Frosty Fruit – Infomercialism

Kids love sorbet (*cough*) so why not buy them this awesome (*cough*) product so they can effortlessly (*cough*) make delicious (*cough*) sorbet (*cough*)!

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  1. Hey! I loved sorbet as a kid. Too bad this product sucks.

  2. Problem is it’s made of lightweight plastic. The frozen fruit is more substantial than the device, causing the latter to break under the stress.

    The device should be heavier/utilize some steel components. As it is, it doesn’t stand a chance against the fruit!

    • Well that’s just it, they can’t put in heavier material like steel because a child might lose a finger from sticking it down the chute. So it has to rely on cheap plastic that can’t handle hard fruits like strawberries. You have to mix the hard fruits in with the softer ones slowly to keep the flow going.

      Honestly, having experienced the whole “make your own McFlurry!” or whatever dessert aimed at kids, I knew immediately this was gonna be no different than what I grew up with. The pain, the struggle…it’s not worth it, man.

  3. I must have been a strange kid. I love(d) fruit and sorbet. Lol.

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