Get Out – Fright Bites

Does Jordan Peele’s first foray into the world of horror deserve a warm welcome? Or should we just tell it to get out?

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Le Messor

Is it just me, or are the closing credits on this one actually the credits for your Jason Takes Manhattan review?

I’m not complaining – I’d meant to check the credits on that one and forgot.

Just saw it as you were #4 of people I like to recommend it! 😀 (Count Jackula, Horror Guru, and Doug Walker being the other three), but yours was the one that was the polished non-spoiler, short review that prompted me for this weekend, so thanks! Enjoyed it lots! Some real skill in imagery and storytelling, and yes, played with my expectations over and over, even as I had a STRONG suspicion what was probably going on fairly early in the story–but that’s just because the performances were THAT good. Knowing what was happening didn’t help; like Rosemary’s Baby, the… Read more »