Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 Breakdown – Calluna

Officially halfway through the season! Calluna breaks down the events of the fifth episode of Season 6 of Game of Thrones, “The Door.”

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  1. No mention of Meera killing a White Walker? Or that she wasn’t even using any particularly notable weapon (dragon-glass, Valyrian steel, etc)? Kinda an important detail.

    I’m terrified that being able to kill a White Walker is going to be one of those “one must be pure of heart” deals. Sam and John certainly fit the bill. Meera… probably but it’s hard to say as she really hasn’t had that much screen time.

  2. Chicken Puppet

    My only complaint as a fan of the show, but not a reader of the books is that the storyline with Bram and the journey to the Children of the forest was built up in previous seasons, placed on hold for much of last season, and then ended up being a confusing mess with little payoff and some serious headscratching moments.

    Your explanation of the timeline helped, but like I told a co-worker when discussing the show: That might have been something better explained in the book that suffered from adaptation decay.

    Finally…Hold-Door/Hodor…So he was struck dumb in a chronologically backwards event and his life’s purpose was to “hold a door” for a minute so that Bram could escape after the wise tree man failed to worn him about bringing the Whitewalkers to him when he foolishly goes off and dreamwalks and brings them to the tree in like five minutes where they were supposed to be protected from the influence of the dead…making Hodor possibly the most unnecessarily screwed over and pointlessly maimed character assuming he wouldn’t be brave or compassionate enough to be able to “hold a door” for his lord without being reduced to a fool for most of his life?

    If the rest of the series wasn’t so consistently amazing, I’d say it could have jumped the shark with that moment!

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