Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash -AT4W

Place your bets! …before we’re busted for illegal gambling.

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  1. I also freakin’ love Freddy vs. Jason. I first saw it on VHS or DVD after I borrowed a copy from my local video store, and years later, I bought my own copy of the movie as well as the other entries of the Friday and Elm Street series. It’s films like these that show how much I love horror. (BTW, I agree on your theory on Jason’s sudden fright of water.)

    I haven’t gotten into the Evil Dead series until I saw that people like you, the Nostalgia Critic, James Rolfe, Phelous, and Obscurus Lupa are fans of it. So, I was fortunate enough to get the first 3 films on DVD shortly after the first trailer to the then upcoming 2013 reboot was coming out, and I freaking enjoyed them so much, I watched them more than once by the time Halloween Day 2012 came knocking on my door asking for candy.

    Okay, since this comic takes place around Christmas, I need to get a paperback copy “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash” as a gift to myself this year.

    Somehow, I agree with Ash and his “Those young people of today” attitude.

    I’m guessing Ash didn’t get his head crushed when Jason smashed him through the wall is because Ash is still operating on slapstick logic.

    I was also thinking of Ozymandias in Watchmen at that one part.

    Is it just me, or is Freddy turning into that one dude from Attack of Titan in the climax?

    Freddy vs. Ghostbusters? I’ve actually seen that fan film.

  2. This raises so many questions. Does Long Box normally take place in a mental construct? Was Linkara in 2, or 3, places at once? Assuming that Jason was also a projection of Linkara’s mind how does that make him better at fighting Freddy than he is as himself? Did the other champion have a history with Jason that Linkara unknowing used against her?

    • Perhaps that room contains Moarte in the mental construct simply because that room /always/ contains Moarte, and thus all possible versions of that room, real or otherwise, must therefore contain Moarte.

  3. You actually tied in that scene from LOTD? This is a confirmation of a Linkaraverse.

  4. Wasn’t Namor’s first appearance “Motion Picture Funnies” maybe that will be in your next AT4W screw ups video still pretty awesome if you have Marvel Comics #1 though.

  5. Jason being scared of water is kind of dumb, but within the context of the movie it is understandable. Freddy is a dream demon that can pull out a person’s deepest fears. In order to find Jason’s, he had to dig deep in his skull to pull it out and Jason himself may not have known he even had it. He isn’t all there mentally after all and in the real world that wouldn’t have worked.

  6. The original treatment ended with Ash hanging Freddy’s glove from his rear view mirror like one of those tree things. Kind of disappointed to see they didn’t do that in the comic.

  7. I’ll admit, I’m not much of a slasher fan, but I’ll totally back a Freddy vs Jason vs Ash vs Leatherface film if it means I get to see the later two characters engage in chainsaw-to-chainsaw combat.

    Hell, let’s get some payoff for those other little background references and have Freddy vs Jason vs Ash vs Leatherface vs Cthulhu vs Gort vs the monsters from whatever films the Freddy and Jason movies referenced, which I don’t know because I haven’t seen any of them (as mentioned before, not much of a slasher film). Though if you wanna get technical, it’d be Freddy vs Jason vs Ash vs Leatherface vs /The Hound/ vs Gort vs whoever else, because that’s the story the Necronomicon originates in, but that’s not nearly as exciting. Maybe we don’t count the short stories, and then it can be Freddy vs Jason vs Ash vs Leatherface vs Gort at the Mountains of Madness? I’m flexible. I’m sure we can work something out.

    • And while we’re on the topic of Gort, here’s an idea for your next shared-universe franchise, Hollywood: a mid-century science fiction B-movie universe. Figure out the ridiculous “noun-verse” name on your own. Just don’t fuck it up.

      Hey, it could work. Most of these films don’t directly contradict each other nearly as often as you’d expect. I’d be tempted to try it myself if I thought I was capable of pulling it off and the films weren’t under copyright.

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