Gall Force 2: Destruction – Anime Abandon

An unnecessary sequel to a perfectly “Meh” series? Hooray…

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  1. If they can still attack well enough to destroy the other side’s home world after their own has already been destroyed then they are the exact opposite of that black knight reference.

    With both home worlds destroyed and nothing left to gain or loose there is nothing left to do but wait to die and fill the time until that happens. So why not continue fighting and trying to make the other side die out first?

    However, what does winning the war have to do with the successfulness of the unification project? It seems that neither one would have any influence on the other.

    That “do it” line seemed to me less like a “dare you to do it” and more like a shrugging “can’t think of a reason not to do it”.

    The battle plan actually does make sense. Lure the other side into a trap, pull back to minimize your own losses, and destroy the majority (if not entirety) of the enemies forces. Take into account that those who chose the system to use as the trap weren’t using that system for resources, and either didn’t know or didn’t care about unification project taking place in that system.

  2. Actually, they kind of look like Airbenders. Especially the one with the green arrow on her head.

  3. Sage, review the seventh movie to the left of the JW hat on your shelf please, it’s time.

  4. is the video not working for anyone else? Every time I click play, it starts loading and then the player goes completely black.

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