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  1. In this one: we got great quantity of very short stories.
    The artwork is also highly bizarre and worth a look.
  2. Long running, sort of like Astounding, but marginally better overall quality.
    This one features ghosts and computers and... stuff.
    Read on:
  3. Magical hipsters and insurance fraud, amongst other stuff in this issue.
    Follow this link:
  4. Ghosts and androids in this one.
    To be found via this link:
  5. In this issue: exploding gods and neon dragons!
  6. In this one: an evil god is attacked (the editors wonder what the bodycount is), a poem about a cadillac, and a colourful picture of vampyres... It think.
    Also mention of a couple famous rich guys. Guess which.
    To be seen here:
  7. In this issue: gun wielding goat boy and family drama.
    Gotta have family drama with all that gun battle and inter-dimensional travel going on.
    Available by clicking on this link:
  8. In this one, we discuss the finer points of american car repair, the job market and cash and things.
    And Goat Boy.
    To be found here:
  9. In this issue idiots activate a machine that kills fascists,
    there is Diderot and hell.
    Also: art and poetry.
    To be found by clicking this:
  10. A videogame that takes no skill, just patience.
    Great for unwinding after work. In theory.
    It's an interactive novel, of the type they call "Dating Sim," which is semi-right. A huge thing in Japan, where more popular games of the sort get anime adaptations. Clannad, School Days, and others.
    Doki Doki Literature club is a sort of parody - made by Dan Salvato and accomplices. In true western fashion, taking something sweet and innocent and turning it into a horror story.
    And it is glorious!
    To me found via this link:
  11. Yeti and the French Connection,
    Kid CSI, somesort of monster... *another one* (there seem to often be several per issue) and the art is... bewildering.
    To be found via the below link:
  12. Night monsters and gorillas.
    The life of VG characters and a picture of a tree.
    Also: poetry.
    To be accessed via this link:
  13. Bewildering begins the new year with a novel about magical university students.
    There are also philosophical musings and PIs and music.
    The art department features a woman with a fox on her head.
    Found via this link:
  14. AKA: the best of BwS this year, according to the editors.
    Do you agree?
    Maybe there is something better in the archives, who knows? Thos who've read them, that's who. But again, some of it is up to preference.
    Behold this finely crafted link above, via which you shall come to BwS, and be able to read there the best of the last year's quarter.
    It has the crime novel, all sorts of short stories about aliens, non-aliens, parallel universes and even North Korea.
    It's good. f you disagree... mail the editor. Send him a line explaining your case. It is sure to amuse and inform.