Genesis 7 reviews: Episode 6 Into the Trenches of Mars

Its the Christian, young-Earth Creationist version of Star Trek made for kids. Its as brilliant as you’d expect.

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  1. They should pay more attention to those Wikipedia articles.

    Astronomy on Mars – Around sunset and sunrise the Martian sky is pinkish-red in color, but in the vicinity of the setting sun or rising sun it is blue.

    At times, the Martian sky takes on a violet color, due to scattering of light by very small water ice particles in clouds.

  2. As a Christian the only real logic admittedly behind the flood is that 1- “The World” from the perspective and how it’s written in the old testament is like…mostly just a chunk of the middle east. And 2- Stole it from the Epic of Gilgamesh which also accounts the world as smaller and mostly mattering to the surrounding lands near Sumeria. Yeah we…don’t do a great job using our believes to justify things, especially when the believes we do use are originated by stories written by Jews. Ancient Jews who really liked picking fights at that.

    • Well, with the flood we have in fact similar case like with the Big Bang. In fact “evolutionist” scientist did find proves that Black Sea was created in catastrophic circumstances, when local depression was flooded by the breach from the Mediterranean Sea. Point is.. it wasn’t a world scale flood (definitely it was for people of that time though) and so it is a “silly idea” invented to deny the “truth”. This same way as Hagan said those idiots support arguments of antitheists, used to discredit legit theory made by Chrystian Scientist, because theory doesn’t fit they made up idea of “Christian Science” creationist bullshit. Hilarious isn’t it?

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