Friday The 13th: The Game – Angry Review

AngryJoe takes a look at the latest movie licensed game, this one based on the famous Friday the 13th Franchise – How does this asymmetrical horror survival game fair?

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4 Comments on "Friday The 13th: The Game – Angry Review"


Other Joe looks SO bad with blonde hair. Haha. 😆 Also, I’m surprised that this game got this good of a review. None of the play-throughs looked particularly interesting or well-done. Plus, from a personal standpoint, this franchise disturbs me.


In the words of the Nerd, “Number One, get the knife. Number Two, get the knife.”

Chicken Puppet

Good to see a game with a budget less than half a billion (that isn’t a jump scare simulator) get some positive feedback and attention.

Twilight Man

20:48 Alice Cooper FTW!!!
23:00 I think he did this first in Part 6.