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  1. Olaf's Frozen Adventure
    "I wish I could live in Arendelle. The one downside of living by the beach is the lack of snow, and I want to build a snowman."
    Olaf's Frozen Adventure is here! It is the Christmas special from the Frozen franchise, and you may have noticed how much excitement I had to catch it in theaters. Also, it had a movie to go with it, so come for the short, stay for the movie, that was kind of my plan laid out.
    It's Christmas in Arendelle, Elsa and Anna have a big celebration set up, but when everyone goes to have their own traditions at home, the sisters realize that they don't have their own traditions. But Olaf decides to search the kingdom for traditions to give them the best Christmas ever!
    This special is just filled to the brim with sweetness. I mean, it is so freaking sweet, I could probably eat it. That sounded very wrong, but still, I have never seen a Christmas special so sweet before. It really captures the loving spirit of the holiday, and there were more than a few moments that got to me.
    It was a lot of fun to see how Olaf went looking for the traditions, and also very sweet to see how much he cares for Elsa and Anna. There are a lot of funny moments during Olaf's montage of visiting the citizens and making jokes about it. Josh Gad's really bringing life to this character in every scene, and he has this certain spirit that I can't help but admire everytime he is on screen.
    Even though this is Olaf's short, the scenes that worked the most beautifully had to be the ones between Elsa and Anna. These two are always a joy to watch, and just so freaking cute together every time they are on screen. I'd spend the holidays with them anytime, I had the biggest freaking smile on my face as I watched them. I always love seeing their cute bond anytime they are together, whether it be the movie, the shorts, Once Upon A Time. When they're together, it really warms my heart, especially with one really great scene when the two of them are alone in their attic, and looking through their stuff. You can tell how hyped I was.
    The new songs were awesome. I would totally buy this soundtrack and play it anytime, not just around Christmas, where it is always a tradition for me to watch the movie over and over. Ring in the Season is a very great song, I always love hearing Idina and Kristen using their very beautiful voices, and this is the kind of song I'd play at a Christmas party...if I threw them. Maybe this year I should try that.
    Olaf's song, That Time of Year is very fun, there is a lot of funny stuff in it when it plays in the short, and listening to the song on iTunes does work as well, and Josh Gad's boundless energy is something to admire for what he brings to Olaf while singing the song.
    But my favorite song of the whole bunch is When We're Together, sung by Elsa and Anna. I was excited to hear this song when I caught a glimpse of it in the trailer, and when I heard a little bit on Instagram from Idina's account. It is such a beautiful song that just really hits me in the right place. (By that, I mean my heart, people who took that in a dirty manner). Like how Let It Go really stays with me, When We're Together will also be a song I remember very fondly from this short. It's so uplifting, powerful, and filled with the same sweetness throughout the short.

    I freaking adore this short. Olaf's Frozen Adventure had the heart, the humor, the unbound sweetness that oozes from this beautiful special. The best twenty minutes or more of my day. It gets a 10 out of 10 so it is Awesome Epic Sweetness to the EXTREME!!! I replaced explodiness this time, because while there is an explosion in this short, I would define it more by how sweet it is.

    And yes, I will do a review for Coco, but it is kind of my tradition now to review any Frozen related stuff I can. I'm so glad the Olaf I got for Christmas last year has a Santa hat on him. It feels very fitting because of the short. Also, I'm really hoping that the next convention I go to will have some Elsa and Anna cosplayers based on this short.
  2. Star Wars Battlefront II
    "Yeah, I'm new to the PS4. I am very behind, but I have one now, I'm playing the game, and having fun."
    The new version of Star Wars Battlefront II is the sequel to the 2015 Battlefront, which is a reboot of the franchise. As you may have heard from some of my blog entries regarding the original Battlefront II from 2005, I was a huge fan of that game. So when I first heard that EA would be rebooting the game, I was excited for that, but then I found out that they were only using original trilogy content, excluding prequel era content, I just immediately gave up on my plans to buy a bundle for it. Now, it seems EA has heard our demands and now content from the prequel and sequel eras are both included.
    I admittedly hadn't done a lot of PS4 research before deciding to get the game, I just knew that a close friend of mine had one, we were both talking about the game, and I decided to get one so that we could play. Unfortunately for me, I still have some stuff to do before unlocking the online multiplayer stuff, but I've been keeping myself busy with the offline stuff as much as I can.
    In the campaign mode, the story follows Iden Versio, commander of the Empire's Inferno Squad. After the Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi, the remnants of the Empire regroup for one last desperate push to destroy the Rebel Alliance without the Emperor or Darth Vader to guide them. However, Iden soon sees the true colors of her cause, and begins to question her part in it.
    It is pretty interesting to see a story that links together Episodes VI and VII in a video game like this, and not only that, it does tie in with other canon works, like the Shattered Empire comics.
    For those who haven't read those comics, I recommend that you check them out, but in there, we see the Empire enact Operation: Cinder, which is a superweapon that controls the weather of a planet that would make really harsh storms to kill billions of people.
    The story starts off with an interesting point of view. We see how a loyal soldier of the Empire sees the rebels, and this is one of the rare cases where we see the rebellion as the villains. I find that an interesting perspective, where the stormtroopers see what they are doing as a just cause, and the rebels as some terrorists attacking out of nowhere. When you see the second Death Star blow up from Endor as Iden, you can instantly tell that it feels different from her eyes. She was on this side, you can feel how this would hit her.
    However, after the first three chapters, it quickly becomes a redemption story, something we have seen before in other Star Wars stories, some canon, some not canon, but the problem is that they could've spent more time with the perspective they had before going into the redemption part of the story.
    But the graphics, gameplay and such are beautifully made. I love how the environments look so realistic and give you the feel of being on these planets. An interesting gameplay feature I found was how differently all blasters work in this game. Not only do they have so many varying types to choose from, but instead of the original games having ammunition to collect from your dead enemies, you have heat meters. If you shoot too many times the gun can overheat and you need it to cool down, but there is a faster way to cool it down so that you're not sitting there helpless while an enemy sees an opening and kills you.
    There are even special weapons with timers that are just so great, like the shotgun and the rotary cannon, both from the Clone Wars. I love how those guns look, and just how powerful they are when you use them. You definitely want to pick the right time to do it.
    When you have the heroes, they all have their strengths and weaknesses, and just like in the original Battlefront games, lightsaber wielding heroes are always better than heroes without lightsabers. They're just far more powerful, are perfect for getting in great killstreaks, such as with Luke, Rey, Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, just to name a few. Each hero feels unique. Darth Vader and Maul have different ways to Force choke people. When you Force choke someone as Vader, you slowly do it, holding them up in the air to let them know how helpless they are against you while slowly dealing the damage, but when you Force choke someone as Maul, you just make it very quick and move on to the next one. That's a really great difference, because Vader is the one more likely to toy with his victims, Maul is more focused on domination through his skill with a lightsaber, so he'd be in a hurry in the middle of combat.
    I absolutely love playing as Rey in the game. I guess she's one of the characters I am best with, I feel very comfortable with her skill set such as mind tricking enemies or just lunging into a line of people with her lightsaber. Also, since they have yet to put Ahsoka in the game, Rey is the hottest character so far.
    But onto non-lightsaber using heroes. They're an improvement over the ones from the original games who seemed so fragile, this has a lot to do with the unique abilities they have so that they don't just die on the battlefield. Also, I don't know how Bossk got into the game, but he is the most awesome blaster using hero of the game, and I'm glad they put him in.
    However, there are still some weak heroes in the game, I'm looking at you, Lando! There was this one painful level of the campaign where I just kept dying as Lando, it took me at least ten tries to figure out how to do that level, and I did everything I could think of with this guy.
    Speaking if difficulty, the starfighter battles can be very painful. It may be because I'm a sucky pilot, but I always have a big sigh of relief when in the campaign I was finally allowed to land my ship and get out to fight my enemies like a warrior. I just don't like having to worry about crashing into random things that float there or fly in front of you at the last second. When the final boss fight of the campaign was a starfighter match, that was painful. He just wouldn't take that last hit I needed to get in to end him!
    So, yeah, when I finally do get into the online multiplayer stuff, don't expect to see me in any space battles. I would be a big liability there.
    Arcade mode is where I spend a lot of time, because that is essentially your training mode, and it gives you a good look at the maps and environments you can play on. I mostly love playing on Kamino and Naboo for the prequel era content, playing as a clone or a droid is a great experience for me because it makes me feel like I'm a part of the Clone Wars, and you know how much I love the show. Seeing all of the background Easter eggs from the show on Kamino is awesome, like the trident ships Ventress and Grievous used to attack, the escape ship that Grievous used to flee the battle, the clone bunkers.
    I also love how they got Dee Bradley Baker and Matthew Wood to voice the clones and droids. It brings back such memories, and they need to add more Clone Wars content as soon as possible. Commando droids, destroyer droids, MagnaGuards, Ahsoka, Grievous, Felucia, Geonosis, the Citadel, there are so many possibilities!
    Definitely there is a demand for Ahsoka and other Clone Wars era heroes, because when I look at the roster, the only characters I see from that era are Yoda, Darth Maul, and Bossk (because of his appearance in the series). I know the Last Jedi is out next month, and they have to do some DLC for that, but immediately after, they should focus on prequel / Clone Wars era stuff.
    But I may be getting ahead of myself. However, I have seen the fans demand for Clone Wars era worlds and characters, and if EA decided to stop their in game transactions with real money, we know they have to listen to the fans.

    So the new Battlefront II leaves some stuff to be desired, but it is a fun game, great to look at, and certainly has enough to do to keep someone busy before they jump into the online gameplay experience.
    I'm looking forward to what gets added to the game in the future, I'm looking forward to giving multiplayer a shot, and when I do get to that, you might hear from me on that.

    So that is why I have been falling behind with my Disney blogs lately. I've been playing Battlefront II.
  3. Justice League
    "Well, I'm glad that Jessie Eisenberg was cut from the movie. It would've been a horrible decision to keep him around with all the other problems would've been a mistake."
    Justice League, the movie we all kind of wanted to happen ever since Avengers proved that a team up superhero movie was possible with a cinematic universe. But of course, with DC's mostly rough film history, I went into this movie both hopeful, and a little nervous.
    After the death of Superman, an invasion begins. Parademons attack Earth in search of the three Mother Boxes, led by Steppenwolf. Batman and Wonder Woman must bring together other superheroes to help fight this new evil! Too bad we have to learn about them first.
    Yeah, so Justice League feels very rushed! I don't think we were ready for such an ambitious project since the franchise hasn't built itself up enough.
    Let's take a look at Marvel's Phase I. They started with Iron Man, introduced the Hulk, went back to Iron Man while also adding in Black Widow, they proceeded to Thor and slipped Hawkeye in there, they introduced Craptain America (which was awful, but kind of necessary to round up the team), then they had all six of the Avengers introduced well enough to the audience for the Avengers. The characters were mostly established, even though not all of them were for everyone, those that needed a little more work were given a little more work so that we could follow them, and then we had our well rounded team of superheroes for when it was time for them to assemble.
    Now let's see Justice League's build up. They started with Superman, decided to have a crossover versus movie with Batman without making a Batman movie, and they slipped in Wonder Woman, trying to also elude to the other heroes, then they did Suicide Squad (which feels very unimportant when you look at this movie) and slipped the Flash a little bit in there, then they gave Wonder Woman her proper story, and now they've brought the League together. Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg haven't had their movies yet, and I think you can see the problem.
    While Marvel isn't perfect, especially now in its later years, they knew how to build a franchise from the ground up. They knew what they had to do before they moved onto the Avengers. They knew to start small, then round up their first phase in a big way.
    For DC, they are so desperate to compete with Marvel, that they overwhelmed themselves with too much work. They've only had two solo movies, and three big, come together movies (which ironically is the song associated most with this movie). I wonder how the meetings went after Man of Steel.

    Some writer: "Hey, guys, Man of Steel wasn't good, we should think about ways to improve on our movies over the years. Let's come together, get some ideas flowing to make some good stories with these beloved characters to make up for..."
    Warner Bros: "No! Marvel is so far ahead! They've got a crap ton of movies compared to us, and now they're making a movie with some space people only huge nerds heard about! We must catch up! Make Batman and Superman fight!"
    Some writer: "Uh, guys, Batman hasn't..."
    Warner Bros: "Then we do Suicide Squad, get our own obscure team in there, and we'll beat Sony to the punch before Sinister Six!"
    Some writer: "I don't think we're ready..."
    Warner Bros: "Then, we make a Justice League movie! We must have the money! Then we worry about the other superheroes!"
    Some writer: "Can we at least make Wonder Woman good?"
    Warner Bros: "Okay, I guess. Ah, we can put her in with Batman and Superman! That will bring the money!"
    Some writer: "I need a new studio."

    So while Marvel was more focused on coasting through on the long and safe ride, hitting only a few bumps at first, DC seems to have driven off the road completely. The only member of the Justice League that I have an understanding of the character for is Wonder Woman, and that's because she is the only character they even bothered to properly develop and give me reasons to like her. Batman is by default, the second most developed member of the Justice League.
    So this movie already has to do too much in the time span of two hours, so they have to throw in some quick scenes for the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. Out of all three of those characters, Flash is the one they do the best job with, because they made his character the most simple, being the comedy relief.
    Yeah, as much as they had to pack in with this movie, the Flash seemed like the most developed new character of this movie. They were able to get his backstory out of the way the easiest because I think people know more about the Flash than Aquaman and Cyborg, they managed to say what they needed to say, and his major job was to speed around and be funny. It isn't a hard task, but at least it worked, and I liked the Flash.
    For Aquaman and Cyborg, these two characters had a lot that needed done with them, but throughout the entire time, I only have glimpses of what kind of people they are. Everything else about their characters are their backstories that they have to tell us through dialogue, like "My mom left me with my dad" or "You made me a monster."
    Which brings me to my next point. This is one of the lighter hearted DC movies, and still it feels like most of the characters have something to brood about. Someone is either having daddy issues, mommy issues, Superman issues, everyone's got issues. I know even Wonder Woman has her baggage from her own movie, but again, it is justified because we care about her, and she doesn't oversell it. She doesn't let it get to her unless it's necessary. When she does react, we do feel for her.
    So no matter what else happens in this franchise, at least we'll always have Wonder Woman.
    The world building of this movie is really packed. The DC universe has a lot to be introduced as of late, STAR Labs, Atlantis, these are places we haven't gotten a good look at before, and since we have the heroes of these places, we had to bring them in too in such a rushed way. When we do get Atlantis, it feels like just an Aquaman build up scene!
    DC is pretty weird, it's the backwards Marvel. Wonder Woman stands very well on its own while still having a place among the other films, but the big crossover films are the ones that are building up the stand alone movies. Batman v Superman built up Wonder Woman and Justice League, and Justice League appears to be building up the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg! When we saw Themiscyra, I was invested in seeing that place again because I feel like I know it!
    Wonder Woman is the biggest amount of effort this franchise had at developing something, and it definitely keeps showing!
    The CGI in this movie is pretty bad. I know with Suicide Squad and Man of Steel, the effects of this franchise do leave things to be desired, but I'm pretty sure they could afford better effects, or at least use less effects so that the effects they use look better. One scene in the movie had me feel like I was watching a video game version of the movie instead of the actual movie. My train of thought was like "Wow, they really didn't want to film this properly? They couldn't have just used the real thing?"
    Onto Steppenwolf, the villain of the movie. I get they're probably saving Darkseid to be this universe's Thanos, and to be fair, using his uncle isn't the worst choice, but he is even less developed than Aquaman and Cyborg. At least those two had some scenes where they at least tried to get in some development. Steppenwolf is pretty much nothing but a big CGI monster that smashes stuff, like an extended Doomsday cameo. Even though this one can talk, it's still just like Doomsday with more screen time. They might as well have had kept Doomsday alive to be the villain. They should've had Ares.
    As I said in my Wonder Woman review, Ares is by default, the best villain of the DC Extended Universe, mostly because he has actual effort into making him a character, and every other villain we got from the franchise before him was a joke. I know if they got him back, no one would leave this movie alone for being like the Avengers, with "a god villain who is the brother of one of the team members who wants a powerful, destructive artifact that will help them rule the world", but they have Joss Whedon working on this movie anyway, so it's pretty obvious they wanted to be like Avengers!
    If you take out Steppenwolf and replace him with Ares, every one of those scenes would be so much better, because it would feel like a natural follow up, especially the scenes where he and Diana meet face to face. I know, the ending of Wonder Woman makes that seem impossible, but superheroes and villains can be written out of situations like that if we can buy it. Sometimes, characters come back even without it making sense.
    Oh, and speaking of that, yes, Superman is in this movie. I know some of you are freaking out because I might've given something huge away, but I'm really not. When the actor himself just announces it for everyone to hear, and no one denies him being in the movie, despite the trailers keeping him out of it for the most part, I'm not giving it away. And honestly, Henry Cavil feels more like Superman in this movie than he ever did in Man of Steel or Batman v Superman, but at the same time it feels inconsistent.
    Inconsistent is how I would describe this movie in one word, other than crowded. It's trying to be cool and fun to appease the masses, but also trying to feel like the films it started with. That has something to do with its direction. Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon both had directing responsibilities for this movie. Zack Snyder for the most part, but when he had to leave the film for very understandable reasons, Joss Whedon had to take over for some of the more "fun" scenes. It feels weird when a movie has two directors with completely different styles and the second director doesn't want to change too much about the movie out of respect for the first one. I do have to admire and respect Whedon not changing Snyder's film too much, but I also feel it would've been better if he did make more changes. Thankfully, there are scenes that are cut, characters removed from this already crowded movie altogether, and thank god Jessie Eisenberg isn't in this. Maybe another actor's getting that Worst Supporting Actor Razzie for this year.

    Guys, I wanted to like this movie, I did, but it appears DC isn't saved just yet. It still has some hope, there are enjoyable scenes, like some action scenes, a character here or there that I liked, and by default, I would say this is the third best DC movie, but since there are only five in this franchise, that also makes it the third worst. I give it a rating of 3 out of 10 sadly, it's wasteful.

    And I do see the potential seeping through it, but it hurts that this is the Justice League movie we've got. One of the two most iconic superhero teams of all time gets a poor movie that has only a few moments of potential trying to crawl their way out.
  4. Daddy's Home 2
    "So apparently all the Christmas movies this year are likely going to leave theaters before actual Christmas. Not even the holidays can compete with Star Wars!"
    Daddy's Home 2 is the sequel to Daddy's Home of course, the surprisingly enjoyable and funny film from 2015 that just managed to squeeze into my radar at the last possible moment.
    After about a year or so of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg's characters have back and forth Christmases, they decide to have their first ever joined Christmas. Unfortunately, Mark Wahlberg's dad, played by Mel Gibson decides to come visit, and his troubled relationship with his son threatens the holiday, while Will Ferrell's dad, played by Jon Lithgow is also visiting...with his very creepy relationship with his son. If you saw the trailer you would know what I mean.
    So, that is one aspect of the movie I cannot unsee.
    Anyway, despite some creepy father son moments between Will Ferrell and Jon Lithgow, Daddy's Home 2 isn't as bad as people probably are expecting it to be. I like the first one enough, it is a passable comedy that does make me laugh enough when I watch it. It's one of those movies that you shouldn't have expectations for, just accept it as it is, and see if you enjoy it.
    This movie is more or less like the first movie, in the sense that it is this passable comedy films that you can just relax, turn your brain off for, and take in. It's not going to be the next Other Guys, or whatever comedies people hold high standards for.
    Will Ferrell and Marky Mark still work well together from the first movie, these two guys always seem to make a good comedy team with Will Ferrell being the goofy, dorky one, and Marky Mark being the more tough, dominating one of the team. And they both have really hot wives.
    Honestly, when the movie focused on their wives, I felt very pulled in. Not just because the wives are very hot, like intensely hot, but I thought they had a good dynamic as well. I like how Ferrell's wife is a little self conscious about Wahlberg's super hot, successful wife in a way like how Ferrell was intimidated by Wahlberg in the first movie. Watching the two wives really got me wanting a movie about the two of them.
    I would've liked a "Mommy's Home". Could that still happen? I'd love to make it happen somehow.
    There are a few scenes that are kind of recycled from the first movie, and at one point they even acknowledge it. It isn't as bad as how some other comedies do it, but it is still lazy, I'm sure they could've avoided the retreading.
    Mel Gibson basically plays himself, or at least how most people see Mel Gibson, I can't speak for everyone. He's pretty much a big douche in the movie that will take any opportunity to be rude, and yet he still thinks that he deserves a chance while he proves every bad think Marky Mark says about him true. I have no idea how he is successful with the women, they never give us a reason why he is so smooth with them as they did with Marky Mark.
    On another, but related note, I think that a more suitable actor for the role of Marky Mark's dad could've been Kurt Russel, but he probably has more important stuff to do right now, so they got who they could afford.
    However, the movie is still fun enough to laugh at. My first rule of a comedy is to make me laugh, and this movie actually did manage to make me laugh a few times throughout. A lot of that was because it embraced what it was, it knew it was a dumb sequel, and it knew it wasn't going to be one of the big movies of the year, not even one of the funniest, but it was still funny enough.
    It's likely not for everyone, but no one should really expect it to be anything more than a silly movie. It has plenty of flaws, but also it is funny enough.
    If I had to choose between this and Bad Mom's Christmas, I would likely say Bad Mom's Christmas made me laugh more, but both movies are about the same level.

    So it's no surprise I give it a rating of 5 out of 10 so whatever
  5. Challenge of the Brave

    This one is probably my favorite episode yet.
    A tournament called the Challenge of the Brave is starting, and Cassandra wants to enter so that she can prove that she's more than Rapunzel's handmaiden. However, Rapunzel decides to enter the contest too, and quickly wins over the crowd, much to Cassandra's dismay.
    So, this episode was pretty awesome! There is just so much going on in this episode for me to love, and I was smiling all the way through. The tournament setting first off is a really great idea for a story, mostly because tournament stories in general are awesome, I love seeing the competition unfolding, all of the different challenges, competitors, it's all really great to take in.
    Also, this is a Cassandra based episode, and it was great seeing her getting a story like this. We see that the kingdom doesn't have the same appreciation for her as the audience, and she just wants to be noticed. We see that her job isn't all fun with Rapunzel all the time, she has to do some lesser tasks mostly, and she does deserve the recognition.
    I also really like how hard she works to be able to compete in this tournament, her training exercises and such, and she is also pretty brutal to the scarecrow. I don't blame her, scarecrows are creepy and try to personify my fears.
    Rapunzel is especially great in this episode. She's just so warm and lovable, and when she's in the scene with these big, scary thugs competing in the tournament, she manages to get them to open up with just how kind she is. Rapunzel's freaking adorable, and hot!
    I also really love seeing Rapunzel compete in all of these really tough challenges and using her own strengths to get through them. It's very clear that she's having a lot of fun even though to everyone else this is some hard work.
    Another fun aspect about this episode is seeing what happens to Eugene and Pascal. They're both really excited about the tournament, and throughout the episode they keep getting moved because they are so loud. That was kind of funny and confusing at the same time, because now I have to wonder how loud they could've been to get kicked out.

    So this episode really did a great job for me. It had some really great moments, I love seeing more expanding on these characters, the tournament was just awesome. I didn't really find a dull moment to be found in this one.
  6. Fitzherbert P.I.

    I see things picking up for the series. While I enjoyed the previous two episodes enough, I feel this one had more to offer storywise.
    While Rapunzel is waiting for a famous artist to come and do her portrait, Eugene realizes that he hasn't accomplished anything other than being a thief. He tries to find a few jobs to do, but isn't good at them, or in one case he robbed them in the past, until he helps stop a crime, which leads him into training for the royal guard. But the captain of the guard, Cassandra's father, still doesn't like Eugene, and makes the challenges even harder so that he will fail.
    So, I'd say this was a fun and successful episode. I really enjoyed myself on this one from beginning to end. It was interesting to see Eugene get his own episode centered around him, especially seeing him trying to become a guard, which surprisingly he would be good at.
    I really like seeing him trying out the new jobs, I like seeing his training to become a guard a lot, and his rivalry with the captain is great. It is interesting to see that not all of the guards have forgiven Eugene when he was a thief, and the captain still has sour feelings towards him, which I guess kind of gives Cassandra reasoning to not like him either, though I still suspect that something else happened between the two of them.
    On another note, it is nice to see another aspect of Eugene and Cassandra's rivalry going on, and that is a strange new respect that Cassandra seems to have for him. She sees how hard he is working to become a guard, and even she thinks that her father is being unfair with the training, so this does add complication between the two. She still acts like she doesn't like him, but at the same time she wants him to succeed because he deserves it.
    What I also really liked was Rapunzel's little side story. There is this really nice scene with her and her mother regarding her portrait, and I really like watching Rapunzel and her mother together. Basically the scene is that Rapunzel's mother inspires her to make the portrait personal by just having it be herself. Rapunzel has been trying to cram every bit of herself into the portrait as possible with all her different talents, and it didn't go well. Then at the end of the episode she decides to paint the portrait herself and...well it was really touching. The show got to me.

    So I would say this is a really fun episode. It was entertaining in all the right ways, smart when it had to be, fun when it had to be, and extremely sweet when it needed to be.
  7. Rapunzel's Enemy

    So there's a whole competition about grabbing a gopher. That sounds kind of dirty if you really look into it. Or maybe I'm reading into it too much.
    On the 500th annual Gopher Grab (I will try to be mature about it, I promise) Rapunzel learns that there is one person in Corona who doesn't like her when they boo her. She later finds out that it is an old man that most of Corona seems to love, so she tries to do everything in her power to change his mind. Meanwhile, Cassandra and Eugene have to take care of the gopher that everyone's supposed to grab.
    So basically, this episode feels like a look into the life of trolls, not the fantasy type trolls like rock trolls, but the nasty, mean type of trolls, or in simpler terms, the jerks that attacked my Civil War review last year.
    One of the things this episode did that was interesting was showing a nasty side to a person that was mostly considered a lovable guy, which is pretty clever. It does convey that not everyone is 100% perfect, even the nicest guys can be the biggest a*sholes in the world under the right (or wrong) circumstances. It probably would've been so easy for them to make the troll just the worst person in Corona, but by doing the opposite, they gave the episode more to work with.
    I like seeing how Rapunzel is determined to show how sweet she is, and her kind actions are enough to win me over for sure, I'd definitely love it if she made a chocolate sculpture of my head. Though, obviously, Rapunzel is one of many women I have a crush on, so that goes without saying.
    The reasonings behind the troll not liking Rapunzel are pretty easy to figure out from the start, but it is the journey that counts, and it honestly is understandable. Trolls don't like change, differences, and such, you get it.
    It is satisfying to see when Rapunzel finally comes to a point to accept that she has one hater in the whole kingdom, and also satisfying that she gets even with him in the end.
    What was really fun was when the gopher goes savage in the episode. While Eugene and Cassandra are taking care of the gopher, Eugene ends up eating the gopher's berries, so he has to get more, but he gets the wrong kind. Then the gopher turns into this demonic gopher that is hyped up on some bad berries, and it's like very nightmarish and beastly. It just drills through the ground like in a monster movie at one point, and I think it ultimately makes grabbing it a whole lot more entertaining.

    This was a pretty good episode for what it was. Predictable at times, but still fun to watch, and it gives me more reason to love Rapunzel.
  8. What the Hair?!

    I'm not going to be surprised if that becomes a catchphrase in this show. Now, this episode I remember watching because Disney seems to be doing this thing where they air one or two episodes of their new shows on their YouTube account as a way to encourage us to watch the show as it airs. They've also done this with the new Duck Tales and Spider-Man shows, and it is a pretty good idea. Not everyone has cable, so this way, they do encourage those of us who need to watch our shows through other means to buy them on Amazon or whatever. So they win, ultimately.
    To understand the new nature of her hair, Rapunzel goes to see an alchemist to see if he can get a few answers out of it. Meanwhile, Eugene, who still doesn't know the reason why Rapunzel's hair regrew, is desperate to find out.
    So my thoughts on this episode. It is fine. While the previous one had a lot to do, this one does feel like it is holding back a little. Since this is an episode based on getting more information, we are allowed to have a little, but not very much. I'm sure as the series goes on we will learn more and more.
    I did really like the opening scene where Rapunzel has a nightmare about Gothel returning from the dead and trying to take her back to their tower, and when Rapunzel wakes up, her hair is doing this strange thing where it floats in the air. This does raise a few intriguing questions, because in the nightmare, as Gothel reveals herself, the sharp spikes rise up towards Rapunzel, and with how the hair was behaving, it seems that nightmare is influenced by magic. Could the dream be a vision warning Rapunzel of Gothel's return, or a new villain out there? Even though Gothel is dead, like pretty much disintegrated, we don't quite fully understand the nature of magic in Corona. Any number of things could be eluded to in the dream. The ending of the first episode showed a mysterious person making their way to where the rocks sprouted up, and I'm wondering who that could be.
    We do see more of the rivalry between Eugene and Casandra, which was present in the previous episode. It does make me wonder what went wrong between them, or if it is just because Casandra is the daughter of the captain from the movie, and she doesn't trust Eugene merely because of his actions as a thief. That would make sense, but I am wondering if there is something more, because most of the guards seem okay with Eugene now.
    Basically the rest of the episode is Rapunzel trying to understand the hair while the alchemist...whose name I am forgetting, so like Flynn I shall refer to him as "a complete stranger", is messing around with it. So, while it is interesting to see more of what Rapunzel's new hair can do, ultimately not much goes on until near the end of the episode.
    The alchemist has a bunch of machines underneath the town meant to make free hot water for everyone, but they start to blow up, causing Rapunzel to lose the results of her tests. At least this means we will get to see more of Rapunzel's new powers the fun way, and we are already starting to.
    It will be an interesting road ahead to say the least, and I am looking forward to it.
  9. Tangled: The Series
    Before Ever After

    Since I enjoyed rewatching the Clone Wars and going over my thoughts on all the episodes, I thought it was time to start another blog series. Since it is November, my usual Disney themed month as it would seem, I thought it would be a good time to start watching Tangled: The Series, the continuation of the movie.
    So, as the month goes on, expect me to give this series a good look and see how I like it. I might also watch the Big Hero 6 series coming out later if I have the time.
    Now living with her parents again in Corona, Rapunzel gets ready for her big coronation, yet at the same time she sees that living with her parents isn't what she expected it to be. Her guard, Cassandra helps her sneak out of the castle for the night, and as they do, Rapunzel's hair magically regrows to its former glory when she discovers magic rocks. Because we need the hair.
    I would say this show is off to a good start with this episode. It's introducing new characters, expanding on characters we've seen before, it introduces an interesting new story for us to follow, has funny jokes, nice songs. I like the direction the show is going so far, and this is just the first episode.
    As a fan of the movie, I would say this show does do justice to it for sure. I love that we're getting this expanded look at the kingdom of Corona, and the new relationship between Rapunzel and her family. We see her father, voiced fittingly by Clancy Brown, is definitely protective of her after she was taken by Gothel. It definitely shows as he makes sure his guards are always on duty when concerning his daughter. It leads to this really funny scene where Rapunzel is out for a day in the kingdom, but her guards are so protective of her, they tackle citizens, throw water on them, and such even when they are just doing their everyday job. It's pretty hilarious how seriously they take this job, even though it does disappoint Rapunzel.
    Still, the relationships with her mother and father are explored in such a fascinating way, because Rapunzel is the rare Disney princess with both parents still alive. We can understand and sympathize with the king being as protective as he is, and the queen being the understanding parent who can empathize with Rapunzel.
    Cassandra was great in this episode. She is the new badass character of the show, and I do like how her character is written. She's a friend to Rapunzel first, and a protector second. I think they have a really nice friendship and I would like to see where this leads. I can tell she'll have some episodes down the road.
    I'm also looking forward to seeing more about Rapunzel's hair in this series. I know that eventually she will have to lose it because this series takes place between the movie and the short, Tangled Ever After, where Rapunzel and Eugene get married, but I do like how interesting her hair is made in this series. It's not acting like it was before, apparently it is indestructible this time, and doesn't have its same healing magic, so I can only wonder how this story will go.
    The animation of this series does look nice. It is different from the movie, but of course it is, it's a TV series, working on a different budget. But the art style is very fitting to the theme of Tangled, as Rapunzel is an artist, it makes sense for the series to look like something she would've painted herself.
    I enjoyed the songs of the episode. I did think Life After Happily Ever After was a nice enough song, it was a good way to open up the show, and see Rapunzel's perspective on her new life as a princess. However, Wind In My Hair was a really great sounding song. It had a lot more energy to convey Rapunzel's sense of freedom as she and Cassandra get out of the palace. It's that song that sticks with me for a while after first hearing it, and it definitely fits among the songs of the movie, it is that good.
    The end fight with the villain, Lady Caine is also a good climax for the episode. It ultimately does round out what the show can offer to its audience, and deliver on the action among the other things.
    Overall, this episode is doing exactly what a series pilot should do. It establishes the characters, sets up the story, and gives us some intrigue and great visuals to rope us in.

    I am happy with what we have so far, and I am looking forward to what else the show can offer in the future. So, I hope you guys enjoy these blogs, and I might continue them even after November.
  10. A Bad Moms Christmas
    "Well, that's a lot better than R rated comedy sequels should be."
    A Bad Moms Christmas is a sequel, or Christmas special to Bad Moms, ironically coming out such a long ways away from Christmas, because there is too much coming out in season for this movie to stand a chance against them.
    Around Christmas time, the bad moms get visits from their own mothers close to Christmas. Instead of doing a big, overblown Christmas, the moms want to do their Christmas their way, and Mila Kunis especially starts to clash with her mother over how they should do Christmas.
    So this movie is pretty stupid, but surprisingly it is just what I needed. It's not going to go down as one of the most amazing movies of the year, but for a sequel to an R rated comedy, a sub genre that I was convinced was dead on arrival, it actually made me laugh! Yes, there were actual funny jokes in this movie, it's not just a nonstop raunch fest or a rehash of the first movie, there are actually jokes in this movie that work.
    A big part of what helps this movie is the chemistry carried over from the first movie between the three leads, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn. It's fun to see them interact with each other and go wild as the infamous trio of bad moms, getting away with things that they most likely would not get away with in real life. The chemistry between these three is so good at times that there are a couple of scenes that seem improvised. I don't know how the writing for this movie went, but there are some scenes where the girls make each other laugh, and it does feel like it is from the blooper reel, but they decided to roll with it anyway.
    I also liked the casting for the other moms of the movie, the moms of the bad moms. Cheryl Hines was a lot of fun as Kristen Bell's mom. She does kind of look like she would be Kristen Bell's mom, and the kind of creepy love she has for her daughter is played up for laughs a lot very successfully. Is it wrong that I would find her as a cool mom if I was married to Kristen Bell?
    Christine Baranski is a great choice for Mila Kunis's mom, and throughout the movie, they have this rivalry on who's way of doing Christmas is better, since Mila wants to have a nice casual Christmas with her family, but her mother wants it to be this huge, expensive, extravagant event. That kind of got me wondering if she was super rich, and if she was, it made me wonder why this never came up in the first movie.
    Kathryn Hahn's mom was kind of annoying though. Most of the time when it was just these two characters on screen, I was not having that much fun. I guess someone had to get the lamest jokes of the movie, and that had to be Susan Sarandon. There is a joke involving the character's name, and I do have to say some people, hell, most people whether they get it or not will think it's crossing the line. I didn't get the joke myself, but the nature and way of the joke definitely made it feel like lines were crossed.
    There are admittedly some jokes that do cross the line, such as that one joke from the red band trailer with a foul mouthed child. I don't think anyone wanted to see that. The movie does require a lot of suspension of disbelief, because there is a lot of shenanigans in this movie that the characters should not get away with. Sometimes it works for the sake of comedy, other times it really pushes it, and you're wondering why Kathryn Hahn's mom isn't being arrested.

    Still, A Bad Moms Christmas surprised the hell out of me. Sure, it is a stupid movie, but I think it is the kind of stupid movie I needed. It's a hell of a lot better than any R rated comedy sequel I've ever reviewed before, and it feels like I've reviewed a lot of them. I give it a 5 out of 10 so whatever, and I mean that in the most laid back way possible.

    Also, I'm looking forward to seeing Kristen Bell in a very special Christmas special later this month!
  11. Recently, I've gone from a casual reader of comic books to someone who reads comics very regularly. Since Disney's acquisition of Star Wars, and the disbanding of the expanded universe, Star Wars comics and books have had a clean slate. Star Wars comics were originally done by Dark Horse, and while they did still do the adaptation of the Son of Dathomir arc after the untimely end of the Clone Wars series, Marvel has been making several comic books for the new Star Wars canon.
    There are some pretty amazing stories done. We've seen how Darth Vader got his red kyber crystal freshly after being restored, an explanation of the Inquisitorious, Darth Maul's first hunt for a Jedi, how Captain Phasma escaped Starkiller Base, and many more. I feel like there are a ton of great stories opened up from this transition from the old canon to the new that ties the Star Wars universe together in an exciting way.

    There are also many stories that could be explored through the comics, from adaptations of Clone Wars episodes we still haven't gotten, revisited backstories on fan favorite characters, and much more. So these are the Star Wars comics that I desperately need, because the possibilities are endless.

    10. Finn and the First Order
    FN-2187, later known as Finn has the potential for some a very interesting point of view in Star Wars, the point of view of a stormtrooper. But let's not stop there. A comic arc revolving around Finn and his stormtrooper buddies in the First Order, seeing their perspective and opinion of their job in the First Order could be a fun story. We could learn more about how the stormtroopers are as people, what it is like to work for Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma as their foot soldiers, and some more of their training. Also, am I the only one who would like to see why FN-2199 is so loyal to the First Order, and how he was this surprise badass in the fight against Finn on Takodana? I do feel exploring their association before the events of the Force Awakens would add more to that fight scene in the movie.

    9. Hondo Ohnaka
    Hondo Ohnaka was a fun dude in the Clone Wars. He wasn't a good guy, but he was always in such a friendly mood that we can't call him a villain, most of the time. Most episodes Hondo appears in, he brings a lot of energy and a love for money. A comic series of Hondo Ohnaka pillaging and plundering throughout the galaxy sounds like a fun story to follow. We haven't gotten a good look into space pirates before Hondo, so I'd definitely be up to seeing that aspect of Star Wars further explored. Since Hondo is always out to get rich in the galaxy, there are plenty of jobs he could pull, rival pirate crews he could fight, drunken high jinx and stuff. Since he also survives the Clone Wars, as shown in two episodes of Rebels (well, before I stopped watching the show), it could take place in either the Republic or Imperial era.

    8. The New Jedi Order
    Before the sequel trilogy, Luke Skywalker tried to restart the Jedi order, until Kylo Ren destroyed everything and he went into exile for over a decade, and apparently went crazy if certain fan theories are correct. It would be a cool story to follow, seeing how Luke forms the new Jedi order, or how it ultimately falls. Of course, this arc would probably take some time to get out there because of spoiler reasons, so if there would be plans to make it, it would not get released for a while after the Last Jedi at least. But I really do want to see what this new Jedi order was like, how it began, Ben Solo as a Padawan, things like that. There is a lot to cover in the thirty years between Return of the Jedi and the Force Awakens, and this is definitely among them.

    7. Quinlan Vos
    We've seen Quinlan Vos's canon debut in the Phantom Menace in the background, his first big role in the Clone Wars episode, Hunt for Ziro, and later, his romance with Asajj Ventress in Dark Disciple. However, these are only a few of the adventures Quinlan Vos is bound to have had. Quinlan Vos is kind of a loose cannon character, with a unique ability that allows him to glimpse memories from objects just by holding them. It would be fun to show him on a few undercover missions, maybe even show more of his relationship with his former Padawan, Aayla Secura, add onto that great moment in Jedi Crash when Ahsoka and Aayla talk about attachments. Maybe even show how he knows Cad Bane as he mentioned in Hunt for Ziro.

    6. Rey
    As much as I love Rey, I didn't put her higher on the list because she is most likely going to get more glimpses of her story as time goes on. Forces of Destiny has shown some Rey stories before, and during the Force Awakens, but Rey has been on Jakku for a very long time, and has a lot of interesting, great character aspects that can be explored in a comic, such as how she can understand species who cannot speak basic, her impressive survival skills she had to have learned living on such a harsh planet like Jakku. I would definitely love to see a Rey comic series, showing how she got her skills, and also to show if she had any specific allies or enemies on Jakku in all her years living there.

    5. Qui-Gon Jinn
    Liam Neeson is always a win. So far, the only new canon comic we have gotten that takes place before all of the movies is the Darth Maul comic, which shows the Sith Lord hunting down his first Jedi. Qui-Gon was a different Jedi Master who did things his way, willing to defy the Jedi Council many times, even when they didn't want young Anakin to be trained. He definitely has a great understanding of the Force, and his master was Count Dooku before his fall to the dark side. A number of interesting stories could open up from this, either showing a mission where Qui-Gon and Dooku, both as Jedi Masters coming together for a mission, or seeing why Qui-Gon chose to train Obi-Wan Kenobi, or literally any mission to further explore Qui-Gon's character. Maybe Qui-Gon once faced temptation by the dark side himself, as Dooku seems to be sure Qui-Gon would've helped him when he speaks to Obi-Wan in Attack of the Clones.

    4. General Pong Krell
    For the short time General Krell was in the Clone Wars, he was such an awesome character. I loved how little he cared about the clones, seeing them more as tools for victory, and when he finally got to bring out his dual saberstaffs and cut through the clone army, it was freaking amazing! Because Krell's time in the series was too short, a comic would be in order for him so that we can see more about what he is like throughout the Clone Wars, and the many other clone armies he lost in battle. We could also learn more about him, and possibly see how he foresaw that the Jedi were going to lose the Clone Wars. Basically, such an amazing character we only saw in one arc definitely deserves further exploring.

    3. Boba Fett vs Cad Bane
    One arc from the Clone Wars series that we haven't gotten is an arc involving the teenage Boba Fett and Cad Bane together. In this arc, it was to be revealed that Bane knew Jango Fett before the Clone Wars, but since his death, he was never able to truly know which one of them was the better bounty hunter. We would see Bane and Fett team up against Tusken Raiders, how Boba got his signature Mandalorian armor, appearances from several other bounty hunters from the Clone Wars, and a final showdown showing the fate of Cad Bane, and how Boba's helmet was dented (because apparently people are fascinated by a dent on a helmet). I would definitely love to see this story finally be told, and from the unfinished animations shown at Star Wars conventions, it does seem possible that Dave Filoni wants this story to be shown somehow. A comic would be an ideal way to go to capture the intensity of a clash between so many vicious killers in the Star Wars universe. I could imagine seeing the final showdown between Fett and Bane being drawn as a comic, those great shots as the tension builds in the standoff between two of the most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxy.

    2. General Grievous
    The story of General Grievous is one that has changed greatly from legends to canon, with the Clone Wars hinting that Grievous chose to become a cyborg gradually rather than having no choice after a devastating shuttle crash. So I must wonder how this story goes. Grievous has a great reputation as the Jedi killer, and his collection of lightsabers definitely has a story behind each one. They could either explore Grievous's new backstory of just how he became a cyborg, or they could show a few of his many run ins with Jedi. Hell, they could show a story of how Grievous attacks Coruscant, which may have something to do with the Nexus Route information explored in the Citadel arc. Maybe Grievous hunts down members of the Jedi Council personally for the coordinates, torturing the information from them, and explaining what happened to Jedi Masters Eeth Koth and Oppo Rancisis before the events of Revenge of the Sith. Whether exploring his history, or a story the Clone Wars had yet to do, there is no doubt that a Grievous comic would be legendary.

    1. Ahsoka
    You guys probably saw this coming, because I love Ahsoka and I cannot get enough of her. Anything Ahsoka related, I need! The Ahsoka novel was an amazing story, and there is so much more to tell because that was only one year of her experiences after Revenge of the Sith. A lengthy story for Ahsoka in comic form, or another novel would make me extremely happy, because there is so much that I want to see. We could go back and adapt some of Ahsoka's untold stories from the Clone Wars, such as how she became a vigilante in the Coruscant underworld, all the way to the Siege of Mandalore (which is a story we absolutely have to see more fleshed out). Or we could show more missions she took on, gathering allies for the growing rebellion, maybe even see her kill more Inquisitors. I'd love to see Ahsoka take on that large monstrous unnamed Inquisitor from the Darth Vader comics, or maybe have her encounter and destroy her old friend turned enemy, Barriss Offee. Hell, we don't even have to stop there. If they have any Ahsoka stories planned, you know I am in all the way.
  12. My Least Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

    Well, I did a list of my top ten favorite films of the franchise back in 2015, but since then, sadly this franchise has gone downhill in my opinion. With Phase III, I've seen the decline in quality from Marvel's massive franchise, and as time goes by, I'm very disappointed with how the highest grossing film franchise has dropped in the past year.
    I've been told that my views as of late are considered unpopular, but I don't really give a crap if people don't agree with me on this. These are the five worst films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    5. Thor: Ragnarok
    Starting off this list is what I saw last night. Thor: Ragnarok is I guess what you could call a Thor movie that isn't for Thor fans. I loved Thor and Thor: The Dark World, those two are among my favorite films of the whole franchise. However, Ragnarok is my least favorite because it is the least like a Thor movie. Mjolnir is gone, Natalie Portman is gone, the fantasy theme is mostly gone, and they're replaced by a child Hulk, an unlikable, poorly acted portrayal of a Valkyrie, and the Devil's Anus, among other things. I really wanted to like this movie, I really did, but I just couldn't tolerate this mess of a film that feels like rejected concepts from Guardians of the Galaxy with Thor and the Hulk slapped on there.

    4. Spider-Man: Homecoming
    Another Marvel film from this year, Spider-Man: Homecoming should've been a welcomed reunion of Spider-Man and the Marvel Universe. While everyone has their picks on what Spider-Man continuity they prefer, Homecoming is easily my least favorite, and that is saying something considering how I feel about the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man film. The idea of a Spider-Man film series focusing on his high school years was a bad idea to begin with, because no one wants to see a movie giving focus to Spider-Man in school! It would've been time for Peter Parker to skip a few grades, we'd buy that! The movie is extremely long and hard to sit through because of all the boring details, so by the time when they did get to the action scenes, I was begging for the movie to end already. Also, screw that MJ name drop, it was horribly inserted into the movie for no reason other than to spark controversy, and I don't appreciate being screwed with! Also, this movie is guilty for having the worst after credits scene ever! When I finally got to get up for a bathroom break during the credits, ready to come back and see it, all I got was Craptain America's stupid face! Speaking of him...

    3. Captain America: Civil War
    Speaking of pointless controversy, when I first reviewed this movie, trolls attacked and threatened me for my opinion about this film! This was truly when I was getting tired of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because this movie ended up being the highest grossing movie of 2016! 2016 was a bad year for me as a critic, and when you add this making more money than Rogue One, Zootopia, and Finding Dory, it really adds insult to injury. Civil War represents everything that could go wrong with a big movie for me, with horribly filmed, shaky action, poorly written characters, a painful length, and trying to cram too much into one movie at a time! We didn't need Black Panther and Spider-Man to be introduced in this crap pile, and making this movie their debut hurt my excitement to see the characters in their own movies. You know how Homecoming turned out for me, and I cannot get hyped for Black Panther either. Also, with the treatment they gave to Zemo, one of the coolest supervillains Marvel had, and making him one of the worst villains in a superhero movie ever, it's stupider than Craptain America stopping a helicopter with one arm without it being ripped out of its socket.

    2. Captain America: The First Avenger
    Yeah, there is a theme with the top three. You knew it was coming. This was Marvel's first truly terrible movie. I know some people are split on Iron Man 2 and the Incredible Hulk, but this movie is the one I truly despised. In 2011 I wasn't as serious a film critic as I am now, so back then I let my boredom of the movie convince me to take a bathroom break. That was the last time I took a bathroom break during a movie. Joe Johnston, the man responsible for Jurassic Park III turned this movie into an idiotic film where Nazis had futuristic weapons in the distant past, and yet it was many years before Stark Industries had technology close to that. Basically the movie is about giving a bland CGI bobblehead some steroids so that he can cheat his way into being a superhero, and when he does, he has so many terrible one liners a drinking game of all of them would kill me, and he treats his bland, but not as bland as him love interest like crap by making out with other women in front of her. The biggest crime is taking the most unlikable character of the franchise, and giving him the spotlight three times, while also claiming that he's some annoying saint! I don't want a future where people would want to be like this a*shole!

    1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    This movie was a complete wreck. It had multiple ingredients to make it at least more tolerable than the first movie, such as a modern setting, Scarlett Johansson and introducing Crossbones, but it failed at using all of them and came out even worse than the movie directed by Joe Johnston! This movie made me hate the Russo brothers as directors, because at first, I thought nothing of them, only seeing their only notable film before this, You, Me and Dupree. Seeing how they handled a superhero movie made me hate their crappy style entirely. Everything from the marketing, to the writing, to the unstable filming made this movie a complete crash and burn. Winter Soldier is not only the worst Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, but it is one of my most hated movies of all time. Granted, Fant4stic is a worse superhero movie, but if any superhero movie would be worse than Fant4stic, that would be a crime against nature. Between trying to force a crappy romance between Craptain America, and Black Widow who is too good for him on every level, the worst villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever, a predictable storyline, and the most out of nowhere plot twist that Agents of SHIELD took multiple episodes to make sense of, the Winter Soldier is the worst movie of the franchise, and if people disagree with me on that, I do not give a sh*t, I hate this movie.

    And there you go, the weakest films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is pretty sad to think about this. I used to be a huge fan of this franchise, I used to heavily appraise it like most people do. But when you're let down so many times, you lose excitement for something you used to love and trust. I should be hyped to see Infinity War in 2018, and I want to be excited, but the fact that I am not is just really sad for me. I should be looking forward to what this franchise could do, instead of worrying about what they might do.
    I hope someday, the Marvel Cinematic Universe can find a way to be more appealing. Maybe Captain Marvel can do it? Wonder Woman saved the DC Extended Universe...well, it probably did, we still have to see.
  13. Thor Ragnarok
    "Where the f**k was Sif?!"
    Thor: Ragnarok is the third of the stand alone Thor movies. The previous two Thor movies I loved, I thought they were incredible films with a great blend of fantasy and superhero awesomeness. Ragnarok does not continue that trend, and that is only part of the reason why it is my least favorite of the Thor movies.
    Thor and Loki search for their father, Odin, but soon they discover that Hela, the goddess of death has returned, and comes to reclaim Asgard after destroying Thor's hammer. Thor must return to Asgard before Ragnarok can begin, which will wipe out all of the realm.
    You know, when you have the rich mythology, and excitement of the first two Thor movies, I understand that it is hard to make a worthy follow up to them. But Ragnarok is definitely not the way to go! All the bad rumors I heard about this movie have hurt my previous excitement for it, but I tried to remain optimistic in spite of what I heard. It still let me down. It is not good, it's definitely the weakest of the trilogy.
    I was really bored out of my mind with this movie. Part of that is how much of the fantasy aspect is abandoned. A lot of the movie takes place on a sci-fi planet where Jeff Goldblum is an evil ruler, and it just doesn't fit in a Thor movie. It felt like something that would be more suited for Guardians of the Galaxy. It also felt more like an excuse for a Planet Hulk reference.
    Admittedly, the fight with Thor and the Hulk is entertaining, and is arguably the best scene in the movie. I did find enjoyment in Thor and the Hulk fighting in a different way than they did in the Avengers, and it did bring some nostalgia back from that gold age of Marvel. But it's relatively early in the movie. I don't think we were halfway through the film, and already the movie had peaked. Nothing else could really live up to that, or at the very least be close to entertaining, which made the movie unbelievably boring for the most part as it dragged along.
    When it does return to Asgard for some of the fantasy feel of the other Thor movies I loved, it is more entertaining, but most of the time spent on Asgard is without Thor or Loki, and there are still plenty of problems with some decisions they make with characters. Such as my big question, and that is...where the f**k is Sif?! Sure there is a cool sub plot showing Heimdall taking it upon himself to cancel the apocalypse, but when it cuts back to the other planet the movie drops.
    I still enjoy Tom Hiddleston as Loki, he is still Marvel's best villain, though I feel he was nerfed somewhat in this movie. Loki was played more for laughs in this movie, where as in his previous roles in the franchise he was always entertaining, scheming, and badass. He had this certain charisma, and while he did have funny moments too, he wasn't a comedy-based character, we could take him very seriously as a threat. Here, for some reason, they decided not to use Loki as a villain again.
    Instead we have Hela, who for some reason is not Loki's daughter in this continuity, they made her into Thor and Loki's sister. I don't really get why they made that change, but as far as some changes in the movie went, this was one that I was more fine with than others. Hela is entertaining enough, she is very beautiful, Cate Blanchett is great to watch as usual, and she does give us a reason to fear and respect her.
    But one thing about Hela's character is that her persona aligns more with what I would expect from Enchantress, a Thor villain I've wanted to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since I discovered her existence. But I guess because Suicide Squad used their version of Enchantress first, a year before this movie could, I guess this made it so they didn't want to confuse audiences with another Enchantress in a superhero movie, and so we may never see her! F**king DC! At least they've improved their films over time.
    Chris Hemsworth still has the same charismatic performance as Thor, but it is a given. Just put Chris Hemsworth in something and I'll like him, and also wish I was him.
    What they did with the Hulk in this movie wasn't good. As much as I loved what Mark Ruffalo brought to the Hulk in the Avengers movies, both in motion capture skills and entertainment value overall, the Hulk just lost his charm for me in this movie. I guess it's one of those cases where you have this good thing, and you get to use it a lot more, but you go crazy with it and just make a big mess. The Hulk is that big mess, he acts like a giant child the whole time he's in the movie! I get what they are going at, since Banner has been the Hulk for two whole years, and so the Hulk is given time to grow, but I got very tired of the Hulk very quickly in this movie.
    Jeff Goldblum is just being Jeff Goldblum in this movie, and while there is a time and place for Jeff Goldblum, I fail to see where he would fit in a Thor movie. Like I said, Jeff Goldblum and his world would fit a lot more in a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, as that is Marvel's place for all the weirdos, minus Craptain America. He's a secondary antagonist in the movie, and I would say he's one of the weaker villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Granted, I still prefer him over Emo Zemo, but I pretty much prefer 99% of the Marvel Cinematic Universe villains overall to Emo Zemo, so it's extremely easy to be a better villain than Emo Zemo if I consider Batman V Superman's Doomsday preferable to Emo Zemo.
    But hands down, the worst actor in the movie was without a doubt Tessa Thompson as the Valkyrie. Her performance was really wooden and stiffer than anything in this movie. I freaking hated her character, I thought she was annoying, unlikable, and she made Zoey Saldana's performance as Gamora seem likable by comparison. At least Gamora is slowly becoming more valuable in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, this character is just a bland annoyance that completely ruins the mood when she walks on screen. Every time she and Thor shared a scene together, I rolled my eyes because she is just constantly awful to him throughout the movie, and yet he tries to get her help just because they are the same species. Truthfully, I think Thor and his crew would be much better off without her, as she does nothing that Thor couldn't just do himself.
    A big nail in the coffin is learning what happened between Thor and Jane Foster. What the f**k, movie? What the f**k? It's another one of those stupid off screen break ups for no reason at all, and it could've easily been written around so they didn't have to go that route! Was Natalie Portman demanding more money? If she was and I was director, I would've paid her whatever she wanted, done whatever she wanted me to do, and such. Yeah I am sour that one of my many celebrity crushes did not come back for this movie. I am a man, it is what I do, and with how Jane becomes Thor in the comics, she would've been a plausible option to continue his legacy if Chris ever got tired of the role. I hope he doesn't, but I'd love to see a hot woman Thor in a movie.
    And the humor of this movie was just so cheap and not funny. This is a minor spoiler, but one of the jokes they use over and over again is the "Devil's Anus." I don't know why there is a strange fascination with anus humor all of the sudden, but at least four times they said "Devil's Anus", and not one of them was funny! Aren't these films supposed to be above anal humor?
    Apart from the low brow jokes of the movie, there are many repetitive jokes where they seem like they are building up to something epic, but then it turns out to be a joke to take away the epicness. It becomes very predictable very fast, and it just becomes boring when you expect them to let down the epic moments over and over again.

    Thor: Ragnarok is definitely the weakest of the Thor movies, there is no contest. It doesn't fit with the other Thor movies in terms of its theme, it squanders a lot of its potential with bad decision after bad decision, and leaves me clearly dissatisfied.
    I did enjoy the beginning with the big Clancy Brown monster, I enjoyed the Hulk fight, I enjoyed some parts of the end, but most of what was in between was a major letdown. As a Thor fan, I was very disappointed with this movie, and that really hurts to say. I wanted to at least like this movie as a Thor fan, but there was just so much that I could not enjoy. When you want to like something so badly, but it keeps slapping you in the face, it ruins your day.

    I give Thor: Ragnarok a rating of 3 out of 10 it is wasteful.

    And I am so sorry if I made this review too long for any of you guys. I normally like to make my reviews easy to read, and straight to the point, but some of these things I couldn't be straight to the point about. I know I made this review too long, and if I spoiled anything for those of you still looking forward to this movie, I am sorry!
  14. Disney has a lot of great songs in its musicals, from small moments with minor characters to grand power songs from the leads, there are a lot of great sounding songs, and no short supply of talent Disney brings on to perform them.
    While when I review movies I don't exactly have a lot of time on my hands to talk about every song, these little blogs are what I will use to talk about my feelings for the songs of each film, and ranking them from lowest to highest, starting with Disney's most recent musical, Moana.

    Moana was a lot of fun, as you know I really loved the movie, and the soundtrack is very fun to listen to, whether you're putting in the movie or listening to a YouTube artist covering it, it's one of those soundtracks that has a lot of energy and life to its music, plus it helped show me a great display of new musical talent I wasn't aware of.
    In the movie I've counted seven individual songs sung by the cast, and now it's time to rank all seven. I am ranking them based on my own personal preferences, keep that in mind when reading this. Also, I will not be going over reprises as individual songs, instead I will include them as part of however I rank the original versions. With that said, let's get going!

    7th Place: Where You Are
    The opening song in the movie, to let those few of us in the audience who were still unaware know that this is a musical.
    In this song, Chief Jango (that is what I like to call him) tries to teach Moana to stay on the island with her people, but Moana is constantly fascinated with the ocean as she grows up, despite the villagers trying to earn her fascination with coconuts.
    Out of all the songs in the movie, I wouldn't say this one was bad, but when compared to many of the other songs of this movie, this one does stick out as the underdog.
    While in the film this song does help the passing of time through Moana's childhood, shows the culture of the people of Motunui, and is our introduction to a little bit of Auli'i Cravalho's impressive singing talent, it still comes off as that one song that if you had to choose one to skip, this would be the most likely option.
    It is interesting to note that this includes the only instance of a cast member being dubbed for a song, as we don't get to see Jango Fett sing.

    6th Place: We Know the Way
    When going over the songs of this movie, there were two songs that were both likely to end up on the bottom the most. This song, and Where You Are, and I'm sure you can tell which one it was.
    Moana finds a cave full of boats, and has a vision into the past showing her that her ancestors were voyagers long before they stopped voyaging all together.
    This was the song used in the trailers for the movie, from the very first teaser trailer to a few more before the release of the movie, this was the first song we got a glimpse from of the movie.
    Not much to say about this song, it serves its purpose as a way to reveal information to Moana, and I do appreciate how it has the native language of the voyagers to start the song before transitioning into English. The music itself is pretty nice to listen to, although as you can tell, not as outstanding as the other songs. Also, it does have to be the hardest song to memorize the lyrics to and sing.

    5th Place: Know Who You Are
    In the movie, after the fight between Maui and Te Ka, Moana discovers that Te Fiti is not there, but she actually turned into Te Ka after her heart was stolen, and so she risks herself by approaching the giant lava monster while the ocean gives them a path of land to reach each other with. Moana manages to calm Te Ka, and also restore her heart.
    Auli'i Cravalho's singing voice was very impressive. When I first heard it, I was amazed by her talent, and I am glad that she has gotten some good recognition for that. This song does let her show off that talent, while the music in the background is similar to the beginning of the movie where Moana and the ocean first meet officially, and the music is very relaxing to hear, even when a big lava monster is charging at Moana.
    And that's all there really is to it, the song is short, but sweet, and works best with the film itself, and all the visual beauty.

    4th Place: I am Moana
    After Maui leaves, and Moana asks the ocean to take the Heart of Te Fiti away and give it to someone else, she is visited by the ghost of her grandmother. While she understands if Moana wants to go back home, Moana does hesitate, and so she realizes who she is, and how far she has come, giving her the strength to continue the mission on her own.
    While I said that reprises would be omitted from the ranking because they are the same song, and the song does kind of use the musical sound of another song higher on the list, it's still different enough in my opinion to be considered its own song.
    It does have similar tunes to Where You Are, and How Far I'll Go mixed together, but the placing of this song in the movie really makes it stand out on its own when the time is right.
    In the movie it is a really great inspirational scene where Moana has to realize her own strength after all she's been through, and when her grandma visits her. No one tells her that she has to continue with her mission even when things get hard for her, the ocean and her grandma tell her that if she really wants to, she can quit, and that they can't force her. So that does help make the scene really strong when Moana dives down to retrieve the heart instead of letting it be handed to her.
    What this song really captures right is being very uplifting in a low moment on Moana's journey. The song starts off very soft and gentle as grandma sets the mood, but when Moana takes over, the score becomes gradually louder and more powerful. It's like a great big wave building up in the ocean, or as the song puts it "It's like the tide always falling and rising!"

    3th Place: You're Welcome
    Holy crap, the Rock can sing?! That was my reaction when I got a sneak peak of the song while I was very excited for it.
    When Moana meets Maui for the first time, the guy absolutely loves himself, and loves bragging about how great he is. That's when he starts to sing, though it turns out it was a distraction so that he could trap Moana in his cave and leave with her boat.
    This song is freaking awesome. Not only do we discover another one of the Rock's talents, and if you have doubts, watch CinemaWin's "Everything GREAT About Moana" video. It's a really catchy song, as when I first heard this song, I could not get it out of my head. Now every time I thank someone, and they say "you're welcome" I imagine Maui singing. And that came in handy when I did karaoke at a Halloween party.
    Visually, the scene is also amazing. We get to see Maui's tattoos help on telling the many stories of his triumphs he's earned. It combines the great animation of CGI and has some other styles in there, like Maui's tattoos that look hand drawn.
    The song is nonstop fun to listen to. Word for word, it is a song that was made for the Rock himself, and now that I've heard it, it is another Disney song stuck in my head forever. I can't even go without humming it sometimes.
    "What can I say except, it's catchy?!"

    2nd Place: Shiny
    Villain songs are usually one of the best, if not the best songs in a Disney movie. While Moana had no central antagonist really, it still had a character who could be considered a Disney villain, and that is Tamatoa.
    Tamatoa is a massive crab monster that lives in the realm of monsters and collects shiny treasure, which he sticks on his back. Maui knows that Tamatoa likely has taken his hook, and so he and Moana venture to his home to retrieve it. Moana acts as bait to draw Tamatoa out so Maui can take his hook off his back. To distract Tamatoa, Moana tries to make him talk about himself, as one thing he and Maui has in common is the fact that they love bragging about how great they are. Like Maui, Tamatoa decides to talk about himself in song form, and it's freaking amazing, I'm not going to lie.
    When I took my mother to this movie, the one thing she complained about was this song, and I did not get it, because this song is incredibly catchy and fun to sing.
    Jermaine Clement, the voice of Tamatoa does a really great job in this scene. Tamatoa is really hilarious the entire time he's on screen. He has a lot of memorable one liners, breaks the fourth wall, and still keeps up a level of intimidation because he's a freaking giant coconut crab, and they're scary enough when they're normal sized.
    The song is in a noticeably different style than the rest of the songs in the movie. The other songs feel as though they fit in this part of the world the movie takes place in, Tamatoa's song sticks out as the most unique. Shiny is made to sound like a glam rock song, which is really fitting for Tamatoa's character. He wants to stand out, he wants to be noticed for how great he looks, he'd rather be shiny, like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck!
    Also, the design of Tamatoa and his lair are incredible. Even when he's in darkness, he glows in the dark so that he's always shiny!
    So in short, Shiny is another song that gets stuck in my head all the time, and sometimes it is fun to turn on just to annoy my mother. So yes, I did like the song, Tamatoa.

    1st Place: How Far I'll Go
    Apparently in all future musicals of Disney, the best song will be the one that includes the word "Go" in it.
    In the movie, Moana is in a conflict with herself between how she is drawn to the water, and her place on her island. No matter how hard she tries, she's drawn to the ocean, and she longs to be on it.
    Later in the movie, when she has to leave to find Maui, there is a reprise to the movie, and she knows that she can go.
    I have said some already about how great Auli'i Cravalho is as a singer, and she really does a great job in this movie, being her first movie, which is a Disney movie, starring the Rock, and she holds her own very well as a voice actress and singer.
    I am so glad that she got such a beautiful sounding song to herself in this movie to show off her impressive, powerful voice. Both the original song and the reprise work perfectly in the movie as Moana either contemplates her dilemma, or starts her hero's journey out into the vast, unknown world. They're very motivating as well, as when I hear it, sometimes I get the urge to just get something done. It's always great when a Disney song can give you that burst of energy to just do...anything.
    One thing to tell that you've got a great song is by how many times people listen to it over and over again, and I have listened to both the original and reprise versions of this song numerous times. Sure, I have listened to some of the other songs here many times over and over, but this song in particular comes to mind whenever I think of the movie.

    And that is how I rank the songs from Moana. If there is a particular Disney film you'd like me to cover next in this little series, feel free to let me know.
  15. Did Te Fiti Create the Titans?
    Te Fiti, the mother island with her heart, had the power to create life when she emerged from the vast sea. But did she do it alone, or did she have help?
    In Moana, when Te Fiti's heart is stolen by Maui, she is outraged, and transforms into a giant lava monster called Te Ka. Curiously, this isn't the first giant lava monster we have seen in a Disney movie. One of the titans in Hercules, Pyros, is also a giant creature of lava.
    Now, I know some of you are thinking "just because they are both lava monsters doesn't mean they are related", but given some of the details in Moana, could they have a connection of some kind? And what if Te Ka isn't the only form that Te Fiti could take? What if she could also take the form of an ice monster, or a monster of wind under other circumstances?

    What we know about Te Fiti, is that at one time, the world was only ocean until she emerged, and used her heart to create life.
    According to the movie Hercules, the titans existed "back when the world was new." This could either mean when the planet itself was made, or just the world of man.

    Now, let us dive into the story of this theory. Let it be known that this is merely speculation on how these two movies are connected. For all I know, there could be a completely different story, or someone else thought of this theory. However, this is my take on how Te Fiti created the titans.

    When the goddess, Te Fiti emerged from the ocean, and saw the vast emptiness ahead, she saw a canvas of how to make this world her own. However, Te Fiti couldn't do this alone, as it would take far too long for one goddess, even one as powerful as herself to fill a world so big. Thus, Te Fiti created four beings that were blessed with an element of her own power.
    Lythos, a creature who represented earth.
    Hydros, a creature who represented water.
    Pyros, a creature who represented fire.
    And Stratos, a creature who represented wind.
    These were the titans. Te Fiti tasked these creatures to shape her world, and share the elements with the planet. Lythos created the stone and the soil, Hydros manipulated the water and created ice, Pyros created fire, and Stratos created the air.
    Once her world was complete, Te Fiti was proud of the work the Titans have done, and so she allowed them to rule this world and its elements.
    Te Fiti of course, created life itself. Over millions of years, Te Fiti created millions, maybe billions of species to inhabit the world, but unfortunately, many of them were destroyed as time passed from disasters even she could not prevent. However, Te Fiti had an idea, a perfect creation that would last forever, and be more advanced than anything she created before. Humans

    Te Fiti began her creation right away, but her first attempt turned out to be a complete failure. She created a giant one-eyed monster, a cyclops. Disappointed in her work, but unable to condemn the beast, she treated it as the fifth titan.
    Te Fiti made multiple attempts at creating humans, making sure to make them much smaller this time so that she could make more. Eventually, she had the perfect inspiration, herself. She made the humans in her own image, and spread them out all across her world. Te Fiti was deeply proud of her creation, but the titans were not.

    Eventually, the titans themselves came across the humans, and were disgusted by these puny creatures. Te Fiti, who had been their creator, seemed to love and cherish these humans as if they were her own flesh and blood. After they made the world perfectly to please her, she had repaid them by filling it with what they saw as vermin.

    The titans wreaked havoc on the world in a violent rampage to destroy the humans. Every last one. Te Fiti learned of the actions of the titans, and she was outraged with them for destroying her perfect creation. The titans then turned on Te Fiti herself, and even with all her power, she could not stop the combined power of her most dangerous creations of all. Te Fiti retreated, unable to use her magic to get rid of the titans, as her heart was used only to create, and could not undo that which she created.

    However, Te Fiti came up with an idea. She decided to make a new creation, one that could defeat the titans, and would know to love and appreciate the humans as she did.

    She created Zeus, a god like herself, given incredible power that could defeat the titans. Te Fiti tasked Zeus to defeat the titans with a weapon that not even they could stand up to, but she requested that he didn't kill them, only imprison them so that they could not harm the humans. In exchange, Te Fiti would give her world to Zeus, and other gods to rule. Zeus agreed, and so Te Fiti gave him his weapon, a powerful thunderbolt.

    As the titans had decimated most of the world, they were surprised to see a new god looking down on them from the clouds. The mighty Zeus hurled his thunderbolt at the ground, creating a giant crater, which all of the titans fell into. They were trapped behind an electric cage, and any attempt to escape it would cause them great pain, possibly destroy them.

    With the titans trapped, and the world at peace, Te Fiti gave Zeus the world, which he would rule from Mount Olympus. Next, Te Fiti created two brothers to help Zeus in his reign. Poseidon, who would control the seas, and bury the titans under a mighty ocean where the humans could not reach them. And Hades, who would look after the souls of those who died in the Underworld.

    However, three gods was not enough. Te Fiti created more to keep Zeus and his brothers company, and to watch over her creation as well. With her world in the hands of the other gods, Te Fiti decided to no longer meddle in the affairs of her creations, and laid down to rest on her own world, so that she would always be there, but she would not interfere with her people.

    While it can be said that all Disney films have a connection to each other one way or another, whether it be through small hints given by Easter eggs and cameos, Hercules and Moana do have a special connection between each other.
    Both movies are directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, who also directed two other Disney classics, the Little Mermaid, and Aladdin.
    Both movies feature a powerful demigod, feature strong focus around god mythology, and include giant monsters that try to eat the heroes. Also, lava monsters.
    Another thing that is crucial in Moana is the use of spirals. The Heart of Te Fiti has a spiral in the center of it, and throughout the movie, there are multiple scenes where a spiral is shown in the imagery. In Hercules, there are also many spirals, though the movie did come out nineteen years before Moana, and at the time I didn't think much of them. However, with the connections between Moana and Hercules, this could be another way to connect the two.
    One very interesting use of a spiral in particular I've noticed is the River of Lost Souls. The river is green, circular, and travels in a spiral current. This represents the opposite of the Heart of Te Fiti, where as that represents creation, the river represents destruction.
    This could either be a really cool coincidence, or intentional. But I really do like all of the connections Moana has to the previous works of the directing duo, such as showing the Genie lamp on Tamatoa's back, and Tamatoa's fourth wall break in the after credit scene about Sebastian.

    This theory was a lot of fun to do, because it is great to look into movies I love, and search for little details like that to make interesting connections, and they give us even more appreciation to the movies themselves.