French Montana: Unforgettable ft. Swae Lee – Rap Critic

This week, RC looks at a song by French Montana… but you wouldn’t know it, if you listened to most of the song…

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  1. The sad part is, a rap song about the experiences of immigration, or of the challenges of moving from one culture to another, or even just about a foreign culture like Uganda would have stood out immensely and could have been awesome. Instead, we get a generic “I’m screwing your girlfriend” track that tries to capitalize on the imagery of Uganda but with little to no lyrical connection. Two words: wasted potential.

    • Would a song like that even get past the record companies and broadcast guardians that refuse to let anything of substance get though to the mainstream?

      It’s the same situation in all popular music, it all has to be either this melodramatic sensitive apology pop, or this uber-macho alpha male braggadocio for any male artist now.

      • Just think back to the 80s when you could have songs like Eddie Grant’s Electric Avenue, Midnight Oil’s Beds are Burning, or Living Color’s Cult of Personality…songs with deep personal and political messages. Not anymore, really…21 pilots and Kendrick Lamar are probably the closest thing to that…sorta.

  2. You think Mac & Cheese is tasteless?! I strongly disagree good sir! O.O Also, I liked the first two lyrics of this song and then it started to suck. I guess I’ll be looking for an instrumental. *shrug*

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