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  1. So, i was thinking about it and i have a major bone to pick with fanservice in anime. I’m disappointed in fanservice in anime , because it is lazy and the kinds of fanservice that the typical anime indulges in has oversaturated the genre. The kinds can be boiled down into two categories: wish fulfilment fanservice and sexual fanservice.

    The former is more prevalent now and days , having bland main characters with zero personalities who are only there to serve as a self insert character for the audience and i can (at least begrudgingly) understand the appeal of such characters. Everyone wants to feel powerful, important or even like the smartest guy in the room, but it’s just so hollow. What good does it do to self-insert when you have no influence over the events happening in the story? None at all.

    The latter is more complex. I find that sexual fanservice is like gravy; if it is good and on a good dish it makes it better , but if the gravy is bad or is on a bad dish, it doesn’t really help all that much. Furthermore, if all you get for a meal is gravy i’d imagine (most)people would be upset. More to the point this kind of fanservice is sexual, but not sexy. To be more accurate this comparison comes down to a matter of presentation and the nature of a character. Basically if a character is well written and hot then they’re sexy , but if they are just a bland and /or poorly written and only seem to be in the plot for the purpose of titillation than they’re just sexual. Having either or both isn’t a problem , but again most characters fall into the sexual category and it’s become a problem of oversaturation because a poorly written character is an original character and now they’re everywhere.

    In all honesty, i don’t know why i wrote this. I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said and i just needed to get this off my chest. Thanks, bye.
  2. Okay so i was thinking about it and Greg is my favorite SU character hands down.

    As for why it's very simple; he's nice. He does what he can to support his son and tries his best to understand him despite his aversion to magic and other alien things, he never chastises or attacks any of the gems for how they raise Steven and overall he is a chill, nice guy stuck in a situation that would send lesser men running for the border. And if you're still not seeing it here's a list of Greg's feats within the show
    • His catchphrase activated the Laser light cannon and if it hadn't earth would be toast
    • He sealed the Geode with just duct tape when the gems didn't know how to fix it
    • Greg also managed to figure out another problem when the gems couldn't when he decoded the message from Lapis
    • And he threw himself and his van ( which i think doubles as his home, i'm not sure) in front of Steven when his life was in danger
    And bear in mind Greg is a human with no true obligation to fight the with or against the gems, if that is not a badass i'm not sure what is.
  3. So I was thinking about that CGI animated Star wars cartoon that was out a few years back and a thought occurred. Okay there’s this running theme in the show about how the clone are better than the droids because they can think, reason, feel( yadda, yadda, the same basic humanity stuff that I’m sure we’ve all heard before) but then I thought for a second; “doesn’t that make the republic worse than the separatist?” I mean I figure that the republic is made of hundreds of worlds right? So wouldn’t those worlds have standing armies? Why would they need the clones?

    I mean I know why the emperor needs the clones for his plan to work, but how did he pitch this to the counsel? I guess they thought that the clones would be preferable to spare their own civilians but there are two problems with this line of thinking

    1. The civilians are in danger anyway and are routinely forced force to confront separatist whether physically or politically

    2. If the clones are used because of their expendability, why not make droids to fight instead?

    The second point is the most jarring because it has some cruel implications; the republic is creating a slave race of brainwashed men whose only purpose is to fight and die in a war with no consideration to their wellbeing, existence or consent. The show plays this like it’s no big deal, when really it’s terrifying. I can understand the desire to have an expendable fighting force, but what I don’t understand is why they had to be flesh and blood people with emotions, thoughts and free will. Would it not have been better to simply make a droid army to contend with the separatist one?

    The only reason I can think of is that the republic simply doesn’t trust droids without biological intuition or morality, but really that’s just trying to have your cake and eat it too. Which I suppose they do, but in the worst way possible; how could the Jedi approve of such cruelty when their supposed to up hold justice? Or am I just missing the point?
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  4. Okay, I need to get this off my chest; ‘An irregular at magic high school’ is one of the worst anime I’ve ever seen. This thing entered my life in 2014 and has been this aggravating shadow looming over my shoulder. My white whale, that I’m destined to do battle with for all time. Let’s dive in.

    The Plot

    Here’s the skinny: In DA FUTURE! Magic has been not only discovered, but mastered down to a science. Two well off siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki have been enrolled in a (you guessed it) a magic high school, but there’s a problem; Tatsuya has been branded a ‘weed’ or poor preforming magic student and has to ‘struggle’ to make his way through various types of problems. On the whole the plot is just fine the real problem comes from the setting mostly its system of magic. Speaking of…

    The Magic system

    Okay this is going to take a while because this show has a needlessly complex system of magic and I swear half of the dialogue in this show is the characters explaining how magic and certain spells work. Now I have nothing against more sophisticated magic, it can add uniqueness, fun and creativity but here it drags the show to a halt. The amount of pointless techno-babble they use for common everyday words is staggering for example; Pushions instead of emotions, Psions instead of thoughts, and CAD’s in place of magic wands.

    What’s worse is that the characters never use plain vernacular to explain anything also it kills the atmosphere by having characters literally siting down in order to explain magic at length. This in my opinion is the worst way to explain things because nothing happens and it is so boring. And it takes you out of the world completely since your busy trying to wrap your head around terms instead of getting invested in characters or the world. Then on reflection I realized why anyone would write a story like this and it’s because the story is as thin as a rail.

    The Story, world and characters

    Let’s be clear there is only one character that matters: Shiba Tatsuya. This guy absolutely dominates the show in terms of in show power and focus. He is:

    · a master magic user

    · a ninja master

    · rich

    · a modified solider

    · magic engineer

    · president of his own company

    · a genius both scholastically and tactically …

    And finally vice president of his student council despite being a weed which is important to note that it’s against the rules for weeds to join the student council but they bent the rules to let Tatsuya in because if his talents weren’t enough, everyone and I do mean everyone likes him. Every woman (including his sister) shows some degree of romantic interest and every man either follows him like lost children or admire him like the big brother they never had.

    Now here’s the problem (in case you couldn’t notice) with all this going for him; Tatsuya is never challenged, matched or defeated; Any and all opponents fall before him with ease be they: domestic terrorist, assassins, other modified soldiers or even a invading force from the Chinese military they will fall and Tatsuya will hardly flinch. His monotone voice and dull expression don’t help either because it feels like he doesn’t care. The action is over far too quickly to be entertaining and the problems are so political and self-contained it hard to tell why anything is happening or why you should care.

    Another failing is the setting, as I said it’s so self –contained and takes you out of the world with its insistence on complex exposition rather than letting the characters life, act out and explain in plain vernacular what and how things work/are. Then I realized that if they did cut back the complex magic, techno-babble and made the characters reasonable Irregular at magic high school would just be a run of the mill anime, but instead they over shot their mark and hit this place where the show is more concerned with its own complexity than it is with its actual story or characters for that matter.

    Thanks for reading and indulging my rant , hopefully I’ll be back for more.