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  1. In the spirit of Astounding Stories, this:
    As always, a something to behold.
  2. Much improved, or should I say changed, from the preceeding model?
    It surely is different in every way. Except the general size and shape.
    It handles slightly better, has a different engine and drivetrain, so it moves about differently.
    I wish I could have mucked about with it more, because this is a fun car to drive but also to properly get to know what it can and can't do.
    The last of this kind I tested was a 2012 Hilux, and that was by far the most fun Toyota I've ever driven. They both were automatic - but the '12 had a 3 liter diesel, while the new one has a 2.4 liter diesel. Both were 4 door versions. New one was fully loaded, old one was bare bones.
    Not exactly my choice of engine, actually. I like me some 4.6 V8. But not available in this.
    Anyway: car lumbers along in a truck-like manner, one can feel the additional 150-200 kilograms that are in it somewhere just by the way it moves along. Acceleration doesn't suffer, because technology.
    Engines always get better.
    I'd have loved if the car was *lighter.* I really do not need those extra 150 kilograms.
    Suspension is also geared toward *truck* very much. Handles nice though. But then, eccentric me likes bizarre handling vehicles. (I drive a Town Car... it floats.)
    I really can't say I dislike the new car, even though the older version was more fun. This pulls more, hauls more, drinks less, has more stuff in it, costs about the same. Can run it over land and field and streams and probably dozens of helpless bystanders, should you be so inclined.
    It's a nice truck, you know...
  3. The art dept. has a graffiti monster, there's a short story about a world in miniature, and more:
    To be found via this link:
    It's 30ies sci fi.
  4. In this issue, army looks for some guy, and another wants a custom built puppy.
    Weirdness all around, as usual.
  5. It has atomic zombies.
    Of course it would have such a thing.
  6. You know how this goes: bizarre, but not unreadable literature in nice, bite sized chunks.
    To be found here:
  7. Gameplay is pretty straight forward. It needs to be, as the developer has these ideas for complicated ways of perpetrating hijinks.
    Yandere Simulator2.png
    Basically, it's HItman. And a bizarre dating sim, where you cannot directly approach the object of affection. Doing that actually causes game over.
    And whereas Hitman has multiple different levels, this is destined to have one.
    This is meta...
    OTOH this will have, and already has some games within the game. Completely different from the main game.
    Also projected for the future, the ability to *win the game.*
    Yandere Simulator3.png
    This is catastrophic. Every time, it is.
  8. It also is a look weird in public simulator.
    But no matter how you look, nobody notices.
    You can crawl around with toast in your mouth.
    Yandere Simulator4.png
    You can dig holes while skyclad. I mean that literally, there's even clouds.
    The only no-no is being seen by senpai whilst dragging a corpse.
    Aww... man.
  9. It's a murder simulator. Highly satisfying as such.
    You can murder schoolgirls with green hair, blue hair, and pink hair, and even purple hair!
    You can then leave the body, or cut it up, or incinerate it, or put it in a blender and juice it.
    Other stuff is to be perpetrated, too long to recount.
    The final game will be more nuanced, but have this option. And Will be less buggy - the debug build I got runs fine though. Mostly. It is possible to do impossible things. (You can frame dead people...)
    For fans of Postal 2 and the like, I think.
  10. More individual things than most times, this issue.
    Art is... staring evilly at me.
  11. In which a mystifying question is asked.
    Art section also kinda looks to be of somesort of a fire.
  12. The literary webzine that specializes in the odd. And beginners. And odd beginners.
  13. In this issue: aliens. A whole plethora of aliens. What's a plethora? I have no idea, but there's one of aliens right here:
  14. Some aliens land and have a look at the dominant species on Earth.
    For the most part they are normal every-planet sort of entities, who go out and do things to eat and try not getting very killed so they can copulate and bring up some offspring to repeat.
    Some odd things they do though: like they have these furry animals tied up, which they then drag or follow around, randomly, and pick up their shits.
    On these larger animals they ride for purposes of transport. When said animals dump, they dump a metric foot of lumpy matter in a variety of consistency. This is left on the street, for some reason.
    The general relationship with animals varies - the chapter the aliens could write about human relationship with cows could fill a special chapter.
    Human use of transport doesn't make much sense in some areas in the world.
    In many areas they inexplicably live very far away from their place of occupation, and this isn't always catered to.
    The modes of transport seem reasonable and understandable in the third world, where people travel by any means available due to economic or general infrastructure reasons.
    In some countries in Europe the idea seems to be to generate the most amount of pollution possible. Aliens might live on earth, in the perpetrating countries, and never get why this is.
    My guess is that space-aliens would understand the least developed areas the best. There everything is the most straight forward.
    Think about it.
  15. SETI, lots of poetry and numerous responses to challenges.
    Because challenges are fun. A selling point for the zine, actually.
    To be found here:
    Blast from the past: - Icelandic science fiction. Because there is such a thing. By probably the only Icelandic Sci-Fi author.