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  1. You know how this goes: bizarre, but not unreadable literature in nice, bite sized chunks.
    To be found here:
  2. Gameplay is pretty straight forward. It needs to be, as the developer has these ideas for complicated ways of perpetrating hijinks.
    Yandere Simulator2.png
    Basically, it's HItman. And a bizarre dating sim, where you cannot directly approach the object of affection. Doing that actually causes game over.
    And whereas Hitman has multiple different levels, this is destined to have one.
    This is meta...
    OTOH this will have, and already has some games within the game. Completely different from the main game.
    Also projected for the future, the ability to *win the game.*
    Yandere Simulator3.png
    This is catastrophic. Every time, it is.
  3. It also is a look weird in public simulator.
    But no matter how you look, nobody notices.
    You can crawl around with toast in your mouth.
    Yandere Simulator4.png
    You can dig holes while skyclad. I mean that literally, there's even clouds.
    The only no-no is being seen by senpai whilst dragging a corpse.
    Aww... man.
  4. It's a murder simulator. Highly satisfying as such.
    You can murder schoolgirls with green hair, blue hair, and pink hair, and even purple hair!
    You can then leave the body, or cut it up, or incinerate it, or put it in a blender and juice it.
    Other stuff is to be perpetrated, too long to recount.
    The final game will be more nuanced, but have this option. And Will be less buggy - the debug build I got runs fine though. Mostly. It is possible to do impossible things. (You can frame dead people...)
    For fans of Postal 2 and the like, I think.
  5. More individual things than most times, this issue.
    Art is... staring evilly at me.
  6. In which a mystifying question is asked.
    Art section also kinda looks to be of somesort of a fire.
  7. The literary webzine that specializes in the odd. And beginners. And odd beginners.
  8. In this issue: aliens. A whole plethora of aliens. What's a plethora? I have no idea, but there's one of aliens right here:
  9. Some aliens land and have a look at the dominant species on Earth.
    For the most part they are normal every-planet sort of entities, who go out and do things to eat and try not getting very killed so they can copulate and bring up some offspring to repeat.
    Some odd things they do though: like they have these furry animals tied up, which they then drag or follow around, randomly, and pick up their shits.
    On these larger animals they ride for purposes of transport. When said animals dump, they dump a metric foot of lumpy matter in a variety of consistency. This is left on the street, for some reason.
    The general relationship with animals varies - the chapter the aliens could write about human relationship with cows could fill a special chapter.
    Human use of transport doesn't make much sense in some areas in the world.
    In many areas they inexplicably live very far away from their place of occupation, and this isn't always catered to.
    The modes of transport seem reasonable and understandable in the third world, where people travel by any means available due to economic or general infrastructure reasons.
    In some countries in Europe the idea seems to be to generate the most amount of pollution possible. Aliens might live on earth, in the perpetrating countries, and never get why this is.
    My guess is that space-aliens would understand the least developed areas the best. There everything is the most straight forward.
    Think about it.
  10. SETI, lots of poetry and numerous responses to challenges.
    Because challenges are fun. A selling point for the zine, actually.
    To be found here:
    Blast from the past: - Icelandic science fiction. Because there is such a thing. By probably the only Icelandic Sci-Fi author.
  11. This is a three part serial... sort of. It has three seasons. Made from Stephen King's doorstopper novel of the same name.
    TVtropes has it the novel is different. Better and worse, at random.
    It took me 3-4 episodes to get into this, and even then, this is just something to look at instead of the blank wall.
    The concept is absurd enough to be amusing. Some people get trapped in a fishbowl. Some very boring people. Can't wait for them to die.
    There are catastrophes. Catastrophes that tend to only last a very short time. Couple of episodes each. Can't have crisis compile, now, can we?
    And they stop in such a deus ex machina sort of way, always.
    And people find their way in...
    When did I realize this show was beyond hope?
    When they found out there was a way out, and *they didn't use it to escape.*
    Right now, I have two episodes left. I'm rather expecting this to just stop, with no resolution. I'll watch the rest, because what else can I do? Count my toes again?
    I had my hopes up disasters would compile, up to the point that everybody resorted to cannibalism, but no.
    You may have notice I don't care for the characters, and the plot is slow and tedious. Well... on the up side, the thing is rather imaginative. Every time there's a new far-out thing that explains away the crisis of the last couple episodes. And who will die next? (Hopefully everybody.)
    MC woman has some very pronounced tareme going on. MC man looks like some guy.
    Two episodes left... how crappy will it be?
  12. In this issue: book review. Poetry. On-going serial.
    You know, the usual:
  13. This issue brings explosives, a nazi, poetry and art.
    Check the challenges for challenges, and introduce yourself to some bewildering stories.
    To be found here:
  14. Mostly simultaineously.
    Was watching some actually above average TV move the other day, and thought it was about 10 years older than it actually was. I figure I will forget all about it within months, because of how similar it is to other of the genre.
    And I got thinking: so many films have had promising titles, and never lived up to them.
    as opposed to all those films titled "No Way Out." (25 results on IMdB)
    Like: remember "Glimmer man?" That Steven Seagal movie that was basically a standard TV-thriller about a serial killer, but with Seagal thrown in?
    The title was stupid. But promising. I was hoping it was about Seagal hunting down a drag queen. Or the gay mafia. Or something else, glimmer related. That would have made the thing into a cult-favourite. But no. There was no glittering disco-ball man.
    Disappointment. And a forgettable film.
    There are some overly dramatic titles, like "Tears of the sun." I know I've seen it, but I can't recall what it's about. Some war. I think there were helicopters.
    If "Space Cowboys" had been an Italian film, there'd have been gunslinging. And probably aliens.
    "M.D. Geist" was not about a doctor from beyond the grave.
    "Laser mission" has very little lasering in it. None, actually. (Entertaining film, that, in it's stupid glory)
    "Door to door maniac" is not as campy and ridiculous as the title promises. Nor is it a musical. Which it should have been, considering who starred in it.
    Just those I can remember. I mean: so many films share a title, as noted above, and similar plots meld together - common with TV movies. Which is strange, since they often have very convoluted plots. There's just nothing there to make them stand out, mostly.
    I can appreciate when some apparently low-budget TV film has some preposterous action scene in it. because mostly those things meander on.
    Almost all romantic comedies seem to deliberately aim to be as unspectacular as possible. Sometimes they begin promisingly enough, but then, at around half-way, they usually go exactly the same way. Turn from comedy to drama. Boring as fuck drama. No matter how interesting the premiss was.
    Worst case yet: "What women want" with Mel Gibson. A fine Sci-fi idea spoiled by being turned into a romantic comedy. And it was working so nicely up to that point! Damn. And it was so promising.
    Oh well...
  15. There looks to be a bit more poetry in this than usual.
    Art is arty, and the serial has military in it.