Geek Riffs: Rudolph

The most famous reindeer of all gets the riff treatment from the Last Angry Geek.

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  1. “Rudolph… I need you tonight.” That line killed at the Rifftrax Live show that showed this.

  2. The Library of Congress recently restored and released the original version of this cartoon, which has Silent Night instead of the Rudolph song. (The cartoon was made before the song existed.)

  3. Never understood the song of Rudolph… Apparently we know all the other reindeer, but they ask us if we know the most famous reindeer of all? Surely if they’re the most famous then OF COURSE we’d know them before we know all the others, right?

  4. I was just talking about this version of Rudolph with my husband the other day! He’d never heard of it, just the Rankin-Bass.

  5. Pretty damn good non-Disney animation during the war years.

  6. Is this a half-Nazi cartoon or what, Merry Christmas Rudolph Hess and your glowing light-bulb nuclear nose, you are a God among deers so suck it Bambi.

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