Fuan no Tane – Weekly Manga Recap

There’s nothing quite as spooky as a face on a bathroom door, apparently.

Fuan no Tane – 4:45

Amalgam of Distortion c. 1 – 21:36

Black Clover c. 81 – 42:02

Fairy Tail c. 505 – 51:43

Food Wars c. 186 – 59:47

My Hero Academia c. 110 – 1:11:48

One Piece c. 842 – 1:20:15

The Promised Neverland c. 10 – 1:31:08

Red Sprite c. 7 – 1:39:19

Toriko c. 390 – 1:43:57

World Trigger c. 160 – 1:48:55

Weekly MVPs – 1:59:52

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  1. Fuan No Tane is easily my favorite scary manga. I recommend this title to any horror fan!

  2. Having listened to the guys more, yeah, maybe I can’t recommend Fuan no Tane to ANY AND EVERY horror fan. It is a little different, you do have to take it for what it is, and that’s not going to be for everyone.

    That said, I still love this series. Horror movies no longer scare me. This is actually one of the few works of horror that can still give me a chill, so I jealously mete it out to myself in small doses to preserve that rare sensation.

  3. lilith_ascennding

    Man, it’s been a while since I’ve read Fuan no Tane (about 2 years I think?). I do agree that the stories aren’t always the scariest. For me, the scariest (and most memorable parts) was the artwork. Even if the story was something simple like “Oh, for some reason this traffic sign felt like cursing a guy”, the art would take that story and make it actually terrifying through its visuals. I remember being severely spooked by a lot of the faces of the ghouls and what not in the manga. Would it creep me out as much today as when I first read the manga? Maybe not. But for all it’s worth, Fuan no Tane is a fun little read. I’d also recommend the anime Yami Shibai to fans of Fuan no Tane, as it follows a similar storyline. Basically, they are 9 minute ghost stories presented by a guy in a creepy mask dealing with simple urban legends and a few gross out/jump scare stories as well. They aren’t always all that scary or memorable, but there are a few that make you jump or make your skin crawl and the art style is very unsettling as well.

  4. I love Fuan no Tane! It’s really creepy to me. The first time I read it, I definitely jumped several times. I like the premise, that all the fears we have and things we see out of the corner of our eye are real. It doesn’t bother me that there isn’t much story there, I think a lot of times when people have “encounters” there isn’t a story, they just see or hear weird things, and there may not be any resolution or an explanation. I actually watched the live action film of it, they tied together several of the stories and tried to make a story about a cursed symbol that marks people for death. It wasn’t very good, sadly.

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