Genesis 7 reviews: Episode 3 Unexpected Return – Diamanda Hagan

Its the Christian, young-Earth Creationist version of Star Trek made for kids. Its as brilliant as you’d expect. Episode 3 Unexpected Return

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  1. Loved the review. And I had to stop at the part when you put in the Clockwork Orange clip. A very much needed laugh and it lasted.

  2. Snorgatch Pandalume

    “Doesn’t evolution predict the planets should all be the same size?”
    No, it doesn’t, you sanctimonious shithead. Even if you define it so broadly as to include stellar evolution, I still can’t imagine why anyone would think that. Seriously, where do creationists get this stuff? Are they really so ignorant about the very theory they’re attacking that they have no idea what it does and does not say? Don’t they realize this completely discredits their arguments and makes them look like total idiots?

    • Yes, that is exactly the case here. Some even think that Darwin still is relevant and that humans evolved from apes according to it. Neither is true from quite some time.

  3. This series has inspired me to blurt out insane nonsense prefaced by “According to Christian science…”

    According to Christian science, repeatedly choking your children unconscious makes them behave better. Don’t remember it happening to you? That means your parents were extra thorough.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      Christian science: Not real science, but an incredible (and I mean that literally) simulation intended to reassure ignorant, intellectually insecure rednecks that they don’t need to know anything about anything, just read the Bible, and that people with university degrees they spent years of hard work earning aren’t smarter than they are.
      According to Christian science, the Earth is flat, grasshoppers have four legs, leprosy can be cured by sacrificing doves, and pi equals 3.

      • According to Christian science, secular scientists are evil golems created by Jews to glue a third pair of legs onto every insect. Can’t understand how every ant that came out of the ground has been glued? The earth is filled with tiny scientists spreading the Mark of the Beast.

      • Well.. most of those Christian nut-jobs even didn’t read the bible, they just believe blindly in some folk-myths. What worst this “Christian Science” bullshit blacken real Christian Scientist because believe in God isn’t this same as denial of reality. Catholic for example has legit scientific institutes.. guess who proposed idea of Big Bang after all?

  4. Creationists have a reputation for being stupid.

    By mixing up completely unrelated fields of Science, getting them wrong and pulling that “all planets are supposed to be the same size” bullshit out of their asses, these guys are not helping.

  5. Fun science fact, it is believed that most of the inner planets WERE hit by giant impacts during the early bombardment period of the solar system. Mercury has an unusually large metallic core with a thin mantle, suggesting most of its mantle was knocked away and escaped into space, Venus rotates backwards on its axis, and Earth has a giant moon formed by the debris of a large portion of its mantle being knocked into space and getting caught in orbit around it. Of course I NEVER heard anyone ever claim that the planets should have all been the same size, that’s just silly…

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