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  1. Ever since Dough moved into his new studio, I have been obsessed with trying to find the location just using the exterior shots in his reviews.
    Thanks to one plumbing truck in the background in the new IT review ( about -12:51 ), I have finally found the exact location !
    I know I could have just used Google to look up the address, but that would have been no fun !
  2. Microsoft has officially launched "MineCraft Marketplace" - an in game store were you can now buy things with real money. If you want to spend more money in this $27 game you can - but only if you are using Windows 10 ( for now ) .
    Exchange rate, as of when I posted this, is about 160 coins = $1.00 USD. Basic items seem to start at the equivalent of $2 USD each.
    It appears that folks can sell their creations on the "Marketplace", however I do not know how Microsoft plans on keeping out scams, stolen items, and spam.
    MineCraft Marketplace micro transactions .jpg
  3. If you look at the revenue that Steam pulls in right, it is hard to believe that eventually the world's largest digital game distributor will run out of money, but it is true.
    The current business model that Steam employs is not sustainable in the long term. Steam has a lot of expenses that they have to pay for - bandwidth usage, server maintenance & upgrading, staff salaries, rent, taxes, utilities, and so forth. Steam makes their money from the sales of games, DLC, trading cards and Green Light submissions ( as of when I wrote this ).
    The problem is all of the revenue streams are NOT recursive - they are one time payments. Steam has to continue to pay to keep their service online, while the users do not.
    Every time someone logs in, it uses bandwidth and server resources. Every time something is downloaded or updated, it takes resources.
    Eventually there are going to be more users than Steam can profitably support. It is kind of like a ponzi scheme in the way that new purchases pay for expenses incurred by old users.
    Please remember: Valve Inc ( the owners of Steam ) do not keep most of the profits they make every year - the money gets funneled out to their executive staff, investors and share-holders.
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