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Definitely NOT the G-Force we were expecting!

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  1. Did it really try to capitalise on the Gatchaman brand? It seems like ‘G-force’ is a pretty logical name for a kid’s movie about guinea pig spies. I mean, this came out in 2009 so it’s not like people couldn’t have Googled to see if it was an adaptation of the Japanese show.

  2. HermioneHotpants

    Funny review and I like that there weren’t any long live-action sequences in there where the movie is being destroyed in an allegedly funny way.

    • The Real Silverstar

      So you want a Blockbuster Buster video…with no busting. Interesting.

      Personally, I enjoy the busting sequences; give the presentation some extra punch. Elevates them above just some person sitting in a chair talking about a movie.

  3. To be fair that japanese live action Gatchaman movie is not very good either so you are not missing anything.

  4. So they’re normal animals. Yet they can talk. But so can other animals. Yet they never use this to their advantage.


    • Yup, I thought the same thing. If they weren’t genetically engineered, how could they still talk, but not other animals?

      I don’t think they really thought the rules of this universe through very well. They had CG fur to render and good actors to waste.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        According to the movie’s Wikipedia entry, they could talk to humans because of “advanced tools” they were equipped with. But whether they could talk or not, I can think of a LOT of potential applications for guinea pig spies, such as reconnaissance, surveillance, and sabotage, which means Will Arnett is a fucking idiot. After all, G-Force accomplished their mission. It wasn’t their fault the data they got was worthless. It was the fault of the humans who sent them after it. It would have been awesome to see Darwin yelling at Will Arnett for giving his team faulty intel.
        Of course, by this movie’s logic, ALL guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, and moles are sentient beings, so humans have been unknowingly guilty of committing mass murder for centuries…IN A KID’S MOVIE!

        • Talking animal genre is based on idea that animals have own way of communication and “talking” is just re-imagination of that communication or they are genetically modified or undercover and understand humans. In both cases those are different kind of communication and can’t be mixed. That how it is in good movies from that genre like Watership Down or Secret of NIMB.. most trash movies doesn’t care and this is exact the case of trash movie. Even if they communicate through equipment that doesn’t explain mimic and gesture.

    • who cares about genetics they are still superrodent. They can drive, use computer, and more. Gorillas (the most advanced animal we’ve really had the chance to try and teach these things to) aren’t even close.

  5. For the lazy: ‘yanshu’ = ‘mole’

  6. OH! I’ve never heard of the original G-Force. That makes this movie even worse. O.O Also, yep, I paused the video and figured out who the bad guy was. -_- I must admit that the path that the villain took is kinda refreshing. If only it was in a better movie…

  7. Awesome!

    I had the Gatchaman theme song in my head all week, and now a review with a big reference to Gatchaman!

    I remember this Guinea Pig movie coming out and being annoyed by the use of the name, but totally forgot about it since.

    From your review the movie itself is actually another Toy Story rip off at it’s core, except it doesn’t obey it’s own rules like Toy Story did. So they weren’t genetically engineered, but they can still talk, and they are the only rodents that humans can understand…?

    Also, they took the whole lost little folks getting lost and finding their way home from Toy Story as well.

    • “the movie itself is actually another Toy Story rip off at it’s core”

      The concept is a lot closer to Chip ‘N’ Dale’s Rescue rangers than is it to Toy Story, honestly.

  8. To be fair. Especially since you brought videogames on the last review. I’ve heard the G-Force videogame is actually good (even great for a videogame adapting this license).

    I’ll just add if by some reason someone wants to give a chance to this stupid IP the videogame is the superior version. It’s a 3D action and light puzzle platformer. It has the same dumb premise but since it’s a videogame the gameplay can leverage the lack of a compelling story with several puzzles, combat and gadgets.

    • The videogame is actually really fun. I actually only bothered to watch this movie because I played the game first and had lots of fun with it. The game is light on certain story elements, but the story is better. For instance, there’s no reference to these characters being just regular animals, and the all get better tools, like jetpacks and a pretty kickass electric whip. Plus, the villain gets actual commeupance at the end, unlike in this movie, where he gets forgiven.

  9. Snorgatch Pandalume

    This movie cost $150 million to make. I just thought I’d mention that. $150 million, for a movie about guinea pig secret agents.
    The thing is, the concept actually had potential. It’s basically a CGI version of Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers, and manufacturing killer appliances isn’t the worst evil plan I’ve heard. But Disney decided to go the “kids are stupid” route and hamstring it with fart jokes, an idiot plot, and a total lack of internal logic.

  10. I remember the promos for the movie and was a bit perturbed by the name, but didn’t really think it was intentional. I watched “Battle of the Planets” as a kid and was vaguely aware of the “G-Force” redub from the 90’s (I think), but I didn’t really think it was all that well known for it to be worth intentionally taking the name. It’s kind of like accusing “Power Rangers: Mega Force” taking the name from the 80’s Barry Bostwick movie or James Cameron of stealing the name Avatar.

  11. I seriously doubt they chose the name on purpose. I had personally never heard of any of that show’s names before.

    • Gatchaman was syndicated in the U.S. under the title of “Battle of the Planets” in the 1970s, so you may not have been alive back then to see it. I’m kind of surprised that you’ve never heard of “G-Force” since that adaptation of the series aired on Cartoon Network in the 1900s. Gatchaman was packaged once again in the U.S., this time by Haim Saban in the early 00s as “Saban’s Eagle Riders”, which ran as part of a syndicated block.

    • ShadowWing Tronix

      I grew up with Battle Of The Planets (where the team was also called G-Force) as a kid, so I know that one instantly. I do agree with what others have said, that Disney may not have known of any of the Gatchaman adaptations, though.

  12. Midnight-Walker

    What were you playing over the Juarez scene?

  13. Midnight-Walker

    I see you got a new fart joke counter.

  14. This film was just so cliche, espically at the ending.

  15. I saw that opening come a mile away and I wasnt disappointed 😀


  17. I’m calling out one point of BS here. Brain once had a plan to take over the world by controlling everyone’s appliances. And that was an amazing idea. (See meticulous analysis of history)

  18. E Rod i have to say, seeing as how you seem to know so much i cant believe you tryed to find a Gatchaman movie thats only released in Japan and

    A) You wont just get the sub seeing as no company has announced a contract to dub the movie and

    B) Youre looking for a JAPANESE movie under its 2ND AMERICAN name, and not the JAPANESE name seeing as it never released out of Japan.

  19. For some reason, “Yanshu Translate” didn’t give me an answer, and translators could not figure out the word. I did stumble upon the answer, though. I wonder if he really was able to stumble onto the answer like he seems to indicate here.

  20. I tried to google translate Yanshu and got “look familiar” as a response. I already knew the villain’s identity, but still, this wouldn’t have helped me.

  21. Did they really do this movie’s title to capitalize on an obscure Japanese anime not many people remember? I honestly thought it was supposed to be a play on the Geforce video cards.

  22. So the other day my wife asked me why I always carried a gun even while I’m at home. I leaned in close and whispered, “Decepticons.” I laughed, she laughed, the toaster laughed, I shot the toaster. Fun times were had by all.

  23. Call Richard Gere. I think I found him some new playmates!

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