Gaming Wildlife: If E3 were 100% Honest With Us

Complete and utter… BS.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I don’t think all kids love memes….see why In advertising. I just love it how you guys dumbed it down for us good work or you think we’re too stupid who knows.

  2. Oh look, going for the low-hanging fruit, how original.

    It does seem a tad out of place to be making “social commentary” by using some of the dumbest buzzwords in existence… on a video specifically about calling out bullshit buzzwords.

    I look forward to all the responses to this comment accusing me of frequenting a particular website I couldn’t care less about one way or the other.

  3. Umm….. you guys forget about Kingdom Hearts 3 (and the fact that we should get more information this year from Square Enix)???

  4. I’ve always been interested in going to E3, but I have no connections to the gaming industry to get in.

    Despite all the cliche buzzwords that go around E3, I’d love to walk that show floor one of these days like AngryJoe and others have.

    moar Fallout 4 info plz?

  5. Heart-Lightning

    I love the fact that this is such a low hanging fruit and you guys went and did it anyways knowing such. Well can’t be original with ideas these days, huh?

  6. Regardless of the obvious targets, I’m glad you guys did this video. I’ve never seen anything else that perfectly encapsulated the various thoughts that go through my mind every. bloody. E3!

    To be fair, there’s a reason it’s full of this much BS. It’s not really for gamers, never has been, possibly will be in the future. It was designed as a trade fair for investors, publishers and traders i.e. those who own game shops. Once we remember this fact, some of the more bizarre and outlandish things that happen make more sense. It’s basically an ambitious gigantic gamer version of Dragons’ Den when you get right down to it (or Shark Tank for all you yanks).

  7. A nice change up.

    I have some constructive criticism if you want to use this format again.

    1) Give the audience a chance to read the text you throwing at the screen. If the viewer has to pause to read anything it breaks the flow and you better be sure its hilarious to justify the stop.

    2) Corral your words: For an example take The Colbert Report’s “The Word”. The text appears in a corralled part of the screen. Viewers know where to look for the textual asides.

    3) Brevity: Keeping it to five words or less may seem restrictive, but it may force you to find a more hilarious alternative see again ‘The Word’.

    Just some suggestions on an otherwise fine bit.

  8. I have no issue with anybody making fun of tumblr – there’s lots there to make fun of. But your joke basically amounted to going, “haha, tumblr likes feminism!”

    Like… really, guys? You couldn’t come up with anything better than that? That’s pretty lazy.

  9. I don’t really care about E3 lol I’m just excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 (HOPEFULLY we’ll get some new info and a concrete release date!)

  10. “SJW”

    Translation: A person who complains about video games and the industry, but not in a cool way like we do.

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