Gaming Wildlife: If Bethesda were 100% Honest With Us…

Big expansive worlds lead to big expansive problems…

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  1. I have the PC and Xbox 360 versions of Skyrim and haven’t experienced much of the glitches other than an enemy or an npc getting stuck in a rock.

    However, I had several game breaking glitches in Fallout New Vegas. Especially with mission objectives being unobtainable and characters I need to trigger missions…. not exactly being there.

    I hope the upcoming Doom won’t be a glitchfest.

    • If Bethesda would pay and don’t rush New Vegas developer, that wouldn’t be a problem.

      Yes, they don’t do that one themselves (and that is why it didn’t suck)

      And for DooM.. well, ID was known for long development in the past, and considering that they will be rushed and that they last game was glitchfeast it would not have such hopes.

  2. This is 10 years too late. Skyrim does not have this kind of problems.

    • Actually it does, or at least it did… I had to use console commands to get to a glitched NPC in a locked prison cell that was supposed to open as a scripted event during a quest. Had to turn on “no clip” and go in like a ghost. I think it was from the thief’s guild or the main quest line, I really don’t remember the details, but it was pretty game breaking before the patch came.

  3. I’ve played so many of their games that it is pretty much a given that there will be bugs and glitches galore. hell, I still can’t finish skyrim because of a game killing glitch. it is just something you come to expect from them.

  4. So true. But once the mods do get done – then the fun begins.

    Except for Oblivion. It’s the worst of the Elder Scrolls. And some genius thought it will be fun to kill Patrick Stewart’s character 5 minutes into the game. Seriously guys?

    • Their original plan was to kill Sean Bean’s character early, and let Patrick Stewart live until the finale. Because, as everyone knows, you have to kill Sean Bean early in the story.

  5. Credits:

    “All apologies to Todd Howard.”

    LOL! Best part of the video.

  6. the only problem with skyrim is that chests are fucking useless. they never contain anything interesting, no matter how well “hidden” they are in the lvls.

  7. Shadowmere getting glitched into a mountain and being glitched out of existence. The only interesting part of Skyrim ruined by poor programming. I hate Skyrim.

  8. Here is the best glitch I’ve ever seen in Skyrim. It was pretty early on, mind you, and I’ve never seen anything like it again. A friend was fighting giants and a sabercat decided to get in on the action. The giant hit the cat and it bounced, and it bounced higher and higher on each bounce until it vanished. She defeated the giant and went on her merry way.
    About half an hour later, as she was leaving the Bannered Mare, this sabercat falls out of the sky and kills her.
    She reloaded to when she entered the inn, left again, and BOMB! falling cat damage! Every time she left a building, falling cat! So finally she sold some stuff, bought some potions, girded her loins, and started healing before leaving the potion shop.
    This time she lived with about eight health left, looted the cat, and went on her merry way. The guards kept running up to the cat, relaxing, and freaking out again. After a few times going in and out of the gate Asteroid Cat vanished, never to be seen again.

  9. Bethesda did not make Fallout New Vegas.

    • This video’s kind of a low blow for such a lackluster payoff. It’s kind of like one of those troll posts made by someone who never even played the game, but just wanted to be on the angry there’s a problem bandwagon. The worst offender of glitches you’ve listed (Fallout New Vegas) isn’t even a Bethesda Developed game.

    • Of course, it is because they do only 100% cRPG’s with elements of FPS. And care about TES lore to minor detail, except fact that Empire was in Jungle. They care so much that they even fire TES lore creator. They care so much that they invent own definition of “console RPG” because they don’t do archaic cRPG called Dungeon Crawl from 90’ties. Do I need say more about how much they care.. about you money?

  10. I’ve got a policy on waiting 6-12 months after a game comes out to buy it, or waiting up to 2 years for a GOTYE. By then, all the bugs are patched & the DLC is often packaged in.

    • I’m typically the same way. Except that I received Skyrim on 360 as a Christmas gift a month after it came out.

      Oblivion GOTY still had its share of bugs. Unofficial patches seem to have remedied most of them, but I still came across a few in my most recent replay.

      But with Skyrim, I think they finally reached a point where they just quit caring. There are still quest-breaking and game-breaking bugs even with their latest patches.

  11. So yeah…neither New Vegas, nor Elder Scrolls online were developed by Bethesda, so there goes about half of your points in the video. Also Bethesda has always been about creating huge worlds and allowing the users to actually role play…you know, with them being role playing games.
    But you keep developing your 3 minute videos, though. I’m sure it’s just as good as making beloved, award-winning gaming worlds for over two decades.
    Also, next time, since you’re on a comedy site, I suggest adding a joke.

    • But still Bethesda is publisher, and publisher is responsible for quality of games on the first place. Of course I know that Bethesda fanboys ignore reality, and fact that Bethesda don’t care about quality, and do pore excuse of cRPG (or should I say Dungeon Crawl) for consoles. So I can’t help.

      Award wining? Well, Gamergate would say something about that, if corruption of journalism wouldn’t be so obvious to make that movement silly.

      • Way to destroy a potentially good argument with “you’re wrong because gamergate”. Do you think Bethesda has a harem of women on staff to sleep with all the reviewers, including user reviewers, to ensue that they get good scores? Publishers are responsible for making sure the game ships in a playable state, and I’ve never had an issue being able to complete one of their games beyond the fact that there is just so much to do. Also us “Bethesda fanboys” are ignoring reality, because the reality we’re playing in is so much more fun and interesting.

        • A common theme I see in Rezro’s posts is a complaint that Bethesda doesn’t do proper CRPG’s. I presume the “C” stands for “console.” Guess what: most Bethesda games aren’t CRPG’s; they’re PC-RPG’s that have been ported.

          And yes, they are dungeon-crawly. But then again, I’m not one of those who believes that every RPG should be a clone of old school Final Fantasy games. Or worse: a clone of recent Final Fantasy games. I’d much rather have the steep mountains, deep valleys, and sprawling tundras of Skyrim than the straight hallway of FFXIII.

  12. I played Skyrim Vanilla.

    Hell, I still play it with only a handful of unofficial patches and cosmetic tweaks, none of those sweeping nonsense overhauls.

    So congratulations on casting your net a bit wide there chums, having a fairly basic and frequently used “main” story hasn’t stopped plenty of other games, particularly sandboxes from being a lot of fun, you make your own stories not just in the mods you use, but in which of the metric butt-tonne of side-content you do and how you do it.

    Now are the glitches an unfortunate side-effect of that kind of scale and should more effort be spent by Bethesda itself to work on them? Almost certainly, but I reject your assessment that the scale of the world has come at the expense of interesting content, I have found many interesting little nuggets in the various Bethesda games I have played, some moreso than others certainly, but your wholesale writeoff of their entire library does you no credit.

    • You played vanilla on PC? Well get this, chum: I played vanilla on 360! And guess what: other than not having access to mods and quick fixes for certain glitches, I HAD A LOT OF FUN WITH IT!

      And get bored of adventuring? I read a series of articles where some guy played Skyrim as an NPC – that is, a character that doesn’t do adventures. I tried it out myself – without the obvious fixes to skip the Helgen tutorials – and had a blast playing it that way, too! That’s the great thing about ES games in general: you can play them however you want, and don’t have to play the same old way everyone else does.

  13. actually skyrim was about dragons back to life

  14. The last part about worlds full of nothing is too true. If there’s one problem with Bethesda games, one worse than the bugs, one worse than the interesting lore but bland story and gameplay, it’s the fact that they basically rehash sidequest storylines constantly. How many times has there been a spooky mission to track down a serial killer who’s probably going to end up just a regular grunt? How many times have you had those odd “trippy” segments where regular props from the game world vary in sizes and weird things happen because you’re [INSERT HERE](mad, undergoing brain surgery, etc.), how many times have you had to help someone who’s obviously evil just to find out they’re evil in the end?
    Fallout 3 is the big exception to this that I can think of, but even then a few of those got rehashed in later games. Seriously guys, quit it. Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines was twice as buggy as you ever were and had six times as many interesting sidequests, and that was released two years BEFORE oblivion!

  15. I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of RP gamers: Those who like to be immersed into a world, and those who like to be immersed into a story. For the former, games like Skyrim and Fallout are excellent; they allow the player to explore their environment and discover adventures and challenges on their own. For the former, games like Final Fantasy seem to be the best type of games (although I do dispute the quality of recent FF games).

    Frankly, I am willing to admit that Skyrim’s story elements are somewhat lacking. But then again, “two Italian plumbers rescuing a princess from a giant turtle” isn’t exactly a grand epic, now is it? To me, what’s important is how much fun I have playing a game, and I had a lot of fun playing Skyrim. Shoot, I’ve even had a lot of fun with Skyrim completely skipping the quests altogether and spending time just exploring the place.

  16. Bethesda isn’t all that bad…..Ross Scott mentioned in one of his videos how EA Games stole programming code for a football game they made for them and turned around and used it for their Madden Football franchise. Bethesda gets at least some sympathy points from me, though the previously mentioned facts still stand.

    Now if we’re gonna out corporations for being lazy and corrupt, how about directing some hate to Capcom? I think they’ve been asking for it for a looooooonnnnng time.

  17. If this really were them being honest…I wouldn’t really mind. Making a decent vanilla game but allowing people to mod the hell out of it is reasonable, IF the vanilla is decent. Compare to Creative Assembly, who used to release decent vanilla with lots of modding options…but now release almost unplayable rubbish until patches/mods….

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