Garfield 2: A Tail of Two Kitties – Nostalgia Critic

The orange hairy fungus is back, and this time he’s looking to drag England into his web of dumb. Nostalgia Critic takes a look at, Garfield 2: A Tail of Two Kitties.

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  1. You know, as a stroke victim I never got stroke jokes. They never seem harmful but why do people find them funny?

  2. As a Brit, I wholesomely agree with your analysis of British food…

  3. This movie is unbelievably manufactured, stupid, and completely disrespectful of Garfield.

  4. Garfield, The Smurfs, The Chipmunks, who the hell thought it was a great idea to revive these properties decades after the height of their popularity? Kids aren’t old enough to remember them, and most adults who actually grew up with these shows don’t care. Their only real purpose is providing fodder for internet review shows.

  5. If British law is the same as American law it is possible to leave your property to animals, you just have to put it in a trust fund managed by a human. For legal purposes I am not a lawyer and nothing in this post should be considered legal advice.

  6. Before I watch this: I could fucking swear that this was already done by the Critic. Something about a castle, twin cats. . .was it one of those royalty swapping with commoner things? I iknwo for a fact I never saw the movie Tale of Two Kitties. . .tho I probably saw the first Garfield movie just because the best dude from GhostBusters was in it. Also the best Cameo appearance ever (Zombieland), and one of my favourite movies of all time, likely because I understood the creators’ intent, Groundhog Day (or The Bloke Who Lived the Same Day for a Thousand Bloody Years).

  7. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    The Garfield comics were great, how did this vomit happen twice? Also, I’d prefer a Garfield meets Zalgo movie over this.

  8. I’m pretty sure they write the reviews around political jokes at this point…..

  9. Am I the only one who thinks Malcolm makes a damn fine Joker?

  10. C’mon, how are you gonna to forget Bill? That Van Helsing review was memorable! Did you forgot about Spiderstein to?

  11. My God, stop trying to be political if you’re going to be so lazy about it…

  12. “As if anybody would be stupid enough to give uncontrollable power to a dumb orange narcissist with no experience whatsoever.”
    — Hm, could this possibly be a Trump joke?
    “Even if they did, I’d imagine his inauguration would be this big.”
    — Oh, yes, definitely a Trump joke. Well, murica, you made your own fate with those strange voting rules that somehow granted Trump presidency even if more people voted Hillary.

  13. At least we’re gonna get another Garfield movie that’s apparently closer to the source material. How hard is it to make a Garfield movie? Watch at least 1 episode of the cartoon. It was Animaniacs before Animaniacs.

  14. Oh my god this was actually a really funny review.

    please let the bill joke die.

  15. Remember when Nostalgia Critic reviewed things that were nostalgic, not crappy modern CGI animated sequels? Who has nostalgia for this crap? I mean, I get doing the original films since they were linked to things that were nostalgic like old Smurfs, Garfield or Chipmunks animated shows but come on. And whats even the point? These films are so stupid that making fun of them is redundant.

  16. I think Mr Lector would run away if he was in one room with Pinkie Pie

  17. Not just The Prince and the Pauper, but The Aristocats as well? Also, Cat!Tamara and Cat!Malcolm are cute :3

  18. Well, overall this was a good review, but I felt like the overall Sequel Month was okay. It doesn’t have the punch that the original sequel month had since we knew which ones you were going to do :/ Oh well. At least we got that awesome dude in all that swag

  19. -The first movie was not bad this one is silly cliché but it is not bad
    -Cats can be energetic they just has an easier way to be comfortable sleeping then us they sleep in fences they haw it good we need beds
    -The problem are the people they can clearly interact with The Prince so why not show im a possibility of profit and find a way to put the animals in a different location they have such a huge place why not just put eater the spa in a different location or move the animals to a different location on the premise just look how huge it is
    -The Joker is on break she has not wright to judge
    -You should talk about the Garfield comics and talk how many places he travels

  20. I remember a post someone made, I am not sure though which reviewer it was under, but this person in the comment suggestion thought that the sequel would have worked if instead of a farm in England, it took place on the U.S Acre farm as sort of a link to the Farm that Jon Arbuckle lived on in the cartoon and comic books, and that Garfield helps Orson and his friends fight off his brothers.

    Reading that I thought, dude, you should have totally written the screenplay for this sequel movie than the guy that did this. I thought it was a good idea that I as a Garfield fan would have definitely watched.

  21. Steve the Pocket

    Malcolm’s deadpan “meow” was the best part of this.

  22. I always thought the reason Odie didn’t speak was because he was significantly stupider than the other animals, because he was rarely capable of much more than standing around drooling and pestering Garfield all day. And that’s yet another thing the movies didn’t convey well.

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