Gasoline Abhors a Vacuum – WTFIWWY Live

This week: LSD turns one man into a hero in his own mind, a senate candidate runs on the “Willfully Oblivious” ticket and when it a kettle not a kettle? When it’s online …

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  1. I swear, getting stuck in a chimney is the new “Little Timmy is trapped down the well.”

  2. A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything!

  3. As a guess, maybe he thought the cough syrup would be drowsy enough to work as a downer if he saw something freaky…

    Didn’t work, obviously.

  4. Typo in the description:
    when it a kettle not a kettle?

  5. @24:19 Did this guy walk out of cartoon from the 40’s?

  6. @31:54 makes me think of that episode of Futurama where the appliances attack people

  7. Aw! You left out my favorite part with LSD man.

    He was cited for a lot of things, but not a DWI. Why? Because he never drove the vehicle on the road.

  8. Sorry, Nash. You need to give up your geek card if you don’t understand the fun of setting up some complicated gizmo to do things. The fun is in the geekery.

    Yeah, Internet of Things is a problem, but just secure that shit behind a proper firewall, and keep it LAN only.

    (Hell, this is so well known that there were Big Bang Theory episodes on it. And this was an rahter early episode.)

  9. Love, Tara and Nash’s Hee Haw reference!

  10. Gasoline and vacuum cleaners, just don’t mix. Loverboy, should have told her that.

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