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Old vs New, how does the remake compare to the original Fright Night?

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  1. Will you review The Strain? Assuming you haven’t done something on it yet

  2. So how do you avoid going full meta? I don’t know! Maybe you should ask a Full Meta Alchemist! *BA-DOOM TSHH!* Or maybe wear a Full Meta Jacket! *BA-DOOM TSSH!* Oh, man, now I’ve done it! We’re in Full Meta Panic! *BA-DOOM TSSH!*f

    Hey! That’s Barty Crouch Jr! I thought he became a Doctor! And isn’t he supposed to be Purple?

    • I think the most compelling and evil villains are those that have “good” reasons for doing what they do. For example, a tyrant who oppresses his people so cruelly because he believes it is for their own good, or the earth-destroyer who wishes to rid the world of all evil (a trope that anime and Final Fantasy have waaaay overused, although I can’t say Marvel isn’t guilty of that with Ultron). To me, it makes sense that a monster would have human qualities, but that those human qualities would be skewed, that there would be real desire and purpose behind its actions rather than just the inclination to hurt and destroy. In many ways, a sympathetic vampire is the most terrifying, because we can identify what what drives him. And that should, at its core, force us to consider our own motives, to look in the chasms of our own souls. What makes vampires most frightening is that there isn’t much to separate us from them.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        I’m actually tired of vampire psychoanalysis. I’d like to see a movie where a vampire is purely and simply a predator who cares about exactly one thing: blood. A monster who views humans as food and has as little regard for them as a wolf does for a lamb. It may act human, but when you get close you find that it’s only an act, camouflage to let it move among its prey freely. For the heroes to put an end to such a creature they would need to be truly heroic.

        • There are plenty of vampire movies like that, including the Fright Night ones.

          • Snorgatch Pandalume

            Nah, in the original Fright Night they try to make Jerry sympathetic with the whole reincarnated wife angle. Yes, he’s still an evil, sadistic monster, but he loves his dead wife, so he’s not completely selfish and self-centered.

        • Problem is mostly execution not idea itself. Just blood sucking vampires usually are flat and unmemorable, when on the other hand those vampires psychoanalyzes usually end pretentious and equally flat. It is rare when such vampire is equally a monster and human.. and that is interesting.

      • “I think the most compelling and evil villains are those that have “good” reasons for doing what they do.”

        It is called anti-villain, though those type have issue of ending in idiot zone.. that is why eldritch creatures usually work slightly better. That is they usually have “good” reasons but don’t account humanity in it, and such are prospectively evil not just misguided.

        We could add here “good darkness” and “evil light” archetypes to add a twist.

  3. Oh cool! I didn’t know he did the voice of Jack Skeletington. 😀

  4. I wouldn’t exactly call either version one of my favorite vampire films, but they are both fun, enjoyable movies.

  5. I’ve only seen the remake once, but I could barely get through it. The original is one of my favourite horror movies and I thought that the remake was so different, it was almost a different film. It felt like the name was just used to draw in fans of the original.

    It’s probably fine as a standalone film, so I should probably give it another try and stop thinking of the original.

    Without the 80’s camp charm though, I just can’t see it working that well.

  6. What does you husband do these days, besides taking care of your beautiful son?

  7. I want Paw Dugan for Music Movies and not Let’s Play to return Elisa, can you bring him back?

  8. I might have heard of these movies. I certainly never saw them. At least I’m learning about them. I’m not into vampires much. I have nothing against them at least. Well, I wouldn’t want to be friends with them.

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