Gaming Wildlife: If Ian and Dan Were 100% Honest with Each Other

We make a bit too many mistakes. Let’s just blame Ian for them.

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Home of the 100% honest series. A comedy show that focuses on the the culture of gaming and those who are apart of it. A social experiment on learning about different types of gamers as well as CEOs and their various companies.


  1. I imagine most video productions involving multiple members have this scene play out at least once 😀

    Looking forward to more videos where you comment on gaming culture…

  2. Need to do one for GameStop.

  3. Dan is the true mastermind of this operation?!

    Ian is no more than a puppet! A PUPPET I SAY!


  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    That was a funny and heartfelt hug you guys gave to each other. I cant wait to see more of these 100 percent honest episodes. Though to be honest I haven’t checked your patreon page in a while. But I hope there’s review roulette coming? This there plz I need to now right now? Also is Ian ok cause that fall seemed pretty hard?

    • Review Roulette will be coming sometime in June. Ian is fine since he fell on carpet. Being an actor, he’s been hurt worse in previous episodes with us throwing stuff at Master Charles.

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