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  1. Daylover returns, to help me review Daybreaker and many other long-in-the-works twists in this week's MLP episode.
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  2. Can this episode make Rainbow Dash my favorite again?

  3. Seems I need a second opinion myself, for this look at Forever Filly. (APOLOGIES FOR THE TERRIBLE AUDIO QUALITY. I'll be sure to learn my lesson for next time.)

  4. And now, the "responses" part of the debate.

  5. Did they HAVE to bring back Scrappy - er - Flurry Heart? Well, maybe it won't be all bad.
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  6. Celestial Advice and All Bottled Up are finally here! Are they the fresh start we needed?

  7. Let's get this over with.
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  8. The movie is coming! But how much does the marketing help?
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  9. Let's watch all the season 7 preview clips and have fun speculating!

  10. Back from hiatus, let's talk about a personal favorite, The Obsessive Scientist!

  11. One Punch Man picking up steam already? You'd better believe this will be fun!

  12. My original reaction to Rescue at Midnight Castle. Was I really THAT negative?

  13. Time for the second opinion on One Punch Man! With season 2 approaching, how does each episode to date hold up?

  14. Girly dreck or underrated fantasy adventure that laid the groundwork? The Second Opinion and surprise guest hash it out.
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  15. It's G1 vs G4 in this reaction to Spike's Search, the G1 counterpart to Dragon Quest. Will it be any better?