Garbage Christmas Games – How About No

Jingle Bells, Santa’s dead, Slender man is here.

Pour yourself a frosty glass, of all the children’s tears, HEY!

Now everybody sing, and subscribe!

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4 Comments on "Garbage Christmas Games – How About No"


“I yoosed to be a Santa Klaus like yooo, but den I took an arrow in the noggin.”

3:43 – Those Thalmor are into some weird stuff, man!


Yeah nothing screams Christmas like you having blood dripping out of your mouth and smiling(that’s more creepy than the slender man game tbh).

Your new looks make you look like your a 2000s punk skater kid who messes with anybody and has a backwards that on. I like this new you makes you look like your like me.

Anyways happy holidays and I’m off to play gibbets(and yes I really gonna see if they have it on my Google app store).