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  1. Black Panther
    "Should I be offended that the only two white actors who play a role in the movie are Hobbits?"
    Sorry if the poster is too big. Black Panther is yet another Marvel movie, and as we are still in Phase III, I knew better than to get excited for something just for being a superhero movie.
    After the death of his father, T'Challa, the Black Panther returns to his home country Wakanda to become king. However, trouble arises in the form of Ulysses Klaue and a new villain named Killmonger.
    That is basically the plot of Black Panther. Now, you guys are probably expecting me to rip into this movie like I have done with other Phase III Marvel movies such as Civil War (the evil monstrosity that turned the franchise upside down for me), Spider-Man Homecoming (the first Spider-Man movie I hated), and Thor Ragnarok (the first Thor movie I hated). But Black Panther was actually alright. It has its moments, both good and bad, kind of like Doctor Strange. This is a pretty disposable film that you can just sit through, watch for its runtime, then leave the theater feeling pretty indifferent about what you just saw. It's not going to leave an impact on me, I'm likely not going to see it again, and it won't come to mind when I think back on film for 2018.
    Chadwick Boseman does a pretty good job as Black Panther. He didn't blow me away or anything, I have some history with the character from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. They failed to make him interesting in Civil War, but in this movie thankfully they gave him actual character here, we can actually see in some scenes he is effected by his father's death and other actions throughout the film.
    The supporting characters however, how do I put this? They are just kind of there. They aren't interesting characters, they do spend time on them, and there is talk about some things they do, but I don't know who they are as people. I don't remember their names, I don't know their aspirations. Even Martin Freeman isn't given a lot to work with. There was one side character in the movie that I did enjoy, M'Baku, played by Winston Duke. He wasn't in the movie much, but when he was there he was kind of enjoyable and fun on screen.
    I do kind of enjoy the villains from time to time. Andy Serkis is goofy fun as Klaue. It can be hard to take him seriously at times, but at least he's enjoyable in that sense. Andy is just hamming it up, and for that reason alone I think he was my favorite part of the movie.
    There is also Michael B Jordan as Killmonger. This will come as no surprise to anyone, but he is way better in this movie than he was in Fant4stic. No surprise at all. But does that mean he is good? Yeah, he is really good. He gives a strong performance as a man who has been twisted into a monster by his upbringing. He has kind of a tragic backstory that does give him character, but sadly other than that, the character is a d*ckhead. When the third act comes around, all sympathy I could've had for this character is dropped when we see what his goals are. He goes from this guy out for vengeance for good reason to someone who just hates the world and wants to oppress it.
    But you can also say that making the guy a psycho in the third act does give us more sympathy and reason to want the hero to win, so I guess sacrificing sympathy for the villain does give us more cause to like the hero and side with him in this case.
    The action scenes kind of sucked. Like other installments in this franchise as of late, there is a lot of shaky cam, like 85% in the action is shaky cam garbage. Two or three of the scenes were done at night or in a dark place, and with Black Panther's suit, it's almost impossible to see him. I am freaking sick of the camera not holding still in this franchise! I want to see superheroes and villains beating each other up, I don't want to see a big blur on the screen! It's not fun at all to not be allowed to see action in an action movie, and the sooner studios keep that in mind, the sooner we stop having sh*tty action scenes, and have more stably shot scenes. Tripods, people! Invest! Sorry I had to rant again.
    I do have to admit, the film is visually impressive in most scenes. I do see a lot of the visual appeal to the city of Wakanda, and some of the tech in the movie. Other scenes like this one scene on a mountain looks obviously green screened, I'm sure you guys have heard it before if you saw any Black Panther reviews before mine, but I am being honest, it kind of does look like a lighter background in a darker room. It just gives that kind of effect.
    They do a pretty good job showing Black Panther's kingly responsibilities, so if there is one thing I do remember about this movie, it's that I do understand how Black Panther being king works, and some of the decisions he has to make.

    Overall, Black Panther is a fine, forgettable movie. That's all I really have to say. I'm not going to remember it the way I remember other superhero movies for better or worse, but I didn't have a bad time sitting through it. I give this movie a 5 out of 10 so whatever.

    Also, just a little tip for other critics out there. Using the phrase "one of Marvel's best movies" every single time a Marvel movie comes out is not a good idea. The phrase loses its meaning if you use it over and over, especially for mediocre films. So, try not to create ridiculously high expectations for people who haven't seen the movie yet unless you absolutely mean it.
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  2. It's Valentine's Day again, that means it's time for another hottest women list! I'm sure many of you have been curious about this list for a long time since I talk about hot chicks and Disney a lot on my blog. Disney is known for having a lot of beautiful, powerful female characters, and there are too many to list off in just a top ten list if you factor in everything Disney owns including Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and now 20th Century Fox. In this list I will be focusing on the main Disney animated films. These women either helped shape my young life, or they made my adult life more fun. Either way, open your eyes, let's begin.
    Note: While the focus is on purely animated Disney, I will be taking other existing incarnations of certain characters into account, such as the show Once Upon A Time.

    10. Jasmine from Aladdin
    Jasmine was very exotic in Aladdin, definitely someone who caught little me's attention back in the day. I really like her design, as you have come to expect going into this list, and any woman who can keep a tiger as an obedient pet gets bonus points from me. She is a fun character to get to know in the movie, she doesn't like being wed off to a random prince, and just wants to be married out of love, which is an admirable trait in a role model. She also, like many other women on this list has a very nice singing voice, (so heads up, 90% of the women on this list are great singers). Jasmine is overall a sweet woman, and a strong woman too.

    9. Mulan from Mulan
    Mulan, a woman worth fighting for, but let's be honest, we aren't getting her, and I'm okay with that. Mulan is one of those rare Disney Princesses who actually had to earn her title of Disney Princess through an act of heroism, not through birth or marriage. Wiping out an entire army of Huns in one shot is definitely what I would consider heroic. Throughout the movie, Mulan had to overcome a lot of obstacles, disguising herself as a man to join an army, prove her strength in very intense training, and having to earn everyone's respect again when her secret is revealed. Also, it was fun to learn in Once Upon A Time that Mulan is actually a lesbian. I know a lot of people go by the movies saying that Li Shang was her love interest, but once the show gave us this nice new view of Mulan, I've been unable to see her with any man (as long as we ignore Mulan II, which would be for the best). Mulan is definitely worth fighting for, even if you know you'll be in her friend zone, I'd be cool with that.

    8. Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6
    This is probably the most unexpected pick on this list for some of you (and for others, you got another thing coming). While the majority of these women are either the main character, or the romantic lead in the movie, Cass is neither, she is actually the guardian of Hiro in Big Hero 6. So while she doesn't get as much screen time in the film as the other hotties like Honey Lemon and GoGo, she does make an impression on me. She is a very kind, motherly woman with a funny side to her. She has her moments that amuse me, she is a heartwarming presence, and yes, she is really sexy. She seems like a very fun woman to date. She'd have a lot to talk about, she would probably make the food herself, saving me the trouble of finding a place to go, and she'd be easy to sympathize with. So out of the three women in Big Hero 6, Cass is probably more my type.

    7. Belle from Beauty and the Beast
    Yes, it also helps that Emma Watson plays her in the live action version. Anyway, a lot of people have Belle on their lists for hottest women, and yeah, they are right. She is pretty much a perfect package of beauty and brains. She is a very sweet presence on screen, and she also knows when to stand up for herself, whether she is getting rid of Gaston, or she's telling the Beast off. She is an incredible character, and we can all make jokes about how she likes hairy guys, but who doesn't want someone like Belle in their life? Belle would make a really great wife, though she would only go for a guy she thought was deserving, and not the first guy who was roughly the size of a barge.

    6. Ariel from the Little Mermaid
    I'm pretty sure Ariel is part siren. I mean, her voice is given a lot of attention in the movie, it seems to have some magic properties when Ursula uses it, and Eric just magically wakes up when she sings to him. I watch a lot of fan theory videos, this is what happens. Anyway, I'm sure many of you guys saw this coming, as you could say Ariel was one of my first crushes growing up. She was actually very important to how Disney Princesses came to be portrayed later, as before the renaissance, princesses like Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora just let the plot happen to them, while Ariel actually went out and got things done. She's much more active in the story than just being a pretty face. It is the kind of advice I should probably follow, but I pretty much have my room set up with all sorts of shiny things like she does, so it's hard to leave sometimes. (She and Tamatoa would probably make good friends now that I think about it.) Still, there is no denying that she sparked my interest in mermaids, with beauty, talent, and her adventurous spirit, she is quite a catch, no pun intended. Who am I kidding? It was intended.

    5. Anna from Frozen
    Anna is freaking adorable. She's funny, hot, sweet, kind, just overall a very lovable person. She's definitely the kind of person I wish I knew in real life. Anytime she is on screen, she is a joy to watch, she is the kind of woman I would put into the Ultimate Princess category. I know that's not a thing, but Anna deserves to be an Ultimate Princess. I also love how real the character feels, she is an excitable social butterfly who had to grow up in isolation, and she's so excited to get out and see things. Even when she falls for a guy she just met that day, her upbringing makes the situation believable, and we see her learn from her mistakes in the movie. But I am getting off topic here, the point is, I would be very lucky to have someone like Anna in my life making everything better.

    4. Kaa from the Jungle Book (2016)
    Scarlett Johansson makes everything sexy! That is one of the many rules of movies for me. Scarlett Johansson is so hot, and I have such a huge crush on her, that she managed to find her spot on my list. I just had to do it, the casting of Scarlett Johansson as Kaa got me so excited when I heard about it, because it just seemed so perfect to reimagine the character as a seductress slithering through the jungle and hypnotizing her prey with her soothing voice and piercing gaze. Technically you could call the Jungle Book remake an animated movie because there is more animation elements than live action ones. The scene with Kaa in the film was brief, and left me wanting more of the character. Let's just say if I was in that situation instead of Mowgli, I would still be back there. The voice of Kaa is incredibly soothing from Scarlett's perfect delivery. The way she says every word in such a comforting and beautiful fashion would definitely lure me into her trap. Also, I recommend checking out how Scarlett sings Trust In Me. It's something I listen to when I need to relax, and it works. Yeah, I'd totally be her prisoner.

    3. Rapunzel from Tangled
    Like Anna, Rapunzel is also freaking adorable, and also, her cuteness seems to have no bounds. With how much I've been watching Tangled: the Series, and seeing all of the sweet things Rapunzel does in that show to have me love her, it is amazing how much sweetness is inside of this one person. I just love how Rapunzel is able to make even the most vicious looking of criminals open up to her with her kindness, there has to be some kind of superpower at work for that. Like some of my other picks, Rapunzel also has her adventurous side, moments of hotness I definitely have to admire, and she is so honest and loyal as well. It's like Disney created the perfect girlfriend, and gave her to Flynn Rider so we'd always be jealous of him. Also, you can imagine how hard it was for me to not make dirty jokes about her hair, she's too sweet to make those jokes about.

    2. Megara from Hercules
    Fun fact, Megara was probably my original crush. Before I encountered any of the other women that I praised as goddesses, there was Megara. Man, she was incredible from the start, she's beautiful, has an incredible form, a very smooth voice, and of course, her attitude. She's definitely a wonderful package. Megara is also a character I can relate to well. In the film she works for Hades (the most hilarious angry boss ever), because she sold her soul to him to save the man she loved, but he left her anyway for another woman, leaving Megara alone and in the servitude of the lord of the Underworld. From that day forward, she seemed to lose faith in humanity, and has a new outlook on life and people. This is incredibly relatable to me because I, and I am sure others as well, have been in a situation where having a broken heart can shake you up so bad when you're young. So it is great to see her find someone who does love her for who she is. Also, I have heard some people say that Megara does deserve to be considered a Disney Princess, and one could argue that her sacrificing herself to give Hercules his superhuman strength back to defeat the Titans does count as an act of heroism that was how characters like Mulan and Pocahantus got the title. Either way, Megara is definitely worthy of the silver medal in my book.

    1. Elsa from Frozen
    You all knew this was meant to be. I have definitely made my love for Frozen and Elsa known many times. Elsa had me mesmerized from the moment I saw her extremely beautiful design, and ever since I saw the movie, I have always loved this character. She's incredible, she is really powerful, but also very vulnerable at the same time because of her fear of her own abilities. She loves her sister, but didn't want to see her get hurt. She was such an amazing character to watch on screen, as her emotions were conveyed through powerful visual storytelling. And her voice has to be the best voice of any Disney character I've ever heard. Idina Menzel has a wonderful singing voice, and when I first heard it, I was in love. I could listen to her songs over and over, they are just that great. I love her relationship with Anna, her power, her effective displays of emotion, she's an incredible woman. Any time I see a great Elsa cosplayer at a convention, or that time I went to Disney World, I do go full fanboy. Yes, I bet that is a funny image for you to picture. Damn, I wish I could marry Elsa.

    And there you go, my annual Valentine's Day list, and my picks for the hottest Disney women. I had a lot of fun looking back and making this list, and I hope you guys enjoyed that little dose of me being a perv.
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  3. Fifty Shades of I am Finally Free!
    "Now, I'm free. There are...no strings on me!"
    Fifty Shades Freed is the third and final chapter of the Fifty Shades trilogy, and at last, my challenge is over. I've fought the leviathan, survived, and now, the final test is here, to talk about this movie. You guys remember my reviews of the first two movies, which both ended up on my worst of the year lists on the year they were released. The time came when I needed to face this thing, and fortunately for me, Fifty Shades Freed is the least painful of the Fifty Shades movies.
    That isn't saying a lot at all, but this movie does have the same feeling you get when you reach the end of any bad film series, the feeling of a great weight being lifted off of your shoulders, that you no longer have to go to the theaters to watch these movies.
    Breathe the free air again!
    Anyway, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey get married, and the film follows their married life, how much they do it, what they do with their money, and stuff like that. Also that creepy guy from the last movie returns, not that we remember much about him.
    Also, this review will contain some spoilers, but do you really care?
    A lot of the movie depends on how much of a Fifty Shades fan you are. I am not a fan, I don't even remember most of the details, the only ones whose names I remember are the main characters with their possessive relationship, and how much sex they have.
    By the way, the sex scenes are hilarious in this movie! Not intentionally, but they are hilarious. The first time we see the characters do it is during this marriage montage at the beginning of the movie, where we see them in bed and it's just Jamie Dorian's back bouncing up and down in the sheets, seriously, anyone could've made that amateur shot, so it's pretty funny that it is the first sex scene in the movie.
    This movie does have more unintentional hilarity than the first two, which does make it easier to watch. I saw this movie with the right crowd. They knew this movie as done, and they were laughing with me through many scenes, whether it be the sex scenes, the just plain weird moments, or the goofy dialogue. Yes, there is a ton of goofy dialogue, I have memorized just a few lines from the movie that are too funny to forget.
    "I sent you an email...it bounced!" - Christian Grey
    "I've got an opening for him." - the co worker from the last movie no one remembers
    "There's boobs everywhere, it's like boobs in Boobland here!" - Anastasia Steele

    Also, she is such a tease, the only boobs I saw in that scene were her's, and she kept talking about boobs in Boobland!
    There are some intentionally funny lines in the movie too, but the unintentionally funny ones are more frequent.
    The acting in this movie, what can I really say? Jamie Doran might as well get the triple Razzie at this point because I am sure my prediction of him winning the Worst Actor Razzie this year will come true, Dakota Johnson is just really there for her paycheck, and she seems to be mostly glad these movies are over as we are. Superman is in this movie! You heard right, people, the actor who plays Superman in Supergirl, Tyler Hoechlin has an appearance in this movie. It is super brief, basically it's just a cameo, but he is in this movie for one scene.
    It's funny because I like to picture that there was more to that scene. He is an author talking to Anastasia about his book, but then Christian comes into the room. Superman realizes with this combination of two actors that he is in a Fifty Shades movie, so he makes his exit, then as soon as no one is looking, he takes off his disguise and flies away from the movie! That didn't happen on screen, but it would've made the movie so much better if it did! Someone please edit a YouTube video of that together when this movie comes out on Blu Ray.
    The script of the film was dull, the plot is predictable in many places, nothing in the side plot has me grabbed. The movie is basically porn for people who don't watch porn themselves, so apparently if the film was made for people like me, they amazingly failed to catch my intrigue.
    There was one side plot specifically when one of Anastasia's friends thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her, and later in a scene Anastasia sees him with a hot chick outside a dress store, and they completely drop that when he proposes. It's entirely pointless, they never even bring up him and the hot chick, it just happens.
    Then there is that scene where Anastasia and the hot architect are talking in the house, it was marketed in the trailer to look like it could've been a sub plot, but it is just one scene that comes and goes because apparently Anastasia is scary.
    It's funny when it's trying to be sexy, it's bland when it's trying to be serious, it's still kind of funny when it tries to be funny.
    I give this movie more of a rating for at least being more watchable than the other two, and that is a 2 out of 10 so it is still sucky.

    At least Superman was able to save himself.

  4. Seriously, where's Venom?

    I know that all of my trailer reactions are meant for Stardust now, but this is something I just can't sum up in 30 seconds. I did a Stardust reaction with brief thoughts, but this trailer is a piece of work, man. I've been trying to wrap my head around this enigma ever since I saw it.
    A Venom trailer with no Venom in it!
    Now, the movie itself looks well shot, as whoever filmed this footage does have a visual eye, but everything else about the movie so far has me in a weird mood.
    Of course, the main reason is because the trailer really gives us nothing. Really, there is nothing in this trailer that would grab people watching it to see the movie. I know it's a teaser trailer, but it doesn't tease us in the right way!
    I know there are trailers that show too much about a movie, but there are also trailers that show too little, and the Venom trailer shows too little.
    When you show the Marvel logos over the trailer, you have people in the theater wondering who it could be for, as if they are expecting a big reveal, and then we don't even get a look at the title character, and you can expect all the moviegoers looking at each other, saying "That was it? That was a Venom trailer?"
    I would've expected them to at least have one shot of Venom to show off how the character looks now. Maybe we'll get to see a massive, muscular Venom we've been wanting to see for over ten years. The perfect image for the trailer to end on would've been a brief look at Venom's face. Maybe the screen goes black for a few seconds, we hear this low, demonic growl, and then it fades back in to show Venom hunched over, then he would look at the camera and open his jaws, showing those sharp teeth and the iconic Venom tongue while he lets out a sinister laugh.
    No, we got none of that, just this Tom Hardy face that I am betting is going to be a meme for the next 236 days, up to the point when the movie is released.
    Other than having no Venom, the movie is also throwing off some early 2000s superhero film vibes. Remember that period in time when after Batman and Robin, superhero movies were trying to prove too much that they could be dark and edgy? Daredevil, Hulk, the Blade movies, Punisher. Sure we had the X-Men movies which were the movies that were actually doing a good job, but everything else was a long brood fest. It may have also been a reason why I didn't like Logan because it was like that times a thousand.
    There's a villain in a suit (I know people probably think Carnage is going to be the villain of the film, but like Venom, there is nothing resembling Carnage in the trailer), a lab experiment vibe, and the protagonist narrating over the horrific scenes. I swear, this movie better not be R-rated, and an early 2000s-type superhero movie!
    Also, there appears to be no ties to Spider-Man from the trailer so far. I don't know if that is just from how the trailer was made, or if they are completely rewriting Venom's origins for this movie, but I hope that they aren't. Spider-Man is essential in Venom's existence, because before the symbiote found Eddie Brock, the one true Venom, Spider-Man was its host, and so it hates him for abandoning it, Eddie Brock hates Spider-Man for ruining his life, and together they were driven by a mutual desire for revenge. Without Spider-Man there would be no Venom. I hope the movie at least addresses the symbiote's ties to Spider-Man. Maybe they captured it after Spider-Man got rid of it, and they're trying to use it themselves somehow, and that could be Venom's creation.
    A Venom origin story where Spider-Man plays no part just sounds wrong.

    My guess is that Sony is trying to avoid repeating one of their recurring mistakes in their marketing, and that is showing too much in the trailer. In the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailers they kept showing the final shot of the movie where Spider-Man is about to fight the Rhino. In the Spider-Man Homecoming trailer they basically showed the whole plot of the movie. Even back in Spider-Man 3, they showed that really cool Venom shot in the church, and then when everyone flocked to the theaters for Venom, we only got about five minutes of him and he was killed off too quickly.
    So they thought the current trend was to show less in the trailers, they just didn't show anything worth grabbing us with.
    There is a middle ground between showing us too much, and showing us nothing at all, and Sony needs to find it. Hopefully they find that middle ground and somewhere down the road we can see some shots of Venom in the next trailer.

    And speaking of trailers, please be sure to check me out on Stardust, which you can download from the Google Play store, it is free. I've done a few trailer reactions for the Super Bowl like Solo: A Star Wars Story, which finally gave us something, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and Avengers: Infinity War. I also reacted to the Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer. And yes, there is a Venom reaction too.
  5. Maze Runner: The Death Cure
    "Considering that the first two movies never seemed to want to f**king end, it is a big relief that this franchise is over."
    Maze Runner: The Death Cure is the third and final installment of the Maze Runner trilogy. As you guys may know, I've had a rough time with these movies since day one. The first movie was okay, but had that ending that just kept going, the second movie sucked and just kept going, so now this is where it all ends. And I have to say, this movie is better than I ever would've expected.
    I was expecting this movie to be like the first two and drag itself out to torturous extent, and believe me, it tries in some places, but it is kind of rewarding to reach the end, and the journey in this movie isn't that bad.
    Thomas and the other maze survivors begin their final strike on the evil corporation WCKD, who are trying to cure that dumb zombie plague that has been going around. Also, the guys want to rescue their captured friend, and Thomas's hot friend Teresa now works for WCKD, and is obsessed with Thomas's magic plague-curing blood. Yeah, that is seriously a thing.
    In all honesty though, this movie isn't as stupid as one could expect from the first two films. It actually seems to get some things right, have some cool aspects to it, and overall be kind of a fine conclusion to this franchise. So you could say that it ends on a high note.
    Dylan O'Brien actually does give a really good performance in this movie. He is one of the redeeming qualities of this franchise, he's not a boring dude, he's not just another copy and paste young adult protagonist that puts himself in love triangles and bounces back and forth between two people who want him. He is actually a very driven character who acts very human, he has motive for his actions, and does give off a reason as to why his friends would want to follow him.
    This movie also does something interesting that the first two failed at spectacularly, and that was actually showing why WCKD thinks it is good. In the first two movies, we only really see WCKD as this big evil corporation that tries to kill teenagers, it just made them another case of "corporations bad, teenagers good!" In this movie we do see that there is both good in bad to what they are trying to do. They have a reason as to why they are doing these horrible things, but they are still going about it the wrong way.
    The movie is kind of all over the place though in many other aspects. The action for instance, sometimes it can be pretty good, as there are a few shootout scenes that I enjoyed. Other times it falls into shaky cam crap for no reason.
    Sometimes the plot can be moving along pretty smoothly, other times it can drag along and leave us impatient to wrap it up.
    Sometimes there are some really stupid moments, and yeah, I should ellaborate on that.
    There are so many scenes where characters are on the edge of failing, it looks like the odds are against them, and in classic young adult film style, or the style of many movies in general, they are saved at the last second by something that just shows up. It's like the characters themselves lack survival skills, and rely on convenience to save their asses. Every single time, I was sitting there in the theater, just shaking my head thinking "Let me guess, you're going to be saved at the last second." Then they get saved literally at the last second, right on cue every time!
    There is also a lot of stupidity. The zombies return, and I hated that they brought in zombies in the second movie in the first place. But zombies aside, there are a lot of stupid calls. One scene in particular, I do not want to go into too much detail, but the evil henchmen have a character trapped, but when they get saved at the last possible second, they just stand there and watch the character save themselves instead of trying to stun them like we've seen they can do.
    There is also one character early on in the movie that is shown to be in a really bad place personally, and throughout the film they keep getting worse and worse, and despite the fact that they should just stay behind and get the help they need in the first place, they decide to tag along, put themselves in danger and gradually get worse until it is way too late. No one else does anything to help them, they don't do a damn thing to make things any easier on them. Talking about this plot point is so hard without going into spoiler details.
    This movie is kind of playing tug of war with itself. It tries sometimes to be a good movie, and it is clear where a lot of that effort goes, but at other times its stupidity pulls the rope over to its side.
    That being said, it is an accomplishment that I didn't hate this movie. It is too long, it is full of stupidity, but it did have enough stuff to keep me interested and keep me from just giving up on it. I never read the books these movies are based off of, but I hear for the most part they do follow them, and in some cases follow them too closely. If they cut elements from the second book and divided them between the first and third parts, we could've had two perfectly okay movies. But in the game of young adult adaptations, you know they are going to milk it as much as possible, and I am grateful that they did not split this one movie into two.

    When all is said and done I give the Death Cure a rating of 5 out of 10 so whatever. To my great surprise. So I thank this movie for not sucking.

    So now it is time for your friendly Stardust reminder. Stardust is a great app for reacting to movies, trailers, and TV shows, and I am on there. Follow me as GreyJediForce.
    Since last time I've done reactions to this movie, episodes of Tangled: the Series, and the second trailer of Pacific Rim: Uprising, so be sure to check them out. Also, Superbowl is approaching, so that means I will have some teasers to react to. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we finally get something for Solo: a Star Wars Story.
  6. Last year I went over the Razzies for 2016's movies, and you guys seemed to enjoy that, so why not cover the Razzies every year? Well, this is a rough year. You can probably expect a good amount of rage from me this year. While last year I had more disagreements about what movies did not succeed in getting the Razzies, this year, I have some concerns. Yeah, you know the punchline, here are the nominees, and my predictions / hopes.

    Worst Screenplay
    The Nominees are:
    The Emoji Movie
    Fifty Shades Darker
    The Mummy
    Transformers: The Last Knight...okay, who dares to challenge me?!
    You can expect if someone dares mock the name of Transformers, then they'll have to go through me! Heads up, expect an epic Transformers quote every time I find them in the nominees. But in all seriousness, the one movie I think stands the most chance of winning the Razzie in this category is the one movie of the nominees that I haven't seen. The Emoji Movie is infamous for being so bad, it was despised even before people saw it. So many people are calling it the worst movie of 2017. My worst movie of 2017 was Girls Trip, and I am enraged that it isn't being nominated for Razzies. But with how Norm of the North was ignored from the Razzies entirely last year, and people really hated that movie, imagine how bad the Emoji Movie has to be for the Razzies to absolutely need it nominated. I will go as far to predict that the Emoji Movie will take the most Razzies home. I know my predictions last year were mostly off, but this is something I am going to put confidence in.

    Worst Screen Combo

    The Nominees are:
    Any combination of two characters, two sex toys, or two sexual positions in Fifty Shades Darker
    Okay, that one got me to laugh.
    Any combination of two humans, two robots, or two explosions in Transformers: The Last Knight
    Get over here!
    Any two obnoxious emojis in the Emoji Movie
    Johnny Depp and his worn-out drunk routine in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
    Tyler Perry and either the ratty worn-out dress or wig in Boo 2! A Madea Halloween
    Seriously, Razzies, quit while you are ahead. Is there any question that I am putting bets on the Emoji Movie? I haven't even seen it and I can tell it will get a lot of hate in this awards show. Still, the nomination for Fifty Shades Darker is pretty amusing.
    Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel
    Baywatch...wait a minute, that's an adaptation, not any of the options above!
    Boo 2! A Madea Halloween
    Fifty Shades Darker
    The Mummy
    Transformers: The Last Knight
    Get those vile beings!
    Well, since the Emoji Movie falls into none of these categories, I will put my bet on my own personal preference this time. Fifty Shades Darker is the one I think is most likely to win, because it is without a doubt the worst. The Last Knight was epic, the Mummy wasn't as bad as most people thought (in my opinion anyway), I didn't see Boo 2, and Baywatch, while it was bad, it isn't on the same level of bad as Fifty Shades Darker, and it is not a sequel, a prequel, a remake, or a rip-off (well with how people claim movies are rip-offs way too often now, it probably does somehow fall into that category). Why didn't they nominate Kingsman the Golden Circle? That movie deserves more hate.

    Worst Supporting Actor
    The Nominees are:
    Javiar Bardem for both Mother and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
    Russel Crowe as Dr. Jekyl in the Mummy
    Josh Duhamel as Col. William Lennox in Transformers: The Last Knight
    Aw, this ain't right!
    Mel Gibson as Kurt Mayron in Daddy's Home 2
    Anthony Hopkins for both Collide and Transformers: The Last Knight
    You dare strike your god?!
    Seriously, Razzies? You really want to test my patience with two badasses from Transformers at once? You know, Jude Law was probably hoping you would nominate him for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. As for my prediction, Mel Gibson could win this one, he got the redeemer award last year, maybe this year they drag him back down. But sadly, even though Javiar Bardem was one of my favorite aspects about Dead Men Tell No Tales, I think his role in Mother will be enough to condemn him here. I've heard a lot of people hate Mother, and there is a minority out there that appreciate it, but the people that hate Mother really freaking hate it. I haven't seen Mother personally, I avoided it for reasons, but just because someone hasn't seen a movie doesn't mean it doesn't have a chance in the Razzies. So, yeah, I'm putting my bet on Mother here, because if the Hillary movie taught me anything, is that no one has to see it in order for it to get a Razzie.

    Worst Supporting Actress
    The Nominees are:
    Kim Basinger as Elena Lincoln in Fifty Shades Darker
    Sofia Boutella as the hot Mummy in the Mummy
    Laura Haddock as Vivian Wembly in Transformers: The Last Knight
    You get back in your hole and you think about what you did!
    Goldie Hawn as Linda Middleton in Snatched
    Susan Sarandon as Isis Dunkler in A Bad Mom's Christmas
    How dare they target Laura?! And on another topic, I'm pretty sure even people who hated the Mummy can agree that Sofia was the best part about that movie. Not only was she a hot, well needed change to the Mummy line-up, but she was actually really fun to watch on screen, creepy when she needed to be, and what actually contributed to me not hating the Mummy reboot. If I had to select who was most likely to get the Razzie, I would say either Kim Basinger because the Fifty Shades movies deserve at least two Razzies per awards show, or Susan Sarandon, because she was hands down what I disliked the most about A Bad Mom's Christmas, because out of all the unfunny things she did, there is one joke in my mind that just stands out as my reasoning of why she is nominated. So either of those two are bound to get it.

    Worst Actor

    The Nominees are:
    Tom Cruise as Nick Morton in the Mummy
    Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
    Jamie Doran as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Darker
    Zac Efron as Matt Brody in Baywatch
    Mark Wahlberg for both Daddy's Home 2 and Transformers: The Last Knight
    No! No! There are limits, pick again!
    Seriously, Razzies, where are the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword nominees?! I did not suffer through every colossal failure in that movie and Girls Trip for both of them to worm their way out of your awards show! So, I called this in my Fifty Shades Darker review that Jamie Doran was going for the double Razzie for his performance as Christian Grey. He won the first time, he will win again, and if he is still bad in the third movie, he will win three times in a row, and that will be historic.

    Worst Actress

    The Nominees are:
    Katherine Heigl as Tessa Connover in Unforgettable
    Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades Darker
    Jennifer Lawrence as Mother in Mother
    Tyler Perry as Madea in Boo 2: A Madea Halloween
    Emma Watson as Mae Holland in the Circle
    Okay, with the exception of Tyler Perry, I feel bad for every actress nominated this year. Poor Katherine, poor Dakota, poor Jennifer, and poor Emma, especially Emma. That is why I am hoping that Tyler Perry wins the Razzie for worst actress above all else this year. He lost last year to a performance nobody saw, if this man can be nominated for worst actress, he must desperately be trying to get it, so give him his Razzie! He's not going to stop until he has that thing to put on his desk.

    Worst Director

    The Nominees are:
    Darren Aronofsky for Mother
    Michael Bay for Transformers: The Last Knight
    You ugly mess! Did you forget who I am?! (Seriously, I cheered in the theater at that scene.)
    James Foley for Fifty Shades Darker
    Alex Kurtzman for the Mummy
    Tony Leondis for the Emoji Movie
    I will fight beside Michael Bay anytime, anywhere, so you know I've got his back. So Tony's getting this Razzie because as I said before, anything with the Emoji Movie being nominated is going to win. I feel it in the Earth, I feel it in the water, I smell it in the air.

    Worst Picture
    Here is the big one, I swear, if I am incorrect about this one, I will flip another table! The Nominees are:
    The Emoji Movie
    Fifty Shades Darker
    The Mummy
    Transformers: The Last Knight
    Razzies! Get off our planet!
    Seriously, how come none of the movies that I gave a zero to were even nominated? I didn't watch the Emoji Movie, that might've gotten a zero, but come on! Someone in the Razzies had to have hated Girls Trip, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Downsizing and Father Figures too! So yeah, my prediction is of course the Emoji Movie. Did you expect anything else when I started this entry?

    So there are my predictions / hopes for the Razzies when the results are announced on March 3rd, which ironically is a day before my birthday. Maybe the Razzies will be merciful as an early birthday present? I would appreciate that. Two things that would make my birthday great would be having a girlfriend on that day, and the Razzies showing mercy to my lord and master.

    I hope you guys enjoyed this fun little entry, and I hope you guys enjoy my reaction to the results. For future reference, I will use Megatron or Nitro Zeus to share my emotions depending on how the Razzies go that day. Hopefully you'll see Nitro Zeus being a happy, awesome Decepticon on March 3rd.
  7. 12 Strong
    "Back off, I'll take you on! Headstrong I'll take on anyone!" "Who else wanted to hear that song in the movie? Just me? Okay."
    12 Strong is not a prequel to Michael Bay's 13 Hours, but it is another war movie based off of a book that was based off of true events now declassified.
    After the 9/11 attack, twelve American soldiers enter Afghanistan to go to war with a terrorist organization.
    Basically the plot of the movie summed up in a single sentence. 12 Strong is a pretty basic movie, it is what it is and it works that way. This movie is like any war movie that can be made today, taking a true story, casting big actors like Chris Hemsworth to play the lead, staying true to the story it is based on, and having a lot of explosions. So, with that in mind, I did like 12 Strong.
    As I say many times, Chris Hemsworth is great, he really carries the movie here. He does have to carry a lot of movies I've seen, because Chris just has this likability and admiration to him that always gets me invested in his performance. Sure in this movie, you can tell that he is doing an American accent with his iconic voice still present behind it, but he does a great job at selling this role. He also gets the most effective growing friendship of the movie between him and the general he is allied with to hunt down the terrorists.
    Throughout the movie Chris and the general have a growing mutual respect that forms overtime with the experiences they go through in this war.
    That is the most characterization of the movie though, because for most part, the movie doesn't focus on the rest of the characters. It is good to have more focus on Chris Hemsworth, because he is awesome, but the rest of the cast just seem like footnotes. Sure there are some little moments for us to better understand Michael Shannon and Michael Pena, but other than those two, the rest of the soldiers in the movies are really nothing more than background characters. Even when it cuts to a certain soldier and his friendship with one of the kids accompanying them, it doesn't really seem significant to the overall plot.
    Still, it is a very respectful movie, and it does a good job of portraying the state of mind Chris Hemsworth's character and the others would go through in this time. They wanted to protect their families, it wasn't just about revenge, it was a heroic journey. The movie especially portrays it well with the action scenes.
    The action scenes are intense, well shot with no shaky cam (which I am so grateful for), they do capture the intensity and stress of the war zone around them, and in the heat of battle I am watching with complete interest, looking forward to seeing the soldiers get through this battlefield, charging on the front lines on horseback. It is skillfully made and where the movie really shines.
    The movie can kind of drag in pacing at times. It didn't bother me in the beginning or end of the movie, because I knew it was necessary to have a good set up and a good finishing note. But the middle of the film had a few scenes that felt unnecessary or went on for too long. I don't know if they should've cut some of these scenes because they may have been important to the real life story, but when adapting something to a movie, I would prefer it to move along smoothly.

    For the most part, 12 Strong is a good, solid war movie. It shines in the parts where it needs to shine, there are flaws but they aren't overly glaring. When doing a true story movie it is tricky on how to approach it, but I think the movie did pretty well. So I will give it a rating of 7 out of 10 so I suggest you check it out.

    Speaking of things to check out, please be sure to follow me on Stardust, my username there is GreyJediForce. I know I'm advertising myself like crazy, but it will keep you up to date with my activity this year as I watch movies and TV. All my my trailer reactions will be there as well, when they finally release the Solo trailer, you know I'll react to it.
  8. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
    "The time has finally come to look at this massive franchise. This should be fun."
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (I know it was originally called the Philosopher's Stone, but this is how I remember it) is the first film in the Harry Potter film series based off the Harry Potter book series, a series of books that I actually have read. Because this year has a Fantastic Beasts movie coming out, and last year I didn't get to go over the movies, this year, I've finally got the time to review these movies. The Harry Potter films and books have both been very big parts of my life in a similar way that Star Wars or Transformers is.
    Harry Potter is an orphan boy living with his abusive aunt, uncle and cousin, the Dursleys, until one day he is visited on his 11th birthday by a half-giant named Rubeus Hagrid, who tells Harry that he is in fact a wizard. Harry is accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he is sorted into his house, Gryffindor, and makes new friends like Ron Weasely and Hermione Granger. But Harry also learns more about his past, the true cause of his parents' deaths, and the return of the wizard who did it, Lord Voldemort.
    I've been wanting to go over the Harry Potter movies for a while now. I figured this year would be a perfect time for it, and I've got a lot to talk about with this movie.
    As the first installment of this franchise, Sorcerer's Stone does a great job at building up this world. It's impressive how the movie managed to bring this unique world from the books to the screen. The various sets and characters look and feel like they were pulled right out of JK Rowling's pages and onto the screen. Sorcerer's Stone as an adaptation is very faithful to its source material, which is something that is important when adapting a book into a movie. You want to keep the story in tact, but also work it in a way that would work for a movie on screen. They thankfully keep in the important stuff we need, and while there are little changes here or there, it's still a very well adapted story.
    The cast for the movies is really well chosen. J.K. Rowling herself was a lot more involved with the movies than most authors are with adaptations of their works, and I think that was a great way to go. She was specific about the cast being all British, and the filming to take place in Britain, and that certainly helps. Daniel Radcliffe was a great choice for Harry Potter, he looks the part, he captures the essence of the part, when I see him, I don't just see him as an actor playing just another part, I see him as Harry Potter himself. When I see promotional photos and such for Harry Potter merchandise, I don't just see Daniel Radcliffe in robes and glasses, I actually see Harry Potter.
    Emma Watson was also a lot of fun as Hermione Granger. She also does great at capturing the intelligence and attitude of Hermione from the books, and one thing that is fun to notice on repeat viewings is her facial expressions. Some times there are just these little scenes where it's clear that Hermione knows something everyone else doesn't like it's just so obvious to her, and I do find those little expressions Hermione does to be quite humorous.
    Rupert Grint was pretty funny as Ron. Like the other actors he does grow as the films progress, but he is a needed comedy relief to come in at the right moments, and he's never cringeworthy like other comedy relief characters in some franchises can be.
    Robbie Coltrane does a really great job as Hagrid. Hagrid was always a very lovable character in the books, and in the movies, everything about his character remains in tact, his love for magical creatures, his loyalty to Dumbledore, his friendly bond with Harry when they first meet. This was actually the first person who was so nice to Harry in his life, and it really makes their introduction scene even nicer, after you see the crap he goes through with the Dursleys.
    I also really like Richard Harris's performance as Albus Dumbledore. It's a shame that he died after doing Chamber of Secrets. He was a good depiction of Dumbledore from the books, he captured the kind fatherly essence Dumbledore had in the books. He always seemed to keep his cool, and he always had this presence that you just had to respect. If you want to know my thoughts on Michael Gambon's take on Dumbledore, I'll get to him when we get to his movies. But one scene in this movie that makes Richard Harris stand out as a perfect choice for Dumbledore was the scene where he and Harry are both at the Mirror of Erised, and he really does a wonderful job with that scene, he does great at explaining what the mirror does, and why it seems so wonderful, but also why it's so secretly dangerous.
    Another perfect casting done with an actor who is sadly no longer with us is Alan Rickman as Severus Snape. Alan Rickman is a treasure that will be missed, and he really brought a lot to Snape, who was secretly one of the most complex characters in the books as well as the movies if you look at all of them put together. What really helped his performance be so intriguing to bring extra life to the character was that JK Rowling did share some secrets for future books involving Snape. So with everything in mind rewatching this movie, you can see those cool little details when Snape is on screen. He's coming off as a bad guy to Harry, but the character has reasons for his actions. It's something you won't catch on first viewing if you're just watching the movies and not reading the books, so that puts you in the shoes of the characters who seem him as a bad guy.
    So that's another thing that's great about the Harry Potter films. You don't have to read before watching to get what is going on, but reading the books does certainly give you more insight into it.
    Of course, as a movie released in 2001, its effects don't really hold up. While its practical effects do look really cool, the CGI effects are noticeably dated. Every time I rewatch the movie, I sit along, enjoying the film a good amount, and then I see an old CGI effect reveal itself, and I'm like "Yeah, that is some 17-year-old CGI." The Quidditch scene especially uses a lot of CGI of people on brooms which is very noticeable nowadays, and pretty cringeworthy. Back then in 2001 it looked cool, but now as we've been spoiled by what CGI can do, and some things it has done in the past that still look great, you do notice it in this movie more.

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is a great first installment to this franchise. It's great to see the world of Harry Potter coming to life for the first time on screen. I love the characters, I love the story, I love the universe in these movies. I'm looking forward to talking about the other films. This movie gets a 9 out of 10 so it is truly worthy.

    Also, time for that friendly reminder for Stardust! Recently I did a Stardust countdown of my favorite and least favorite movies of 2017 because I was bored at the time and needed something to do. Anyway, there is a lot of great stuff to offer on Stardust, you too can record and share quick reactions to movies, trailers, and TV like I do. Recently I reacted to a few episodes of Tangled: The Series which I am really into by the way. I also have two recent trailer reactions for Tomb Raider, and...Teen Titans Go to the Movies! Funny enough my reaction to the teaser Teen Titans Go to the Movies is my most viewed and liked reaction on my account, so you guys will probably like that.
    As always, my username is GreyJediForce follow me there, and I'll check out your stuff as well.
  9. Top 10 Best Movies of 2017
    "Just in time before the end of the year. Enjoy."

    The time has come. 2017 wasn't the best year in film, but there was definitely a lot to love about it. I saw over fifty new movies that were released in 2017, surpassing the minimum goal I set for myself at the beginning of the year. Sure, I did sit through some nightmares as you noticed in my worst of the year list, so now it is time to finish off the year on a positive note. These are my top ten favorite movies of the year.
    Before I get started, keep in mind that everything on here is my opinion. Just like there might have been a movie or two on my worst of the year list you guys didn't agree with, here there could be a movie or two on this list you don't agree with.
    For these lists, the minimal requirement for a movie to qualify for the list is to get a rating of 8 or higher.
    Also, sadly specials do not count for this list. As much as I love Olaf's Frozen Adventure, I can't put it on this list for that reason.

    Let's give an honorable mention because there is a movie that deserves recognition here that didn't quite make the list.

    Honorable Mention:
    Patriot's Day (8 out of 10)
    This movie probably should be on here, since it was given a wide release in 2017, which is when a majority of audiences would have seen it. However, some people consider it a 2016 movie because of early screenings. It's complicated.

    Now onto the movies I enjoyed most this year.

    10. Teen Titans: the Judas Contract
    Rating: 8 out of 10 (Definite own)

    So a direct to DVD movie made it on the list. Impressive. Teen Titans the Judas Contract was a strong addition to the animated lineup DC has been making. I really did enjoy the story unfold in this film, Starfire was pretty amazing, and Deathstroke was such an entertaining villain through and through. It was a lot of fun from start to finish, and does show how good these films can be, even with how mixed they can be at times.

    9. The Lego Batman Movie
    Rating: 8 out of 10 (Definite own)

    When a movie or show has a major standout character, the character should have a great movie on their own. Sometimes it doesn't work out, but fortunately the Lego Batman Movie does work out. The jokes of the movie just kept coming, most of them hit their marks, and Batman is every bit as funny and awesome as he was in the Lego Movie. The movie can also be touching when it needs to be. I wonder what it says when Legos can be more touching than most live action movies this year.

    8. Ghost in the Shell
    Rating: 9 out of 10 (Truly worthy)

    I had no prior experience with the anime that Ghost in the Shell was based off of, so I went into this movie with a clean slate, and I still stand by my words saying this is a great movie. I feel it was unfairly criticized before it was released for some very unjust reasons. Scarlett Johansson is great, I believe this woman can make any role she is in sexy, the action is some of the best filmed action I have seen in some time, and I was kept intrigued through the runtime, whether it was about Major getting in touch with her human side, or the thrills this movie did provide.

    7. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions
    Rating: 9 out of 10 (Truly worthy)

    I was a big Yu-Gi-Oh fan growing up, and Dark Side of Dimensions really took me back to those days. A really cool aspect of the movie was that it was mostly Kaiba's story, and Kaiba was the most awesome character of the show. It's a movie meant for the fans, and the entire theater I saw this with was extremely excited through it. There were really funny moments, some huge epic moments, Obelisk the Tormentor rose again! Man I had a blast!

    6. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
    Rating: 9 out of 10 (Truly worthy)

    It is a pleasant surprise when you expect something to be a remake, but it turns out to be a sequel. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was a sequel that not only surpasses the original in every way, but the movie stands out on its own as well. The cast worked great together, and there were so many funny moments. This is also another example of a video game movie done right. Between this and Wreck-It Ralph, it would seem movies about video games are better than movies based off of video games. Trust me, we have not seen the last of either, for better or worse.

    5. Transformers: The Last Knight
    Rating: 9 out of 10 (Truly worthy)

    Throughout the year, you guys saw me praise the Transformers movies as movie that I wished all action movies would be like. The Last Knight was another beautiful addition to the franchise, exploring a lot of Transformers lore that I was more than happy to receive. It also gave us Quintessa, who has such a wonderful presence on the films now, the evil creator of the Cybertronians. It delivers on some cool action moments, some funny moments, especially thanks to Cogman, and one of the coolest introductions to a team of villains ever. I would join Megatron's crew with that music and my name flashing on the screen in red. Just saying.

    4. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2
    Rating: 10 out of 10 (Awesome Epic Explodiness to the EXTREME!!!)

    I've been giving Marvel a lot of sh*t since the whole Civil War disaster, so when I not only enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, but loved it even more than the first movie, I was very pleased. It was a refreshing film to say the least. Super hilarious with its great chemistry between the characters, and further development for the ones that really needed it. Yondu was a big stand out in this movie, and his character arc led to one of the most impactful scenes of this franchise in a couple of years. So whether you call this movie a pleasant break in a storm, or a glimmer of hope for me, I loved this movie.

    3. War for the Planet of the Apes
    Rating: 10 out of 10 (Awesome Epic Explodiness to the EXTREME!!!)

    How often is it that the third installment of a trilogy is the best one? War for the Planet of the Apes was the conclusion of an impressive journey through this franchise, from the first film which I thought was okay, the second film which I thought was great, to this which completely comes full circle. The movies have overtime made me care for a group of apes, which was a big challenge, and so I feel for them when they are put through the hardships of this movie. Caesar and the apes of this movie feel as real as they look, and even though Woody Harrelson isn't in the movie as much, he still has this amazing presence.

    Okay, now onto my top two. This was the hardest choice I ever had to make for a top ten list so far. I wanted both of these movies to get the number one spot on this list so bad, and if I could, I would give it to both of them, but in this list, I have to rank them. It all came down to a simple coin toss that decided the outcome. I have no idea how you guys will react to this, whether you'll approve or disapprove of the order of these last two, but these are my top two movies as they stand currrently, so here we go!

    2. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi
    Rating: 10 out of 10 (Awesome Epic Explodiness to the EXTREME!!!)

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi was a bold new story in the Star Wars canon. There were twists and turns everywhere, making predictions of the film obsolete, and putting aside any worries that the marketing could give something major away. The characters are great, I love the chemistry they had together, I loved the new look at certain things in this universe, I loved the additions to the lore, and the movie is freaking beautiful. I'm loving the direction of the sequel trilogy, and I can't wait to see where it all leads. Also, Porgs are freaking adorable.

    1. Wonder Woman
    Rating: 10 out of 10 (Awesome Epic Explodiness to the EXTREME!!!)

    There is always hope out there, even when the world of cinema has you down, one movie can restore hope. Wonder Woman restored hope. I wasn't happy with the DC Extended Universe for the first three films, but Wonder Woman was a light that shined through all of the darkness. It did the opposite of what its predecessors did, giving us a more hopeful tone, a very well developed, lovable hero, action scenes that are incredible and full of energy, and a movie that is fun, exciting, pretty much a great movie. It's a great movie that showed a franchise can still pump out an amazing installment after a rough start, that female superheroes can hold their own film, and that even with all the dark that can fill up the world of the DC universe, a light will always be there to guide us. Wonder Woman is more than an awesome movie, it is an inspiration. I actually had to see this movie at least three times in the theater because of how much I loved it. I haven't done that for a superhero movie since the Avengers.

    So those were my favorite movies of the year. As you can tell, it was pretty hard to make the picks for this list. Also, I haven't seen every movie out this year, reaching my minimum goal was challenging enough. But if you guys follow me on the Stardust app for 2018, you can follow me on my film journey through that year. I know this is not the first time I've advertised myself for Stardust, but I literally have no followers, so I'm going to keep advertising.
    If you follow me on Stardust, you'll get to see exclusive content I put there that you won't see on this blog, like Netflix originals, TV shows, and trailer reactions. My username on Stardust is GreyJediForce because Reckoning Reviewer was too long.

    I hope you guys had fun this year. I hope that I will have fun next year. Hopefully I can take some dates to the movies in 2018.
  10. Pitch Perfect 3
    "Holy crap, I knew I recognized that soldier! It's Matt Lanter, the voice of Anakin Skywalker. Now I hope he gets to do another Star Wars project."
    Pitch Perfect 3 is the third, and quite possibly the final chapter of the Pitch Perfect trilogy, we don't have enough trilogies these days.
    The Barton Bellas have been apart for years after going their separate ways, but miss singing together, so they decide to have one last show as a team for the military. Also careers, and gangsters, and sh*t.
    This movie was kind of a fun finish to the trilogy, but compared to the first two movies it isn't as funny. The first two movies I loved, they got me to laugh many times.
    The opening of this movie was exciting. I mean, it was a great way to open the movie and get the audience pumped. It was a great musical number, and there was no Fat Amy in sight. Until she ended up crashing the party and spoiling my mood.
    The constant annoyance through all three of these movies is Fat Amy, she was always so annoying in all three of the movies, extremely aggressive, egotistical and overall a horrible person, and she is like that especially in this movie. You just have to wonder why Becca and the other Bellas keep her around because she is such an unlikable, unfunny inconvenience.
    It also hurts that she has a part in this movie that is way too important. The plot is so simple of the movie that the side plot with Fat Amy ends up sticking out like a sore thumb, especially with how out of place it seems towards the end. It ends up being like another movie entirely. They should've gotten rid of the character after the first movie, found a funny comedy relief member to replace her, and I would've been satisfied.
    While the second film didn't fall into the offscreen break up traps that comedy sequels usually do fall into, this movie for some reason does fall in that pit, and it is sad. So pretty much any couple that was existent in the first two movies that fans enjoyed is now gone. But at least there is the new romance between Anakin Skywalker and Chloe, which is pretty funny to be honest.
    There is still some good humor enough in the movie to keep it afloat. Pretty much anyone except Rebel Wilson can be funny among this cast, and there are a few jokes that got a laugh out of me.
    The songs are also great in this movie. The opening cover song of the film was a big stand out to me, as was the riff off between the Bellas and the rival bands performing for the military. I had a lot of fun listening to these songs and it does make me want to go back and listen to the songs in all the movies.
    Becca's story arc in this movie was a cool story arc. It starts off looking like it could go in one direction, then it goes into another direction which is very interesting, and I am vastly intrigued with seeing how it turns out. Also, Anna Kendrick still commands my soul.

    So Pitch Perfect 3 was funny enough. I thought it was a fine way to close out the franchise, but if they make more, I can't see how they would continue with the Bellas all going their separate ways. I give the movie a 6 out of 10 so I say it's worth watching.

    And that makes fifty-one new movies I have seen in 2017. It seemed like I wouldn't make it a few times, but I'm glad I saw over fifty films. I didn't review two of the movies I saw being the Netflix movies Christmas Prince and Christmas Inheritance (which I did react to on Stardust), but you guys don't care about those two movies.
  11. The Top 10 Worst Theatrical Movies of 2017
    "You are a washen and repulsive scent! Disgusting!" - Megatron describing the movies I have on this list.​

    Here we go, another year of movies, that means it is list time! Personally, my favorite critical time of the year, where I get to rank all the movies I saw, using my rating system, my passion, and of course, your support. So here we are, the year's worst movies! However, as you noticed, I saw so many bad movies in 2017 because of my desire to see more movies this year, that I really didn't want any really bad ones to slip through the cracks. So I have two different entries. The worst theatrical movies, and the worst movies that were direct to DVD, Netflix, or whatever kind of shameful format they were released on.

    This is the worst theatrical films list, which is bound to be the one you guys will be most familiar with, and therefore you will see this as the more important list. Here we go. The ten pieces of crap I sat through in theaters! Now, this list is fully opinion based, that is an important thing to keep in mind. There may be a movie or two featured on this list that you don't agree with, but I personally hate these movies that I put on here. With that said, are we cool?
    Before I begin, no I did not see the Emoji Movie. I just couldn't bring it upon myself to force another person to watch it with me, and I also didn't want to see it alone out of fear. But first, here are some dishonorable mentions that seemed to have dodged the bullet and avoided the list because there were at least ten worse movies.

    Dishonorable Mentions
    Fist Fight (3 out of 10)
    Like many bad comedies, it takes a fun concept and ruins it.
    Logan (2 out of 10)
    It's the second year of this, and already I'm sick of the R-rating being forced on superhero movies. Plus it was depressing as hell.
    Baywatch (3 out of 10)
    Stop making R-rated movies based off of TV shows!
    Thor: Ragnarok (3 out of 10)
    The uncontested weakest of the Thor movies that somehow managed to ruin the Hulk. Also the Valkyrie in this movie sucked.
    Justice League (3 out of 10)
    Just when we had hope for DC, they made a rushed, bloated mess that two directors, and talented actors couldn't fix.

    Now onto the movies that sucked most in the theaters this year. The worst of the worst of 2017! Get those vile beings!

    10. Underworld: Blood Wars
    Rating: 1 out of 10 (Crap Bag) (But a funny one)

    Yeah, this movie is rated lower than some of the movies I placed above it, but it was the kind of bad movie I needed. It was a so bad it's good movie, I was sitting in my seat, laughing my ass off even though at the time it hurt to laugh. This is a special kind of bad movie, it deserves to be on this list, but I do recommend it for a night with friends to laugh at how poorly done this movie is, especially the ridiculous villain drinking Kool Aid blood and getting oral! Oh yeah!

    9. The House
    Rating: 2 out of 10 (Sucky)

    Damn, 2017 was not a good year for a lot of comedians. Neither Will Ferrel or Amy Poehler could bring the funny to the House. I think this is one of the instances where the R-rating ruins a fun idea for a comedy. Movies like this are given too much freedom, and take it way too far. When this movie takes a serious dark turn where Will Ferrel becomes an ax murderer, and Amy Poehler becomes a pothead, it definitely earns its spot as one of the worst comedies of the whole year. When they had an interesting gambling story, they ruined it with lame jokes, and extremely disturbing sh*t. It kind of made me want to stay away from Vegas. I was there once, but after this movie, I don't have the need to return.

    8. Kingsman: The Golden Circle
    Rating: 2 out of 10 (Sucky)

    I hated the first movie, didn't get why it was such a hit for others, and I found the sequel, the Golden Circle to be just as bad. This movie is filled with the same needless profanity that made the first movie so annoying, and has gained a big ego to match. Of course it has some improvements like a better set of villains I could actually take seriously, and definitely choose to side with over the extremely unlikable heroes, but it also takes a very predictable story route to match its stupidity. The movie also had a chance to do an anti-drug message, but it didn't commit to it, leading to a massive failure!

    7. Spider-Man: Homecoming
    Rating: 2 out of 10 (Sucky)

    The third Spider-Man incarnation turns out to be the weakest. It really hurts me to hate a Spider-Man movie, especially the Spider-Man movie that should've been the Spider-Man movie to blow me away. When I heard Spider-Man was joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was happy to hear it, but then the next year they severely dropped in quality, this movie was one of the ones that suffered for it. I have not experienced this much pain watching a Spider-Man movie. It took forever to get through since it dragged on through his boring high school life for what feels like most of the movie. The reason why the other Spider-Man films sped through high school is because no one gives a sh*t about school! And don't get me started on those miscastings the movie was full of. As a big Spider-Man fan, I was so let down when my dream became my nightmare.

    6. Fifty Shades Darker
    Rating: 1 out of 10 (Crap Bag)

    Is anyone really surprised that this is here? Fifty Shades Darker was no better or worse than its predecessor. The characters still don't have romantic chemistry together, Jamie Doran is still Razzie-worthy, and the movie is so boring through its plot, and uneventful scenes, I felt like I was going to fall asleep. If the movie is going to be bad, it might as well be the funny kind of bad, but it wasn't, and the funniest thing about this movie is that the theater I was in turned its lights on before the movie even ended. It seemed clear that the theater was showing us felt it bad about what we had to sit through, so it wanted to end our pain.

    5. The Space Between Us
    Rating: 1 out of 10 (Crap Bag)

    At least I could tell where Fifty Shades Darker would take me, I actually had optimism for the Space Between Us. The entire movie is utterly pointless, because the whole mission was for this kid to find his father, Gary Oldman was his father, there was a scene where he told him his mission, and Gary never even thought to tell him right there! Somehow the creepy chemistry between the two leads in this romance is more cringeworthy than Fifty Shades Darker. Sure, all Anastasia and Christian did was hump, but at least one could argue that the scene was set. These two young people do it in a sleeping bag with no real build up! This could be the kind of movie to laugh at for how awful it is, but that massive Gary Oldman plot hole just glares at you too much for you to laugh.

    4. Father Figures
    Rating: 0 out of 10 (Crap Bag)

    Have you ever had a job that was so dull that you drag yourself through it with minimal effort, waiting for that paycheck to come? The cast of Father Figures did exactly that when they became a part of this movie. None of them were remotely invested in the story, even when they're pretending to be a part of it, you can tell that they don't have the energy they give in other movies. Owen Wilson can do better, Ed Helms can do better, pretty much anyone in this movie can do better, and don't even care if we enjoy this movie. When they give up on this movie, that is good incentive for you to give up on it too.

    3. Downsizing
    Rating: 0 out of 10 (Crap Bag)

    You know what I hate? False advertising. Do you know what I hate even more? Downsizing! This movie was a combination of a boring movie, and an annoying movie. It's boring because it does nothing interesting with its story, and a majority of the dialogue is just statistics, economics and crap we don't care about. It's annoying because of how preachy and whiny it is. This film doesn't shut the f**k up trying to hit you over the head with environmental, political bullsh*t! When you market a crappy movie like this as a comedy, it tricks average moviegoers into seeing it, and it pisses us off when the bland characters and racist stereotypes preach for two hours. At least Father Figures never tried to bring boring politics into it.

    2. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
    Rating: 0 out of 10 (Crap Bag)

    From the moment they killed Katie McGrath's character off before they even showed the title, I knew King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was dead on arrival! This movie is like the ultimate sign of failure, when what looks like a Syfy original movie makes it into theaters, and you find out that Guy Ritchie was the poor soul who went down with it. I loved the Sherlock Holmes movies Guy Ritchie directed, so I have to wonder what the f**k happened for him to pump out this horrible thing! Everything from the cinematography, to the editing, to the acting, the writing, and the sh*tty CGI that is on par with a Sharknado sequel, it all sucked. It's one of the most baffling movies of the year, because it is so surprising that people actually put this in theaters.

    1. Girls Trip
    Rating: 0 out of 10 (Crap Bag)

    This movie broke me. This movie is my enemy. This movie is a crap bag! This movie is Girl's Trip. I have never been more annoyed at the movies this year than I have here, this movie felt like absolute punishment. I hate the characters, I hate the awful jokes, I hate the concept, I pretty much hate everything about this movie to its core. Nothing about this movie belongs, people joke about the worst things possible in this film, the four main characters are terrible, annoying friends. Tiffany Haddish's character is especially horrible, she is the most annoying character of 2017, she makes Jar Jar Binks look like a cool, funny guy! When there was that cliche moment where the characters seem to hate each other and end their friendship there, I wanted the movie to end right there at that moment. I wanted that to be my cue to get out of my seat, leave the theater, and tear this movie apart with my bare hands. But it kept going, when seriously, the ending I wanted seemed much more reasonable. I think I pissed off my mother somehow for her and her friend to make me see this movie. I actually ended up warning her friend's son to avoid the movie like the plague after I met up with him. I'm just making sacrifices here to save the sanity of other dudes.

    So there's my list. The worst movies of 2017 released in theaters per my opinion. I don't think this year was quite as bad as last one in terms of film, I just happened to stumble upon the wrong movies, and therefore I have two lists.
    So tomorrow to round out the year, I'll be going over my favorite movies of 2017, and I'm sure you guys can predict how that one will go. Have fun, and as usual, let's hope 2018 is a merciful year.
  12. Here we go, another year of movies, that means it is list time! Personally, my favorite critical time of the year, where I get to rank all the movies I saw, using my rating system, my passion, and of course, your support. So here we are, the year's worst movies! However, as you noticed, I saw so many bad movies in 2017 because of my desire to see more movies this year, that I really didn't want any really bad ones I saw to slip through the cracks. So I have two different entries. The worst theatrical movies, and the worst movies that were direct to DVD, Netflix, or whatever kind of shameful format they were released on.

    This is option 2, which does offer up the worse movies if you ask me. But I didn't see ten of these this year, so it's a top 5 list, starting with...

    5. What Happened to Monday
    Willem Dafoe is the best part about this movie, and he is barely in it. I'm concerned for the man since he's been on other Netflix originals recently. But yeah, this movie starts off with an interesting concept of a future where sequels are illegal, but like many movies with overpopulation as the backstory for this future, it's going to preach so much that it's annoying. The movie is also so disinterested in its own characters, once anyone has any bit of development whatsoever, they are killed off instantly.

    4. Bigger Fatter Liar
    Big Fat Liar was a product of the time. As a kid, I enjoyed that movie, as an adult, I have not seen it in some time. Bigger Fatter Liar makes that film look like a masterpiece in comparison. It is literally a copy and paste movie. It's a movie that cheated off of the first film's homework, swapped movies for video games and released itself on Netflix hoping to get gullible fans of the first movie to watch it. Credit to the movie, it made me laugh more times than I thought I would, but chuckling twice is not saying much when everything else is like a gut punch.

    3. Sandy Wexler
    Damn, Adam Sandler! Have you fallen so far that you're not allowed to release movies in theaters anymore? Anyway, Sandy Wexler was a movie that is really bottom of the barrel material. It's a two hour comedic romance with poor chemistry, and dull performances. Funnily enough, I brought this movie up with my therapist, and it turns out the love interest in this movie not only was on American Idol, but she also won an Oscar before this movie! You guys know I don't think highly of the Oscars, but damn, her performance in this movie does not feel like the performance of an Oscar winner!

    2. Take the 10
    I feel bad for a lot of the actors who have resorted to showing up on Netflix original movies. Josh Peck is one of them, because he was a big part of Take the 10! From the very first joke of this movie, I knew I was in for a long day of pain. It's a short movie, but every time it got especially hard to watch, I had to pause the movie and rest my head on my wall for a few minutes, which made the experience even longer. Josh Peck's character is extremely unlikable, screwing over his friend and himself at every turn, where you have to wonder why he is kept around. I've tried so hard to forget this movie, and now I feel like I should find Josh Peck wherever he is, and tell him "It's not your fault man, you have to fight through this, you need to get back on your feet!"

    1. iBoy
    I hate iBoy, plain and simple. But what could I expect from a movie called iBoy that tries to be this dark, edgy crime movie about a terrorist who is part iPhone? With a dumb concept like someone having iPhone parts in their brain and getting the abilities of an iPhone, it should've been made for a cheap comedy for laughs, but this dark unpleasant movie with unlikable characters who have the same primitive dialogue as angsty teenagers who try to sound edgy with constant swearing, you know it's going to be a failure. This is the kind of movie someone would do if this was the only movie that would hire them, and they needed to pay their rent. Otherwise, no respectable actor would agree to work on this movie.

    So there you go, the top five worst direct-to movies of 2017. I hope you guys enjoyed that, stay tuned for later when I go over the worst theatrical movies of the year, followed by my favorite films of the year overall.
  13. Downsizing
    "You know, I always thought Matt Damon was kind of a cake eater. He totally is.Turns out Jimmy Kimmel has many reasons to make fun of him."
    Downsizing, the very misleading bit of marketing that manipulated unsuspecting audiences to see what they thought was a comedy, it turned out to be a snooze fest. I saw this movie today with one of the most unenthusiastic crowds of a movie ever. Normally, I'm all about respect in a movie theater. I don't take out my phone at inappropriate times, I don't talk extremely loud, I never bring any kids, I don't even leave the theater to go to the bathroom even during times that I really need to. I should've been triggered by the audience members who were checking Instagram, or talking very loud conversations to each other. But they were actually preferable to watching Downsizing. I was so tempted to just give up and fall asleep myself, but I remembered that I am a movie critic, and I have to stay awake and watch this piece of crap. So go ahead, young lady, double tap your friend's latest pictures.
    In the future, a scientist learns how to actually shrink people to cut down on waste and crap. Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig are a married couple who sign up for the procedure, but Kristen Wiig opts out at the last second, and Damon is all alone and tiny. Also, some political, economic garbage that shows this movie off as an Oscar pandering piece of trash.
    So yeah, I really hated this movie to an extreme. Basically like anyone who was tricked by false advertisement, I was expecting just a simple, dumb comedy to take me out of the moment for a while, laugh a few times, and go home to forget about it. This movie is so much worse than that because it is very manipulative and preachy. I hate movies that just preach about crap like this and slap a false label on it to trick people to see it.
    That is this whole movie in a nutshell. It doesn't bother to give us engaging characters or a fun story. It's just awful in your face preaching, statistics, a drug trip scene. Even when there is comedy, it is highly offensive. One character in the movie is a Vietnamese amputee, and the whole time she was on screen, the way she talked was definitely crossing lines making fun of her voice. I mean, holy sh*t that was serious stereotyping, it was like a Family Guy skit dragged out for two hours! And the other jokes are awful too, like they joke about how they pretty much murdered someone by having them overdose on pills! Did Seth Macfarlane write this movie?! It feels like a dramatic version of Ted without the teddy bear, only tiny Matt Damon!
    I don't go to movies to hear people preach and whine! I go because movies are made for entertainment. A form of art for us to sit back and relax while a story plays out on screen. Where we can be swept away by characters we can love, a plot we can get wrapped up in, laughing, crying, excitement, stuff like that. Downsizing is one of those movies that disgraces the name of film. It was just made to whine for the right to have a stupid golden man statue that clearly they didn't work hard enough to earn, while the big films that took years to get right are out there, working their asses off for our enjoyment! They should be getting the rewards.

    Jimmy Kimmel, bring as much torment as you want to Matt Damon's acting abilities this year, because I can tell you, his performance in this movie was extremely dull, and will give you plenty of ammo. I give Downsizing a rating of 0 out of 10 it's a little crap bag.

    I thought I used the last of my rage this year on Father Figures, but it turns out I still had some leftover for Downsizing.

    I've just got one more new movie to see this year, and I will have lived up to my 2017 resolution.

    Also, as usual, please follow me on Stardust. I just did my Downsizing reaction, and I hope you guys enjoy it.
  14. Father Figures
    "They should've released this movie in January. It would still suck, but at least it would be among other garbage and spare itself the embarrassment of being smashed by every competent movie in theaters this weekend!"
    So, Father Figures is a movie with Owen Wilson and Ed Helms, along with other famous people who were roped into this movie. If you saw my Stardust reaction, you know how much I just don't give a sh*t about this movie, and this movie itself does not give a sh*t. So why should I?!
    Owen Wilson and Ed Helms are twins who do not look alike (I know that's possible in the real world, but they don't address that at all in the movie), and they learn that the person they thought was their deceased father was completely made up, so they go on a road trip to meet a bunch of guys their mother did in the seventies.
    So this movie is extremely dull. It is without any sense of energy or charm whatsoever. Even when you can tell that they are making jokes in this movie, the jokes don't land because no one cares. Everyone who signed onto this January movie knew that they were just going to do this effortless comedy for a paycheck and a pat on the back. Then the movie got delayed for whatever reason, and now it's in December with movies that we actually want to see as opposed to this!
    There are actually some talented people in this movie, Owen Wilson, JK Simmons, Glenn Close, Christopher Walkin just to name a few of the people in this movie! It is just painful to see them all contractually obligated to do this thing, say their awful lines, and then drag through this boring freaking movie!
    Another insulting aspect about it is that the movie attempts to be touching in scenes. It attempts to actually touch on things to manipulate you into feeling something. But guess what? I was so numb from this movie, that crap had no effect on me!
    It's predictable at times, it is just unpleasant at others, and just freaking disturbing in other places! There is a scene where Owen Wilson pees on a kid! Yeah, that happened. You know when Owen Wilson agrees to pee on a kid for a paycheck, he just doesn't care.
    Do I even need to talk a lot about this movie? Can I go home now? I think I just covered what was wrong about this 115 minute movie in a few short paragraphs. Father Figures is among one of the worst movies I've seen this year. It is poorly done, it wastes its talented cast, it doesn't have any sense of care to it, or gives us a reason to care about the movie.

    It's pretty obvious I'm giving this crap bag a rating of 0 out of 10.

    Just save yourselves. Star Wars Episode VIII, and Jumanji are both in theaters, two really great films that deserve your attention. Don't bother with Father Figures, let it stay empty, let it rot! Why should we care?

    Also please follow me on Stardust: GreyJediForce
    I know I don't normally advertise like this, but I really do like using this app. I've started using it to make quick reactions to movies, I've done some for the Last Jedi, Jumanji, and even Father Figures.
    I am also exclusively using the app for my reactions to TV shows I watch like Tangled: The Series. And I've actually done trailer reactions there for the animated Spider-Man movie, and New Mutants. So if you're curious for my quick thoughts, look up the username I put above, and check me out.
    See how much more effort I put into that than Father Figures did?
  15. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
    "I have never heard a crowd so excited for the song "Welcome to the Jungle" before in my life! It is an awesome song though."
    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is kind of a remake, and kind of a sequel to the original Jumanji movie from 1995, which was based off a board game, which was based off a book. But it was directed by Joe Johnston so I wasn't a fan of the original. This movie is completely different.
    A group of high schoolers serving detention together come across an old game console with a video game called Jumanji. When they start the game, they are all sucked into it, and they take on the forms of the characters they chose, inhabiting all of their special strengths and weaknesses.
    I would definitely play this game with my friends, it looks like so much fun, even if it does take you into it, and put you in a very scary jungle. Still, I would get to play the Rock.
    This movie is a massive improvement over the original. A lot of that has to do with the tone of the film. It does feel very much like a video game, and with that feeling to it, the movie can get away with a lot. It embraces that the environment is a video game world, and so the situations really make themselves. You have characters who can make awesome superhero landings, do incredible action stunts, fight identical looking enemies, and they can get away with it.
    The humor of the movie is really strong, and the cast really deliver. All of them are playing teenagers stuck in different bodies, so they act very much like teenagers would act in these bodies. The moment we see the Rock discovering that he is the Rock is done in such a real way. He's surprised by it, but also sees that he looks awesome.
    The one who gets most into character is Jack Black because, if anyone can play a teenage girl trapped in a fat man's body in a convincing and hilarious way, it is this man. He also does it in a way where it doesn't get old unlike the Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok.
    The cast all around is great and fun, all of them have their moments. Some of them deliver on being badasses like the Rock and Karen Gillan, while others hold up in the comedic aspect like Jack Black and Kevin Hart.
    The CGI is no Star Wars or Transformers, but it does work very well. First, it looks a hell of a lot better than the CGI of the original film (though that movie was in the 90s, so can we blame it for looking fake?) and second, because of the world being a video game, it does actually look very fitting in this environment. When the animals do show up, you're not taken out of the moment, if anything, it pulls you in, and the funny antics you can expect to happen do pay off.
    When a movie like Jumanji can pull you in so much like this movie does, and get the audience to not only laugh when the hilarious jokes hit their mark, but also do care for the characters and react to the situations they are put in, it is impressive. I actually heard people gasp when the black mamba scene from the trailer came on.
    For a comedy like this which is released the week after the latest Star Wars film we know will dominate, and the audience is still having such a great time, loving the characters, the actors, the world of Jumanji. I must say I am impressed.
    Does this movie have flaws? Well, yeah, some you can look past though. The time in the real world building up to Jumanji is thankfully short enough so that we don't get impatient waiting for them to get in that jungle.
    I do have to say the villain of the movie is underwhelming. They literally had a cutscene explaining his evil motivations and backstory, and they work on making him very intimidating, but when he is gone, he isn't missed. He is actually out of the story for a long time, and does not come back for a good chunk of the film, and I didn't feel like I missed anything while he was gone. Maybe they should've made him a mixture of a comedic villain and a threat. If he was funnier, he would've had more of a presence.

    But this movie, I really had a great time. Actually one of the best times I've had this year. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle gets a rating of 9 out of 10 it is truly worthy.

    I did not expect to have this much fun, but I'm so glad I did. So if you've seen Star Wars Episode VIII, go check this movie out, it does deserve love.
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