Gaming Wildlife: If Zenimax Were 100% Honest with Us

Oh please. You think Bethesda is the one doing things wrong?

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  1. Oooooooo, a 100% Honest with id.

    *marks off entry on Christmas wish list*

  2. I always thought Zenimax and bethesda were the same company and have two company was some way to cut on tax.

    Also don’t monk Obsidian Entertainment half the employ work on fallout 1 and 2.Obsidian Entertainment is very good tell a story in the game and did a good job on fallout new Vegas the game give the gaming real chooses to make.
    But you can monk Obsidian Entertainment for the bug games the always need a update for the game but the always make good game.

  3. It’s true…Daggerfall is synonymous with “frequent crashing” & “bitch to run in DOS Box.”

    Obsidian may have ruined KotOR2, but Neverwinter Nights 2 wasn’t bad.

    • well, the thing is, they didnt Really ruin it, lucasarts hamstringed them on that. They didnt like how the story went in spots and kept moving the deadline up until they had to cut a TON of content, including actual ending, major story parts/worlds, and alot of things.

      LA got a huge knot in their panties about how the game described the force and bashed on some of the views of jedi/sith and while they couldnt shut it down, screwed them every other way they could. Granted, their games have always been a little glitchy, but i had few issues in playing Kotor2.

  4. I liked Kotor 2 despite how much was clearly missing… it also wasn’t particularly glitchy in my experience.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      I can’t play KOTOR 2, mostly because of the missing content. I don’t blame Obsidian, though. There were a lot of good ideas; the game starts off very tense and creepy, and doesn’t really let up on this oppressive sense of dread. But because LucasArts cut back on so much, what we really got was a good first and middle parts, but an incomplete ending.

      It’s been a long while since I played it, but I do remember having some problems with glitches and bugs.

  5. Wow! So precise description of that company! I can’t say nothing more about that!

    PS: Also Obsidian is Black Isle Studios, and still I hate more Interplay here then Bethesa. Obsidian really want obtain this franchise, but they didn’t have enough money in opposition to Zenimax. But at least we have Wasteland 2 and New Vegas for consolation.

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