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  1. Link to my demise here:

    Yes, when I mean my demise, I mean that I predict that at least one or two people will come in and bash my thoughts for ASSUMING that The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror can be re-themed. Seriously, this happened when the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout announcement was made when nobody was snarking about Joe Rhode's weird earring. And with a bunch of impassioned youngsters complaining that this flies in the face of Disney's customers when most of them don't really care. It's dumb, it's sad, but it's my generation to be a bunch of complainers about trivial things.

    Speaking of which, my original plan for the next Let Them Eat Metal entry was going to be X Japan's Blue Blood, but a quick glance into YouTube made me realized that the album's distributor, Sony Japan, is REALLY stingy about copyright, not seeing fair use as, well, fair use. That and there's no "X Japan - Topic" channel to get the audio for. I may try to see how to implement a Spotify playlist in there if I have to, but I'm considering making it a different album. Specifically, I'll see if it's one that doesn't get released by Sony, so Galneryus, Concerto Moon, Versailles, the GazettE, Dir En Gry, Luna Sea, and X Japan's Extasy and Atlantic releases are possible for entries (though I might not have Vanishing Vision's cover up there, instead having an image of an anime girl holding her chest in shock to substitute and reflect that messed-up but beautiful album cover). In short, expect something wild and very Japanese next week.

    Until Next Time, This is the Rock Otaku. Live Loud and Play Hard.
  2. Link here:

    Yeah, this was a little rushed, but I'm dealing with a lot right now. And I JUST decided on the theme for the next countdown. Yeah, It's going to be inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but it isn't about plot details or music. It's about a situation in Disney California Adventure that is going on right now that is under some heat and may cause Disney a small decline in faith in the parks. And it'll be about how I'd do that entire same scenario in FLORIDA! So yeah, expect to get some ideas that will cause rage, for it'll be my 50th entry on BlogSpot. What a way to celebrate.

    Until Next Time, This is the Rock Otaku. Live Loud and Play Hard.
  3. Link here:

    Based on the timing of this entry, it shouldn't be a mystery why I'm finally doing a Dio-themed entry. As for this one, it was fun to write, and there are some interesting insights that I picked up on when revisiting this album. I'm not sure why, but I feel pretty satisfied with this one. I might go back and make changes to the flow if I feel that it could be better, but I feel that this might also be my best to date. Strange that I say that, but I feel confident in this one. With that in mind, I do recommend reading this to the end, as I bring up some of the insights I've mentioned and how they ended up impacting how I ultimately reviewed this.

    Until Next Time, This is the Rock Otaku. Live Loud, Play Hard, and Eat Metal
  4. Link Here:

    Nothing to say here, everything you need to know about this is exactly what it says on the tin.

    Until Next Time, This is the Rock Otaku. Live Loud and Play Hard
  5. Link Here:

    I don't have much to say here except for the fact that this is, well, a big deal. Okay then, I hope you enjoy.

    Until next time, this is the Rock Otaku. Live Loud and Play Hard.
  6. Link Here:

    Sorry this is late. While I never announced it earlier, I did completely miss the Friday deadline for this. However, I feel that I managed to get everything done for today and up now. Also, I do plan on doing a full review of Guardians Vol 2. I gave it some time, and I'll discuss what I thought tomorrow.

    Until next time, this is The Rock Otaku. Live Loud and Play Hard.
  7. Link here:

    Well, this was more recent than usual.

    Until Next Time, This is the Rock Otaku. Live Loud and Play Hard.
  8. Hello degenerates, heathens, weirdos, and deviants. I am the Rock Otaku, and I’m here to show you worlds such as hard rock, metal, punk, alternative rock, movies, TV, anime, video games, and anything that makes us scream, shout, and let it out.

    As for this entry, this is to tell you what’s in store for May 2017. If you’re wondering what things are like, here’s a Brief Summary. Last month was another where I somehow managed to get 9 entries up on the internet, with two consecutive weeks where I had 3 entries. While that can be considered a sign that this might end up being a full-time deal, I’ll explain the main aspects where that possibility can be achieved. But for the content, I managed to do two LTEMs this week, and while I feel that they are strong and get my point across, one of them, the one based around my comparison of Stryper and Skillet, was a little too vanilla, so I have plans on uploading the version I was gunning for when I wrote it, but cut down to get it out the night it did. It will be out sometime in the coming months, and I’ll probably get it out as a Patreon-only entry, which I’ll explain about in an upcoming paragraph.

    Outside of that, I managed to do two countdowns based around anime and summer movies respectively, and I get the sense that, while not as popular as the countdowns I did in March, they were well received, and I’ll do that process again with the next season of anime as well as with Holiday films.

    Plus I brought back my Billboard Rock Chart analysis, the Rockin’ Billboard Chart Watch, and developed a new system of doing it, where views of a single entry will unlock new reviews of songs I did not cover or was unable to properly cover due to them not fitting the rules that week, as in being in the top 10, being a new or returning entry, or having some merit to it. It may sound cheap and like bad DLC practices (I’m looking at you, Capcom), but it’s one way for me to justify updating them. That and having links to songs I’ve already reviewed on the page as well. And depending on the charts for this week, I might extend the top 10 rule to top 20, which might curb this while also making them very, very long.

    And finally, while I wasn’t able to do any movie reviews last month, I’m very certain that will change this month, and they will be based around after seeing them in the next 2 days. Plus, my “Crazy Idears” series got started, and that isn’t as big of a focus of mine but something I do when I feel that I need to put something out there.

    Now for how I’ll tackle May. Obviously, I have “Let Them Eat Metal” entries planned for this month, but I’m struggling to think of random countdown ideas. There might be a situation where I just make Friday a catch-all day where LTEM is a priority, but Countdowns may be replaced by Crazy Idears, random editorials, interesting stuff, and even further plans with what I’ll do with other forms of media when I have the shot (they may be Crazy Idears as well). For one countdown idea, I’m trying to choose between my favorite movies in the MCU or my favorite tunes from the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack (the first Awesome Mix Tape, to be exact) and how they fit in the narrative. I may aim for the latter, then do my favorite MCU films when Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out. Plus for LTEM, I know I’ll be doing an entry on Dio’s Holy Diver next while also thinking of ways to change the format if I need to, like turning the series into a “Frothy Pint of Metal”-based analysis of current, new, obscure, and hungry bands in the metal and rock genres as well as doing it on video platforms like YouTube, VidMe, DailyMotion, etc.. That and I’m thinking of doing a visual kei band for the entry after Dio. In short, I plan on doing notable albums then bizarre choices for the next several entries, the Metallic Ring will be made to be more special.

    And finally, let’s talk social media.

    For those that are wondering, “Why don’t I have a Patreon? That seems to be the in-thing for content creators.” That’s because I don’t feel that my series is big enough to sustain a Patreon account. But that shouldn’t discourage me, as I feel that there are greater rewards when you take risks. Trust me, the idea might work, and I may definitely consider it after at least 50 entries on BlogSpot (which is pretty easy with a proper schedule and passion to pass this month) or doing 10 videos based around my work on a platform like YouTube.

    Speaking of YouTube, I have plans on expanding into that. For Tumbler, I am practically linking my blog series to there, but YouTube will be a different entity. For that, I plan on a Vlog series (and a Let Them Eat Metal reconfiguration to better showcase my influences in the internet review game) that may include me discussing various rock, metal, alternative, movie, TV, comic, anime, game, and even political news and dissecting it while also having a recommendation of the week. That way, I can start showcasing random albums and songs I’ve been listening to, but I don’t feel deserve a written entry yet. But I also know about corporate bullcrap, so I may also set up VidMe and DailyMotion accounts for them while also asking you all to subscribe (and/or create YouTube accounts of your own) to my account so you can see them. Plus I do think that I may need to create a striking image for myself when I go that route. Being a regular dude with geeky t-shirts may not cut it, so probably the incorporation of elements from glam, punk, metal, visual kei, and cosplay fashion, including steampunk and so on, might be a good starting point. Yes, going for a more outrageous image than Crash Thompson might help with my differentiation if my opinions are way too much like Luke Spencer’s with elements of Happy Viking’s.

    Now for the goals. If you desire YouTube, VidMe, DailyMotion and possibly DeviantArt pages of yours truly, here are the metrics:

    • YouTube: 100 views of a single entry
    • VidMe: 105 views of a single entry
    • DailyMotion: 110 views of a single entry
    • DeviantArt: 120 views of a single entry
    • Patreon: Whenever I feel that ad revenue isn’t going anywhere and I need to ensure that I’m able to create some new projects, may them be written or made for visual pleasure, which may be very, very soon. I’ll ask on Facebook if you desire this.
    • Any other social media site of choice: 150 views of a single entry.

    And for the rest, 100 views of a single entry leading to me to start taking requests and suggestions for my work. That and a review of Skid Row’s self-titled debut will be put in the queue. But I can take suggestions if they do allow for greater quality of my work. And to get there, there’s an easy way to do so. Here’s a link to boost this entry over the 100 threshold as it’s the closest: And here are my second and third-most viewed entries, if you want to check them out: (2) and (3) 150 will lead to the start of the first Q&A, where I’ll, based on your questions, reveal my deepest, darkest secrets. 200 views will lead to the first ever special entry of Let Them Eat Metal: Let Them Eat Metal by The Rods, the album whose name inspired the title of my main heavy metal and hard rock series (when I’m not talking about rock and metal making the Billboard chart). 300 views will lead to a review of the movie 300 and/or it’s sequel/prequel/inter-quel 300: Rise of an Empire because why the hell not? 400 views will lead to a LTEM for Metallica’s Master of Puppets. And for 500 views, I’ll do a multipart LTEM reviewing every Judas Priest album in a multipart mini-series (which might lead to LTEM being a weekly series for a brief time) as a tribute to my first post of this series here: A part of this will be a re-review of Screaming for Vengeance with my evolving style depending on a poll beforehand. For an Iron Maiden, Accept, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Savatage, Van Halen, or even Metallica min-series, that will be decided on various factors such as how well it does. And for every final/most recent album, I’ll come up with, as I’ve done for Band-Maid, ideas on how the band’s should go forward or how any aspiring bands or artists should take elements in music and image from the band being discussed, depending on if the band isn’t as legendary as they should be. Overall, things should be fun this month, and they rely on you as they do on me.

    As for my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, check them both out for updates, news, interesting facts, and other fun stuff. Be sure to like and follow them respectively. Here are the links if you’re interested:

    This is the Rock Otaku, Live Loud and Play Hard.
  9. Link here:

    So this is my fourteenth entry, and the one most likely to get a lot of views. Especially considering what's coming up next Thursay. Yes, this is my contribution to Star Wars Day, despite being 6 days ahead. I'll focus on showing this again Thursday, so be observant on that. Look into my social media for that.

    Until Next Time, This is the Rock Otaku. Live Loud and Play Hard.
  10. Link here:

    This is my latest look into the Billboard Rock Charts. However, I do seem to get a little frustrated with John Mayer appearing so much on the chart. Jeez, now I know how Mark from Spectrum Pulse feels when an artist he doesn't like dominates the charts.

    Until Next Time, This is the Rock Otaku. Live Loud and Play Hard
  11. Link here:

    Before I close this out, let me say that this is the result of many lingering issues and interests I've been having for a while. One of them is my passion for the guitar. The other is me following Some Jerk With a Camera's wacky Twitter page. I do explain the latter at the VERY END of the page, but don't just skip there. You might be interested in what I say.

    Until Next Time, This is the Rock Otaku. Live Loud and Play Hard.
  12. Link Here:

    Here, I show the movies that I'm interested in checking out. Now if you mind, I need some time off from blog publishing. Not blog writing. Blog publishing. Don't worry until next week for new entries.

    Until Next Time, This is the Rock Otaku. Live Loud and Play Hard.
  13. Link Here:

    And yes, I do give my thoughts on why "Immigrant Song" and "Centerfold" got on the Hot Rock Songs Chart this week.

    Until Next Time, This is the Rock Otaku. Live Loud and Play Hard
  14. Link here:

    Yes, I did try this out last February, but due to outside issues and other stuff happening, I ended up not continuing this series. Until today. Today, I decided to bring it back, change the rules up a bit so there are new reasons for me to check out charting rock tracks. Plus, it does give me a look into understanding what is going on currently in the rock scene. In the future, the preamble will be changed to reflect the time frame like I did in previous entries on this platform, but don't let that concern you. I still have plans for other stuff. This may disappear again, but I hope it doesn't.

    Until Next Time, This is the Rock Otaku. Live Loud and Play Hard.
  15. Link here:

    Also, make sure to like my Facebook page here: Be sure to follow me on Twitter here:, my Instagram page is here:, and my Tumblr is at this link: That and be sure to follow my blog. The way to do so is to the right of this page.

    Until next time, this is the Rock Otaku. Live Loud, Play Hard, and Eat Metal.