Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Breakdown – Calluna

We finally get to see some epic dragon battles! Join me as I break down and analyze the events of Season 7, Episode 4: The Spoils of War.

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  1. Great episode and very cool breakdown(I never paid much attention to hairstyles, so kudos)

    As for me, I knew that there was something in the cave that would start to convince Dany that the walkers were real. The entire episode was wonderful, but yes, the battle sequence was immensely satisfying.

    I said it before but the FX team deserves a month in the Bahamas for that. As do the stunt riders(a very underappreciated group) who stormed the Lannister army. I’d pay good money to see it set to Basil Poledouris’ Battle of the Mounds from the original Conan the Barbarian(1982).

    Next episode is going to be very interesting regarding the Tyrion/Bronn/Jamie reunion as Jamie said he’d kill Tyrion when he saw him next time. Oh and you know Bronn’s going to whine about his gold being lost at some point. I’m going to predict they’re taken prisoner, but of all the guys, I think Bronn will bite the bullet, perhaps killed in front of Jamie as he’s left in the cell, or allowed to return to King’s Landing as a messenger(maybe).


    The Hound hooks up with the Wildlings at the wall.

    Littlefinger isn’t done scheming and is plotting something, perhaps involving Arya and Brienne, perhaps pitting them against each other.

    (Downer prediction): Jon tries to return to the North after bending the knee but is captured by Euron Greyjoy who sinks the ships with the dragon glass, killing Davos and bringing him back to King’s Landing in chains(oh and he throws Jon’s Valyrian steel sword over the side into the depths below)

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