Garbage Pail Kids – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara continues NOvember and checks out Garbage Pail Kids. Does she hate it as much as Doug Walker?

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  1. The actor who played Dodger and the actress who played Tangerine are only one year apart in age.

  2. After you announced that you were doing this movie last time, I decided to see it just so I can make a meaningful comment for a change… but on Demand, it is $4.99!!! Uh… no. Judging from the clips in the Nostalgia Critic review, I think that they were trying to imply that they were aliens.

  3. This movie is just mesmerizingly awful.

    • Not sure about that. In order to be mesmerized by something, you have to be able to look at it. The ROOM was mesmerizingly awful, but in an entertaining way. GPK’s was just plain….AWFUL. PAINFULLY so. And I haven’t even seen it, except for NC’s clips. I shudder at the thought of having to watch it.

      A few months back, I found out about the Kenneth Brannaugh version of Murder on the Orient Express. Now I’m a HUGE Poirot /David Suchet fan so my knee-jerk reaction was “I’d sooner watch Garbage Pail Kids” .. I SOOOO take that back! I may not be a fan of KB in the role David Suchet owns but being willing to see this ATROCITY is going a wee bit too far. I’ll suffer through Kenneth Brannaugh’s snidely whiplash moustache before I endure what poor Tamara put herself through. UGH!!!!

  4. You have a MUCH stronger stomach than I do, Tamara. And a more vast vocabulary than poor Doug was, after watching that …cinematic holocaust.

  5. “Does she hate it as much as Doug Walker?”

    I never knew Tamara hated Doug Walker that much…

  6. Did anyone actually remember seeing this in theaters?

    I was in grade school when this came out, there was very little advertising, and I even had a bunch of the stickers. I doubt my parents would have let me see it even if I wanted to.

    I forgot this movie even existed until NC reviewed it years and years later.

  7. No Captain Manzini just hates more modern forms of warfare.

  8. He “Captain Mozzarella” the whimsical British guy just prefers to solve bully problems the old fashioned way or fight before atomic bombs and rockets or gunpowder firearms.

  9. Well congratulations Tamara. You’ve finally seen a movie that you hate. Unfortunately, you actually found something in it that you like (2:40-3:20). So your still nicer than the NC. What a shame. LOL

    Also, love you singing Witch Doctor at 1:20

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