Frankenhooker (Part 2) – Blood Splattered Cinema

This week on Blood Splattered Cinema The Horror Guru tackles Frank Henenlotter’s most titillating film to date: FRANKENHOOKER, starring former Penthouse Pet Patty Mullen. Part 2 of 2.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Sup,Horror Guru,quite a satisfying conclusion to frankenhooker and the review in general was pretty awesome(granted I didn’t laugh as much as I did in part 1 but what can you do when there’s more analyzing then jokes;)!!! Man though I’m jealous you didn’t show some titties and I’m more bummed by the fact that bride of frankenhooker isn’t a real movie(real cock tease dude,real cock tease). Now if you excuse me I’m gonna ask 2 questions: what is the next movie you will be reviewing for this show and is this the only review that will be split into two parts(I’d appreciate it if you’d answer and until next time fellow gore hound)?

  2. I love this movie. I first say it on Joe Bob Briggs’ Drive In Theater.

    I need to get the DVD.

  3. I like you and jackula’s shit man, i feel like you are the only ones not censoring yourselves for a younger audience. keep up the good fucking work motherfuckers.

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