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  1. I did a David Bowie Month last month and this was the first part. I talk about Station to Station all the way through Lodger. David Bowie recorded this thing during a massive cocaine addiction. How has it fared in the 41 years since it's release? Watch to find out!

  2. I finally review a shoegazing band! What's shoegazing you ask? Check it out below!!

  3. Here we go, I tackle an undisputed classic. Will I make it through with my head still intact? Watch to find out:

  4. This was the most challenging episode I've done for Adventures in Vinyl-Land to date. Had to do a lot of research to get historical context. This is often touted as the greatest Australian album of all time, and it's not hard to see why. No other album in history has had this much of a cultural and societal impact. Check it out below:

  5. Yes, I combined my two shows for a single episode. I figured, the album had lost media, so why not combine the two formats together.

    Fleet Foxes released Helplessness Blues in 2011 to critical acclaim, but it was a long, troubled production getting there. Check out the story below:

  6. The 80s were full of bands experimenting with new sounds. The biggest innovation was in synth pop, and the album reviewed in this episode shows the push for pop music into the future. It's my personal favorite synth pop album of the decade. With the famous song "Don't You Want Me" this album enjoyed both commercial success and critical acclaim. Check it out below!

  7. In my third installment of my Adventures in Vinyl-Land series, I explore my first extreme metal album, Jane Doe by Converge.

  8. In this second installment of my vinyl series, I explore the world of PM Dawn, one of the big Alt. Hip-Hop bands of the early 90s. Check it out!

  9. Whew, has it seriously been that long since I updated my blog on here? Well, here's a new one for y'all.

    This was a show I started back in September of last year and have been going strong since. Yes, I know, my turntable is awful for the first 3 episodes. Growing pains when it comes to being a record collector I guess.

    This show is less "lame ass attempts at humor" more "let's just review the damn thing". I used to run a review show called "2Beats+" which went on hiatus and I had to get my music review socks off somehow. So, I took what people liked from 2Beats+, threw out a lot of the bullshit, and made a brand new show out of it. The first episode is on one of the most famous Stevie Wonder albums, "Songs in the Key of Life".

    Sorry I haven't updated this in so long. I know I didn't have many followers on this site, but I figured, might as well try again! The channel has made a lot of strides since then and I'm happy to say it's growing faster than it ever has!
  10. It's Halloween month! Which means I'm dressing up like the true dork I am as characters from topics I'll be discussing in the episodes. This episode, I covered Walt Disney's Fantasia! Check it out!

  11. In December I decided to do an entire series of videos based off of the band's I'd reviewed to for 2Beats+ in a live setting. This video is an intro describing the way I do it. I'll post the first band tomorrow on my blog.

  12. This is one of the prouder moments of my time as a video-producer. I actually got a full music video found!

    In 1997, Radiohead rejected a music video for the song "Let Down". Here's my rundown of it in the video below:

    Then, last month, someone found the full, unedited video on the creator's website. You might ask yourself, "How did nobody know it was there?" and the simple answer is "Because it was buried and required playing around with the URL to find." Here's the unedited video below!

    This series is made in conjunction with the Lost Media Wiki, a wiki dedicated to cataloging, finding, and preserving lost media. For more information, check us out at
  13. So, we were a bit late on this one because at the time I ended up getting a pretty debilitating knee injury. But, we gave our thoughts on the Kylie Minogue Christmas album. Yes, it's an informal one, but that's how we do these.

    Check it out below!

  14. We continue our journey through Radiohead-land, this time covering their "classic" period. Is their music just as good as people rave, or is it actually overrated? Watch to find out more!

  15. This is it! The big one! The episode where we review one of the hardest to review bands ever -- Radiohead. Will the hipsters rip us a new one? Or will we come out triumphant? Watch as we start out our 3-part season finale!