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  1. Hey guys!

    Sorry it has been awhile. Working full time, going to school part time and all that fun stuff. In my absence I have been making content for YouTube. I am not in it for the views or for the money but rather for the fun of it. I'm still a work in progress.

    I hope to either still continue making blogs... I feel like it is a good outlet. But if you guys are interested in the content I create (if not that is fine as well) let me know in the comments and I'll post them here.

    Not exactly sure what to discuss on my next blog... any ideas? Thanks guys and stay awesome!
  2. First of, I want to apologize for the delay. Between work and school it's hard to keep on top of blogs. I've been meaning to finish up and this will be the last Reeve movie I do. Hopefully I'll be more active on the site. Since I have free time on my hands I'll continue from where left off.

    "Switching Channels" is about two divorced reporter who goes on vacation, meets a man, her ex husband (who is her boss oddly enough) tries everything in his power to win her back. That's pretty much it. Hilarity ensues, guy wins the gal, it's a pretty basic formula. Kathleen Turner along side Burt Reynolds make for a dynamic duo of comedy. Unfortunately, according to Christopher Reeve in his biography "Still Me", he had to be referee for both Turner and Reynolds.

    Reeve's character is the owner of a large gym equipment firm. The ironic thing is about this character is that for many years, Reeve has played the man of steel, flying in and saving the day. In this movie, his character is afraid of heights! Superman is afraid of heights! There's a scene with him freaking out in a glass elevator.

    The movie as I said has a pretty basic formula, but it's pretty enjoyable. Thank you for reading this and I hope to do more blogs soon!

    Kathleen Turner: Christie Colleran
    Burt Reynolds: John 'Sully" Sullivan
    Christopher Reeve: Blaine Bingham
    Switching Channels Trailer:

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  3. How many of you were or are presently students raise your hands. Okay… How many of you left an assignment due last minute? How many of you made stuff up off the top of your heads? I myself did an essay the night before it was due and got a 100 on it (that’s because it was an easy topic to discuss). What am I alluding to? You’ll see as we delve into Street Smart

    Short Summary:
    Jonathan Fisher is a news reporter for the Daily Planet (oh… sorry… wrong newspaper) anyway, Jonathan has an idea to report in the life of a thug. Instead of putting himself in a situation, he makes it up off the top of his head only to his horror that his story mimics the life of a man named Fast Black (Played by Morgan Freeman). Hookers, shootings, this reporter got more than what he bargained for.

    Main Cast:
    Christopher Reeve: Jonathan Fisher

    Morgan Freeman: Fast Black

    My thoughts:
    It’s nice to see Chris play a Lois Lane type reporter and he works well with Morgan Freeman’s character. It’s not a comic book movie, it’s not romance, I guess (since I am a die -hard New Yorker) it’s more realistic in terms of what it’s like in the city. All in all and I know I’ve said this before… but it’s worth checking out.


  4. I know you've been waiting for the last two entries of my "Totally Tubular Tuesdays: Underrated Christopher Reeve Movies" blog and I do apologize that I haven't been posting but I have an essay due this Tuesday and that has taken up most of my time. I'm on Spring Break right now so I hope to have both blogs posted in Microsoft Word before I post them on the site. In the meantime I have some amazing news: WE'RE GETTING A NEW PEEWEE MOVIE! As with many of you I grew up watching PeeWee's Playhouse (Yes I born in 1993 but they had reruns) anyhoo I was on Netflix and noticed that all the episodes as well as the movies (even the holiday special) were on Netflix. So when I saw that "PeeWee's Big Holiday" was going to be on Netflix I'm super excited! Here is a link to PeeWee's log on the progress of the movie. Can't wait to see it and stay tuned for more of my TTT blogs!
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  5. I’m not exactly sure how to make an introduction of this movie. I guess what it boils down to is the battle of the sexes I guess. Here is The Bostonians.

    Mini Summary:

    Verena Tarrant is caught between two worlds. One world being with Olive Chancellor (fitting name) who is fighting for the rights of women and the world of love and romance with Basil Ransome trying to win her heart.

    Main Cast:

    Christopher Reeve: Basil Ransome

    Vanessa Redgrave: Olive Chancellor

    Madeleine Potter: Verena Tarrant

    My thoughts:

    I know I keep repeating this but I love this movie. I haven’t found a Christopher Reeve film I didn’t like. I guess one of the reasons why I love this film is because of the time period. I love the sound of horse drawn carriages and the dresses (not necessarily the corsets). I also love the performances of the actors, fitting well with the time period.



    Hope you enjoyed this. Next up Street Smart!
  6. Leonard Nimoy passed away today at age 83. I was always into Star Trek but I honestly wouldn't call myself a trekkie. I do love the series and have seen all of them (Include tidbits of Star Trek: Enterprise). Leonard Nimoy will forever and always be our friend. Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy. Live Long... and prosper.

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  7. How far would you go to gain success? Would you steal for success? Would you even MURDER for success? This next under rated Christopher Reeve movie is a sure thriller that will leave you at the edge of your seat. Here is Death trap.

    Brief Summary:
    Sidney Bruel is a struggling playwright (back to playwrights again? Sorry folks!) who is tired of failing. He comes home to find a play in the mail. The play is titled “Death trap”. It was written by an up and coming playwright named Clifford Anderson. Anderson attended one of Sidney’s seminars. Sydney gives Clifford a call and as soon as he arrives mayhem ensues. Murder… Sydney trying to steal Death Trap from Clifford. A roller coaster thrill ride!

    Main Cast:
    Sydney Bruel: Michael Caine
    Clifford Anderson: Christopher Reeve

    My Thoughts:
    I love this movie even though it confuses me. I’ve seen it so many times but I still end up having so many unanswered questions. And this is the only film where both the son of Krypton himself and Alfred Pennyworth share a kiss on screen. It’s definitely worth a watch (the movie itself... not necessarily the kissing scene).


    Kissing scene:

  8. Christopher Reeve as everyone knows is mostly known for his role as Superman. While this is my favorite role of his, he has also done other movies during the 80s. I’m doing the under rated films he has done (the ones I own at least). I hope to get you guys to check out his other films if you haven’t done so already.

    Have you ever looked at a painting of a person in a museum and fell in love with it? And I don’t mean actually falling in love with the painting but the person within the painting. Here is “Somewhere in Time”.


    Christopher Reeve: Richard Collier

    Jane Seymour: Elise McKenna

    Christopher Plummer: William Fawcett Robinson

    Brief Summary:
    Based on the Richard Matheson novel, "Bid Time Return", "Somewhere in Time" is about finding love in the past. Richard Collier, a playwright, suffering from Writer’s block, goes on vacation to the Grand Hotel and stumbles upon a portrait of a beautiful woman. Upon further research he discovers it is Elisa McKenna, an actress who performed at the Grand Hotel theatre. Visiting a professor who wrote a book on time travel, Richard (with the use of hypnosis) goes back to 1912 and meets the love of his life. He is successful and finds himself back in 1912 and goes to meet Elise. Elise is an actress and Robinson (Played by Christopher Plummer) is her manager. He sees Collier and sees that he is a threat since Robinson, like Collier, is in love with Ms. McKenna. Robinson tries to rid himself of Richard but to no avail. Richard and Elise share a passionate night but something tragic happens and Collier is transported back to the present time.

    What do I think:
    Well… seeing as how this is one of the first few films Christopher Reeve has done after the first Superman film, I have to commend him. I loved his performance and John Barry’s music fits the tone of the film. Is it a great film? Yes and No. When it was first released it wasn’t well received. According to the cast members, having the movie play on cable was what saved it. Now audiences adore it.


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  9. Here it is! Part 2 of my Knight Rider blog. Today is a bittersweet day for me because it marks three years since my dad passed away. He was the one who got me into Knight Rider and showed me how wonderful and awesome this show is. So to honor his memory, I’m going to do my favorite episodes by season. Warning: This blog contains spoilers. Read at own discretion. Enjoy!

    Knight Rider Season 1:

    1.) Knight of the Phoenix (Pilot):
    This was the episode that started it all. Officer Michael Arthur Long is shot in the head and winds up at the mansion of a wealthy billionaire named Wilton Knight. With a new face and new identity, Michael is on a mission to seek revenge. On his death bed, Wilton takes Michael by the hand and tells him, “One man can make a difference”. Michael is apprehensive about the role as the lone crusader but Devon Miles, Wilton’s friend says that Wilton doesn’t have a son to carry on his legacy. Michael is introduced to KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand). Michael doesn’t take it too kindly that his super car with artificial intelligence can talk back. Why, you ask do I like this episode? Well… it shows you a real life circumstance. Michael isn’t a superhero with super powers… He’s human… and he can get hurt. Imagine having a circumstance where life as you came to love suddenly turned upside down. But what if you were given a chance to make a difference in other people’s lives with the help of a super car… sounds cool right?

    2.) Trust Doesn’t Rust:
    Did you know there was another supercar created before KITT? No? Well this is KARR (Knight Automated Roving Robot) unfortunately KARR was programmed for self-preservation where as KITT was programmed for the preservation of human life. So it’s super car vs super car! KARR was voiced by Optimus Prime himself Peter Cullen so that made this episode all the more worthwhile.

    3.) Chariot of Gold:
    This is the first time we see KITT get meddled with. Bonnie Barstow (KITT’s Technician) is drugged to listen to a man by the name of Graham Doevel. She reprograms KITT to do a security breach. Why do I love this episode? Towards the end, Graham asks KITT to kill Michael. By this point Michael and KITT are the best of friends as well as partners. Because of KITT’s programming, he is unable to harm Michael. Sort of like that scene in How to train your Dragon 2 (don’t get me started on that movie), where Toothless is being mind-controlled by the Alpha Dragon and Hiccup is telling Toothless that he is his best friend and that’s when Toothless overcomes his hypnosis. True friendship conquers all.

    Knight Rider Season 2:

    1.) Goliath:
    Remember when I said that Wilton Knight didn’t have a son? Well… I lied. His name is Garthe Knight and Garthe looks oddly familiar. Well it turns out when Michael got shot in the head and had facial reconstructive surgery, his face was reconstructed to look like Garthe. Garthe has a secret weapon, a big truck appropriately named Goliath and he (Goliath) is equipped with the formula for KITT’s molecular bonded shell. This formula makes anything invulnerable and is top secret. So secret in fact that no individual has the whole formula. Each person Wilton Knight worked with had one piece of the formula. Unfortunately, Elizabeth Knight, mother of Garthe and late wife of Wilton, used African poison and was able to get the full formula for her son. I love this episode only because Garthe Knight was (and is) the best villain the producers came up with.

    2.) Soul Survivor:
    Imagine having everything that made you who you are suddenly have it ripped out of you. Unfortunately that’s what happened to KITT when some techy 18 year old got into KITT’s central processing unit to do the bidding of a woman he has the hots for. This woman is Adrienne Margeux. She is played by Ann Turkel. And I have to admit, she is one sassy villaness. Actually she’s one of the best villainess. Her face and the sound of her voice just sounds so menacing and cool. The techy 18 year old isn’t a bad kid, just one of those things where all they need is a man’s guidance, and a break away from the computer.

    3.) Knightmares:
    This episode is another test of Michael and KITT’s friendship when during a mission, Michael gets hit on the head and loses his memory. Michael reverts back to his original identity as Michael Arthur Long and it’s up to KITT to have his old friend back. Even though KITT is only a computer, you can hear the sadness in his voice and the will to help Michael get his memory back.

    4.) Goliath Returns:
    Garthe Knight has returned! And so has Adrienne (eh). With her help, Goliath is rebuilt (oh… forgot to mention that Goliath got blown up) but now with Adrienne’s help, Goliath is now 100% invulnerable. I’m not exactly sure why, but this is by far one of my favorites. It’s the one I recorded on a VHS tape and played repeatedly. Maybe because Garthe is a more badass villain in this than the previous.

    Knight Rider Season 3:

    1.) K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R.:
    KARR is back and is out for revenge! I guess I like this episode because KARR sounds a lot more menacing than he did in season 1. Nothing too much to say except for an epic supercar battle of epic proportions.

    2.) Junkyard Dog:
    Michael and KITT’s friendship is put through the ultimate test. KITT gets put in a pond of toxic waste and is completely destroyed from the inside out. Bonnie and the original design team for KITT get going to repair him. Everything is going good except for KITT’s test on the track. He’s supposed to be going at 100 but is doing 60. Michael can sympathize with KITT because he knows what it’s like to be scarred after a horrific incident. But what you have to is pick yourself up and keep moving forward. You can’t be afraid. He tells KITT that the way to overcome it is to refuse to give in and do what has to be done. KITT regains his courage and stops the people who hurt him.

    Knight Rider Season 4:

    Knight Rider ran four seasons and to be honest this was the weakest of all the seasons. The whole “Let’s destroy KITT every season premiere” was getting old rather quickly. Yes KITT had new upgrades like Super Pursuit Mode and the ability to become a convertible but good episodes were far and in between. Not sure if I have a favorite of season 4. The last episode of the series Michael and KITT go up against a voodoo witch… yeah…

    I hope you enjoyed my Knight Rider blog! Not entirely sure what to do for the next TTT so if you want comment below. Have a Totally Tubular Tuesday!

    One more thing... If you can... like this Facebook group. If you're a Knight Rider fan like me you're going to want to check it out! Great Knight Rider fan fictions!

  10. I just recently got into the Football not because I was forced or anything but both my mom and step dad are fans (My mom is a Bills Fan and my step dad is a Jets fan) and I wanted to give it a shot. So from the beginning of the season until now I have tuned in. Not sure which team is my favorite. Now here it is... the super bowl... the longest awaiting football game of the season. Only the two strongest teams will compete for the grand trophy.I watched the super bowl last year and it was the worst super bowl I've seen in a long time. Not going to go into it too much otherwise I'd be spewing my anger. But here is a list of things I look forward to for tomorrow:

    1.) The actual game itself:
    The Seattle Seahawks vs The New England Patriots. Think I'm rooting for the Seahawks... even though I think both teams are great in there league (and yes I know about deflate gate).

    2.) The Half-Time Show:
    I'm a little "iffy" on the fact that Katy Perry is hosting the 2015 Pepsi Half Time show. I'm sure she'll do fantastic but I would prefer Metallica, Rob Zombie, Aerosmith... any hard rock or heavy metal band... that would be cool.

    3.) The commercials:
    Yes! The famous super bowl commercials! Can't wait to laugh, cry, and scratch my head in confusion

    Now on my end (I live on the East Coast) it will be on NBC at 6:30pm... so check your local listings to find out when and where the superbowl will be airing in your area! I'll be having a small superbowl party with my mom and step dad tomorrow... nothing huge.

    What teams are you rooting for and what are you looking forward to most? Comment below! Ten hut!

  11. I was born in 1993 and grew up with a mix of stuff from the 60s-present. For some reason or another I have always gravitated to stuff of the 80s. Whether it be music to movies to even television. I want to start something called "Totally Tubular Tuesdays" where I basically take a look at stuff from the 80s I enjoy. This may be every other Tuesday because I'm currently in college right now but I'll still be working on keeping up with the blog. Okay... so here is the first of hopefully a couple of these. Totally Tubular Tuesday Number 1: Knight Rider!

    Knight Rider was a show in 1982 created by the late Glen A. Larson and about a man and his machine. The show is about Michael Knight(played by then unknown actor at the time David Hasselhoff), a lone crusader who champions the cause of the innocent... the helpless... the powerless... in a world of criminals who operate above the law. He is accompanied by K.I.T.T. ( voiced by William Daniels. which stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand). One would think that a man and his talking car wouldn't be very interesting but with action, suspense, and a little romance here and there, it makes for a great watch. The show's main theme throughout it's 4 seasons was: One man can make a difference... and I believe it has throughout generations.
    Michael Knight was once a police officer named Michael Arthur Long. After getting shot in the head and left to die in the desert, a dying billionaire named Wilton Knight saves him and has Michael undergo reconstructive facial surgery, giving him a new face and a new future. Wilton Knight is the founder of a law agency called The Foundation for Law and Government where they track down criminals and bring them to justice. Lead by long time friend Devon Miles (portrayed by the late Edward Mulhare), Michael and KITT help bring criminals to justice and help those in need.

    Main Cast:
    David Hasselhoff: Michael Knight (Season 1-4)
    Edward Mulhare: Devon Miles (Seasons 1-4)
    Richard Basehart: Wilton Knight (Season 1 pilot episode)
    Patricia McPherson: Dr. Bonnie Bartsow ( Seasons 1,3 and 4)
    Rebecca Holden: Dr. April Curtis (Season 2)
    Peter Parros: RC3 (Reginald Cornelius the Third... Season 4)

    Why I love it:
    I wasn't sure how to answer this. I guess it's a variety of factors: the action, the heart felt moments, lovable characters, and the fact that a man and his car can become real and true friends.
    Preview of the next TTT Blog:
    I'm thinking of capping off my Knight Rider Blog with my favorite episodes. I'll do these by season rather than a top list and as a warning there will be spoilers for those who haven't seen the show. Thanks for reading!

    Also if you could spare the time... I have friends who run a group on Facebook. It has a lot of Knight Rider Fanfiction that cleverly combines the old with new. If you are a big Knight Rider fan like me then this group is definitely worth to join:

  12. I'm not sure how I wanted to start this blog. I guess first and foremost my family members have their own favorite Disney Princess. My Nana has Snow White, my Mom has Cinderella, and my cousin has Ariel. Disney is a staple of everyone's childhood even though sometimes we don't want to admit it. "Beauty and the Beast" is one of my favorite films and Belle is MY Disney Princess.

    *Most of these reasons are just personal*

    Why? Well... there are a couple of reasons:
    1.) We both have dark hair and dark eyes (even though I have dark brown hair and green eyes). Yes I know this reason is kind of lame but I think I can pull off looking like Belle... even though I can't sing even if my life depended on it.

    2.) We both love to read. A princess who's literate also inspires others to read as well. When in hard times, escape to a book of adventure or romance, or whatever you're into to escape reality.

    3.) We both feel like we don't belong. This one hits hard for me. In school I was the nerd who would raise her hand in class all the time and get straight As. I was in catholic school from second grade to eight grade and trust me, people there aren't as nice as you think. I was always bullied for being a nerd. I didn't (and still don't) listen to what's trending on the top charts today. I don't hate it, just not my cup of tea. I always felt I didn't belong because I wasn't in the in crowd. I never tried to be, but at times it hurt feeling alone. Nevertheless I grew stronger and stopped caring on what people thought of me. That's what Belle did too. She found a group of friends who loved her for who she was and eventually so did I.

    Hope you enjoyed this Blog on my favorite Disney princess? Whose your favorite?

  13. While Doug Walker as we all know is best known for his Nostalgia Critic series combining comedy and reviewing, he at times, can be under rated in terms of acting serious. This leads to what I think is Doug's best short film, "The Review Must Go On".

    Upload date: 1/22/2013


    *Sidenote: These events take place during the end of "Demo Reel".

    After the Channel Awesome logo we see someone getting coffee from a Keurig machine. The mug has a "D" on it. This is Donnie Dupree's (Played by Doug Walker) mug. He returns to the kitchen to find that his mug has been replaced with a plastic cup. He shrugs it off and returns to Tacoma (played by Malcolm Ray). Tacoma asks if Donnie is ready to which Donnie replies that he was getting coffee. Tacoma then tells Donnie that he has water in his cup. We then see Donnie, Tacoma, and Rebecca Stone (Played by Rachel Tietz) talking about their next film project. Rebecca whispers "come back", Donnie looking all confused asks whats going on. Rebecca and Tacoma go on to explain that the film should be based on Carmen Sandiego. A combination between settling all of history's scores as well stealing all there stuff. While this is going on Tacoma says, "First thing's first. All our hopes rest on the Nostalgia Critic. People will love that." Donnie looks confused and Tacoma says "all our hopes rest on nostalgia. Critics like that and the people will too." Donnie remarks that they have their leading lady.
    Tacoma looks confused only to Donnie's surprise that she isn't there. More surprisingly is that Tacoma has no recollection of her. We then see Quinn (Played by Jim Jaroz) giving Donnie warm Irish milk. Donnie takes a sip, spits it out and says "This tastes like microwave Bailey's." Quinn responds saying there's more alcohol in that. Tacoma and Donnie talk about Rebecca and Tacoma says "It's always been you, me and Carl". Donnie then argues with Tacoma then realizes Quinn disappeared too. We then cut to Tacoma on the computer and to Donnie's dismay there is no such person as Quinn and that Carl works alone. Carl leaves and Tacoma stays with Donnie. Tacoma then tells Donnie he wants to tell him something but Tacoma disappears too. Donnie then runs to Carl. Relieved to find he's still around, Donnie calls out to Carl. He turns around and is seen wearing a dinosaur mask. Bright light appears before Donnie then we see the writer, Doug Walker, sitting at his computer suffering from Writer's Block.
    Doug hears the garbage truck outside and runs to take his garbage out. He returns, sits at his computer and still can't decide on what to write. The door bell rings and Doug goes to answer it. he receives a package and opens it. It is a dvd of "The Odd Life of Timothy Green". He calls where he got the package from. Still suffering from Writer's block, Doug decides to watch the dvd. We see his reaction as he slowly but surely starts to sound like the Nostalgia Critic. After that viewing he gives Lewis a call. He talks with Lewis, asking whether or not it was the right time to end the Nostalgia Critic. Lewis says that it boiled down to Doug's decision. After the phone call Doug goes back to his computer. He watches one of his old episodes "Doomsday Machine" then we see the Nostalgia Critic talk to Doug directly. They go back and forth a bit, even the Nostalgia Critic saying that Doug got sick and tired of doing the show he actually forgot he enjoyed it. "Every single time you thought you were done with it you came up with something better. When you had time to think, time to focus, time to put that extra effort in. But you had anniversary movies, conventions, other shows, your own life to live. All trying to write, act, and edit a 20 minute video every single week. Face it buddy, you weren't done yet. You just hit burnout."
    Doug tries to to make the Critic go away but to no avail. Doug then goes to the drug store, takes pills then calls Lindsay. Lindsay gives not so good advice. We then see Lindsay with Nella, not looking so happy, and tells Nella "You know what to do". Nella gets in her car and drives to what should be Doug but is actually his brother Rob. Nella tells Rob not to bring back the Critic. Rob calls Doug and tells him he's never going to New York again. Doug is asleep as dreams of the Nostalgia Critic asking him to come back. After he wakes up he calls Brad who tells Doug he doesn't care. Doug sees the Nostalgia Critic and tells him he's not bringing the Nostalgia Critic back. Doug goes to the bathroom only to see the Nostalgia Critic as his reflection. "The only one you have to give up is Demo Reel" the Critic says, "And we already know what that was this whole time. What Donnie was this whole time. You were even starting to write it. Once again, a character you love is hard to get away from. You dedicated so much time to our show. Making sure there was a new episode every week for over four and a half years! Maybe you didn’t need to stop altogether, maybe you just needed a break. A chance to take a little time off and come back fresh and new. Did that ever come into your mind? I’ll tell you what. If you answer this honestly, I’ll go away forever. Tell me, right now, without any hint of distrust: Do you want to do this again? Do you have that same passion you had before? That passion for comedy, film and reviewing? Do you honestly want me to come back?" Doug after a short pause says yes. He and the Critic then talk about ground rules and the new set up for the show. After the conversation Doug goes back to the his computer. He then talks with Donnie and tells him of who he really is. Donnie Dupree is the Nostalgia Critic. Donnie's whole world was the plothole. Donnie gets upset but then sad when he has to leave his friends. He walks into the plothole as he starts his new destiny as the Nostalgia Critic. "Hello I'm the Nostalgia Critic. And I'm back to remember it so you don't have to."

    I loved everything about this. How Doug wrote this, the conversation he and the Critic's conversations, and Donnie's talk with the plothole. My favorite scene is the mirror scene where Doug and the Critic are talking. It's and under rated cliche to see one's other self as a reflection. This is the truest story Doug has ever told and you can see that he means what he says.
  14. I know James Rolfe isn't exactly a producer on Channel Awesome but he is a partner. He's most known for his web series "The Angry Video Game Nerd" as well as a film based off the web series. I won't be doing a blog of the AVGN Movie only because many people have reviewed it already.
    Before the Nerd, James did short films for most of his life. During his college years, he made perhaps one of my favorite short film. The film "Cinemaphobia" starts off with our main character washing his face in the mirror talking to himself. He then has flashbacks from filming and signing autographs. The rest of the film is our main character being chased by a camera. He burns the camera in his house. The movie ends with our character saying "my life is not a movie" he then turns around to face the audience.
    I love this short film and I can't explain why. Maybe the psychological aspect of it intrigues me. The character is suffering PTSD and goes insane. Probably how many actors feel. Doing the same thing over and over might make one go nuts. The mirror scene where the character says "no make up! No make up!" and splashes water on his face... I just love that scene because James just goes crazy.
    Here is the link to the short film. I highly recommend checking James's other films. It's very interesting to see his progression over the years. Agree? Disagree? Leave comments below!
  15. To kick off the end of 2014 I decided to write a blog on my favorite Nostalgia Critic episodes of this year. Why top 11? Because the Nostalgia Critic always goes one step beyond for us so I decided to go one step beyond for him. These reviews are in the order in which they were uploaded and not by favoritism. Now these are opinion based so you are welcome to agree, disagree, and add your own top 11 NC episodes of 2014. Have a happy new year!

    11.) Face-Off:
    Reason: This one is pretty tough because it was as Doug put it "semi-based" on a true story. We knew at this point that Rachel left Channel Awesome and this was her last review. Unfortunately, like the Critic, Doug deleted the original footage for this review so they had to reshoot it. For what it is it's a good review... especially with doves on fire (how can you go wrong with that). It was a bittersweet episode. Saying goodbye to Rachel but #10's review introduces us to Tamara!

    10.) Wicker Man
    Reason: Tamara... She looks familiar doesn't she? If you guessed The Catwoman review... you are right! She was Anne Hathaway's Catwoman. This is where we first see Tamara shine as an actress. Since her introduction in the Face-Off review, we see her as the devious person trying to make the Critic talk about the famous “Not the Bees!” scene. The Critic's top 11 Bear jokes as well as him getting hit in the gonads is pretty funny too.

    9.) Alice in Wonderland:
    Reason: This is another example of how wonderful Tamara is an actress. I loved her as Malice. She's a friendly serial killer. I also love how Doug showed his Fan-boyism for Tim Burton. It was well explained that all great people know matter how experienced they are have both ups and downs. The point is to move forward and improve.

    8.) Disney Afternoon:
    Reason: Not exactly sure why I like this. Maybe the Nostalgia Critic's feelings over shows he grew up with and feeling that rush of happiness or the ending with Lewis as Fat Grandma. Anyway I felt bad for Malcolm the entire review.

    7.) Foodfight:
    Reason: The omage to Batman Returns as well as the Critic's need to jump on a band wagon then regretting that decision... or maybe Tamara's plaid gloves... not sure... but those graphics sure are disturbing.

    6.) The Lorax:
    Yes the speech at the end was recycled from the Cat in the Hat but that isn't the point. As small as this character was, she would become a bigger impact for us (especially for the Nostalgia Critic)... Yep... This is the first time we are introduced to Hyper Fan Girl. Her character has grown since this review. I also liked Malcolm as Willy Wonka at the end. That made me smile.

    5.) Blues Brothers 2000:
    Reason: While the movie itself can't be held in high regard like the first film, this review made me laugh. I love it when the Nostalgia Critic gets all passionate and gives these wonderful speeches and you can tell the NC has pride in where he lives.

    4.) The Purge:
    Reason: What Brain actually thought of Pinky... AND the original voice actors! FilmBrain was awesome too.

    3.) Small Soldiers:
    Reason: Devil Boner... That is all.

    2.) Top 11 Avatars:
    Reason: Nostalgia Critic vs. Dante Basco in a bookstore? Count me in!

    1.) Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer:
    Reason: There can only be one reason why I love this review. In the beginning the Nostalgia Critic is wearing a warm sweater sitting by a fireplace with a book in his hand. We know how much the Critic LOVES Christmas... so when he mentions that him yelling scares people, ironically seeing the Critic calm, cool, and collected scared me the most. It's like a volcano steaming at the top before an eruption When Tamara pulled off the Critic'c calming patch I knew were in for a serious treat and was smiling from ear to ear.