Gaming Wildlife: The Big Video Game Hunter

HE KILLED CECIL… The rage gamer, I mean…

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  1. I blame the media.

    Also, great episode.

    • Also, is that an M79 grenade launcher on the title artwork? That’s excessive firepower even for elephant hunting. I’m betting it won’t be long till Cabela partners with Universal to create ‘Cabela’s Jurassic Hunter’ featuring Humvee-mounted full-auto grenade launchers and electric Gatling guns.

  2. Doesn’t the internet hold more disdain for rage gamers? I think people would be more indifferent about it.

  3. Kind of related to the video, but as a kid, I was the true definition of a rage gamer from yelling and throwing my controllers. It got so bad to the point where my parents threatened to take away my games if I continued raging. I’m hitting my 40’s soon and I still get mildy angry at games, but not as bad as that viral video of that German kid smashing his keyboard..

  4. Why do I feel like there’s inherent commentary here somewhere? Great work as always guy!

  5. Ah yes, going for the low-hanging fruit on this one… but I don’t have a problem with it, hunting for sport is just douche-king territory and satirising that penis-compensating culture is A-Okay with me.

  6. well is it really a bad thing to dox a murderer?

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