). Seiho’s big man manages to get the ball and just drives it in for the dunk (where is the defense!? I don’t care how strong he is, spear that fucker if you must, foul him) giving Seiho the lead and they go full court man to man where Kuroko gets the ball and is about to make a pass but Tsugawa calculates where he’s about to pass and manages to get there in time for the steal but Kuroko redirects his pass to another player, he shoots a 3 and it goes in (ohhhhhhhhhhhhh~! Scene here:, I love this game). With this shot Seirin wins with Tsugawa throwing a small temper tantrum after the game but his senpai tells him to get over it and he vows revenge against Kuroko. Shutoku also won their game (obviously) so the final match will be Seirin vs Shutoku and Taiga and Kuroko vs Midorima. After a short intermission (and power nap) the game between Seirin and Shutoku begins where it’s a fight to see who will get the first basket (who will control the flow of this game? In games like these with two strong teams, the team that scores the first basket usually controls the flow of the game). After about 2 minutes of nobody scoring Midorima manages to score a 3-pointer for Shutoku (they drew blood first) but Kuroko and Taiga retaliate immediately with a dunk (scene here:, this is gonna be a long game).

    Episodes 11-13 is Seirin vs Shutoku and it is epic. After that retaliation Midorima gets shut down for the time being because the arc on his shot works against him. While Midorima is confident that all his shots will go in some of the players have to stay behind and get the rebound in case he misses and just like Midorima can get back and defend thanks to the hang time, so to can a Seirin player get back and score thanks to Kuroko’s fast pass which Midorima can’t stop (not unless he wants to lose a hand and that’s his bread and butter). But despite Midorima being shut down the flow of the game remains in Shutoku’s favor and they even manage to do something no other team has ever done, shut down Kuroko. Shutoku puts a player on him named Takao another first-year student who has eagle eyes. Nothing escapes his vision, he notices Kuroko always, and can read his passes. Kuroko’s passing gets shut down and with him out of the picture the offense of Seirin has come to a complete halt. Things get worse in the second quarter when Midorima takes every shot and makes them including a full court shot and he actually shoots 3 of them (scene here:, that is bull! Now making a full court shot in games is possible it’s been done a number of times in games but to make 3 shots and do it like it’s normal, that’s just bullshit. Even Steph Curry would be calling BS on that). At the end of the second quarter it’s 27-45 Shutoku (and there’s no doubt in my mind 39 points came from Midorima) and at the start of the third quarter Kuroko sits out. Despite the point deficient Seirin still refuses to give up (endure, continue to play. Where there’s will there’s a way. And there is a way to win this game) and as the game goes on Taiga unlocks his hidden ability which is continuously jumping higher than anyone else (I’ll accept it. Hey, we gotta guy who can make full court shots in his sleep. If we can accept that we can accept this). It takes him a few tries but Taiga manages to block one of Midorima’s shots and Seirin breaks the deficient down to single digits with Taiga leading the charge however he stops playing like a team player and becomes self-centered (not to mention his body is giving out on him because of the overexertion). At the end of the third quarter Kuroko punches Taiga (welcome to the gun show Taiga) and brings him back to his senses (scene here: With Taiga back to his senses they get back to the problem at hand, finding a way to win and Kuroko thinks he has a way to win, take it up a level with his passing. At the start of the fourth quarter Riko tells Taiga he only has 2 more jumps left and tells him to use them to stop Midorima’s first shot and use the second one to make a big play. Taiga manages to stop Midorima’s first shot and the deficient is down to single digits once again. Kuroko manages to get pass Takao drawing his attention thus limiting his vision of the court and then refocusing his sight and slip away (I’m a little confused too but it works). Once Takao loses sight of him, Kuroko uses his new pass which is basically him punching the ball and making it go faster (technically it’s a palm strike but I guess you could call that a punch) and it works with Taiga being the only one strong enough to catch the pass and uses his last jump to dunk over Midorima (scene here: As clutch time approaches Seirin has managed to close the gap where they’re down by one basket and they managed to get a steal and score a 3-pointer giving them the lead but Midorima answers with another 3 giving them the lead and Hyuga (the team captain who’s slightly crazy) answers back with a long range 3 (all the way in Steph Curry land) giving Seirin the lead with only a few seconds left. Midorima gets the ball and prepares to shoot with Taiga guarding him where Taiga pushes past his limits and jumps which Midorima predicted and he fakes the shot but Kuroko comes from behind to swat the ball away giving Seirin the win with the final score being 82-81 (scene here: As Seirin celebrates their victory, Midorima receives a call from Aomine another player from the Generation of Miracles where Midorima warns him to be careful in the championship game (because Seiren is coming for you).

    (Reaper): My, my. Such intensity. I need to stop and catch my breath. Alright, I’m gonna call a full time out here but due be sure to come back next Wednesday as we continue this series. Please don’t tell my master.

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  6. *It is night time. The group is back at the hotel. Yin-Yang got treated properly and is doing well and Nitsuj is on the phone talking to the Reaper*

    (Nitsuj): So how are things going on your part Reaper?

    (Reaper): Could be better. I managed to survive the fire and made it safely to your backup system in the basement.

    (Nitsuj): What about the projects I was in the middle of working on?

    (Reaper): They’re safe and are still in good condition. The fire didn’t seem to damage them.

    (Nitsuj): Great. I need you to send my tengu project to these coordinates I’m about to send you.

    (Reaper): Will do. Also, the specs on Yume has been completed and she is now ready for her third weapon. Shall I send that as well?

    (Nitsuj): Yes. We’re gonna need all the firepower we can get. Oh and as long as I have you what’s the situation on the house?

    (Reaper): Not looking good. Since the fire was caused by the Jack Bros. who have no known insurance in our world our insurance company won’t cover the cause of getting the house repaired.

    (Nitsuj): Damn it. We don’t have the money to cover the cause of getting the house all fixed up ourselves. At least the Jack Bros. are in the same situation.

    (Reaper): Actually their house is back up and everything. Yeah, some weird jacks dressed in cloaks came by a few hours or so after you guys left, did some crazy magic, and rebuilt the house and everything.

    (Nitsuj): Really? Well in the case move all of our stuff over to their system for now. Make yourself comfortable and don’t forget to send me those weapons.

    (Reaper): Already on the way. Should be there within half an hour.

    (Nitsuj): Alright. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.

    *Nitsuj hangs up the phone and walks back inside the hotel’s lobby where he goes to sit with Brian, Ashlyn, Isis, Mira, Shizuku, Seras, Yume, Chibi Isis and the Jack Bros.*

    (Mira): So, how’s the house situation going?

    *Shizuku punches Baron while Seras punches Corbin*

    (Baron): I see you’re still mad about that.

    (Nitsuj): I’ll tell you guys later. Where’s Yin-Yang?

    (Seras): On the roof. She said she wanted to train. I invited her down to the meeting but she said she wasn’t interested in it. I guess she’s still upset about what happened today.

    (Shizuku): Can’t say I blame her. Speed was her bread and butter and someone actually came and beat her in that field. That must have been a huge shot to her pride.

    (Ashlyn): You guys are being pretty nonchalant about this. You didn’t even go visit her during the operation or recovery, Nitsuj.

    (Nitsuj): Yin-Yang’s not the kind of girl who wants pity after a defeat. Give her space and let her work it out in her mind for the time being. I plan on visiting her after this meeting is over. For now, let’s talk about what we’re up against. The weeaboos have called in some heavy hitters to make sure their operation succeeds. So what do you guys have for us?

    (Brian): Well it took some research but I managed to find out who are friends today were. First up, the guy you fought against today Nitsuj. He’s a new ally of the weeaboos, they call him the Silver Knight. Real name unknown. Made his appearance sometime in March. Although he’s new to the scene he’s been causing quite a bit a trouble for us.

    (Mira): What’s really shocking is that he knows how to use the Aniforce.

    (Yume): Not entirely. In order to use the Aniforce one must have a distinct knowledge and love of anime. Even weeaboos in a sense must have a deep love for anime despite their warped thinking.

    (Ashlyn): This was my first time seeing him in action. To put him on such an important mission, the weeaboos must have a lot of faith in his skills.

    (Brian): Moving on to the AI that attacked Yin-Yang. His name is Miguel and he’s actually part of a larger group of AIs created by the weeaboos in various parts of Europe.

    (Isis): So that’s why he spoke Portuguese. He must have been made in Spain.

    (Brian): That’s a good guess. He’s a part of a group of AI mercenaries called Les Renegades. Counting Miguel, there are 7 other members we have to watch out for. The first is Alicia the swordswoman with six arms she comes from France. She’s all about style and fashion. The next one is Sebastian the bull man and muscle of the team. Just like Miguel he also comes from Spain. Arthur is the trap of the group. Don’t let his childlike appearance fool you, he’s a demented bastard from the mean streets of England. These next two are twins from Italy. Julietta and Juliette, they are magic users. Julietta is skilled in wind magic while Juliette is skilled in earth magic. They also have a pure hatred for snow and pumpkins.

    (Corbin): They sound nice.

    (Baron): Yeah especially Juliette. She got it going on.

    (Ashlyn): Are they serious?

    (Seras): With them, you never know. It’s best to just nod your head and just ignore them.

    (Brian): Joining them is another AI from Italy named Lucio. This guy is relatively new and just recently joined the group so we don’t know much about him. The final member is an AI from Sweden named Elsa. She’s the team’s hacker so there’s a good chance she’s the one who hacked our servers earlier today.

    (Shizuku): So that’s Les Renegades huh? We can take them.

    (Ashlyn): You guys shouldn’t underestimate them. You saw what one of their members did to Yin-Yang? Who knows what the others could do. Besides, unlike you guys they were created for combat. No offence, but just by looking at your specs you were all designed to just be security AIs.

    (Seras): Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. We have more surprises than you could imagine.

    (Nitsuj): Well either way, we know what we’re going on against. All we can do is do our job and if they get in our way take them down. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some notes to review for the con and a wolf to talk to. Yume, come with me. I have something to give you along with Yin-Yang.

    *Nitsuj finishes his drink and leaves with Yume right behind him*

    (Isis): Well seeing as how we have nothing to do. We’ll head back to our room.

    (Ashlyn): Hey wait Isis. I was hoping you and I could chat for a bit.

    (Isis): Perhaps next time.

    *Isis quickly gets up and walks away. As Nitsuj and Yume walk through the lobby they run into Danny and some well-dressed business man with some guy in his mid-20s texting on his phone*

    (Danny): Well Nitsuj, you’ve only been here for a few hours and already you’re causing me trouble.

    (Nitsuj): Damn it Danny you can’t blame me for what happened this afternoon. Besides Yin-Yang, nobody got hurt. That’s gotta count for something.

    (Danny): That still doesn’t count for some of the collateral damage downtown. Luckily, we managed to convince the news we were shooting a movie. A Michael Bay movie but a movie nonetheless.

    (Nitsuj): That’s swell. I assume you want me for something?

    (Danny): As a matter of fact, yes. I would like you to meet Hogan Dessian. Owner and founder of Dessian Enterprises as well as one of the major sponsors for our tour.

    *Hogan and Nitsuj shake hands*

    (Nitsuj): Hey yeah, I’ve heard of you guys. The entertainment giant that’s killing it in the anime merchandise.

    (Hogan): You’ve heard correctly. With anime becoming a big hit here in the states. I figured I help spread the culture. Oh, and this is my son Nate. He’s a reviewer just like you.

    (Nate): Woah! Nitsuj of Project Nitsuj. Meeting you is a huge honor. I loved your review of Negima!? That anime was awful. I got into reviewing anime because of you. Can I have your autograph?

    (Nitsuj): Of course. Always nice to meet a fan of the show.

    *Nitsuj signs Nate’s book*

    (Danny): Nate here will be joining you on the tour so try to be a good influence on the up and comer alright?

    (Nitsuj): I’m always a good influence right Yume?

    (Yume): Meh.

    (Nate): Oh wow Yume. You’re even more beautiful in person. Picture!

    *Nate uses his phone to take a selfie of him and Yume*

    (Nate): Great, thanks. See you guys at the con.

    (Hogan): Well I guess I’ll also turn in for the night. Nice meeting you Nitsuj and best of luck to you.

    *Hogan and Nate walk off*

    (Yume): Those two seemed nice.

    (Danny): Dessian is the guy helping us out on this mission. It’s thanks to him that we’re able to cover up the mess you made downtown. Look, I know I can’t stop you from doing collateral damage but do not and I repeat do not do anything to jeopardize our relationship with Dessian Enterprises or I will personally snap your neck. Understand?

    *Little does Danny know he is talking to a plant in the lobby while Nitsuj and Yume get in the elevator and ride it up to the roof while people in the lobby stop to stare and laugh at Danny*

    (Nitsuj): Thank you Yume.

    (Yume): We were in a hurry. So I figured that was necessary.

    *Nitsuj and Yume make it to the roof where they see Yin-Yang training. The tech crew recreated her arm so it’s like she never lost it to begin with*

    (Nitsuj): Hey there Yin-Yang. Got a minute to talk?

    (Yin-Yang): That depends. Can you talk and dance?

    *Nitsuj and Yin-Yang get into sparring poses and begin to spar with each other*

    (Nitsuj): So how you feeling after the events of the afternoon?

    (Yin-Yang): A lot better than I was earlier. You made a wise move leaving me alone. Chances are I would have bit your head off if you approached me.

    (Nitsuj): Yes, well I’ve known you a long time to know when to approach you and when to leave you alone.

    (Yin-Yang): It’s not the fact that I lost to him that pisses me off, it’s the fact that he beat me in everything. Strength, intelligence, and speed. The one thing I have the most confidence in and he beat me in it. I know I’m not as strong as Shizuku or as smart as Mira and the others each have their own abilities that makes them stand out but I had my speed and to have someone come and just beat me in it like it was nothing is just frustrating.

    (Nitsuj): I get it. Believe me, I know what it’s like to feel completely defeated in your area of expertise and it sucks. But don’t think for one second that means you’re useless to the team. Nobody cracks us up more than you and you’ve always been the most reliable member of the team.

    (Yin-Yang): Really?

    (Nitsuj): Yeah of course. This guy called you nothing more than a trained housed pet. Trust me, you’re no domestic animal Yin-Yang. You’re the most savaged wolf I’ve ever seen and you will get your chance for revenge because apparently this guy is working with the weeaboos.

    (Yin-Yang): Well that’s reassuring. I look forward to facing him again. But not now. I’ve still got some training to do and I need a new katana seeing as how I lost the other one.

    (Nitsuj): Good thing you got me.

    *A capsule comes landing on the roof. Nitsuj goes to open it and takes out two briefcases. He hands one to Yin-Yang*

    (Nitsuj): I present to you your new weapon.

    *Yin-Yang opens up her briefcase to see a new katana that has sparks of lightning flying out from it*

    (Nitsuj): I present to you Inazuma no Gōon aka Lightning’s Roar. I composed this katana to better suit your lightning mode. The hilt has a better handle and this bad boy can not only absorb lightning but it can produce lightning. Plus, to give it more of that lightning feel I had it actually absorb lighting multiple times during a storm. Making this sword half metal and half lightning.

    *Yin-Yang’s eyes glow with excitement from hearing Nitsuj’s exposition about her sword*

    (Yume): I’m not gonna lie. That is cool.

    (Nitsuj): But that’s not all. Yume, you’re specs are now and I’m giving you third weapon. Yin-Yang, it’s time.

    (Yume): Time for what?

    (Yin-Yang): Yume, I’m giving you my lance/spear skills.

    (Yume): What!

    (Yin-Yang): I never use those weapons so it’s best to give it to someone who’ll make good use of them. How about it Yume? Will you inherit my skill?

    (Yume): I would be honor to carry this skill.

    (Nitsuj): Great! Now hold still you two. This will only take a sec.

    *Nitsuj takes out his phone and points it at the girls where all of a sudden a force field gathers around them. An orb of light comes out of Yin-Yang’s stomach and goes into Yume’s stomach while another orb of light goes into Yin-Yang’s stomach. Once the orbs are completely inside their stomachs the force field vanishes*

    (Yume): Yes, I can feel the power surging inside of me.

    (Yin-Yang): Hey, what did you put inside me?

    (Nitsuj): Your newest weapon skill. I have designed a new weapon that I think you’ll enjoy.

    *Nitsuj hands Yin-Yang the other briefcase. She opens it to see that the weapon inside is a kusarigama*

    (Yin-Yang): A kusarigama! A trademark weapon of the ninjas! I’ve been wanting to try and use this for months!

    (Nitsuj): Yeah, I figured you would like it. I call it Okami no kiba aka The Wolf Fang. This weapon will help you control crowds and strike opponents from far away. So what do you guys think?

    *Yume pulls out a lance to see a fox tail key chain on the end of the handle and smiles*

    (Yume): It’s perfect. I shall treasure this weapon greatly.

    *Yin-Yang just stands there gleaming over her new katana and kusarigama*

    (Nitsuj): You alright there Yin-Yang?

    (Yin-Yang): I just don’t know what to do with these new weapons.

    (Nitsuj): Do you wanna go test them out in the Augmented Reality Training room aka A.R.T for short?

    (Yin-Yang): Do they have one those?

    (Nitsuj): They have one of those. Let’s go.

    *Nitsuj, Yin-Yang and Yume leave the roof and head down stairs*

    To be continued
  7. Hey guys, Justin here and welcome to the Otaku Mind. Let’s talk about Shonen Jump, they’re the biggest manga magazine in Japan as of right now having some of the biggest and best mangas under their name such as One Piece, Naruto and Bleach. But over the years as some of their longer series have come to end or have fallen in popularity like Gintama and Toriko, Jump has been taking chances and trying out new series. Some of them have failed while others have succeeded such as My Hero Academia and Black Clover. See, I told you guys this series was going to succeed. With all these new series Jump is taking chances on it got me thinking about some manga ideas I had in the past and still have today. I remember back when I was a kid I used to love creating my own stories using my own characters or using already established characters and creating stories around them and ever since I started reading manga my ideas for creating original stories has only grown and creativity deserves to be shared with the world. So for this Otaku Mind I’m going to share with you a few of my own shonen manga ideas. I’ll give you the title, the premise, the story, and the inspiration behind them. Let’s get started.

    Title: The Swordslinger

    Inspiration: The inspiration for this idea came from a number of sources. The first one is western movies followed by Trigun, Samurai Champloo, and Afro Samurai.

    Premise: This was one of the first manga ideas I came up with and dropped because I couldn’t come up with a good story but these last few months I dug it back up and finally came up with a good story. The premise for this is the wild west only in Japan. The cowboys are instead ronin, the Native Americans are ninjas, and the main weapon is the sword instead of guns. Although they do exist in this world but everyone still prefers the sword.

    Story: The story focuses on an outlaw named Masamune Atlas aka The Swordslinger who is a master of the quick draw technique. He was the leader of a group of outlaws known as The Swords of Anarchy which included him and 7 other skilled warriors. Together, they performed daring heists and amassed a fortune becoming the most dangerous outlaws in Japan. But one day The Swords of Anarchy betrayed Masamune. They took the fortune, split it among themselves evenly, and left Masamune for dead in their mountain hideout by blowing it up and trapping him inside. Barely surviving, Masamune managed to dig himself out and was rescued by a group of ninjas who nursed him back to health. After spending one year recovering from his injuries, Masamune takes up his sword once again and heads out to find his 7 comrades and make them pay by taking their lives. On his journey he’ll come across other outlaws and bounty hunters who want to kill him to claim his bounty as well as fame and lawman sent to catch him in the name of justice. Along his journey he’ll also befriend two ninjas named Miki and her twin brother Mako who join him on his quest for revenge in order to avenge their parents and help their village.

    Title: The Demon Lord’s Trial

    Inspiration: Pretty much school comedies and animes that focus on the demon lord.

    Premise: I’ve always been a fan of demon lord mangas. Exploring the demon lord and adding a whole new spin on them is fun so I thought I take my shot at it by putting him in school setting to give it that comedy but also adding in the element of action.

    Story: Akira Winfield has just been named the new demon lord of the Underworld following the death of the previous demon lord. Or so he would like it to be. While Akira is next in line for the title, due to the laws of the Underworld he must wait one year to inherit the title and should he die whoever kills him will be named the new demon lord. Hoping to keep himself safe, Akira and his loyal guardian Elsyian leave the Underworld and go to Earth where Akira disguises himself as a normal human to blend into society and throw off his pursuers by going to school as a normal high school boy but demons and angels come after him. Will Akira survive his pursuers and school life. Or will one of these factors be his death?

    Title: Phantom Detective Okada

    Inspiration: Yeah this one is still in the works. I came up with this idea after playing Persona 5 which was the big inspiration for this title. That and D-Grey Man. The series can also be seen as a spinoff from the SMT universe.

    Premise: The world is full of mysteries. Unbeknownst to most people there’s another world living beside them filled with spirits and demons we only thought existed in fairy tales. Much like our world this world has problems of its own and needs help solving. Enter Phantom Inc., a secret division of the government assigned to investigate and oversee this other world (codenamed the Phantom World) and handle any problems that arise from it. How do they solve these problems, by using abilities known as dark arts which grants them supernatural powers.

    Story: We focus on a phantom detective named Okada aka The Reaper who has just been assigned a new partner named Yuu. Their job is to investigate and solve any cases associated with the Phantom World and keep our world safe.

    Title: Freedom Hack

    Inspiration: Watchdogs, Code Geass, Ghost in the Shell, and Akame ga Kill.

    Premise: Here’s another story I recently came up with but one that I think has a lot of potential to be great. Taking place in the 22nd century of Japan the old government has been abolished and a new government has been formed. A new government that oppresses the weak, rewards the corrupt, and takes out anyone that speaks out against them.

    Story: We focus on Kaito Kurokami a young hacker in Kyoto who is the leader of a group of hacktivists known as Freedom. Their goal is to use their hacking skills to fight against their government and bring them down to free Japan from the grips of tyranny and injustice. We also focus on a girl named Ai the stepdaughter of the prime minister who is ignorant of the suffering of her country. When it gets revealed by her stepbrother that she’s the daughter of a notorious hacker she gets arrested only to get saved by members of Freedom. Can our two MCs get along with each other or will they be each other’s downfall?

    Title: Shadow Eye

    Inspiration: The title was greatly inspired by RWBY, Kekkai Sensen, various JRPG titles, and various fantasy worlds.

    Premise: Now these last two are the ones that I’m very excited and passionate about. I’ve been working on these two for quite some time now. Long ago in a world different from ours scientist uncovered a rare and powerful crystal within the earth that contained the powers of the elements: fire, earth, water, wind, lightning, wood, steel, light and darkness. The three races of the world (humans, elves, and demihumans) came together in the hopes of using this power to better the world but the crystal cracked and soon burst unleashing the power of the elements into the world. Because of this people soon gained the power to create and control the elements but it also unleashed a great threat on mankind. As the power of the elements swept the land it gave rise to monsters known as the Dark Ones (still working on the name). Born from humanity’s sins, hatred, and despair these creatures went on a rampage destroying lands and killing people all to bring the world into an era of darkness. Because of this threat humanity was on the brink of extinction but by developing their own martial arts with the elements humanity fought back and push the Dark Ones back to reclaim the world and established new kingdoms and settlements to call home all while fighting the Dark Ones and fighting those who would use their new found powers for evil.

    Story: We focus on a group known as Shadow Eye a group of misfit knights who serve their kingdom by taking on jobs to help citizens, fight the Dark Ones, and any criminal organizations that would threaten the safety of the kingdom and its people. The poster child for this group is a dark elf named Dust Balor a master of the Shadow Beast fighting style and his teammates Amarti the elf merchant, Mira the celestial elf, Rinzo the hero of radiance, Sanada the wind samurai, Raika the lightning super soldier, Jude the scholar of light, and Fujino the earth brawler. Despite being considered the worst knighthood in the kingdom and having the fewest members, these guys are strong and can get the job done. Recently, the group has just recruited two new knights from the academy and with a new threat on the horizon these new recruits will need to adapt quickly if they wish to stand a chance fighting alongside these misfit knights.

    Title: The Book of Phoenix

    Inspiration: One Piece and Fairy Tail.

    Premise: In the beginning the world was created by a divine being. The divine being soon created the 4 Saint Beasts who would watch over the world and the various races within it. For a while all was peaceful until a great evil threatened to destroy the world. The Saint Beasts fought and managed to defeat the great evil but at the cost of their lives. They vowed to return being reborn into the bloodline of the ones they considered noble. Years went by and soon people forgot about the Saint Beasts and went on with their lives. Enter a man named Duke Philosopher the man who claimed the title of Pirate King. After being captured and sentenced to death at the gallows he told the world that if you seek to take my title then head towards the Golden Ocean. Only those who have claimed my treasure have the right to call themselves the Pirate King. Since that day pirates from around the world now seek to find Philosopher’s Treasure the treasure that would allow them to sit atop the mountain and be called the Pirate King. 22 years after Philosopher’s death no one has found his treasure and pirates still search for it.

    Story: Enter Trey Morgease a young pirate from the South Ocean (Vermillion Ocean) who seeks to find the treasure and claim the title of Pirate King. He is a half-human half-harpia and comes from the noble bloodline of Suzaku something most people don’t know about. Because of this he has the powers to control and create fire, absorb fire related magic to replenish his own magic, heal from any injury, and communicate with birds. After amassing a strong crew Trey heads towards the Golden Ocean vowing to beat anyone who gets in his way and claiming the title of Pirate King for himself. The story is similar to One Piece except with the addition of magic, different arcs, and more crew members.

    And these are some of my ideas for shonen mangas. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below or if you have an idea for a shonen manga don’t be afraid to share it. If you would like to learn more about any of these ideas let know I be more than happy to go more in depth with them. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, clips, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved*

    Thanks for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or send your comments, feedback, or request to
  8. *This sequence of events takes place during the fight between the silver masked man and the giant virus. We see Yin-Yang running after Miguel with Seras right behind her. Miguel takes notice of the AIs pursuing him and smiles*

    (Miguel): My my, I certainly am popular today.

    *He opens up a portal into the real world and lands inside a bank. Yin-Yang and Seras go into the portal and land in the bank as well hot on Miguel’s trail. They run out of the bank and onto the streets with Miguel going down an alley way and jumping over a gate. He turns around to see if Yin-Yang and Seras are still following him which they are and he continues to run down into the water ducts. Yin-Yang and Seras jump over the gate and follow him into the water ducts. As they pursue him he begins to throw bombs at the two but they dodge them easily. He then summons some bird-like viruses to attack the two as he passes through an overhead gate and closes it. As the gate begins to close Seras throws her scythe at the gate to keep it open*

    (Seras): Keep going, I’ll handle these guys.

    *Yin-Yang nods and passes the viruses. She then does a baseball slide underneath the gate and continues to pursue Miguel. Seras than calls back her scythe and gets ready to fight as the viruses begin to circle around her. The first bird dives down for her and she dodges it by doing a flip to the side. Once she lands the second bird comes diving towards her and she swings her scythe forward to strike the bird into the ground with the scythe still inside the bird. As the bird screams out in pain she pulls the scythe forward splitting the bird in half. The remaining four viruses gather together and combine to form a giant crow like virus. The virus than lands near Seras and lets out a roar trying to scare her but all she does is look up at it and smile*

    (Seras): Cute.

    *The virus tries to attack Seras with its large peak but Seras dodges the attack by jumping into the air after tossing her scythe into the air as well. Her arm begins to glow a ballistic black as she falls back down towards the virus*

    (Seras): Oni Meteor Fist!

    *Seras strikes the head of the virus with her fist with such force that its head bounces off the concrete dazing it. Once she lands on the ground she proceeds to attack the virus with a series of high flying kicks*

    (Seras): Hell’s Barrage!

    *She unleashes a large number of kicks and finishes up with a spinning heel kick in the air. Once she lands she takes out her crossbows and begins shooting the virus with arrows. The arrows pierce the body of the virus and stick to its body as it begins to fall backwards. Seras’s scythe finally comes down where Seras catches and runs toward the virus where she catches it by the neck and proceeds to drag it along the ground until she comes to a wall and begins to run up the wall dragging the virus with her. Right before she reaches the top she uses her scythe to slice completely through the neck of the virus killing it and watching as its body disappears*

    (Seras): Now *puts scythe away* after Yin-Yang.

    *Yin-Yang continues to chase after Miguel where he runs into a monorail station and jumps on top of a monorail taking off. Yin-Yang jumps onto the monorail and slowly approaches Miguel*

    (Yin-Yang): Nowhere to run now.

    (Miguel): That’s okay. I was done anyway.

    *Miguel takes his katana out and Yin-Yang takes out hers*

    (Miguel): Ah~ so you too practice the ways of the wolf ninja? Color me surprised.

    *Yin-Yang launches herself toward Miguel and the two katanas collide with each other. They trade strikes on top of the monorail for a few minutes with neither able to strike the other. Despite Yin-Yang having a slight speed and agility advantage Miguel obviously has the edge in experience and strength*

    (Miguel): Not bad filhote. However, your speed will not be enough to beat me, especially on top of this monorail.

    *Miguel goes on the attack pushing Yin-Yang back and actually getting a few hits in. Yin-Yang tries to use her speed to dodge the attacks but with limited space to work with she’s defenseless*

    (Miguel): Now, allow me to show you how to use speed effectively in tight spaces.

    *Miguel sheathes his katana and prepares to do a quick draw. Yin-Yang defends herself for whatever attack he’s planning believing that the only way he can attack her is by charging at her directly. As she prepares for the attack she sees red lightning begin to surge around him and before she knows it Miguel disappears and reappears before her. Once Miguel reappears Yin-Yang begins to scream out in pain as sword slashes appear all over her body and she falls to her knees seemingly passing out from the pain*

    (Miguel): And that, my dear filhote, is how you use speed.

    *Miguel begins to walk away*

    (Yin-Yang): Hey! I’m not finish with you yet!

    *Lightening begins to form around Yin-Yang’s body*

    (Yin-Yang): You’re not the only one who’s a fan of lightning.

    *Yin-Yang gets back up and prepares to attack*

    (Miguel): *Chuckles* You just keep the surprises coming filhote.

    *Yin-Yang lunges toward Miguel at incredible speed but he manages to block her attack. Yin-Yang jumps back and tries to charge at him again but once again he blocks her attack. She jumps back again and tries to get creative with her next strike by creating two clones of herself. One Yin-Yang lunges at Miguel directly while the other two run along the sides of the monorail to strike him. They all prepare to attack him at the same time*

    (Miguel): Not a bad idea. But still, not enough.

    *The three Yin-Yang’s try to strike Miguel but before their attacks reach him, he hits them all first with his lightning slashes and in the process eliminates the clones and slices off Yin-Yang’s arm losing her katana and everything. As she rolls on the monorail in pain barely conscious, Miguel comes up to her.

    (Miguel): That last move was certainly impressive. If you had been a little faster, I might have been done. If you survive this, lets meet up again and fight. Although, I doubt a house pet like yourself will ever be able to match my wild speed.

    *Miguel kicks Yin-Yang in the stomach and she falls off the monorail and rolls onto the other tracks. Barely conscious and trying to pull herself up Yin-Yang sees a monorail quickly coming her way and she’s too weak to dodge it. Just as she’s about to surrender herself to death Seras comes in, grabs her, and jumps out of the way to safety.

    (Seras): *Breathing heavily* Yin-Yang! Yin-Yang! Come on! Stay with me!

    *Seras goes to inspect her friend to see that she’s still breathing but in terrible condition. She puts Yin-Yang on her and gets ready to run back towards the others*

    (Seras): Hang in there Yin-Yang. I’ll get you help.

    *Seras jumps off the monorail tracks and heads in the direction of the others*

    To be continued
  9. *In the system the AI girls are fighting against the cyber-attack*

    (Isis): Crossfire shotgun!

    (Seras): Bow blitz!

    (Yume): Rain of a 1000 Arrows!

    (Chibi Isis): Cyber canon!

    *Isis, Seras, Yume, and Chibi Isis launch their attacks at a group of viruses wiping them out*

    (Shizuku): Grand Hurricane!

    (Yin-Yang): Howling in the wind!

    (Mira): Ravishing whip!

    *Shizuku does a big spin with her claymore and destroys a whole group of viruses with one slash. Yin-Yang uses her katana and speed to slash through about 8 viruses. Mira uses her whip to attack a giant virus that leapt towards her in the air. With quick whip Mira slices the virus into multiple pieces. The girls continue to mow right through all the viruses with ease which allows the tech crew to slowly regain control of the system*

    (Phil): Doing great guys! We’re regaining control of the servers.

    (Danny): Can you guys pinpoint where they attack originated from?

    (Phil): Working on it. Got it! It’s coming from the building on the 4th floor in a conference room.

    (Danny): Ashlyn! The attacker is in the conference room of the 4th floor. Proceed with caution.

    (Ashlyn): Roger that.

    *Ends communication*

    (Ashlyn): You hear that?

    (Nitsuj): Yeah. Let’s go.

    *Nitsuj and the other get in the elevator and head to the fourth floor. While they do this the AI girls were starting to finish up the viruses in the cyber-attack*

    (Shizuku): Well, that was a good workout.

    (Mira): Strange. I thought I felt a stronger presence when we arrived in the system. Was it my mistake.

    (Yin-Yang): No, that presence is still here. I can smell it.

    (Yume): And I can hear it. Show yourself!

    *The presence that the girls were sensing finally comes out. It’s another AI only male and a wolfman. He had sleek black hair tied in a ponytail and an eyepatch over his right eye with 3 claw marks over his left eye. He was rather tall and muscular with a black tail and light brown skin*

    (???): Senhoras! How are you this fine day?

    (Yin-Yang): No way! A wolfman?

    (???): You seem surprise.

    (Yin-Yang): I don’t see a lot of wolfman AIs.

    (???): Well, I’m honored to be the first one you’ve met.

    (Seras): Was this your attack?

    (???): Somewhat. My master launched the attack. I was just overseeing it. Ah, but where are my manners, I haven’t introduced myself. I am Miguel. A pleasure to meet you. You needn’t worry, nothing was stolen or damaged, we just wanted to see what we were up against, and I must say, I’m not that impressed with what I saw. Especially you senhora.

    *Miguel looks at Yin-Yang*

    (Miguel): You call yourself a warrior yet all I see is house pet whose been tamed.

    (Yin-Yang): Well look at the balls on this motherfucker. How I cut them off and shove them up your ass.

    (Miguel): Oh~ resoluto. I like that. Perhaps another time. Until than *Miguel snaps his finger and a large virus creature with long blades for hands appears* have fun this. Tchau!

    *Miguel begins to run away*

    (Yin-Yang): Oh no you don’t.

    *Yin-Yang goes running after Miguel*

    (Seras): Yin-Yang wait!

    *Seras follows after her.

    (Isis): Okay. Guess that leaves us alone with this thing.

    *As the girls prepare to fight the giant virus, Nitsuj and the others have just arrived on the 4th floor and are outside the conference room*

    (Ashlyn): Alright, there’s no telling who we’re up against here so everybody get ready.

    *Ashlyn takes her a rapier, Nitsuj takes out his swords, Brian puts on some iron gauntlets. Nitsuj and Brian kick open the door and they all rush in to see no one is there. Just a computer*

    (Corbin): Did he run away?

    (Ashlyn): I don’t think so. Danny, did anybody go down the stairs?

    (Danny): No, and nobody’s left that floor either.

    (Nitsuj): Which means he’s still here. The question is where?

    *As Brian goes to inspect the computer a man wearing a silver mask and wielding a sword drops down from the ceiling to slice Brian’s head off. Luckily, Baron was close by and pushes Brian out of the away but Baron gets his head sliced off in the process. As the silver masked man stands triumphant Baron’s body continues to move and shoots a fireball at him but he dodges it. He is shocked at what just happened*

    (Baron): Oh you bastard! How dare you slice my head off.

    *Baron’s head begins to float and reattaches itself to his body*

    (Baron): Do you have any idea how much that hurts?

    (Silver masked man): What the hell are you?

    (Baron): A very pissed off pumpkin.

    *Ashlyn comes from behind the silver masked man and holds her sword to his neck*

    (Nitsuj): Camouflaging robe. Impressive.

    (Ashlyn): Who are you?

    (Silver masked man): I’m the guy who’s walking out of here alive beautiful.

    *The computer explodes and the silver masked man uses this to toss Ashlyn down and run towards the door where he gets stopped by Brian. The two engage in a small fight where Brian manages to block his sword slash using his gauntlets. Ashlyn jumps across the table and joins the fight. The silver masked man manages to fight them all off and escape into the hallway. Corbin tries to freeze him with his ice blast but he misses. However, he does manage to freeze the elevator stopping the silver masked man from using it and forcing him to use the stairs. Nitsuj goes after him down the stairs where the silver masked man goes into the third floor followed by Nitsuj. After running down a hallway the silver masked man comes to a window and jumps out of it onto the roof of a nearby building safely*

    (Nitsuj): He can use the Aniforce as well.

    *Nitsuj jumps out of the window and lands safely on the nearby building. They jump across the roofs of various buildings until Nitsuj catches up to the silver masked man and tackles him to the ground but silver masked man escapes and draws his sword to fight Nitsuj. The two engage in a sword fight as sparks fly between the clashing swords. After parrying each other’s attacks their swords go flying into the air so they begin to fight using their fists as they each deflect each other’s attacks until Nitsuj manages to capture one of his punches and hits him with a back elbow to the face stunning the silver masked man*

    (Nitsuj): Gum Gum Bazooka!

    (Silver masked man): Counter!

    *Nitsuj gets hit with his own attack with twice the power and he goes fly backwards while writhing in pain. He falls to the ground as the silver masked man regains his sword and leaps into the air to drive his sword into Nitsuj but Nitsuj dodges the attack and hits him with a kick to the side of the head. Nitsuj regains his sword and the two come to a standstill*

    (Silver masked man): *Sly smile* So this is the power of the Dark Samurai? I’m impressed. No one’s lasted this long against me before.

    (Nitsuj): I’m just getting warmed up.

    *A black aura slowly begins to form around Nitsuj*

    (Silver masked man): Oh~ this could be bad. I’d love to stay around and fight but I think you’ve got bigger things to worry about and I have a schedule to keep.

    *He pushes a button on his watch which opens up a portal to the internet and out pops the virus that the AI girls were fighting*

    (Silver masked man): I’ll be in touch.

    *The silver masked man jumps from the building and into the alley way where he proceeds to run away*

    (Nitsuj): I can’t let that virus go on a rampage in the city.

    *Nitsuj begins to make his way over to the virus. As he does that the AI girls are in the real world as well fighting the virus where they’re all bruised and battered from fighting it*

    (Shizuku): *Heavy breathing* You big dumb bastard *wipes blood off her lip*, die!

    *Shizuku goes charging at it with her hammer in and takes a huge swing at the virus but her attack gets deflected and the virus hits her where she lands in a fruit stand as people run away screaming. In order to keep the virus from attacking innocent civilians Isis fires at it and Mira tosses her blade rings at it while Chibi Isis and Yume get everyone to safety. They manage to clear the area as Shizuku gets back up just as Nitsuj arrives onto the scene*

    (Nitsuj): Shizuku, can you still go?

    (Shizuku): Hell yeah!

    (Nitsuj): Good. Toss that thing into the sky.

    (Shizuku): You got it boss! Amazon’s Rage!

    *Shizuku’s body becomes shrouded in a red aura and she begins running towards the virus. As she does Ashlyn and Brian arrive onto the scene to see what’s going on*

    (Ashlyn): Will she be alright?

    (Yume): Don’t worry. When she gets like this, nothing can stop her.

    *The virus sees Shizuku charging at it and swings one its blades at her. Shizuku manages to stop the blade with just her fist. She then chops the blade off, flip it around and throws it into the chest of the virus. The virus screams out in pain as blood begins to spill from its mouth. Shizuku begins to slowly walk up to the virus with a confident look in her eyes which pissed the virus off. In a fit of rage the virus uses the other blade to attack Shizuku and once again she catches the blade. Rather than chop it off she uses it as leverage to toss the virus into the air. Nitsuj jumps on the blade of the virus and using just one of his swords begins to slice the blade up until he comes to the main body where he jumps in the air to prepare for his final attack*

    (Nitsuj): Dark sword style: Omni-shadow!

    *Nitsuj begins to do a series of slashes similar to the Omnislash from FF7. He finishes up with one final downward slash down the middle which cuts the virus in two. As Nitsuj lands on the ground safely and puts his sword away as the virus explodes in the sky*

    (Brian): Wow. I have so much to learn about the Aniforce.

    (Ashlyn): This is nothing compared to what he used to do in the past.

    (Isis): Nice work.

    (Nitsuj): Glad to see you guys are okay. Where’s Yin-Yang and Seras?

    (Chibi Isis): They went after some suspicious AI.

    (Ashlyn): Speaking of suspicious people, what happened to that masked man?

    (Nitsuj): He got away. But I did learn he can use the Aniforce.

    (Ashlyn): That’s going to make him a huge problem in the future.

    (Seras): Hey~!

    *Seras shouts to the group as she approaches them while carrying Yin-Yang who is breathing heavily and is missing one arm*

    (Shizuku): Holy shit Yin-Yang!

    *Shizuku and the others go to inspect her*

    (Seras): She’s still alive but she’s in bad shape.

    (Nitsuj): Toss her into my phone. We’ll head back to the base and fix her up.

    *Seras tosses Yin-Yang into Nitsuj’s phone and they run back to the base to fix her up*

    To be continued
  10. *After Nitsuj’s shocking news Danny and Brian moved this conversation into a conference room*

    (Danny): So let me get this straight. All of you are AI girls?

    (Mira): Yes. Outside of Chibi, Isis, and Yume we all come from different dimensions. It’s a long story but basically evil Nitsuj, killed our Nitsujs, enslaved us, this Nitsuj freed us, and now we live with him.

    (Brian): Sounds like your B rank shounen story to me. What about the Atlus mascots over there? It’s a little early for Halloween.

    (Baron): Infidel! We are the Jack Bros. supernatural beings from the Principality of Jack.

    (Corbin): We transcend your line of thinking. Bow before are awesome-

    (Seras): Shut it!

    (Baron and Corbin): Yes ma’am.

    (Seras): You shouldn’t be concerning yourself with us. Just know that we can help you guys at whatever it is you’re doing.

    (Yume): She’s right. Where Nitsuj goes we go. Either you let us in on this operation or repairing that door will be the least of your problems.

    (Danny): Wow, straight to the point. I like that. Alright, you girls are in.

    (Shizuku): Thank you. Now let’s focus on the next business at hand. Finding out what the hell is going on between Isis, Nitsuj, and Ashlyn here.

    *Everyone looks to Isis where she has her pistol aimed at Nitsuj’s head*

    (Yin-Yang): Are you gonna put that gun down, you’ve been pointing it at him for like 10 minutes now. Either shoot the guy or lower it.

    (Isis): I’m still waiting on answers. And depending on those answers I might go ahead and shoot him. Now explain. How is this woman my mother?

    (Nitsuj): Okay. She’s not your mother biologically but she did contribute in creating you. You see Isis, creating artificial intelligence isn’t easy. In order to give that computer some identity and human feelings we decided to give it human DNA and that’s where Ashlyn came in.

    (Ashlyn): I have to admit when Nitsuj and his friend Chris told me what they were making I didn’t believe them but since it was favor from him I couldn’t say no. So I gave him some of my hair and through some crazy science mambo jumbo they created you. So in a sense what Nitsuj said is true, I am your mother. In some crazy way.

    (Chibi Isis): Wow. So does that make you my obaa-chan?

    (Ashlyn): I’m a little too young to be a mother so how about we try something different.

    (Chibi Isis): Ash-chan?

    (Ashlyn): I guess that’ll work.

    (Chibi Isis): Yay!

    *Chibi Isis leaps and hugs Ashlyn*

    (Ashlyn): Aww~ you’re so cute. I would be happy to have a child like you some day.

    (Nitsuj): So is that a satisfying answer for you Isis.

    (Isis): Yes. But still, YOU KEPT THIS FROM ME FOR SO LONG!

    *Isis shoots Nitsuj in the head and he falls to the ground in pain*

    (Ashlyn): Hey that was uncalled for.

    (Isis): You stay out of this. My DNA may have come from you but don’t think for one second I think of you as my mother. Now who exactly are you guys anyway?

    (Danny): We are AIA. Anime Intelligence Agency. A secret organization made of fans and otakus of anime. As anime began spreading in the west it unfortunately created weeaboos. People who gave true fans of anime a bad name and began harming the anime community. So a few fans of anime got together and decided this needed to stop. At first our job was to keep the weeaboos in check but as time went on and anime became more popular our operation began to expand. We soon found ourselves helping get popular anime over to the west, keeping VAs safe from weeaboos, and maintaining orders at cons.

    (Yume): Maintain orders at cons?

    (Brian): Don’t be fooled. Cons may be cheerful and fun on the surface but over the last few years they’ve been the hotspot for black market deals in the anime community and some have even tried to sabotage cons in process.

    (Ashlyn): Because of this a new division had to be made to directly tackle these underground deals as well as take on the threat of weeaboos who were starting to organize. That’s when a man from the east named Kenji Fenikusu a drifter and fan of anime said that he help train people how to use the anime force and form his own combat team. He called this team the Dark Syndicate.

    (Shizuku): Why am I detecting influence from the Bullet Club in Japan?

    (Nitsuj): The Bullet Club was inspired by us. Although the idea was essentially the same. A team of individuals from all over the world who loved anime and came together to form this group.

    (Chibi Isis): Why do you know so much about the group Nii-chan?

    (Yume): Wait, Kenji Fenikusu? As in the same man who trained you?

    (Nitsuj): That’s right, I was one of the founding members of the syndicate. After high school I was preparing to go to college but couldn’t make the money to attend the one I wanted to go. That’s when I was discovered by AIA who had recognized my love for anime and decided to recruit me. With their help I was able to go to my dream college and worked for them in my spare time. I started off as a simple office clerk, handling paper work, and sending in reports. Eventually I became an agent in the field where I met Kenji. He saw my potential in being able to use the aniforce and helped me bring it out in full force. From there, he took me under his wing and began training me along with my good friend Cole.

    (Mira): Who’s Cole?

    (Nitsuj): He was my partner out in the field. He and I both loved anime and became the best of friends. Kenji also saw Cole’s potential and began training him as well. Before long Ashlyn joined us and together with Kenji we formed the Dark Syndicate. Within months we had finished our training and had become well-oiled fighting machines who were saving cons and whipping weeaboo ass. After college, I joined the organization full time and Kenji had decided to wonder off and train naming me the new leader of the syndicate.

    (Ashlyn): With Nitsuj at the helm of the group and Cole as his right-hand man we made great strides in cutting the weeaboos down and finding new members to join the syndicate. Nitsuj soon gain the nickname of the Dark Samurai because of his sword skills and samurai like mentality when facing enemies.

    (Danny): Great strides? Everywhere you guys went you left destruction in your wake. Public property destroyed and I was responsible for handling it. The amount of paperwork and complaints I got because of you guys nearly drove me insane. Kenji also gave me a headache but he was nothing compared to the antics of Nitsuj.

    (Nitsuj): Oh screw you Danny I got the jobs done didn’t I? Anyway, I stayed in charge of the group from 2011 until the beginning of 2013 when I decided to go into semi-retirement to become a reviewer and from there you guys all know the story.

    (Seras): Wow, so all this time our Nitsujs were agents of the government.

    (Yume): So that explains all your combat training and why you live in a nice home without having an actual job.

    (Nitsuj): Yep. Kenji trained me good and the agency pays me handsomely for my years of service and since I still work for them even though I’m not active in the field but instead doing a different assignment they still have to pay me.

    (Mira): And what exactly is your assignment?

    (Nitsuj): Helping spread anime knowledge. Like I said at the start of Project Nitsuj there’s a lot of anime out there and some people don’t have time to watch so why not listen to a reviewer you can trust while also make you laugh. That’s why I started Project Nitsuj. To make people laugh while also helping them watch good anime and steer them away from the anime that can be considered bad. But taking on a job like this alone can be hard so I figured why not have an assistant to help me out. That’s when I created Isis and soon Chibi.

    (Shizuku): And then we joined you. So wait, does that mean our DNA came from a friend of Nitsuj in our universe?

    (Nitsuj): Possible. If your Nitsujs were on the same mission as me, there’s a good chance you guys all have DNA from a girl they were familiar with and that means you all have mothers in your world. Pretty interesting huh?

    *Mira, Shizuku, Yin-Yang, and Seras attack Nitsuj upon hearing this information*

    (Yin-Yang): You bastard! When were you gonna tell us this!?

    (Danny): I’m sorry. As much as I enjoy seeing Nitsuj get beaten up, we have important things to discuss.

    (Nitsuj): Right! Let’s get down to business. So why did you guys call me back into the field. It must be something pretty big if you’re calling me back.

    (Ashlyn): It is. Earlier this year we had just gotten done helping Funimation work out a deal. A deal that many fans of the west have been crying out for. A re-dubbing of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

    (Nitsuj): No shit! I thought Rightstuf owned the rights to the show.

    (Brian): They did. But thanks to our negotiations we managed to get them to give the dubbing rights to Funimation. This deal was under the table. Nobody knows about this yet and Funimation quickly got to work dubbing the episodes.

    (Danny): The plan was for Funimation to unveil a preview of the new dub at the final stop of Anifest. Our con tour where we will be hitting major cities all throughout the summer and leading to a grand finale in Los Angeles. We have guest VAs, directors, artist, and musicians all making an appearance on the tour and like I said before Funimation wanted to unveil it at the final stop to get fans hyped and excited.

    (Isis): That’s a great idea. Revealing the new dub of possibly one of the greatest animes of all time would get anyone excited.

    (Brian): Yes, that was the plan, but unfortunately the weeaboos caught wind of this deal and acted quickly. They raided Funimation HQ and tried to destroy the preview. Luckily, security managed to stop them but the flash drive holding the preview got sent in the outgoing mail during the scrimmage to stop them.

    (Ashlyn): That’s when we got called in. We were asked to retrieve the flash drive before the weeaboos. So Cole went to retrieve it from New York where it was sent but the weeaboos were also there. A fight ensued where neither side got the drive and Cole went missing out of it. We know he’s alive, we just can’t make contact with him.

    (Nitsuj): Man that’s crazy. So who has the drive now?

    (Danny): Well thanks to our sources we managed to find out that the drive has fallen into the hands of a weeaboo transporter.

    (Baron): Well that’s bad. So they won?

    (Danny): No. They haven’t destroyed it yet.

    (Corbin): Huh? Why not?

    (Danny): Hell if I know. Trying to understand a weeaboo is next to impossible. For some reason they’re keeping it still intact and plan on doing something major in Los Angeles at the con. We don’t know what they’re planning or how they’re moving so well but if the weeaboos are behind it you know it can’t be good. This is where you come in. After capturing and interrogating a weeaboo we’ve found out that the transporter is a reviewer joining the tour. The problem is we don’t know which reviewer it is. Your job will be to infiltrate their ranks, find the transporter, retrieve the stolen flash drive, and deliver it back just in time before the showing of it in Los Angeles.

    (Mira): I get it now. Because Nitsuj is such a well-known reviewer on the internet who barely talks about his past and just comes across as the average reviewer with an active imagination they won’t suspect him of being an agent.

    (Danny): Exactly!

    (Nitsuj): Alright no pressure. The only problem is 2 months isn’t enough time to go in and search everyone on the tour. By the time we find the guy it’ll probably be too late.

    (Ashlyn): You won’t have to search all of them. When starting the tour we asked reviewers if they wanted to go to every spot. Besides you only 10 other people signed up to start from beginning to end meaning one of them is the transporter.

    *Ashlyn pulls up a list on her iPad and shows it to Nitsuj*

    (Nitsuj): Hmm~, these are all big-name reviewers I’m familiar with a long with a couple of new up and comers who have gained quite a bit of popularity.

    (Ashlyn): Anyone of them could be the transporter.

    *As they check the list sirens go off*

    (Nitsuj): What’s going on?

    *Danny uses his wristwatch communicator to contact tech support*

    (Danny): Phil, was going on out there?

    (Phil): It’s bad! It’s a cyber-attack from the weeaboos! They’re trying to hack our files.

    (Danny): Stop them! We can’t let them know what we’re up to!

    (Phil): We’re trying! But this is one major attack! It’s too big for us to handle!

    (Nitsuj): Ladies, this is your area of expertise. Give them hell.

    (AI girls): Right!

    *The AI girls log into the nearest USB port and dive into the system*

    (Brian): Woah! Where they’d go?

    (Nitsuj): They logged into your system to fight against the attack. Now let’s go. We’re heading back up top.

    (Brian): Huh? But why?

    (Nitsuj): A cyber-attack like this couldn’t have been done remotely. Someone in this building must have logged into the network and I’m betting they’re still here.

    *Nitsuj leaves the room with Brian, Ashlyn, and the Jack Bros. right behind him but as he leaves he turns around and goes back to the room to talk to Danny*

    (Nitsuj): It was nice seeing you again Danny. Oh and screw you.

    *Nitsuj leaves the room*

    (Danny): Only here for a few hours and he’s already costing me money.

    To be continued
  11. *Nitsuj and the others have just arrived in Miami*

    (Nitsuj): Blue skies, bright sun, sexy women. We are definitely in Miami.

    (Isis): Quit your gawking and find a spot to let us out. Being stuck in this cellphone is enough to drive a person crazy.

    *Nitsuj manages to find a secluded spot and lets the AI girls out of his cellphone where he’s surprised to see them wearing casual clothes and everything*

    (Nitsuj): Well don’t you all look cute.

    *Mira, Yume, Chibi Isis, and Isis blush at his compliment*

    (Shizuku): Quit acting like a bunch of girls and let’s go to baggage claim.

    (Nitsuj): You guys go ahead I’ll catch up.

    (Seras): Where are you going?

    (Nitsuj): Restroom.

    *Nitsuj heads into the restroom where it is surprisingly empty when in walks 6 men who slowly begin to surround Nitsuj*

    (Nitsuj): You guys, I just got off a long flight and I really don’t feel like doing this.

    *The 6 men begin to pull out weapons to fight Nitsuj. Nitsuj walks over to the sink and begins to wash his hands*

    (Nitsuj): Now before we begin. If anybody wants to leave, you have until I finish washing my hands to do so.

    *Nitsuj washes the soap off his hands and grabs a paper towel to dry them. As soon as he throws the paper towel away one of the men rushes him with a knife. Nitsuj dodges his attack, grabs his arm, knees him in the gut, and drives his head into the paper towel dispenser destroying it and knocking him out. Two more try to hit him with night sticks but he manages to dodge them. He grabs one of the men and tosses him into another man which sends them both flying into one of the stalls. They try to get back up but Nitsuj grabs the handle bars to drop kick them back into the stall. The other man with the night tries to hit Nitsuj but Nitsuj does a judo toss, twist the arm of the man forcing him to drop the night stick, and stomps the man directly in his face knocking him out. Nitsuj picks up the night stick where a man comes from behind him and begins choking him out with some wire. As Nitsuj slowly begins to lose consciousness he uses the night stick to smash the fingers of the man strangling him. This allows him to get free and use the night stick to beat the crap out of the man strangling him. The last man tries to approach Nitsuj from behind but Nitsuj senses his presence and turns around just in time to point the night stick at the man and keep him at bay*

    (Man): I’m not with them! I’m not with them!

    (Nitsuj): Name 5 good dub animes that have come out in the last 2 years.

    (Man): Um~. . .

    (Nitsuj): I knew you were a weeaboo.

    *Nitsuj proceeds to beat the man with the night stick and knocks him into one of the stalls where he gives the man a swirly*

    (Nitsuj): Now I have to re-wash my hands.

    *Nitsuj washes his hands and leaves the restroom where he puts a cleaning sign up to keep people out. He then goes to baggage claim to meet back up with the AI girls*

    (Yin-Yang): What kept you?

    (Nitsuj): There was a line. We got everything?

    (Yume): Yes. All set to go.

    (Nitsuj): Wait! Where’s Baron and Corbin?

    (Seras): Hopefully deported.

    *As everyone wonders where the Jack Bros. are they come out on the conveyer belt for baggage and get off once they see Nitsuj and the others*

    (Isis): You guys traveled in the cargo?

    (Baron): No. We traveled 3rd class.

    (Corbin): This is how 3rd class gets off the plane.

    (Shizuku): Cheap. Well let’s go.

    (Nitsuj): Not quite. Still need to get my swords.

    *They go over to a desk*

    (Nitsuj): Excuse me, I’m here to pick up my swords.

    *Nitsuj presents them with a card*

    (Inspector): Okay. Here you go.

    *The inspector hands Nitsuj his swords*

    (Nitsuj): Thank you. Alright guys let’s go.

    (Mira): Okay that was weird.

    (Chibi Isis): How did Nii-chan get those dangerous items through custom?

    *Everyone heads outside and goes to Hertz to get their rental car*

    (Yin-Yang): There you are. Spot 42.

    *As they walk to their car Nitsuj senses people following them*

    (Nitsuj): Dark twin sword style: Spiritual demise!

    *With a quick flash of his swords the men that were following Nitsuj and the others get taken out. They aren’t dead but their unconscious state would have you believe otherwise. Only of the men is still standing and on his knees in fear as Nitsuj approaches him*

    (Nitsuj): You’re making me late.

    *Nitsuj uses the hilt of his sword to knock him out and proceeds to the rental car which is a BMW SUV as the girls are shocked at what Nitsuj just did*

    (Shizuku): Okay, what was that all about?

    (Nitsuj): Oh nothing. Just a few scumbags trying to stop me and steal my cash. Nothing to worry about.

    (Seras): Bullshit.

    (Nitsuj): Alright. I tried. Here’s the truth. A few guys I used to work with called me down here to help them with their work and these guys wanna stop me.

    (Yume): And what exactly does this work entail?

    (Nitsuj): I can’t say for now. When we get to a secure place I’ll tell you guys everything. I promise.

    (Isis): You’re being awfully suspicious right now. Can you at least promise us it’s nothing wrong or illegal.

    (Nitsuj): *Deep sigh* Guys, I know I keep a lot of things to myself. And I know whenever you want to know about my past I avoid the conversation all together but just know this. I have and always will be a straight shooter that you can trust. So please guys, trust me.

    (Isis): Okay. I trust you Nitsuj. Let’s go.

    *Everyone gets into the car and drives out onto the streets and arrive at the hotel they’re staying at*

    (Yin-Yang): So where exactly are we going?

    (Nitsuj): We my friends are going to a con.

    *Nitsuj shows them a poster titled Anifest*

    (Shizuku): Woah! Anifest! That’s like one of the biggest anime cons going on this summer. How you’d get tickets for this?

    (Nitsuj): My friends are working at the con. Now come on, we’re heading to the con venue.

    *Nitsuj sprays himself with some body spray*

    (Mira): But the con doesn’t start for like another day. How are we getting inside?

    *Nitsuj shows his VIP pass*

    (Nitsuj): Like this.

    (Baron): Oh~ a VIP pass.

    (Nitsuj): Shall we ladies and supernatural beings.

    *They go to the place where the con is being held and get permission to go inside where they see things being set up as well as a few of the guest stars that’ll be at the con*

    (Chibi Isis): Man look at all these decorations and this setlist. Team Four Star, LittleKuriboh, Funimation voice actors, and there’s even sneak for the next Digimon Tri movie.

    (Corbin): Hey look! There’s Lucy Christian!

    (Baron): Didn’t you have a thing for her?

    (Corbin): I still do. I wonder if she’s lifted that restraining order on me?

    (Mira): What did you do to that poor woman.

    (Baron): He kept sending her a scoop of shaved ice-cream.

    (Corbin): I thought she would like it. I shaved it out of love. Hey Nitsuj, think you can get me an interview with her? Nitsuj? Nitsuj?

    *Corbin turns around to see that Nitsuj is gone*

    (Chibi Isis): Where’d Nii-chan go?

    (Seras): He was just here a second ago.

    (Yin-Yang): He got kidnapped. Some guys in suits came up from behind and took him.

    (Mira): It’s probably allies from those men in the parking lot.

    (Yume): The weeaboos? Nitsuj did disrupt their operation in Japan so they’re probably out for revenge.

    (Isis): Well then ladies. *Takes out a handgun* Let’s go have a nice chat with them.

    *We then cut to Nitsuj with a bag over his head being taken to a hidden elevator that takes him below the con building. When the elevator reaches the bottom floor he gets pushed out from the elevator and the bag gets taken off his head. When Nitsuj turns around to see who bought him here he turns around to see Brian*

    (Nitsuj): Brian?

    (Brian): You! You’ve got a lot of nerve bringing your sorry ass here after all the stuff you pulled.

    *As Brian steps forward acting like he’s about to hit Nitsuj he instead high-fives him and pulls him into a hug where they begin to laugh*

    (Nitsuj): It’s been a while man.

    (Brian): I know! Look at you!

    (Nitsuj): Look at you! The last time I saw you, you were just starting out.

    (Brian): Yeah I became a full time member. No longer a rookie. See.

    *Brian points to his shirt and shows him a pin*

    (Nitsuj): No way!

    (Brian): I wanted to join the same branch as you.

    (Nitsuj): Oh man congratulations. Still, you didn’t have to be so rough with me. You could have just greeted me normally.

    (Brian): Yeah sorry but security is on edge as of late and I didn’t know who those girls and strange beings were

    (Nitsuj): Oh they’re cool. They’re my friends. I’ll introduce them to you later on.

    (Brian): Well come on. I’ll take you to the briefing of what’s going on.

    *After walking for a bit they get to a dead end where Brian knocks on the wall and reveals a secret entrance. They all go inside where we see monitors, computers, and people working and chatting with each other*

    (Nitsuj): Wow. You guys have been busy.

    (Brian): Yeah we started adding in underground bases at all con locations for security reasons.

    (Danny): It’s about time you got here.

    (Nitsuj): Danny. Long time no see.

    (Danny): Nitsuj. You’re doing well. Thanks for answering our call.

    (Brian): Now guys. I know you have a long history together but there’s business to be done.

    (Ashlyn): He’s right. There’s work to be done and time of the essence.

    (Nitsuj): Ashlyn? It’s so good to see you.

    *Nitsuj and Ashlyn hug each other*

    (Ashlyn): Thank you for coming. I knew you would come.

    (Nitsuj): Are you in charge of this investigation? Where’s Cole?

    (Ashlyn): MIA. He was investigating a lead and then we lost track of him.

    (Nitsuj): Don’t worry. I’m sure he’s fine. You know him. He’s not the kind of guy to lay over and die.

    (Danny): As much as this reunion is touching I feel the need to address the elephant in the room. Why did you bring your little harem with you? I told you to come alone.

    (Nitsuj): You want me, you get my crew. We’re a package deal.

    (Danny): This isn’t a vacation. We don’t have time to babysit.

    (Nitsuj): Don’t worry. My girls will prove to be a valuable asset to the mission.

    (Danny): Oh really? What could they possibly do?

    *As Danny finishes his sentence the secret passage way door gets blown up and as smoke fills the room the AI girls along with the Jack Bros. come walking in with their weapons ready to fight*

    (Seras): Knock, knock.

    (Nitsuj): That.

    *The agents have their weapons pointed at the AI girls and the Jack Bros. as they enter the room*

    (Danny): How they’d find us?

    (Brian): I made sure to cover my tracks and everything. Not only that but we had about 30 trained guards outside guarding the area and that door was built to take nothing short of a torpedo.

    (Shizuku): Oh those were your boys? Yume gave them a nice dream.

    (Yin-Yang): As for finding you, Nitsuj’s body spray releases an invisible fume that only we can detect. It lead us all the way here.

    (Danny): You! You planned this didn’t you?

    (Nitsuj): Just wanted to introduce you guys on neutral ground.

    *Nitsuj walks between his friends and the agents*

    (Isis): Nitsuj, are you okay?

    (Nitsuj): Don’t worry Isis I’m fine. These are my friends that I came to meet.

    (Mira): They’ve certainly got an odd way of greeting you.

    (Ashlyn): Isis?

    *Ashlyn works her way over to Nitsuj to get a closer look at Isis*

    (Ashlyn): Um, did you say your name was Isis?

    (Baron): Woah am I seeing double or does this lovely young lady look like Isis?

    (Corbin): Not only that but she sounds like Isis as well?

    *Isis glares as Ashlyn and starts to see the resemblance*

    (Nitsuj): Oh boy, I was hoping to do this at a calmer time. Ashlyn this Isis. Isis this Ashlyn. She’s your mom.

    (Everyone): WHAT!

    To be continued
  12. *In Washington D.C two agents are going into a secret building. They get stopped by the guard*

    (Guard): Names and IDs please.

    (Agent 1): Agent Ashlyn Renee aka The Elegant Sword.

    (Agent 2): Agent Brian Lamark aka The Iron Fists.

    (Guard): All good. *Opens the gate* Welcome to the Otakugon.

    *Ashlyn and Brian head inside where we see a bunch of other agents walking around and doing work. The two take an elevator up to floor 7 where they walk down the hall and enter a meeting room where 4 other agents are waiting for them*

    (Agent): Agents Ashlyn and Brian thank you for joining us, please be seated.

    *Ashlyn and Brian take their seats*

    (Agent): I’m sure you two are familiar with our guest. We have Danny Vida executive officer of agents, Melissa Squatz coordinator of Con Relations, Brent Woods COO of Otakugon, and me Dean Gram of office relations here at Otakugon.

    (Brent): I thank you all for meeting on such short notice. As we all know a piece of value was stolen from the Otaku Community and new evidence has been bought to light.

    (Danny): Agents Ashlyn and Brian were put on the case to retrieve this valuable treasure but I am afraid to say that we were too late. The weeaboos got to it first and in our efforts to retrieve it they themselves lost it as well.

    (Melissa): Which leads us to the current situation that the stolen item will be making its way on the con circuit we have planned all throughout the summer.

    (Brian): Than we have failed. Retrieving it now seems impossible.

    (Ashlyn): Not quite. We still have a chance to save the con.

    (Danny): What are you suggesting?

    (Ashlyn): We have an agent go undercover and join the con’s circuit as part of the show. Someone who has an extensive knowledge and love of anime and who won’t attract any attention while investigating.

    (Brent): A good idea. But who can we choose? It would have to be a reviewer or critic of anime that everyone is familiar with. If it’s a newcomer they’ll suspect them immediately.

    (Ashlyn): Which is why I propose we ask him for help.

    *Ashlyn slides a file over to Brent, Melissa, and Danny to see and Danny’s eyes widen in both shock and anger*

    (Danny): No! Anyone but him! Under no circumstances are we bringing him back into this mix!

    (Brian): We need him Danny. He’s more than qualified.

    (Danny): I would rather marathon Yumeria than ask him for help. Surely there must be other reviewers who be willing to help us.

    (Brent): Now is not the time to be picky. Time is of the essence and miss Ashlyn here has given the best candidate as of now.

    (Danny): But sir his record is-

    (Brent): I am well aware of his record and I trust that you and Agent Ashlyn will keep him in line during the mission. Let’s bring him in.

    *We then cut to Nitsuj in his house sharpening and cleaning his swords*

    (Nitsuj): Hmm~ *Nitsuj is inspecting his sword to make sure he didn’t miss a spot*. Perfect.

    *Nitsuj takes a swing with his sword to see how it feels*

    (Nitsuj): Nice! Yami no Period is all good to go. Alright, Hikari no Nenrei you’re next.

    *As Nitsuj prepares to sharpen the sword he hears his cellphone ring and goes to see who’s calling him*

    (Nitsuj): A phone call from Washington? Guess he heard I wasn’t a Trump fan.

    *Nitsuj chuckles at his own joke and answers the phone*

    (Nitsuj): Hello?

    (???): Is this the Dark Samurai?

    (Nitsuj): No one’s called me that in a long time. Who is this?

    (???): The seven dragonballs have been gathered and we now want to make a wish to the almighty dragon.

    (Nitsuj): State your wish?

    *As Nitsuj talks on the phone the AI girls are relaxing and watching TV in another room*

    (Yume): Hey guys there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you. What exactly does Nitsuj do?

    (Yin-Yang): What do you mean? He reviews anime.

    (Yume): Yes, I know that but I mean financially wise. In the months that I’ve been in this house I haven’t seen Nitsuj do anything job wise that would earn him money.

    (Mira): You know, now that you mention it, it does seem odd. I’ve been keeping track of his bank account and surprisingly he has a good amount of cash in the bank and it steadily increases over time.

    (Yume): Exactly! Isn’t that weird? He doesn’t have a job that we know of and yet he still has a steady income. On top of that, what did he do before he started reviewing anime?

    (Seras): That’s another good question. I’ve never once heard Nitsuj talk about his past. Even my Nitsuj barely spoke about his past and when he did it was usually about his experiences with anime.

    (Chibi Isis): I did ask Nii-chan once about his past such as where he learned all that jutsu and sword style but he changed the subject.

    (Yume): So let me get this straight, you mean to tell me that all the time you guys have been with Nitsuj none of you never once asked him about his past or what he does to earn money?

    (Yin-Yang): Hey, he could have been getting that money from Santa or the moon men on the Moon. As long as there’s a roof over our head and food on the table, I’m not gonna ask questions.

    (Isis): I think what Yin-Yang is trying to say is that we never really asked these questions before in the past because we didn’t really care about his past. He may be a little crazy, perverted, and nonsensical at times but when it’s all said and done we trust him and know that there’s a good reason for all the secrecy and madness he does.

    *As Isis finishes her sentence Nitsuj breaks down the door and walks in like nothing*

    (Shizuku): Boss, that door was open.

    (Nitsuj): I know. I just wanted to show you guys I could do that. Anyway, pack your things ladies we’re going on a trip.

    (Isis): A trip? Where to?

    (Nitsuj): Miami, Florida. We’ve got some business to take care of down there.

    *After about an hour and a half of packing and getting ready, Nitsuj loads up the car and they all get ready to go to the airport*

    (Nitsuj): Alright, just so you guys know, I only have enough money to pay for one plane ticket so you’ll all be riding in my cellphone.

    (AI girls): Okay.

    (Baron): Alright, let’s go.

    (Corbin): Surf’s up.

    (Nitsuj): Baron! Corbin! What are you guys doing here?

    (Corbin): We saw you trying to sneak off without us. How dare you try to go on a trip without us.

    (Nitsuj): Guys I’m not going down there for fun. I’ve got some important business to take care of and I can’t be bothered watching you two.

    (Baron): Oh come on! You’ve gotta let us come. We haven’t been able to leave the city ever since we got to this world.

    (Corbin): Heinz finally gave us permission to leave the city. We’ll pay for all our lodging and expenses so please let us go with you.

    (Nitsuj): Alright. I suppose you guys could come in handy.

    (Corbin): Great! Do it Baron!

    *Baron presses a button and soon their house explodes and catches fire*

    (Nitsuj): What the hell are you guys doing!?

    (Baron): Leaving no evidence.

    (Mira): You guys do know we’re coming back right?

    (Corbin): We are? Well shit.

    (Yin-Yang): That house is burning awfully fast. How much gasoline did you guys use?

    (Baron): A lot. About 10 gallons worth. We also put some in your house in case you forgot to erase evidence.

    (Nitsuj and the AI girls): WHAT!

    *Suddenly Nitsuj’s house explodes and catches fire*

    (Yume): Oh my God.

    *Seras and Shizuku jump out of the phone and attack the Jack Bros.*

    (Jack Bros.): AHHHHHHHHH~!

    (Nitsuj): I’ll deal with this when we get back. Keep them alive for now ladies.

    *Nitsuj starts his car and drives off towards the airport as he watches his house burn in the distance*

    To be continued
  13. Hello everyone, Justin here and welcome to the side blogs the blogs between the blogs. Well June is here which means summer has officially begun and with summer comes new anime to watch and enjoy and I’m here to give my first impressions on the anime coming out this summer. The spring anime was okay I guess. Attack on Titan is always good, Re: Creators is interesting, My Hero Academia is good but moving rather slow if you ask me, and Love Tyrant was better than I thought it was going to be. Alright, with that said let’s see what’s coming out this summer.


    First on the list is 18if multimedia project about art and music. Along with the anime this series will be getting mobile game as well as VR game. I’m gonna put this in the maybe file and see what it’s about when it airs.

    Action Heroine Cheer Fruits

    Okay I’m a little bit confused by this one. From what I can understand each municipal area created a heroine fighter representing their area and now these heroines perform stage shows in the hopes of making their area popular and stuff. I really don’t get so I’m skipping it.


    Idiotic girl gets into all kinds of over the top hijinks and it’s up to her childhood friend to keep her safe. Skipping it.

    Ballroom e Youkoso

    A high school boy enters the world of competitive dancing after being saved by a dance instructor. Skipping it.

    Battle Girl High School

    End of the world, monsters invading, and only girls with special powers can save us. Blah, blah, blah, we’ve seen this setup a dozen times by now but I’ll check it out to see what happens.

    Centaur no Nayami

    Man Japan is really going on a monster girl craze. This series focuses on a centaur and her monster friends, attending school, dealing with life, and love. I might watch it.

    Clione no Akari

    Two friends of an ill-stricken girl get sent a letter inviting them to festival taking place in a nearby town. Not watching.


    It’s a rip-off of Swim except only with diving. Skipping it.


    It’s a war for the Holy Grail. This sounds cool. Watching it.


    Centers around a group of students who play video games. Skipping it.

    Hajimete no Gal

    An uncool high school boy confesses his love to his classmate who is a gyaru. She accepts his confession and becomes his girlfriend. Check out the first few episodes and see where it goes.

    Hina Logi ~from Luck & Logic~

    A princess enters a school to become a logicalist who uphold world peace. I might watch it.

    Hitorijime My Hero

    A spin-off from Hitorijime Boyfriend. Not watching.

    Ikemen Sengoku: Toki o Kakeru Koi

    A young lady gets time warped to the Sengoku era where she is mistaken as a messenger from Heaven and meets historical figures who are handsome men. I’m skipping it but I’ll see if the AI girls want to watch it.

    Isekai Shokudou

    It focuses on a restaurant that serves western cuisine but on Saturday the customers are treated to something amazing. I’m going to check out the first episode and see where it goes.

    Isekai wa Smartphone to Tome ni

    A guy gets killed and gets reincarnated into a fantasy world where he’s allowed to keep his cellphone and soon gains power that rivals the power of this world’s king. Watching it.

    Hell Girl Season 4

    Well this is something I thought would never happen. A 4th season of Hell Girl. Well technically half a season. 6 episodes will be new and 6 episodes will be recaps of the previous seasons. Either way, I’m checking it out.

    Jikan no Shishaisha

    People with powers fight against time-eating demons. I’ll check it out.


    This sounds like an interesting series. It takes place in school where the curriculum is all about reading your opponents and gambling. The winners are rewarded and the losers are put through the wringer. I’m checking this out.

    Katsugeki Touken Ranbu

    Here’s another interesting series that sounds good. As the age of samurai is coming to an end and Japan is caught between two factions on whether or not to keep the shogunate around, revisionists from the future arrive to alter the past. In order to fight this army two swords are bought to life and together with a lively gang of samurais they head to Edo to face this army and protect the future. I like this. I’m watching it.

    Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun

    A comedy series about a soccer player who’s a neat freak. Not watching.

    Knight’s & Magic

    An otaku dies in a car accident and gets sent to an alternate world where he inherits the memories of his past life and aims to become a pilot that pilots a giant mech in this new world. I might watch it.

    Koi to Uso

    In the future love is forbidden and the government decides who you marry. The main character is a boy burning with passion and seems to be in love with one maybe two girls. I might watch it.

    Konbini Kareshi

    Boys hanging out at a convenience store. Skipping it.

    Made in Abyss

    The Abyss is the last unexplored region in the world filled with creatures and minerals you can’t find anywhere else. A young girl who is a cave raider dreams to discover the secrets of the Abyss and finds a robot who resembles a human boy. I might watch it.

    Mahoujin Guru Guru

    A new season of an anime I’ve never heard of. Skipping it.

    Nana Maru San Batsu

    High school boy is thrown into the world of competitive quizzes. Not watching.

    Netsuzou Trap -NTR-

    This might possibly be the one anime that’s going to grab the attention of everyone this season. Two girls have boyfriends but find out they are attracted to each other and start having an affair behind their boyfriends’ back. Watching it.

    New Game season 2

    Second season of New Game. Didn’t really get into this series so skipping it.


    Said to be the final arc in the Monogatari series where all the stories will come together and meet their resolution. Not watching.

    Princess Principal

    It’s the female version of Joker Game only this time it takes place in an alternate version of London. I’ll check it out.

    Saiyuki Reload Blast

    Talk about a blast from the past. This is based off Saiyuki Reload a very underrated anime series from 2000 which focuses on the reincarnations of characters from Journey to West traveling to India to stop the resurrection of the Ox-Demon-King. I’ve only seen a few episodes of the series but I thought it was okay. Anyway, the original series went on for 50 episodes and ended on a cliffhanger. Now after all these years Pierrot is bringing it back and showing us the conclusion of their journey. I’m skipping but I might come back and check it out.

    Senki Zesshou Symphgear AXZ

    4th season of the Symphgear series. Not interested.

    Shoukoku no Altair

    Two kingdoms that have had a rocky relationship with each other go to war after the imperial minister of one of the kingdoms gets assassinated. But the main character discovers the truth behind the assassination and it’s up to him to fight for his country and bring peace to it. I’ll check it out.

    Tenshi no 3p!

    A Vocaloid producer gets asked by his fans to meet up with him. When he goes to the meeting spot he discovers 3 girls in elementary who want to form a rock band and asks for his help. I might watch this.

    The Reflection Wave One

    Here’s another anime that a lot of people have been talking about. Why? Because this anime was made by the legend himself Stan Lee. Being called a rip-off of My Hero Academia a mysterious event known as the Reflection occurs and people develop super powers. Some use them for good others use them for bad. Well I do have plans for animes centered around superheroes so I’ll check this out.

    Tsurezure Children

    A series of short stories about a boy with low confidence getting confessed to by his dream to dealing with a psychotic girl who pours her own blood into homemade chocolate in order to win his heart. I might check this out.

    Vatican Kiseki Chousaken

    A scientist and a cryptanalysis expert work for the Vatican and travel the world to investigate the authenticity of miracles that happen in the world. This sounds promising. I might check this out.

    Youkai Apato no Yuuga na Nichijou

    A boy moves into an apartment complex that also houses spirits, youkai, and other supernatural beings. I might watch this.

    Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

    Our final anime for the summer is a school-based anime where students go to a school that gives them a lot of freedom but only to those who perform well and show superiority. I will check this out.

    Movies and OVAs

    As far as movies and OVAs go the No Game No Life movie is set to come out, a Free movie, and the newest Pokémon movie which will re-tell the story of the pilot episode. As for the OVAs we have Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, Bungou Stray Dogs, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Sin Nanatsu no Taizai.

    Final Thoughts

    So that’s summer lineup. Overall it’s not an impressive lineup as compared to past lineups. There are a few animes I’m interested in but not enough to really keep me busy all summer. As always I like to keep an open mind and stay optimistic about new anime so hopefully the ones I’ve dismissed or on the fence turn out to be better than I thought. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, clips, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved*

    Thanks for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or send your comments, feedback, or request to
  14. Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Today’s review has me legitimately scared for my life because the film I am about to review has taken the otaku culture by storm and one misstep could get you killed. The film I am talking is Kimi no Na wa aka Your Name. Coming out in 2016 and directed by Makoto Shinkai the film is based off a light novel written by Makoto himself. This film surprising aired first in America at Anime Expo 2016 in Los Angeles and then in Japan. Following it’s released this film receive critical acclaim not just in Japan but from all over the world. This film received critical acclaim for its animation and emotional impact that it kept people going back for 2nd and 3rd viewings. As you can imagine it killed at the box making more money than Spirited Away which at this point was the highest grossing film in Japan. That’s right, Makoto actual out sold Hayao Miyazaki (oh~ he has just made a powerful enemy). The fan obsession with this film was out of control and even got to the point where Makoto himself sent out a public message pleading with people to stop watching the film saying that their obsession with it was becoming unhealthy. Wow, that says a lot and the fact that it out sold Spirited Away hands down my favorite animated movie, you know somethings up. Well, I’ve stalled long enough let’s take a look at this film. This is Your Name. Please be gentle with your death threats.

    The film opens up with our two main characters Taki a high-school boy voiced by Ryunosuke Kamiki (Kenji from Summer Wars) and Mitsuha a high-school girl voiced by Mone Kamishiraishi doing a narration about how they feel something is missing from their loves (dare I say it’s love?). We get a opening sequence (starting to think the original idea was to make this an anime but they realize they didn’t have enough material and decided to turn it into a film adding in this opening sequence since they worked so hard on it). We then focus on Mitsuha a girl who lives in the countryside with her little sister, grandma, and dad who is trying to get re-elected as mayor (first the countryside, then the cities, and then the country). We see that Mitsuha and her dad don’t get along that much and in class she sees a message in her notebook asking who is she (that’s deep)? At lunch her friends want to know why she was acting all weird yesterday in class to which she doesn’t recall what happened (*Nitsuj stares at the Jack Bros.* (Corbin): Hey don’t look at us our hands are clean on this. (Baron): Yes. This time the pumpkin and the snowman did nothing. Although they would like to do something). We also see she doesn’t like the countryside because there’s nothing to do and wants to graduate so she can move to Tokyo and live in the city. That night she and her sister perform a ritual together to make sake for the gods as part of this festival about to happen soon (I highly doubt the gods will want to drink chewed up rice spit out by girls. (Corbin): You clearly haven’t met our Duke of the Right Fischer. Guy gets off on that kind of stuff. You think we’re bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet). A few of her classmates see this and make fun of her a little which embarrasses her and she shouts out into the night sky how she wishes to be reincarnated as a boy and live in the city. The next day Mitsuha finds herself in the body of our male lead Taki (wow, dreams do come true. (Isis): For some at least. (Nitsuj): Why, what’s your dream? (Isis): Something a boy like you would never understand). She goes to Taki’s school but not before getting distracted by all the sights of Tokyo while under the impression that this is all a dream (you wish, you can read stuff. This is all real. (Mira): It could be lucid dreaming. (Nitsuj): A possibility but no). She seems to be enjoying herself and hanging out with Taki’s friends until she gets called in for work where he works as a waiter in an Italian restaurant where she helps Okudera (Taki’s crush) and even walks home with her. After that, she heads back home where she writes her name on Taki’s hand and falls asleep.

    The next morning Taki returns to his body as does Mitsuha where they see they each did some pretty crazy stuff in each other’s lives and figure out quickly that their dream isn’t a dream and by some divine power (*Nitsuj stares at the Jack Bros.* (Baron): It’s not us, I swear! (Yin-Yang): Having a hard time believing that. (Corbin): If we really could switch bodies don’t you think we would have done that with you guys by now? (Yin-Yang): Good point) they’ve been allowed to switch bodies with each other. So we get a montage of them switching with each other while also trying to figure out what’s going on. They communicate with each other through their cellphones laying down ground rules with each other as to not mess up each other’s life and giving a report of what happened so neither one is surprise (oh my God they’re actually doing the body switch formula correctly). Taki (now in Mitsuha’s body) goes to the remains of the town’s historical temple with Mitsuha’s sister and grandma to offer the sake to the gods. When he returns he finds out he has a date with Okudera (alright Mitsuha hooking him up) where it doesn’t go so well (it’s not School Days bad but there was no real connection between the two) and she can sense that Taki likes someone else even though he denies it. Back with Mitsuha she goes to the first night of the festival with her friends where they see a comet fly pass the town (it’s beautiful). After this event the two stop switching entirely with Taki not sure why.

    We see him develop a bit of an obsession with trying to find Mitsuha’s village hoping to find her (and confess that he loves her). Having to go off on nothing but his memories and drawing pictures of the town’s scenery, Taki sets off to find Mitsuha’s town by going to other towns in the countryside but no one seems to know about the town until he stops at a ramen shop where the owner of the shop sees his drawing and tells him about the town and the tragedy that happened there. It turns out the place doesn’t exist because that comet at the festival crashed into the town and killed just about everyone (here’s where things really start to get interesting). This disaster took place 3 years ago which means that Taki and Mitsuha have been traveling through time while switching bodies with each other (holy shit that is a good twist). Since Mitsuha is dead that means that everything that happened after her death is slowly starting to disappear from Taki’s life including his memories of when he was in Mitsuha’s body but he thinks he might have discovered a way to switch bodies one more time and save everyone. He returns to the remains of the town’s shrine (first the shrine gets destroyed than the town. I think the gods are trying to tell us something) where he finds the sake and drinks it since it contains traces of her essence (you drank 3 year old sake that’s been sitting underground in a temple? That’s just gross). He slips and falls unconscious where he sees visions (done in amazing drawings) of Mitsuha’s life (say Yume, Chibi. You guys are experts in this line of work how would you explain all of this? (Yume and Chibi Isis): Magic. (Nitsuj): I thought so). Taki returns to Mitsuha’s body where the grandma knows she’s not speaking to Mitsuha and hears what Taki has to say but she says nobody will believe him (Shizuku: Obviously, you need something more threatening and likely to happen to scare people. (Seras): I suggest a fire. What? The town’s going to be destroyed anyway so why not get a head start and destroy it on your terms). Taki gets together with Mitsuha’s friends where they come up with a plan to hijack the communication systems in town and evacuate everyone to the school grounds where they’ll be safe from the comet however they still need to get the town council on their side so Taki goes to speak to Mitsuha’s dad where he doesn’t believe him (or her. You know what I mean). As Taki walks the streets defeated he bumps into Mitsuha’s sister who tells him Mitsuha left for Tokyo yesterday which gives Taki the idea that Mitsuha also went to the shrine so he goes there where he starts to remember that 3 years ago he actually met Mitsuha on a train but because of that 3 year difference the Taki, Mitusha met didn’t know her. Taki makes it back to the shrine where sure enough Mitsuha is there in Taki’s body but in different times. It’s only when the twilight hour arrives where the two finally meet each other and realize what they have to do. As the twilight hour comes to an end they decide to write each other’s name on each other’s hand so they don’t forget each other. Taki writes his name but before Mitsuha can write hers she vanishes. Mitsuha returns to the town where she and her friends put Taki’s plan into motion. They blow up the small power station (oh my God they’re criminals) and make the announcement telling everyone to evacuate but city council puts a stop to their plans. Mitsuha rushes to her dad where she convinces him to evacuate the town before it’s too late. A majority of the people get saved with only a few dying however both Taki and Mitsuha forget each other and Taki instead of writing his name on Mitsuha’s hand instead wrote I love you (okay, as romantic as that is that was stupid on his part). We fast forward 5 years later where Taki has graduated from college and is now looking for work. While riding in a train he spots Mitsuha but loses track of her. They see each other again while on separate trains, get off, and finally see each other on a staircase and ask for each other’s name ending the film on a cliffhanger leaving us to wonder if they do remember each other’s name and if they do will they end up together (I think so).

    Final Thoughts

    So that was Your Name and what can I say about that no one else hasn’t already? It’s a great film, it has good characters, an excellent soundtrack, a story that captures your interest, it does the body switching correctly, and it features some of the best animation I have seen in an animated film. But despite all these great things I just don’t see how this beat Spirit Away. Don’t get me wrong, like I said before it’s a great film but there are 3 problems I have with it.

    The first is the romance. While it’s clear that Taki and Mitsuha love each other we never see how it happens. They just both wake up and realize that they love each other. How? We never saw them interact with each other or talk about each other. It be different if they set aside time to show us that they used their notebooks or phones to ask each other questions and from there went on to get to learn more about each other and slowly develop feelings for each other. That would have been a great idea but they never show any of that, they just wake up and realize they love each other and I just wish they did this part better in my opinion. The second is why were they able to switch bodies in the first place? We never get an explanation as to why this is happening or what the cause of it is. Even Taki and Mitsuha pretty much stop caring about it even though they said they were going to figure it all. For that matter why these two? I can understand Mitsuha but why Taki? From what we see he doesn’t have any real disdain for his life like Mitsuha so why was he chosen and why the 3-year difference to boot? The final problem have is I left with nothing. One of the things that makes me like Spirited Away so much was that it left me with a new perspective on growing up, not being afraid of the unknown, and having the courage to do what needs to be done even when you’re afraid. The Castle of Cagliostro left me with the idea of how to balance out a film that welcomes new fans, doesn’t betray the expectations of current fans, stays true to the source material while also adding something new, and keeping you interested in what’s going to happen next. Your Name didn’t leave me with anything new. While it’s true they did the whole body switch thing correctly we’ve known how to do it right for years thanks to past movies and in terms of romance and how it develops between two people it doesn’t offer me anything nor does it attempt to be unique or memorable as past romances I’ve seen.

    Final Score

    My final score for Your Name is an 8.5/10 with a must watch stamp of approval. I know it sounded like I was bashing the film at the end but despite the 3 problems I have with it, this is still a fantastic film and one of the most beautiful films I’ve seen in my life. It’s just that in the end when all is said and done and I compare this film with Spirited Away, I think Spirited Away was the overall better film. Well that’s my review and before you guys start writing your death threats and while I have your attention I have an important announcement to make. I will be going on hiatus this summer. Nothing bad has happened to me. I’m not sick, injured, not in trouble, nor is there a death in my family. I’m just taking the summer off to recharge, relax, and come back better than ever. The hiatus isn’t indefinitely, I’ll be back in August and when I do I’ll have an arc ready and everything. This is goodbye for now but I’ll be back. Until then, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

    *All videos, clips, and music are not owned by me and belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved*

    Thanks for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or send your comments, feedback, or request to
  15. Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Death, is unfortunately a part of life. Whether we like it or not, we are all going to die one day. Anime is no stranger to death as artist and creators have shown numerous times they’re not afraid to kill off one of their characters in order to get a rise out of us or shake up the story. Some of these deaths put a smile on our face because it’s a character who we either hate or can’t stand and some of these deaths have been known to cause us to breakdown and shed tears over the death of someone we really cared for. These deaths may be tragic but they’re worth looking over and talking about why they were so tragic. I’m Nitsuj and these are the top 11 saddest anime deaths.

    #11. Vegeta’s death from DBZ

    If you’re a character in the DBZ universe chances are you’ve died at least once in the series and the saddest death of them all had to be Vegeta’s first death at the hands of Freiza. During the Namek arc, Vegeta was quickly becoming everyone’s favorite character. He was a badass who single-handedly took down all of Freiza’s men one after the other including the Ginyu Force, Freiza’s most elite troops. But despite all of this he failed to win the fight that mattered to him the most, his fight with Freiza. This fight meant everything to Vegeta, this was his chance to avenge the Saiyan race that was so brutally murdered at the hands of Freiza and yet despite his best efforts he’s still nowhere close to defeating Freiza who beats him, insults him, humiliates him, and finally kills him in a dishonorable way. While it’s true Goku defeated Freiza making Vegeta’s wish come true to know that Freiza died at the hands of a Saiyan, this meant more to Vegeta than it did Goku. Goku really has no recollection of the Saiyan race while Vegeta did, he was proud of his Saiyan race and wore his pride as a Saiyan like a badge of honor. To see him come so far only to fail and lose in the one fight that mattered to him the most is quite heartbreaking.

    #10. Nanami’s death from Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc

    The Despair Arc gave us the backstory into how the world fell into despair and the final piece to that despair was the death of Nanami. Nanami’s death is one of the most brutal deaths ever put into an anime. Trying to save her classmates and teacher, Nanami enters a dungeon filled with deadly traps getting stabbed, cut, beaten and bleeding all over with the only thing driving her is the hope that she’ll see her friends and teacher once again. Just when it seems like she’s going to win, that all this pain was worth it, despair creeps in and deals the finishing blow to her and us the audience are left crushed and speechless at what we just saw. This death is so sad! To see such a sweet girl who bought her class together and just wanted to have fun with everyone die at the hands of some crazy bitch just pulls at the heartstrings and even as she’s dying knowing full well she’s lost, she still tries to help the boy she possibly likes.

    #9. Kamina’s death from Gurren Lagann

    One of the most shocking deaths to ever take place in an anime. Up until his death, Kamina was seen as the main character of the series. While a lot of the focus was on Simon, we all found ourselves being drawn to Kamina just for his character and personality. He was reckless and hotheaded at times but at the same time he was brave, inspiring, and fearless. All the qualities you would expect to see in a leader were in Kamina so when he dies so early and in the first real battle of the anime it’s very shocking. Many people figured that his death would come in the second to last battle where Simon had matured and become a man who could stand on his own and side by side with Kamina but instead he dies early and we see the pain, anger, and sadness Simon goes through. One could say that this death help Simon mature faster and become the leader he was meant to be while others say this death happened way too early in the series. Either way, this death was shocking and left a lot of people crying. In other words, a job well done anime.

    #8. Yuuki’s death from SAO

    You can hate on SAO all you want but no one can deny that this death had you crying. Yuuki, according to Kirito, was hands down the best player online. This means that if Yuuki had been trapped in SAO along with Kirito and the others, chances are she would have been the main character and hero of the series instead of Kirito. What makes Yuuki’s death so tragic was that she died by aids a real-life disease that claims thousands and millions of lives. She didn’t die by some unknown illness nor by a made-up illness that most animes do, she died by a real illness and that just hits home with all of us. Yet, despite this illness Yuuki lived each day to the fullest smiling, laughing, and enjoying every second of life and even when she dies she gets one of the best send offs of all time as everyone in the game comes in, gathers around, and prays for her acknowledging that she was the best player in ALO and nobody will forget her. Hopefully, when it’s my time to go I can face it like Yuuki did.

    #7. Jiraya’s death from Naruto

    A fan favorite among the fans, you think the last thing the author would do is kill off one of his most popular characters. But no, Kishimoto proved he’s not afraid to make fans cry all for the sake of the story and the development of the main character. Jiraya’s death was a big blow to Naruto, this was the closest thing he had to a father-figure in his life. While it’s true he had Kakashi and Iruka, those two were more like big brothers than fathers. Jiraya knew Naruto’s parents and he trained Naruto’s dad so it only makes logical sense that Naruto would come under the tutelage of Jiraya in the future and while their relationship started off rocky the two quickly came to respect each other with Jiraya seeing a lot of himself in Naruto. Even as he’s dying and realizes all the failures in his life he realizes that there’s one thing he can proud of and that’s Naruto, his last student, his best student, and his favorite student.

    #6. Koro-Sensei’s death from Assassination Classroom

    Going into Assassination Classroom we all knew what the outcome of this series was going to be. We all knew somehow someway Koro-Sensei was going to die, it was expected. What we didn’t expect however was falling in love with this character. Koro-Sensei was that teacher we all dreamt of having. A teacher who was funny, fair, inspiring, encouraging, challenging and most importantly someone who made his students better people in the world. Hell, even when he dies he gives them a book to help them through their lives. This was a person that everyone going into the field of education should strive to be like. Not physically but character wise. As the series went on and we kept seeing all the deeds and actions he did for his students to make them better people, we all kept hoping that by some miracle he would be allowed to live at the end of the series but no he dies. But even in his death he dies going out on his terms and that’s dying by the hands of his students the same students he helped teach and watched mature for over a year. I don’t think he could have asked for a better death.

    #5. Otonashi’s death from Angel Beats

    Otonashi’s death is not only one of the saddest anime deaths but also one of the most inspirational deaths of all time. After the death of his little sister, Otonashi decided it was time to get his life together so he started hitting the books, getting good grades, and soon found himself on the fast track to medical school only to have tragedy strike him. While traveling on a train an accident occurs where the train gets trapped in a tunnel with no way out. Many are dead and the remaining are all injured and scared but it’s Otonashi who brings everyone together and gives them hope. But despite his efforts, days if not weeks go by without rescue and as everyone slowly starts to die Otonashi takes out his ID card and makes himself a donor saying that if he’s going to die he’s going to make sure his body can be used to save someone else and this act inspires everyone in the tunnel to make themselves donors. This scene is so amazing and well-done. Finally, help comes and it seems like everyone is going to make it out alive except for Otonashi who unfortunately dies seconds before the rescue party arrives. This whole experience fills you with so many emotions that it’s hard to put into words how you feel you just have to experience it firsthand and see what I mean.

    #4. Bols’s death from Akame ga Kill

    Akame ga Kill is like the anime version of Game of Thrones. Everybody including the main characters has a death flag hanging over their heads and at any time they could die and the series would go on as if it was nothing. Hands down the saddest death in this series isn’t the death of a main character but rather the death of a villain. Bols was a soldier of the Empire but unlike all the other villains in this series he was fully aware that his actions were wrong and evil and knew that someday he would have to pay for them. But despite knowing this he still added a bit of happiness in his life in the form of his loving wife and child which makes his death even more tragic because he’s leaving them behind. He’ll never get a chance to embrace his wife again or see his daughter grow into a beautiful woman. I know he was a villain but he felt remorse for his actions and if there was one villain who deserved to walk out of all of this alive it’s Bols.

    #3. Nagisa’s death from Clannad

    You all know about this death. If we’re talking about sad deaths in anime you’ve got to mention this death. Nagisa was born with a frail body yet despite this tried to live every day to the fullest and wound up marrying her high school sweetheart and got pregnant. Because of a snowstorm she can’t make it to the hospital so she has to give birth to her child in her own home where it’s just too much strain on her frail body that she dies giving birth to her baby girl and Tomoya is now a single father who just lost the one person who gave his life meaning. Nagisa’s death is sad because you want her and Tomoya to be happy and catch a break in life and just when it seems like everything is going their way and they’re going to have a life full of happiness reality just pulls it away like some kind of twisted joke. Clannad, one of the only animes in existence that can make the toughest of grown men break down and cry.

    #2. Hughes’s death from FMA: Brotherhood and

    Another death you’ve got to mention when talking about sad deaths in anime. Hughes was one of those guys who just came and stole the show. Every time he was on screen you knew it was gonna be a good scene. Hughes’s death happens when he figures out what the Homunculus are planning way before everyone else (we’re talking 20+ episodes here) and trying to inform Mustang only to get stopped by Envy who kills him all while looking like his wife. How messed up is that? Yes, Hughes knows that’s not really his wife but still to kill him while looking and sounding like his wife that’s got to hurt him mentally. Surprisingly, it’s not the actual murder of Hughes that’s the saddest part of his death, it’s the funeral. As he’s being lowered into the group his precious daughter is crying out don’t put him down there under the impression that he’s still alive and everyone just stays quiet while crying silently covering their faces because they don’t know what to say or rather how can they tell this innocent child that her dad is dead and never coming back. FMA had a lot of tragic scenes but Hughes’s death will be the most tragic because we lost a great character and the aftermath of his death was so brilliantly tragic and emotional all in one.

    And the number one saddest anime death is. . .

    #1. Isla’s death from Plastic Memories

    This whole anime is tragic and it all builds up to the death of Isla. In this futuristic world, we see that humans live side by side with androids who thanks to technology have human emotions however these androids have a lifespan of roughly 9 ½ years and need to be picked up and shutdown otherwise they’ll go on a violent rampage. As you can guess during those 9 years the owners of the androids develop a bond with their androids and refuse to give them up when their lifespan is almost up. For Tsukasa this is no exception despite the fact that he’s part of the division responsible for ceasing and capturing these androids. We see that his partner is an android named Isla who is also nearing the end of her lifespan but keeps it a secret in order to spare Tsukasa’s feelings. But of course he finds out about it and figures out that he’s in love with Isla. So the two become a couple with Isla also developing feelings for Tsukasa and they spend the last of Isla’s lifespan going on dates and making fun memories with each other until the time has finally come and it’s time for Isla to be shutdown. Like I said before this whole series is just one big tragic story where you see everyone lose something they love, have to accept it and the people who feel it the worst are the people who are left living. Tsukasa has it the worst of all because he lost the person he loved and wanted to spend his life with. It’s the equivalent of dating a terminally ill patient and not having long to spend with them but making each second count until the last breath. Everyone who has watched this anime has cried (myself included) because of how well-done and tragic it is. Plastic Memories is an anime that teaches us to value every second we have with the people in our lives because you never know when they might be gone or even when you might be gone.

    Well those are my saddest anime deaths. Sorry to be such a downer this week but Memorial Day is around the corner and it’s important to take time to remember the people we lost in our lives and spend time with the people that are still in our lives. You never know when you or them might leave. We’ll be going back to the bright and funny stuff next week, I promise. Until then, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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