From Hell and Aliens vs. Predator – LOTD

The last two Longbox of the Damned episodes for October 2016!

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Atop the Fourth Wall is a show about bad comic books. Linkara finds the surreal and the stupid and breaks them down page by page. You'll know why they're idiotic and how they can be improved.


  1. Sweet nightmares, Moarte!

  2. Between this and everyone’s Instagram pictures, I still like it’s still October. LOL. At least this year’s October LOTD ended on a high note with Aliens vs. Predator. ^.^

  3. Our love and passion for horror and macabre contniues with you, my old friend.

  4. For a good experience about Jack the Ripper, I suggest you to check the board game White Chapel.

  5. Thanks for another awesome October of spooky comic reviews, Moarte! Rest well & see you next year 😀

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