Gaming Wildlife – Review Roulette: Why Naughty Dog Sucks?

From Crash to Last, the biggest problem with Naughty Dog is…

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  1. Troy Baker stole Ashley Johnson from Greg Cipes. Greg Cipes often calls Ashley Johnson his “cartoon girlfriend”.

  2. Naughty Dog has one big spot on its record due to a technicality. Big red button made Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric, and they’re made up of ex-naughty dog. Granted the game was bad due to Sega rushing them, but it’s a mark nonetheless.

  3. This would have made a better April Fools video than your actual April Fools video.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    That was a hailrious ending rip Dan(he’s probably still alive but if he isint my deepest condolences go out to his family and friends). But I wanna see the and mad episode of review roulette cause that flick was awesome. You should torture Daniel by making him watch all the twilight films then make him watch fifty shades of grey it’ll be the best torture ever(or sacrifice him to the gods either idea sounds good.

  5. TooMuchFreeTime

    I never played very much Crash Bandicoot, but the Jak and Daxter series is my favorite game series of all time, despite none of them being my ‘favorite game evar!’ (that honor belongs to the original Spyro the Dragon). After Naughty Dog left them behind, I left ND behind. I don’t remember what studio took over, but their attempt sucked, and the series is now dead.

    Sorry, I don’t know either of your personalities well enough to suggest a fitting punishment. 😉

  6. ManWithGoodTaste

    Here is a bold and original punishment:

    Make Dan watch the Cheshire Cat Studios’ review of the Crash franchise.

    Don’t weasel yourselves out of it; just do it.

  7. Dan should sing Let it go in the next video.

    …. while dressed as Elsa.

  8. Dan needs to play some awesome games like Desert Bus or Hong Kong 97.

  9. Ehhh, I feel like the biggest issue with Naughty Dog is just being overrated… not some huge monstrous issue with them as a company, but Uncharted in particular gets away with being incredibly shallow and repetitive… and then gets lauded in some parts.

    • DeTroutSpinners

      Uncharted sticks to a successful formula, it has linear and straightforward gameplay but makes up for it with great atmosphere and characters. It’s overrated but only because people are often willing to overlook its flaws and pretend it’s perfect. I would never say it’s faultless (some of the climbing can be finicky, the shooting gets monotonous on harder settings and the checkpoints aren’t consistent) but it is still brilliant. And hey, at least they actually do understand what makes a story compelling, unlike David Cage or EA’s bastardisation of BioWare who think you can just constantly tell the audience that what they’re seeing is important and show characters crying and that will somehow justify plot holes and arcs that go nowhere and broken technical assurance to consumers.

  10. Well, if the E3 Demo of Uncharted 4 this week is any indication, Dan may actually have gotten his wish for an Uncharted racing game, as there seems to be quite an intense car chase in the middle of the game.

  11. Because you’re a know-nothing asshole that spreads on this site with other guys like cancer. That’s why.

  12. Naughty Dog is one of the most consistently awesome developers on the planet. EVerything they have done has been at least pretty good

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